Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P01 011C Tafsir Al-Baqarah 62

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The use of the term Islam in Iraq is discussed, including confusion among people about the origin and cultural groups behind the term. The "has been" phrase is also mentioned, but it is unclear what that belief is. The importance of belief in the Hereafter's importance for success is emphasized, along with the use of the " handyman" phrase in the title of the book Hamza penalty. The speaker also touches on the " handyman" phrase in the book Hamza penalty, which refers to the reward for actions and mistakes.
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However, all of the Bani Israel were not like this. All of them were not ungrateful. All of them were not disobedient. All of them did not kill the prophets, all of them were not disbelieving of the signs of Allah of the verses of Allah. There were those among them who were righteous, who were true believers who are obedient, who are grateful that Allah subhanaw taala praises them. Allah says in the medina AMA, No, indeed those people who have believed who are there Alladhina amanu. It refers to the amount of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in Alladhina amanu. One Lavina had who and those people who became Jews had who doesn't have a root according to one opinion, because it's

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a proper name, which has come from the Hebrew language. And remember that whatever words are made Arabic, they don't have a root. Others have said that it's from the root letters how well Dell had the Yahoo. And what does that mean? How they're literally means tab to turn to repent, to turn back to Allah subhanaw taala in repentance? Why were the Jews called Albena Haddow two reasons are given, first of all, because they repented from the worship of the calf. So when they repented, they were known as those who repented. Alladhina had who this is, how much of the like the repentance. Secondly, they said that they call themselves hairdo after one of their ancestors whose name was

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Yehuda. And who was that? He was the son off er Coover de Sena. Remember those 12 sons, one of them? His name was Yoda and the descendants, what did they call themselves? yahoodi Alladhina had those people who became Jews. Who are they? Those people who believed in Musa alayhis salam in all the prophets that were sent to them, and they follow the Torah. They believe in the Torah delivered by the Torah. When the Farah and the Christians and the thoughtful deplore left no Fulani, and who is no Salani, a Christian person. Why are they called Nosara? Because it is said that this is from NASA and what does NASA mean to help return Islam he faced a lot of opposition when he was a prophet.

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When he was a prophet, he faced a lot of opposition. So those people who believed in him, he asked the people who will be my unsought II in Allah, who will be my helpers. So those people who believed in him who responded to his call, they were known as Nasrani. Why? Because they helped resolve this. They help the cause of risotto.

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Some have said that this is derived from the word Nazareth. That is where usarla salon was from what sabihin. A Fabienne is a plural of sabe. And the scholars have greatly differed concerning who these people are. Some have said that they were effective Christians. Others have said that no, there were a sect of the Jews. Others have said that the northern were the sector of the Medusa, the fire worshippers, some have said that they were like a part of the educated people of the book, but they're not Christians are not Jews. They are those people who believed in Yahia Alayhis Salam, they believe in the hairless and and they followed him, and they lived by the guidance, the instructions

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that he gave them, your hair, this one was a prophet of Allah.

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And it is said that these people, they're known as the mundanes, and they're still present today. In Iraq. There are very few a number about 60 to 70,000 in number, and they're known as Sabah by the locals, whoever they are, we know that they did believe in Allah and his books and his messengers, right? They had the correct belief initially, and then eventually, obviously, they altered their religion and there were many misconceptions, misunderstandings, so they distorted their religion afterwards. A sobbing Who Are they those people who believed in your hair at a salon.

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Over here, different groups of people are mentioned Alladhina amanu Ahmed Mohamed Salah Salem, well, Latina How do the Jews one Nosara the Christians will solve in and the founders of your hair listen. Allah subhanaw taala says that among them mn M and a biller whoever believes in Allah will Yeoman acid and also the last day al Assad from the rulers Hamza hora, whoever amongst them believes in Allah and the Last Day meaning the hereafter and not just believe, but also what are mela and he performed Salah Han righteous meaning He also performed righteous deeds. He believes in Allah and the Last Day and secondly he also performs the righteous deeds then such people follow him digital

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home for them is their reward, Digital Home Hamza gene block reward for them as they reward or in the lobby him with their Lord. Well how often are laying him Well Who here has a known and they will have no fear on them, nor will they grieve how far welfare yes or no have they known. What is called Hope is fear about future something that a person may suffer in the future, a blessing that a person may lose in the future. And yet as unknown husband is about the past. Why did I do that? What was I think? I wished that

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Since such had not happened, I wish such happened instead, fear grief, these people, Allah says they will have no fear they will have no grief. This idea is a verse that is greatly misunderstood by people. You know why? Because it take it out of context and they look at it by its own. The thing is, if you look at the entire context, what has been mentioned in the previous verse, the crimes that the Bani Israel committed, and that they incurred the Wrath of Allah the punishment of Allah humiliation, disgrace, poverty was struck on them because of their crimes. But Allah subhanaw taala says in this verse that all of the Bani Israel were not like that. There were those among them who

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were righteous, who were believing who were obedient, and those who are obedient, Allah subhanaw taala will give them their reward, and they will have no fear, no regret in the Hereafter. This verse is not telling us that in order to be successful in the Hereafter, all you need to do is believe in Allah and the Last Day, know is that what is necessary if you want to be successful in the Hereafter, is belief in the angel is not necessary. Believe in the prophets of Allah. Of course if you believe in Allah, you will believe in whatever he has told you, whatever He has commanded you, whichever messenger he has sent. This verse does not mean that any do any Christian even today,

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whether or not they believe in the Prophet salallahu Salam, they're fine. No, we have read earlier, the Bani Israel we're told that believe in the Prophet sallallahu Sallam believe in the Quran. So we cannot take this verse by itself and ignore the rest of the verses. This verse means success is not dependent on what group you belong to. No success in the hereafter depends on what your belief in your actions. Allah subhanaw taala does not generalize that just because this person is Muslim, Jana, just because this person is this hellfire? No, it comes down to every single individual. Similarly, just because the majority of the money is right for criminals doesn't mean that those who

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are righteous among them will not be rewarded. No, Allah will give them the reward, they will have no fear, no grief in the Hereafter. This is the meaning of this verse. Fella, Hoefler, I lay him. Well Amir has a known and this shows us about the justice of Allah subhanaw taala. How just Elias what do we typically do? we generalize that just because a person is from a particular group, whatever, you know, opinion we have about them, whatever belief we have about them. This is what we say concerning that person. We stereotype people and groups, but this is incorrect. Allah says in the Quran that Aneela Oh dear, I'm Allah Amelie. minquan When zakat in Oakland says Allah does not

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waste the reward of any person, whether male or female, every single person whoever believes whoever does righteous, He will be rewarded. Another important thing that we've seen this versus that a person who believes and does righteous deeds, what's the reward? Law how often are lay him wanna whom you afternoon? Whenever you think of death, are you afraid? Be honest, what fear Do you have? Why are you afraid? What is it that scares you about the hereafter? That I'll be questioned about my actions. I'll be questioned about what I said, I'll be questioned about what I did what I did with the blessings that Allah gave me, what answers do I have? Whenever we think about the hereafter, we

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feel unprepared. This is why we are afraid. I don't have enough good deeds. And I know that I have done this and this and this wrong. I made these mistakes. And I haven't done such and such which I know I should be doing. This is what how, who can come out of this hole? The person who believes and Amina saleha. Like, for example, if a person is walking into the examination hall, he's afraid he's terrified why he hasn't prepared enough, he hasn't prepared properly. And there is another person who walks in he is nervous. However, he is somewhat confident. Why? Because he has prepared. So who becomes free of health. When Elena Villa he will Yamanaka we're only lasagna.

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We just worry and worry and we don't do anything until that worry goes away, and we start enjoying our world. No, we need to do something. Similarly, when you think about death, you think about the mistakes that you've made. Meaning the regrets that you have, I wish I had not done something I wish you know such and such had happened instead, who can go out of this prison, the one who does something good. For example, if a person has done something bad in the past, followed up with good actions. So the one who does good deeds. Allah subhanaw taala blesses him with no fear and no grief, he will have no fear and no grief. And this especially isn't the hereafter that when they are in

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Ghana, they will have no fear of their words of gender being taken away from them, no grief of what they did in the past. No Allah subhanaw taala will satisfy them with the reward that he will give them Fela Hoefler

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Lay him When at home you

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must pranked our to make us amongst those

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that listen to the recitation of these verses what it is that's all moves me felt wound nobody be honest long can jump

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What have you learned? Never trade what is superior for the inferior that we should always be grateful for whatever Allah has given us. Even if we want something different, we should be grateful for what Allah has given us because that is better for us. Be content with whatever you have been given to eliminate fear. Get ready, be prepared. Even for the most basic of things, ask Allah. Don't be proud because then you'll start looking down and everything else. Instead of being obsessed with these worldly things we should run towards Allah. The one who always turns to Allah Who will never suffer from the stress and worry and fear and grief and loss that we should not generalize. There is

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no harm in using Allah's blessings to make our lives more convenient. Never be wasteful. Don't be stingy. Don't be wasteful. spend wisely. Use wisely. If you're grateful Allah who give you more, make dua yourself along with or before asking other people to make dua for you. Make dua and also strive. When you want something, make sure your manner of asking is nice. I want you to write these down. You can say gems and inshallah we can perhaps have a gem board and start putting our things so that when people are coming, they can also learn from what we have learned Subhanak hola como be handy Kenisha de la ilaha illa Anta the stuff we look up one or two, we like I said, I'm already

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camara de la Hirakata

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