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Al-Hujurat 11-18 Tafsir 12

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim. Surah two Herat and number 12.

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Yeah, you Hello, Dina amanu. All you who have believed each attorney will kathira minute one knee, avoid much assumption. Why? Because in unbearable one knee is one, indeed some assumption. They're saying they're actually sinful, a person gets a sin for having those assumptions.

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Over here again, Allah subhanaw taala addresses the believers. And in this we are advised to stay away from certain habits.

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And the first of which is one

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tiny boo Ah, Danny boys from HD now banish the novice to avoid to stay away from something, do not even go near it.

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So don't even go near avoided as best as you can stay away from stay away from what Kathy Ilan many, many of what mean as one of the one? What does it mean by edge attorney buka here Amina one, meaning avoid having a lot of assumptions. Because sometimes people develop the habit of assuming having assumptions on every small thing. On every little thing that happens. She's going here, she must be thinking this about me. She's going there, she must be going to that place. She must want to talk to that person or she must have eaten that food She must have gone there yesterday. This is what excessive assumption. So avoid caffeine, Amina one, because a person who is always assuming then he

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develops a negative thinking about others. And when a person assumes a lot than what is that lead him to good action or bad action, that action. So he can invoke a zero mean of one. So avoid most of assumptions, and especially avoid most of assumptions. Why? Because mostly assumptions are positive or negative. Negative. Most of them are like that. Ah, Danny will cateel Amina

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and Alan, what does that mean? One is used for supposition for doubt, shock. And it is basically a thought that a person has about someone or something. And there is a possibility of it being true. And there is also a possibility of it being false. You don't know it might be true, it might be false. So basically one is between animalia clean, and it is between sharp. It's between polyethylene and shark you don't know if it's true, you don't know if it's really worth doubting. So it's somewhere between assumption

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and remember that there are two types of one. The first type of lung is personal one, a good supposition a good assumption about a person about someone and we are required to have this especially well to fellow believers, fellow Muslims, we are always to think positively about them.

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Like for instance, do you think of personal when

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somebody walks in? You don't hear them say Salah now that instead of thinking or they never say Salaam you could tell yourself perhaps I didn't hear? Perhaps I didn't hear so positive thinking about others.

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The second type of one is suit of one, one the suit. And what is that evil supposition evil assumption about someone? What is that?

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Do you think negatively about others? Is this something that is permissible? Is this something that is encouraged? No. Allah says age 10 ibuka, Philomena one, stay away from one because most one, how are they? They are sinful? And why does a person have negative thoughts about others? Why does it develop negative assumptions about others? Sometimes it's because of the word perception. So stay away from it don't follow that thought. Don't base any action on that thought.

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And Allah says in Nevada Vani is one indeed some suppositions What are they? They are a sin. They are sinful. Meaning when a person has that one in fact, he is committing a sin.

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It is a state of being sinful. Why? Because bad thoughts bad assumptions. What do they lead to? bad actions. We learned that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said Min hurstville Islam in Maui. Darko who made irony of the beauty of a person's Islam is that he leaves that which does not concern him.

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So don't assume things. And many times people assume things about what about things that have no concern with them.

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Things that are not related with them at all. So of the beauty of a person's Islam is that it leaves What does not concern him, somebody is going somebody coming, somebody's going upstairs, downstairs, eating, not eating, stop assuming it has nothing to do with your business. Instead of 36, we learn well as a performer Lisa lockerby hearing in the seminar, well versatile, well for other kulula Karen, who masuleh that do not pursue that on which you have no knowledge, something that you're not sure or you're doubtful of you don't have your own money. Again, don't pursue that. Don't follow that. Because if you follow that, you're going to end up talking about it. Right. And remember that,

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indeed, the hearing the site and the heart about all those a person will be questioned, you will be questioned about what you think about what you say about what you listen to, but what you believe you'll be questioned about that. So avoid negative assumptions. Why? Because in Nevada, money is money. What is Islam? Islam is sin. What does it mean? that a person does that which is forbidden, that which is prohibited. And it's also said that Islam is actually the state of the heart. It's the state in which a person is not inclined to doing good, but rather he is more inclined to doing bad.

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So when a person has a bad thought and negative assumption about someone, what is he going to be inclined to doing good? Is he no way he is going to be inclined to doing something wrong.

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bad assumption about someone is going to lead to backbiting is going to lead to interfering in their affairs, being nosy about them. So it's going to lead to bad action. So in the vertical learning is when someone cause a person to fall into sin. They take a person to sin, and they prevent him from doing good.

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Because if you think about it sin, doesn't it have a very deep connection with the state of the heart? Doesn't it? Of course. So if you're thinking positively, are you going to do positive things? Yes. If you're thinking negatively, are you going to perform negatively? Yes. So depending on the state of the heart, a person's actions will be

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and as we have been discussing, the root causes the heart the heart has to be fixed. So what is it that you have to fix in your art? First and foremost? It is that thoughts, eliminate them assumptions, eliminate them completely.

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Now, which one are sinful? Allah says over here in Nevada one is, so which one are sinful in particular, first of all, having bad thoughts about a loss?

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Like for example, having an assumption Allah never answers my prayers. He doesn't care about what problems I'm going through. He doesn't care about giving relief to me. This is what a bad thought about a law. If such is the case, then can a person have suffered? No. Can a person make the law? No, he cannot. Can a person have Taqwa? No. Can he avoid saying bad things? No, he cannot. So bad thoughts about a law lead to that action.

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Similarly, if a person thinks about Allah, Allah doesn't know much about what I do, or he does not know about what I say, This is what a bad assumption What does that lead to? A person saying whatever he wants, doing whatever he wants? Secondly, in America lovely, isn't it? This refers to bad luck about the Prophet sallallahu Sallam even if a person has negative thoughts about the Prophet negative assumptions about him, that he fought all those battles to make money for himself, for instance, or he spread Islam just because he wanted to become famous. Then if such as the case, can he love the Prophet? No. Can he follow the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam? No? Can he

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believe in his words? No. Can he follow his instructions and practices? No way and can you support his mission impossible. So positive thoughts, positive assumptions about the Prophet sallallahu Sallam are also very important.

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Thirdly, negative assumptions about the about the Koran. I wonder if that is true. Even I wonder if this Quran is really the word of Allah.

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Check, doubt assumption. And if a person has this behavior towards the book of Allah and he cannot gain guidance from this book, he cannot benefit from the deen. Fourthly, bad one about believers about other people. And if a person entertains negative assumptions about them, then he cannot forgive people.

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Like for example, if a person is saying something, and you assume that she's saying this because she doesn't like me, can you overlook Can you forgive? No, you cannot. Can you smile at them?

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You cannot smile at them. Can you praise them? You cannot praise them? Can you acknowledge the good that they do? You cannot do that. So it starts from the heart. If a person has positive thinking in the heart, about others about a lot about the dean, then there will be good action as well. And evil suppositions, what do they lead to? negative thinking? So if you want to do good, you must have positive thoughts about others.

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And we see that a believers heart What is it supposed to be like? Selling isn't a

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saline is what one that is safe and sound secure. One that is free from one, one that is free from bad thoughts, negative thoughts. And we see that even the profits are a lot of selling was so careful when it came to one that he told his companions to not tell him negative things about others.

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He told the companions not to tell him negative things about others. Why do you think so?

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Because then he won't have positive thoughts about those people, it will lead him to having negative thoughts about

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so he told this harbor to not tell him to not relate to him, anything negative about others Why? So then when he would meet them, when he would deal with them, he would have a positive thinking about them. We learn and so we have to learn who he said the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam said to me, my son, if you can be without any grudge in your heart against anyone in the morning and evening, then be like that. Be like, keep your heart free from any grudge against others in the morning and in the evening. Because if your heart is full of branches, full of negative thoughts, it's going to lead to ill behavior, isn't it? So if you can keep your heart free from it, do that. I

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mean, it doesn't mean if you can't and don't even try. It means try at least

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also, we learn from a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that hurstville langney min herstein are either that having good thoughts about others is a form of good worship, isn't it? Why? Because good thoughts, they lead to good actions and bad thoughts. They lead to bad actions.

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The profits are a lot of them also said a year con will run beware of suspicion. Why? For in no one academic studies, for suspicion is the worst of false speech. It's the worst default speech. All false speech, what's the worst of that? What's the worst of that? lead? It's a double headed?

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Well, it just says when at the has to end do not spy on one another and do not look for other's faults, while at an FSO, while other has to do and do not be jealous of one another and do not envy one another, when not available when to dabble, and do not hate one another and do not desert one another? Well, coonoor eva de la he Juana and Oh Allah servants, be brothers, a Qunari by the light, why not all servants of Allah, you should be brothers. Because as we learned earlier in Mina,

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and if a person entertains negative thoughts about others, that will ruin the relationship of brother, it will completely destroy it.

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And the question is, what is the cause behind negative assumptions? What is the cause behind negative thoughts? false assumptions about others? What leads to it? Think, use your mind.

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When a person is very complex himself, then he ends up thinking negatively about others. They're talking they must be talking about they're laughing must be laughing at me. They had a party, see, they didn't invite me there must be something against me. She's not picking up my phone. She's upset with me.

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This is like, you know, a person is negative, negative thinking negative assumptions. What else could be the cause of suilven

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misunderstandings. Now, it's quite possible there's a misunderstanding that you had, the other person said something to you, you understood it differently. And, you know, this would lead to negative thoughts and negative assumptions. Can you give me an example.

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For example, two people are working together. One person was not clear in his instructions to the other. He didn't communicate clearly. When he didn't communicate clearly, the other person didn't quite understand. And when he didn't show when he didn't do the work, the other says, Oh, look at him. He assumes in his mind, this person is lazy. They're not interested at all. So let me just tell them not to work with me.

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What else could be the reason? impurity of the heart when a person is used to doing wrong things is used to having bad thoughts then it

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Very easy for him to have bad thoughts about other people as well.

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Jealousy, jealousy, you don't like a particular person, you're envious of them, they're talking to a friend and you're like, Okay, she must be talking something negative about you, they're perfectly fine with you, you have the problem in the heart. And that is leading you to having a false assumption about someone.

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Similarly, if someone is behaving towards you in a particular way, not so nice way, they're contradicting you, you say something, they oppose you, you suggest something, they suggest something different, it leads to a false assumption that they don't like me, they have something against me. What else?

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Again, misunderstanding differences in culture, if a person is speaking in a particular way, you assume that they are upset with you. Whereas in reality, there's no such feeling. They're not upset with you at all. But just because of how you've grown up, just because you're different. They're different, the personalities don't match. This is why it leads to false assumption.

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Sometimes people tend to generalize as well, just because they had a bad experience at one place, they tend to generalize, you know, every individual to be in that category. Like, for example, somebody was telling me about this particular girl who got married, and, you know, it didn't end up good. And all my sisters, you know, they say that we're not getting married. Now, this is like generalization that just because someone did not treat your sister, well, does it mean that every man is evil in this world, that every marriage turns into a disaster story? No, this is one negative thinking false assumption, lack of knowledge that also leads to one pride also leads to one

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similarity, somebody did not include you in a private conversation, and you are having negative assumption about them.

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And similarly, sometimes you'll find he puts wasa in the heart.

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So okay, what happens? What's the solution? replace that with a positive thought, replace that with personal one, that as soon as a negative thought comes in your heart about someone, you replace it with a positive one?

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Like, for example, two people are talking and you think they must be talking about me, you tell us like, No, I'm not that important. Why would they be talking about me? There's so many things in the world that a person can talk about, right? And they must be talking about something else.

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So replace that with a positive thought, repel that thought. Because if you don't repel the negative thought, What will it turn into a belief, it will translate into action.

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So repel the thought, replace it with positive thoughts. And the other solution

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is no one. And he said that some people take one, they just suppose and they take a decision, according to that one. And he was asking how many people have divorced, how many people are in prison? How many people have killed each other? Just because of one. And how many times is allowed is obeyed just because he didn't think good of Allah. And you're saying one of sister said that sometimes understanding also, he said that oh my god, I knew he was so powerful. But he used to be so careful about having a run about people. And he used to say that never think bad about the power that comes out of your brother's mouth. Always think good. Avoid the bad in it, and you will find it

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hard in that definitely to find the

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H 30 buka. Filomena one. And this also teaches us that a person should avoid situations that could lead other people to having one about, like, for instance, you have to talk privately to someone.

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Now, instead of letting them in front of everyone, I need to speak to you, I need to speak to you privately. Please, everybody go away from here. You know, you're making such a scene that everybody's gonna be like, Okay, what is, you know, what is it? Is it about us? Is this something against me? Did I do something, so don't make it into a big scene so that other people end up having bad thoughts, they end up having negative thoughts.

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Similarly, we see that once a prophet sallallahu Sallam he was taking his wife somewhere, and two men passed by they greeted him and there was surprised on their face of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told him that this is my wife.

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So eliminate anything that could cause you or other people to have one as well.

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Very true that earlier, we learned that if anyone comes to you with some news before taking action, verify. Similarly, when you have an assumption, before taking action, what should we do? verify. And many times we see that assumptions are about matters which don't concern us. So it doesn't mean that we start verifying them. You understand?

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Like we start investigating that, okay, they didn't talk about me, then what did they talk about? This is why Allah says, well, it just says who,

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and do not spy on one another, do not investigate in other people's private affairs, something that doesn't concern you don't interfere in that letter just says to the Justice who is from GM CNC just and just is to touch the nerve, and try to figure out the faults of the person.

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You know what that means,

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like what the doctors do that they will put the finger on the wrist. And they will just hold it there for a few seconds for a few moments. And they will figure out how the pulse is.

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So this is the literal meaning of the word just so from this, the justice is to try to figure out, try to investigate the hidden, private secret affairs of someone that just as the nerve, the pulse is hidden, right? You don't see it, you have to put your finger and you have to wait there for a few moments, and then figure out how the pulse is similarly, a person is trying to figure out the hidden secret private affairs of someone how, by listening by watching by reading, by asking questions by looking around, you understand, this is what the justice is.

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And in particular, the justice is to try to figure out that you the faults of others, this is not positive, this is negative, that you try to figure out the faults of other person. So have they committed any sense? What kind of movies do they watch? Do they watch TV? Do they listen to music? I wonder? Who are they texting? Do they have any people from the opposite gender on their friends list? You understand this is what the Justice tried to figure out the faults in the other person.

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Another word is the hustlers from his introducer. We learned for the hustlers assuming user, the hustle is to receive something through one senses, like with one site with one's ears, and it try to investigate the whereabouts the activities of the other.

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So use various times Father, what did he say to his sons that go in the house. So search for user and the justice is to spy investigate? Keep an eye on someone to figure out what they're trying to do, and especially search out there or use their faults, so well as the Justice who do not pursue the imperfections and faults of other people by searching them. And by exposing them. Do not spy on one another. If you think about it, what is the reason behind the justice? So

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many times a person has a bad assumption about someone and in trying to figure out if it's really true, what does he do? What does he do? He tries to investigate in his private affairs.

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Live For example, somebody sending a text message. You have a thought there must be sending a message to that person. Now to verify that what are you going to do when they go to the washroom? Check their phone pick it up quickly. And look. This is what the Justice What does Allah say? Letter just says the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said oh people who have professed belief verbally, but faith has not yet entered your hearts. Do not pry into the affairs of the Muslims do not try to get into the affairs of other Muslims.

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For he who will pry into the affairs of the Muslims, Allah will prior to his affairs and he whom Allah follows inquisitively is disgraced by him in his own house.

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What's the purpose of the justice to find out the faults of others and humiliate them, insult them.

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But if a person is after the faults of others, that Allah is after his faults, if a person wants to expose the faults of others which are hidden, Allah will expose his faults Allah will humiliate him in his own house. This is why when Arthur just says,

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam also said that the one who saw a secret of somebody and then concealed it, it is as though he saved a girl who had been buried alive.

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Just imagine, you saw the secret of someone the private affair of someone by mistake, you found out about it.

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For instance, on the surface, a woman and a man they seem very perfectly fine, meaning they have a good relationship. They have a very happy marriage. But you find out about certain problems that they have. And unfortunately, what do people like to talk about? Problems of others you found out doesn't mean you go and publicize it, or you don't publicize it. You don't.

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And if you keep it to yourself, you keep your mouth shut. don't expose it. That it's as though you saved a girl.

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who had been buried alive?

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Just imagine what a virtuous deed it is. But unfortunately, what has our norm become? We're looking for things that other people don't know, isn't it. And this is what we like to talk about, I know something you don't know,

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who usually likes to spy

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who likes to figure out who likes to know, the private affairs, the hidden affairs, the faults of other people that are hidden, who,

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someone who has a lot of free time on himself, because only he has the patience to wait for that person to go to the washroom and leave their cell phone behind, and then get that cell phone and go through it. And if somebody has a lot of work to do themselves, they're busy, they're occupied, they will not be concerned about other people. They don't have time, they really don't.

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So who does the Justice someone who has a lot of free time on his ends? Such a person goes after the faults of others? And also someone who does not look at his own faults? He's always looking for the faults of others, those that are hidden?

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What are the different types of spine

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about the justice? Different ways in which the justice is done? Because Allah says that the justice, so we have to avoid it, in order to avoid it, we have to figure out what are the different ways of doing the justice to look at something with one's eyes?

00:26:24--> 00:26:33

Yes, like, for example, you're sitting next to someone, they open up a book, they open up a notebook or they're writing something, their phone is ringing.

00:26:35--> 00:26:47

Now you pretend as though you're looking at your own book, but your eyes are constantly on their book, your eyes are constantly on their cell phone. So sometimes the justice is done how with the eyes.

00:26:48--> 00:27:10

Similarly, you pretend that you're reading something else, and you're actually reading what the other person is writing on the screen on the computer, on the laptop, you're pretending that all the files are open, and you have nothing to do with those files. And you're just working on your file, but you're actually reading the file of the other person that's open. You understand.

00:27:11--> 00:27:32

You find somebody letter, somebody notes, somebody's private notebook, and a person starts to read it. They find their email open, and they start going through their email, they find their cell phone unlocked, there is no passcode on it, go through the cell phone quickly. This is what letter just says, who Allah says don't do the justice.

00:27:33--> 00:27:49

Similarly, suggestions is also done by listening. The eavesdropping, making up an excuse and walking amongst people, while they're talking quietly with the intention of listening to them, but pretending as though you're doing something else that that assesses.

00:27:50--> 00:28:15

Similarly, a person is appearing to be asleep, while other people are talking about the private matters. And he doesn't open up his eyes. Let me just pretend to sleep so that I can listen to everything that's going on. This is also the justice, leather justice who don't do the justice. Similarly, asking a third person, where did she go? Did you see her going on that particular street? This is what the Justice

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asking, you know, children, sometimes people use children go and see what they're talking about. Tell me what they're talking about. Did they say anything about so and so,

00:28:25--> 00:28:30

children are used sometimes for the justice, innocent children. Let the judge says

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similarly, asking too many personal questions from someone. This is also the desktops. Somebody is not comfortable answering you. They're not comfortable telling you how much money they make, where they live, what car they drive, how they bought the car, if it's new, if it's you know, old, they don't want to tell you, but you're asking them through one way or the other. Constantly. This is what the Justice What did the Prophet sallallahu Sallam say, Man hustlin, Islam and Moto E, the goal Malaya and he, they're driving a car, it doesn't have anything to do with you. Unless if you're interested in buying it from them. It has nothing to do with you. Whatever they cook, whatever they

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were, wherever they go, it doesn't have anything to do with you. Because sometimes what happens if people like someone or they're interested about someone, they want to know about every single detail of their life, every single detail. And they do such horrible things to try to figure them out. Make an excuse and walk into their house, make an excuse and go into their office without permission, make an excuse and listen to them while they're having a private conversation on the cell phone.

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So that it is so

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this unfortunately has been made very easy. through internet sometimes people will go online and look at other people's profiles and look at what they write and look at what they say just to see, okay, what are they doing? Where are they going and we have to be very careful.

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We see that trying to figure out the private affairs of someone what they do in secret what they do in private. This is something that's not encouraged. However, we have to figure out what the justice is. And what keeping a check is for quality insurance. Like, for example, if people are working in a place, and there's someone who is there in charge, who is their head, if they ask them, when did you come? Did you do your work? Did you give you a report? What was the reason? Why didn't you do it? This is not like prying into their personal affairs. No, this is to ensure the work is getting done.

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Similarly, the parents, if they have access to the email accounts and Facebook accounts of their children, and they go through them, this is not the justice. Why? Because it is the obligation of the parents to make sure their children are not doing anything wrong. If they're doing anything wrong, the parents are blameworthy as well, they will be held accountable as well. This is why it is a right of the parents to know.

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And many times parents do this behind the back of their children. Secretly they do it. Whereas parents shouldn't have to do this secretly. I remember when we were kids, my mom would open up our school bags in front of us, she would open up our pencil cases or go through our notebooks, everything in front of us. Nothing was like, Oh, this is mine and you cannot touch it. You cannot go through this. No. Parents are parents they have 100% right to go through your stuff. 100% right. So never objective. Your parents do that. Because until Omar Luca, Leah Vika you and your wife belong to what your father your parents. So when parents are trying to investigate something about their

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children, it's not anything wrong. Similarly, if there is a person who has proposed a woman, for instance, and that woman wants to know how that man is, if she asks about him, from other people, this is not like trying to find out their faults. This is you're trying to make sure they're a good person, because you're supposed to get married to them. And we learned that once a man proposed a particular woman and the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he informed that woman about that person, how he was when she asked him, so it's perfectly fine. So while at the justice, we have to make sure we understand this correctly, where it has nothing to do with you, nothing to do with you. You stay

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away from it, where it has everything to do with you, then you get involved in it.

00:32:27--> 00:32:41

We should be inquisitive about important things about necessary things. It doesn't mean that being inquisitive is being discouraged, no being inquisitive is something good, but it should be used in the proper way at the proper time.

00:32:45--> 00:32:59

Yes, exactly. Where is he going home which charity is he giving? Why? Because he also wanted to do good. So being inquisitive is a natural thing in people. However, it has to be used in the right way.

00:33:00--> 00:33:11

As long as the children are in the care of the parents. So which means as long as the children are not made, because who's responsible for those children.

00:33:12--> 00:33:21

The parents are the father is the mother is. So where the father is responsible. The mother is responsible. They have the right to make sure that their child is not doing anything wrong.