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Al-Imran 186-200 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 190-191

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim.

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So earlier in Milan, i o 190.

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In the hope is somehow it will be, indeed, in the creation of the heavens and the earth was the leveleleven.

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And the alternation of the night and the day, let a little Alba are Signs for those people who have understanding

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for those people who use their mind.

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These are the following 10 verses, they are very special verses of the Quran.

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And we learned that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam when he received these Ayah when these verses were revealed upon him, he cried a lot.

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out of gratitude,

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out of gratitude, he cried a lot. And we also learned that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam after these ayat were revealed upon him, he continued to recite these every night,

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when he would wake up during the night, to perform the Korean will lay that he would recite these verses, upon waking up these verses, they conclude surah. Earlier on these verses, what do they do, they conclude the surah, just as at the beginning of the surah, what was mentioned, that the heat of a loss depends on the fact that He is the Creator. Similarly, at the end of the surah, again, emphasis has been laid on the oneness of Allah subhanaw taala,

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that he is the rock. And therefore, he is the only one who is in a, he's the only one who is worthy of worship.

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We learned that even more the way he recorded that I thought I said that I even aroma and obeyed winner made, all three of us went to I shall belong.

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And this was obviously after the death of the Prophet sort of loaded, because APA is a Tabby, he's not the Sahaba. So all three of them, they went to I shall build on her and entered her room. And there was a screen between us and her. Why? Because I showed up the runner she used to teach men, but from behind a screen. So there was a screen between us and her. Even Armada Leonardo, he said, tell us about the most unusual thing that you witnessed from the messenger Allah.

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That was something very unique, very unusual, that you noticed, that you witnessed in the life of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam.

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I should have been on her cried. And she said, all of his matters were amazing. All of his matters were amazing. I mean, you're asking about something unusual. Everything was unusual. Everything of his life was beautiful. Everything that I witnessed was amazing. But there was one incident that she mentioned

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that one night, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam came close to me that basically in bed, he said to me, let me worship My Lord. Let me do it better. I said by Allah, I love your being close to me. But I also love that you worship your Lord. She didn't stop him.

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The Prophet sallallahu wasallam got it and use the water skin and performed evolution he performed brutal, but did not use too much water. He did not use too much water. He then stood up in prayer and cry until his beard became wet. He frustrated and cried until he made the ground went. He then laid down on his side and cried when below the line he can do alert the profits out of 107 for the budget prayer. He said O Messenger of Allah, what makes you cry, while Allah has forgiven your previous and mattresses? What makes you cry when you're forgiven for all of your sins? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said we have a a villain when I am not only an AdvoCare worker the own zebra aleja

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he had he later in a few 100 personnel worked he will have the off the left wing lady when the hell did leave with him and he said oh Bella, what prevents me from crying when this night this ayah was revealed to me which I in a few 100% it will all work the left lady when I have to leave

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and the profits are of another seven said whaler lemon Tara her well me at a kill fee her war to the one war to the one who recites this ayah but does not contemplate it. But he does not reflect upon it. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam when he received these Ayah especially the first one, he cried so much. He reflected so much upon this ayah that when he stood and he cried, his beard became wet.

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When he did such that and he cried, the place where he was prostrating that became wet. And when he was lying down again, he cried. Why? Because of this ayah because he reflected upon this ayah. And he said, Woe to the one who recites this ayah but does not contemplate it, he does not reflect upon it.

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We also learn from another headies Buhari, he recorded that even our best well below what he said that I slept one night at the house of my aunt, my moon, my moon, well, below I know was all to the wife of the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

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And she was on top, even our best with

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the Messenger of Allah spoke with his wife for a while, and then went to sleep. So at night, what happened, he was spending the night over a burner vessel did on the profits out of all of a sudden came, he spoke to his wife a little bit, and then he went to sleep. When it was the third part of the night, the profit side of it sort of stood out, he looked at the sky, and he recited in a few 100% it will be off the levee lately when they have

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to live with it.

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And he said that the Prophet dadadada said and done stood up he performed to do he used miss work to clean his sleep. And then he prayed 11 units of prayer. But we learned that before praying, what did he recite? These is the last 10 verses of surah.

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So what are these verses that when the Prophet sallallahu wasallam received them? He cried so much. And he said, Why shouldn't I cry? When these ideas have been revealed upon me? Why not.

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And they touched him so much, that every night when he would wake up during the night to pray, before even praying, he would recite these

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What are these verses

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in the hope is somehow it will have indeed, in the creation of the heavens and the earth. Hulk is to create something for the first time

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it is to create something for the first time that something did not exist before. And now it exists. So the heavens and the earth, they did not exist before who created them, who brought them into existence. Allah subhanaw taala

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It is also said that hump is to create something in a way that it specimen does not exist before meaning to create something in a completely new way, in a completely new form. Nothing like it existed before. Nothing similar to it existed before. It's not an imitation. It's not a copy. It's something original. So indeed, in the hull of the heavens and the earth. And remember that the word Hulk applies to the process of creation. And it also applies to a creation, meaning something that has been created. So in the creation of the heavens and the earth, meaning in how the heavens and the earth have been created, in the manner of their creation, and in the existence meaning in their

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form in their function, how they exist, how they are in their properties in their characteristics, of what of the heavens and the earth. What else? And in the alternation of the night and the day, what are their signs for those people who use intellect? First of all, it has been mentioned in the creation of the heavens and the earth. What does it mean, right is that, first of all, how they did not exist before, and Allah subhanaw taala brought them into existence.

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Just imagine that the heavens and the earth, and everything within them, did not exist before, no sign of them, nothing whatsoever, who brought them into existence, who brought everything within the heavens and the earth into existence, almost kind of died?

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Isn't there a sign of the power of a loss of data in that?

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Isn't there a sign of the power of Allah, the magnitude of Allah, the knowledge of Allah, the wisdom of Allah, the perfection of Allah, in how he created the heavens and the earth.

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Just imagine no sign of the heavens and the earth, and how he created them.

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They didn't exist, and he brought them into existence. Also healthy, somewhat evil. This indicates that in their state, that how Allah has created them, how the heavens and the earth function. And in this we can understand, focus on our evil in four ways. That first of all, in their vastness, and their magnitude, in their PSA, their vastness and their cube, their magnitude that just reflect on the magnitude on the south, the vastness of the heavens of the skies. Just imagine the vastness that it takes 1000s and 1000s of light years to travel from

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one corner to the other.

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And that is just to some outlet that we know of just imagine all that is beyond, which Allah subhanaw taala only knows about.

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And also just imagine the vastness, the spaciousness, the magnitude of the earth, and the earth is what compared to this on my web. It's nothing. It's a small speck. It's a small speck, a tiny speck. But still, the Earth is so huge, it is so vast. So first of all, and how Allah subhanaw taala has created them as huge, as expansive, as vast, very huge how lots of data has created that. And if you just look at the skies, if you just look at the heavens, the galaxies, the many stars that exist in the skies, and the vastness of the earth, that so many square kilometers, so many square miles, Earth is just never ending. You think that you travel from one corner of the Earth to the other,

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you've gone, you've seen so much. But the fact is that there's so much more to explore so many parts of the earth that still haven't been seen by any human being. So many parts under the ocean, under the water that haven't been seen by the human beings, so many parts up in the mountains that haven't been seen by the human beings. Just imagine the vastness of the heavens and the earth. So first of all, in the vastness and the cable and the sun, secondly, in the beauty, the history of the heavens and the earth, if you just look at the skies, this the sky above you, it could be plain blue. But the fact is that every morning when you wake up, you see a different shade of blue.

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Sometimes it's cloudy, sometimes it's very bright. Sometimes you see pink, and redness in the sky. And sometimes you see clouds that are of so many different shapes and sizes. What is all of this, the beauty of the sky, the daytime has its own beauty, and the nighttime has its own beauty. The night sky has its own beauty.

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And if you reflect upon the beauty of the earth, the color of the earth, the color of the soil, the color of the different blades of grass, the color of the different trees, the different flowers, the different scenes. So in the person of the heavens and the earth as well. We learned in sort of the book, number five, Allah subhanaw taala says, one of our design nessuna adonia be masabi

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and we have beautified the sky of the earth, the lowest heaven we have beautified it with what masabi with lamps. Yes, these lamps, the stars, they have their function, but at the same time, they are a source of beautiful people. They adorn the night sky to beautify the night sky. And just look at the care that our last panel data has for his servants, that it's not just the earth below their feet, that is beautiful. It's even the sky above them. That is beautiful. That when they look down, they see beauty. When they look up, they see beauty.

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This is how much Allah subhanaw taala cares for his servants.

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Thirdly, in their perfection in their strength, and the fact that there are no rifts in the heavens and the earth. So for instance, if you look at the sky, we don't sort of mold it number three, a lady Hanukkah savasana let him play basketball tribecca method Rafi halka rush monument devoured. Folger in basavaraj healther, amin photo,

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and Lady Hanukkah, that the one who created seven heavens how in layers three, welcome. You do not see in the creation of the Most Merciful any inconsistency. You don't see any inconsistency, you don't see any holes and gaps in the sky, any cracks in the sky, that sometimes you go to a building, and you look up and you see a big hole, it scares you. And you wonder what's up there. And if you see a crack, that also scares you that this building is not stable. But the sky above you, it doesn't have any cracks, any fissures. And in the creation of the Most Merciful, you don't see any inconsistency. So return your vision to the sky. Do you see any breaks? Do you see any breaks at all

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in the sky? No, you don't.

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And if you reflect upon the earth, that how las panatela has created the mountains to stabilize the earth. Imagine if they were not there and imagine if the earth was always shaking, always moving. There were earthquakes all the time, how difficult it would be for the human beings to survive, to do anything in peace.

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Fourthly, in the heart of the heavens and the earth, that how Allah subhanaw taala has put in both of them in both the heavens and the earth, various different types of creation, for the benefit of human beings. how Allah subhanaw taala has placed different different types of creation in the heavens and in the earth. Why for the benefit of human beings. So if you look at the sky, it's not just the blue sky, which turns black during the night. No during

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The day there's the sun, and there are the clouds. During the night there is the moon, and there are the stars. Why, for the benefit of mankind.

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And if you look at the earth, it's not just one kind of Earth, one kind of soil, no, you have desert soil, you have desert sun, then you have rocky ground, then you have very muddy and smooth and soft ground. What is all of this, the mercy of Allah, that how Allah subhanaw taala has kept variation in the heavens and in the earth, with the creation that is in the heavens and in the earth, we learned in sort of art is number four, Allah subhanaw taala says we're filled early with our Muto jabberwock. And in the earth, Allah has placed portions of soil that are with the juggernaut that are neighboring, meaning one portion of earth you will find is very hard and tough. Another portion

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is very nice and grassy. Another one has a lot of pebbles on it, and they're all next to each other one by one. This is of the mercy of a loss of penta

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cemetery, we see that how Allah subhanaw taala has filled the earth with so many benefits for human beings, so many benefits that fulfill the needs of the human beings that fulfill the needs of sustenance. And the earth contains everything that a human being needs for his life. And also after his death. We learned sort of most of that is 25 to 27 an unnatural outlook lucky factor here and what I'm worth what you're under he held Alesia Shammi. Horton was a Steiner, coma and Florida. Have We not made the earth a container, meaning something which has everything that you need, just as you can feel so much in a container that the earth contains you have the living and the dead, that the

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human being he lives off of this earth. And when he dies, he goes inside this earth.

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Just imagine if people died and they couldn't be decomposed inside the earth, so many dead bodies on the surface of the earth, just imagine, how could we believe it would be impossible. And we placed there in lofty, firmly set mountains, and have given you to drink sweet water.

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So in the earth, Allah subhanaw taala has placed different different types of creation. Why? For the benefit of human beings, so that the human being can benefit from them during his life, and also, after he dies that the earth actually consumes him.

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And he's not just left to decay and rot on the surface of the earth.

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So in all of this, I want signs of the coup de la Vela, the power of Allah, the ability of Allah, the mercy of Allah, the affection of Allah, the wisdom, the knowledge of Allah,

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there is many signs.

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So first of all, in the Hulk of the heavens and the earth. Secondly, walk the leveleleven now, and in the alternation of the night, and the day, if the left is from home, and what has helped me to come after, and the left also is to be opposite. So if the left is understood in several ways, first of all, it is understood as the difference of the night and the day, how they differ from one another. How do the night and day differ from one another?

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How do they differ from one another? in their color, in their appearance? That one is dark, and the other is bright?

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One is dark, and the other is bright? How else do they differ?

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In the purpose in the benefit? That the night is? What your Atlanta welcome? So better? Would your Annihilator live? So what's your alumna, hello, my passion, that the night is a time for rest. And the day is the time for making your livelihood, earning your livelihood. So how do they differ in their purpose in their function?

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How else do they differ? How else are the different the night and the day

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in their temperatures? So for instance, the day is very hot, and the night is very cold. The day is hot. And then I just called How else in their length

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in their length, that in some seasons, what happens? The night is short, and the day is long. And other times the day is short, and the night is long.

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It's not like 12 hours a night and 12 hour day. No, that doesn't happen. The Time keeps changing. It keeps varying. So there is a difference in the tool in the length of the night and the day as well.

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Also, we see that there's a difference in the night and the day. That during the day you experience a lot of happiness maybe or a lot of sadness. And then during the night what happens, things change. You have a very bad day, which

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You go home during the night, and everything changes.

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And also if you look at it in a figurative sense, that day is followed by the night. So, no day is permanent, it comes to an end, and the night begins. Similarly, no Knight is permanent, it comes to an end, the day begins, no problem in this life is forever, it comes to an end, and good times begin. Similarly, no good times are permanent, they come to an end, and difficulties begin. Because this life is about Tesla to Bella Luna, surely you will definitely be tested. So first of all, if the left is the difference between an identity, secondly, it refers to the alternation of the night and the day, that how they come, one after the other, the day comes the night leaves.

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So how they come one after the other, and they're not permanent. And this is also a great mercy of Allah. Just imagine if the day didn't come to an end.

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In the summer, sometimes when the days are very long, and your eyes are closing, you want to sleep. And you have to parrisha how difficult it is. Just imagine if there was no night, or if there was no day, how difficult it would be to survive. And the places where Allah subhanaw taala has kept the system, the few places on the earth, they remind us of the big blessing of Allah subhanaw taala. Just imagine if everywhere this was the case, that six months of the year, all night, and six months of the year, all day, how difficult it would be for you to survive.

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So Allah subhanaw taala shows this to us throughout the year, or through different places of the earth to remind us of the great lessons that He has given us. And that's also amazing that in one part of the earth, it's nighttime and another part of the earth, it's daytime.

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So if the leveleleven the how the alternation the coming and going of the night and the day, and also the level alien shows that in succession, how the days are longer and the nights are shorter. And then soon What happens is cycle changes, the cycle alternates, the cycle keeps changing, that throughout the year, in the summer, the days are longer. In the winter, the days are shorter, again in the summer, the days are longer, again in the winter, the days are shorter, so the cycle keeps going on, there's alternation.

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So, if the left lane you want to have in the alternation of the night and the day, the succession, the difference the variation of the night and the day, what are there, Allah says there are that at least within there are surely Signs for those people who have

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I had to supply enough I and what is an I assign an evidence and over here I add, Florida has been used, why? Because there are many, many signs, there are many different and various types of science, in the focus of my work, you will have an idea now.

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So basically, in the traffic lady, when the hell and the hope is that you will have there are many aspects, there are many things that are the signs that are the ayat of the existence of a loss of pengantar, the kodra of Allah, the Rama of Allah, the hikma of Allah, there in Marbella,

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there are many, many things in the health of the center, what you will have in the afterlife, and at that point to the existence of the Creator.

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And if a person begins to reflect upon the creation, then he will come up with an endless list of these.

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If you just begin reflecting on the sunrise and the sunset,

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you would come up with so many benefits so many.

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If you just reflect on your own body, there's an endless list of if all of these if what do they point to? What do they show to a person

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the fact of the existence of a loss of

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the order of Allah.

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So there are many signs for who legally and bear over here in the back. It specifies that it is only those people who have loved who will actually see the AI, who will benefit from the AI.

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And Al Bab has been used, and as you know, as a plural of look, and what does love mean? What's the literal meaning of the word?

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Not intellect, the literal meaning of the word?

00:24:33--> 00:24:34

The core of something,

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the core of something, the essence of something, the heart of something, the crux of the matter, the main part of something.

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And what's the main part of the human beings? What is it that distinguishes human beings from the rest of the creation?

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It's their intellect. Because if you look at it, animals they eat and drink. They produce children. They walk about they sleep they

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Talk as well. They communicate with each other somehow or the other as well. Human beings also do the same. But what is the difference? It's the outcome. So the outcome is the main part, the essence of the human being.

00:25:14--> 00:25:31

And it isn't that outcome, or intelligence. It's not just the ability to exercise reason to be able to exercise your mind and reflect upon something not. Apple is not to be able to you can say, just solve a math problem. No, that's what Oculus,

00:25:32--> 00:25:47

or to understand a very complicated problem. That's not what an Oculus, Oculus is rushed fitness of. It is rectitude. It is the correctness of one's conduct of one's behavior.

00:25:48--> 00:25:50

That is what intelligence is.

00:25:51--> 00:26:33

Because a person might say that there are many people who reflect on these things that I mentioned over here. Right? Many people, but do they believe in Allah? No. Not all of them? Do they humble themselves before Allah? Not all of them? Many of them, in fact, they lose their Eman when they reflect on the heavens and the earth. But what does Allah say that these things are actually I add, but for who? Li albear for those people who have the right upon those people who don't just have the ability to solve complicated problems, to understand complicated matters, but rather those people who have the correctness in their behavior, in their conduct, in their demeanor, that is what true

00:26:33--> 00:26:51

happiness. So we see that alcohol is different from intelligence. It is different from intelligence. And the more rectitude and correctness a person has in his behavior, the more accurate he is, the more accurate he has, the more achilleas

00:26:52--> 00:27:04

Now, can you think about this correctness in one's behavior, the correctness of a person's behavior, what does it mean by that, that a person approaches things in the correct way in the correct manner,

00:27:05--> 00:27:07

that is the correctness of a person's behavior

00:27:08--> 00:27:18

that a person approaches problems in the correct manner, a person approaches complicated issues, or matters in a manner that is correct. In a manner that is appropriate.

00:27:19--> 00:28:02

So for example, the heavens and the earth, the alternation of the night, and the day they exist. One is to keep researching and perfecting, okay, the knight has these properties, and the day has these properties. The heavens, the sky has this properties, and the earth has this properties. And it came about because of this reason, and that happened. Okay, physics and science. And you know, it is to exercise your mind on these matters. And the other is that you exercise your mind and these matters, but with the correct approach, and what is that correct approach? That How is it possible that all of this came into existence without a purpose, without a reason? How is it possible?

00:28:03--> 00:28:33

If a fan is made, if a house is made, if anything is made, there's always a purpose behind that there's always a reason behind that you always ask, what is a function of this thing? For example, you go to a store, and there's a very nice, latest machine. And he really liked it, it looks very cool. What are you gonna ask? So what does it do? What are its features? What's the purpose? Are you just going to be impressed by the fact that it has so much speed and it used so much power? And it can work so much? Is that all you're going to be concerned about know,

00:28:34--> 00:28:39

the correct approach is that what is the function of this machine?

00:28:40--> 00:28:42

Why has it been made?

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And if it has been made to suit your purpose to suit your benefit, then you're going to use it.

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So similarly, Al Bab are those who don't just reflect on how the heavens and the earth are. But to reflect on how is it possible that alone made this without a reason? It's not possible.

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Recently, one of my relatives had a baby and I went to the hospital to visit them. Baby was unwell. So the baby was at the hospital. So, you know, it was very painful for all of us that a human being has been born has come into this world with so much difficulty you can see. And as I entered the hospital, I saw some of my friends over there and I wondered why they here and I realized that their aunt was also at the hospital, she had just gotten a stroke and she was at the hospital.

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And I was amazed that there is one human being coming into this world with so much difficulty and there is another human being who is leaving this world with so much difficulty.

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How can you say that the time between coming and going is useless is meaningless? How can you say that?

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How can you say that?

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Now one is to just focus on Okay, there was a complication in the birth or in the baby because of this and this and this reason, okay.

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And the other is that there's a complication with this problem because they suffer from this illness, and okay, but reflect on how and why. And what's the reason? What's the purpose? What's the purpose? Why do we come into this world? And why do we leave this world? Why are we here? When we see so many people coming, and so many people going, how can we think that the time in between is useless is without a reason? How can you think that?

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So Allah subhanaw taala has created the heavens and the earth, and he alternates the night and the day, and he shows us His creation? Why to make us realize that there is a purpose behind all of this. There are many, many things on which people can reflect, and they can realize this purpose, let it live. But obviously, none but those people who have Al Bab will benefit from these

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non acceptable benefit. And who are the web, just people who have big degrees, who have spent hours researching and years of their life, studying and researching on different aspects of the heavens and the earth? No, it's not just those people who are they and Medina yet guru nama is those people who remember Allah, how do they remember Allah? When do they remember Allah? pm and while standing worker rudan and sitting, what allowed you to be him and lying on their sites? So they remember Allah while standing, sitting and reclining? What else do they do? Well at Corona, if you help us on our blog, and they reflect on the creation of the heavens and the earth, and they say, of gamma

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Hanako Tada, Oh our Lord, You did not create all of this aimlessly. You did not create all of this without a reason. So Veronica, Exalted are You Exalted are You above such a thing that you would create all of this without a reason? Fucking either now, then protect us from the punishment of the Fire.

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So it is these people who have a lab who have intellect

00:32:10--> 00:32:16

and it is these people who benefit from the idea that a loss Pankaj has placed in the heavens and the earth.

00:32:17--> 00:32:41

So it shows to us that an intelligent person is not just one who uses his mind to reflect on the creation, but rather an intelligent person is the one who uses his mind to reflect on the creation. But at the same time, he also remembers Allah. He uses this reflection to come closer to Allah to increase in his email.

00:32:42--> 00:33:00

Because a believer, every action that he does is for the purpose of data. That is the correct way. Any action that a believer does, it could be an act of rebellion. So even when he is looking at the night sky, or if he's looking at his own fingers, who is you remembering?

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Allah Subhana time

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and Nadine is Karuna Maha pm on

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the recitation of these verses.

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