Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 02 – L024A

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu.

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Now, mother, we want to slowly or that Assouline Kareem another word for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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rubbish rocklea assadi were silly mg washlet Let me listen melissani have kuqali four burners in

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Lesson number 24 sudo tL bacara I am number 177 to 182

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laser, it is not a lira the righteousness and that to Alou you altern would you her comb your faces, Ebola, two words, I will machete the east, oil Muslim and the West while Kidner but unbeliever, the righteousness, MN is of who? Amana he believed belaire he, in Allah, while Yoni and the day

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at the last, while malaria equity, and the angels will kitabi and the books, one Nabina and the prophets whatever, and he gave omala the wealth, Allah upon her, be he his love, or its love,

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though we possessors through possessors

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and corba of the new relationships when you you're terma and the orphans while Mr. King and the ones needy Wagner and son a surveillance of the way

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was set ilina and those who ask well and fee in a record the next one a comma and he established perfectly or he established a solar, the solar

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and he gave as the character does occur

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one more foon and those who fulfill B or D him with their promise, either. When are hadoo they made promise or they promised wasabi Dean and those who are patient fee in Albert sir. The poverty Albert sir. poverty,

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war and of the war, the harm or the suffering

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were Hina and at time, l Betsy of the war or extreme hardship

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hula aka those and livina are those who saw the coup. They spoke truth or they proved true. what and who they're eager those whom they are not akun those who have Taqwa

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Yeah. Are you her or and levena those who am I knew they believed

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katiba it was written it was prescribed or lay come upon you on LP sauce, the sauce the legal retribution

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fee in a lot law, those who are killed

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and help the free bill hurry with the free well I do and the slave bill out the with the slave

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while on sir. And the female bill on sir, with the female foreman. So whoever raffia he was pardoned Lahu for it. Main from a he his brother Shea on anything fatty burn, then a follow up.

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Bill maroof with the recognized way

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what other and a payment lie to him. Beat your son with your son with utmost good

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value velika that the free phone is a concession Minh from Rob become your

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And immersi Furman, so whoever, here tada he crossed limits, he transgressed BARDA after velyka that fellow who then for him are there been a punishment a layman when painful

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will come and for you fee in Alka sauce the sauce the legal retribution higher tone is life

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yeah or early possessors lol Bab of the internet's La La calm, so that you that the cool you all adopt UCLA or you want to save yourselves or also you become righteous, that the own you all become righteous,

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good diva. It was written, it was prescribed or lay come upon you all, either when halberda it came, it approached, I had a comb, one of you all alone to the depth in if taraka he left higher on any wealth, and was he to the will the bequest linearly they need for the two parents, well could have been and the close relatives, Bill maruf, in the manner approved or in the recognized manner,

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how can a duty Allah upon and would again, those who adopt Aqua,

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Furman, then whoever, but then who he changed it, by the AMA, after that which semirara who he heard it for innama then indeed not but is mu who it's sin, Allah upon, and levena those who you bet the Luna who they change it, it's not past but it's present. They change it in Indeed, Allah Allah semir on always on hearing, ie one always all knowing

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Furman then whoever hoffa he feared he was afraid men from Muslim one who makes will or testator,

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Jonathan bias or error

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Oh, or is man a sin

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for us Lucha so he made reform buying a home between them. fella then not is anything I lay upon him

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in Indeed, Allah Allah was a foreign, most forgiving or Haman always All Merciful.

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Let's listen to the recitation of these verses.

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he be

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Gucci ballet

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de una

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de la has me on Nani Berman hatami musi Jenna

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in LA

Al-Baqarah 177-182 Translation

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