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Al-Hujurat 11-18 Tafsir 11


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The speakers discuss the meaning of "will" and how it can lead to conflict. They also discuss the "adsorbents" in various situations, including the "will" used to make fun of others and create chaos. The importance of avoiding insulting others and not insulting oneself is emphasized, along with caution when discussing titles and nick interests. The segment also touches on the use of "come and kill" in Islam, as it is a way to avoid offense.

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Are the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim lesson number 268 sort of Herat is number 11 to 18

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Yeah, you have Lavina amanu all you who have believed lay us her comin comin, let's not people ridicule and other people. Why? Because our PSA and your kuno Hiraman home, perhaps they may be better than them well and is a minister in and nor should any women ridicule other women. Why? Because you couldn't hire on men when perhaps they may be better than them. So don't make fun of others.

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When I tell me so and full circle, and Do not insult one another, either one or two numbers will pop and do not call each other by offensive nicknames.

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In the previous if we learned about conflict, arguments, fights that breakup between people. And over here we see what are the things that lead to those conflicts? Isn't it so? What is it that leads to conflicts,

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making fun of other people thinking that you're better than them, giving bad names to other people, backbiting others, having bad thoughts about the others, this is what leads to conflicts. This is what leads to arguments and fighting.

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So Allah subhanaw taala tells us to avoid all such things, all such habits, all such words, all such conversations that may lead to a fight in the first place. Avoid Them, stay away from them.

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And look at the address. Yeah, are you Hello, Dina Amano. Oh, you will have believed remember the statement of evenness route? That it has Samir de la jolla. Cool. Yeah, au Latina Avenue. For her some work, then be attentive in your listening. Pay attention. Why? For Mr. Hale on took mavi? Either it is some good that you're being commanded? Or Mr. Sherman and who or it is some evil that you are being forbidden from?

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So all you who have believed lie yes or

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no people should make fun of who? And other people.

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Yes, hot from the word. So Korea scene.

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So here is to make fun of someone to ridicule them, to market them. And from the same root is the word asleep? What does this mean? So how to use a hero to subjugate. When something is subjected, then it is low, isn't it?

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So this word gives the meaning of the law of being small, of America, of being humiliated, of being small compared to the other.

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So So Priya, is to make fun of someone ridiculed someone. How? By mentioning their YouTube by mentioning their faults. Why would a person mentioned the other person's faults in order to make fun of him? To make him look as someone very small as someone who's not worth anything, in order to disgrace them, isn't it? So the purpose of Socrates is to humiliate and disgrace the other?

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And how is that done? by mentioning there you by mentioning their faults?

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And remember that so Korea, it's not just done by words? Because we think that making fun of others can only be done by words? No, it can even be done by actions, by feral or by even a shout or by even a gesture. For instance, a person mimics the other the way he walks

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a person imitate the other how he dresses up? What's the purpose of doing that? Making fun of him, isn't it so? Or, for example, with a gesture or just raising the eyebrows? See, look at that. So, so Korea making fun of the other is done through cone, Ferrell, and even a shallow even gestures.

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And the purpose is to humiliate others draw other people's attention, to love to have some fun. And this is just like in a comedy show. Sometimes people are behaving,

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talking about other people, imitating their behavior, imitating their actions, imitating perhaps the way they eat. Why? Just to have some fun. So anyway, that is adopted to make fun of others, to humiliate others to ridicule others. It is

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not permitted because Allah says lay us off, he should not make fun. Any way is not permitted. It is not allowed.

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Who should not make fun COVID a group of people, min Coleman of another people, meaning no group of people should make fun of another group of people.

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The word count is used for a group of people. But when the word count is used in contrast with Nyssa with women, then it gives the meaning of group of men, because there's own And in contrast, our who NASA, so NASA are women, and the column refers to men, so no men, no people should make fun of other men should make fun of other people. What's the reason? Because Assa perhaps in your corner higher on main home? Perhaps they are better than them who are better than those who are being mocked at those who are being ridiculed? Many times Why does a person make fun of the other? Because he thinks he's better, isn't it?

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Or he thinks he's everything. So don't think you're all that don't think you're better than them. It's quite possible the person whom you're making fun of is in fact better than you how, in reality, how in the sight of a loss of panatela, or their status in the world is much greater than yours.

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Similarly, Allah says, well, and he said, own minister in no women should make fun of other women. Why? Again, the same reason I said a year couldn't hide on men when perhaps they are better than them, meaning perhaps the women who are being mocked at they are better than the women who are mocking at them.

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Now, notice over here, that women are mentioned separately, men are mentioned, women are mentioned. Why is this?

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Because it shows the importance of this prohibition that it's so necessary, it must be avoided. A person must stay away from it. Because whenever a general addresses made, both men and women are included. But when the men and women are mentioned separately, what does that show the importance of what is being said?

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And if you think about it, women, they tend to suffer from this issue as well. Making fun of others, sometimes more than men, isn't it? So? So pomar mentioned and then women are mentioned in particular because women have this habit of making fun of others a lot, unfortunately. Well, Anissa and Melissa in Assa, akena Hiram in hoonah.

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If you think about it, Allah subhanaw taala has not created all people equally in dystonia, isn't it? He has kept many, many differences between people.

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We learned in sort of Islam 21 k for one Baba whom I'll about look at how we have favored some over others. Everyone has different degrees, different levels in dystonia, you will see ups and downs everywhere. Just as your five fingers are not the same. They're different in their lengths in their width, isn't it? Why is it necessary that all five fingers should be equal should be the same? No, if they're all the same, you will not be able to use your hand, the way you use it with differences in your fingers is an utter. So these differences are necessary. Some people, they are physically stronger than the other. Some people they're taller than others. Some people they're shorter than

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others. Other people, they're more beautiful, other people, they're more knowledgeable. Some people have more wealth, other people have less Well, some people are more sharp, others are not as sharp, isn't it, some are more noble in their lineage, others are not as noble in their lineage. So these differences are there. But these differences are necessary for this dunia to work for this dunya to function for this world to function. Because if all people were the same, have the same intellectual capability, have the same physical ability, have the same level of smartness, the same level of intelligence, then this world would be very, very boring, isn't it? When Allah has got this

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variation, then this is what brings a lot of variety. This is what lets you experience different different things. This Think about it. You have some friends who talk more other friends who dockless some who are more humorous, others who are very serious. Some who like to read a lot others would like to not read that much.

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You'd like to go out a lot. Now, if all of your friends were exactly the same once your life be very boring, of course, isn't it? So similarly Allah has kept these differences between people. Why so that this world can function. And this variety brings about appreciation in us we learn to appreciate the creation of Allah, we learn to appreciate the variety that Allah subhanaw taala has created.

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However, based on these differences, that Allah soprano data has kept, no one has the right to make fun of the other. No one has the right to taunt the other with regards to insult the other with regards to it that Oh, look at you, you're so short. Oh, look at that person. They're so huge. Look at that person, they're so thin. Look at that person, they're so dark. No, we don't have the right to do that. Allah has got this variation. And we don't have the right to make fun of others based on this variety. Because he is the Holic and the Holic has the right to create whatever he wishes. And if a person makes fun of the others, features, the others abilities and in fact, who is he making

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fun of Allah subhanaw taala. So don't make fun. Because in reality, then you will be laughing at Allah, you are ridiculing Allah decisions, his wisdom, his creation, and this is incorrect.

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And we see that men and women are mentioned separately, men are mentioned women are mentioned Why? Because this matter is very, very serious. We cannot take it lightly. Because unfortunately, making fun of others in the name of humor in the name of comedy is something that is acceptable in these days. And instead, it's actually encouraged. If someone makes fun of others, we laugh so much, we think oh look at them so intelligent, so witty, however, we see that this matter is very, very serious. Allah mentions both men and women, and Loki, a Latina woman who were chosen, making fun of others is not acceptable at all.

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It's not an acceptable behavior at all.

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And we see that comb is mentioned Nyssa are mentioned Why? Because this is something that people suffer from at an individual level, and sometimes also at a national level, isn't it that sometimes a person is making fun of another. And sometimes people are making fun of other people, people of one country or making fun of people of another country, people of one race are making fun of people of another race. So at no level, is this acceptable?

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Neither between people of opposite genders, nor people of different ages. Nor are people of different backgrounds. No, it's not acceptable.

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Now, if you think about it, what is it that leads people to making fun of others? Why do people market others? Why do people ridicule others? Yes, because a person thinks that he is better than the other.

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And this is based on what gives pride arrogance that I am better than the other Oh, look at them. They're so short, my height perfect.

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Look at the other, look at their skin. Look at the way they wear their hijab, I wear my hijab perfectly. Look at the way they walk, I walk perfectly. This is based on pride, isn't it all. So sometimes people make fun of others thinking that they are better. And the reason behind that is

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and when a person has given his art, he wants to be seen as superior, he wants to be seen as better. He wants people to acknowledge him as better. Therefore what does he do? He picks on other people. And he begins to pass comments, on their height on their lips on the way that they walk as if it's an obligation on him to comment and other people.

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What else what other reason is there?

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Sometimes people just want to attract attention, they want to be the center of the attention. They want to be heard. They want to show that they're very clever, very intelligent, very smart, very humorous. They want to become famous. And in order to do that, what do they do they start making fun of others. Is this the only way that a person can find? What does it show? Lack of sense? What are the reason is their lack of confidence basically, because of some complex that a person has, that he thinks or he knows that his height is not perfect? his education is not the best. His degree is not the best in school that he goes through is not the best. So he has this complex. And in order to

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show himself as better what does he start doing

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Making fun of other schools where you go to that school? No way. Really. That's cool. We're all those people though. I go to the other one. So you know that your university, the school that you go to is not the best one. But just so that you don't look bad, you start insulting other people do you have said, jealousy, even that is a big cause, that a person does not like the other. And because he does not like the other, then he adopts different ways of humiliating and belittling them.

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And the easiest way of doing that is making fun of the other. Because when you make fun of the other, you're coming out as someone who is very humorous, and then you don't look as bad. But what is Allah say? laughs Yes, he should not make fun, no person should make fun of the other.

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And we see that. Also, when there are differences amongst people, in times of conflict.

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When people disagree with the other than what do they start doing in order to defame the other in order to make the other person look bad? What do they do? They start making fun of him.

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Because you see, when a person does not agree with the other, the other person immediately falls down in His sight, isn't it? Before you respected them, before you acknowledge them, but now you don't like them at all. When you don't like them all of their faults, they become very visible to you, isn't it? So what does a person do? He picks on those faults and he starts making fun of them. Why? To make the other person look as bad and to make himself look as good.

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These differences that Allah subhanaw taala has kept between people they're not because you know, the person who is taller is more beloved by Allah. And the person who's shorter is not that beloved to Allah. No, these differences are just a test. What do you do?

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Do you become arrogant? Do you become proud? Thinking that your body because it's beautiful, or because your height is perfect? It's because of you and you take credit for it yourself. And you start looking down on others because of that. This is a test. These differences that Allah has got, they're all a test.

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Sometimes people make fun of others. Why? out of boredom, because they have nothing better to do. They don't have a goal in their life, they don't have something that is occupying their mind. So they end up making fun of others. They're just sitting like this Oh, see that person is walking by Oh, look at that cat, look at that bird. You have nothing better to do in life, commenting on animals and people and things and machines and honestly.

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So a person who has an empty mind, nothing is burdening him, then he has the time to make fun of others.

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We see that sometimes when a person feels threatened by the other, that he's going to win, or she's going to be appreciated more, or people are looking at her. Like her own he felt threatened by musasa. So he began making fun. Similarly, people also start making fun of others when they feel threatened by them. So again, complex, right? That you feel you're lesser in some way and to make up for that. You make fun of the other.

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And why do you feel you're less? Because you are arrogant. So the reason behind that is pride.

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Look at the cure as well. This think perhaps the other is better than you are set a new Kunal Hiraman home, this is the cure. Don't make fun, why? Think to yourself, think about it, perhaps the other person is better than you. You're looking at them only from one side.

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And sometimes people make fun of others because of narrow mindedness there is judging people on the surface on the obvious.

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Many times that happens that people who have some disability, they are made fun of. Unfortunately, people make fun of them because of the way that they talk or they walk or they carry themselves or they speak sometimes people make fun of them. But we see that despite their disabilities, they accomplished so much. They do much better than the rest of the people. So it's a fact that those people who are making fun of others, they don't realize that other people are in fact better than them.

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I said and you're gonna hire me know.

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an idle mind is the devil's workshop. So a person who is sitting idle, who's not doing the recall of a law is not busy looking at his own faults only he can find faults and others and make fun of them.

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Sometimes people think it's good to make fun of yourself even why so that you don't look as bad and this is because of a complex that I don't look that good. So let me just make fun of my makeup. Let me make fun of my clothes. Let me make fun of my shoes, then I won't look as bad Why is anything like this

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Except the way you are, why do you have to make fun of yourself? Or make fun of other people?

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Our shoes so important?

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Really? Clothes are that important. Your makeup is that important. So what what's the big deal if it's not the perfect one? So layers have no person, no people, no woman, no individual should make fun of others.

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When I tell me to and for second, and do not speak ill of yourself, Do not insult yourselves. dynamism is from the roof letters, lamb meme they lambs

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and lambs is to insult someone. What does it mean? to insult someone? What does that mean?

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ridicule make fun of mentioned are you why, so you can have a good laugh and other people can also have a good laugh. lambs, on the other hand is to insult to speak ill of someone.

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And this could be by mentioning their you and these or you could be in their Hulk or in their hollow

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in a person's body, in a person's physical features, or in their character in their manner in their behavior.

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You understand?

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So Latin Meizu and prusa can do not even insult yourselves. How, by insulting someone's physical body physical features or their manner or their character, their behavior.

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lemmas are literally is to raise one eyebrow. Why? In order to market someone

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raise one's eyebrow, in order to make fun of someone wink, make a gesture with the eye or the hand.

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So basically, it's a very subtle gesture. It's a physical gesture. It's very subtle. And the point is to insult the other make fun of the other.

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And you know about the Sora way to Nikolay homothetic Lumumba, two words are used houmas lumas there are two things hums and lumps.

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It is said that lumps is to insult someone on their face and hands is to insult someone behind their back.

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A woman who may yell mizuka fists are the part young Muslims, right? What does it mean to insult someone on their face. So over here unless as well as tell me to emphasize, Do not insult yourselves. Do not maliciously try to uncover, reveal, expose other people's faults, whether they are real or they're imaginary, whether they are in their physical body or in their behavior, any kind of fault. Don't highlight that. don't expose that. Don't insult someone by mentioning their faults. Now, a person insults and other finds faults in them. For the same reasons that I mentioned earlier for South Korea. People make fun of others Why? Because they think they're better. People

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insult others. Why? Because they think they're better. It's because of pride. It's out of sometimes boredom, many reasons. And lambs, it's more general than South Korea. So Korea is to make fun in particular, but lumps is to insult them with regards to their, their different abilities, behavior, style of speech. For example, a person cannot walk properly. So a person insults him by calling him lame in a derogatory way. A person stubbed their toe, so they've heard their dog, they cannot walk properly. And as they're walking, they're limping. And a person insults them how by calling them limb.

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We learned that from Selma. She was short in her height. And somebody said with regards to her short height, a description that was derogatory, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, you have set such a thing that if it was put in the sea, it would make the water of the sea better.

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This is something very serious.

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Similarly, we learned that Sophia, the daughter of her a will have that she was said once that OData bothered you. You're the daughter of a Jew. So she felt very hurt. And she complained to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and he said that you should have said I'm the daughter of her own Messiah is my uncle. And Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is my husband. You don't need to feel bad. They call your daughter if you look at who you are.

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So sometimes it happens that people make fun of others, they insult them based on their family, their lineage, sometimes based on their background, what they used to do before their occupation. Like for example, somebody was telling me that they once mentioned to someone that they wanted to become a fashion designer. So I said Oh, you want to become a tailor. You then

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you want to become a tailor that

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What you want to do, and I said, I want to learn interior designing or you want to become,

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I don't know what word they used Carpenter or something like that. But anyway, this is like making fun of someone based on their occupation based on their history, or what they used to do before. Similarly, this includes making fun of someone based on a crime that they committed in their time of ignorance. Like, for example, a person committed a crime in the time of ignorance, they committed theft. Later on, they've done tober they've taken the punishment of people still call them a thief.

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Understand that only one person can Don't do that. Don't insult one another. Don't insult yourselves like this.

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Or, for instance, a person did something wrong before when they were ignorant. They didn't know about the dean. They did tell what they learned about the dean. They change their ways. Somebody meets it after 10 years, and they say, remember, you used to do that? Remember, you did that? Remember you said that? And in front of everyone, they say this, insulting the other person, embarrassing them, even they have forgotten the wrong things that they used to they've done Toba. They've changed their ways completely. And the other person comes and insults them ruins their entire image like this, not only Mizzou and prusa. Don't do that.

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And notice the word and full circle. It hasn't been said that don't insult other people. what has been said Don't insult yourselves and forsaken. Why yourselves?

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Because when you insult another believer in fact, how are you insulting yourself? Because in normal movement owner in the believers are brothers. So if you insult another person, in fact, You are insulting yourself. The believers are like a single body, one entire body. If you insult your hand, who are you insulting your own self? So Latin Meizu and prusa COMM And secondly, letter middle and full circle anfis has been said Why? Because when a person insults the other than what does he invite?

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insult? Right? If a person insults the other, he is giving a license to other people. You can also insult me.

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Can you ever make fun of someone who is very careful in his speech? Can you can you say anything wrong to them? You cannot? Who can you say bad words to someone who uses bad words? Who can you say offensive words to someone who uses offensive words. You can never speak ill before a person who does not speak ill. So when you insult others, you're in fact inviting other people to insult you. And remember that Hadith the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that it is one of the greatest sins that a man should curse his own parents. And it was said by people all as messenger How does a man curse his own parents? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said the man abuses the father of another man. And

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the latter abuses the father of the former and abuses his mother even he started it. He insulted the other, the other insulted him back twice, or double? So let me do unphysical don't do that.

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And typically this happens in a conflict in an argument, isn't it? One person in South Korea, and he insults him back. So don't do that. And thirdly, Latin meizhou and fullcycle why's infoset because when a person insults the other

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and the other is not like that he is not deserving of that insult. Then in fact, it comes back to who the person who insulted the other like for example, if a person calls the other graphic, if a person calls the other, what happens if a person calls the other agent faster?

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And the other is not actually like that. Then who is it that that title will go upon the person who said it. We learned even early on who said that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said any person who called his brother a catfish or unbeliever has in fact done an act by with this unbelief would return to one of them.

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He says caffrey to the other so the schofer will apply to one of the two individuals who are involved over there.

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If it were so as he deserted meaning the other person is a cafe, then Okay, he has confirmed something. But if the other is not as he has said that it will return to him. Then he is a coffee.

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You understand?

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If a person calls the other cafe and he's not actually a Catholic, and who is a Catholic, that statement is gonna apply to one of the two. If the other is not I love it. It's gonna come back to who the person who started it. We alternate without of the argument. He said that here at the Prophet sallallahu Sallam say if a man accuses another man of deviance or accuses him of disbelief, that accusation will come back on him if his companion is not as he said, if a person accuses the other insults the other and he's not worthy of it, then it's going to come back on him.

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This is just like a boomerang effect. You know, when you throw a boomerang, it goes all around and it comes back to you.

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Similarly for person in southie, other, he's not worthy of it, it's gonna come back to him.

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So let me so emphasize, don't insult yourselves, while at another Zoo bill calm and Do not insult each other how? By calling names by giving nicknames by giving titles than others who is from the room clutter is known by the cannabis. And cannabis is to fix to give a title to someone to give a nickname to someone that shows bad sleep that shows bad traits, evil traits,

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like what people do generally. Like, for example, calling a person nerd, they're so nerdy.

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Now, is this a good title? It's not a good title, it's not a good description, then I was worried that people give such a title to another, that shows bad

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that shows bad characteristics. And regardless of whether he deserves that title or not, regardless of whether those characteristics are present in him or not.

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It could be about his physical features. It could be about his clock, it could be with regards to anything you understand. Sometimes people give titles to the other based on their physical features.

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Sometimes they give titles to the other based on what they do, based on how they talk, based on how they behave, isn't it so Latin Abba Zoo bill and don't insult one another by using nicknames and alive as a plural of law. What is the lack of a title, a nickname.

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And a lack of is basically another name that is given to a person.

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Another name that is given to a person meaning a person has a name, but he's given another name on top of that.

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But what's the difference between a laptop and an Islam? Islam is just a name by which a person is recognized.

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And it doesn't mean that if a person has that particular Islam he also has those characteristics. For instance, if a person's name is sajida, if a person's name is Aveda, what does that mean? One who worships a lot. It's quite possible to never do.

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So if a person's name is Avi, that doesn't mean they're actually Aveda, it's not necessary. But a lack of on the other hand, is always a description. You understand? lockup is always a description. And remember, there are two types of one lockup is that which is given to someone which takes into account their respect and the highest status that they deserve. Like, for instance, the titles of the kings. Why are they given those titles? Or why are they given those aka like, for example, Professor, so and so. King, so and so president, so and so why? Because they deserve that title, it's an honor for them.

00:33:16--> 00:33:48

Similarly, someone who is knowledgeable who's a teacher, they're called shares, they're called allameh, you say you Dina molana. Similarly, kings and queens, they're given titles, we see that abubaker of the learner, he was given the title artist, or Moran, who was given the title photo or a man of the land, who was given the title, the new rain, caught it even religious interview was given the title of save a lot. So, these titles, they are a form of praise for a person why, because what is being considered in them,

00:33:49--> 00:33:52

the honor, the respect that the person deserves.

00:33:54--> 00:34:23

Another type of love is that which is given in order to insult the other in order to annoy the other, especially with defames the person and this is what is meant over here. This is what is meant over here, like sometimes people will call another person shake why out of mockery? That you know, you are very clear when you're telling me all of this, what are you what are you? Why are you telling me why are you being so preachy? So what does Allah say, Latin Abba, Zoo, Bill and

00:34:24--> 00:34:39

even a verse of the Quran who said with regards to this, that Latin Avenue Bill elkaar this is to embarrass insults a person who has repented from the sin that he had committed in the past,

00:34:40--> 00:34:54

that a person committed a sin in the past he has repented from it, but you call him a thief. Come here. Come here. rosani Go away from here. You understand?

00:34:55--> 00:35:00

A person did something in the past he's over its history. They have repented but you give

00:35:00--> 00:35:04

Then the lack of by which they will be embarrassed by which they will be insulted.

00:35:05--> 00:35:23

has an embassy said, calling him by the name of the previous Dean that he was on before. Like, for instance, a person was a Christian. They were Jewish. They've done though, but they're Muslim now. But every time they refer to old Jewish man, oh, yeah, of course, he's Muslim, but that Jewish man, that Christian, that this is incorrect.

00:35:25--> 00:35:41

Similarly, or whatever he said, calling of a person to another aka fit on Africa. Just because someone has made a mistake, you call him coffee right away. Just because someone has made a mistake, you call him on Africa right away. This is giving a lockup to a person which is incorrect.

00:35:43--> 00:35:59

Similarly, Evans ad said, calling someone by evil actions or sins that they have committed, or evil actions that they committed in the past, or evil traits that they possess, or bad traits that they possess, and no person is perfect. Every person has some faults in them.

00:36:00--> 00:36:13

Like, for instance, if somebody tries their best to do their work on time, but they're not able to end people call them or unit comment. Are you a person who's always tardy? This is incorrect. lathan, Abu Bill unkar.

00:36:14--> 00:37:00

And sometimes it's uncover given based on people's physical features. The Oh fat one otol one Oh, 10 one. And unfortunately, very horrible, horrible words are given to others, which cannot even be mentioned over here. Horrible uncover given. So a believer is very careful. Your vocabulary, your words should be very clean. The way that you address people, the way you talk to them the way you describe them. Be very respectful, be very careful. And sometimes it almost borders in on its borderline racism, isn't it that sometimes people will call others by the color of their skin, or by the type of nose they have, by the country they come from. This is how they will describe them. All

00:37:00--> 00:37:10

such descriptions are wrong, because it leads to hatred. It ruins relationships between people. So that the neighbors will elka

00:37:11--> 00:37:38

we have to be very, very careful in our speech. Sometimes it happens, a person comes back, we see them after a very long time you like what happened to you? what's gone wrong with your color? And what's gone wrong with your skin? And are you okay? Is that all you can see? Is that all you can see, I remember when I went somewhere after a very long time I just given birth to my son and people were like, Oh my god, you put so much weight I just gave birth.

00:37:39--> 00:37:54

But you know, sometimes people they don't realize what they're saying. They don't take into account the feelings of the other person. So you have to be very, very careful. Don't make fun of others. Don't insult others and don't give titles to other people.

00:37:59--> 00:38:00

Look at yourself.

00:38:01--> 00:38:38

Before you back by the other. Are you perfect 100% yes if you find that you are perfect then do mock at one another and one thing he mentioned in his stuff, he said that look the face to commander last one or Tonto is commanding us to obey the messenger or respect to the messenger and now Allah obey the law. And then afterward Allah subhanaw taala is telling us what not to do. And if we obey Allah and His messenger and messenger in respect to them, this will lead to unity, this fight backbiting and making fun of other people making fun of other people.

00:38:39--> 00:38:40

Very true.

00:38:41--> 00:38:51

So all of these things, what do they lead to? This unity? They lead to bad relationships, bad feelings, hard feelings against other people.