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Al-Baqarah 40-48 Translation


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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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How do we want to slowly right out of sodium Kareem? I'm about to be left him in the shade on it with Jean Bismillahirrahmanirrahim beshara he is suddenly aware sadly under the work of Dr. Millis

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lesson number nine Surah Baqarah is number 14 to 14.

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Yeah, bunny are children. It's la isla of Islam.

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Guru. You all remember? Near metti my favorite

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allottee? Which an arm do I favorite? Or they come upon you? What? And Ofu you all fulfilled B or D with my covenant. We'll see. I shall fulfill B or D come with your covenant. What? Yeah, and only me for her boonie so you all feel me? Well, and me know you all believe Bhima in that which

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under two I sent down Messiah Deacon as confirming Lima. For that which

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moroccon is with you wanna and do not Deku you all become a winner first gaffin one who disbelieves or disbeliever Biggie in water and do not touch the room. You will barter Be it with my versus feminine. A price only learn little. What Yeah. And only mean for the hooni so you all fear me? So you all be conscious of me.

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Waller and do not

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tell me so you are mix.

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There'll be so you will make

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and have the truth. Build up really with the falsehood work and duck to move your conceal and help the truth were unknown while you are worth while and don't you all Darla moon you all know

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what and the moon you all perfectly establish a soil at the Salah the prayer one and two you will give as the cat does a care worker and you all bow down Morrow with a walker in those who bow don't

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do that Muna you will order a NASA the people bill busy with the 5g What then Sona and you all forget and forsaken yourselves worth while and don't you all that lunar? You all recite Al Kitab the book a fella, do them not? directly Don't you understand? What and is there any new you all seek help? This Sabri with the patience was smaller, and the prayer was in the hair. And indeed it lacquer be rotten. Surely a big thing in the except Allah upon Aloha, Shireen. Those who are humble, those who are submissive

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and levina those who yo noona they think they are certain

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under home, that in the day,

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a new home that in the day malaco ones who meet or be him their Lord, what a new home and that in the de la to him. Raji are ones who will return

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you have any or children is for either of you. With guru. You all remember, near Mati, my blessing, my favorite allottee which unto I favored, our lay come upon you what I need, and that indeed I

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want to come I prefer you

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Allah upon Allah Allah mean the world's

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what Taku and you all fear

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what the EU and you all fear,

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Yeoman a de la, neither not third doozy it will avail

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Neptune, any soul on from nothing any soul, Shea anything whether and nor Yakubu it will be accepted minha from it shefa are thrown any intercession whether and nor you call do it will be taken minha from it or the loan any compensation, whether and nor whom they use our own, they will be held.

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That's let's listen to the recitation.

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Yeah, Bernie is

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Ella Guney Amati allottee and number two ra

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di o p br d. e II

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what are the most solid?

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me what a woman