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Juz’ 30: An-Naba’ – An-Nas

Al-Balad – Al-‘Alaq

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Surah Al Balad Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem la oxime ob Heather Bella, no, I swear by the city, maka, I swear by the city and you will Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam are free of restriction in the city, meaning in this holy land, your life and honor are not secure. How ironic in a holy land, your life is in danger. And this is ironic that in a holy land, people, their lives are in danger, where they didn't want and by the Father, and that which was born on him, we have certainly created man into hardship. Does he think that never will anyone overcome him? He says, I have spent wealth in abundance. These were the thoughts of the people of Jerry Lee, who used to be very proud of the fact

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that they had money, and that they got to waste it. They got to spend it extravagantly. And so they used to show off, I spent so much money I slaughtered so many animals, they would show off your kulu I like to Marlon Luba and this kind of jelly are sometimes exists in us today as well. When we take pride in the fact that we are perhaps wearing something that is worth $5,000 $10,000 maybe more maybe less. We take pride in this. Yeah. Oh no. I like to melon Luba, taking pride in being extravagant allies criticizing this? Does he think that no one has seen him anything? Why does he have to say that over and over again? What does he think nobody saw him wasting money like that?

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Allah saw him, Allah is watching him, Have We not made for him two eyes with which to see and a tongue and two lips with which to speak, will have a nice day. And we have shown him the two ways meaning Allah has guided us each person what is right what is wrong. Allah has placed his recognition within ourselves, our heart tells us but he has not broken through the difficult path. And what can make you know what is breaking through the difficult path. It is the freeing of a slave or feeding on a day of severe hunger, feeding on a day of severe hunger, meaning when a person is themselves very hungry, but what does he do? He feeds other people. This is what Allah wants from us

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that we prefer other people over ourselves also. But what happens at the time of his plot? What happens sometimes we become so impatient. I want the samosa first and why did you reach out to your hand before mine, I get to pour the food first, isn't it we get a little upset over these issues. Hello says Oh, if ramen fie yellowman v masaba, the day of hunger. And really this Ramadan is days of hunger, right? Because it's long days, long days, but at this time feeding other people who would feed others, the one who sees Oh, I feel so hungry, others must be feeling hungry too. They must be feeling hungry too. If I am hungry, she must be hungry too. He must be hungry too. And so because of

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that a person forgets his own hunger. And he's concerned about the hunger of others, an orphan of near relationship or a needy person and misery and then being among those who believed and advised one another to patients and advised one another to compassion. So, you see, we are living in this life to do something to do some work. And what is that? What is that worship Allah and serve humanity also look after allows creation also. And this is something that requires what Southern and it requires compassion from inside water well Silva, somebody with a Russellville mahkamah and notice the last hole, they advise one another. So when we are doing these good deeds, let us also

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encourage one another. And here I would like to remind you also and myself also to think about the hungry. The think about the hungry if we have not given any hungry person food this month, let us do it. Now. There are many opportunities, many opportunities, food banks, Alhamdulillah, even Muslim food banks, they're open, we can take food over there, and hamdulillah we have a food bank over here also, a lot of Pakistan also has this program in which Ramadan ration program in which all you need to do is just go on the website, use a card and inshallah transfer money directly, directly, you can do that feed the hungry, and especially think about people in Pakistan in that area, because of the

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heat wave. How many people are suffering. So let us think about helping other people so that Allah will help us also, Allah says Allah equals horrible maimana those are the companions of the right male lawmakers amongst those, but those who disbelieved in our signs, those are the companions of the left over them will be fire closed in covering them, not letting them breathe, eat

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Even the heat shall never escape. So lots of shops throughout the shops is also one of those hotels which the profits of the loss have receded frequently in his prayers Bismillah R Rahman and Rahim was Shamsi whoa Ha ha, by the sun and its brightness, welcome Merida tala ha, and by the moon when it follows it because when the sun departs, then the moon arrives. And yes, the moon may be visible during daytime Also, sometimes you see it in the sky. But when is it that you see it in its full glory when the sun goes. So sometimes when everything is good, we don't see we don't appreciate certain blessings. When bigger blessings, they go away from our side, then we notice the hidden

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blessings will come out either at Aloha, when the hairy either gela and by the day when it displays it. And by the night when it covers it, and by the sky, and he who constructed it. All these signs cry out to us that there is a maker behind all of this, it's not in vain, when they will not to her by the earth and he has spread it and by the soul and he who proportion that and inspired it with discernment of wickedness and its righteousness, you see, proportion that when we think about proportion, we think about that which is in our physical bodies, but even the soul, you see there's anger and there's forgiveness, right? There's happiness and there's grief, there is a certain

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proportion in which we have all of these feelings. Now it's up to us, whatever we draw upon, that is what will grow, called the F lammens. AKA he has succeeded who purifies it purifies the soul, from what from evil thoughts, from false assumptions, negative assumptions, from hatred, from jealousy, from contempt from, you know, grudges and coffer and ship can be found nifa was horrible on this. And he has failed who instills it with corruption, or the Sangha, that he suppresses it that each time the heart blames him for doing something wrong. He suppresses that call. You see, it's not possible that you're doing something wrong. And you're feeling 100% Okay, inside, no way. There's

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always that voice telling you stop it, lock it, somebody's coming. I was watching a stuff at a law and then you're like,

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one excuse after another, until eventually what happens that voice, it gets drowned by wrong sounds right by the sound of music or by other things it gets drowned, drowned literally. And then that voice it dies.

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The one who kills his inner voice is ruined. Because the but somehow

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somehow denied their profit by reason of their transgression, when the most wretched of them was sent forth. And the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi Salaam said to them do not harm the she camel of Allah or prevent her from drink. But they denied him and hamstrung her they killed the camel. They themselves demanded that he cannot come out for them from the rocks. And when it came, they couldn't handle all the water that it was drinking. So they got angry, and they killed it. So their Lord brought down upon them destruction for their sin and made it equal upon all of them because he is capable of punishing all of them, no matter how many, many they may be. While I offer

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Acaba and he does not fear the consequence. They're off. No one can stop him. No one can question him. Is it easy to catch a criminal? One criminal? Sometimes it gets really difficult. I mean, we see how one criminal one police chase and in that process so much property is destroyed and lives are lost and people are injured, isn't it? One person one criminal catching him is so difficult and many times even that is impossible. Whatever there were 2345 1015 100,000 criminals. It will be impossible for us to do that. Allah says he for them them Alejandro boombah dombey him for so

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it's not difficult for him. What's the lesson? We're not free? We are not free over here. We should understand Allah's might. We should never think that we can do whatever we want and nobody will question us along will

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surah to Lail Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim when lately they all show when the hurry that agenda, woman Hala Becker owns by the night when it covers and by the day when it appears and by he who created the male and female. Again, the signs of his power are exhibited over here in necessary accumulation. Indeed, your efforts are diverse, just like the night and day are different. People are also different. So accept that variety. Don't try to make people like you that they should like the same food that you like that

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They should like the same level of salt that you like, no, they will have different tastes different choices in this area komla shakta people are different, their efforts are different. Some are working for a good cause, and others bad for amendment outdoor with the call. As for he who gives him fears a law he gives. And he fears also not that he thinks I've given now I'm safe. Now I can commit since one after the other. I gave some charity. So now I have the license to sin. No way. For a moment, I'll fall what the call. What happens with us is that our good deeds, we do a little bit of good. We get deceived by our good deeds. We think that we can commit a little bit of sin. That

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Ramadan, we're fasting right now after I'm gone. Yeah, I'll do such and such and such and such. We're planning for now and perhaps how we will destroy our days and how we will destroy our sins. When he has a villa for a moment. Otto, what

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he gives and he fears Why does he feel love because he knows what he's done is not enough. He knows that it's quite possible that what I've done is rejected.

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Because we know how we perform good deeds for a moment of thought what the call was a dockable Hausner and he believes in the best reward, we will ease him toward ease. What is this ease?

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Easy Islam, practical Islam, because this is what will lead to ultimate ease which is an agenda. So there's three signs of success we learn over here, generosity, showing generosity to others are about giving, but how with sincerity. Secondly, avoiding wrong with a less fear. And thirdly, confirming the truth and supporting it, whoever does this, after will be made easy for him. dhania will be made easy for him. How fast can we use raw, meaning Islam will be made easy for him. Bar obedience to Allah will be made easy for him how so that he will do one good deed after another one good deed after another. It's like a chain reaction. You know, it's like a domino effect one good

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deed leads to another which leads to another which leads to another, but each is better than the previous and sha Allah. And this is a huge blessing of Allah, that a person is able to firstly recognize a good deed. And then secondly, do it and then continue it until he reaches the end of it and he completes it. This is a huge blessing of Allah.

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For a moment, alpha taco was sokoban husana, Fasano jezero, who Lily you saw the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Whoever is righteous, he is granted the field to perform righteousness and whoever is wicked, then he is granted trophy to perform evil. And then he recited these verses. So we need to see what is it that's made easy for me. But as for he who withholds and considers himself free of need, and denies the best reward, we will ease him to work difficulty, and what will his wealth avail him when he falls indeed, incumbent upon us as guidance, and indeed, to us belongs the hereafter and the first life. So I have warned your fire which is blazing, none will enter to burn

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they're in except the most wretched one who had denied and turned away but the righteous one will avoid it. Unless the UTM Allah who yet as aka who will be saved from the Hellfire, the one who gives his wealth to purify himself. Do you ever feel like there's some feelings in your heart that shouldn't be there? That shouldn't be there. You need to get rid of them. Regardless of how someone has treated you, but you have those feelings, are there a problem for you? You want to get rid of them. But you can't really cut open your heart. Like the prophet SAW the last time his chest was open up and his heart was washed with zooms and we wish that could happen to us. It's not happening.

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So what do we have to do, and let the team know who you are.

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What you love the things that you love, give them give them away. And when you will give them away the things that you love. And I mean things that you love, not things that may be expensive, but you don't really like them things that you love. Maybe it's something that you really like, maybe it's something else that you really like whatever it may be, you love it, you give it yet as a car, this is the results that will clean you clean your heart. Normally I had dinner in the home and near mutton touches and not giving for anyone who has done him a favor to be rewarded, but only seeking the face of his Lord, the Most High oil so far, and the Lord is going to be satisfied. Allah be

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happy with us also surah to Doha Bismillah

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Hello, my name is Rahim what Maha will lately either such a man with dark or bucola cola wanting to hire Allah communal Allah, by the morning brightness, and by the night when it covers with darkness your Lord has not taken leave of your Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, nor has he detested you, and the Hereafter is better for you than the first life. Even in this world in this life, your later period will be better than the first one and the hereafter that will be better than your worldly life on the Prophet sallallahu Sallam began receiving revelation ye regularly, there was an interval, there was a long time in which the prophet SAW the lesson and did not receive any

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revelation. And this worried him that perhaps he had done something because of which Allah was angry with him. So Allah had decided to discontinue the why this worried the Prophet sallallahu Salah, so he's comforted over here, that no, this is not the reason, just like the morning brightness is for some time, where he is also like that, if the entire day was bright, like the time of the hell, as beautiful as Buddha is, if the day was always like Doha, it would become very difficult and unbearable for people, they would get tired. So Allah has also made the night Just like that, there's time when you will receive what he and then there's time when you will not receive it. And

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just like that, in life, there will be times when we will receive good things and then there will be times when we will not receive them. This is part of life, because we need both. And you see over here, what we see is that revelation was not easy for the prophets that allows him to take it was really heavy on him as I mentioned to you those incidents earlier on. And after hard work, there is a need for a break, a time when a person can relax. And if a person is seeking a less pleasure than Allah will make that time of relaxation Riba also. So this brief pause in Revelation is like the night that is necessary for rest and rejuvenation. And just like that, every break that we have in

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our lives should be treated in the same way. A little bit of rest. Okay, get rested. Now get back up again. Well, so for your eco booka turbo, and your Lord is going to give you and you will be satisfied Ally's promise, he will give you so much so much in abundance, that you will be happy. He will give you until you are happy. There's so much to come. Because how can it be that a person tires himself in the pleasure of Allah and allow him to value his efforts? No way. The fact is that the person who genuinely honestly sincerely strives for the sake of Allah, and yes, he may even she may even get tired sitting, then Allah is appreciative. Allah appreciates his efforts. And Allah

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promises well a soul for Euro clicar buka tadoba you will be made happy. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said a man strives to earn a less pleasure and continuously strives to earn it. So Allah says to Djibouti, my servant is seeking My pleasure. Be informed that on him is my mercy. gibreel says May Allah's mercy be upon him, then the carriers of the throne and the angels surrounding them. They also say May Allah's mercy be upon him, and the dwellers of the seven heavens say the same until the people of the earth also begin to pray for mercy for him while a sofa Yuriko, buka, Fatah. And Amelia Jessica team and for our, the prophets on Lawson has reminded of his past so that he is

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confident about the future did not find you an orphan and gave you refuge. He found you lost and guided you. He found you poor and made you self sufficient.

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What were you before looking at you so much. So why the despair, be hopeful? Allah will give you more have faith in Allah promises. Because you see the life of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was not easy, especially after he received Prophethood. What happened? He lost every single child of his every single child. And when he passed away, the only blood relative Tommy's immediate family was falconara de la hora. All his children had died. He grew up as an orphan. Can you imagine being in that state? I mean, yes, his wives were there. Yes, his companions were there. But this is no ordinary test.

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The prophets have allowed me to sort of look at how much he's tested in life. He comes from Bethel, and he finds out his daughter has passed away. He has a son, Ibrahim, and very soon Ibrahim also dies. The prophets of Allah was severely tested. Look at how his life was. But did those difficulties prevent him? They those difficulties stop him

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No, look at how the life of the Prophet was, what are we aiming towards from the law? Who are they who was Salone

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for Emilia tema, filata call so as for the orphan do not oppress him, what I must say lfls and how, and as for the petitioner do not repel him, meaning if you have nothing to give to the one who asks, still, at least do not scold. But as for the favor of your Lord, report, it talks about it, not in pride to show off but in humility and gratitude happening above the law, the law one who said, Bring the team close to yourself, draw him close to yourself, draw him close to yourself, hug him, do good to him, share your food with him, fast your hand over his head, and you will find your objective.

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You will find your objective you care for the orphans so that you can get things done. But today what happens we cannot look past our own two kids. We cannot This is our sad reality. When are we going to worry about the children of the world? The prophets of Allah Islam is taught over here, you were treated well as an orphan, but every orphan is not treated like this. So you take care of the orphans. Sugata Shah Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Allah Masha Allah Allah casado rock lobar Namco Islam or Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did we not expand for you your chest?

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Have you ever felt tightness of the chest tightness? When do you feel that when you're worried when you're stressed out when you're confused when you don't know what to do? And then that feeling of relaxation? like yeah, my worries are gone. Finally, I can breathe such a relief it is the profit or loss in the soul. Did we not expand for you your chest and we removed from you your burden? What is this burden? What was this constriction, this heaviness for the Prophet sallallahu sallam. You see until the prophets Allah Lawson received revelation. He would spend days and nights in the cave alone. Why? Because he could not find interest in the ways of his people. He could not find shirk to

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be good. And he did not find any comfort in being with the people. When he would be with them he would feel tight, uncomfortable. So what happened? Allah subhanaw taala revealed a hook to him, causing his heart to relax. And this happened how when gibreel squeezed him pressed him. So sometimes relief comes how when you are pressed, sometimes pressed for time pressed for energy, but then Allah, He sends relief to his servant and Lady and cuddle rock which had weighed upon your back. The fact is that each person who is seeking his Lord feels this burden. He cannot find joy and happiness in anything, not money, not food, not a marriage, not children nothing. When is it that

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the heart will truly be satisfied. When a person finds a law, or a foreigner, lack of a crock and we raised high for you Your repute, meaning you are famous everywhere. For indeed with hardship will be ease, meaning Yes, things are difficult. People bother you because Prophethood was not easy for us a little less of a lot. But there's also ease in this and the greatest ease being the comfort, the joy of knowing Allah. That is the greatest ease in life. That when a person knows who Allah is, I have discovered my Lord, I know who my Rob is. This is the greatest ease for enamal are three Yusra no matter what difficulty, what illness, what pain we're going through what stress in life we're going

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through, remember what that is, is and what is that he is, you have a lord who takes care of you. For enamal ursery Yusra in nursery you saw indeed with hardship will be ease so when you have finished your duties, then stand up for worship. But what does the knifes desire a long break that after Ramadan? That's it we need to relax we need to chill. But what does Allah say funds out, get busy again. Well, you know a bigger follow up and to your Lord direct your longing never stopped seeking Him. Never ever stopped pursuing his pleasure. This is the goal of a believers life. Because he does not waste his life. Having fun. Or just doing one thing after the other everything is doing

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what is he seeking? His Lord

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Surah 13 what Danny was a tune by the fig and the olive the place where the fig and the olive. They grow. What is that place? The Blessing

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Land of philosophy where many prophets came, what will we see any and by Mount Sinai, where Masada Salaam was granted Prophethood what hasn't been ideal me and the secure city of Makkah our Prophet sallallahu Sallam was granted Prophethood lakanal in Santa Fe santaquin. We have certainly created men in the best of stature.

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The form that Allah has created human beings and is the best form. Look at it. I mean, our form as human beings is upright. We don't walk on all fours. We don't crawl. We're not bent down. But other creatures, what are they like? They could be huge as elephants. But look at it how it's on all fours could be strong as a lion, fours could be vicious as a snake, no feet, no hands. But the human being the senator can even the best stature.

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So Mara, Donna who has filosofi lien, then we returned him to the lowest of the low, Allah gave him so much honor. And what does man do? instead of standing for his Lord, he humiliates himself by clinging to the earth by going down to the earth holding on to this dunya when he goes to this dunya he becomes lowly. Some Maradona, who has philosophically Allah honored men with Apple, with intellect with dignity. And what does man do? me think about when a person gets drugged? What does he look like? What is he doing when he's intoxicated? What is he doing? Worse than animals even then right alongside you to be saying, and you're causing your sanity to grow in, in LA LA Vina amanu

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middle solly had found a home at noon, except for those who believe and do righteous deeds, for they will have a word that is uninterrupted because they worked uninterruptedly. So what yet causes you to deny the recompense and a Salah will be committed Hakimi is not a law, the most just of all judges ultimate decision is with him. Over here we see that as philosophically It is also said that it refers to when a person becomes extremely old and dependent, even our best for the long run who said that he who reads the Quran does not reach out of the normal. He does not reach this extreme old age and he recited this ayah Illallah de la mano y mano saleha Allah protects them. Similar to

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the ilok Bismillahirrahmanirrahim ikura ecoop, the first word the Prophet sallallahu Sallam heard from gibreel. Read, recite a crop, the smear of bee colony HELOC in the name of your Lord who created read, but how should you read in the name of your Lord? This is the difference between the reading of a Muslim and the reading of a non Muslim and Muslim read in the name of his Lord. keeping things in proper context remembering is Lord not excluding a law from his life or his study. Who is Allah? Who is your rub Allah, the HELOC, the one who created because it is foolish to think that all of this came about from an accident? The process of coming into existence? How could it be an

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accident it is creation, he created men from a clinging substance recite and your Lord is the Most Generous, very honorable, the one who turns away from men sins who taught by the pen, because the fact is that a man cannot be attained without the column.

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The seeker of knowledge and the tool of retaining knowledge go together. The person who wants he must hold on to the tool through which aim is attained and what is that tool? The pen?

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You see, knowledge is like a hunt an animal that you're trying to catch and writing to others it catches it keeps it in place. What is preserved in writing is preserved. I live in Santa Maria Marlon, a laptop man that which he knew not weatherman attains the knowledge of the nordonia remember the source of all knowledge is who? Allah subhanaw taala a lot on Adam the names of all things. So even worldly knowledge came from where Allah azza wa jal and even if we discover something, learn about something, this is also by whose permission unless permission. I mean, so many people have seen things falling but why is it that once upon a time when one man saw an apple

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fall, he realized oh, there must be some force pulling it.

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Right? This sense or this ability to understand something? You know, the one that light bulb goes on in your head? Why does it happen? When does it happen when Allah allows color in Al insana lotto, but indeed man transgresses Why? Because he sees himself self sufficient. He thinks he doesn't need Allah. So he rejects Allah. But the fact is, indeed your Lord is the return. How can he feel self sufficient than he should?

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never consider himself free of need of God. Because you see us we live this life we think I'm looking after myself, I'm fine. I don't need religion. I don't need worship, I don't need prayer, I'm fine. And so many people promote this, that you don't need religion, you're still good.

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But what do we learn? That you can live your life without religion without belief in Allah? But can you die with that? If you die with that, then trouble or aten lady and her? Have you seen the one who forbids a servant when he prays? A Buddha? He used to forbid the prophets of the Lawson from praying to Allah. And even today, such people exist who do not allow others to pray, have you seen if he is upon guidance or enjoys righteousness? Have you seen if he denies and turns away? Who is better the first one or this one? The one who is denying and turning away? Does he not know that Allah sees no if he does not stop, we will surely drag him by the for lock, allying setting for lock

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then let him call his associates we will call the angels of Hell No, do not obey Him lead to their who was just walk through a bypass trade and draw near to Allah. So if anyone is prevented by others from doing such that, should he stop should he listen to them? No way. He should do such the

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remember that even if someone's body is tied up?

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Can they do such the yes they can.

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They can. How?

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Even with the eyes What if the eyes cannot open still?

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Still you can do such though that picture yes I am submitting myself to Allah putting myself down before Allah. So letter who never ever obey anybody who stops you from such that no matter what happens?