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Al-Hujurat 1-10 Review 9-10

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We'll do a quick review. So let's do that. We'll look at number nine, and do a brief sort of identify

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what input if at any minute minima otterloo for ously, who bainer Houma if there are two groups from the believers who end up fighting, what is the responsibility of other Muslims that they should solve their problem? They should stop the fight for Asli who obeyed a woman. And then if one is oppressing the other, then in that case for imbaba, Houma, LL o Hara, for karate lunati totally had that the fear in an umbrella. What does this mean? That if you have to break the power of the other, who's oppressing the other, what do you do them, fight against him, until he stops, and he agrees to accept the decision of a law concerning that matter. And then for In fact, for us, lubaina, who

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mobila idly will accede to end if that person or that group agrees to accept the decision of Allah, the decision that has to be made concerning them, then what should be done? How should the decision be made concerning them with justice? And what does it mean by justice? According to the Quran, and Sunnah we're accustomed to why because in your humble Moxie clean Indeed, Allah loves those who are just now, we see that many times arguments and fights, they break out between people, people who are working together, people who are living together, sometimes their family members, sometimes your co workers, sometimes they're even strangers, isn't it? Now, fighting is something that is not good.

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And usually fighting involves harming one another, whether it is physically or it is verbally, or it is accusing and taunting each other. So it's not possible that a believer sees such a scene, and he ignores it a sensitive person, he cannot bear the fact that people are cursing one another. They're harming one another, and he doesn't care. No, if a person does not care if a person does not do anything that shows that he has a hard heart that shows that is very insensitive. So whether it is children who are fighting, or it is adults who are fighting siblings who are fighting, it's your duty that you have to come in the middle, and you have to stop them.

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And many times people say don't interfere in our business is an utter, but the fact is that it is your business. Why? Because it's your own brothers and sisters in Islam, whether you know them or you don't know them. And many times it happens that one is being oppressed. One is weak, he's unable to stand for himself. So where another is weak, he's unable to stand for himself, how can you not support him?

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Remember the story of musasa? How when two people were fighting, he got in and he helped one person, isn't it? So he didn't just go away thinking, Oh, it's your business. I don't want to get into trouble. I'll just go away. It's afternoon time anyway, I'm tired, I'm exhausted. No, he didn't just go away. He went and solve the problem, he went and help the person who was being oppressed. So it is our duty as believers that we must be very, very careful. And first of all, we should avoid situations that lead to fighting.

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Because sometimes we see that between children, or between people who are working together living together, sometimes they end up in a fight in an argument. Why? Because of the bad feelings that they have against one another, isn't it? So those bad feelings should be avoided in the first place. For instance, if parents always prefer one child over the other, they always praise one, and don't praise the other, then what's that going to lead to bad feelings amongst those siblings. So what is leading to those fights? The injustice, the bias of the parents, isn't it. So we learned that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, that Be careful of your duty to Allah and keep justice between your

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children, be just amongst your children to the point that if you give a gift to one, you have to give the same to the other as well. So first of all, conflicts should be avoided and we should try our best that we don't do anything that leads to a conflict.

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And remember that every person is in a position of some kind of authority, some kind of leadership, as parents as teachers as in charges, as heads of particular departments anything. So each person must be very, very careful that nothing that he does lead to a conflict. And when there is a conflict, then how should that be resolved with this with justice because what do we learn over here that Allah loves those people who are just we learned instead of doing that either I number eight Yeah, you're Latina, Amano, Gurukul, wamena, lillahi, Shahada, Bill priestly, that all you who have believed be persistently standing firm for Allah witnesses.

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injustice, that when you make decisions between people, make sure you do that hell with justice and do this for whose sake for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala

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when I agree, man No Come Shanna an omen Allah aletheia de leeuw. And do not let the hatred of a people prevent you from being just in the loo who Acropolis taqwa be, just as that is nearer to righteousness.

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So many times it happens that in conflict, who do we tend to side with? When there's an argument, when there's a fight, we'll do we tend to side with people who we like, isn't it. But we see that we have to be just that even if it's our own child who is making a mistake. Even if it's our own sibling, our own friend, we cannot side with them at that point, we have to show them their mistake. Sometimes mothers, they always take the side of their children always. And this gives us false confidence to children that no matter what I do, I'm always right, visitor. And whether the teacher tells them it's their mistake, or later on in their life, some older relative tells them, they're

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not willing to accept, isn't it. So, when you have made a mistake, your loved one has made a mistake, what is your duty that you have to be just, you have to be just, and we cannot become biased in these situations. And it starts at a very, very early age. And we learn over here in particular in this ayah, about fighting one another because remember the word that alludes from if the dialectical is not just verbal argument, but this is physical. When an argument turns physical, and people are physically harming one another. Now sometimes it happens that two people have an argument, one gets the other strikes, the other one punches the other. And sometimes it goes even

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more than that. And people literally take weapons against one another.

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And this is something very, very serious. Because sometimes it happens at fights arguments, they escalate, and it leads to literally trying to kill each other. And remember, at the time of the profits or loss and what happened between us and husbands, that literally people had picked up their weapons in order to kill one another. And remember, this is something very, very serious.

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Sometimes we say, you know, I hate that person, I could just kill them. And we hear this all the time, visitor, but this is something very serious because we learn intelligent design and 93. That were may mean and Mata Ramadan, for jazza, who jahannam whoever kills a believer intentionally, then his recompenses hellfire. This is not something small. Holly didn't see her while old Ebola Who are they he, when there are no who are Donna who are the urban of Lima, he will abide there eternally. And Allah has become angry with him and has cursed him and has prepared for him a great punishment. So it's not something small. So we see that first of all, arguments should be avoided, fights should

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be avoided. And if in a situation where people do end up in a fight, then what should be our focus is not that we become arrogant over they're not willing to accept our mistake, not willing to accept other people's rights. No, we should focus on Islam.

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Whenever there is a problem, whenever there's a conflict always focused on Islam, how can we solve this? Not that how can I defeat the other? Because a person who is looking for the solution that shows humility, and a person who is just trying to prove the other wrong trying to defeat the other than what does that show? pride that I don't care if it's my fault or not, I have to show the other person is wrong. We learn in the Quran. The same surah is number 122. Within the set that was so low.

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That soul making reconciliation settlement that is best and sometimes soul means compromise on your part, isn't it so you have to give up your right. You have to say okay, fine, it was my fault. Okay, fine. I'll do it. Even if you don't want me to do it, isn't it? But what does Allah say we'll still hide. But what is it that prevents people from doing so? We're still enforcer. Sure, that present and human souls is stinginess, stinginess, is there selfishness is there, which does not allow people to want to do so.

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Then Allah says in Mineola, indeed the believers who are they, they are, they are brothers, meaning all the believers, they are united with the bond of brotherhood. whether someone is older than you younger than you is from a different background is from another country. Whether you

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You agree with them, you don't agree with them. They're like you, they're not like you, no matter who they are, whether you had a fight with them, or you didn't have a fight with them, who are they, in no matter what minute

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differences are normal

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differences in opinion, they're common. They're acceptable. However, this doesn't mean that the bond of brotherhood should be ignored, that the bond of brotherhood should be severed.

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And if you think about it, if Islam is what unites people, if Islam is what establishes the bond between people, then what does it mean? If there are differences, then how will you get connected to each other again? Through the same religion, isn't it so? So in Amman, what we know now, indeed, the believers in our brothers, and it was a Florida

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for us, Leo baina, awaken, therefore, reconcile between your two brothers?

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So when people are fighting when they're arguing, you cannot let them cut off from each other? No, you have to try to make a reconciliation between them. Because sometimes we say it's their problem. It's their decision. It's not my problem. Why should I interfere? No. They are your brothers indeed. And if they're fighting one another, they're arguing with one another. They're not speaking to each other. You have to get them back together for a slideshow bainer or Hawaii calm?

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Because think about it. If siblings, they have a fight with one another, they end up cutting off from each other. What is that going to lead to so many problems in the family? Isn't it? sometimes it hurts the parents so much the two siblings, two children are not talking to each other. The whole family gets affected. One says because, you know, my brother is coming to this party. Therefore I'm not coming, isn't it? Just recently, somebody was telling me that my parents told me come because otherwise we'll invite your brother and I have a fight with my brother these days. And I was shocked that literally parents are suffering because of the disunity between children between children. So

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similarly, if Muslims in general, if they are disunited, if they are fighting with each other, you think the cause of Islam will not get affected. Of course, it will be

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using our Islamic organizations they will not get affected. Of course, the jamara will that not get affected, of course it will be affected. So, remember, differences, understandable, disagreements, understandable, but it doesn't mean that people should cut off from each other for asleep lubaina awaken what akula and fear Allah La La come to her moon so that you may be bestowed with mercy.

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And over here we see that decoy has been mentioned fear Allah because that is a solution to what conflicts is an utter conflicts are there okay? But what will make you still speak to the other still say Salaam to the other still smile at the other, forgive them overlook their mistake or the fear of Allah, that Allah wants us to be together? This is why I will overlook the mistake of the other I will overlook the fault of the other. And what the cola ha and do not fight. Why Lala come to her own so that you may be shown mercy. And this shows to us that if a person cuts off from other people, then this is a means of depriving him from the mercy of Allah.

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We learned that Mr. Malik, whenever he would teach his students, he would ask the people Is there anyone among you who has cut ties with Stephen King? Is there anyone among you who does not speak to his brother does not speak to his father does not speak to his uncle, he has cut off ties with him. If there is lead from this madness, get up and leave? Why?

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Why would he do that? Because of your presence, we will be deprived of

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because Allah says what doc Allah Allah, Allah come to her moon, Fear Allah so that you can be shown mercy, which shows that if a person does not fear a lot, and as a result he cuts off ties with other believers, whether they're relatives or not, then what does that lead to? depriving yourself from the mercy of Allah,

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depriving yourself from the mercy of Allah. So severing ties with other believers, not speaking to them at all. Saying that no, I'm upset with them. I'm never going to speak to them again. I don't go to that mustard. I don't go to that person's house. This is incorrect. This is a means of depriving yourself from the mercy of Allah.

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We don't insert the word I number 21. When Medina Asli Luna Amara, Allah will be here and use Allah. We have shown out of the home where Hakuna Su and his

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and those who join

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that which Allah has ordered to be joined, whatever relation Allah has commanded should be kept, should be joined, it should not be severed, whether it is of blood relatives, or it is with other believers, they keep it they maintain it. Why? Because of the fear of Allah we have shown on a bone. And they also fear Susan herself evil account, bad account,

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meaning they fear being called to account and getting in trouble. This is why they fix their relationships with others.

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He was saying that whenever people fight, even if it's in one house, it means that you're going to be deprived from martial Allah muscle for life taken away from you, his protection is taken away from you, even the love is completely cut. That's why that's one of the lessons do is love only, even if it's in between families, that peace and tranquility will be taken away.

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That when people are you too much, they fight too much, we see that there is no peace in that family. There is no happiness in their family. And you can see it on the faces of the poor children. That how deprived, they look how sad. They look how upset, disturbed, they look, it affects their studies, it affects the relationships with others. So this is a means of depriving yourself, your entire family from the Dharma. This is why when two people are fighting, it's the responsibility of others to make reconciliation between them. Sometimes it happens, a husband and wife they're fighting, the mother in law is there, she doesn't try to resolve the issue at all. The children,

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they don't try to resolve the issue at all. And what happens the problem gets worse and worse and worse. Until every single person gets affected.

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Every single person gets affected from the children to the enlace to the distant relatives to the close relatives, why? because other people said none of my problem. None of my business, I don't need to interfere.

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Or they try to aggravate it if not fix it.

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Some people say I don't want to help stay out of this. But the thing is, at least you should try to get in. And if they don't listen to you, you can try to get someone else to whom they will listen to. Like for example, you know that you're not at good terms with your brother, he'd never listened to you. He listens to your older sister. Okay, so in that case, when you see him doing something wrong fighting with someone get your older sister involved, you cannot just turn a blind eye to that fight.

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Sometimes it happens that two people are fighting and you try to solve the issue and it makes the situation much worse. It's quite possible that you're not doing it the right way. This is why always ask Allah for help before you interfere in such matters.

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And remember, if your intention is to help the other to solve the problem, to solve the problem, then inshallah whether or not the problem was solved, because of your sincere intention and your good effort, you will get the reward and so why deprive yourself.

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Now, over here, we see that Allah subhanaw taala says, in animal movement on the believers are all brothers, there's a bond of brotherhood between all believers. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, as a Muslim as a whole Muslim, the Muslim is a brother of the Muslim. So if someone is your own brother or sister, how would you treat them? Oh,

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two fights, arguments happen between siblings? Yes, but what happens eventually? She'll get over it, isn't it? You don't say oh, I never speak to you again. No, unless, you know, some people go to that extreme. But generally, this is what happens between siblings. So a Muslim or a whole Muslim lay of limbo while I use lemo. He is not unjust with him, nor does he forsake Him. He is not unjust with him, nor does he forsake Him. So just because someone is a Muslim means that you don't do anything wrong with them. You don't oppress them in any way. You don't abandon them at a time when they need your help.

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The Prophet sallallahu cinnamal said that a believer to another believer is like a building, whose different parts in force each other. And he clasped his hands with the fingers interlaced. That the parts of this building, what do they do? They strengthen each other. And this is how the Muslims should be. So if one part of the building is collapsing, what will you say, oh, let it collapse?

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Is that how your behavior should be towards it? No, you should be concerned. Because if you don't prevent that from collapsing, it's going to make the entire structure collapse. It's going to affect the entire structure.

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So when two people are fighting, two people are arguing, you cannot just let them fight and argue and cut off each other. No, you have to help them solve the issue. You have to stop the injustice

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that is

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When it comes to cutting off ties from family members, mainly, why is it

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because of some argument conflict, right. And even when a person has the opportunity, he does not speak to them, he does not greet them, he does not invite them.

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The other is that a person is not able to keep in touch with his relatives. Why? Because he is far away. He is not living in that same place.

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Like, for example, it's quite possible that you're living in this country and you have your distant uncles and aunts or perhaps your cousins, you're connected with them through Facebook, you're certain aunts and uncles. Okay, you are, but everybody's not there. And how often do you get to call everyday? No, but at least you should make a point of keeping in touch with them. How, you know, at times have read, at times of, you know, someone's wedding, you know, all certifications that come up, when you're visiting them, when you're going to take gifts for them, even if it's after three years, four years, five years, take something for them, because maintaining ties with relatives is

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If you think about the reward for maintaining relationships is so great. Why? Because it's not easy to maintain relationships with your relatives or with people whom you work with. It's not easy to put a smile on your face when you disagree with the other and they're constantly contradicting you constantly opposing you, it's not easy. So this is why the reward is great.

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It's quite possible that somebody is not a good influence on you. They are Muslim, they're not a good influence on you. And you feel that whenever you're in their company, you end up doing something wrong saying something wrong. Or it's possible that they have done something that has really hurt you. Okay, you forgive them, but you don't want to see them again. And again. Because every time you see them, it reminds you and it's difficult for you to get over it. You're trying but it's difficult for you. So is it necessary that you maintain a very good relationship with them in the sense that you speak them a lot, you visit them a lot, you invite them over a lot. It's not

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necessary. When you see them, you greet them. When something happens, like for example, you seem about up to them. When something good happens in their life. You congratulate them. Okay? But it's not like a buddy buddy relationship. That's also funny.

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When was she when he killed comes out of the learning? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam forgive him. But what did he said? What did he tell him? That is don't come in front of me.

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So he didn't have that closer relationship with him, as he did with other companions, isn't it? Why? Because after all, people are people. So again, differences are there, you have to overlook you have to forgive. But it doesn't mean you completely cut off. No, you cannot cut off from deal.

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Because sometimes it's sad people come face to face with one another, they will pass by each other. But it will as though the other does not exist, isn't it? This is not correct.

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Sometimes it happens that two people have a conflict and you want to help them out. But they don't want to help. Why? Because you're not helping them in the right way. That perhaps they told you about what's going on and you go tell the whole world about it. So their problems are being advertised like this. So they don't want your help, then isn't at all. So we have to be very careful in the way that we help other people as well. Always put yourself in the shoes of the other, what would you want? What would you want? How would you like to be treated?

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Sometimes expectations of other people are a lot. And sometimes they're unrealistic. And you cannot do it. Like for instance, before when you weren't doing the course you had them over every other weekend. And now you're busy with another test an assignment is you can have them over every other weekend. But it doesn't mean you don't have them over at all. Call them over underneath, call them over on major occasions, speak to them, call them, keep in touch with them. This is something that is important. Sometimes the expectations of the other people are very high, and you cannot fulfill them. So it doesn't mean that you completely ignore them.

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Like for instance, just to give you a personal example, my grandmother, she stayed with me recently for a very long time. And now every time I call her even if it's after today, she's like, Where were you?

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And sometimes it happens. It takes me a week. Sometimes it takes me two weeks, sometimes less than that sometimes more than that, depending on how things are going and where my phone is and where my son is. So you know, different things become a reason. But every time I call it Where were you, and how did you remember, you know? So sometimes it happens. It's just that they like you, they want to spend more time with you. But don't get bugged by these things. I'm never gonna call her again. Every time I call her. This is what she says no, just forgive overlook.

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Again, if you focus is law, you will forgive. But if you focus is to prove something to the other, then you won't be able to forgive.

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Sometimes other people don't want to help because they don't want to solve the problem. Like for example, a country

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between a husband and wife doesn't mean you leave them, doesn't mean you leave them, for example, husband, wife, they're not getting along with each other. And the husband is living separately, the wife is living separately, and the child is getting affected. So and in that case, both have made up their mind, no, we're not going to be together, the husband says, I'm not going to divorce with the wife is I'm not going to do this. You know, sometimes it happens, doesn't mean you leave them as they are. No, you don't leave them, keep advising them, keep advising them, you never know when they may get it, and advise them in different ways. If one thing has not worked, try and either because

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you can't let other people suffer because of the conflict of two people.

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You can't let innocent children suffer. You can't let families suffer because of the conflict of two people. And sometimes the conflict can be solved at a very early stage. But at that time, what do we say? No, no, no, no, don't do anything. Let them deal with it themselves. And later on what happens? It gets worse to such an extent that no matter what you do, does not have any impact. So catch the problem right at the beginning.

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Now with regards to in our movement, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam also said that reviling a Muslim is deviant behavior and getting him his disbelief. Believers are like brothers right? So what does it mean? You cannot curse one another, cannot revile one another cannot insult one another. Because if a person does that, what is it, it's Fisk, and killing another believer, that is cowfish.

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We also learn from another Hadith, that it is sufficient evil for a Muslim that he should look down upon his brother in a minute. So what does it mean don't look down on others. Look at them with respect. You then with respect, the life wealth and honor of a Muslim are inviolable by another Muslim, the other person's life, their wealth, their honor, everything deserves respect from you.

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Just as your brother, you respect his things, you respect his life, you're concerned about his well being, you're protective about him, you don't want anyone to harm anyone to say anything wrong about him. Similarly should be your behavior towards other believers as well.

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Anything else before we continue?

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That we see that interval? miuna? Remember that when only the masculine is used? What does that include? Men and women? Now, sometimes, what do we think that brothers are only brothers to each other? and sisters are sisters to one another? Therefore, it's like sisters, against brothers, women against men or men against women? No, it's not like that. Together, they are a team. Together, they work. So in any situation, it should not be, you know, brothers, they are completely separate. I mean, of course, segregation has to be there, but doesn't mean that you always are competing with them and thinking bad about them and thinking evil of them. No, they're one group.

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Remember what we learned earlier, that the believing men the believing women, they're earlier of one another?

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Very good example, that sometimes conflict, the difference of opinion and argument between people this is just like, a wound on the body just as the believers, what are they? in their example? What are they like a body? Right? So it's just like a wound. Now, can you ignore that wound? Can you ignore that cut? You can't, it hurts you. When it hurts you something small on your finger is affecting you so much that you can't work. You can't cook, you can't clean you can do so many things. It affects you. So you cannot ignore that wound. But what do you have to do? You have to treat it, isn't it? Sometimes it means you have to put a bandaid. Sometimes it's so bad that you

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have to go to a doctor and get it treated. Sometimes it means that surgery has to be done. The body doesn't always like it. It's painful. It's hard. It's difficult, but it's necessary. And if you ignore it, if you leave it too long, then what's going to happen the wound is going to get worse. It's going to get much worse I live with my father told me once that he met a man and after some time, he met him again and he came back and his entire arm was amputated. He said What happened? He said a splinter that got stuck in his nail. He didn't care about it. He ignored it. The entire nail got swollen up, the entire finger got swollen up, got pass, it was so bad. He went to the doctor,

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the doctor said your entire hand it's infected to such an extent that the entire hand has to be amputated. So they amputated the entire hand and then later on the infection was spreading in the arm. So they had to cut up the entire arm.

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This is what happens. The problem is very small at the beginning, just to people being rude to one another. If you don't catch it and solve it right there.

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The problem is going to affect so many other people.

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And we see sometimes the division starts from just two individuals. And later on those two individuals grow into two groups, the entire team is disunited,

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we see that typically the advice that is given to people in times of conflict is you can manage everything yourself, you're independent, go get yourself a job and go get this done, and you're perfectly fine. And many times our advice is not based on Quran and Sunnah. Instead of Islam. What do people encourage, cut off from each other, isn't it. But this kind of advice is not based on for unemployment. So it's more of an obligation on those who know what Allah says to advise people accordingly. Because that is what will lead to Islam.

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And the thing is that no relationship, whether it is between a husband and wife, parents and children, siblings, people who are working together, no relationship is without problems.

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No relationship, you will always have problems, sometimes more, other times less.

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Just because you have a problem with someone, just because you disagree with them doesn't mean you cut off from them. No, you cannot cut off from them.

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Remember that Hades, that a person who lives amongst others suffering from their harm and abuse is much better than you cut off from people and stays by himself? Isn't it?

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Because when you stay away from people, you don't talk to them. You don't socialize with people you cut off from others, okay? less problems, less headaches, okay? But when you deal with other people, when you socialize with them, when you get hurt by them, you have to do something that means an opportunity to gain reward. This is why it's much better.

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And this life is a test anyway. Life is not ideal. It's a test. It's a place where we are being tested. What do we do to don't think that this is that Who does that? This is not Donald Trump. This is Donald empty hand.

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Let's listen to the recitation

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anta the Sufi Luca

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assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.