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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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said I'm already Kumara de la barakato

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are the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah al Karim rubbish Rahi Saudi were Siddeley emri wash Lula Dr. tam melissani of Kahu Kohli Allahumma de Colby was sadly sunny what's roots of Hema Takagi Armenia but I mean

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inshallah we will continue with our study of Sudoku puzzles. And today we will begin from verse number 14. We were learning in total costs about how the mother of Masada, he said,

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Allah subhanaw taala instructed her to put her baby in the water after nursing him. And that is what she did. Allah subhana wa tada promised her that almost Pousada would bring her baby back to her, and that Allah subhanaw taala would make her baby a prophet. And we saw how the first promise was fulfilled, how her child was returned to her, and she no longer grieved, her heart was content. And she was certain that the promises of Allah are true. And the second promise that Allah subhana wa tada made her that which are a looming and more serene, we're going to make your son one of the messengers. Now the following verses show how that promise was also fulfilled. So unless panatela

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says, Well, I'm Bella should the who was stowa attina, who hookman were Elma. And when he attained his full strength and was mature, We bestowed upon him judgment and knowledge what Cavalli can edges in more sinning, and thus do We reward the doers of good. So remember that Masonic is Salaam, he was nursed by his mother. And we learned that she was actually paid by the family of Fidel, because she was technically you know, serving, she was technically nursing the baby on their behalf. And so, mozzarella, his Salaam was raised by his mother, and it is said that eventually, you know, he was brought to the palace in order to be you know, raised with the family of film. So, when he reached a

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should the who, when he reached his, I should now assured is generally translated as full strength. And assured is from shady, right, shady, this to be intense, to be severe, and a should, is to be the strongest or the severes, that one can be. So assured is the age at which a person is at their strongest, and strongest, in what sense physically, mentally, emotionally. So they have physical strength in terms of their, you know, height, in terms of their, you know, their their physical ability. This is the strongest that they are intellectually and mentally also, this is when they're the strongest, they're very reasonable, they have life experience, they're not impulsive. And it is

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said that this is the age which is somewhere between 30 and 40. So, this is a should, and some have said that assured is actually the age of puberty. And among the people who said this is my magic, so I shouldn't is, you know, but the majority say that this is the eight somewhere between 30 and 40. Because that is where a person is not only physically strong, but they're also mentally, emotionally intellectually strong. So while I'm there Bella I should the who was the word and then he is the word is the word means two things. Firstly, the word is though means to be balanced, and secondly, it means to rise. So, if we take the meaning of that he was balanced, what what this means is that

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he became complete and even and well balanced in all of his in all of his capabilities. And secondly is the one if we take the meaning of

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But he rose, meaning he rose and increased in his capabilities. So when he reached his should, and he was mature at that time, Allah subhanaw taala gave him two things. He'll come and attina hoekman warilla. Now what exactly is hokum, hokum is understood as judgment or wisdom. And it's also interpreted as Prophethood. However, we look, we know from the story of Musa alayhis salaam that he was actually given Prophethood later on, when he left Egypt went to Medina, and he stayed in Medina for long. And then when he was traveling from there, on the way, you know, when he saw the light in the mountain, the fire on the mountain, he went, and he was given Prophethood over there. So, who

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come here does not mean Prophethood rather, it means wisdom, it means sound judgment. And any, this really shows that he was a man of good judgment, a man of good reason. And he had a mind of his own. And he was able to see the injustices that that fit our own, and his people were committing, he wasn't just, you know, busy in his own life, and in his own comfort, that he was aloof to his surroundings, he was a man of good judgment, he was able to reason that this is fair, and this is unfair, that this is just this is unjust, this should not be happening. So as they know who hookman and there are very few people who actually have such wisdom and sound reasoning, especially when

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they're surrounded by so much oppression.

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You know, people who are in a place of privilege, like mozzarella Salaam, was he was raised in the palace, you know, he had so many luxuries and comforts at his disposal. So people who are, you know, who have that privilege, very rarely are they able to develop that sense of good judgment, where they're able to see the oppression that is around them, so that they know who hookman and it wasn't just good judgment that he had been given, he was also given or ilma knowledge, and what is knowledge over here, it is said that this was the knowledge of his religion, because he was from the bunny. So he, he was initially raised by his mother. And so he did know that he was from the bunny.

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So this was something known to the people of our own also, that he was a Hebrew. So he knew of his identity, and he had knowledge of, of, you know, the, of the religion of his of his forefathers. He knew that that he was he was an he was a Hebrew. And it is said that knowledge over here can also be understood as a film. And he goes, good comprehension, understanding of the religion, or understanding in general, because there are people who know the facts, but they don't get the point. But musala has Salaam, ne he was a man of knowledge. He was a man of wisdom, a man of good judgment, a man who, who, who was aware of his surroundings, who was a who could see the injustices around

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him. And this was a gift given to him by Allah subhanaw taala. Athena who hookman were Elma, and then the last Pousada says worker Valley can ledger zil mercy mean and thus do We reward the doers of good, meaning the people who do their son This is how we reward them, how that we give them good judgment, and we give them knowledge you need this is the reward of doing a lesson. Now who are the more sitting over here? First of all, the more sinning here are Massara SLM, but even before him, his mother, what was her son, now your son first of all your son is to do good, right and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam explained to your son, as that you worship Allah as though you

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can see him and if you cannot bring about that feeling, then at least realize that Allah subhanaw taala is watching you. So your son has two aspects to it. One aspect of your son is to be good in in your dealings with Allah subhanaw taala it to be good to be excellent in the way that you worship Allah subhanaw taala and worship is not limited to Salah worship is not limited to you know, the recitation of Quran or engaging in the in the remembrance of Allah. Worship includes any you know a thing or any way in which you are in which you are dealing with your Lord. We see in the exam

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Example of the mother of mozzarella, his Sara, that how when Allah subhanaw taala instructed her, that she should nurse her baby. And then when she fears for his safety, she should put him in the water. Honey, this was extremely difficult. She really had to believe that Allah subhanaw taala this promise is true that Allah subhanaw taala was going to protect her child. And we learnt about how her heart became any void of everything, except for most our listener, meaning she was extremely distressed. She was extremely worried and anxious. And she was about to let it out that she had put her child in the water her child was going to drown, you know, she was going to let it out. But

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Allah subhanaw taala, you know, strengthened her heart. So this was her ear said that even though it was so difficult for her to do what Allah subhanaw taala had commanded her to do, she did it anyway. And she believed in the promise of Allah. So this was her son. And what are they gonna do that mercy Nene, this is how we reward the people who do care said, Allah subhanaw taala did not let her ersan go waste. Allah subhanaw taala fulfilled his promise to her. He, he, you know, reunited her with her child. And then we see that Allah subhanaw taala, you know, made her child, her son, a profit. So what a valley Canada is immersed in in, and then we see that any that your son of moosari salaam

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that is not known yet, right? We don't know what kind of your son he did. That is going to be illustrated in the following verses. And that is where we learn how Allah subhanaw taala fulfilled his promise, that which are eluvial, mousseline how exactly he was made a profit. So we see over here what kinetic energy is and worsening that good judgment and knowledge are actually a result of a lesson. Meaning when a person is excellent in worshipping Allah subhanaw taala in their, in their dealings with their Lord. And also they do ascend towards the creation, which is the second aspect of yourself to be good towards people. And musasa has said I'm did that we will see in the following

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verses how most artists just because he he was in a place of privilege. He didn't forget about the rest of the people. This was his ear said that he used his privilege to help the oppressed. So, when a person does ASN then Allah subhanaw taala grants them knowledge and wisdom in proportion to their son in proportion to their excellence, their kindness, their generosity. So how was Musashi and Sam given Prophethood? We see that in the following verses It is said what the hell Medina Allah Haney love Let him in Alia what the hell Medina and Musa alayhis salaam entered the city. What city is this? This is of course one of the cities of Egypt because that is where most early salon lived. And

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it is possible that this was the part of the city where you know where the main hustle and bustle is, like the downtown area you could say. And remember that the palaces of you know fit our own and his people. They were not in in the main city. They were in the outskirts of the city. So what the hell Medina musala salon, he came out of those palaces or wherever that he was residing, and he entered the city he entered the place where were the real people were.

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And he came at a time Allah Haney leafletting Minh le ha, at a time of heinous time, at a time of Loeffler ruffler is in attention or negligence when people are not paying attention mean any harm its people. So the people of the city were basically not paying attention at that time. What does it mean by this? That they were not paying attention at that time? Any this he entered at a time when the city was not busy? All right. Why was it not busy? Because some have said that this was the time of midday. All right, this from the heart, and that is when it's extremely hot. And typically, you know, people in the past and even now, many places in the world. This is the time when people will

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not be seen outside. Right. Why? Because it's hot. And this is the time when people would typically take a nap.

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So there weren't many people around. Secondly, it is said that this was in the night, some somewhere between McRib and Russia, right, because even though people may be awake, but this is a time when people are not really paying much attention, right. Thirdly, it has been said that this was a time when people were not around why perhaps it was some holiday It was a day of aid. So people were busy, you know, in their celebrations and the main you know, area where people would go to work that place was empty, right. So there weren't many people. So what the hell and Medina Allah Haney love Let him in earlier then it has also been said that Musa alayhis salaam entered the city, in a in a

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state that he was unnoticed in he did not want to be noticed by people he did not want to be known. You know as that that oh, this is Moosa alright. And this shows us again that most artists sent out and he even though he was you know he lived in so much privilege he wasn't bragging about it. He wanted to be among the people so whether hood and Medina ta Allah Haney reflet him in haha.

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And then what happened for whether the fee hell or julaine he found in the city, two men. And what were these two men doing Yokota t Lan? They were fighting each other. Yep, that Ilan. Attila is to fight with one another, to try to kill each other. So they were in an altercation. And who are these two people have them in sheer RTE we have I mean I do we have that this one meaning one man was from his Shira was from his group and have them in or the way the other was from his enemy. Now remember earlier, we learned that fit our own had divided the people into sheoran into different factions into different groups. So he had basically created a great social divide, right? There were the

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bunny is through el versus that you know his own people that typically. So one, so these two people that were fighting one man was from his own was from his own people, meaning he was a Hebrew and Israeli, and the other was from his enemy, meaning the people of their own. So these two men were who and Israeli a Hebrew man fighting against a pimply. Alright, now there's a question, why is it that mossadegh is Salaam entered the city at a time like this, that when people were not around or or he entered in a state, you know, such that he would not be recognized? Why did he go like this or at such a time like this? Now this could have been completely by chance. And this could also have

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been on purpose. Mm hmm. Show Kenny says that when moosari SLM as he grew older, and he recognized he saw the injustices that the people of Iran were committing, he actually spoke out against their own. Right. He He said that this is not fair. He tried to defend the bunny is slightly, but the people have at our own threatened him. Right. And so he was afraid. He was afraid for his safety. He was afraid for his life. And this is the reason why he would not enter the city, except very secretly. Any he tried to, you know, hide basically, he didn't want to be known and recognized everywhere, because he knew that the people of our own were against him.

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So what happened now,

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the hack says that moussaka Salaam tried to enter the city at a time when no one was around. But there were some people around right he found two people fighting and he was trying to hide his identity, but Allah subhanaw taala let him be known. And there was a reason behind this. We learn in sudo. conf about how the men who the you know, the young men who hidden the cave, when they woke up, they you know, they advise each other that make sure you go in in a very discreet way, no one should find out about you. But what happened Allah subhanaw taala let them be known. Right? Why? Because there was a reason in that. And so Mossad is and I'm also over here, he was trying to, you know,

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make sure that he doesn't cause any problem or that he doesn't attract any attention. But Allah subhanaw taala let his identity be known.

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So two people were fighting. And what happened? First the hawza who led him and she RTE Island lady Mina, Adobe. So first of all, so who so he asked him for help, he begged him for help, who, and let him and share it he the person who was from his faction, meaning the Hebrew man, asked Musashi, s&m for help. Now, the word is the infamous the loss of who is very interesting, this is from the word of lace. And lace is actually much needed rain that results in vegetation. So this is rain that falls at a time of drought. And you will notice that when there's a drought, and then there's even a little bit of rain, you will see the effect of that rain immediately. So this is hice. And it's the

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last is to cry out to someone for help. Right to to ask for assistance, to ask very desperately, or in a state of desperation. Just like you know, people are thirsty, they are in desperate need of help and relief when there's a drought. So first, the author who loved him and she RTE, the person who was from his faction, the Hebrew, yelled out to Masada sent him He begged him for help against to our lead, let him in or do we against the person who was from his enemy, meaning against the people for who was from the people of their own? mozarella his Salaam, what did he do? He went forward to to offer the assistance. He wasn't just going to stand there. And just watch these two

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people fight. He did something about it. He went and and he helped the person who was from his faction, meaning the Hebrew and in order to do that, he hit the the typically the man who was from the people of Iran, and how did he hit him? It is set for workers who whoosah So Moses struck him. Now the word workers is interesting workers is actually to hit someone with one's fist, right? meaning to punch them. And it is said that it has to punch someone on their chin. So musalla his salon went straight in he punched him for workers who Mussa and most artists didn't realize how strong that punch was fumbled or lay he he killed him accidentally musar listen I'm killed him. The

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word other lady although is to complete something and cada Allah is to is to finish someone's matter, meaning to kill them. All right. So most artists Anam

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accidentally killed him. Now there's a question, why did mozzarella SLM come forward over here and you know, two people are fighting, it's their problem? Why is most RNA Sam stepping in? Why is he coming forward? And, you know, trying to help one person by hitting the other? Well, somebody said I'm did that.

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Well, sorry, Sam did that because helping the oppressed, helping the oppressed is an obligation. And you don't need you know, a whole lot of knowledge of philosophy or, you know, a lot of instruction and a lot of reasoning, to know that the oppressed should be assisted. And he This is basic. You know, this is part of basic morality, you could say that your inner conscience will tell you that if you see oppression, you must do something about it. You cannot pretend like it's it like it doesn't exist. You cannot go on selfishly ignoring the people who are being oppressed. And remember that if a person, you know, ignores the oppressed, and a person does not do anything to bring them relief,

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then they're actually guilty. They're actually guilty in a Hades which shall hold many records in his book.

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A similar to Saha. In that Hadees we learn that a man in his grave, you need an instruction was given regarding him that he should be lashed meaning he should be tormented in his grave, he should be given our Tableau public. And when he is given the punishment in the grave, he asks the angels who are giving him that torment, that Why are you doing this to me? What crime did I commit because of which I am being tormented? And he's told that you performed prayer without purification. This is your first crime that you knew that

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You were not in a state of purification, yet you performed your prayer, thinking that, you know, people don't know. And you basically did not pray for Allah subhanaw taala. This is the first crime. And the second crime is that you passed by an oppressed person, and did not assist him.

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That you were merata Allah multilumen philam 10 surah that you passed by a person who was oppressed, and you did not help him, you did not assist him. There is a long Hadees in which we learned that one of the companions, you know, he keeps asking the Prophet sallallahu earlier said that what should a person do? Meaning what actions are a part of faith? Right, and the Prophet sallallahu urges, and I mentioned different things. And one of the things he mentioned is that you should oppress you Sorry, you should help those who are oppressed, right, you should help those who are weak, you should assist them. So assisting the people who are oppressed, this is an obligation. And

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if a person is able to help the oppressed, and they don't do anything about it, then they're guilty of a sin. So Mussolini said when he saw these two people fighting, and he understood that okay, it is the people of our own, who are oppressing the Hebrews. So certainly the Hebrew man is being oppressed over here. Therefore, I am going to help him and I am going to fight against the person who is from the people of our own. Now remember show Kenny records that when the Israeli that the Israeli man

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what happened is that the the the person who was from the people of their own dipli, right, he had actually captured the Hebrew man, and he was forcing him to come and do some work, because remember that the bunny is what you were subjected to forced labor. Right. So the pimply was actually forcing the Hebrew man to do something and what was that something to carry some bricks or, or something like that. And what happened is that the Hebrew man refused. Right, he resisted. And when he resisted the PIP, the man began beating him up. So when he began beating him up, the the Hebrew man looked around to see if there was anybody who he could ask for help. And when he saw Masada, his

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pseudonym, what did he do? He asked Mossad Islam for help. First the author who, right so when he asked him for help, what do you think most artists and I'm gonna do? No, I'm sorry, I can't help you. I have to mind my own business. I'm just going to pretend like I didn't see you know, was our listen and couldn't, couldn't just sit there quietly. No, he went forward, and he helped him. And in order to help him he he beat the pimply men and moose already slim didn't intend to kill him. He just trucking with his fist, and Ma sha Allah that punch was so strong that the man was the man just died. So what happened? moosari is Salaam. Allah had them in a militia upon Masada Salaam, said this

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is from the work of shaitan was there a lesson didn't justify it? That you know what? This guy deserved it? And yes, this is good. I killed one today. I'm going to kill more tomorrow. And you know, let us go on killing the people of our own. At no musar Listen, I was not happy about what happened. It was an honest mistake. It was any a mistake and most artists didn't justify it. He he realized that this was wrong. He said had them in amateur shape home. In the hall I do one malayalam movie in and he said that indeed he is a manifest misleading enemy. Any shaitan is. So you see, generally if a person punches another, it doesn't result in in, you know, in a person's death.

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Right? Well sorry to sin. I'm clearly did not intend to kill the man. He just wanted to perhaps push him away. So that the so that the Hebrew man could escape, but the man died, right? So most artists and I've said this is from the work of Chopin. Why did he say this is from the work of shikon and he technically it's most artists and I'm who punched him? Right? So why is he calling this the work of shavonne? Because this was a result of Marsalis and I'm getting extremely angry and and hitting, you know, with such force, right? Why did he get so angry? Why did he hit with so much force because champon made him angry? Right? So Menominee shape and meaning shape line is the one who made me

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angry and that is why I

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Hit with such force, right? And that is why he acted so hastily. And remember that our drella hastiness is from shavon anyone to people are fighting, there are different ways to stop that fight, right to stop that, that that that altercation was our lesson and could have used his voice. He could have, you know, be a little bit gentle, but he wasn't, he just went on full force, and he punched the man and the mandate, right? And remember that hastiness anger. Both of these are from shaitan. So this is why most artists, and I'm said, this is from the work of shaitan he wasn't blaming shaitan and exonerating himself, no, he took responsibility, but he realized that this is

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not something good. When you say that something is the work of show pawn. What you mean is that, that this is not right. This is not good.

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And this shows us that murder is something wrong, right? Even though it is accidental, right? It is still murder, and it is still something wrong, even though accidental murder. And he it's it's not it's it's not like intentional murder. Right, but someone just died. Right? someone's life was just taken. So moosari Sam, any he understood that this is what a pawn once that there should be unnecessary bloodshed, or that there should be violence, because when there's violence, one person is killed, then that will result in many more people being killed. Right, and that will not solve the problem, it will only increase the hostility between two parties, right, they will only increase

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in their anger and their and their animosity toward one another. So most artists that I knew that this was not right, he didn't justify it, he he accepted that this was wrong. And he said that in the horror the wound mobile movie, he recognized that this is from the work of shavon shavon tries to mislead the children of Adam and he is clearly our enemy. And he the enmity of shaitan is is known it is open. The fact that trail con tries to lead people astray is well known this this is not a you know something hidden in the horror the wound will be long movie. So then what happened cannot be in neelum to nipsey was earliness Anam. He said Robbie, oh my lord in nilam tune up. See, indeed

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I have wronged myself. Allahu Akbar, in you when you do something wrong. Even if it is accidental, someone got hurt, someone got injured, my loss pans out to protect us. But these things happen. We hear about you know, people driving and accidentally to hit someone and the other person dies. This was not intentional. That realization that someone suffered because of me. And he This is very heavy in the hearts of people who fear Allah soprano Dada, this shows the son of Musalia center, right? We learned earlier that Walker Valley can edges and worsening was our listener was of the worsening we saw his ersan towards people where when he saw injustice, he he didn't you know, just mind his own

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business, he did something to to stop that injustice. And secondly, we see his ear sad with his Lord, right, that he knew he had done something wrong. So he called out to Allah subhanaw taala. And he admitted his mistake before Allah subhanaw taala he said in your welcome to nuptse you're up. Indeed, I have wronged myself fairly. So forgive me. He knew that he had done something wrong. And he begged Allah subhanaw taala for forgiveness. Right. And this is a lesson that a person is humble towards Allah subhanaw taala that a person rushes to words Allah subhanaw taala if sand does not mean that a person never makes a mistake, though, you will make mistakes, because you're human. Most

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artists that I made such a huge mistake, right? It was completely accidental, but it happened. Now what to do. One is that you insist and you justify and you say, you know what, not my fault. Right? I didn't intend it. It was actually their fault. Right. But most artists and he he knew he admitted that this murder happened at my hands and there is no point denying it. He admitted it and he admitted it before Allah subhanaw taala in the Welcome to nuptse and look at what he says.

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I have wronged myself. Because when we make a mistake, whether it was, you know, deliberate or accidental, you know, completely unintentional you side coming or you didn't see it coming. It doesn't matter what kind of a mistake it is, when a mistake happens. Who is it that suffers? It's it's us, right? It's the person who made that mistake. So he said in the column to nuptse fall fiddly, so forgive me. Now follow fiddly. mofetil mafia literally means to conceal. All right. So what he meant by forgiveness over here is not just that you're not forgive me, but also that conceal this this sin or this mistake of mine. Right this error of mine, this accident, conceal it so that

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nobody finds out about it. Follow fiddly. So what happened for her follow her follow follow Allahu so Allah forgave him. Now this is so beautiful. Well sarin, s&m immediately humbled himself before Allah and bed the love of forgiveness. And you see the word Follow, follow, follow, follow this letter for this shows, you know, the continent that the next step right the sequence of events musar listen and beg for forgiveness. And what happened next, Allah forgave him. Because Allah loves to forgive. It doesn't matter what mistake, it is what sin it is. Allah subhanaw taala loves to forgive. But the condition is that we seek forgiveness. And we admit our mistake before Allah

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subhanaw taala fell off of Allah Who? Why did Allah forgive him? Because in the who, who Allah for Rahim Indeed, Allah, He truly is the ever forgiving the ever Merciful. Allah subhanaw taala is the forgiveness of sins. He is the one who is merciful towards his slaves. And he he created a such that we make mistakes, right? We're not perfect. We don't know what's coming. You know it towards us in the next moment? We don't know. So Allah subhanaw taala is, is merciful towards his slaves, which is why he forgives them. Right? And part of His mercy is that he conceals the mistakes of his slaves. Now, one question Why did Mossad SLM want this accidental murder to be concealed? Why did he wish

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that it that, you know people don't find out about it, because he knew that he would not be treated fairly by fit our own and his people. Right? They were already threatening him because he was speaking up against them. Right? He was speaking up in in defense of, of the bunny, his high yield. And he also came here and he tried to defend, you know, a Hebrew man, and he fought against a man from the people of their own. So he knew that he was not going to be treated fairly. They knew that they were basically looking for an excuse to kill him to get rid of him, because they did not want those voices. Right. So and remember that there are people whose accidental mistakes even are blown

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out of proportion, and that is extremely unfair. Extremely unfair. No human being is perfect, everyone makes mistakes. And, you know, certain people because of our bias, or our hatred of them, our jealousy of them any they make a small mistake, and we blow it out of proportion. And this is very unfair. We see that if the same mistake was made by a Kipling right at that time, that that a crippling man accidentally killed a Hebrew man, it wouldn't even be considered a mistake. It would not even be a problem. In fact, the 50 there were the crippling people, the people of their own they were killing the bunny is slightly ill. Right, left and center. Right. They were killing their

00:39:18--> 00:39:59

babies. If they were killing their babies. What do you think they were not killing the adults? Absolutely. They were if there were subjecting them to forced labor. What do you think was happening to the bunny is slightly? Many of them were dying. So if a pimply man were to kill someone accidentally not a problem. But if a Hebrew man killed a man from the from the people that are owned by accident, a huge problem and Mousavi said I'm knew that he would not be treated fairly. This is why he prayed that his sin is concealed. And, or rather his mistake is concealed. Now this door is very beautiful or be in the Welcome to NFC

00:40:00--> 00:40:13

You fall fairly. It's very short. Right? rugby in me. Welcome to nuptse fiddly. five words, right? That Oh my Lord, indeed I have wronged myself, so forgive me.

00:40:14--> 00:41:04

And even though it's such a small statement, it is so beautiful. You see, when a person does something wrong, you know that that guilt is heavy in the heart. And if you live with that guilt, and you keep, you know, reproaching yourself, then you would have very low self esteem, low self esteem, and you would begin to despair of Allah subhanaw taala has mercy. And that extreme is very, very unhealthy. On the other hand, if a person does not feel that guilt, right, they they're in denial of their mistake of their error, that is also very wrong because a person is being arrogant, right. So both of these extremes are unhealthy. We need to be in the middle, where we remain between

00:41:04--> 00:41:53

hope and fear. And that is when we acknowledge our mistakes before Allah subhanaw taala and we seek His forgiveness or be in the LLM to nuptse fall fiddly, no matter what mistake has happened. immediately say on a be in neelum to enough see fall fiddly, right? Whether people have found out about it or not, and it doesn't matter even if the whole world knows. The fact is that if we have done something wrong, then Allah subhanaw taala he, he has, he is the one who's going to repay us for our deeds, right. So we have to set our record right with our Lord. And the first step is to admit before Allah, Allah, yes, I had done something wrong. us earlier Sam said La ilaha illa Anta

00:41:53--> 00:42:41

subhanak in the continental parliament, I have done wrong. And when you admit your mistake before Allah, this is so liberating. Right? Because when you don't admit you're basically being fake, right? You're trying to run away from from your reality. But when you accept it, that yes, I made a mistake. Right? Yeah, Allah, I did something wrong. You accept it, you actually liberate yourself. You actually allow yourself to now rectify your situation to move forward. And I had this we learned that earlier, Dylan Warren who he was, you know, he he he an animal was brought so that he could ride it. And when he put his foot in the stirrup, he said, Bismillah and then when he sat on the on

00:42:41--> 00:43:25

the animal, he said, Alhamdulillah and then he said Subhana, Allah the Sahaba Lena Harada on our canal. omokri Nene, we're in ihlara been Allah manconi boon. And then he said, Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah. And then he said, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allah who Acaba and then he said super Hanukkah in Neil, welcome to nuptse. Glory be to You. Oh, Allah. Indeed. I have wronged myself, fulfill Lee. So forgive me for in the hula aerial view in the noble illa Anta because no one forgives sins, except for you. You are the only one who forgives sins. And then already they'll do Longhorn who left. So people asked that you know what's going on? What made you

00:43:25--> 00:44:13

laugh and he said, I saw the Prophet sallallahu readin send them do as I have done, meaning he got on his animal to write on exactly as I did. You know, saying Bismillah and then Alhamdulillah and then the DA and then this da, and then he left. And I asked the Prophet sallallahu where it is that I'm that Why are you laughing? And he said that your Lord most high is pleased with his slave. When the slave says he'll fiddly the newbie anyone a person says, Oh my Lord, forgive me, all of my sins. Allah subhanaw taala likes that. Because he knows because because the person the servant is acknowledging that no one forgives sins except Allah. So when a person acknowledges that that he

00:44:13--> 00:44:56

Allah no one can forgive sins except for you. Then Allah subhanaw taala loves that acknowledgement. In another Hadees we learn that Allah subhanaw taala is pleased with his slave when the slave says La Ilaha Illa enter in the code Welcome to NFC fall fairly the newbie in the Himalaya field uno illa Anta that there is no god worthy of worship, but you Allah, indeed, I have wronged myself. So forgive me all of my sins, because there is no one who can forgive sins except for you. Abubakar Abdullah Horan, who once asked the Prophet sallallahu to send him that Yasuda like teach me to do all which I can make in my Salah. And the Prophet sallallahu already said I'm taught him that you

00:44:56--> 00:44:59

should say Allahumma inni lynham to nuptse

00:45:00--> 00:45:44

That Oh Allah indeed I have wronged myself lumen kefir on a lot of wrong. I have done many wrong things. I have made many many mistakes. While I have you do know about ILA, and there is no one who can forgive sins except for you. Fall fiddly. So forgive me mafia terminar in decoder forgiveness that is especially from you in the UK until a photo Rahim indeed you are the Forgiving, Merciful. And another Hadees we learn our little doula horn who said that when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would get up for the night prayer for the HUD. He would begin his Salah, meaning after saying Allahu Akbar, then he would be he would say what Jetta Jia lilla the fourth or sumati will

00:45:44--> 00:46:35

all hanifa woman no middle mushrikeen in the salatu wa no Suki amahi iomairt de la hora bloomin luxury color will be delicate we'll move to an eminent Muslim in Allah anthelmintic, La Ilaha Illa and an turabi what an Arab took very long Dora, and part of this is that Oh Allah, you are the the Melek the sovereign and there is no god worthy of worship except you, and therapy. You are my Lord, what an Arab look and I am your slave. Welcome to nuptse I have wronged myself, where I thought off to be them be. And I admit my mistake, my sin fall fairly the Ruby gem era. So forgive me all of my sins in the whole layer if you don't know about illa Anta because there is no one that can forgive

00:46:35--> 00:46:41

sins except for you. And the DA continues it's a fairly long girl. And it's reported in Sahih Muslim

00:46:43--> 00:47:00

so mozzarella, his Salaam, he admitted his mistake. And he he confessed before Allah subhanaw taala and he asked Allah subhanaw taala for forgiveness, and Allah subhanaw taala forgave him. Allah subhanaw taala concealed his his mistake is error.

00:47:01--> 00:47:22

So what happened then? Follow up be Bhima and under aleja Masada Salaam said oh my lord Bheema, an anti layyah because you bestowed favor on me, you favored me With what? That my mistake was not publicized. Right, people have not found out as to who committed that murder.

00:47:23--> 00:47:29

You Bhima and under Allah. Then secondly, it is said Bhima. anon Talia.

00:47:30--> 00:48:28

musar Islam is referring to the blessing of physical strength. Right. Mossad is said I'm just discovered the power that Allah subhanaw taala had given him, he didn't know how, how powerful of a punch he could give hinny so strong, so powerful, that he could kill someone with a punch. He, he Musashi, Sam just realized the power that Allah God had given him. So he said that oh my lord, because you have given me such a huge blessing. Phelan akuna, lahir almajiri mean, I will never be an assistant to the criminals, I will never assist the criminals in he realized that he that he had been given, you know, a huge blessing. And he knew now that he had to use it very carefully. He

00:48:28--> 00:49:15

learned from his mistake, right. So he, he made a resolve over here, that he was only going to use his strength in the right place, he was not going to use his power, his strength to assist the criminals, he was going to use it to assist the oppressed, to do what is right. And this is a very important realization, and a very important intention that a person should make, that when you realize the strength that Allah subhanaw taala has given you the blessings that are lost pannacotta has given you, right, or even, you know, for example, your child, then make them realize that this is a privilege that Allah has given you that you must use in the right place. Right? Because if you

00:49:15--> 00:49:59

don't use it in the right place, it could actually cause a lot of damage. You know, for example, some children, they're very confident. They they're very courageous, right? They're able to say anything to anybody. So one way of looking at it is that, you know, my child is so bossy, right? That my child can be so rude. And the other is to make them realize that, you know, Allah has given you a strong, powerful voice. And I want you to use your voice in the right place, and help them recognize what those places are. That For example, when someone is being bullied in your class, then what can you say over there to defend them? How can you use them

00:50:00--> 00:50:38

power of your voice to help those who are being bullied. Right? So, this is a very important realization, the blessing of wealth of physical strength of, of, you know your voice or any other blessing that Allah has given you. You need to see, are you using it to aid the oppressed? Or are you using it to aid the oppressors? musar Listen, um, says he makes a resolve over here, fella, an akuna hiralal. Majidi me, I'm never going to be an assistant to the criminals, I'm never going to help them.

00:50:39--> 00:51:24

And if we take the other meaning, that he said that what he meant by the favor, is the favor of you know, his mistake being concealed. This shows us that if Allah subhanaw taala favors you, by concealing your mistakes, then you make a resolve to become better. And what does that mean? That you don't go on making the same mistake again and again. And of course, you're human, you could slip again. But at least you should have the intention that you know what, I'm never going to do this again. I'm never going to make you know, a mistake like this again. I'm going to learn from my mistakes. And what did most artists and and learn from this felon akuna heelan. Lil moody mean? And

00:51:24--> 00:52:08

remember that this is part of doba when you when a person repents when a person makes Toba doba is not just that you say, you know talk about Oh, Allah forgive me, right? Toba is that you feel regret in your heart. First of all that you know what I did was wrong. I shouldn't have done it. This is not right. You don't justify it. But you you feel that regret. Then the next step of Toba is that you seek forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala. The next step of the way is that you make amends. Right. And also another step of Dilbert is that you make that firm resolve that you're never going to make that mistake again. At least make that intention that I'm never going to return to that sin

00:52:08--> 00:52:56

again. This is not worth doing again, so Musab acnm. In he he, he did not. He he was he showed his gratitude to Allah subhanaw taala. Alright. Now sometimes what happens is that a person makes a mistake. Allah subhanaw taala conceals their mistake. But then that person goes and exposes themselves, right? They go, and they talk about their sins before other people where they go and repeat that sin, and they have no guilt in their heart. Right? And what happens then they lose the favor of Allah. And what does that favor, that they're they're no longer protected from that sin. So a person keeps on committing that same sin again and again. And that that, you know, feeling of

00:52:56--> 00:53:52

regret or guilt even leaves their heart. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us that you should seek refuge with ALLAH or whether Billa seek refuge with ALLAH against what *er poverty, Villa shortage, Villa humiliation were until the Lima OH, Tulum and that you commit oppression, or that you are the victim of oppression and injustice. So we should all make this Dora that Aloma in the arrow to becoming an *ery will kill that you were the Lottie What are Oh to become an alima Olam. So musala Salah made this firm resolve that he was not going to ever assist the criminals, as and this was part of gratitude that Allah subhanaw taala concealed his his his mistake. And this

00:53:52--> 00:54:06

could also be because he recognized his power now. So he made sure that he was going to use it at the right place. Now even our bus will do a lot more and who said something interesting here He said, The Most artists didn't say insha Allah.

00:54:08--> 00:54:56

He said simply that Robbie Bhima and I'm Darla Phelan akuna hiralal. Majidi mean but he did not say insha Allah, right. And we know that when we make any resolve regarding the future, we should always say in sha Allah, right. So he was tested again. And what was that test? That test was for us by halfhill Medina de haut ivania tharaka. He became in the city, how often Cardiff is a person who is in a state of health and he was fearful and fearful for who for himself, and he thought he was anticipating anticipating what exposure and he was afraid that it would be discovered that he is the one who killed that Kipling man yesterday. Now you have terracotta terracotta is to be on the

00:54:56--> 00:54:59

lookout. All right, basically Rockabye is to look to watch

00:55:00--> 00:55:24

To wait for someone or something because you're expecting it. So yet the rock club he was on the lookout and he was very careful. He was afraid that you know someone was going to expose him that it was going to be known that he is the one who committed that murder yesterday. So as he was in that stage, what happened? He was like that in the city.

00:55:26--> 00:56:15

For either less than Sora who bill MC? Yes, the surreal for either so suddenly, what happened that Allah distance Allah who, that the person who asked him for help when Bill MC yesterday being the same Hebrew man who was in an altercation, and he asked most artists and him for help, and most artists in them helped him. And as a result of that he accidentally killed the other guy. The same man now Yes, they'll sorry, who he was crying out to help to musar listener. But notice the word is different now. First, it was is the author who and now it is yes, the story who hears the story who this is from sir and sir is to scream to make a loud cry to yell. So he yelled out to musante Silla

00:56:15--> 00:57:04

and he really made a scene. Why in order to ask Masada sanim for help, okay. Now, what does this show this shows that this man was now in another fight. Right? He was again fighting someone. Now who was he fighting now? Later on in the i o we learned that this was an enemy to both of them right. Now, who was this? There's several opinions one opinion is that this was actually another Hebrew man that he was fighting. And this is what the Bible also says. right that the same guy who was fighting yesterday the same Hebrew man today, he was now fighting another Hebrew man. Yesterday he was fighting a man from the people of Iran. Today he was fighting a man from his own people

00:57:04--> 00:57:05

meaning from the bunny is slave.

00:57:08--> 00:57:56

Secondly, it is said that this was actually another man from the people of Iran and other people he right that he was fighting. So in most artists, you know, he saw the same man and other altercation now asking musasa to help him. pawn Allahu Musa masala. Listen, I'm sad to him in nikolova we you're moving? Indeed you are surely an evident, persistent deviator and you are clearly Hawaii. Okay. mobian. Clearly, Louie is someone who is a deviator, someone who has clearly gone astray. Someone who is clearly in error. Okay. So he said, you know, what's wrong with you? Yesterday, you were fighting someone else today you're fighting again, you are in the wrong. And we see over here that

00:57:56--> 00:57:57

most artists

00:57:58--> 00:58:49

he didn't now just assume that the Hebrew man was right. Right. He he saw for himself that yesterday was fighting someone else today he's fighting you know, someone else, he's always picking a fight with someone and there's something wrong with him. And it is very important to realize that sometimes even within you know, people who are oppressed, there could be individuals who are committing crimes. Any any type of stereotyping is not correct, right? It's not fair. But to say that, you know, every individual from a people who are being oppressed is is you know, right every single time this is also unfair, this is not how right we have been told to speak the truth even if

00:58:49--> 00:59:28

it is against yourself to stand up for justice, even if it is against your own people, even if it is against your own parents. Right We have to stick to the truth so most are listen I'm didn't just defend that Hebrew man over here that you know what because you are from my people. I am going to defend you know, he pointed out his error to him that look what you're doing is not right. Yesterday you were fighting someone else today you're fighting again. This is not right. Right so most artists that I've said this to who to that Hebrew man that secondly remember that this is all it is also said that most artists and I'm actually said this to the Kipling man. Okay, he didn't say this to

00:59:28--> 00:59:59

the Hebrew man. He said this to the PIP the man that he that that was fighting, meaning you are clearly doing something wrong. How by committing violence against someone who is weak. Right, so he was defending the Hebrew man over here. Okay. This is also an opinion. Now what happened philomela and arada, a yerba Felicia bill levy who are the Wu lahoma and when he wanted to strike the one who was an enemy to both of them

01:00:00--> 01:00:56

Cala yamasa he said almost a to redo and Dr. Ronnie come up with an Epson bill amps Do you intend to kill me as you killed someone yesterday? You killed someone yesterday Are you trying to kill me now? Now what what's happening over here Mossad s&m intends to yerba Lucia? He intends to strike now bots is to assault or to see someone violently or to see someone you know in anger. So most artists I'm intended to, but meaning strike Who? A lady who are the will lahoma the person who was an enemy to both of them. Now what's happening over here? Why is musar Listen, am intending to strike here? Had he not made a promise before? Had he not sworn to never assist the criminals? Yes, he had. And here

01:00:56--> 01:01:41

he was not going to assist the criminals. Right? He was, you see the words of the IRA and yeah, Bill Tisha bill lady who are the one lahoma he was going to use his strength against the person who was the enemy. Right? So Busan SLM was not was not going to assist the same person here. Okay, he was going to strike the enemy. Now, who is it that most artists and I'm intended to strike there is two opinions. The first opinion is that he was going to strike that Hebrew man, which Hebrew man, the guy who Musashi said I'm helped yesterday, and why it was most obvious that I'm going to strike him in order to stop him from fighting. Because when people are already in an altercation, you can't

01:01:41--> 01:02:25

always you know, use your words to tell them to stop. Right? You have to use your force. So perhaps Mossad isn't I was just going to grab him and push him away, not punch this time, but just grab and push away, so that, you know, the fight would stop. Right. And why is it described as an enemy because clearly he was an enemy. He was fighting someone yesterday and today he's fighting tomorrow he would fight someone else. So musante center and then intended to strike him. Secondly, the set that most artists and I'm intended to strike the pimply Alright, meaning the the the man who was from the people of our own, why was he going to strike him in order to stop him from fighting the

01:02:25--> 01:02:51

Hebrew? Right to to to break the fight? Okay, so what happened? called a yamasa he said, Omarosa, are you going to kill me just as you killed someone yesterday? Now Who said this? This was the Hebrew man, right that musar Listen, I'm assisted yesterday. So what happened over here is that most artists Anam was intending to strike the other guy, right.

01:02:53--> 01:03:44

But the Hebrew man got afraid. He thought that most artists Anam was going to hit him. Why did he think this? Because musar Listen, I'm just called him in nacala the way you move in that you are clearly a deviator right? You You are causing problems, right? You are at fault over here. So he was afraid that most of the time is now going to is going to attack me. Now this guy clearly had no no loyalties, and no sense of gratitude and no guilt. Right? Extremely selfish. So basically, he said this in order to expose moosari center and he used that to defend himself. Because when he said that, are you going to kill me just as you killed someone yesterday? What happened now? everybody

01:03:45--> 01:03:55

heard and everybody found out that the man who was killed yesterday was killed by Musa already his setup up until this time.

01:03:56--> 01:04:00

fit our own didn't know the people didn't know who killed that man.

01:04:02--> 01:04:03

But now everybody found out

01:04:04--> 01:04:05

Excuse me.

01:04:09--> 01:04:59

So he said this in order to do to defend himself. He said into redo Illa and takuna Jabbar on fill up. You only want to be tyrant in the land woman to redo enter Khun amin and musli hain and you do not want to be of the amended errors. Right now he is verbally attacking vasarely his Salah that you know you are such a tyrant. He calls him Jabbar stuffit Allah. The bar is who someone who is very mighty, forceful, very powerful, who does whatever he wants with his strength. You know, he's hitting people killing them. He doesn't care about any consequences. You know, he kills people unfairly. So he says to musar listen that you just want to be a Jabbar in the land and you don't

01:04:59--> 01:04:59

want to be of the

01:05:00--> 01:05:50

vendors massage place and I was actually trying to do Islam. Right. He was trying to defend the the Hebrews the Bani Israel. He was trying to solve or resolve, stop that altercation. But look at the way that this man, you know verbally assaulted him and this exposed Masada his sin and everybody found out that he is the one who had killed that man yesterday. Now in the book of Exodus in verse 11, it says, one day after Moses had grown up, he went out to where his own people were, and watched them at their hard labor. He saw an Egyptian beating a Hebrew, one of his own people looking this way and that and seeing no one, he killed the Egyptian meaning most artists and I'm killed the

01:05:50--> 01:06:42

Egyptian and it says over there, he hit him in the sand. The next day, he went out and saw to Hebrews fighting. He asked the one in the wrong Why are you hitting your fellow Hebrew? Alright. And in the Quran, it says in Naka, Lucha we will be the man said, Who made you ruler and judge over us? Are you thinking of killing me as you killed the Egyptian? Then Moses was afraid and thought what I did must have become known. So we see that now very clearly. It was common knowledge that Mossad SLM had committed had killed that man yesterday. So what happened next? What are our gentlemen Axel Medina TSR and a man came from the farthest end of the city running? Yes are rushing running very

01:06:42--> 01:07:33

quickly. He came from the farthest end of the city, because remember that the palaces were in the outskirts right? And he said, on a yamo Sir, he said almost set in a manner are yet to Muna, big indeed the eminent ones are conferring over you, the Mullah meaning the Chiefs the elite, the people who are close to fit our own, they are yet Timmy Luna Baek yet me Luna amor is his matter or, or to give a command Amano to give a command and if tomorrow is to consult together regarding a matter or it is to plot together against someone. So he said to most artists are under almost indeed the chiefs are yet on your own a bit. This means three things. It could mean first of all, that they're

01:07:33--> 01:08:22

consulting one another, about you meaning as to what to do with you, how to punish you. Secondly, it means that they are the homeowner big meaning they're intending and planning to kill you. Or thirdly it means that they are convincing one another right or they're giving the orders Lee aka to Luca to kill you any they're consulting amongst themselves to kill you, they are intending they have made up their mind and they're just deciding how they're going to kill you. Or they're convincing one another, giving orders to each other as to who should come in, you know, you know, arrest you and who should kill you, etc. Leah Toluca for courage so leave Get out of here in Neela come in and NASA

01:08:22--> 01:09:06

hain, indeed I am to you have the sincere advisors, just trust me leave right away, because you're coming to get you. And if they get you, that's it, they're going to kill you. Now the question is, the people of our own, the family of veteran is the one who had raised Well, sorry, Sarah, why were they planning on killing him? Because remember that people who are discriminated against are treated unfairly, they're treated differently. It doesn't matter what, you know, their, their, their family is what their net worth is. It doesn't matter whether even they're the president of the winning team. It doesn't matter what they have studied. It doesn't matter what they do. It doesn't matter

01:09:06--> 01:09:50

whether they're armed, or they're unarmed. They're treated differently. And this is what was happening with musasa his center. You see, there was an entirely different set of rules over here. This is what racism does to people. Right? There was a different set of rules for the people of their own. And there was a different set of rules for the Hebrews. Why is it because their actions were different? No, it's because of, you know, of their bias against them. Right? So we see that even that Musashi said I'm you know, he made an accident, but still he was going to be treated differently. They were going to kill him as if the people of our own had killed nobody ever can.

01:09:50--> 01:09:59

There were all murders, yet, you know, they were allowed to walk free, and they were allowed to enjoy all the freedoms in there.

01:10:00--> 01:10:41

country, but the money is evil. God forbid if someone accidentally killed someone. That's it. Their life was over. Their life was endangered, they were going to be killed. So this is why they were planning to kill him. So what happened? This man came, as soon as he found out he came and he warned musasa has set up. So we see that there are allies, right? Even from the people who live very privileged lives, there are allies and this man came and he warned musante Sam, before most artists that I was caught, he came rushing. Look at the words over here. Yes, sir. First of all, he came from the farthest end of the city, right. And secondly, he came rushing, he came quickly before

01:10:41--> 01:11:25

others could come. And he tells him what to do. He says, just leave indeed I am to you of the sincere advisors. So in the book of Exodus ins in the book of Exodus in the Bible, verse 15, it says, When Pharaoh heard of this, he tried to kill Moses, but Moses fled from Pharaoh. So that is what is mentioned in the next I have for hot Raja Minh ha ha ha, funny. So he left it, meaning he left the city. How hot if, while he was fearful, he was afraid and yet the rock up and he was anticipating and he was in a state of apprehension, he was watching out for his safety for his life. He was looking, you know, he was very aware of his surroundings, constantly afraid that is there

01:11:25--> 01:11:33

anyone who's coming to catch me? Who's coming to kill me for hologram in her heart afonya tharaka he was in a constant state of fear.

01:11:34--> 01:12:17

Allah rabina Jeannie middle como la alameen again, he called out to Allah soprano Tata. He said Oh my Lord, save me from the wrongdoing people because they're not going to give me a fair trial. They're not going to treat me fairly. They are lovely mean they're they are their oppressors. Why does most artists and I'm call them volley mean, wasn't it? Most artists Anam who had killed one of their men? Yes, most artists and I'm had. But that was an accident. And that was to defend the oppressed. It was the people that fit our own, who were committing greater oppression. They're the ones who had enslaved money slot you who had been torturing bunny slot you had been killing bunny

01:12:17--> 01:13:11

isai any, there were clearly the Lamine Mossad isn't and was not allowed him not at all. Because he made his mistake was accidental. And he had repented from his mistake. And the people of our own. They were openly daringly in a very proudly killing the bunny Israel and committing so much oppression against them. So mozzarella has sent him Madara to Allah. So we see over here, another aspect of you know, his son, that how he again turns to Allah subhanaw taala. He, he lives, conscious of Allah, right? He lives a state of he lives a life in which he is aware that he has a lord, right, that he has a lobe, Allah subhanaw taala. So this is why musar de Sena, turned to him

01:13:11--> 01:13:31

for forgiveness. And he also turned to him for help. So he said, Well, I've been a genie, save me minakami lie to read, and he left Egypt. Now where did he go? What happened after that? inshallah we'll find out in the following verses in the next class. If you have any questions, inshallah you can submit them. And

01:13:32--> 01:13:34

I can shall give the answers if you have any.

01:13:36--> 01:13:42

Any drug that I mentioned in class, and surely you can ask about that and that will be posted in the comments in Sharla.

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All right, does that come along? Clayton Cofield also clinical lahoma will be handing a shadow Allah ilaha illa Anta as the hirokawa to LA wa Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh