Yahya Ibrahim – Ramadan 2018 – Daily Tafsir – Juz 06

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the false accusations and theology of the cross being used against Muslims, as well as the loss of certain women and false testimony. They also touch on the legal and regulatory framework for the operation in Afghanistan, including laws and regulations related to family life, marriage, divorce, sacrifice, obligations, and family members. The importance of faith and the Holy Land is also discussed, along with the history of sexual dysphoria and its use as a tool to gain power.
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set them on equal elemental law what account what's your brother? Yeah. Hey Rahim with another daily tip. See if we're in juice number six at home to de la jolla number six begins at the very end of Salton nice out, which is the fourth chapter of the Quran. And here Allah subhanaw taala begins by speaking about the innocence of money, and it has set them against the false accusations that were being circulated around her. And that a Saudi has said I'm also the false accusations that was made about him his divinity, that he's the son of God and all of these kind of false claims. These are put to rest. And Allah subhanaw taala, in particular pays close attention to the claim that Jesus

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was crucified and that theology of the cross. Well, Matt, I'll tell you who I am out soluble when I came to be helped him. He wasn't killed, he wasn't put on the cross and it was made to seem so a law speaks about this in great detail and puts an end to the discussion according to Muslims in our creed and theology. A law then goes on to warn against those who take extremes in the religion Yeah, lol kitabi la lofi de nukem are People of the Scripture, don't become extreme in your belief, don't hold on to particular theologies that are not true. And that becomes something that is a central point that Allah warns our community as Muslims about indirectly, I love and begins to speak about

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the prophets of Allah. These are all messengers of Allah, and Allah gives an exhaustive list of many of the messengers of Allah that He has sent on to mankind, those that we know and those that we have not heard of. Allah then ends this order very much in the same way that he began by speaking about the oppression that is seen by some, and that the laws of inheritance are meant to ensure that women are given a share and an entitlement into the blessing that may arrive at the bereavement of one of their parents or spouses and so on, and that they are not to be overlooked and abused. So let's not do that, which is the fifth chapter begins. And it begins with a very forceful statement where a law

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speaks about what our full billet record would be from those who maintain the contracts that you have promised. And so to me, that is the last surah in the Quran that is revealed that speaks about laws and rules and regulations given to our oma through the prophet Mohammed. So I sell him and some of the stipulations and rules and regulations discussed in in our rules that relate to contracts, regulations, family life, marriage, divorce,

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or on pilgrimage, things that relate to sacrifice and the obligations that we have to one another to society, and even to those who are a part of our society who don't believe in what we believe whether in our majority or in our minority in,

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in in their lands, the very first verse begins well fulfill or who would maintain your contractual stipulations? This sword is very unique, it's got 18 Afghan laws that are stated and instituted that abrogate or do are not abrogated by any other place in the Quran. So for example, in the previous sold on sort of thinness or a loss of panatela says whether to sell out onto Socotra don't come to prayer. If you're in a state of inebriation and intoxication. Here a law definitively says in its original Don't come near intoxicants, you're not allowed to consume it. So Allah Subhana Allah has 18 rules and regulations that undo others that are found in other places in the Koran, and there's

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no ruling in this order that is abrogated by anywhere else because it's one of the last chapters revealed to the Prophet sobre la when he was selling them. It has in it the verses that religion

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excuse me, it has in it verses that relate to how to make will do, how to make lists, and the outcome that relate behind them in their most generic sense. phmc voxeu La Jolla, kumai de familia, neurotically ones that will be would have Julie come,

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Rosie come and wipe your feet and wash your feet. All of that is found in this sort of a lot also then continues to speak about some of the injustices that occur and one of the ones that he focuses on in particular is false testimony and breaking of contractual stipulations. The loss of Hannah Montana says Kunal CO, Amina Leila, his Shahada bill, Chris established with justice, a statement of truth whenever I let him physical, even if it is against yourself, even if it's against your family, even if it's against your loved ones. And this becomes a basic premise that justice is for all, and it's not inclusive of the believers. disbelief is something that is shown as being something that is

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critical to identify and be distant from. And the law says laquered cafa levina carlu surely they have disbelieved those who make a claim that God is a trinity, or that Allah is divisible, or that Jesus is the son of Allah. And it's a very strict and strong statement. The story of Cain and Abel is also discussed in the story in sort of, either never abney Adam if Rebecca O'Bannon and a lot of discusses that detail about

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The first murder and that the prophets I send them would later say, no one murders another except that the very initial murder, murder gets a share of that punishment for instituting that crime. A law also then begins to speak about Moses and Moses and his trial with his with the Israelites, not just with Pharaoh, when Moses would come to his people and say to them out of the mud desert, Come, let's enter the Holy Land meaning we have to struggle for it, fight for it and give our life for it if need be. Kondo either have endowed a book of a car dealer in the hoonah I don't you depart you and your Lord and fight on our behalf, we will remain here waiting. And it's an indirect way of

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Allah giving support to the Sahaba who said to the prophets I seldom we will not say to you what the people of Moses said to him, rather we will say to you, we will come with you and we will strive for that which is right on messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah also continues by speaking about the importance of charity and putting while Allah He felt our Kalou putting your trust in Allah, that it's not just about your numbers or your power or your authority or your strength or your economic prowess. Rather, it is about your faithfulness to Allah. And when there are times of stress, it is a time it is a time where Allah is making you ready for greater things in

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life. Allah then speaks about the sanctity of life. And he orders us to be from those who are very careful with the rights and responsibilities we give to one another. And the law says the one who gives one life who saves a life, okay, and number one NASA Jemima has given life to all of humanity, woman katella and the one who brings death to a soul that has not been legislated. It is as if he had brought destruction to all of humanity. May Allah save us from that. Allah warns us about the evil of corruption led Tutsi to fill out, don't destroy the earth and cause corruption in it, and murder and pestilence and destroying the environment. Everything that's around us be from those who

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are balanced in that regard. I love and continues to speak about the importance of Revelation. And that revelation is the guiding force that Allah has sent for us in humanity and to follow its governance. And Allah subhanho wa Taala says woman, lamb Yakima and Allah, the One who doesn't give governance and rule and appreciate the power of what has been given in this revelation to guide humanity to that which is a right then they are from those who have disbelieved who have rebelled, and from those who are facets to those who have no deviated from a path of honor of truth, and therefore we sanctify the importance of the whole and the tradition of the prophets. I seldom as

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Muslims in our life, Allah subhanho wa Taala also speaks about, you know, joining in partnership with others against the believers. And Allah, this, you know, this is a very contemporary issue in the life of the prophets, I send them where they were warned to make alliances that would exclude other believers

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in that way. And finally, the sooner that the Jews, Jews at number six comes to an end, where a law begins to introduce Jesus as sent them, and the struggles that he would endure and the false claims that were made against him, and that Jesus was a man, and that he was a prophet, and that he was assigned unto humanity and he was the word of God, the Word of God being Be and he was become and he was created, all of that shows that he was not divine. And every miracle that Allah mentions about Jesus was something that was performed by other prophets as a miracle bestowed on to them by Allah. And this becomes clear in the opening of Jews. Number seven, I hope you'll join me for that in chat

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law. Your brother Abraham with us at number six of our daily tip, see, a just a day was sent out one day off not to lie on a cat

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