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Al-Hujurat 1-10 Tafsir 6-10

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Are the below him in a *load of a genius millennial over him? So that's a lot I in number six. Yeah you had Latina amanu or you have believed in a confessor convener in? If there comes to you a disobedient one with some information, then what should you do? First have a yes or no? Then investigate, find out what the reality is. Why? Because if you don't find out and you're hasty in taking action, then until Cebu comb and beija hurled at him, lest you harm other people out of ignorance. And if you harm them, then what's going to happen for those of you who are allama, Felton, nadie mean, then, you will be regretful over what you've done out of your ignorance.

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From here we see that certain commands are being given. And these commands are with regard to do dealing with other Muslims in general.

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So far, we have learned about the respect that we have to show towards Allah and His Messenger, those who are superior. And now we learn about how to deal with people, that we must not hasten in taking action against anyone.

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But rather when somebody tells us about something then what should we do? Investigate before taking action? We should not be hasty.

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Over here law says yeah, are you a Latina ama no enjoy a confessor Khan, who is a facet capacity, someone who is disobedient, someone who crosses limits. And Fisk, as you know is to cross limits. feser katama is when a date becomes extremely ripe, and it comes out of its skin. So fast ik is used for someone who is sinful. And someone who crosses the limits of the deen, someone who is not that careful about what he says about what he does about his duty to Allah. So such a person who is he? He's unreliable, isn't it?

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You cannot rely upon him. Such a person is not trustworthy. Because if someone is not loyal to Allah is not faithful to Allah is not honest with Allah you think he'll be honest with you know? So if you know of someone who for example, doesn't pray, who, for example, is not careful about his speech is not careful about how he dresses then what should you do? He's an untrustworthy source, when they tell you about something, be never in with some piece of information, then before taking action, but have a you know, the way you know from the room veterus by noon, and who is to make something clear, to ascertain so neither affirm nor reject when he tells you something? Neither affirm nor reject,

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don't say, okay, yes. And don't even say no, no, this never happened. Why? Because you don't know. He's an untrustworthy source. But just because they're telling you something doesn't mean you disregard what they have said. Similarly, it doesn't mean you believe exactly what they have told you. Rather you have to find out for yourself, you have to investigate the matter yourself. Why? Because if you don't investigate, you don't find out and you take action you're going to end up making a mistake. Unless meaning unless you sleep Will you all reach omen of people be gelatin out of ignorance, meaning you harm someone because of being ignorant of the reality. You didn't find out

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you were hasty and taking action and you ended up harming someone and if you harm someone like this, for those of you who have altona demeanor demeanor is a plural of Nadeem, and Adam is one who is suffering from the Dharma and what is the Dharma? Such sadness such grief? that a person experiences on making a mistake committing a blunder? Has it ever happened? That you make a blunder? You do something foolish you make a mistake. And later on you regret what feeling do you have? Why did I do that? What was I thinking? I wish I had not done that.

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So in this video, we see that a clear instruction is being given Don't be hasty and taking action against others. Now primarily in this ayah who is being addressed those people who are on the receiving end who are being reported to isn't it? So those people to whom reports are being given those people to whom information is being given. So when you hear something before taking action investigate, but on the other hand, the person who is giving the information, the person who is giving the report, what's the ruling concerning him, what should he do? That if you find out about something, before passing it on, even what should you do? What should you do? verify make sure it is

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correct. It is not right then

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person just passes on, anything that he hears anything that he assumes any information that you give any reports you give, make sure it is true, make sure it is accurate. And a person who is passing around false information between people, or he is passing around such information that will lead to bad relationships between people, then the words concerning him are very, very strict, very severe. We learned that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said layer two Hello, Jenna Takata apartado lot under paradise. So is he, the one who does calumny meaning he goes to one person says one thing. And he quickly goes to the other. You know what they said about you? You know what she said about you? You

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know what she did? This is what spreading facade isn't until So, yes, on the receiving end, when you hear something, ascertain before taking action, but when you're passing on some information as well, be very careful. Is it true? Is it accurate? is it relevant? Is it beneficial? Or is it just because you want to say something, you want to show that you're very important, and you have all the news of the world. This is why you're passing information around which is incorrect, which is inaccurate, which is not even beneficial.

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learned that once the prophet SAW the Lotus and then he passed by a graveyard of Medina, and he heard the voices of two people who were being tortured in their graves. And he said they're being punished but not something major, yet their sins are great. One of them use not to protect himself from being soiled with the urine. Meaning when he used the washroom, he didn't make sure he was clean, the sprinkles of urine would come upon him he would not protect himself and he would not clean himself afterwards either. And the other used to go about with calumnies, meaning he would spread such information between people that would cause facade

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and such behavior spreading information that is incorrect, that is irrelevant. That is not beneficial. This leads to a lot of Poseidon people. If you think about it, friends, spouses, parents and children, coworkers, colleagues, people working together, everything is fine. And sometimes just for the sake of conversation, people like to talk about others, such things that are not even necessary. Why spread such news? wire spread false things? What's the benefit? Everything that is being said, is being written and you'll be questioned about it. So be very careful about what you pass on.

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And remember that wilderness and and what was it called Falcon vainness bellhawk? Well, at the very lower when you judge between people, how should you do with justice and don't follow the desires. So a person who is in a position of leadership when people come and say things to him? What should he do? ascertain? Make sure verify the news before taking action. So both are responsible, we see in our day, the one who is reporting, and the one who is being reported to,

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then Allah says water level and you should know, and fecal masuleh law, that indeed, amongst you is the messenger of Allah. This is, especially with regards to the Sahaba that know that amongst you as a messenger of Allah. So if he's amongst you, be careful about what news, what information you report, because if you speak falsehood, then what's going to happen? Allah will inform the messenger about the reality, isn't it? So who will be humiliated? Who sends will be exposed yours? So be very careful about what news you pass on to the leader, you pass on to the messenger because a messenger receives revelation? Because if you think about it, who is given reports? Or who are complaints

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taken to the one who is in a position of leadership? Isn't it so? So the profits of a lot of people have come to him and say things to him and say things about other people as well. So why are they more unhappy komatsuna Ma, be careful who you reporting to. If it's something false, Allah would inform him of the reality. And this can be understood in another way as well, that know that the messengers among you, you are with him, you are in his company. So your character should not be like this, that you're passing on information that you haven't verified, or that you are taking action without verifying what has been reported to you. Be very careful, the messenger is amongst you, your

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character should be good around him, you should be very careful around him.

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And, thirdly, this can be understood in another way as well that know that the messenger is amongst you. And the messenger, what does he receive from Allah, Revelation. So whatever he decides to do after you've given some information to him, what should you do? Accept that decision of his

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Don't go on imposing your opinion on him.

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Because you see, reports complaints, all of these are given to the one who is in a leadership position. But many times when these reports and complaints are given people also suggest this should be done, isn't it? So? Like, for example, when certain people their hypocrisy became evident, or the wrong behavior was became evident to the Prophet ceremonies and under Sahaba or muraleedharan, what would he ask, allow me to kill so and so. But he would only ask he wouldn't say, I'm going to kill him, you let me kill him? No, you can't do that. You cannot impose enforce your opinion, your view on him? Why? Because he is the Messenger of Allah, and he receives revelation. When you've given a

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report, you've done your job, you've done your duty.

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After that, you cannot force the Prophet sallallahu Sallam to accept your opinion. Why? Because if you force him to accept it, and if he has to obey you, low up or come if he obeys you FECA theoden in much many of the matters, meaning if he were to listen to every suggestion, and if he were to take action at every news, and if you were to comply with every wish, and request, then what would happen? Who would suffer? learn it? Then you would suffer? The word Arnie Doom is from the fetters. I'm known as an addict is to suffer to be in distress. And the word Annette is also used for sin. Because when a person commits something wrong when he makes a mistake, when he commits a sin, then

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does he suffer? Of course he does. They're legally Mahashiv Mihashi Allah anata mean come, this permission is for the one who fears committing sin amongst you.

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So, if he were to listen to you accept every suggestion, then what will happen? You will suffer, you will become sinful life would become difficult for you. How?

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Because the one who conveys such news? false news false information? Isn't he getting a cent for that? Isn't he

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a person who is conveying false news? Isn't he getting us in for that? Of course, will he not get into trouble? Of course, he will get into trouble. And many times we see that the people become very emotional, isn't it? And they are viewing things from one side only. But the one who is in a leadership position? Where is he looking at the situation from? from different angles, isn't it? So for example, if every time or motivlagen requested allow me to kill him and the profits are monitored and said okay, then what would happen? How many people would have been killed? Isn't it people will be so frightened of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, they would not go to him who would

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suffer, people would suffer learned don't it would be your own loss.

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Similarly, we see that once a prophet sallallahu Sallam he let the companions in the night prayer in the month of Ramadan, and the Sahaba they really liked it. Imagine the Prophet is reciting in your brain behind him. people they love to listen to a good reciter internal we have to imagine the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was leading they really enjoyed it. And they requested that more of it should be done, or that it should be done regularly.

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But the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, verily, if the man stands for night prayer with the Imam until he finishes a lot, we'll write for him the reward of standing the entire night prayer, meaning he didn't accept that request that entire night, he should lead them where every single night he should lead them. He didn't accept that request. He didn't listen to them. Why? Because if you were to listen, and the people would pray all night long behind the prophet who would get tired, they would get tired, isn't it? Because sometimes, when you're in the moment, you're enjoying a lot, you want more. But when you want more, you make a request and it's fulfilled later on. You're like, no,

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it's enough.

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Like for example, if you say, if only we could have to see your class all day, which I doubt you will. But if you were to make that request, then what would happen later on? Like enough tired, isn't it? So learn it don't, you would suffer? So what do we learn from this, that you are allowed to give your suggestions? You are definitely allowed to give the report where necessary, but you're not allowed to enforce your opinion on the leader.

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You're not allowed to enforce your view on the in charge. Why? Because you don't know what other responsibilities or limitations they have.

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Like, for example, the person might say, you know, I think we should go into a bigger building and why don't we move

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Why aren't we moving, move into a bigger building so many courses going on, but you don't know what other things are involved. And you're just trying to enforce it on the other. You know, so many things could be involved in this. Similarly, a person might say, change timings of the class started eight o'clock in the morning, you know, finally, so early. And by the way, these days, it's not difficult to come, come at eight in the morning, leave at two, it would be so easy. And if you start forcing the incharge, to accept your suggestion, who would suffer? Who would suffer? Everybody would suffer? It's suitable for you, convenient for you, but not for the mothers who have to drop their

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kids off to school and come here. Right? So now our nikto what do we learn from this? Give your suggestion, however, don't enforce your opinion on the other. And this is something general that we can understand as well, that when it comes to Muslims, we're working together, then this should be observed. But even in other people's personal affairs, personal life matters. We can suggest them, we can advise them, but can we force them? Should we be forcing them? No. Because sometimes we say, you know, follow this recipe today. Did you follow it? Why didn't you do Why?

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You can't force the other person. You can give your view. However, don't force.

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So basically, this is teaching us responsibility that be responsible, no matter what role you're playing, whether it is the role of a leader or a subordinate, when it comes to a leader be responsible, if somebody tells you something, don't take action without making sure whether it is as a mother, that children are coming to you, when one child is saying one thing, the other child is saying something else. But just because your daughter said something this is why you reprimanding the son know, find out investigate before taking action. And when it comes to subordinates, even they should be responsible when it comes to giving the information and giving your suggestion don't

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force it upon the other.

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And it's out of respect that you don't force the other to accept your opinion. Because who would you force to accept your opinion someone whom you consider to be equal to or lesser than you. However, if someone has been given a responsibility has been given a particular position, then their macom is higher than you in that respect. So you have to acknowledge that and while you acknowledge that your obligation is that you only suggest and that's it don't force

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whatever I can the lahab Baba la como Amen. But Allah has in there to you imagine was a yes or no who feel called to become and he has beautified it in your hearts? What comme la la comarca for a while for su cavalleri cn, and he has made hateful to you disbelief and sin and disobedience hola como la she don't, those are the ones who are rightly guided who are rightly guided those in whose hearts a man is Beloved, those in whose hearts a man is beautiful.

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Meaning when this is your state, then this is a las panatela testifying to the man of the companions that when this is your state, then what should you do?

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Be responsible, be respectful towards the messenger

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that have never been a cold email, have Baba from the roof letters, have the hope, love and be habitable, you have the Buddha Habib is to make something happy to make something Beloved.

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So he has in dare to you imagine that you love him.

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It's very precious to you. You don't ever want to let go of it. You want to do anything to protect it? And this was a state of the convenience that it wasn't just that they had a man. No, they had a man and they loved having him. And when you love having something, then what does it mean?

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You value it a lot.

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And this is why any success of being was as though a personal success for the Sahaba. And any kind of loss any kind of harm that people try to afflict the dean with. It was as though their personal lives were being affected. It was a personal matter,

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because when someone loves something, then what happens? He takes it very personally. He takes it very seriously he values it a lot. So a lack in the law Habiba Aiko he man and not just that he has made it beloved in your hearts, but was the Yena who feel called to be clumsy and I use a unit as yen to make something beautiful. So he has made it beautiful in your hearts meaning you find a man very beautiful as well. That the eyes of your heart deem a man very beautiful

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And you see, one is that which is good. And the next level is that it also becomes beautiful thing. It's good, but it's also beautiful to you. When it's beautiful to you. What does it mean? any flaw, any blemish? You don't look at it, you don't care about it. You will still like it, despite its flaws, isn't it? Like, for example, a mother, she finds her child the most beloved, isn't it? Even if there's no hair on the head? What will she do? She will say her child is the most beautiful, isn't it? Sometimes it happens that you shaved the child's hair. And four months, no hair comes back. But still you find the mother loves the child finds a child most beautiful of all children. So

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similarity was a state of this, however, was a Yena who feel kulu because they loved him and they found it very beautiful, which is why they found obedience to the messenger obedience to Allah very beautiful, was a Yana who feel called to become and when a person is like this, then we'll cover how La Mancha for me has made Cofer hateful to you. That you hate it you dislike it and when you dislike something, what happens? You stay away from it, you don't go near it. So he has made coffin very hated to you. You don't like it? Well for soup and not just COVID but also for zouk. Cofer is the worst level. Less than that is for soup that a person can he has a man but he's very sinful.

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And recently an disobedience that once in a while he disobeys. But we see that was a habit they disliked go for the disliked fullsuit that dislike arisia such people who are eco Rashida, they're the ones who are rightly guided. They're the ones who are firm on guidance.

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So we see that does have a lot of penalty testify. So there's a man over here, that disobedience to the messenger out of question. I mean, you couldn't even think about that they would disobey the messenger. But we see over here that they hate it for soup and cook. They loved obedience. They love thought they loved Sunnah.

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And again, we see that element of Eman, respect, obedience, all of them come together isn't that they had a man they love online is messenger. This is why they valued him and so much. This is why they were obedient as well. That even if they found something difficult, they would obey and anything that went against the commands of Allah and His Messenger, they will just stay away from it such people Allah says they're the ones who are or they're the ones who are rightly guided.

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And in the light of this we also must analyze ourselves that How much is it that we love him? And how much is it that we love the Sunnah of the messenger? How much is it that we love to follow what Allah has commanded? Because you see, the more in love a person has easier becomes to obey, isn't it, it is much easier to obey.

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And when you find something beautiful, then you will hold on to it. And if you find even the slightest fault in it, then you will stay away from it.

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And we see that as a habit. They love to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam to such an extent, and even the righteous after them they love to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that once somebody was eating with the hand, and people look that you're going to eat like this, and he said a true kasana rasulillah helia Allah in Hong Kong that you think I'm going to leave the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam for these foolish people.

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mean these foolish people who are away from a man from from Santa, you think I'm gonna leave the Center for their sake? No. Because you see, when you love something, you love it, you'll do it anywhere, isn't it? Whether people like it or they don't like it?

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This is a sign of what Russians have been rightly guided, being firm on hidayah being firm on guidance that a person loves everything that align His Messenger have commanded. And he hates that which is contrary to that. We'll call La La kumoko for a while for su COVID en la

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faute la mina la he won your ma it is a bounty from Allah and ultra favor meaning this level of Eman this love for me man, this does he have a man this dislike for copper for super easy and this is what a favor of Allah. This is a gift of Allah. This is something that a person cannot achieve himself. No, this is gifted to a person

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by who? By Allah and who does Allah give this to the one who is worthy problem in a law one nerima and it's also a big blessing. What is an airman something that fulfills the need of the person and becomes a source of discomfort and

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Nevermind, I have two types of dounia and lots of alpha. So this is a Nirmala. What? Having this level of faith having so much love for email, so much love for the commands of a line His messenger will know who are leemon Hakeem and Allah is Knowing and he's also wise.

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Then certain commands have been given with regards to disputes that may occur between people.

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Because you see disputes they happen. Our religion is a very practical, realistic religion. In our Deen, we haven't been told there should be no fighting. I mean, yes, fighting, arguing, killing one another is something that has been forbidden. However, situations may arise where this may take place. So our Dean is a practical one, how to deal with the situation, how to behave in such a situation. So what if attorney if there are two groups that if I can do a love buffer, minute meaning of believers, if there are two groups of believers who are external, they're fighting one another? If that I know from putting extra time and extra dollars, when people are fighting with

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each other, there's a physical fight, physical fight, almost like a battle. It's not just argument, but it's become physical. So if there are two groups of believers who are fighting with one another, it's a physical fight, then you can't just watch the show. No, you can't just stand outside the ring. And this watch.

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Or you can't go join the fight, or I side with this person. I said with that person. No, you can't just watch No, Your duty is for Asli who bainer humor, then make peace between the two, you have to do is learn between the two, you can't just watch, you can't join in, you have to make peace.

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Now, we see that there are many different reasons for fighting, fighting is something that is obviously not encouraged, right? It's not something that is promoted. No fighting happens. And there could be different reasons behind that. Like, for example, do people have an argument, and that becomes physical, it leads to literally physically hitting one another.

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Similarly, two people, they're perfectly fine with each other, but a third person comes. And he says something negative. Two people are working together. The third person is envious of their friendship. So he comes and says, you know, by the way, she said this about you. And by the way, she doesn't report to you. And she reports to them. how unfair? She didn't do her work again. Why are you wasting your time with her? You understand. So when a third person comes in, says something negative to people who are perfectly fine, they end up in an argument they end up in a fight,

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then sometimes it happens that both parties are righteous. Both the groups are good, however, because it's a misunderstanding, because there's a miscommunication, or because of the difference in nature, they don't get along. Is that normal? It's normal. It's not to say that people who are working together, everybody gets along with one another, no difference of nature. And because of that, people end up in a conflict. And sometimes that conflict can escalate as well. Now, when these fights happen, what is the duty of other believers, they have to stop those fights. So if your brother and sister are fighting, if your brothers are fighting, if your cousins are fighting, if

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your friends are fighting, what are you to do? Stop them, you cannot join in. You cannot encourage them to fight and say, oh, hit them in this way and hit them in that way. This is not right, because typically, this is what is done. Allah says for Asli, who stopped the fighting, why? Because fighting is such a bad thing. If you think about it, if a person is becoming violent, your own brother, your own sister, you don't have respect. You're kicking them on their leg or you're hitting them violently with your hand. This is not good. One is pulling the hair of the other. This is not good. It doesn't suit Muslims. It doesn't suit a person who is respectful of the other isn't

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someone who is respectful of the other, even if he disagrees with them. He will not become physical with them. You understand? So if you think constantly what's the message of other respect?

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So if two people are fighting, two groups are fighting for us lubaina human reform between the two of them

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and for invalid if they're human, then if one has oppressed I'll O'Hara against the other meaning if one is committing outrage against the other two people are fighting there could be different reasons for fighting. Right now in

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This case What's happening? One is doing lol on the other. Sometimes it's the fault of both parties. Sometimes it's one person's fault, isn't it?

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So the one who is at fault, what should you do for party loot and you should fight allottee that group who dabeli the one who is oppressing Why? Like, for example, two people are fighting with one another. Okay. One has the other down, and he's beating him, you know, with his fist. Now, you know what's exactly going on. But you can clearly see one is doing well on the other. Now, what are you going to do? You're going to stop the one who's beating the other. And sometimes in order to stop him, what do you have to do fight him as well? Isn't it? Like, he's beating him? You stop his and he doesn't stop. He hits you instead, what do you do? You give him a punch, for example, venom down to

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the ground. And then you resolve the matter. You get it. So sometimes the fight is such that it's not that you're getting involved in the fight, you're trying to stop it. And in order to stop the fight, you have to break the power of the other. You got it. You have to break the strength of the other. So in this case, flokati to let the devil he

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had that until this is not an endless fight. No. had that until you fight them until the fi it returns the via via Hamza fate. What does it mean, to return to shift from one side to the other? Who returns and lotta believe meaning that group which has committed outrage against the other,

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it returns illa amarilla to the commander.

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Meaning they stopped when they stop their fight. And they agree to accept the decision of a law concerning the issue. You get it? Do people are fighting? One is punching the other? You stop him? He doesn't listen. So you punch him so that he can sit down? Okay, now he sits down. And when he sits down, you tell him, okay, what's the issue? This is the problem, okay. Now, this is a command of a law concerning this, this is what has to be done. Until they agree the fee Illa umbrella, they agree to accept the command of a law with regard to do the problem at hand. For In fact, then if it returns, meaning if it agrees to accept the command of Allah, then for us lubaina whom I will rather

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than whatever Islamic you do, whatever gentlemen, you pass concerning them. How should that be done?

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with justice? And what does it mean by with justice in the light of Quran and Sunnah? And Allah says, we're upset Oh, and be just Why? Because in the law, you have been massively Indeed, Allah loves those people who are just so what does that show those who are not just as Allah like to know, a lot of those people who are just

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now we see that at the time of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, they were all to disputes between the companions. And remember the famous incident between the tribes of Osen husbands after the Battle of brother when they were united. And remember, Osen hunters, they had endless wars before they became Muslim. So there was a Jewish man by the name of Sham, massive and Christ when he saw the Inquisition together in peace, he could not tolerate that. So he started reciting verses of poetry, reminding them of the battles that used to take place in the past. So literally, the Osen cartridge, they were at the verge of fighting one another, they had taken their weapons, just imagine. So when

00:33:42--> 00:33:56

the profits are a lot of sudden found out, what did he do? He came and he stopped. He didn't say, yeah, let's fight. Let's see who's more brave. No, he stopped that. And remember the atom sort of earlier in Milan, where it doesn't even we have the ledger Miran, while at

00:33:57--> 00:34:16

work Kuru near Matala. Here Aleikum is going to order and for alphabay Nakuru become for us back to miniart Mati Juana, welcome to Raja karate Mina nadie, for uncanonical minha. So, they all reconciled with each other, and they realized that it was an attack of shaper. And a similar incident also took place at the expedition of Balu masala.

00:34:17--> 00:34:34

Now, we see that sometimes people are on very good terms with because of the interference of the other, or because of the mistake that one has made, they end up in a fight. So now the solution is being given. What is the solution? Make peace between those who are fighting.

00:34:36--> 00:34:51

And if you need to stop the fight, and there is a lot of violence involved and you have to use some force, then use your force against you, the one who is oppressing until they agree to accept the decision of a law.

00:34:52--> 00:34:59

Like for example, two brothers are fighting. One says it's my car. The other says no, it's my car or

00:35:00--> 00:35:07

One says, Let me take the car rather, the other says no, no, I'm going to take the car and they end up in a physical fight like this.

00:35:08--> 00:35:45

Now in this case, as a sister, you're watching them, what should you do? Stop them. You can't do it yourself you're afraid call your dad and stop them until they both agree to listen to whatever decision that has to be made between them. Now sometimes the fight is such that the decision has to be taken from where from aligners messenger from the internet sometimes, it's like, you know, the father decides, okay, you took the car last time now it's this person's turn because parents have to be just between their children. So, over here, this is what we learned that justice should be done. When you make the decision it should be done with justice because Allah subhanaw taala loves those

00:35:45--> 00:36:02

who are just we learned from our Hadith Sahih Muslim that in an oxy cleaner in the law, he Allah man abirami nude in any Amina Romania xojo that those people who make decisions with justice, they will be seated on culprits of light besides Allah.

00:36:03--> 00:36:13

When, on the day of judgment, just imagine puppets of light, so prominent, so respected on the Day of Judgment.

00:36:14--> 00:36:58

Because sometimes what happens when there is a dispute, we end up becoming biased within itself. So for here, don't become bias don't support one just because he is your brother, just because he always drives you around. No, you have to be just because Allah is telling you and you have to make a fair decision. In the moment Mineola echo indeed the believers are brothers there should be a bond of brotherhood which means no fighting in the first place. And if there is a fighting for us lubaina Whoa, Aiko, make a slap between your brothers and fear Allah what de la la la come to him on because if you don't fear a line, if you keep fighting and if you keep cutting off from one another, then

00:36:58--> 00:37:04

this will be a means of getting deprived from the mercy of Allah, which is very dangerous.

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recitation of these

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como una.

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