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Fussilat 1-24 Translation 1-24

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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tsuda Hill Karim I'm about to betray him in a shaytani r rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim furbish roughly Sati were Sidley MD. of the Tamil melissani poco. De bourbon as it were in Lesson number 250. suited for silica or hammy massage de is number one to 24

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it is for sinneth or alpha select for select. Why not? alphazero?

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Just a question why not alphason

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the attention to the word faceva

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it's a verb it's a fairly feral don't begin with a

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hi meme, Hani

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10 zielen a revelation a gradual revelation, men from a Rahaman the Most Merciful the Entirely Merciful of Rahim the Especially Merciful

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kita born above book for Silla it was openly explained as to who its verses are an accord an Arabian Arabic yokomen for a people here on the moon they knew

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but she run as a bearer of good news one of the law and as a warner

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for other than he turned away at Federal Home most of them for home so they learn not yes Maroon they listen what are new and they said kulu buena our hearts fee in a kidnapping coverings mimma from that which the owner you invite us la he do it what fee and in other Nina our ears work on a heaviness a deafness woman and from bainer between us ouabain ik and between you hijab and avail farmer so work in Ghana indeed we army loon want to work

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save say in Nevada indeed no but Anna I by Sharon a man with local like you. You have it was revealed. Elijah to me a number that indeed not bad. Either who come your God in our home God were hidden one. Firstly move. So you all be straight. You all be upright.

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lie to him was still true. And you all seek His forgiveness. What we learn and destruction, little mushrikeen for those who are idolaters for those who associate partners

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aladeen and those who are not you tuna they give us a cat. There's a cat or a cat the purification.

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home and they build a hero with the hereafter home they care for your own ones who deny

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in Indeed, Allah Dena, those who Emmylou they believed what army knew and they did a solid heart the righteous deeds, law home for them as your own reward value not mamnoon one that is cut off one that is seized.

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Cool say do in nickel indeed you letak furuno surely you all disbelieved. You all deny bill Eddie with the one who halaqa he created an other the earth fee in yo main today's What did your aluna and you all make laahu for him, and then rivals velyka that Prabhu is Rob alameen of the woods with jerilyn and he made fee her in it. Pro is here, firmly anchored mountains, men from foci her above it. Were Baraka and he blessed fee her in it. Walk our dog and he measured he determined fee her in it aquata her its provision fee in our bar for a young this. So we're equal. Lisa Elaine for those who ask some then his the way he attended.

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Isla towards a summer the sky

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We're here while it Doohan, a smoke for Karla, then he said the hair for it will up and to the earth, it used to come tawaran willingly

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bilotta de to said, Athena we come in as ones who are willing falcoda hoon. Then he decreed them. Then he completed them. Server seven semi wedding skies, fee in yo main duties what oh her and he inspired fi in Cali every summer sky Umrah her, it's a fair, it's order was a year now and we adorned a summer the sky adonia of the world be masabi have with lamps will have one and as guard

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their Lika that the Cadiz decree

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Allah Aziz of the always Almighty and Arlene the always arguing for in then if they turned away football then say, ends up to come. I want you Sorry, I've gotten a thunderbolt mithila like Sarika Thunderbolt, Arden of art with a mood and the mood is when jet when it came to them, it was the messengers, men from veiny ad him before them woman and from Calfee him behind them. And now that not that will do you will worship in law except Allah Allah. Allah do this they said low if shared a keyword for buena our lanzetta surely he sent down malaria cotton angels for inner So indeed we be met with that which will symptom your scent be he with caffeine wants to disbelieve for a man. So as

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for are the first couple then they assume greatness fill out in the earth be lady without and help the right What are you and they said man who I should do is more severe is more intense meaner than us to wear them in strength our landed and not euro they see a net that Indeed Allah Allah Allah He is the one who Hanukkah whom we created them who he is a shot do more severe main home than them to what then in strength What can you and they will be it now with our signs yet your heroin they deny

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for all the sudden now consequently we sent or so we sent our lay him upon them Rehan a wind surf sorrow furious raging fee in a young days. Now he said once unlucky, Lino the acabo home so we make them taste or their punishment lpz of the humiliation fee in a higher the life adonia of the world whether that and surely punishment and aphylla of the hereafter there is more disgraceful more humiliating we're home and they learn not use our own they will be helped

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what I'm mad and as for some mood mood for her day now home so we guided them first to have boo but they preferred allama the blindness Allah upon alhuda the guidance for further term so it sees them sorry to Thunderbolt either of the punishment and Hoon the humiliating Bhima because of what can oh they were the xe boon they earn one a Jaina and we saved a levena those who are Manu they believed what can oh and they were yet the Hoon they fear

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why Elma and on the your shuttle, he will be gathered are the enemies Allah of Allah. Allah now to the fire, for whom so they use their own. They will be divided into groups or use their own. They will be restrained. Had the until either when jell o her. They came to it shahida a bore witness. Are they him against them, some are home, they're hearing what else

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Follow home and their sites What do you do to home and their skins be man with what can Oh, they were here I'm alone they do work on you and they said lead you allude to him for their skins Lima why show him to you bore witness or Elena against us? kalu said I'm talkin he caused us to speak. Allahu Allah, Allah be the one who am Taka. He calls to speak color every che in thing. Wha hoo and he Hello, welcome He created you are one of the first marva time what LA and to Him, to Jeroen you all will be returned. Warmer and not kuntum you were destitute you Luna you will seek to hide and that Yeshua it bears witness or lay come against you some recon you're hearing while ah and nor

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others how to comb your sights, while and nor julu to comb your skins while I can but one and two you all thought and that Indeed Allah Allah lair not urine mo kinos Catherine much mimma from what thermolon you will do

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whether they come and that or you are one nickel is your supposition your assumption

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under the which one and tune you all supposed bureau become about yourself out there come it ruined you It destroyed you for us. So, you became men from an hostility the losers for Indian if yes will they endure with patience? phenomenal then the fire myth one and abode la home for them. What in and if yesterday boo they seek to appease firmer than not home they mean from a mortar between those who are allowed to appease

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will listen to the recitation. This means

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Me, me

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Ready for

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was a

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Ad warming

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