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Al-Hujurat 1-10 Tafsir 3-5

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Are you Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim

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lesson number 267 Soto Haji lat

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Allah Subhana Allah says in alladhina indeed those people who el buena swatter, whom, who lower their voices are in de rasulillah he, before the Messenger of Allah, those people who lower their voices in the presence of the messenger, how they do not make noise, they do not talk loudly. They do not speak to him in a disrespectful way. Ola he can leadin and tahan Allahu Kaluga home. Those are the people who Allah has dusted with Allah has examined their hearts for what lit up for righteousness. lahoma Pharaoh for them is forgiveness, what education or leave and a great reward. Those people who lower their voice in the presence of the messenger. Allah testifies to what they're

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even their taqwa

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that those are the ones who into Hannah localu Bahama taco into Hannah's from the room flutters meme handle and into Hana means to test to examine, to try something does something it is an internal filter, meaning he did the silver, why in order to purify it in order to clean it? So what is the purpose of testing something? What? purify something, clean it?

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And to also know of its ability? That's the purpose of the test? Isn't

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that for example, when you're given your translation test? What's the objective? That a it is seen whether or not you're doing your lessons properly? Whether or not you know, the translation. And secondly, it also purifies your knowledge, doesn't it? That the little mistakes, misunderstandings that you have, they get corrected.

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Things that you don't even realize you're making mistakes on when it comes on the test, then, you know, you make your mistake, and you find a red mark on and you realize, Oh, this is how it's supposed to be. So, two reasons for a test, first of all, to know the ability and secondly, to purify.

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So, over here, they are the ones whose hearts Allah has tested, he has examined, what does it mean by this, that he has cleanse their hearts from sins, why for the purpose of the core, so that the core can reside, their hearts have been purified have been cleansed, so that the core can come in.

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Because if the heart is full of disrespect, if the heart is full of sense, then fear of a lot of work cannot come. You understand just as higher and Eamonn they stay together right? One leaves, the other also leaves which means that if there's gopher, there will be no higher and if there is lack of higher, then there will be no email.

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Similarly, there is a deep connection between the core and also the purification of the heart, the cleanliness of the heart, respect, if there is respect, then there is the core. If there is no respect, then the court cannot stay in the heart fear of a law cannot be there. Because respect what does that make a person

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and their careful conscious, isn't it? He becomes careful even with regards to the volume of his voice, where other people speak very casually, but that person becomes very careful. He picks his words he selects his words instead of talking endlessly, isn't it so? So respect is what leads to the apostle Allah ecola Dena Danilo coloboma, taqwa, their hearts have been cleansed, for the purpose of the cause, so that the heart can be there.

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So what does it show to us? Respect leads to DACA

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now in the hand has been understood in other ways what in the hell it also means to make last stretch leather.

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So Allah has made their hearts vast, he has expanded their hearts, so that the court can come in, because you see a person who is selfish, a person who is only concerned about himself small hearted, can he have respect for others can he know a person whose heart is tiny, small, he cannot accommodate others, then he cannot show respect to others either.

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Because he thinks that he should be respected, and other people, they don't deserve anything.

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Thirdly, in the hundreds also, when someone does something frequently becomes habitual, of a particular action, and that becomes his norm. So he has practiced it a lot. He's done it a lot. And that is his

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norm now. So in tanto, la hakuba home lithoco meaning Allah has examined their hearts, and he has checked their hearts and in their hearts they practice a lot of taqwa Who? Those people who show respect. So, the sign that a person has taqwa, what does that sign? How can you tell this person has taqwa? When he shows respect? You will May your avintia in a love for inhuman, the call kulu. The one who shows respect that shows that he has the power.

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Because, you know, we're always wondering, do I really have the foreigner because it's an intangible thing, right? You're always questioning you're always wondering about yourself. So what is the test? See, how much respect you show? How much respect do you have? How much respect Do you observe when it comes to Allah, His Messenger their statements or commands? How much respect is shown the more respect the more taco person has solaric Aladdin and Tana localu lithoco and therefore for them lahoma forgotten what Agilent Allium for them is forgiveness and also a great reward.

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It should not be superficial respect to just on the apparent a person is praising the other a lot in saying yes, yes. And talking very loudly in behind the scenes, you know, yelling and making fun. No, this is not the core. True respect, honest respect. That is what shows a person has.

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And if you look at these verses, if you think about it first it was said letter for a sweater, isn't it? So with regards to the messengers that a lot of sort of letter for a sweater can focus on Tina B? What is that? prohibition? Isn't it before that? Yeah, you're Latina am and what does he do Latina. amoruso. A lot of importance. Secondly, there is a prohibition. Thirdly, there is a warning Under Armour lokomo anthem let alone isn't there is a worried And fourthly, there is also the reward for who for those who show respect. Will a candidate enter Hello. Paloma ferrata. Arlene, what does it show the importance of lowering your voice showing respect to the messenger?

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Yeah, you're Latina, I'm gonna clear prohibition warning. And then there's alternate award for the one who does the shows how important this is.

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On the other hand, in Medina unit punica. Indeed, those people who call you those people who call you who call who the messenger sallallahu Sallam and that is to call out loudly. So those who call you out loudly. Meanwhile, from behind the hood rod, from behind the private rooms, her daughter's applauded her jaw dislike. Low fat is a plural of low fat. And her jaw is an area of growth. So basically a piece of land on which stones are laid. So it's your journal.

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It's from hydro right? What does hydro mean? Rock stones. So stones are laid? Why? In order to form a wall, or the like? So you put rocks on a piece of land on the sides? Why? In order to make walls? So you've made a compartment you've made a room. So a single room, what is that called? hurdle?

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So they call you from behind the apartments? Which apartments are these which rooms are these? The houses are the wives of the Prophet said a lot isn't.

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Remember that each wife of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam had a separate hurdle inside said that these were made of the branches of date bonds, and the doors had black wooden curtains. How were they made branches of dead farms, and the doors had black woolen curtains.

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Now McQuarrie has written in his book, another remove front, that though they will face he said, I saw that the rooms were made from the stumps of palm trees, the trunks of the palm trees, that's how the rooms were made. And they were covered on the outside with smooth hair, which

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of the trees as well of the sheep of the animals. And he said that I think that the width of the house from the door of the room to the door of the house was about six or seven spans. And the width of the room inside was 10 cents. And I think that the seating was between seven and eight or about that. So basically the rooms were not that big. They weren't massive, they were not huge, luxurious rooms. They were small, just enough just sufficient.

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And we see that later on. When Walid even Abdul Malik he was ruling he included these rooms in the masjid. So then these rooms were brought down and the mustard was expanded.

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So those people who call you from behind the herd A lot of us have concerning them at one layer below and most of them do not understand they do not use their mind they do not rationalize their own user account. What does it show? A person who does not show respect, in fact, does not uses aka,

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a person who does not show respect does not use his mind.

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And a person who shows respect, he's using his mind.

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That's a sign of intelligence. not showing respect is a sign of foolishness. showing respect is a sign of intelligence. What do we think? other way around?

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Unfortunately, our criteria has been completely flipped.

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Allah says,

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there is a specific incident with regards to this ayah we learned that a delegation of glutamine came to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and it was afternoon and the profits on a lotus and I was taking the afternoon nap.

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But these people thought it was against their status that they have to wait for him to come.

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Like sometimes this is what people think. In the name of boldness, they do not think about the other they do not care about the other. I don't care what they're doing. I need to talk to them. I need to see them. They don't give the person is busy sleeping, studying, working, have a meeting? Nope, I need to speak to them. I need to see them now and they boldly walk in.

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So these people, they didn't wait for the Prophet sallallahu Sallam to come. And they didn't know it, which Hydra he was in. So what did they do? They started calling out to him. And they said em Hamad auflage Elena.

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They started saying that out loudly or Muhammad come out.

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Just imagine what were we told earlier? Don't call him the way you call one another. You can call another person by name but you cannot call the messenger by his name. So they said yeah, Mohammed, Elena, come out on us. To the prophets, Allah Listen, when he heard that he came, what's going on?

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And when he came, they said, Yeah, Mohammed in Medina, Xena and we're in Japan, China, UK, Ramallah

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that look who's come will tell you if we pray someone, it is a cause of great beauty for them. And if we defame someone, then that is very bad for them. This is who we are. And we are the most honored of the Arabs. This was something common within the Bedouins especially that they would boast a lot, they would show who they were.

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So immediately when the Prophet came, this is how they began praising themselves showing off the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said cut up to your line. Well, mother law hitter Allah zaidan worship moonshine, but rather the praise of Allah that is a source of beauty gain for someone. And deformation of Allah meaning if a lot of fame, someone that is a source of great insult for them, what a common common use of even yaku even is how even employ him and the most noble among people who use violence and and why. Because he was the son of the messenger, he was the son of a messenger, he was the son of a messenger.

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So he said corruption.

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And basically, these people, they had come to boast about their greatness for the purpose of Mufasa. Mufasa is to do

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to boast against one another to falsehood, we learn about that instead of hiding. And this is something common amongst the Arabs that especially it had even that tribes when they would meet one another, they would boast about their great virtues, that amongst us is this great port amongst us this is great leader amongst us is so and so. And we accomplish such in my father, he killed a lion and you know, such things. And if today somebody does that, it sounds so foolish. However, this was common amongst the Arabs. So anyway, these people came for the purpose of the faculty. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam came, and you know what they started doing one of them he stood up and he

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started saying verses of poetry in praise of his tribe.

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When he stopped when he sat down, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told Savage, even Christ, who was he,

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the same companion who had a very loud voice, and I told you, he was appointed as well, let's say you would recite poetry. His voice was loud, he was very impressive in his speech, he was taught to stand up. And he also spoke, when he spoke, the delegation was speechless, like, wow, what did you just say?

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So what happened? Another man from that tribe, he stood up, and he began reciting poetry. Then the prophets are allowed to sit until Hassan even Sabbath that you stand up and you say something. So he got up and he started reciting poetry. And those people that were completely silent they were completely dumbfounded. Because you see, like when they came and they said, we're not a common out of what did the Prophet said about his sentencing? No, you're not welcome income use of even iacob even his house, even Ibrahim who can say anything, who can say no, we're better because such and such reason you can't do that.

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So, anyway, these people, they were Bedouins, they had recently embraced Islam, they didn't know about what the proper manners were. And when you come across such people, you get very irritated, isn't it? Like, why are they behaving like this? Why are they showing off? Why are they boasting? And why don't they show respect? What does Allah say? a cuddle one layer. They don't have much sense. They don't get it. They will learn later. But right now they don't know. But in this is a great lesson for us. that a person who does not show respect, in fact, he's not intelligent.

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True intelligence is of the one who shows respect. And sometimes we think that because we're very knowledgeable, because we have become very advanced. Therefore we do not need to show respect to a lion as messenger to the master to the dean, to someone who has learned to our parents know, regardless of who you are, you have to show respect. Because showing respect means intelligence.

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Well, I know whom sabato and if they had been patient had Duflo de la him, until you could have come out to them, like Anna heilala, whom it would have been better for them. Will Allah Hoover food over him but Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.

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meaning they're calling you out in such a disrespectful way, was not appropriate. If they had been patient, and they had waited for you to come out, instead of calling you

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if they had waited for you to come out yourself, that would have been better for them will level the photo their hand but unless Forgiving and Merciful, so there is hope. If a person ever out of ignorance ever does something like this disrespect someone elderly yells at him, speaks to him in a very casual way, disrespectful way, then, what does Allah subhanaw taala say is Forgiving and Merciful. Whatever has happened in the past has happened. But for the future, fix your ways. amend your ways. And we see that the Sahaba they understood this for themselves as well. They also observed this very carefully. They were very careful with regard to this hokum that we see that even

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our bustle they learn when he was young, compared to the other companions. And we learned that when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam passed away, he would go to other companions, and ask them questions and learn many things about the religion.

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And we see that whenever he would go to any companions house, what would he do? He would just sit outside, he wouldn't even knock at the door, he wouldn't even knock on the door, he would just sit outside, wait for the Sahaba to come out. And when the Sahaba would come out, then he would ask him, but because he was a companion of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, whenever that's a hobby would come out of his house, and they would find him in our basil the article there. They would say, oh, cousin of the Prophet, why did you not knock? And he would reply, the alum is like the Prophet among his people. The Prophet teaches the people and the one who has learned even he teaches the people. And

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with regards to the messenger, it has been said that he should be waited for right, isn't it? what has been said over here? That had there been patient until you would have come out? That would have been better? So what is it your what's the proper etiquette? That you don't go calling? Can you please come? Can you please come? No, you wait for the messenger to come. Similarly, even our bassel there who said that you wait for the teacher to come, you don't say, Come come come.

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Similarly, we learned that Abu Zubaydah or the learner who he said I never knocked at the door of an island. Rather, I would wait outside for him to come. Never knocked at the door. Why not? Isn't convenient.

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Tell me, isn't it convenient?

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It is convenient for you, but not for them. Right? Because what happens when you knock, You're disturbing them.

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Many times, it happens that I wish to speak to my mother. Because of the time differences. It's not always possible. And I feel that if I call her even, I'll disturb her. So what I do is I just messaged her, or I give her a missed call. And my husband's like, She's your mother, for God's sake, just call like, I can't call I feel bad disturbing. When she sees my missed call, she'll call me. But I cannot have the phone ringing and ringing while she's busy in a meeting or while she's in the washroom around, she's doing something because it's convenient for me, not for her.

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I don't know what's going on in the other side. She's much more busy than me much more occupied than me. She has much more important things to do than just chatting with me. So this is something that we should learn as well, that we're sometimes only considered about our own convenience, and not the convenience of the other. But we see that part of respect is what Baraka respect is that you are considerate about the other that you

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Don't demand from them. Please listen to me now. Please answer this question right now. Please come here right now. No, this is against respect.

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una una camisa de la

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la la foto War II.

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It's amazing how so much importance has been given in our team to him and to those who have in that so much other should be shown. But still we see that many people what do they prefer

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ignorance over knowledge. They prefer to not know about knowing.

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So, knowledge has a lot of importance in our Deen and that is demonstrated by the respect that is shown to knowledge.

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A loss of power that is teaching us over here. such important things gems, this kind of respect is so important. You won't find this anywhere else.

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People will tell you, okay, use these words, carry yourself in that way. But nothing such as lower your volume even wait for them to come.

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If knowledge does not translate into action, and with that there is no respect than all that education is useless. It's just information. What's the difference between information and

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what's the difference between that that

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translates into action. It affects a person changes the way he behaves, changes the way he talks, changes the way he deals with others.

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This shows to us that even when you have to wait for the Imam, if you have to wait for the teacher, you have to wait you cannot say your time is being wasted. Because sometimes people get impatient. You know, my time is getting wasted. Why do I have to wait over here the Salah has still not started, the hope is still not started. The class is supposed to start at this point. And you know, somebody was telling me they went to a Masjid once and the Imam somebody was supposed to pick him up, and they forgot to pick him up. So basically, he came 10 minutes late.

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And the people were so upset when the Imam came. The people were like you're 10 minutes late.

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And when they told me I was shocked, you really value 10 minutes. This is why you watch television for half an hour. 45 minutes, honestly, you sit silently doing nothing. And those 10 minutes that you had to wait for the email in the mercy of you in the state of Nevada, you're getting reward anyway because you're waiting for solid to begin. And you're so upset with the email. There is a genuine reason why he was late. It wasn't even his fault. So we have to be very careful in the way that we deal with those who are older.

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Sometimes if our parents you know end up coming late to pick us up we show a lot of anger and frustration. Be patient.

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And when you're out to dinner so beautiful when you can use every single moment of your

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