Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 30 – L308A

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Al-Fajr-Al-Balad Translation


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So don't worry como de la hora

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de RL de Souza. He's getting a maverick for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Rubbish away silly Emery weidler melissani yokocho Cody probenecid nerima

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lesson number 308 sort of fudge is number one 230. Translation

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well fudge by the dawn, one erlin and Knights are ushered in den or shift three. And by the even when what three, and by the odd one lady, and by the night, either when yesterday it journeys on her is see in their liquor, that person, an old lady for possessor shegerian of intellect

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and then did not throw you see kafer how Sarla he did a booger your Lord beer add in with odd, Iran, Iran that possessor and remand of the lofty pillars allottee which Lam did not use look it is created with flow her like of it fee in Alberta, the land, water water, mood and the mood and Medina those who Jabu they carved of Safa the rocks, the word in the valley or fit or owner and fit our own, the possessor, owner

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of the pegs and levina those who go home they rebelled fee in lb dad, the lens for accidental so they increased fee her in it. As I said, the mischief the corruption, facade, so he poured or lay him upon them or Booker your Lord Silva away are there of punishment in indeed, Rob Becker, your Lord, LaBelle Meursault. Surely in the observation for unmerge so as for I will insert who the human being either whenever Ebert Allah who he trusted him, or boo his Lord, for a Chroma who then he honored him, when our ma who and he blessed him for kulu then he says, Rob be my lord at comany he honored me, well Allah And as for his ama, whenever he broke Allah who he tested him for other than

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he measured out, then he restricted and they heat up on him. That is a who His provision for your Gulu that he says, Rob be my Lord, a hand and he he disgraced me can no bow rather learn not to Cremona Your Honor, as the a team the orphan wanna and not to help buena you all encourage one another? Allah upon feeding in miskeen of the needy, what Kaduna and you all eat a terrassa the inheritance a clan, an eating a devouring llama entirely greedily.

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Water burner endure love America, the world have been a loving, jamaa boundless, immense

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color now, either when

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it was crushed, it was ground

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the earth that can a grinding that can or grinding or, and he came up Booker, your Lord, while melaku and the angels suffer, enroll, suffer enroll YG and it was brought yoma even that day be jahannam with hell. Yona even on that day, yesterday. He will take heed internal the human being or a nurse and how Lahu for him as a car reminder. Yep. Oh no, he will say yeah, oh, Litani word that I have done to I sent ahead. Lee hayati for my life for yoma eden so on that day, not your azubu He will punish or the who his punishment or her don't anyone wanna end nor use. He will bind with alcohol as his binding ahead.

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Anyone yeah a year to her or enough soup the soul ultimate in the one at peace. A jury your return Illa towards Rob beaky your Lord probably attend one well pleased, noble yet and one approved federally so you enter fee in anybody My servants or the hoodie and you enter jannetty my paradise

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that's this is the recitation of these verses

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This means Bismillah

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Rahman a really

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either do

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YG me

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Julie hi Angie

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lesson number 308 so little better

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law no focusing I swear be had with this Alabama the city

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and you should learn one who resides Helen free of restriction

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be Heather in this and Bennett the city where and while it in farther warmer and what one other Heba got

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out certainly Carla Connor, we created an incentive the human being see in Gabbidon hardship does Yes sir. Will he think on that learn not Jaco do he has power? I know he upon him. Hadn't anyone yaku he says bad luck to I destroyed or luck to I exhausted Maryland wealth Nova in abundance

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does yes sir will he think I'm that lamb not Yahoo he sees him ahead on anyone. Allen did not measure are we make logo for him? Are you name do eyes

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When the sun and and a tongue washes attain and do lips, what are they now who and we guided him and measured the two ways further so not equal to hammer he crossed or equal to hammer he broke through unlockable the steep mountain pass one a and what other aka it made you know man what is

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the steep mountain pass sacu it is freaking rock abettin have an F o or milk or almond feeding fee in Yeoman a day the possessor must have severe hunger, he akima to an orphan that possessor macabre of near relationship or miskeen and needy there possessor matoba of dust so much then can he was mean from a Latina those who am I knew they believed what our so and they enjoyed each other. This sub with the patience what a while so, and they enjoyed each other bit of hammer with the mercy. Ola iica those are terrible our companions and maimana of the right side, one levina and those who careful they disbelieved be a Latina with our versus home they have our companions Emma off the left

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side or lay him upon them. Now when a fire moves further, one enclosed

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will listen to the recitation.

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This means

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v v

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saw this