Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J01-012A Translation Al-Baqarah 63-73 Word Analysis 63-66

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh who are with bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim, WA Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah al Karim rubbish Rahi Saudi where Siddeley MD where healer Okta melissani yufka, who co li Allahumma de Colby was sadly Sonny was slow so hemato Colby, mineable al Amin, lesson number 12 Surah Al Baqarah, verses 63 to 73. Let's do the translation first. What if and when? A has now we took me Thau calm your binding covenant, what a foreigner and we raised folk ACOEM above you all of the Mount Hood do you all take math What attina Come, we have given you all below within with strength with Kuru and you all remember, man, what fee

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he is in it, lie Lacan, so that you all that the cone you will adopt consciousness of Allah or you will safeguard yourselves some then there will lengthen you all turned away mimbar D after that Lika that fellow hula, so if not, for for Glu favor, Allah He of Allah, or LA come upon you all. What are my two who and His mercy? La comme Tom shortly you all would be men among a hot seat in the losers, one occurred and surely, indeed, our limb tome you all knew a Lavina those who errata though they transgressed men come among you all. fee in regard to a sub at the Sabbath, for coolness, so we said Lahoma to them Kuno you all be Pyrrha the 10 Apes ha seen ones who are despised for Jana? Ha, so we

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made it Nick Allen, a deterring punishment. Lima for whoever bein a day ha was present woman and whoever call for her was after it. Well, Mo were Illa 10 and an admonition, Lynwood, 13 For those who adopt consciousness of Allah, what if and when Paula Musa Musa said he called me he to his people in indeed Allah Allah yet Moodle come He commands you all, and that the WHO YOU ALL slaughter? Bacara 10 A cow. Oh, no, they said at that Duffy, Dona, do you take us? Who's aware in mockery? Allah He said, or although I seek refuge Billahi in Allah and lest Hakuna I be mean among LJ Helene those who are ignorant Palu they said oh, do you call upon Lana for us? Rebecca your rob

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you obey Him. He makes clear Lennar for us, man What here it is. Fowler he said in the who indeed he your Kulu he says in her indeed it Bacala tone is a cow lad neither 30 alone very old Wallah and nor big grown young are well known middle aged Boehner between there Lika that for loop so you all do man what took maroon you all are commanded. Ha yo they said oh the room you call upon Lana for us Rebecca your Rob. You begin he makes clear Lennar for us MT what low no ha is its color. Color he said in the whole indeed he Jacobo he says in the hair indeed it Bacala tone is a cow Sephora yellow Falcon intensely yellow, low new hair in its color. The suit room it delights and now leading those

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who look Palu they said oh do you call upon Lana for us? Rebecca your rob you by him he makes clear Lennar for us man what here it is, in indeed Al Baqarah the Carol's the Sherpa her they appeared similar our Lena to us. We're in that and indeed we in if sha Allah who Allah who wields lemma, the dune surely will be ones who obtained guidance. Color he said in who indeed he or Kulu he says in the hair indeed it Bakura tone is a cow learn not the

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Loulan tamed to Theodorou so that it plows Allah the land, wala and nor the sea it waters l healther. The fields Musa lemma tone one that is kept sound last year to no blemish at all fee Ha is in it or Lou they said Al Anna now Geeta, you have brought Bill happy the truth further but who has so they slaughtered it? Well Malka do and they almost did not give our loan they do what if and when Patel Tom you all killed nipson A soul Fedora tongue then you all accused one another fee hat in regard to it. Well, Allah Who and Allah Mohanty Jun is one who brings out man what quantum you all have been tuxedomoon You all are hiding for colonists so we said it booty boo hoo you all strike him

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be barley. Ha with some of it. Gallica thus you healer, who Allah gives life to Al Mota, those who are dead, where you read, come and he shows you all at he has signs Lorella calm so that you all dark pollun You all understand?

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And Hamdulillah this is it. Now again, the lesson is long. There's 10 verses, but inshallah we'll be covering four stories today. I'm sure you notice that there are so many words that are coming up again and again. Especially the story of the cow. Where repeatedly you know the bunny is slow. You'll say You Call upon your Lord and ask him what kind of a cow it is. Musa alayhis salam responds that Allah subhanaw taala says it is a cow which is like such and such. So because there are so many phrases and words that are coming up again and again, I recognize that the length of the lesson is long, but in sha Allah. Once you understand the stories, then inshallah memorizing the lesson will

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also be easy for you inshallah. Okay, so let's begin with the word analysis. I am number 63. What is a HUD now? Meetha Kokoon? What if and when? And remember, this is what Kuru is there is an implied recall remember? So recall when this happened another incident another favor of Allah upon the bunny is sloth in a hug now we took out behind the knife is from the root letters Hamza ha, that's right a ha that Hamza ha that other means to take and ohada He took all right uh ha the now we took. So who is we referring to Allah azza wa jal. So recall the incident when Allah azza wa jal took me Thau comb your binding Covenant. Now con means you're you all okay? And the word me Fennec means binding

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covenant. Okay, binding covenant, and the word Meetha is from the root letters. Well, sir, cough, okay, well, Thau cough and without from the same root is actually used for a rope, okay, or tying something with a rope. So when you're tying something, you know, two things are more with a rope. What's happening is that you are connecting them together you are firmly binding them together. So, the word mythic is used for not just any promise or any commitment, it is a contract, it is a covenant it is an agreement, okay, that is formal, that lays responsibility. And it is made firm how through olts Okay, through olts like for example, when you sign a contract, right, there's a

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document you agree to do certain things you know, everything is laid out over there and then you have to sign the covenant you have to put your name on it right. And then there are other contracts which are even more serious in their nature. So then there are witnesses or it has to be you know, there's lawyers involved etc. So mythique is not just any promise it is a covenant that is formal and this is why we have translated it as a binding covenant because by nature this covenant meant that they were going to be laid with a certain responsibility. Okay. So what is a HUD Nam etha calm and what are foreign Nat and we raised what means end refine now we raised now means we and the word

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rough Ira means to raise Okay, raw for rain is the root. So we raised and Rafa is to lift up so we raised fo ACOEM above you all folk means above, okay, opposite of that, that is below and folk above. So we raised above you all, meaning it was literally

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Eat above your heads. What is it that we raised above you all a bull the mount. Now a toad is translated as mount and there's different opinions with regard to the meaning of this word. Now some say that the word food is not of Arabic origin. Okay? So in Syriac, it means juggle a mountain, what kind of a mountain, a mountain that is very green. You know, it has a lot of vegetation on it. And others say that the word Toad is actually a proper name, a proper name that is referring to Mount Sinai, where Allah subhanaw taala spoke to Musa alayhis salam. And what already seen in right will already seen in socinian, Sinai, Mount Sinai. Now in the Bible, we see that the Hebrew word for the

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mount is how long, okay, and then there's different versions of this word. And that word also means mountain or hill. Okay, so we raised above you all the mountain. All right, and what happened then? Allah subhanaw taala said, who you all take who though this is fairly common, again from the same route, Hamza Ha, that same route, okay. Now, you might be wondering, where did the Hamza go? Now remember what I told you about three letters, Hamza? Well, and yeah, right. Or Elif? Well, yeah, they either interchange and sometimes what happens is that they just disappear. Okay, so who do it's understood that there's a Hamza coming before it but it's not said okay. So, who do you all take

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Mal? What are K now calm we have given you all at a Nakhon from the root letters Hamza, the Yeah. Okay. After he gave and attina We gave again you can see the week. So take what we have given comb, you all notice how comb mythical comb, focal comb. Okay. attina. comb to comb means you all so take what we have given you all be equal working with strength. So take what we're giving you with strength. Now be means with Goolwa means strength from the root letters off. Well, yeah. Now the word Koga, the name of Allah, Allah we is also from the same route. Okay? Now pour WA is basically strength. Okay, might or force and it is the opposite of the word barf. Barf is weakness, okay. And

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this weakness can be in body. And it can also be in intellect. So when we're talking about Goolwa, but also can be in body so you're talking about physical strength, physical might physical force, and also it can be in intellect. So you're talking about intangible strength. Okay. So take whatever we are giving you all with strength. This means both types of strength. And he embody with your full might, and also with your full mind and determination with Kuru and you all remember from the root letters that calf ra Zikr. They could to remember, and with Kuru, you all remember, this is very imperative. And we know that it's you all because of the WoW at the end. If it was just with code,

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OK with code, then it would be you remember one person when it's owed Kuru, so it's plural you all remember because the addresses to the entire nation right? So you all remember, man, what fee is in it? Meaning what we are giving you remember, whatever is in it, all of the components Lila calm so that you all again you can see come, okay, Lila, contact the cone you will adopt consciousness of Allah. Now Marla, we have read this earlier as well. I chose what the expected consequence the expected result is, and that the tone is from the root letters Well, off yeah. With choir to take a shield to guard oneself to protect oneself. If the call yet Turkey, he adopted Dakhla and you are

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familiar with the concept of Taqwa that a person does what Allah subhanaw taala has ordered so that they shield themselves they guard themselves, they protect themselves from the Wrath of Allah from the punishment of Allah. So remember what is in it so that you will adopt consciousness of Allah and so that you all safeguard yourselves. Some then another word, some is translated as then, but remember that it's used in many different ways. Sometimes the word sama shows sequence of events. Okay?

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So this happened and then after some time, such and such happened. So here we can see the sequence. Remember when we took the covenant, and what happened then afterwards to will later on, you all turned away. Sometimes the word so much shows the increasing gravity, okay? Or seriousness of an action, any then, despite the fact that we raise the mound over you, and we instructed you so clearly that you hold on to whatever we're giving you with strength, and you remember in it, then, despite all of that you turned away. So toa later, mimbar Daedalic is very, very serious. After what happened earlier. The fact that you turned away is very, very heinous. It's very reprehensible. So

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So matawa, Latham, that will later miss from the root letters. Well, lamb Yeah. Okay. And the Walla Yatta. Well, Lee means to turn away, okay. And typically, it's used for turning away in a physical sense. So for example, you are facing someone and then you no longer want to see them anymore, you no longer want to be with them, you turn away and you walk away. So this is you turned away literally mimbar the after that liquor that after what, after the mountain was raised on top of your heads after you know the Meetha after you were told to hold on to the instructions with strength, so you turned away after that Falola so if not for meaning had it not been for and Falola is three

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words for means so low means if, okay, and lamb means not. So if not for fat, Lulu, he favor of Allah. And the word funnel is from the root letters for bud, lamb. Okay. And phuddle basically is used for that which is extra, okay, or that which is more azienda and it's also used for that which is good. So you're talking about something that is good and something that is more extra, more than what someone deserves. So fuddle is pure favor and generosity of Allah and it's not that you deserved it, but this was pure generosity, an extra kindness of Allah I lay call upon you all what are my two and His mercy? Rama you know is from the root letters Raha mean, so if not for the favor

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of Allah upon you all and His mercy also on your wall? lecan Tom surely you all would be law means surely. And content Tom means you all and can I hear Kunal means it was he was so here it means content you all were so like on Tom, you would have been men among Aloha sit in the losers ha serine is a plural of the word. Ha sit. Okay. And hos it is from the root letters ha seen ra Hassan means loss. So if the favor of Allah was not on you, if his mercy was not on you, you would have been of the losers, losers as in you would have incurred great loss in this world. And also you will incur great loss in the hereafter. So it is only the favor of Allah that has saved you. It's only the

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Mercy of Allah that has protected you. Then it has said what occurred and surely indeed, now well account is three words, okay? Wha and bla surely God indeed. And when you see this word will occurred, okay. There is also an implied oath over here, okay, there is an implied oath over here. So the linguist say that there is basically three words of emphasis over here. The first emphasis is off person, the implied oath, okay. And the second emphasis is lamb surely. Okay. And the third emphasis is God indeed. So basically what God means by Allah, surely, indeed, you all are fully aware. So there's a lot of emphasis here, pointing to the fact that this incident really happened,

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and that you are very well aware of this. So have you learned any lesson from it? So well occurred Ilm? Tom, you all knew a limb tone from the root letters iron, lamb knee, pain to know and our limb tone, you all knew. So in other words, you know

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With knowledge of certainty, you know very well a Lavina those who who do you know Alladhina dos who which people Erica though they transgressed from the root letters are in the well era Tada is to transgress the limits to cross the limits. So, you know, the people who transgressed min come among you all min means from and also among. So, you know, the people who transgressed among you all they transgressed, in what matter fee in regard to a sub t the Sabbath. So, the people who transgressed in regard to the Sabbath, you know them very well you know what they did and you know, how they were dealt with. Now, the word acept translated as the Sabbath This is from the root letters seen by atta

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it basically means subbed ultimate Saturday, okay, so the Sabbath is on Saturday. Now seen Bata is the root and some say that the word subbed is derived from Sebata which literally means to sever, okay to sever so Sabetha unfair who his nose is cut off, okay? So it means to sever. Now why is the Sabbath called subbed because it is the day when work has to be cut off. Okay? You work from Sunday to Friday, and then on Saturday, you stop no work. Okay. So the work is severed, okay? Secondly, some say that it is derived from the word Cebu. Okay, which means la rest and comfort. So it's the day when you don't work. So it's the day of rest. Okay? But that doesn't mean that you just rest and

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sleep and you know, laze around all day. No, it's rest because you worship Allah on that day. And worship is what truly brings rest and comfort to a person. Okay, so this was for the Jews, a very important instruction that they were given that Saturday was the Sabbath when they were not supposed to do any work, any worldly work, and they were supposed to take rest from worldly work in order to find true comfort through worshipping Allah subhanaw taala. So some people transgressed in regard to the Sabbath. So what would that transgression be that they continue to do worldly work? Okay, for coolness. So we said, for means verse shows sequence consequence, okay, that when they transgressed,

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so, what happened? Well, now we said, as a result of their transgression, Allah subhanaw taala punished them, how that Allah subhanaw taala set to them. And the word Khulna is from the root letters cough Well, lamb, okay. Now you're good friends with this word. You know, Paula, he said, yo Kulu he says, All now we said, so Allah azza wa jal said LA home to them, LA home to them to who to the people who transgressed in regard to the Sabbath? What did Allah say to them Kuno you all be from the root letters calf well known, Kana your corner to be to become so Kuno you will be Kira the 10 apes, the Radha is the plural of the word period. Okay period is monkey or ape. So, there are 10

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Kuno be apes cos E in ones who are despised and the word cos E in is the plural of the word ha sit.

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Okay, ha see, and cos it is from the root letters ha seen Hamza. Okay. And hos it is someone who is utterly humiliated, and someone who has been driven away basically hos is to chase someone away. Basically, this word is used for a dog or a pig, or a shaitan. Okay, that basically you don't want these things near you. So as they come near you, what do you do? You make some kind of noise in order to repel them in order to drive them away. So the word is used for someone who is very contemptible hos it is someone who is very contemptible, very despicable. And someone who has been driven away someone who has been humiliated, so cool, no Kira can ha see in be apes that are

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contemptible, despicable, despised, any humiliated, removed far away from the Mercy of Allah Fajr Aloha, so we made it fermions so Jarl NA means we made and ha means it, and Jarl Na is from the root letter.

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Jeem Iein lum gyla He made Jalna we made so we made it we made what what is it referring to? There's a lot of different opinions about the summit, Malema said that it is referring to this punishment that was given to them, which was that they were turned into apes. Some say that it is referring to these people a living artha domain calm the Korea the town that they lived in some say that it is referring to Pirata apes. All right, or inshallah we will read in the story, the fish that came to them. So we made it nakulan A deterring punishment. Now the word NorCal is from the root letters known calf lamb known calf lamb and knuckle knuckle. Okay, is used for handcuffs or even a neck

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collar basically fetters. Okay? Why because fetters are meant to restrain the one who has been tied up the one who has been chained up, right? So Netcat is a punishment, okay? Or it is a stern warning that serves as a deterrent. Okay, that serves as a deterrent, meaning it deters people, it restrains people from repeating the offence, and also those who did not commit the offense, it restrains them from even trying to commit that offense. Okay? So an iCal a punishment that serves as a warning, or it restrains the offender or other people from going to that offense from committing that offense. So this is why it deterring punishment. So we made it a deterring punishment Lima for whoever. Now

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mad generally means what? Okay, but sometimes it's also used for people. So it can also be translated as whoever. So we made it a deterring punishment for whoever was beignet a day ha. was in front of it. Okay, or present at that time. Now beignet has a very interesting word. baina literally means between, okay, by no means between, and yeah, they means two hands. Okay, two hands yet is the singular yet hand. Okay. So yeah, they two hands. Now, between two hands, whatever is between two hands is what between your two hands is basically in front of you. So they know your day is an expression. You don't translate it literally, between its two hands, because, you know, cities don't

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have hands. Okay. And has referring to the people that transgressed in regard to the Sabbath. So that's why it's been translated as in front of it, but what does it mean by whoever was in front of it? It means whoever was present at that time okay. They were present any around the city All right, in the surrounding areas or present meaning they lived at that time. So present in the sense in two ways. Okay, make sure you write this down Lima beignet they have means two things first the people who lived around that city okay, because when they found out the people of the city have been turned into apes it served as a huge lesson for them. And secondly been a they have also means that people

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of that time okay, whether they lived nearby or they lived far away, it was a lesson for them and when Mao Khalifa and whoever was after it health after okay. So, after it again means two things, firstly, it means those who came after them. So, for example, this also serves as a reminder a huge deterring lesson for us, okay, because we're coming after them, and how far can also be understood as those who lived behind it, meaning in location in place, so those who lived nearby, okay. So, my call for her. So, basically been a they have and also my call for her can be in place and in time, so it served as a deterring punishment for all people. In other words, while mower Illa tun and this

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was also an admonition. Now what is Motorola? Motorola is from the root letters. Wow. arain law and whare is basically to advise someone, okay, when you advise someone, what's the purpose, you want to change their heart, you want to change their opinion? So how is it that you will talk to them you

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You will talk to them in a very balanced way. So you will try to encourage them by telling them the pros the benefits of doing what you're telling them to do. And at the same time, you will also give them some kind of warning, you will also kind of, you know, arouse some fear so that you want them to take this matter seriously. So, mower Allah is a lesson, okay? an admonition a council, that reminds people two ways, that teaches a lesson through two ways to leave which is encouragement and tell him which is warning and you know, some people are such that they are moved by the LEAP by encouragement, they need that incentive. And then there are other people who will only be moved by

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the heap by warning. All right. So Marilla is a combination of both. Okay, and this is why Marilla is an admonition that is effective, that truly changes the heart. Okay? So this incident became Imola for who lil mata ki not for all people only for the people of taco Florin of the word with the key. Okay.

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