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Muhammad 1-19 Tafsir 3-4

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Delica that is what does Delica refer to the land of the army of the deeds of the disbelievers, those who stopped people from the way of Allah and the creator of sins of those who believe, and there is law of there. But that is the anila Dina cafaro because those people who do cover it,

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they follow falsehood. Why will their deeds be wasted? Because they follow falsehood and falsehood. It doesn't have any basis. It doesn't have any foundation. What does battle refer to? Faith on chittick wrong ways that's what their life is founded upon. And when your actions when your life is founded on battling, battle doesn't have any basis, so when it collapses, it takes you down with itself. There Lika be anila Dena cafaro it temporarily Bella anila Dena amanu, and indeed those people who believe what do they follow it?

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They follow the truth which truth will be hidden from their Lord. That's what they're following. Because Allah coyote Bula, hula nasci emsella home, thus does a law strike for the people there examples. Meaning a law makes clear to the people, the state of different people, their actions and their consequences.

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So we see over here that gopher, and Eamonn they are completely different. The one who does cover everything about him is based on the one who has him and everything about him is based on what how battlin does not have any basis and help. It has a strong foundation. Battling cannot survive for long, eventually it will collapse and help it will prevail forever. So the one whose foundation is battling, he will collapse and the one whose foundation his help, he will only improve. This is why a slow Habibullah home and on the other hand, have an armada home. So the outcome of those who follow the truth is different than the outcome of those people who follow falter because they're

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very different as well.

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into little alumni. 3536 Allah says Fnl Gerardo muslimeen ecology mean nanako k factor common one is a person who is Muslim submit to Allah and the other is a person who is a Muslim does not submit, one is unhealthy, others invalid, they cannot be the same, their life is not the same, their actions are not the same. And therefore their consequences are not the same either.

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Instead of how should I have 20 Allah says last week was horrible, nasty, was halogen was horrible, genetically modified his own, they are successful. Now those will end up in hellfire. And you see, following battle is like standing on a very weak ground, having a very weak foundation. Just imagine you are passing by, you're walking through a forest and there comes a bridge. And that bridge is very rickety, very weak. And if you try to cross over it, what's gonna happen if it's weak, you see, it's evident, it's extremely weak. And it says don't go from here, the sign is even there. If you go, you collapse with the bridge, because the bridge is not strong enough to hold you. It doesn't

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have any foundation, it doesn't have any strength. So when it comes to dunya, we become very careful. When people are doing anything, they put in so much effort to make sure their efforts are not wasted. They make sure they're insured and then make sure they have that guarantee and the other guarantee one insurance, the other insurance that nothing of theirs is wasted. Then when it comes to the dean, people are not that careful. But we see that it's very, very important to take the right steps to have the right foundation, those who disbelief they follow falsehood, they will collapse with it. And those who believe they follow the truth from their Lord. This is why do completely

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different ends

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for either lucky to Medina cafaro so when you meet those people who disbelieve in battle, now the addresses to who to the believers, that when you meet the disbelievers in battle, Nikita from the roof letters lamp off via the car to me to come across to encounter. So when you combat them when you encounter them in battle, what are you supposed to do, followed by the hobby then strike their next.

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Now as I mentioned to you earlier that the permission to fight was given to the Muslims in Medina and so that Muhammad is a very early Medina surah so

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This ayah the permission to fight as long as the purpose behind fighting is being mentioned. And not just the purpose. But along with that important guidelines are also being given. It wasn't just that, okay, you can go fight. No guidelines are given. This is how you're supposed to fight. This is the objective of fighting. This is the purpose, don't just follow your desires know, even when it comes to battle, you have to be submissive to Allah. You can't just go on killing people fighting people just to satisfy the anger of your heart. No, this action also has to be according to the teachings of Allah soprano. So what are those guidelines? What's the purpose of fighting, that when

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you meet the disbelievers in battle? Firstly, followed by recopy. Then strike where on the next

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is a plural of Robert and Robert is primarily used for the back of the neck? Why is the said strike the next?

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Because when the neck is struck, when the neck is injured, when the neck is Scott, what does that mean?

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That if the head is amputated,

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definitely the person is gonna die. If the hand is amputated, the arm is amputated, the leg is injured, can the person still move on, he can still continue, he can still survive. But if the neck is injured, and that said he's gone. So for a lot of us,

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this is an instruction that q in the most effective way, killer the most effective way. So in a way lower carb is symbolic for killing.

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And why is it said that good in the most effective way. Because obviously, when you're in battle, the purpose is to kill. When you're in battle, the purpose is to kill because sometimes people are afraid or shy of talking about these things. I mean, it's understood when you go to battle. Why do you go to kill, so when you have to kill, kill in the most efficient way, because the quicker you kill, the more you kill, the quicker you will break the strength of the enemy. And that is the objective of fighting that you break the strength of the enemy.

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So Furthermore, recall why in order to kill the enemy, because the quicker you will kill, the quicker you will break the strength of the enemy and that is the purpose of the battle, defeat the enemy.

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So further by recopy keeps laying head there until either a hunt to move home when you have extensively wounded them. 100 to move from the root letters, Sahar noon sahana sahana is when something is thick, when something is concentrated, so much so that it's difficult to move it around. You know, if you're cooking a particular sauce, if you're making a particular sauce, the thicker it gets, and you pour it on a plate and you tilt the plate with it move easily. It won't, when it's concentrated, when it's thick, it doesn't move easily. And when it's not as concentrated when it's not as thick then what happens it moves very easily. So, from this, the word is used for

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someone who has been beaten so much that they cannot move from their place

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someone who has been beaten so much that they cannot move from their place. So, from beating up the word is also used for killing at a large scale inflicting slaughter. So had to either a hunt to move on meaning when you have inflicted slaughter when you have killed at a large scale, when you have created havoc, when you have exhausted the enemy when you have weakened them, then what are you supposed to do?

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For should do was then start firmly binding the bonds should do from the fetters chain that should it What does that mean? intense strong and over here it gives meaning off firmly binding tying together tightening fastening

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so for should do tighten fasten what should you tighten Alyssa what is our sock? What's up is that which is used to bind something or someone without because what that which is used to bind yusaku so it can apply to change it can apply to shackles, ropes, handcuffs, different things that are used to bind to tie a prisoner a captive. So if I should do what that what does it mean? Then start taking the people as captives. So the first step is kill the enemy as much as you can. The second step is should deal with

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What up cannot be the first step. Because if you start binding the enemy, then what's gonna happen?

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What's gonna happen,

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they can easily open themselves up or if there's so many a number, they will help each other. But if you have killed many of them, you have broken their strength, those who are left, they have been disheartened.

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They feel that they have been defeated. So at that time, you catch them, and you bind the rest of them. But when is this after many have been killed and the strength of the enemy has been broken? Now we see that over here, the Muslims, they were being allowed to fight for the first time against to those people who had committed great injustice against them for a very long time.

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And this is why clear instructions are being given because it was a first battle to be fought but and from now on, many battles were to be fought. So the instructions are being given. This is how you're supposed to fight. Because of the guidelines are not given, you can imagine any person who has been treated with injustice, how much anger he has for the volume.

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So if the instructions are not given, what is he going to do? Just follow his desire.

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So this is why clear guidelines have been given, this is what you're supposed to do.

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And the goal, the objective of the battle has also been clarified. What is the goal? Break the strength of the enemy, Why kill? Why kill as many as possible quickly, to break the strength of the enemy, because when the enemy is weakened, then you can take the rest of the people as captives. Now, those of you have taken us captives, what are you supposed to do with them? for him? Man number two, then either generosity afterwards, what mF either or ransom. Meaning you cannot keep those prisoners for eternity, forever until they die? No, you're supposed to keep them and do two things with them. Either showman, or you let them by their freedom, meaning ransom them. Now the word man,

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what does it mean? HUGE favor. What's this favorite referring to?

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That you could set them free without taking any ransom. You treat them as captives. And then you can set them free without taking any ransom. This is what man a huge favor of generosity, someone's life has been spared. Man can also be done in many different ways. What mfe that for that meaning ransom them with payment or in exchange for Muslim captives.

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And this you will do had until darle, horrible ozama until the war puts down its burdens. This is an expression oza is a plural of wisdom or wisdom which is used for a heavy load. What is it a heavy load? And over here? What does it mean by the loads the burden of the war?

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It refers to the heavy loads of weaponry and other things. Like for example, armor, chainmail, swords, all of that. It's the burdens of battle of war. so hot that oberle hairbow ozada ha, this is an expression which means until the battle is over.

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Some have said that what this means is that although humble ozada that the heart of the battle, the purpose of battle is what to defeat the enemy. And in the case of Muslims, their purpose is to defeat the enemy and also to punish those who have wronged them. So ozar refers to them as seeking their opposition, meaning the purpose of the battle is met, the machine are defeated. their strength is broken. So what's the objective of battle? What's the objective of battle? What do we learn from this? To break the strength of the machine? Like we have learned earlier? hatherleigh akuna Fitness until there is no fitna. So how old are horrible ozada velyka that is so meaning, this is the

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command that Allah gives you concerning them. What command that, first of all, kill the enemy. Secondly, take the rest as prisoners and those who have been taken as prisoners, what do you do with them? What do you do with them either usual favor to them or you let them by their freedom with ransom, and this meaning you will take them as captives until the battle is over. And the objective of fighting is to break the strength of the enemy until there is no more fitna. This is the law that Allah gives you.

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Wallonia sha Allah and if Allah wills learn the sort of minimum he could have taken avenge himself from

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Then we should be keen, could Allah not have punished them himself?

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could he not? Of course he could. We see that the nations of the past when they wronged their messenger did a lot not descend punishment on them. Yes, he sent Russia he sent say how he sent me. He drowned them. So many different things. But we see over here that Allah is punishing the machine again at the hands of Muslims. Allah says over here when we shot a lot and Tara Minami could have taken around himself. So many different things. So why is it that he's telling you to fight them when I can, but he has ordered you to fight them Leah blue bar, loco B, BB, so that he may test some of you with others. This is a test that Allah is putting you in that those who believe what do they

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do and Allah commands them to fight? do they go? Or do they become weak? Do they go for the sake of Allah? Or do they go to make money?

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Why are they going Leah boo Ababa combi BB, but remember that when Medina kuti, roofie, Sybil Allah, those who are killed in the way of Allah Fellaini, little Armada, whom Allah will never waste their efforts. Those who have been killed in the way of Allah, their deeds will never be wasted their efforts, their sacrifices will never go away. No, Allah will accept them, Allah will reward them abundantly. And this is again in complete contrast to our karma know that those who fight in the way of Allah Allah would never wasted leads. Now, overall, the message of this is very, very clear. That basically the purpose the objective of war is being given. An important guidelines are also being

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given. What's the objective? Break the enemy forces break their strength? And what are the guidelines? kill the enemy? Take us prisoners. And once you've taken them as prisoners, then what are you supposed to do? Either man or further.

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But as I mentioned to you that taking prisoners is only allowed after the first step. Because the last point is so little and fella is 67 Mark annalena been in your corner who saw us cleaning up, it is not allowed for a profit to have captives of war until he inflicts a massacre on the earth, meaning inflicts a massacre at the battlefield. Now, these are the guidelines for the battlefield.

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And these are the guidelines for prisoners as well both have been given

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with regards to prisoners mn minus favor, I mentioned to you that one way of doing one is what that you let the prisoners go without taking any ransom.

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Another way of man is that the prisoners should be treated well for as long as they are imprisoned.

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Another way of doing your sign to them showing favor to them is that they should be treated well as prisoners. And we see that this was the way of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam typically what happens when there are prisoners of war. Even if they're not prisoners of war, if somebody is in prison, even for a crime that they have committed, what kind of injustice is are committed against them in the world? What kind of in justices, but we see Allah subhanaw taala says, Man, you have to show favor. Why? Because you are only allowed to kill them. Where at the battlefield. Once the battle is over, you can commit injustices against them if you do anything wrong. If you harm them, that is

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injustice, that is not permissible. You only have two options either do mine. And if you don't want to keep them, let them go, let them by their freedom. Don't keep them harass them, commit injustice against them. This is not permissible. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam when the Muslims gained a lot of prisoners at the Battle of added he distributed the prisoners of brother in the houses of different companions. So where were the prisoners accommodated in the houses of the companions, and he instructed them treat these prisoners Well, one of those prisoners of war Aziz, he reported that the unsolved Muslims in whose house I was kept, they gave me bread morning and evening. But as for

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themselves, they only ate dates. Remember that the Arabs did not grow any type of grain grain was imported. And with grain, you make bread, so it was expensive. What did they do? They gave the bread to the prisoner mushrik and what did they eat themselves, dates and other prisoners who hated dharma. The Prophet said a lot of them was told about him that this man is a fiery speaker. mean he has been speaking against you against the Muslims. So we should take revenge from him. Let's break his teeth. So if we break his teeth, he won't be able to speak clearly. And he'll be embarrassed to say

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Before people, that time you can just go to a dentist and get gold teeth. So if a person is a speaker and his teeth are broken that said he can't speak anymore. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam replied, If I have his teeth broken, Allah will break my teeth. Although I'm a prophet, because Allah has instructed the Muslims do man or feather.

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You cannot do you cannot do injustice, you are only allowed to strike them on the battlefield. Once the battle is over, had that a lot of hard work. Once the battle is over, you can't do anything wrong to the prisoners. Then there are an Amana with you. And Amanda, we also learn about some ama even without was the chief of yamamah. He was brought as a prisoner to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he was imprisoned in Medina, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he came to him as samama. He was tied up and he asked him to mama, what do you say? What do you think? What do you have to say you have anything to say? He replied, If I am killed, then such a one would be killed, whose blood has

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some value, meaning if you kill me, my people will take revenge from you. If I'm showing favor, then favor would be shown to a person who appreciates favor, if you let me go, I will be very appreciated. And if you want wealth, ask for it, you will be given it for three days, the profits are a lot less. And I'm asked him the same thing. And samama he gave the same answer. The prophet SAW a lot of time eventually freed him. Man, he didn't buy his freedom. The profits on a lot of them showed in favor freedom. So when samama was freed, he went to a nearby Oasis, he left Medina went to a nearby Oasis, he washed himself and he came back and he pronounced the kalama. And he became a

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Muslim. And he said before this day, nobody was more detestable than you, and no religion, more detestable than your religion in my sight. I hated you the most I hated your religion the most. But now for me, no man is more beloved than you. And no religion is more beloved than your religion. Why? Mine was shown to him three days, he was treated with a lot of kindness. And then eventually he was freed. Typically, prisoners are harassed, they are abused, they are raped, they're tortured in different ways, physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically, so much torture is inflicted on prisoners of war. But we see that in Islam, there is no such permission to torture the prisoner in

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any way. You either show favor. And if you don't want to show a favor, then you let him go further.

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And part of your son is that you treat them well as prisoners, their needs are met. How did the profits or a lot of them keep the prisoners either in the houses of the Sahaba, or in the masjid? It wasn't they were closed up in a darkroom, no sunlight, no food, no water, no, they were kept in a place where they could be taken care of.

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Because this is how the work is done.

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And part of your sign is that the prisoners are not killed either.

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Part of your sign is that they are not treated brutally, that they're not sexually harassed, not physically harassed, not psychologically harassed, tortured. And part of your son is that they should be freed without ransom, even though taking ransom is allowed. However, freeing them without taking ransom is also permissible. And many times the Prophet sallallahu Sallam did that. And the ransom also can be in different ways. It could be through money. And it could be through different things. Like for example, we learned that after the Battle of whether those people of Quraysh, who were taken as prisoners who could read and write, what were they told, how could they buy their

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freedom, that they would have to teach at least 10 Muslim children, how to read and write, when they were done with that they could earn their freedom had that other hardware ozada when the war is over, then all this is not needed.

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And this is a very beautiful thing of our religion, that prisoners of war are to be treated with men, or they are to be freed by taking a ransom, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam did both.

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And depending on who you've caught as a prisoner, you will deal with him.

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And this is one of the best ways of doing that. I'm sure all of you have come across that book by Yvonne really, that how she was imprisoned, but how she was treated well, and that became a means of her accepting Islam.

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She wasn't abused. She wasn't tortured. She was respected. She wasn't sexually harassed. In no way not at all. She was given food and she was okay. She was imprisoned. However, no injustice was committed against her. I encourage you to read that book for yourself. Because this is an eyewitness. This is a real experience that a woman experienced

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Were in a country where people fear men so much. I mean, how are many of these Muslim men portrayed as if they are rapists? And as if they have nothing on their mind except women? This is how they're portrayed. But we see that how this woman was treated, even as a prisoner that later on she studied their religion, how come they're like this and she became a Muslim.

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Yes, he was freed as well. And we see that on the other hand, all over the world, there are so many prisoners who are treated the way even animals are not to be treated.

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This is injustice, injustice, and there's something that Allah does not allow, even if it's your enemy, you can not harass him. He's in your control at your mercy. You cannot harass him, you cannot torture him. torture is not allowed. This is something that Allah does not allow. Because remember that Allah lets people survive with gopher, but he doesn't let them survive with Islam.

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And even if a Muslim does commit injustice, Allah does not accept that. So these are the beautiful teachings of our religion for Mr. Magnum Umberto, in my

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being on

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to move on.

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Come on.

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If you think about it, this is what is mentioned over here while we shall Allahu la Solomon, who he could have punished them himself, but he is punishing them through you because you're being tested. What do you do at the battlefield? What do you do with the prisoners? What do you do when your enemies at your mercy

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that we see it tomorrow will help following the truth when it comes to such guidelines when it comes to such instructions, specifically of the battlefield, many times Wilson's don't understand or why, for the record, this is so violent, Hata hunter moment on so violent, this is what we think. But when you follow the truth, then you see where it will lead you to, you have to follow the steps that Allah has given you. And this is one of the best ways of battle, that you kill the enemy of the battlefield. Later on, you can torture even if you've got them.

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So these are the beautiful instructions that are Lost Planet Allah has given to us. And this is the beauty of our religion, guidance with regards to every matter of life, every single matter. Imagine if the prisoner of war is to be treated with men. Then what about our own Muslim brothers and sisters, who sometimes are at our mercy? Like for example, if there's a girl who's married into a family, and you know, she's living over there with her in laws, sometimes She's literally like a prisoner. But how is she treated? No man is shown. Imagine prisoner of war, showman, and how can you not be merciful good towards your own Muslim brothers and sisters? That is more of an obligation on

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Aleynikov Oh,