Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P10 107A Translation Al-Tawbah 64-74

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The group discusses various topics such as religion, politics, and money, while the conversation is disjointed and difficult to follow. They express frustration and confusion, but ultimately succeed. They also mention struggles such as accidents, drugs, and injuries, and express confusion and frustration, but ultimately achieve success. The group describes a series of disconnected sentences and phrases, making it difficult to summarize.
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Muhammad Ali a lot of Sunil Karim Allah Bharat Fairwood bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah AR him. Rubbish Rania Saudi were Sidley MD Wagner. appdata Mindy Saniya Kuru holy probenecid Nerima

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lesson number 107 Sudha Toba I in number 64 to 74 Translation Yehuda, Rue he fears el mundo Mucuna the hypocrites and that tuna Zilla it is sent down or lay him upon them so rotten a surah a chapter Don't be a home it informs them Bhima with what fee is in goMobi him their hearts

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say is Desi oh you all mark in the Lucha indeed Allah Maha Region One who takes out ma what the room you all fear

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when are in and surely if CELTA whom you ask them you question them. Layer Colin show surely they will definitely say in nama indeed not but Kunta we were no horrible we indulge when allowed and we play to say, did Billahi with Allah wa T and his verses were Sue Lee and his messenger quantum you were the stairs you own your lock.

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Law do not 30 of you, you all make excuses. But in fact Kaffir Tom, you all have disbelieved barbel after Imani calm your belief in if knuffel We burden on Santa if attain a group men come from you know as we shall punish the if attend a group be unknown because indeed they can know they were Bucha remain ones who are criminals.

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And then if you're going to hypocrite men, one minute if you're caught and the hypocrite women by to whom some of them men from bobbin some of others yet Marina they order bin mancha with the recognized wrong way and Hohner and therefore bid on some amount of the recognized good. What and Jakob LaDonna they hold back idea home their hands now so they forgot Allah Allah financier home so he forgot them. In indeed Elmo nephew cleaner the hypocrites whom they are fantasycon those who cross limits

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while the he promised Allahu Allah al manera Felina the hypocrite men Wellman, Africa and the hypocrite women while kuffaar and the disbelievers narrow fire Jehan nama of *, Holly Dena ones who abide eternally fie her in it here it has been home is sufficient for them. Well, and law I know home he cursed them. Allahu Allah, where the home and for them or there's been a punishment multiman one Everlast de

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can Lavina like those who mean from Corbelli calm before you can do they were a Shabda more strong men continue to Wharton in strength in power. What a thorough and more awareness in wealth were older than and in children for center so they enjoyed their benefited, be hanaki him with their share, first into tune. So you all benefited bihon article with your share. Command just as is Santa, he enjoyed a Levina those who men from public home before you before and after him with their share will hope to him and you all indulged, can lovey like who horrible they indulged in our Eco those have you thought it was wasted? A man whom their deeds fit dunya in the world when our Hera

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and the hereafter were America and those whom they are hos Iran the losers

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and then did not yet the when it comes to them. Never Oh news and Levina of those who mean from copy him before them. Call me people no hands off. No, we didn't end up with a mood and some mood will call me and people Ibrahima of Ibrahim or insulin was herb and companions Medina of Medina was difficult and the dwellings that were turned upside down all the overturned dwellings at that home it came to them. Also the home they're messengers built by him

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NAT with the clear proofs from us are not Ghana he was Allahu Allah Leo's Lima home so that he wants them were lacking but can who they were and Fusa home themselves easily moon they do wrong

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well let me know in it and the believing men will Minette and the believing women bow to whom some of them earlier are close protecting friends balding of some others yeah Marina they order been more aloof with the recognized good way and Hohner and they forbid I'm from an mancha the recognized drunk while your key manner and they perfectly establish a solid the solid when you do that and they give us the character doesn't care where you to your honor and they obey Allah Allah wa Sula who and his messenger Allah those sir hammer home soon he will bestow mercy on them. Allahu Allah in the Lucha indeed Allah or xizhou Always Almighty Hakeem on always always

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while the he promised Allahu Allah Omote me Nina the believing men will mock me net and the believing women genetic gardens there Judy it flows men from dirty hair underneath it and how the rivers Holly Dena Wanzhou abide eternally fee her in it well and Moroccan dwellings homes, the Yuba 10 Pure good, pleasant

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fee in genetic gardens or the name of Eden of eternity.

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When you're done and pleasure main from Allah He Allah Akbar is greatest or is greater

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than eco that Hua H L follows the success Aleem the supreme the great

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yeah a U haul or an A Bu the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Jaya hit you do jihad use Dr. Elko for against the disbelievers when the naphthalene and the hypocrites Well, who knows and you'll be severe be firm. I lay him upon them well not well whom and their abode Jahannam is * will be set and how bad are mostly the destination?

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The ugly foreigner this were Billahi by Allah MA Not by new they said when are called and certainly are new, they said Kalamata word or statement and proof of the disbelief will come for you. And the disbelieved bother after Islami him there Islam were her Mo and they resolved they intended firmly be more with what land not Jana? No they obtain why not? And not more como de avenged they resented in law except on that owner home he enriched them Allahu Allah wa rasuluh and this messenger men from Fort Lee his bounty for him so if you're tubal they repent yaku it will be higher and better the home for them we're in and if you get a well no they turn away you are the boy whom He will

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punish them Allahu Allah or the robbing a punishment or Lehman painful Fidelia in the world when Accra and the hereafter Walmart and not the home for them fill early in the earth men from Wellington any close protecting friend Wanda and nor misleading any helper

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let's listen to the recitation

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here has proven

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the gallery

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will be hard pressed to be getting

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a hold on dunkin

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TV net

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either on email

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touch home or solo home

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I'm Erica and along with the elderly no one

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you're gonna

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getting while you will be moving

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tune as

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well you will

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tune as Zanka until

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these hiking well

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meaning MENA fusion

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Dream in

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mean a lot

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of thought was going

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to be huge

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three workers that

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work as a

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movie man and

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one more

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you want

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