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Al-Hajj 25-37 Word Analysis and Tafsir 25-26

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Are the human machine Atlanta legend Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim.

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Somebody asked a question What is the difference between fitna and but it never lucam What's the difference?

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difference between fitna and but what is a fitna? fitna is a difficulty it is a test, it is a difficult situation, the object of which is purification, the object of which is change. By, for example, if a disbeliever inflicted on a believer, why does he do that? Because he wants the believer to change, so fitna is a test it is a difficult situation, the object of which is purification, in the case of the believer,

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and by that is a difficult test, through which one's true worth is known

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by law is a difficult situation so that one's true worth is known to know the true worth of someone.

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What is their reality? Where do they stand?

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So the object of fitna is different from the object of Bella.

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Okay, let's begin the lesson.

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Lesson number 169. So little hedge I am number 25 to 37

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in the Ludhiana cathodal indeed those people who have disbelieved references to the people of Makkah, wire Sedona and they also stop, they also hinder who the people from what unsavoury delay from the way of Allah.

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Meaning they prevent people from accepting the deen of Allah. They prevent people from practicing the deliver law, while most of them are army, and also the sacred mosque, meaning we also doona Anil masjidul halloumi. And they also stop people from the sacred mosque

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and mostly that how long is the masjid that is around the garba debate Allah. And although over here I must either Haram is mentioned, however, by mentioning the Jews the part of something the entire Helen is meant over here.

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So I'll measure how long does not just mean the sacred mosque which is around the garba but rather it refers to the entire area of huddling.

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So they prevent people from the sacred mosque meaning they stop people from performing hajj and ermanno over there. Because as you know that Hajj is not only performed in the masjid, hello, you have to go to Mina you have to go to our fat, you have to go to muslera for various places. So they stop people from performing hajj they prevent people from performing Ramadan over there from worshiping Allah subhanaw taala. Over there.

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We learned that the people of Mercado Sikkim they used to stop the Muslims and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam from reciting the Quran in the huddle. And they also prevented them from praying the Sadat in the huddle. This was before they migrated from Mecca to Medina. We have learned about various incidents in which the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was praying, and they went and harassed him, or they tried to stop him. There were other people who recited the Quran out loud, and they were beaten up severely.

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So while motional heroin they prevented the Muslims from worshiping a loss of panel data over there, whether it was in the form of reciting the Quran, or it was in the form of praying the Sunnah.

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And after the profits or losses that have migrated from Mecca to Medina, what happened

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after some time when the Muslims they came to Makkah, in order to perform Amara, they were prevented, and that is when the Treaty of her debut was signed.

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So such incidents are being referred to over here, that the people who stop others from the way of Allah and they stop others from the mercy of the harem. And the muscular harem is such a place that unlovely that which there are now who we have made it Lin se for all people so we're equal.

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Meaning all people have equal right to visit that place and to worship Allah subhanaw taala over there. So just because someone has migrated from Mecca to Medina does not mean he has a less of a right to go to Mecca and perform over there. Because Allah de jure Allahu Allah, nasty sour, it has been made equal for all people, meaning all people have the right to come and worship Allah subhanaw taala alone over there. Because the NASA and NASA here does not include machine as we have learned earlier until October that they are not allowed to come in practice they shall cover there. Because when Allah is the one who has designated that place, what does it mean? That it's only he who should

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be worshipped over there.

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So if anyone wishes to come and worship over there

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He should not be prevented. He should not be stopped from doing so.

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But the Michigan of Macau what were they doing? They were preventing the Muslims from coming to the Harlem and worshipping Allah soprano died over there. And Alevi Jr, Allahu Allah, NASA. This has been understood in two ways that first of all, all people have the right to visit that place. And secondly, all people are enjoined to observe its proper etiquette. Just because someone is an Arab, just because someone lives in Makkah. Just because someone is from the Arabian Peninsula, doesn't mean he has more right? Or doesn't mean he doesn't have to observe the proper etiquette. No, every single person has the right and every single person is enjoined, do observe its proper etiquette.

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And it is the same for aloka for fee, the resident in it, meaning the one who resides in the area of heaven. So in other words, in Makkah, one bad and also the outsider. So it is the same for both types of people, the resident, as well as the outsider.

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And our gift is from the root fetters iron Kapha. And roof as you know, is to stay in one place. It is to stay devoted to something to not move from there. And from this, the word archive is also used for the resident of the city, the resident of a town, because that is where he lives. And I'll bed from the roof letters better than well. And it's from the word but which is to live in the desert. So bad is the desert dweller, and the word over here, but it doesn't just apply to the Bedouins. But it also applies to the outsiders. Because the veterans, what would they do, they would live in the desert, but every now and then they would go to a city, they would go to a town, they would go to a

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village. So they would come to these places as outsiders. So from this URL that is also used for a visitor,

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someone who's not come to permanently stay, but someone who has just come to visit for some time.

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So the Baitullah the muscular harm, the area of how long is such that Allah has made it equal for all people, whether he resides in Makkah, or he's an outsider, or he is a pastor by a visitor. All people have the right to come and worship Allah over there.

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When my unit and whoever intense, whoever desires fi in it were in the huddle, in the beta law in the masculine heroine, whoever intends to be ahead, whoever intends to do in it, it had

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what does it had me

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It had to deviate from the right course, it has to move away from the right course. And from this word is also used for adopting misguidance because la had his word, it's such a grave that you go downwards and then you go sideways. So, this is what it is that a person is going on the right course and then he adopts deviation. he adopts misguidance and remember that it had is of several types when it comes to the technical term it has it is of several types.

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First of all, it includes ship with almost associating partners with Allah because such type of deviation such type of moving away from the right course what does it do? It nullifies the amount of a person that even if a person is praying solid, even if a person is giving us a cat, he calls himself a Muslim, but if he does shake that his Eman is nullified from the same urges award will head and will head is used for an apostate.

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Secondly, it had includes indulging in Acts of misguidance

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participating in Acts of misguidance heresy, even if it is in the name of religion.

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Like for example, a person does an act which is a complete innovation that has no basis in the religion. Now he claims to be a Muslim, he is perhaps doing the actions of Muslims as well. However, his actions are deviated from the right course.

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So you understand how it's used for ill health, that you're going straight, but then you go off track, you're going straight, but then you adopt misguidance.

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So it has includes shin and it also includes indulging in Acts of disobedience, indulging in Acts of misguidance, even if they're done in the name of religion.

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So whoever intends to do it had in the mercy than heroin, whether it is in the form of Schick or it is in the form of cotton, because remember, it includes all types of sins as well, or it is disrespecting the harm in some way, or practicing innovations over there.

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So any person who does ill had in the heroin

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How is he going to do it had in the Hello bill men with injustice?

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What does it mean by this?

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Meaning he does it hurt by doing one for the reason of wrongdoing with the intention to sin.

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Because you see over here, what might you read the fee, we'll head over there only irata is mentioned intention is mentioned. But bill specifies that he is doing it with the intention to sin, He is committing what is forbidden.

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And also, if you think about it, it had in the Haram is done out of injustice, meaning nobody has a right to do any type of inhoud over there.

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No ship, no beta, nothing that is against the religion, no oppression, no theft, no murder, nothing of that sort is permissible over there. So anyone who engages in such activities in the heroine, Allah says no vehicle hoomin are there even early, we will make him taste of painful punishment.

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What do we see over here, that the home is a place that Allah subhanaw taala has specified for his worship only.

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And all people have the right to come and worship Allah over there.

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And if there's any person who stops others, who prevents others from coming over there, if there's any person who commits injustice over there, who does something that is against the teachings that Allah has given, then such a person who is committing a serious crime, a serious offense, and he will be certainly punished for this crime, by Allah subhanaw taala wherever he wishes in the dunya, or in the Hereafter,

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we see that the mercy there, however, is a place of a man, as we have learned earlier that this place Allah, Allah has made it as a place of security and safety. Why?

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Because people from all over the world come over there to worship Allah serpentine.

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And imagine if people do not feel secure over there, if you feel threatened, if you feel insecure in a place, can you focus on what you're supposed to be doing? No way. And especially when it comes to everybody, when it comes to the worship of Allah, security, peace of mind has to be there, because otherwise the person cannot do a better property.

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This is the reason why if anyone disrupts the peace of that place, if anyone violates the commands of Allah subhanaw taala in that place, then he is going against the purpose for which that place was built, for which that place was constructed, for which that place was sanctified.

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And because this person is committing the serious crime, therefore, he will be duly punished. We learned that Mm hmm. He was asked, that is a sin, written more than once for a person meaning is a sin multiplied for a person that says good deeds are multiplied for a person. He said no, unless that sin is performed in Makkah,

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unless that sin is performed in Makkah, that just as a person does a good deed, that good deed is multiplied, because of the way that he has done it, because of the time that he has performed it in the good deeds reward is multiplied for him. Similarly, if a sin is committed in Makkah, according to him, the sin is multiplied, the crime is multiplied, the offense is more serious, because that place is a place that has been specified for the worship of Allah. And if anyone goes against the purpose was built, he's a serious criminal.

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And this is the reason why we see that even killing animals is not permissible over there. hunting animals is not permissible over there. And the only animals that are permissible to be killed over there are those that are harmful for people

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and even destroying plants, uprooting plants is not permissible, except for this one type of grass that is Islam, which the people used to use, but otherwise, even plants cannot be uprooted. Animals cannot be harassed, animals cannot be killed.

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Now, if animals and plants cannot be disturbed, you think people can be disturbed. People can be harassed. People can be threatened over there their life can be put in danger. No way this is not permissible at all.

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And we see that when Abdullah when he came with his entire army, to attack the Kaaba to destroy the Kaaba, Allah subhanaw taala himself defended his house, he sent an entire army of his birds to destroy that army of abre.

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And we learned that the people of that time they were obviously mushrikeen, but the grandfather of the prophet SAW the Lotus Allah Abdulmutallab when his camels had been taken by Abraham and his army. So he came to take his camels back from them and they said, you know, you

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Your Worship places. were attacking that and you're concerned about your camels. What did he say? That I am concerned about my property, and the God who has sanctified this place, he will protect his property.

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So we see that this place has been specified for the worship of Allah and if anyone disturbs the peace, if anyone disrespects that place in any way, Allah Himself will inflict punishment on him, because he himself has taken responsibility to guard and preserve that place. And we see that carrying weapons over there is also not permissible, carrying weapons, unless if it's for a genuine reason, otherwise, it's not permissible. Similarly, if there's a criminal who was found over there, who was guilty of a major crime, a serious offense, you find him at the helm. You cannot kill him, you cannot harass him, you cannot do anything to him unless he comes out of the house.

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And we see that it was only at the time of the conquest of Makkah, when for a few hours, the sanctity was uplifted for the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and he made it clear to the people that it has been uplifted only for some time, and now it has been reinstated again. Therefore, no one can violate the sanctity of this holy place ever again.

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And we learned in sort of belcarra 217 that all peterlin Fie Kabir was sudden and civilian law, he will go from V while masjidul harami What is Roger Lee Minho Akbar en de la that he has fighting in the sacred months is a huge thing. It's a big deal. However, stopping people from the way of Allah and disbelieving in Allah and stopping people from the muscular haram and expelling its people from its houses is greater in the sight of is greater in the sight of

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that people who are living over there. They're not allowed to live in peace, that people who come to worship over there, they're prevented from doing so.

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We're in but whatnot. And when we designated label our Hema for him or him or his Senator McConnell at the side of the house, the place of the house, meaning and mentioned when we designated for Ibrahim and s&m the place of the house, as to where he should build it.

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But what night is from the roof letters bow well, Hamza, but we're ubo we W.

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And it literally means to make a place suitable on landing over there on reaching over there. And it has to appoint a place. So to appoint a place to designate a place and then make it suitable, once you reach over there.

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Like for example, if you go for a picnic, you go to a park, and it's a huge Park, you don't know where to go. So you designate a place. Okay, this particular area of the park, this is where we're going to sit together and eat.

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First of all, you designated the place. Now once you designated the place, once you got there, what did you do? You made sure that you put the sheets under the tree so that whoever's sitting over there under the shade.

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So you prepare that place you make it suitable for yourself. This is what Bill was

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to appoint, to designate. And to make it suitable as well. We have learned this word earlier as well. To Well, we will move me Nina, Macari that they've gotten the profits out of Allison was appointing the places for the believers for the purpose of battle.

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So what is the what why is this word use over here to show that the place of the garbage where the garbage is built,

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that was appointed by who? By Allah.

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And Allah showed the place to Ibrahim Raisa, because we see that the garba you can say it was destroyed because of the flood of new Harrison. Because the carbon it was there before. However, after the flood, its foundations had collapsed. And when ebrahimian isn't after so many years when he came over there, and he was told to construct the car, but he had no idea as to where the actual place was supposed to be where the actual cargo was. So instead of building it anywhere, Allah subhanaw taala designated the place. This is where the cargo was. And this is where you're supposed to rebuild the Kaaba.

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So Ibrahim alayhis salam, he built the cargo over there.

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And we learned that about hero Salaam he was originally from where? From Iraq, but when his people, they tried to burn him, his father said leave otherwise, I'm going to stone you to death. He was forced to do hedra. So he left that place.

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And when he left that place, he went to a sham and he also left his wife harder as well as his son is married were in Makkah now over there. That

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Time, the Carver was not there. It was a barren land, no one would come and visit. No one would come to even pass by that place because there was nothing in that area, nothing at all. A barren Valley.

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So Abraham and his son and when he returned over there, Allah subhanaw taala commanded him to construct the contract and he did so with with his son is married. So it but what nearly Ibrahima McCann and at the place of the house, meaning the site, the location of the garba, as to where he was supposed to build it.

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And what was he commanded? That what is the objective of building this house, unless to shake that you do not do shake? Be with me shake anything at all, do not associate any partner with me. And this is the objective of building the Kaaba. And what is that? To establish the need to establish the worship of Allah alone?

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What the hell and also cleanse, also purify batyr my house meaning the Kaaba

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also purify my house for who litho afina for those who don't have well are Amina and those who stand in prayer will regard and those who bow down as sudo those who prostrate authority in Florida thought if and who is thought if one who does power and allow him in plural of our m who is fine. One who does pm but our aim is ultimate understood as multi meaning those who do erotica over there, because in another ayah, what have we learned what are Aquafina

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in total vaca I 125. We have learned earlier where he didn't Isla Ibrahima is Marina antihero. batyr litho Safina will Araki feanor workers to do the same words have been used except for instead of a mean what is over there. And artificial mean has also been understood as mulki mean meaning and archivi those are doing erotica

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what Luca florala

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here, one who does Riku and a sudo florala sajit. One who does such them.

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So Ibrahim and s&m, he is given certain instructions over here, that After you have completed the construction of the Kaaba,

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make sure that only Allah is worshipped over here. Because this is the purpose of this place. That those who come to this house for the purpose of worshiping Allah unknown, they should realize that this house is only for worshiping Allah. It's not for anything else.

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This is the objective, this is the purpose. And when people come to worship Allah over there, they should find that place clean, they should find that place pure and free from schicke. So far here, baby clean and cleansing. And bahara over here has been understood in two ways. That first of all, it includes tangible cleanliness. And secondly, it includes intangible cleanliness, tangible that it should be a clean place that when people are there, they shouldn't be finding filth everywhere. Because if you're worshipping Allah, and the place smells, if you're trying to praise for that, and the place is smelling, or the place is filthy, the people are using the washroom right by the place

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where the people are supposed to be praying. And the nasty smell is coming where the people are praying is a person able to focus on his worship? Not at all, it's not possible.

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So people are coming from all over the world to worship alone over there, make sure that house is clean. But here bitey. And this definitely is for the most subtle one. But this is also for the other massages of Allah, that the massage they are for Allah meaning they're built for the worship of Allah. So when people come to do that, they should find that place clean. Because if it's not clean, you're about to get affected. bajada is a major part of the worship. It's a major part of a better and without the harder worship is almost nullified. For example, if a person is praying so what I will do is assign a value. No, you have to clean yourself, physically clean yourself in order

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for your worship to be accepted in order for your worship to be valid. Therefore the Hala is extremely important. And the thing is that if we are not careful ourselves, then we could be affecting other people that are better.

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Because think about it if a person does not use the washroom properly and there is sprinkled urine everywhere, for instance, or the floor is left wet, the toilet seat is left dirty, and other people do not spot that filth and they use the toilet and as a result that

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filters on their bodies on their clothes. And when they perform Salah Is there a solid going to be valid, because of you, it's not going to be valid. Because if you the quality of the Salah is going to be affected. So we have to be very careful that we have to keep ourselves clean. And we have to keep the place clean as well.

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Because it will affect our worship and it will also affect the worship of other people.

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So Abraham Edison, and he was a prophet of Allah, and he was commanded you clean the house. What do we think that cleaning is done by who? The cleaners. And we think that if we're asked to clean a place, then we are being insulted. It does not suit us that why should we be the cleaners? Why should we be told to clean this place? We think it's an insult. However, remember, this is not an insult, it's an honor. That lady who used to clean the masjid, when she passed away, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam went, and he prayed her janessa although the Sahaba didn't even think it was important to tell the Prophet sallallahu Sallam about her death, because nobody even knew much about

00:26:08--> 00:26:14

her. But he noticed that and he appreciated that. And Allah appreciates even more.

00:26:15--> 00:26:53

So this is something that we must realize. I remember that when we were doing the course in Pakistan, there was no concept of cleaners at alhuda. Neither in the hostel nor at the main building, eventually in the building, because it was huge. This is why there were cleaners. However, every single day, in the morning, for almost half an hour to one hour, there was a duty that was appointed to every single person who used to come into that place. And even today, if you go actually in the hospitals, people are still cleaning the buildings themselves. The hospital students that were appointed, that this is your place you live over here, you study over here. So you have to

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keep a clean yourself. And every single day, every morning for half an hour, 45 minutes, it's your duty every day, you either have to sweep the floors or mop the floors, or do something or the other.

00:27:03--> 00:27:08

And the thing is that when you clean the place yourself, evaluate

00:27:09--> 00:27:29

when you clean your own house, right? When you mop your floor, don't you value it so much that if anyone comes and drops even a drop of water, how offended you feel, and how quickly you will go and clean that spot. Right? And the thing is that if somebody else goes and does it, then we don't really give that much attention to it. We don't really appreciate that as much.

00:27:30--> 00:27:49

So we see that the hora is a major part of Eman, it's a major part of worship. And there is no insult if we are told to clean the masjid because Ibrahim or he said Helene Allah, the prophet of Allah, the friend of Allah he was told by Allah soprano tada to clean the masjid and he did it.

00:27:50--> 00:28:11

So by here first of all, it includes tangible cleanliness. And secondly, it also includes in tangible cleanliness. And intangible cleanliness would mean that clean it from what from shake. So for her to live by Athina while Chi Amina will look very subdued, clean it for all of these people.

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So that when they come to do a bad over there, they're able to do so with her shoe.