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Muhammad 1-19 Tafsir 1-2


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The transcript discusses the history and characteristics of the Surah, including the importance of belief in Allah's presence and connections to the Mahdi's surah as a means of protecting against attacks. The machine used to stop people from practicing Islam, but those who did not comply will face consequences. The transcript also touches on the consequences of missed deeds and the importance of avoiding false assumptions and letting people do things without knowing the consequences of their actions. The speakers emphasize the need for individuals to pursue their beliefs and interests to improve their state and find their own success.

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Are the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim lesson number 263 surat Muhammad is number one to 19 sort of Muhammad is a motherly surah and it is also known as surah. Allah PETA. What does that mean? battle fighting? When Why is it called al Qaeda because the permission of detalle it was given to Muslims later on when in Medina and it is mentioned in the surah. But this aura is more well known as surah. Mohammed, why because the name of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam Mohammed is mentioned in the second Ayah

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as we know that the Koran, it begins with sudo Fatiha al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen All Praise to Allah, the Lord of the worlds and what is the kalama La ilaha illa Allah and the next part is Mohammed rasulillah. So at the beginning of the Quran, the hadith of Allah subhanaw taala that is mentioned that is emphasized. And now we see that towards the end of the Quran, the prophethood of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam that is being emphasized, both are necessary.

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From this Surah Surah Mohammed, a new group of sutras is beginning and the first of this group are sort of Mohammed sort of fat and toilet herculite and all three of these sources they are madonie. As you know that the order of the sutras in the Quran, how are they that there is a group of Maki recently that's what we have been seeing. There is a group of mkisofs followed by one Medina surah, a group of soldiers followed by modern era suits, news that a group of Maki soldiers and then followed by soldiers.

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And again over here we see a group of maquiladoras ending with madness auras. And these Madani Soros or Muhammad Fattah and hurdler and the theme of all these three sources is obedience to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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Because belief in Allah Of course, that is essential that is necessary, but with that belief, is also obedience and submission. And how does a person practically show that demonstrate that by obeying responding to the diary of Allah, this law it has 38 verses and it begins with if you look at the surah It begins with Allah Dena cafaro.

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Now, Alina, what kind of a noun is it?

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Is the muscle was this connection? Right? So what is mentioned is connected with what was mentioned previously. But the first eye begins with alladhina cafaro. So what does it show that there has to be a connection between this and the ending of the previous one?

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Remember, that just as versus they are connected to one another, even the sources of the Quran, they are connected to one another, the beginning of the surah is connected with the ending of the previous ruler, and you will find some connections that are very obvious, and other connections that are subtle.

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Over here, this is a very obvious connection. If you look at the previous ayah, how does it end for hell, you will have a little Komal fasciae cone and who are accountable for SQL, and Latina cafaro, was hard to answer.

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Those people who disbelieve and they also stopped from the way of Allah.

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So these verses the beginning verses have sort of Mohammed they describe who the festival are, who are those people on whom the punishment of Allah descends? and What punishment is it that is going to descend on them, what kind of punishment is going to befall them?

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We see the Terkel or half is Mr. kisara, as I mentioned to you that it is one of the last suitors to be revealed in the McCain era. And sort of Muhammad on the other hand, is one of the early sources to be revealed in the Medina era. So we see that these two sources are very close together, even in terms of time that where one is the ending. The other is the beginning.

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So it's a half is the ending ending of what the 13 years long makan period of suppression

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and sort of Muhammad is the beginning of a new era, a new era to freedom. What does this show to us that at the end of every tunnel is like oh, this is why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was stalled for Smith. Be patient. Don't give up. It's been so long.

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You don't see obvious results, but there are the jinn who are believing. So don't give up hope. And in Medina, there is a new beginning. And we see that in Makkah, the believers, what were they emphasized to have suffered? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam he was advised to have sober, the believer is also even they were advised to have silver in the face of difficulty. And we see that part of that sober was not taking revenge from their enemy, not retaliating not fighting back. What were they told repeatedly kofu ad? Keep your hands to yourselves, meaning do not take revenge do not strike back do not attack the enemy. But we see that when the Muslims migrated to Medina, did the

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people of Makkah spare them? Did they know, the machine of Makkah, still did not leave them alone? What would they do? They would send small groups who would camp at the outskirts of Medina. And if there were any Muslims at the outskirts of Medina, especially as shepherds you have to take your flock out far in the distance, right so that they can graze. So what would these machines do? They would attack them kill the Muslims, take all their wealth, take their flocks, and go away.

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So the Muslims were constantly being harassed even when they had left Makkah.

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And this is why we see that the Muslims eventually they were given the permission to fight back. They were given the permission to retaliate. And we see that the Battle of others soon took place once the profits are sort of migrated to Medina. And it is also hinted in this order instead of their hedge is 39. Basically the permission to fight back was given to the United Ludhiana ukata Luna be unknown. walima permission to fight has been given to those who are being fought because they were wronged. And it's a little dakara 190 also, we learned that the Muslims were told Makati, roofie, Sybil, la Latina, ukata, Luna calm, you have the permission to defend yourself, you have the

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permission to fight back. Why? Because you have been wronged. And you were patient. And now the messenger has left the people he has migrated. And remember, once the messenger leaves the people, he goes elsewhere, then the punishment of Allah descends on those people. Remember that, up until then, up until the messenger is amongst them, they're not punished. Once the messenger leaves then the punishment of Allah comes. So we see that after the prophets of Allah Salah migrated from Mecca to Medina, then the punishment was descended on the machine of Makkah, and what sort of punishment was that, that the Muslims were allowed to fight them back? And you know what happened at about 70

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of them were killed. 70 of them were taken as captives, they lost a lot in terms of their numbers in terms of their strength in terms of their wealth, even so, this was a punishment of Allah that was sent upon the people.

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And we see that the Muslims they are allowed to take revenge they are allowed to fight back. But what's the condition? Letter they do? Do not transgress. Why? Because in the law halaya horrible mortality for this what is necessary patience subject because as your heart is filled up with anger and frustration and you boiling and rage, what do you need over there submit that okay, you're taking revenge, but only as much as as necessary. This is why we see that at the end of the previous surah. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam was emphasized to have sub first will come as sobre una asmita Rosalie while at the star de la home soon the punishment of Allah is going to descend upon them at

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the end of the verse for Halle Deku lol como se han, and who are the common fantasycon and Latina cafaro was or do unsullied? And those people who disbelieve and they also stop others from the way of Allah. Do crimes are mentioned over here?

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Inside this belief, and stopping people from the way of Allah,

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what about them? Allah subhanaw taala says concerning them above Allah whom Allah will waste their deeds, Allah will waste their efforts, they will find no benefit. Whereas we see that when a person puts an effort with Eamon with Islam, even if he does not see the results, are his deeds accepted? Yes, they are. Even if he does not see the results, are there any results? Of course there are like we saw in the incident with the jinn. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam did not see any obvious results, but there were those were believing in him.

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But on the other hand, when a person does something with confidence, and when a person's efforts are to stop people from the way of Allah, all such deeds are wasted. They don't bring anybody

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benefit to a person. Now sadu answer vilella Cofer that's understood this belief in Allah, this belief in the messenger, or disbelief in anything that a person must believe in. And what does it mean by Southern civilian stopping people from the wave of law? This can be done in various ways, how that a person stops people, by his words, or by his actions by means of persecution, by verbal abuse, physical abuse, directly, indirectly. There are many ways of stopping people from the wave of law.

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And we see that the machine of Makkah, what was their way, it was the way of gopher, and it was the way of southern Sweden for all those 13 years. What were their efforts stopping people from the way of Allah? So what does Allah say about them? Allah, Allah whom Allah has wasted their deeds, Allah has wasted their efforts of Allah. What is Allah? This is from Allah, Allah, Allah is when something gets lost, it loses its existence, it's wasted, it's lost in something else merged into something else. And therefore, it doesn't bring any benefit. It doesn't produce any benefit. And it lands of our mind. The wastage of deeds, what does it mean? that a person performs actions but he doesn't see

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any benefits that a person puts in effort, but there are no results. No results means unsuccessful efforts and no results means no reward either. So Allah Allahu Allah has wasted their deeds. Now which deeds are these?

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These are mal has been understood in two ways. First of all, our man refers to all of their efforts to stop people from the way of Allah.

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All of their efforts to stop people from the way of their activities, their efforts. Allah has wasted them, their efforts have failed. They have been rendered unsuccessful. How, for 13 years, the machine persecuted the Muslims. They tried so hard to stop people from accepting Islam from practicing Islam. Were they successful in that? No, because eventually the Muslims migrated from Makkah to Medina.

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And before that, some had even migrated from Makkah to avicennia. Those same Muslims whom they were preventing, from practicing Islam, what happened, they got their freedom. They could pray openly, they could recite the Quran openly. They could be Muslims, be proud of their identity, not hide their identity anymore. And we see that in Medina and Islamic State was established, where the mushrikeen did not want any traveler even to hear about the Prophet salallahu salam, all of a sudden what happened and Islamic State was established in Medina, and people were coming from different places, and they were listening to the Prophet sallallahu sallam. Muslims are going from Medina to

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different different places and this way, Islam spread. So what they feared what they tried their best to stop people from came to pass. So a one hour Myrna home, Allah has wasted all their efforts.

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Their efforts have produced no benefit.

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And this was such a reassuring statement.

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Imagine 30 years have gone by what the Muslims must have been feeling when they migrate from Mecca to Medina, that perhaps we have lost. Perhaps our efforts of Dawa have not been successful. What does Allah say? No, they have been successful look the jinn believed.

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On the other hand, those who tried to stop you, they have been unsuccessful, because you are in Medina and you can practice your faith.

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Secondly, reset that other Armada home these deeds, it refers to the good deeds that the Michigan of Makkah used to perform.

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Because the machine of Makkah, the Arabs, they were not inherently evil, or they were not all that bad.

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Despite the fact that they committed cover this stop people from the way of Allah. They still had some noble qualities in them.

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Like what?

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hospitality when it came to entertaining guests, they were very, very generous, very generous. What else?

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Any other noble qualities of the herbs

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that the pilgrims who would come to perform Hajj in Makkah, what would the Michigan aloka do they would give water to them, they would give food to them. A geraldton sockeye at Alhaji were email with a message of how I'm looking after the huddle. Maintaining the huddle requires a lot of time and money and effort and everything. So then we stick in a locker with

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Do all of that. The wish again, although they committed many wrong things, but at the same time when it came to fulfilling your promises, they were very true to fulfilling their promises. Similarly, being kind to relatives, giving food to the poor, bravery, good manners, looking after the how long and many other good deeds they will perform, but what does Allah subhanaw taala say over here of an armada home, whatever good deeds they have performed, because of their COVID because of their Sud, their deeds are wasted, they will find no reward for these deeds in the Hereafter, no matter how numerous and no matter how great and no matter how noble their deeds may be, they will find no

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reward for it in the hereafter. Because deeds done without a man, are they accepted by Allah? They're not accepted. Because if you think about it, who is the one who gives reward for deeds, Allah? Who else can give reward no one can Allah is the one who gives edge.

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So if a person does not do something for Allah, if a person does not have a man, will Allah give Him He will not give him a job. So where can a person get a different he cannot get any edges? So Allah Allah Armando their deeds are wasting.

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But this ayah This is not just with regards to the machine of Makkah, primarily It is about them. However, we can understand this ayah in the general sense as well, that if a person does the most virtuous of deeds, the most excellent and noble deeds, but he does them without a man. Then what is the consequence of those deeds? It learn there, they're wasted. falando de Mola homeo malkia Mati was

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in Toronto for 23 we learned, while Kadima, ila moromi luminor, Merlin fudger, Allahu Mansehra, that we will regard what they have done of deeds, and we will make them as dust that is dispersed. Like imagine a huge building that has been constructed and one blast. And that's dust that is dispersed, finished, completely wasted.

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And also we learn that if a person exerts any effort to prevent people from the way of Allah, then all of his efforts will eventually be unsuccessful.

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Because Allah himself has taken the responsibility to preserve his religion, to preserve his book. And if there are people who are striving, putting in effort speaking out writing, doing many things, to stop people from the way of Allah, can they ever be successful? No. Eventually all their efforts will be unsuccessful. Because what does Allah say Leo's hero, who Allah de nikoli will carry healthcare furon will carry al machico even if the disbelievers Michigan don't like it, Allah will establish his religion, no matter how much they oppose, no matter how many efforts they put in to stop people from the way of Allah, they cannot be successful. So don't be afraid. When you hear

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something when you come across something, of course you should be concerned. However, don't fear that Islam will finish don't fear that the religion of Allah will be defeated? No, because what does Allah say over here, although

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all their efforts wasted, but in this is a great warning as well, that people who stop others from the way of Allah, what is the result of their deeds wasted? Their good deeds wasted? So even as believers, we have to be extremely careful.

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That Are we amongst those who are stopping people from the religion of Allah, directly, indirectly, that if someone is prevented from the way of a love because of us, because we are not careful, because we don't keep our places clean. We don't fulfill our commitments. This is way of stopping people from the way of Allah and if we're stopping people from the wave Allah, then Allah Allah Armada home, this is something very risky, very scary, very dangerous, your good deeds are at stake. You're putting your good deeds at risk.

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So a believer what should his way be, of calling people to Allah, welcoming people to the religion of Allah, not stopping them, chasing them away? Because Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, this is very dangerous.

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On the other hand, what Medina, Manu and those people who believe were amilo, slowly healthy, and they also do righteous deeds. This is a direct contrast. Previously what was mentioned, Gustavo was I do arencibia lead over here. Um, I know what I mean asylee hat because when a person performs righteous deeds,

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Then, in fact, what is he doing? He's calling people to the way of Allah. So when Medina Amano wireman, asylee had, they believe in Allah in His messengers in his books in his angels in whatever is necessary to be believed in. And what am I know they also believed in the man New Zealand either Mohammed in in that which has been revealed on Muhammad Sallallahu

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Amano Valentina Amano the man that was mentioned first doesn't that include believing in a masala Sanam as well? Of course, it includes that but mentioning this in particular, what does it show the importance of believing in what has been revealed on Hamilton a lot isn't it that if a person does not believe in that, then his Eman is incomplete?

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It is incomplete it is not acceptable. Eman must include belief in whatever has been sent down on the Prophet sallallahu and man who Zilla Allah Muhammad, what does that include only the Quran? Only the Quran, no, every everything that was sent, that was taught to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, whether it is where he that is mutlu or where he that is right, where he that is recited or it is not recited. So any comment any instruction that was given to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, it is necessary for us to believe in that. So such people, Allah subhanaw taala says, that we're who will help Camila be him, and it is the truth from their Lord. What is the truth from their Lord?

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what has been revealed on Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. So such people who believe who do righteous deeds, who believe in the truth that has been revealed on the Prophet gaffar and whom say to him, Allah will expiate from them their sins, will asla heaven at home, and he will reform he will improve their state.

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What was mentioned earlier, about Armada home, what is mentioned over here calphalon whom say he added him, whatever sins, whatever mistakes, errors they have made, Allah will forgive them will also have Allah home and he will improve their state as well.

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If you see in this ayah, the name of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam has mentioned be manda Zilla, Allah Muhammad. Muhammad is from their newsletters. How mean that What does he mean? Praise and Muhammad mufaddal This isn't my fruit. So what does it mean by Muhammad? literally one who is praised but how a lot, one who is praised much and one who is praise worthy. This is the literal meaning of the name, Hamlet and the name of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. It appears a total of four times in the Quran into an alien land woman Mohammedan Illa Russell in Seattle has a Mac and Mohammedan I had him Marie jellico, then over here instead of Muhammad, and instead of Muhammad

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Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam is the Messenger of Allah.

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And if you see in all of these instances, his Salah is being mentioned, his prophethood is being mentioned in the context when Mama hamedan illa Rasul Americana Mohammedan Abba Hadamard jellico malaccan rasulillah Hartman have been over here also Mendoza Allah Mohammed into the fact Muhammad Rasul Allah so we see that his rusada is being mentioned.

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So, what am I know the man who said Allah Muhammad will help him? What's the reward for such people do things get foreign who say you asked him? What a Sahaba know?

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What does it mean by the stuff around him say to him that Allah will expiate for them, their sense, meaning he will forgive them for their mistakes that they have made, he will absolve them of their sins, He will cover their sense, he will not hold them accountable for their sins. Why? Because they have believed so because of their email, and they're almost solely their sins will be removed, their sins will be forgiven. And what's the second benefit? Will Allah have Allah home he will reform he will improve their state van is from the reflectors Viola and Bella is used for the present state, the circumstance that a person is in the present state of affairs.

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There are many words used in the Quran for condition state, that is the present state. So their present state, their present condition, the circumstances they are in right now. Allah will improve them. What does it mean by Islam? Islam is when

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Something corrupted,

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is corrected. It was corrupted, it's corrected, it was in a corrupt state, and you take it to a good state was getting ruined, and you improve, it was getting wasted, you save it. This is what Islam says. So he will rectify their circumstances. And what's the benefit before that, that he will also forgive them their sense. And we see that this is in direct contrast to the consequence of who alladhina cafaro was what do antebellum. Why? Because gopher and saw their answer vilella. And on the other hand, he man, what are mozzarella, they are two completely different ways of life, they lead to completely different actions. And when they are completely different ways, obviously, the

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end is also going to be very, very different,

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the end result will also be very different.

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And where on one hand, the deeds are being wasted. Over here, what's happening, things are being removed, where on one hand, the efforts are unsuccessful. Over here, the condition is being improved.

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Now with regards to the Sahaba gaffar, on whom sejati we see that the Sahaba. They were mostly before they became was the majority of them. And we discussed earlier to the machine. They had many good qualities.

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But at the same time, they also had very bad qualities where they did very good things. They also committed the worst of crimes, such as shake, first of all, check worshipping idols, what else would they do? They would bury their daughters alive, they would kill their daughters. And there were many people who had done that, it was a very common practice many people who have done that. Similarly, what else would they do? What was very common prostitutions in a very common, any population you enter, there would be a place at the top of which was a flag and it was understood. This is the place where you will find a prostitute. When people are traveling. They stopped by at a motel they

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would stop by at the house of a prostitute. This is how common Xena was. That when a person he became Muslim, and later on he asked the prophets of Allah allow me to do Zina. Just imagine this is how common it was. Then he came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam allow me to do Xena. You know how people today they come and ask, just give me a fatwa that I can buy this on River.

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Likewise, people went at that time asking the prophets or a lot of allowance to convince him this is how common it was.

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What else was common? gambling, drinking alcohol.

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All of these wrong things are very common, many crimes. But what does Allah subhanaw taala say over here, go for them say it. Because it's only natural that when a person has committed these crimes, and he becomes a Muslim, he has guilt in his heart. It's heavy upon him. I have done this in the past. I have done that in the past. And this guilt eats you up. So over here, Allah subhanaw taala gives such good news to believers, that yes, mistakes have been made in the past. But now you have believed and you have believed in the Messenger of Allah and Ahmed Saleh here doing so because of that Allah will remove from you your sins. This was a great comfort for the Sahaba a great comfort

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for the believers.

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And the second is will also have Allium second benefit that Allah will improve their state. Prior to becoming Muslim. What was the state of these people? They were in darkness. They were in misguidance. in ignorance, they had no knowledge. They were killing their children, looting other people stealing their wealth, killing so many murder was so common in Arabia. At the slightest of things they would kill each other slightest of things. So where on one hand they were in many darknesses? What does Allah say? Isla Habana home, he will improve their state changing your habit? Is it something easy? It's not easy. It's something very difficult. Not doing something that is very

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common in the society. That is acceptable in the society. It's very difficult to hold back from it. Very difficult to stay away from it. But what does Allah say? Allahu Allah whom he will improve their state. Why? Because of their he will take them out of darkness into light. And this is what happened that the relievers when they were in Makkah, evil was so common that when they came to Medina yes sure was still there. They were people who were more sick.

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There were people who were doing wrong things. But on a large scale, we see that piety, fear of God, truthfulness, submission, all of that was more common. that there were people who were Muslim, there were people who prayed together southerner was common, being humble before the profits are allowed and respecting. So as they have Allah Him He will improve their state, that their criteria of viewing things, their interests, their likes, their dislikes, our thoughts, all of that will change. All of that will improve. And on the other hand, those who commit go for all their deeds rendered in me.

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But for the believers, what do we see over here that their evil deeds removed? What else La Habana home?

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that it happens with people that when they're not in Islam, when they're not that strong in their Eman, then what happens? Or when they're non Muslim, they commit many wrong things. And they tell themselves, okay, I'm going to stop taking drugs, I'm going to start doing this wrong action because your physical even tells you, it's not a good thing to do. But she's mentioning about this particular sister who when she became a Muslim, only then was she able to quit all of these wrong things. Before that. She tried many times where every time she would fail. But when she became Muslim, then she was able to quit them. Finally, also have Allah home.

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And you may have noticed yourself as well, in your own life as well, that there might have been certain habits that you wanted to get rid of, perhaps even something like listening to music, because your heart tells you don't listen. But everybody's listening. That's what has been promoted. And you can't stop but once you revive your email once your man becomes strong and you study the Koran, you understand the Quran. That is what becomes your interest and all of a sudden, your habits change. Us La Habana where you found it so difficult to break through easy to pray. Where you found so difficult to do certain things now it's so easy to do them alone. This is the gift that Allah

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gives to the believer. When he accepts a man when he does I'm not sorry, this is a gift of Allah, Allah have Allah He will improve their state.

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insulted uncouth is seven we learn when Medina I'm a new army lasala had nanofiller nine who say to him, Well, in the unknown Arsenal, Lady can we are Malone that those who believe in do righteous deeds, we will surely remove from them their misdeeds, and we will surely reward them according to the best of what they used to do.

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And we see that Muslims when they migrated from Mecca to Medina, was their state. Their condition was it improved a lot where they were suffering so much persecution, now they had freedom where they were always afraid now they were at peace,

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where they were being oppressed. Now, very soon, what happened Allah subhanaw taala granted them victory. So Allah have Allah him.

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Because the thing is that when a person accepts email when a person tries to solve, he finds many difficulties.

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And sometimes because of those difficulties, you get discouraged.

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But what does Allah say over here, a slight difficulty is there. But in the long run, Allah will improve your condition. He will improve your circumstance. So never think that just because you're doing something good, you're going to go down who know Allah will improve your state. You might not see it right now. You might not see it right now. But Eman and Arnold sila, they are a means of reforming improving your present condition. So when you want your circumstances to improve

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to get fixed, what do you need to do?

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I mozzarella, Eman And that's what's necessary. We try many things because every person faces difficulties in life. So the solution is here. If you want your state to improve focus in Amazonia

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Okay, you might find difficulties, but in the long run, your state will improve. Why is this so? Why is it that these two types of people will see completely different results