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Yunus 75-109 Word-Analysis and Tafseer 104-109

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Call say the profits are a lesson has been gold let's say this to the people proclaim this that yeah you harness all mankind or people in contemporary shakin if you are in any doubt mendini concerning my religion

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if you look at it he is not being told over here to address only the people of Makkah that Yeah, lol maka what is being said? Yeah, a human ness. What is this show to us that the message that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam brought was for all of humanity. Remember letendre omokoroa woman Hola. So you warned the people of the mother of towns meaning Makkah, and also those around it.

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So all people if you are in any doubt concerning my religion, concerning the truthfulness of my religion, then you should know that Falah Irabu, then I do not worship and Medina, terrible Dunham and those beings whom you worship besides Allah,

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I do not worship them.

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In other words, give up hope that I will ever leave my religion. I am never going to leave my religion.

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I am not going to worship those beings whom you worship besides.

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If you're in doubt about the truthfulness of my religion, then give up hope that I would ever leave my religion I'm not going to leave it because I know it is the truth. And I'm never going to worship those beings when we worship besides Allah,

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Who is Allah and Lady yet our faculties, the one who gives death to you?

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Why is this being mentioned, as opposed to Allah, Allah hokum, the one who created you,

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because in this is a warning, that he is the one who controls your life and that he is the one who can take your soul away at any time, under the other faculties. He gives that to you. So in this is a warning, we'll omit to and I have been commanded an akuna Minal, meaning that I should be of those who believe.

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So in this side of the Prophet sort of artisan was being told to declare, to make it known that if you have doubt about my religion, that I don't have any doubts about my religion. And because I have no doubts about my religion, therefore, I will never leave it. Which means that I'm never going to worship those Gods whom you worship besides Allah.

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Even though this is specifically addressed to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, however, this is general, this can also be applied to other believers, that if you put yourself in a similar situation, especially in times that we live in, where everyone claims that he is true, everyone claims that they are right and everybody else to join them. So, in such times, what is needed, that we should be confident about our religion. Again, you see the same theme is being repeated, that have confidence, be confident, don't give up, people will come raising doubts people will come saying that are you sure about this one who is it really true, but be very confident?

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Because if you begin to waver, if you begin to doubt, then you will not have any firm ground, you will not have any stability. Today, you will be upon one thing tomorrow you will be upon another.

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So the believers are being told to be confident about their religion over here.

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What unearthing what you have, and that establish your face meaning and I have been commanded. It is directly connected with the previous I see other previous ions were made to an akuna mean and what meaning

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that I have been commanded that I should be of those who believe. And I have also been commanded that have been watched that direct your face, Lee Dini for their religion, which religion hanifa that is unswerving

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that is unswerving that inclines to the truth. What does it mean by this?

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optimism newsletters Bothwell mean, your karma which is to establish something.

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So, again watch hukka meaning establish fix, direct your face, do the religion that is Hanif, meaning focus on that religion remain firm on this religion. Do not turn anywhere else do not adopt anything else. Do not go right do not go left. Okay. Stay there.

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Direct face the religion which is honey. And remember the word wedge. What does it include? The face, it includes all of your senses, your eyes, your speaking your hearing your mind. All of your senses are collected were in the face.

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So a thin watercolor, Dini Hannifin, and the characteristic of this Dean is that it is

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Hanif, what does it mean by honey?

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That it is unswerving? It is firm upon the truth and hanifa is to incline towards one thing and remain firm upon it

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to incline towards one thing and remain firm upon it. So, for example, the person is walking, and then all of a sudden something comes his way. What is he going to do? Get lost in it? No avoided remain firm upon your way. For example, sometimes what happens is people that are driving where they're walking into see someone or they see something and they begin following them.

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They forget about where they're going, without even thinking they begin following others.

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So, okay, machaca Dini hanifin, the dean that is Hanif mean, there is no idolatry in this religion. All worship is directed to a loss of penalty alone.

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In our religion, there is no room for idolatry, no room at all. And secondly, Hanif also describes over here the state of the person who has directed his face to this religion

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while at the coonan, and do not be of those people who are Muslim again, those who associate others with Allah. Again, the prophets are a lot of them is being addressed, but through Him, who is actually being addressed, we are

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because the Prophet would never commit check, he would never do such a thing.

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He would never do such a thing. So why is he being told so that we are addressed indirectly, for our instruction?

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One or the other, and do not invoke mendola he besides Allah, meaning do not worship, besides Allah melaye and fairuza that which does not benefit you, when I yelled Luca, nor does it harm you.

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Don't worship anything besides Allah? Because anything besides a law cannot harm you, and it cannot even benefit you? What does it mean by that?

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That if you worship that being, if you pray to that being, it cannot benefit you. It cannot answer your prayers.

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When you don't work, if you don't pray, if you don't worship, that means that it cannot harm you at all.

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Whether you worship it or you don't, it cannot benefit you, it cannot harm you. For In fact, other than if you did, who does you refer to the prophet SAW the Lotus on them, if you did what meaning if you did ever invoke others besides Allah, for in Mecca, even mean avoid me, then you would be then of those who are unjust of those who are learning.

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Again, the profits on a lot of would never do such a thing. But who was being addressed? We are that if we ever do ship, if we ever call upon others besides Allah, then this is one. This is injustice.

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Because remember that chick is lumen Arlene. It's the greatest injustice.

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So in this ayah, what is being said that do not pray to others besides Allah?

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Do not worship them. Do not director acts of worship to them, Do not dedicate your acts of worship to them either, and do not even make the art to them. Then who should you make? There are two, only a must.

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Because benefit and harm is only in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala it's not in the hands of anyone else.

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What am seska law who believed in and if a law should touch you with some adversity

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saska em sesquicentennial Tetris. meme CNC must and must, is literally to touch. So what em seska love would be the Lin if Allah afflicts you with some door.

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What does that mean? door is harm, damage, loss, suffering and loss is of several types. First of all, it is understood as a harm or suffering that is tangible, and also intangible.

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What does it mean by that? It could be physical, like for example, a person is hurting physically.

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A person has a physical disease, a person is suffering from a financial loss. This is what a tangible book, secondly, intangible. What could intangible be like for example, the person is going through a very traumatic situation in his life.

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He's very hurt. He's very sad. He's very depressed.

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He gets very angry very quickly.

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Or he's having very bad relationship with someone. He does not find any piece in his life. There is no bottom line as well.

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This is what both tangible and intangible

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secondly, board includes

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Loss of suffering a detriment, which could be a result of a person's own mistake

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a person's own error, or because it has been decreased by almost a penny.

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What does it mean by that? Like, for example, a person is not that careful.

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And as a result, what happens, he loses his money.

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For example, the person is carrying their wallet and they don't realize as to where they put it, because they're very careless. So it's their own mistake. It's their own error, that they were careless, and they lost their money, a financial loss. Similarly, a person is not careful when he's driving in the crosses a red light, or he's speeding too much and he ends up in a car accident, or he gets a speeding ticket. This is what because of one's own mistake.

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Or it could be because of what Allah subhanaw taala has already decreed. Like, for example, a person tries hard to make money, but he just cannot make any money.

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He's applying for jobs here. They're there everywhere, but he just cannot get a job. No matter what he cannot find it. It recovered from a loss of penalty.

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Similarly, a person wishes to be strong and healthy in his body, but it's not within his capacity. He tries to eat healthy, he tries to take medication but it's not within his ability anymore. He has certain diseases from before and there is no cure for that.

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So this is also an example of God which is decreed by Allah soprano.

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seminary thought includes such harm such detriments such loss, which could be law hit, which could be apparent or it could be hidden.

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So those that for example, is apparent before people people can see it like for example, the person is suffering from an illness, or it is both in that a person's head inside, nobody can see it, nobody can figure it out. It can be diagnosed it cannot be diagnosed. So what eoms Escalade, we will do then, if Allah touches you with some harm, no matter what kind of harm it is, remember all of these different meanings of the

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whether it is physical, or it is emotional, mental, or it is because of your own mistakes, or it is something that is decreed by Allah, and you do not have any choice with regards to that. You cannot make any change to it. Or it can be diagnosed or it cannot be diagnosed, if a law should strike you with a look

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back as your Father who, who, then none can remove it except him. Only Allah can remove it, cashew from the roof address caffeine. And cash literally is to unveil something. And in order to unveil what you have to do, you have to remove the veil.

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So from removing the veil, the word cash results are used for removing something. So there is no one who can remove that door from you. No one who can take it away from you. If a person is ill, that illness cannot be taken away from him except by who have lost the penalty.

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If a person is suffering from some financial loss, then no one can remove that from him. Unless and until a law allows.

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If a person is in a very difficult family problem, then even that problem cannot be taken away from except by Allah.

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Any problem that anyone suffers from who can take it away, only a loss of penalty.

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So who should we turn to?

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Allah? Who should we ask how from Allah?

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Not that we go before people complaining to them, putting out our problems before them,

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for their Kashi for the whole Illa, who only he can remove the problems because they have come from him. Because Allah says what am says Allah if Allah touches you with some evil, so, if it has come from him, only he can remove it.

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When he you read the guy, and if he intends for you behind in with some good if Allah wants some good for you find out or delete it, then there is no one who can return his

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raw data from the routers the raw data that

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what does it mean? To return something to repel something to remove it far.

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So there is no one who can repel it. Who can repel the family for his father.

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No one who can repel that Father, away from you.

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If Allah wants to give you something good, no one can take that good away from you.

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This is the kind of conviction that we must have. That if any harm has come, it has come from Allah and only he can remove it. If any good is going to come. No one else can take it away.

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You see will be Hema shadowman everybody he afflicts with it whomsoever He was from his servants, meaning hide, although he is the one who gives hide, he is the one who gives out to whomsoever He will from monkey servants will, who will have a food over him and he is a forgiving, and he is also merciful.

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So we should ponder upon our lives, we should reflect upon our lives, and we should also reflect upon the lives of those who are close to us. And we should realize that no person is free from problems. Every single person is suffering from one problem or the other, isn't it? So one person is ill, another person is financially unstable, another person is unmarried, another person is married. And because they're married, they have problems. A person has children. Because of that, they have problems, a person does not have children. Because of that they have problems. Every single person is in some kind of problem or the other, every single human being.

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And we must remember that this life is a test, which is why each and every single person has been tested.

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Generally, what happens if we're suffering from a problem, we begin to compare ourselves with others see, they don't have this problem. I don't have this thing, but they have it. This is not fair. But the fact is that if you're suffering from a problem, they're also suffering from another problem.

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Life is full of problems. It's full of tests. And each and every single person is tested. Because a lot of times is promised as well and up, you wanna come and we will definitely test you. But what does it mean? That because of these tests, we give up, we begin to despair, we start praying to Allah subhanaw taala, we stop hoping for good from you know, we have to continue, we have to trust upon him that only he can take it away, and only he can give it.

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And remember that if this is being set to the profit, subtle load a sudden, what am seska lovely, then what does it mean for us?

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The profits are the load is and it was so beloved to Allah yet he suffered so many problems in his life, so many, then how can we ever think that our lives should be free of problems? So in difficulty, what should we do? Turn to Allah?

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at every moment, we should turn to Allah not to anyone else, because he's the only one who can remove that difficulty from us.

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Cool, yeah. Are you a nurse yohannes say, all people,

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again, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam has been commanded to proclaim this, the cottager accom will help him Arabic, certainly the truth has come to you from your Lord, which truth, the Quran, the messenger, feminine Tada, then whoever obtains guidance, meaning whoever accepts it for in May after the VFC, then he only accepts it, he only obtains guidance for himself. Meaning he is the only one who will benefit with it.

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Woman Bala and whoever goes astray, whoever rejects that guidance for innama Linda IE her that then indeed, he will go astray against itself, meaning who is going to suffer the consequences of his denying he himself? Well, marinara, Lee can be working, and I'm not at all a trustee upon you. In other words, I cannot force you at all.

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So we see in this ayah, that a person who walks on the straight path, in reality is benefiting himself. He's not benefiting a lot. He's not benefiting the messenger. He's not benefiting the rest of the believers, who is he actually benefiting himself and the one who goes astray? Who is causing harm to himself. So what should each person do? He should reflect upon himself. And he should see how willing and how desirous he is for guidance.

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He has to see that how winning how desire is he for guidance? How badly does he want it? Because sometimes we begin to blame other people, that I cannot do this because of that person because of this problem.

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But what does Allah say that if a person accepts guidance, he's benefiting himself? So he has to see how much does he want guidance, because if he wants guidance and Allah subhanaw taala will give him

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as we learned with Mohammed is 17, well, Edina, Tato, there the home Buddha will tell him to go home and those people who are guided Allah increases them in guidance and he gives them the righteousness whatever and follow meaning or profits or a lot of sudden you should follow follow what may you have alayka that which has been revealed in follow that which has been revealed to you from who from Allah subhanaw taala was there and also be patient.

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This ayah is the conclusion of the entire sort of

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that, first of all, follow what has been given to you. Follow what you have been instructed. Do what you have been told. Don't be shamed.

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Don't waver, don't fear people.

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And secondly was with have patience. Because when you will follow the instructions of Allah then what's going to happen? People are not going to leave you alone.

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They're going to come and question you and raise doubts in your heart and market you

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make you worry. So what do you have to do first bit have patience had that until Yakumo Allah, Allah makes his judgment. Allah passes His judgment, when will hydro hackie mean and he is the best of judges, meaning His judgment is the best because his judgment is based on his knowledge which is complete, which is absolute. So in this ayah, Allah subhanaw taala is instructing the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and at the same time, he's also reassuring him.

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The fact is that the work of this Deen is not simple. It's very challenging, especially for the Messenger of Allah.

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Because the prophet SAW a lot of sudden he was commanded to convey everything. Regardless of how people react, regardless of whether people like it or not, he could not choose people, okay, let me do that to this person and leave this person know, he had to convey the message to every single person.

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And if you put yourself in that position, it's a very, very difficult position.

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Because when you do anything, people start mocking at you, when you go talk to someone, they say words of rejection at your face, it's a very difficult situation that any person could be in.

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So the work of the team is very challenging. But on these challenges on these difficulties, a person must do something,

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he cannot give up, he cannot leave. He must not give up. He has to bear with fortitude. And this is exactly what the solar teaches. That keep doing your work until the decision of a law comes in your favorite. And we see that sort of unit is a monkey sore.

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And an almost out of the monkey sutras the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is taught the same message that continue your work, be patient, be steadfast, don't give up.

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And soon, the judgment of Allah will come in your favor. And we saw in throw Toba how the victory of Islam it came and it's spread all over how it wasn't just the Arabs who came under Islam, but it was abroad as well. People abroad as well.

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So as we learned, insulated NASA that Elijah Nasrallah he went for, that when the help of Allah comes and also victory comes, and all of the examples that are mentioned in the suit also, they reiterate the same message.

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The example of new hairdresser, the example of Musa alayhis salaam with her own, what message do they convey

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that the dari must have suffered,

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the one who is calling people to Allah, he must have patience, he cannot give up. He cannot have doubts, he cannot become shaky.

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When people raise doubts in him, or Haku, he cannot have doubts at all, he has to be confident, he has to be bold.

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And at the same time, he cannot even leave his work, as we learned in the story of Musa Sam. That how he was told him and how they were told that the Bani Israel What do they have to do? They still have to worship Allah, they can change their strategy, but they cannot leave the worship. They can stay in their homes if they cannot go out, but they have to continue to worship. And this is exactly what the diary must do as well.

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That if the circumstances are not in your favor, then do what you can do, don't abandon the work, change your strategy.

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So as a summary, this surah is an encouragement for who for the day for the one who is calling people to Allah.

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And if you connect this with the previous surah, surah Toba? What did we learn in that surah the obligation and importance of striving in the cause of Allah, of taking this Deen at a personal level,

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following it yourself and also taking it to others and when a person does that, he faces many challenges for that what is any confidence, strategy, wisdom

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and this is exactly what the sutra teaches.

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We listen to the recitation of this ayah

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La, La La de la paura own and kita

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Palmer, Nick public

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Wha coonan Amina Levine aka

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akuna Minal hos

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Latina pachala

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boom Jamie

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meany wanna

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to Mina

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Julio polio is

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to one

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GE o Solana

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la Vina

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Daddy leaner

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If you connect on the last day that's together, what am seska lovely building for that guy she fell in love with what happens when we're suffering from problems, we get so stuck in them, that we forget what is important in our lives. We only focus upon them and we forget to focus on other important things.

00:30:39--> 00:31:16

For example, if a person does not have a good relationship with someone, that's all that they're thinking about. They're not thinking about their setup, but they're just thinking about why did they say this to me? And why are they thinking like this about me, and they will cry about it, they will talk about it. And they will forget about thinking about other important things, they will completely neglect them. And if you look at the last time, or whatever, now you have to follow what you were told to follow. Follow what has been revealed, do what you're supposed to do, don't get lost in the problems because know that they can only be removed by who,

00:31:17--> 00:31:26

by Allah, and at the same time have sub until the judgment of Allah comes until the decision of a law comes.

00:31:27--> 00:31:33

Whether it is in your favor or against your favorite whatever happens. But meanwhile, what are you supposed to do? It?

00:31:35--> 00:31:43

Follow, follow the Quran and Sunnah don't neglect your responsibilities, by getting lost in the problems and have suffered, don't give up.

00:31:44--> 00:31:52

And this is something that we can apply in our daily lives in the day to day challenges that we face. And also when we're doing some work of the day.

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Because whenever we're doing something, especially within there are problems. For example, learning the lesson and getting along with certain people and not getting along with certain people, it happens it is normal.

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So don't get stuck in the problems. rather focus on your work and have something

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just thinking about like you should like how it said the idea that any harm that happens is from a luck and remove that harm in any good that happens. Remove that good. Now I was thinking of popping your head Hmm. When he said, you know what do any harm you want on me, I really I have my complete trust and unless we have data, and if we have that sort of trust that, you know, Allah is there for us, He gives us whatever is good for us. Any test that he gives us data means that expiation or sins are making us higher in ranks, and we have to keep that trust, then we have the confidence in giving this religion to anyone else, to our family to ourselves to increase ourselves as well.

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Exactly. And this trust is so important, especially for the person who's doing Dawa. Because this imagine the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he was an orphan.

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And generally what happens to people who have missed out on something like this in life, like for example, they don't know about one of their parents, they become, you know, emotionally, they feel as if they're so miserable. They're the most unfortunate ones. But look at the confidence of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he said, Where did he get all that from, from the Koran.

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That if you've suffered from any harm, it's from Allah. And there's good in that for you.

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If any good has come to you, it's from Allah, no one can take it away from you. This is called tawakkol Allah trust upon Allah. And only then can a person do the work that he's supposed to do.

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I just ever since I started learning, I've had two kids before this one. And when I had him, I it was servicing that, for the first time I realized the power palace, how in the darkness of the room, he gives everything to the child like the finger, fingerprints, and the eyebrows, and the little little details. And the most amazing thing is that they look exactly like the father and the mother, and so on. And I think we don't have to look very far. And we can see the miracles in our own house, and how they are developing learning new things.

00:34:21--> 00:34:26

And we start to open our eyes and spend some time reflecting on things and we can see the Power of

00:34:30--> 00:34:33

Thinking with regards to io 100 omaka. And

00:34:35--> 00:34:42

I was reminded of I have sudo RM Ron, where they proclaim that rapana Indiana Semyon mo da da da da.

00:34:43--> 00:35:00

So they heard and Samir is to hear and response. So when we hear the call of Eman, it is on our part to respond and then Allah gives the isn't you know how people make excuses. So, isn't comes after we respond after we're ready to take that call? And then you know,

00:35:00--> 00:35:28

In the next hour or less what Allah mentions about not using the faculties of reason not doing the actual. And again same lesson in Ali Imran, yet a Karuna Malati one or two ages all interlinked. And then the further is a click to close this ayat of surah Yunus. They're all taking me back that Allah subhanaw taala is trying to purify our mind, it's all going back to the heat. Everything else is being negated historical evidence who came up and how Allah destroyed him. And it's all going back to one.

00:35:30--> 00:35:35

He can remove harm he can give us everything else is just an illusion.

00:35:37--> 00:36:14

Actually, I was just connecting the last part of the soda in the Medina paddling with the beginning part of the sutra when it is said that other than silicon in the opinion that when is a pseudonym for anime, we start learning and he really had a good intention, okay, bring it to others as well give this invitation to other as well and we start having problems. We're calling them towards the darussalam to the admin circling in the wrong day. But we find that there are some people they find it very hard for them right. And it makes you feel back again, that maybe your strategies or you're not doing the correct way you are not under exaggerating doubt in your own heart as well. But

00:36:15--> 00:36:24

today's lesson Allah subhanaw taala gave all the answers to our questions no matter what kind of challenges are there. You have not been given any kind of choice you have to keep on.

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Key will end over here

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behind the condition

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to be like a Santa Maria