Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 26 – L262D

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The promised thirteen hundred promises to recreate people after their death and create a strong mind. The importance of knowing one's decision and being patient is emphasized. The use of language in communication, including "has" and "has been," is also emphasized. The struggles of a man with autism and his banishment from events lead to punishment and punishment lifted his behavior. The importance of patient management and communication with people with injuries is also emphasized.
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Okay, let's continue.

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Oh lm euro, do they not see anila Hola. Hola. Kasama wa T will offer that Allah who created the heavens and the earth? What am urea be Hanukkah hin, and he did not fail in their creation, he did not become tired fatigued after their creation,

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Allah who created the heavens and the earth, and after creating them, in their entirety, with all their mind with all their vastness, he did not become tired. Do they not realize that he is because they're definitely one who is able

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to motor upon that he can give life to those who are dead?

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If Allah can create the heavens and the earth, and he did not get tired after that, is it not possible for him then to recreate those who are dead to give life to those who are dead? Of course, it's possible for him, Bella, why not? In the who couldn't be Shay encoded? Indeed, he is over everything capable.

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We see that the people of Makkah, this is one of the main problems they had belief in the resurrection, they could not comprehend that they could not accept that.

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And the one problem they had was with the heat, and the second they had was with after birth.

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So over here, the evidence of the resurrection is being given that why do you think it's difficult for Allah, it's not difficult for him.

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The Lord who is able to create the heavens and the earth and not get tired after that, he can revive the dead as well.

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Instead of the lava 57 Allah says lalco similarity will only occur bottom unhealthiness the creation of the heavens and the earth is greater than the creation of people. What are people compared to the heavens and the earth? Nothing so tiny. But if a lot can create the heavens and the earth, He can also recreate people, he can also give them life. He can also revive them. And notice a word that hasn't mentioned over here. What am urea? Because? Yeah, he has from the earth letters idea. Yeah.

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And he is to lack strength, to lack strength, when you lack strength, when you become tired, when you become weak, when you're exhausted.

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And the idea yet is to be unsuccessful, to fail to do something that you started a project but you couldn't complete it, why? You got tired.

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If for example, you start cleaning the house, and you make a point that I'm going to clean everything halfway through, and like that's it, I can't do any more why you lack strength, and then you fail in your task you become unsuccessful. So it wasn't that Allah started the creation of the heavens and the earth. And he became tired and he left them halfway through No way. Not at all. Allies above that weakness. While I'm Uriah behalten, he completed their creation perfected their creation, he didn't need to take any rest. When I'm Uriah behalten. If that is the case, then of course he's able to revive the dead.

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Whale yoma, Europa, mejorado, Latina, cafardo, Elena, and the day those who disbelieved are exposed to the fire. Those who don't believe in the hereafter. don't respond to the messenger. Don't believe in Allah, what will happen? They will be presented on the fire. Why? For punishment?

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And what will be said, Elijah that will help. Is this not the truth? you doubted it? You didn't believe in it. So many proofs and evidences were given. But you refuse to believe now that you see the fire and you feel it? Is it not the truth on you they will say but of course it is the truth they will have no choice but to confess because the fire is right before them.

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And they will say Well, I've been by our Nord meaning definitely it is.

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Allah He will say for the colada Bhima quantum tak for rune. So tasty punishment, because of the cooker that you use to come in

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for spare. Now at the end of the sooner the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is advised Be patient.

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Come out Saba, ruler as meminger whistle, as were those of determination among the messengers. Be patient with your people, hold on, persevere, don't give up just as those messengers who had their autism, they were patient.

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You should have the same patience as the previous messengers that their people rejected but they didn't give up. They refuse to listen. But they didn't give up. They kept conveying kept conveying. They suffered a lot.

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of hardship. But that didn't stop. phosphate, Carmel sobre una Azmi Mina was so whatever difficulties you face, whatever opposition you face, be patient, don't stop, don't give up and be patient over the harm done to you by your people, just as a previous messengers were patient. And in particular, which messengers are mentioned last minute was

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What does Allah as mean as a miss determination, the firm resolve to do something, determination to do something after having decided about it, that you make up your mind, this is what I'm going to do. you reflect on it, you make up your mind you make a decision, and then you are determined that no matter what happens, this is what I am going to do.

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Sometimes what happens we decide to do something and we make a plan. This is how we're going to do it. Somebody else comes with this. Are you sure?

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I don't know. You tell me what do I do? This is not

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similarity, we start doing something it becomes difficult. And we're like, should I even do it? Should I even continue? This is not as

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awesome is you've made up your mind and you are determined to do it. No matter what somebody says. No matter what you feel, or how tired you are you don't give up? This is what Azzam is.

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So those messengers who had alarmism What does it mean by this older as me meaner was so mean, as you know, is of different types, isn't it?

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Sometimes it gives the meaning of the real meaning some of Bob and other times men is off by an meaning it is explanatory. Men over here has been understood in two ways. Some have said that or asked me mean of muscle. Minh is for ban.

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So what it means is that Be patient, like the messengers before, and who are they? What did they have? They were older as far as me, possessors of determination, who were the winner was sought, meaning the messengers.

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So all of the messengers, how are they determined, isn't it they were very forbearing they had is to karma, in delivering the message in varying the hardships of people, every messenger, he was determined to convey.

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So, you should have the same determination whether people accept reject, oppose, whatever you have to convey should have the same determination. Others have said that no auditor azumi mina was so mean over here is after those messengers who had determination and who were they, it is said that they are new, are they Hassan, Ibrahim alayhis, salaam, masala Sana, Rizal Hassan and Muhammad Sallallahu Sana, these five messengers in particular, they are known as little as why.

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Because if you look at new Elisa Lam, how did he convey for how long 950 years? I mean, you really have to have determination to do something continuously for 950 years.

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And if you read sort of knew how he conveyed openly, secretly, privately in public loudly, quietly, in every single way, by warning by encouragement, he conveyed in every possible way, he had determination. Secondly, if you look at the example of Ibrahim ranas, set up how his father said such harsh words to him, he didn't stop how he tried to explain to the people by that incident, remember, where he said that the scope is my God, and that the sun and the moon, they didn't understand, did he give up he didn't. Then he went on broke the idols. He didn't give up over there either. When people didn't believe they threw him in the fire, even then he didn't give up.

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So he wasn't willing to give up he was determined to convey. And even when he was departing, what did he say? I will seek forgiveness for you, isn't it?

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Then if you look at the example of musar, and his

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ban of determination, how fit our own kept on saying to him, that you pray to your God, lift this punishment from us, we will believe if anyone else was in that phrase, what would we say go away? I know you're not going to believe you didn't do it last time. You didn't do it the time before that. Why should I fall for it now? But we see that he was determined. So many things happen. The truth was made so clear. in that competition that took place between musasa and the musicians, it was evident. He didn't believe they didn't believe so many signs were shown so many proofs were established, and then later on Devaney Israel even they would not listen to him. But how

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resolve determination he had then recently set up. He was also someone who had a lot of determination that he kept convincing kept coming to the point that people conspired to crucify him. He didn't retaliate. And the loss of penalty lifted him to the heavens. And Mohammed Salah Salem as well, he was a messenger who had determination, because look at his life in Makkah, look at his life in Medina. He didn't give up organized movement of muscle.

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And especially they said that women have muscle because Allah subhanaw taala says about the money some sort of Baja I 115 that will occur there are hidden at the moment called Bluefin ESEA while on the horizon, while I'm Nigella, who asthma that Adam and his son, he was made to take a promise but he forgot and Allah did not find in him as

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and in sort of column aisle 48 we learn about unit artists that are lost current artists possibly hooked me up because well at acun cassava roots, that Be patient for the commander of your Lord and don't be like the man of the fish. Why? Because you lose or listen and he became upset with his people and he left.

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So this is the reason why some scholars say that to me, when it refers to not all of the messengers, but in particular, these five messengers and others say that not all the messengers they had determination to convey. So firstly, Kemal sobre una rosmino also what are the storage in the home and do not be impatient for them? Meaning Do not be impatient, hasty for the punishment to fall upon them, who does them refer to the people of Makkah? Don't be hasty. Be patient. Wait, keep waiting. Refrain from hastening the punishment because eventually the punishment is going to come. However, you keep doing your work you keep coming

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into the tutorial is 17 we learn from a Harold Katharina am Hello, Roy. So allow time for the disbelievers leave them a while instead of Maria my 84 falletta Jr lay him in the man or do the home Sabina impatient over them we only count out to them a limited number meaning they have limited time anyway.

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Well at the start, you know because of a person becomes impatient, if a person keeps wondering Okay, when is the punishment going to come? When are they going to be finished? When is this going to happen? When is that going to happen? He cannot have subvert them, he cannot convey them.

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So only when you have sobor then you can convey only when you have patience then you can convey

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so when at the start gela home, Don't be impatient because eventually the punishment is going to come if it doesn't come in the dunya definitely in the hereafter and when it comes to home as if indeed the yo morona on the day they see my you are doing that which they are promised meaning on the day they see the punishment, it will be as though they will feel as though lemony Alba to a lesser item and it will be as though they did not remain in the dunya except for an hour of a day. This is how small insignificant the dunya will feel to them, will seem to them, that the punishment will be so tremendous in the Hereafter, that when they see it when they experience it, they will

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feel as though they did not remain in the dunya except for just an hour of it. This is how small dunia will see

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we learn incident unicycle 45 while my shuttle hunka ella meal versus a lesser item in and now that our food Aveda home

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inserted woman on 113, cannula Vesna, Yeoman, overblown first Diem instead of the nazirite 46 and the homie Oh my god, I'll never let me help so Ella, she yet an old her and afternoon or a morning. This is the duration of the dunya compared to the duration of the

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so this dunya is very short. It's not too long. The time of this dunya is very short, it's not too long. So don't be impatient, have sub keep conveying just a little time left. Soon this will be over Bella a conveying a notification. Meaning this peran is a communication a proclamation from Allah subhanaw taala to all of you, Bella

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for Holly Unicode lol como se home. So Will any be destroyed except for those people who are facetune those who are sinful, those who are immoral, meaning the message of the Quran is clear it has been conveyed and that is enough as a warning. And once that has been conveyed, the proof is established against the people

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Then at the end of the day, who will be punished? Of course it is uncommon farcical. Not anyone else but then so why worry?

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insert abrahamyan 52 we learn Heather Bella holiness will use a Ruby. Well here are a number who are either who were hit while he or that girl vecow Alba

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in total MBI 106 we learn in a fee her the level l hola como una RBD. Indeed in this Quran is notification for worshipping people.

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Those who worship Allah, for them is allowed in the Quran, a notification.

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So, when this dunya is so transitory, when it will be over soon, and eventually, the comal fantasycon will be punished, then be patient. Be patient, don't be too hasty. Yes, times are getting very tough, the situation is getting very difficult, it's intensifying. But look at the messengers of the past how they had so much as as well.

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And eventually the help of Allah subhanaw taala came and now it's been so long, but when you're in the moment you feel as if it's never going to end. But soon the problem whatever difficulty a person is going through, it comes to an end. So be patient.

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And you see over here the example that the people of the past haven't mentioned especially the messengers, because when you look at other people, when you look at other people's examples, especially those who are righteous, those who are patient, then that is a source of great encouragement for you. Isn't it so

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this is why I said first we're gonna sobre una Azmi minahasa and this is why Allah subhanaw taala says whatever else will be unhealthy, whatever so we saw

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encourage each other to the truth and also to patients. Such people only they are successful. Otherwise a person gives up a theory becomes impatient. And he ends up making a lot of errors as well.

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Okay, listen to the recitation.

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Me Me no.

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Al-Ahqaf 21-35 Tafsir 33-35

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