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A Juz A Day (29th): The Hereafter is Imminent


This juz includes Surah Al-Mulk (67), Al-Qalam (68), Al-Haaqqah (69), Al-Ma’arij (70), Nuh (71), Al-Jinn (72), Al-Muzzammil (73), Al-Muddathir (74), Al-Qiyamah (75), Al-Insaan (76) and Al-Mursalat (77).
All Makkan surahs except Al-Insaan.

Two major themes of the 29th Juz
1) The Hereafter is imminent.
2) Invite others.

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The speakers emphasize the importance of religion and the need for people to feed their bodies with good deeds, as well as the importance of being patient and not blaming others for mistakes. They also discuss the "one who chooses to be ungrateful" story, where a woman describes the "one who chooses to be ungrateful" and how it is a combination of human and natural birth. The upcoming day of judgment has a negative impact on people, including their reaction to it and the importance of spirituality.

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The s&p Emily looked at the Ministry of Holy robina at the National Center for an affinity Sana. Okinawa Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu Welcome to Jews a day. Today we are doing are studying the 29th of Jews of the foreign. And that is the second last just the last year's is the 30 inches which will be tomorrow. This is a bittersweet moment of course, because sweet because we're about to finish our brief study of the Quran.

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But better because we're about to finish our brief study of the Quran

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hamdulillah the study of the Quran is something that it's a ongoing process, it's a journey, it's not something that should be

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you know, it's not something that's like a course you take to acquire a skill, and then you've acquired it, it's actually a continuous process that allows us to

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come to terms with ourselves and the reality that we live in, through the guidance of the words of Allah Spano Donna.

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So don't, you know, my my hope is that this is going to be like a start for you in Sharla and not like the end.

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So that would be

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that's how I would frame it for the study of the quad. Also, something important is that tomorrow inshallah we will have a slightly extended session until 730, or just before 737 30 will end. We have two very special guests. guests. Number one is Dr. Amina Lally, who is the Imam of London Muslim Mosque, the mosque as well. And he will be joining us towards the very end of the program, to say a few words to make dua for us to end the session of the bottom of the Sahaba, who would

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add the conclusion of the study of the Quran, and they would make a dua to Allah blesses them with more goodness, and the good deeds that they have done is like a wave for the acceptance of the second guests that we have is very special guest, Chef yahia era, he will be joining us all the way from Perth.

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And he will be joining us obviously, like the rest of us are doing via zoom. Um, but you know, he will drop in at a time maybe in the middle of the class like 630, or something depending because it's exactly, you know, it's 6pm, here at 6am. There, right. So they're going to, he's going to drop it at a point and I'm going to pause what I'm saying when he comes in, and I'll turn the session over to him. And he'll say a few words shafia here was his book has been very instrumental in helping me prepare for this study, and has provided me with some ideas and some inspiration. So it was really fitting to invite him and I'm really honored that he accepted joining, he's a really

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busy, busy, really busy man who has a lot of mental teaching and a lot of activity that that he's engaged in.

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And for him to make time, it's it means a lot.

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So those are some two things for tomorrow, and it's a exciting inshallah, for that, but today, we have the 29th just let's get to it signifies Jackie, thank you for the kind words, we will inshallah Tada, try to do something after Ramadan as well. I think there is some, I think the the opportunity and the appetite is there. And frankly, for me, I really, like enjoyed this whole thing, because I really learned a lot benefited a lot. And we will

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inshallah, continue this afterwards, as well.

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I mean, that'll be absolutely, we hope so to recommend. The book that

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is asking about is called a juice a day by chef Abraham, you can purchase that off of Kindle or Google Books, it's an excellent book to, you know, give you a summary of the GES very similar to what I'm doing. I go into a bit more detail because we have a little bit more time that book is little bit more summarized, but it's a fantastic work to have in your in your home to read as well. The recording is there yes from the recording is remains on the Facebook page. The recording also is on the YouTube channel. So it's there, these resources are there for you to access afterwards as well. And there's also actually an audio version of this

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on Muslim Central. If you go there, the whole audio just by just there. So if you'd like to just listen to it, if you're driving whenever you're allowed to drive. You can do that as well. All that is there, but we will definitely try our best to continue something for sure.

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With all that said, let us get started today, the 29 years of the Quran starts with sort of milk, similar sorts of milk starts with this beautiful statement of Allah, in which he says the Baraka levy via the Molko who Allah coalition or the Blessed is he in whose hand is the kingdom, and he has power over all things, or all natural or all matters. The

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Surah mulk is the beginning part of this just, this just includes the following sutras as you can see Surah mulk column have an adage, sort of new sort of gin, Alma zamil,

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piano, masala, lots of surahs here, and the last juice has even more souls.

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And the the two really major themes of the 29 years, and also the 30th, just frankly that both of them are like 2930 years is one large collection of very, very important sutras that all share very similar styles and themes. And there's a there's a real wisdom in how the Quran starts with something that's like a longer

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passage, the long sutras and then conclude with like a short passage, it's almost like if you're running out of attention to like, if you're running out of

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steam, at the end of your study, the short bursts of reminders will definitely energize you and reengage you.

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You're fresher in the beginning of the study. So the study is longer towards the end, maybe you were so exhausted. So the sutras are shorter, and they're more more powerful, they're more direct, they, you know, they they

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strike and pull up the strings of a person's heart, because the way they are the topics of the cover. So it's a it's a really interesting and really beautiful way how the Quran ends, it's like it ends with a bang, oh, the last sutras are like that sort of milk and the soldiers has these two major themes, the hereafter and to invite the others, the Hereafter is imminent, it's coming. It's there's no doubt about it, and invite others to the cause of Allah Surah Al mulk speaks about the majesty and the power of Allah. And that's what the first ayah says, The Baraka lady via the Blessed is he in whose hand is the kingdom, the one who created death and life, so that he may test you and

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find out which of you is best in conduct is the mighty the Forgiving, the idea of creation and resurrection is together as you might have noticed, again, the idea that the Allah has created us in this life, to test us and to the results of that test will come after death. That is ingrained. And that is something that the Quran emphasizes time and time again, that this is something we should not forget, the Hereafter is imminent. The sutra By the way, the prophet alayhi salatu salam has told us, this is a surah, we should read before going to bed. This is a surah that in an authentic hadith he says that the one who reads it, they will be saved from the punishment of the grave. The

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one who reads this, the surah will come on the day of judgment and intercede on their behalf the surah will be given. Like you know, it will turn from like words on a piece of paper into like a, you know, something that speaks and what that looks like Allah knows best. But it will be something it will plead with Allah, that Allah This is a person who would read to read me and he committed it himself or herself to me, so don't commit them to the fire of hell. And that is an incredible, this is authentic narration. And that's an incredible incentive for us. We should try to do this every single night.

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The surah speaks about the Hereafter, and speaks about those who are going to help. And it's a very interesting passage. In fact, it's one of the most powerful passages of the Quran when Latina cafaro biragi him as Abu jahannam.

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Those who are blind or bent on blaspheming against the Lord will have the punishment of hell and evil destination. Let's look at what a striving and translation better transition is. kung fu is the one who's rejected down who's rejected. The ones who reject their Lord, who have disbelieved and rejected their Lord. For them, there is the punishment of hell, and that is an evil destination. What happens? What happens when that you know becomes a reality we ask Allah to protect us from that either oofy her when they are cast into it.

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Send me your ruler hace como here for they will hear it's rolling as it boils up that God outta my ears luminol wave as though bursting with rage. This is before their entry as they're being led to the fire of hell, as they are tossed inside the fire and they're tumbling through the wood here shaky on this howling roar of the of the fire. And as if it's about to burst with rage, it's as if it's like a monster. It's about to devour its prey. So the fire of hell is not just a fire, that is, you know, just flames. It is out to get the ones who are in it. It's out to hurt them. And it's got this deep grounding sound. It's got fury, it's got anger, it's bursting with rage. We ask a lot of

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practice, protect us from that.

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What happens before these people enter the Hellfire each time a group is cast into it. It's keepers will ask them lm yet the community

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did know Warner come to you. They will say of course Bella. Yes, our Warner came to us for the job and as a warner came to us forget that whenever we belied him, he said you are lying. Or we said this whole idea of religion is a lie. This thing is false. Bakula man has Allah human shake God has revealed nothing. In intimate love you boliden Kavita, you are in gross error, meaning either we said, you know, we either we believe that there was a God, but the God is not really has nothing to do with the world. Man as a law firm in shape. You know, there's no like, we're just free to do whatever we want. Yes, there's like a prime mover that brought the world into existence. But after

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that, we're left on our own.

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We're left to our own, with our own agency, okay. Or these people are saying man is Allah La hoomin shadid, mocking the idea of God that God revealed this man is the love of nothing was revealed by God in anthem in love your blog can be both of those are included. And it's really interesting. It shows that the ones who's rejecting this 100% knew what they were rejecting. This was not like accidental, it was not just because where they're born, this is a person who flat out rejected the message. And then they would say, if we had only listened and understood, we will not be the image of the fire of hell.

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If we had only paid attention, if your only thought not only thought you will not be here today. This is also an interesting expression. Because sometimes, especially society today where religion has been made. Like it's like the black sheep, it's like something that nothing no one wants it No one wants to touch it. You know, kids who grow up, wouldn't want anything to do with it.

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That's how its cast cast as backwards is cast. As you know, a frivolous endeavor is cast as whatever, something that makes you do irrational things.

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And people if they were to accept that narrative, who's to blame? themselves not smart enough to know if you'd only like heard what was being said, if we only paid some attention and thought for ourselves, we won't be here.

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factor of will be zombie him and thus they will confess their sin. For so only us have is very far away from God's mercy or the inmates of hell. This ayah tells you if I taught off will be then became absolutely clear cut states that the one who goes to the firewall will confess their sin, they will say and they will know they belong there. No one will go to the fire of hell thinking I didn't belong here. This was a mistake. Oh god, no one's gonna be like that. This is explicit and clear in the Quran. We should have no doubts about that. Now how do we know a person has rejected the faith? How do we know a person received the message that is a matter of judgment that is left to

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Allah, Allah.

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Allah has given us a baseline which is our fifth on our innate disposition. That is something that's in our souls. And then Allah has given us rationality, our minds is given us the tools and faculties of hearing and listening, a faculty of hearing listing at the Faculty of seeing and observing all of these has given us and that together forms the basis of a personal

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Test. And a person's test is different from time place, time to time the one was born in the time of the prophets of Salaam. And the problem is right there, their test is different, because they see a prophet of Allah, the One who was born or lived in the time of the Prophet and rejected the Prophet, that person has received a message far with far more clarity than anybody else has. So the it's factored in how much is the message how much of the message was received, but the reality remains? All of that is a laws judgment he judges who got what, and who suppressed what, and who followed what that is 100% Allah's judgment, because he knows exactly our inner workings. What is undoubtedly

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clear in the Quran is they will confess their sins, everybody going to the fire, hell would accept and would confess they belong in the fire. Hell, no one would say this was a mistake. And that is, you know, that completely. addresses the root cause of the problem of people would say, oh, how can how can God punish somebody eternally? and this and that? Well, this ayah tells you, this person is not going to the fire of hell until and unless they had the faculties had access to the information and then rejected it. Okay, and then they confess that, yes, we were wrong, and we belong here. So it destroys that premise completely. We asked a lot to give us understanding. And we asked a lot of

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protectors from the situation. I mean, I mean, of course, when Allah mentions the fire hell, he also mentions, the ones who are in Paradise, in the Medina of shannara, humble vibe, the home of urato, Zhang Kabir, those who fear the Lord in the unseen will have forgiveness and a rich reward. And what whether you speak in secret or aloud, he knows what is in every heart?

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Is he hooked? How could he who created not know his own creation, Allah Allahu Allah? That's a rhetorical question. A very beautiful one. How can the one who created not know the one he created ideas of course he knows. He knows really well. He knows us intimately. Well, who will have the full hobbies he is the most subtle in his wisdom, the all aware, Latif is actually someone who knows us intimately Kabir very well. Like he knows our internal workings Latif, he knows our external, you know, appearances and our actions. And hubiera Latif is our thoughts, and our what what, you know, what's the decision making that we do within us without verbalizing and hubiera? Is what we

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verbalizing what we say. So there's a beautiful symmetry there in that name, that he knows us really, really well. Of course, Allah has invited people to, to Allah invite using his signs in while using his signs, I will amuro euro a lot by default comes off fat, to the Nazi the birds above them spreading and causing their wings, none can none save the merciful, sustains, and surely he observes all things and again, this is still not there, this is still a mystery. How birds remain, you know, airborne, this is still a mystery that we are not fully aware of.

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What kind of Allah Allah says, this is actually something and he highlights that this is the mercy of the Most Merciful, that allows them to be airborne,

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their sides of a law that are logical, he says, Look at them, or excuse me, a man has a man has these are questions are asked, you know, that make you think. And then the the thinking here is, you know, who is there to defend you like an army besides the Lord have mercy? If Allah wants to take you down? Is there anybody who could help you? Is if who can give you if allow decides to withhold something if Allah shuts a door on you? Is there anybody who can really open that door? Hmm, this is the question. And these are questions that are asked that a person would experience was live life, they can answer that definitely if Allah has shut a door, there's no way no one's opening that one.

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Right? If Allah has decreed that tap and nothing is going against that decree, and and this is again appeal to logic, and then appeal to also emotion, emotion that look, Allah has given you all this that you have the faculty of hearing, the faculty of seeing the hearts here of either the faculty of reasoning, the ability to use emotion, and logic together, either the the the synthesis of that is either Padilla mata shikun is a complex things Allah has given this to you

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Yet you are seldom grateful. And these are given for us to use to understand our purpose,

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or who allowed either our comfort of the sea who scattered you on the earth, and to him You shall be gathered on the Day of Judgment. So these are beautiful ways that Allah invites logically look here, think about this, you know, thing, you know, be grateful

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to the one who's giving you all these things, an incredible way to invite and of course, with the punishment of the hereafter mentioned the urgency is, is

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is pressed in front of us that this is an urgent matter Don't delay it for too long Surah Al column A which is the next Surah Surah number 68 also known as surah noon, because it has known here in the beginning known oil call me Rama is Tarun

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known by the pen and all that they write.

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And this Surah Al Pelham is the second Surah revealed after Allah Allah, the first who are revealed to the Prophet Allah was a troposphere of buckler, the Hala which we'll cover tomorrow Angela, this is the second one that was real to the Prophet solo salah and column was the pen is it's a pen. What is the pen? The pen is a reference to two things here. The first is it's a reference to the very first thing that Allah subhana wa Taala created which is the pen right the profit Some said that in a while Mr. halleck Allahu Allah column for call Allah who octo colera be Rama to follow up to will Katara Kala for general Kala MFI to cassava Makana wa wa wa wa Illa Abbot, the first thing that luck

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created was the pen and he told the pen, right the pen asked Allah What do I write, oh my lord, Allah said write the destiny of people. So the pen wrote, all that is going to happen from that time till the end of time. Of course, the pen is writing here and the expression the implication of this expression is Allah, it is a law's destiny, it is a last decree that the pen is writing. But the creation of the pen was the first thing that Allah created. And that is the first possibility of what column here is. And that is a beautiful possibility because my NW may be near material we can imagine. The last time the profits are some you are destined to be a profit off or you are not, it's

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not a mistake. It's not like something's gone wrong, you are destined to be a loss Prophet, the last prophet, you have now gone crazy, you are going to have an endless reward, you are off to a truly sublime character. You deserve this you are, you are made for this, you are the one who is the Prophet of Allah says Allah. And it's interesting, the last month I was telling this other prophets long because this is the second sooner that's revealed. And he's kind of like, you know, as you can imagine, as a human being you will be, there's a whole host of emotions that are going through. So it's so reassuring, Allah seems the person you are destined to be the Prophet of Allah, you are it

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You are the one. So lasala The other possibility of Allah is the pan, that is the instrument of writing, and how, you know, people write with it to acquire acquire knowledge. And this is a beautiful, there's a beautiful symmetry here between the first and the second sort of the first is a parabola Bigelow develop, second is known, well, column F, is read. Second is right. So that's the, the process of acquiring knowledge, and, and, and learning and that is what our religion you know, values very highly acquiring knowledge and learning about all things, but specifically acquiring knowledge and learning about the tenants of our faith, and the message particularly of the Quran.

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These are important things, and it's a very nice

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there's a nice, you know, symmetry there. And both possibilities can exist at the same time, as is the case here. Okay, the prophets Islam is destined to be a prophet, and Allah says, Be patient, oh prophet of Allah. This is not going to be easy, though. This is not going to be easy.

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Find out all day and look at the mean, don't yield to denials of the truth. You're going to be influenced by them Don't be influenced by them. Just you know, they want they will want you to make some concessions don't make concessions particularly in the tenants of the fake concessions are made like the promises are made a concession when he was signing a peace treaty. Okay, that's just, you know, smart with wise. You know, that that's wisdom that's

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acting in a in a very smart way. But on the tenants of our faith, there is no compromise the people McConnachie said to the

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problem here. How about you worship Allah or we all worship Allah one day no idols. And then the next day we all worship our own gods. And then the third day we go back to worshiping Allah. And then the fourth day, we go back to worshiping idols. How's that for a deal? Okay, like one day, every two, no idol worship only worshiping Allah. And the other day, we're all free to do whatever we want. We're not even forcing you to worship our idols, you can still worship Allah. That was the deal they offered to the Prophet Silla, you know, imagine that this was offered to like us, hey, one day everything goes by the law of the Sharia law is implemented on one day. And the normal

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conventional law isn't implemented in the second day. As an example, I'm telling you this, right, the province did not accept that he said, No, I will not allow I will not condone worshipping of idols are doled out to, you know, for you, for you to be known. On the tenants of faith, there is no compromise. But, you know, for matters of policy, and, you know, decision making and choices, yes, there is compromising the porcelain made that, but the core, absolutely not volatile. petricola laughing mahane don't yield to any contemptible swear of oats. Here, again, Allah subhanaw taala is trying to profit slow, be watchful of the influence of people who can mislead you, and could

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pressure you into making wrong decisions. Don't be like that. And that's a lesson for us, you know, we shouldn't be like, we should be very careful of the influences that we have in our lives. Because that very, very frequently will determine how we lead our lives and what choices we make the influences and the pressure that they put on us. It's a real thing.

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This has a story of the Bible, Jenna, the people of the garden. These were people that a lot of them mentioned who exactly they were. But they are very fickle, very short sighted, extremely, almost like they're foolish, actually. And what's interesting is that they thought they had a garden, they wanted to go to their garden, and to harvest the food, but they didn't want to give anything to like the poor people. So they're like, you know what, let's go to our gardens in the morning, then for the now Fernando must be here, and then

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known that any poor person enter today, okay, don't share any of your wealth with anybody today. But little did they know, the night before their garden was, you know, destroyed by a storm. So when they came upon the garden, they're like, Wait, where's our garden, we've lost her way, this is not our garden. But then they realize, Oh, this is actually it, but it has been destroyed. And then, you know, there was actually a good person there. And he's like, hey, did not tell you we should be glorifying God and saying, inshallah, and sharing and doing all the good stuff. But that time was too late. So Hannah rabina in Laughlin, Nevada mean.

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And of course, they also blamed each other, they started to blame each other, it's your fault. It's your fault. What the story shows in the middle of this whole thing is that all the profit loss of them Your job is to be patient. And your job is to not give up. Don't be like these fickle people. Don't be like people who, when good is happening. They want to keep it all to themselves don't want to share any of it with anybody. And when something bad happens, they're like, what, how could it happen to me, and then started blaming others for their mistakes or blaming others for what befell them. So don't be like that. That's not actually somebody who is wise, that's not somebody who is,

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you know, a role model anyway, that is what

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the one of the reasons one of the wisdoms of that's there, and then Allah describes a scene from the Day of Judgment where he says, you know, my auction runs out, well, you don't want to do the philosophy around on the day when this is an interpretation by the translator here, the meaning of the word soft is actually Shin when the day when a shin is laid bare, and they're called to make such that and they will not be able to do so what does this I refer to it's i A is referring to two things. You have one SAP is an expression, according to a blue lemon Ibis, which means what your mo carbon was, the day of devastating terror isn't like a lot of fear and anxiety. That's the day where

00:29:32--> 00:30:00

a loss panda will call people to make such that and the disbelievers will not be able to do so for the believers will be able to do so. Okay, that's one interpretation. The other one is that on its apparent meaning is actually there's a hadith about this, that allows patata has a shin that is befitting to him, not like the human shin. It doesn't look like it. It doesn't. It's our shape like it, it is befitting to him and these are actually

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Have a law that we don't question how they are we affirm them as they are without being consumed by the reality of it. Okay, so this is actually a hadith that you share for a Buddha answer fee for your Sudoku movement in wamena Welcome again kind of issue for dunya via our Soma via ODS, should

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fire rule do the whole topic on wahida this Hadees talks about on the day of judgment when this love lays Shin bear, the believers will be told to make such the disbelievers can do it in the first place. But all believers will be able to do so. But the one who was doing such that and practicing their faith out of pretentiousness showing off, they won't be able to and their back would be like a stiff, like like one stiff piece. And that would be a a humiliation for them. That their life's work that was done just to you know, keep up appearances and just out of pretentiousness is all lost on that day. Yo, Yo, what's up for you the owner so Judy fella is does your own

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stuff your own, they will be called to prostrate themselves, but they won't be able to do so. So that is that and unfortunately what will happen to these people is Hoshyar turned upside down, then they will be shame and regret, their eyes will be cast down and they will be covered and they were bitten to prostrate themselves when they were safe and sound or can do their own is to do the home side even when they were asked to prostrate when they were alive and they were healthy, and they had all their faculties but they didn't do it. Now it's too late. Now it's too late. So Allah subhanaw taala will not allow that. Be patient though oh prophet don't give up last month that reminds him

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here that people will be like this. People will treat you like this. People will say is that one thing? And do the other gay people will say yeah, we believe but they don't won't believe. Don't give up. First Believe me Robic wait patiently for your Lord's judgment. Don't be like the man who haven't having been swallowed by a whale called out in distress. And this is unison SLM.

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If it was not, that his that his Lord's grace had been bestowed upon him, he would have been cast away in disgrace upon that desolate shore. But then his Lord chose him for his own and made him one of the righteous. The idea here is

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the Prophet of Allah Yunus made a mistake is not mentioned by name here, but he's referenced and the reference is clear, don't and his mistake was he was hasty, he gave up too fast, he wasn't patient long enough. So prophet of Allah doesn't don't give up so fast, be patient until your Lord has decided what he is going to do. And this is again, in the very early parts, the second source that was revealed to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Allah, Allah is telling him to do this. And he's preparing him mentally it's going to happen, you will call people, people will be fickle. People will do things that are irrational. People will say, yeah, we're with you, but they're not going to

00:33:13--> 00:33:39

be with you. That's what happens in Medina. And then all these people will be exposed in the Day of Judgment, but your job will profit is to be patient, and to call because you are destined to be a prophet, just like the pen wrote, all the destinies and that's a beautiful, you know, message very early on to prepare the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, the next surah that we have is Aloha, Ka, Mal, ha ha, Mama Dada calm. And

00:33:40--> 00:33:50

if you're reading this, like with the G, this is 606 100 cars and then 600. Guys, that's 18 How to cars you're reading, you know, like 18 units of measure.

00:33:52--> 00:34:18

Got like that. That's a long and a very beautiful introduction. There's an effect the sound has, the sound is having an effect is that this is a serious matter. This is something stop in your tracks and pay attention to what's being read. That is one of the effects that this short I add, and particularly the way they are structured that they create

00:34:20--> 00:35:00

the sound that the juries have it has a profound relationship to the meaning and have got comes from the word Huck, which is the truth, which is the hour the hour is the truth. The hour of truth aloka is coming. Stop in your tracks and think about it. The theme of the soldiers. the Hereafter is imminent. It's imminent, it's the truth. First, Allah gives us a quick quick history lesson, the mood and AD. How they were destroyed. When they denied they were destroyed by a furious wind. Our ad was destroyed by a furious wind that stayed on them for

00:35:00--> 00:35:13

seven nights and eight days unleashed by Allah, Allah, and so devastating that these people were left like hollow trunks, or palm trees, and you see nothing left of them likewise

00:35:15--> 00:35:18

for our own was destroyed, and

00:35:19--> 00:36:12

the many other new towns that were turned upside down, they all denied their messenger defied the messenger of the Lord. Likewise, llama Dolma, ohama, lack of ajaya, the ark of Noah la salam, how the water rose high across all boundaries. And that was a reminder, all of these incidents and histories and reminder for the one that's kiloton. It's a reminder for you, what are you how are you an attentive ear are attentive ears, could could listen to this and retain this, the idea is the reminder of this history lesson that Allah provides again and again in the Quran. So that the one who's listening attentively, and take some heat and change the course of their actions. And that is

00:36:12--> 00:36:23

the point here. But then Allah goes and pivots to the Day of Judgment, what happens? How does it start, it's going to be a blast, nucleus of the soul of a trumpet. And then

00:36:25--> 00:36:39

it's going to be the earth and mountains are lifted up and crushed with a single Blue Earth is flattened. It's like, all crevices and all mountains, all gone. It's a flat earth at that point.

00:36:41--> 00:37:22

And that day will be the great event, Allah, the thing that's going to happen will happen on that day, in the Day of Judgment, the sky will be rent asunder shut on Chuck got his Summer Split. And at that time, it will be like a frail, it will be frail, and the angel will appear by its sides, and on the sides of the sky, that is, and then a law's throne will be brought and varying it will be eight angels, and then the Judgment Day will begin and the angels will be in rows and people are enrolled and Allah is there. subhana wa Taala and the judgment will start and what happens on this judgment day.

00:37:24--> 00:37:33

That's a woman whom coffee none of your secrets will remain hidden. The people will be given there's a group of people given the book in the right hand from Mammon who tiaki taba who be me.

00:37:35--> 00:37:38

He will say, how will mokara ottavia.

00:37:39--> 00:38:24

Here's my record, read it. I knew I was going to meet this, I knew this day was coming, I knew this was going to happen. So I was preparing for it. And then because of that, he will be in a happy state theory, shutter audio in a lofty garden, whose fruits are close to her Danny. And that's where the name of the institute that I run to comes from. The fruits of Jenna are close, we try to make the fruits of what I'm close to you. coonawarra bouhanni and Bhima has left them for a year milania We shall say to him eat and drink joyfully as a reward for the good deeds that you have done in the days gone by, we asked her to make us of these people. And then on the flip side is the one whose

00:38:24--> 00:39:10

book is in the left hand, you will be saying oh my goodness, I wish I never saw this date. And I knew nothing of my accounting. I wish I could just forget all this. And I wish how my death was the end of me that I never would be brought back to life. My money is of no use my power and authority is gone. I have nothing I am meant to I'm just wrecked today. And then we told Hulu sees him and shackle him. And then you know, let him enter in the fire in fact, so Louis to roast something throws him in the fire who do who actually is a plural. So it's like Alice telling a group of angels, they're going to come and seize this person, right? And imagine the terror on that day, the

00:39:10--> 00:39:51

person who has now received their book in the left hand, they recognize now they realize that it's all over and their life's work is a waste and all these angels are coming and they grab this person and they shackle him and then they toss them in the fire. It's a very very, you know humiliating punishment. Dunleavy cincinnatian daughter who has her own IRA and first logo fascinate me the chain of 70 cubits long, like the length of it is to show the extent of a loss a disgrace upon this person. Why is he is in this situation in now gonna live the life of him he did not believe in the Almighty God and He will not feed you will not feel any urge to feed the needy this man lived for

00:39:51--> 00:39:59

himself. This is a person who lived for the dunya they wanted to enjoy the material pleasures of the world.

00:40:00--> 00:40:47

So they rejected the, you know, the idea of believing in Allah. And they couldn't care less about the suffering of others just couldn't care less their suffering. Let them pull them up by their own bootstraps, lie hobo Allah time and miskeen. So today, he has no friend fillet Salah, Julio Maha buena Amin. Today, this man has no friend, and no food except film. So panela We ask Allah protection from such evil as an evil. And it shows By the way, that the believer, as you notice, should be focused on believing in Allah and doing good, and particularly doing the good of feeding people food. And this individual. The food is like, it's just like the basic necessities of life,

00:40:47--> 00:40:54

this person couldn't even care if others didn't have enough. And that lack of empathy, and that lack of

00:40:56--> 00:41:46

feeling for your fellow human, that tells you about the lifestyle and the state of mind that this person lived by. And that is what Allah is highlighting here. And Allah, you know, makes a point that is a very, very evil way to live, be as close protection from that. Also, the profit is being told you should invite in the hula codorus, when Kareem This is for an is in the world of a normal messenger is not a poet, right? He's not a soothsayer. It's a revelation sent down from the Lord of the worlds. And if the Prophet dare invent any lies about us, we will seize him by the right hand and end his life look upon them and hold Watene and no one would be able to help you know, we'll be

00:41:46--> 00:42:26

able to help him against us if that happened. The idea this is all hypothetical because no in Arabic is something hypothetical that hasn't happened and won't happen. Okay, that's what the word low is used for. So this is a hypothetical is didn't happen and absolutely will never happen. But hypothetically, if it happened, that the Prophet was to fabricate something, a last one, I will not tolerate that would not allow that. So this is something that he would he mentioned about the invitation, this is truly the word of Allah, Allah, adulterated untouched by humans. This is something to be taken seriously because the Day of Judgment is the truth. It is imminent, and how

00:42:26--> 00:42:31

Surah Al meritage. The next surah from the same route comes my name by the way, adage.

00:42:33--> 00:42:35

Marriage is the

00:42:36--> 00:43:04

essential melodica to rule who lie Yeoman Can I mute without all hundreds haven't seen that alpha Santa, by which the angels and the spirit will ascend to him in one day, which will last for 50,000 years? This is the day of judgment, and the tabula aka, the root is, the spirit is gibreel. The ascension of them is where the surah gets its name. What is this all about? It speaks about the hereafter. Right?

00:43:06--> 00:43:18

Firstly, it says to the Prophet, be patient foster sovereign jameelah be very beautiful with your patience, right in a very beautiful manner. Jimmy there's something that's beautiful. your patience shouldn't make.

00:43:19--> 00:43:34

It shouldn't be like, you know, like, I'm impatient. Okay, what else do you want? That's not real patience. outruns me that is you don't have to express that you being patient. Your actions tell people that you're patient, and it's a very beautiful way of,

00:43:35--> 00:43:38

of doing of interacting with people.

00:43:39--> 00:43:59

What is it about the day of judgment in Nome your owner who by either they think they see it as it's far off, one or hookeri but we see it as nearby, it's close by yo mata kuno sama, local mobile that day when it does happen in this come the kuno sama Oh

00:44:01--> 00:44:55

girl mobile, the the sky will be like molten brass, it will be like melting what is happening on the Day of Judgment, what the Kunal Jeeva Lu kalorien, like toughs of wall the way the earth is, normally the way the laws of physics are, normally will be completely eradicated. What was solid will be destroyed and turned into like puffs of wool. What was you know, like a canopy that existed, you know, above us will be destroyed and will turn into will look like it's molten brass will, you know, have cracks and will open up, it will be a day that is unlike any other day that has ever existed. And that's why it's the day of judgment. It's a day that last 50,000 years. It's a very,

00:44:55--> 00:45:00

very, it's like the earth is no longer the same earth when that happens. And that's what all

00:45:00--> 00:45:12

These things are described on the day of judgment that are completely, you know, impossible today, but on the day of judgment will be taking place and will be completely normal. And then no friend will ask about his friend.

00:45:13--> 00:45:55

And people will you know, gladly, they will, they will, you know, be like, you know, I'd have nothing to do with you. If I need to save my life by relatively new, meaning I can ransom you and you go to the fire hell and I'll be saved because of you going to the fire, I'll gladly do that. Even though you were my friend, and my wife, my brother, my family, I wouldn't care any more on the Day of Judgment. That is what the sort of saying the person wouldn't care anymore. Who goes to the fire of hell, so they can be saved, whether it's their family, their wife, their kids, their friends, nothing would matter to them. As long as I am saved, or Allah, I couldn't care less. That

00:45:55--> 00:46:21

is what the day of judgment will do to the people. That's not how people normally act. People will like rather save their kids if they have to, like, you know, starve, they'll starve for their kids will eat, they will provide for their families and they would suffer, right? That's how we are in the world. hamdulillah but on the Day of Judgment, exactly the opposite. That is what I was trying to highlight here. The judgment is going to be exactly the opposite of how normal days our normal behavior will be gone on that day.

00:46:22--> 00:47:10

What happens on that day, then, what is the people who are the who just rejected a lot will be in a raging blaze in the hallowed Hall nazjatar The show is displeased. It's not just a fire. It's stripping away his skin and his flesh. It's like eating away at it and it will turn the room and uddevalla it will you know call it will it'll call out to the one who rejected and ran away so it's not just a burning, it's torturing and it's taunting, while Gemma Rafa or who amassed wealth and hoarded it, you know, the one who rejected turned away from faith, and then focus on just material pleasures and hoarding couldn't care less about the suffering of others, all they care about is

00:47:10--> 00:47:52

their own material enjoyment. Today, the fire hell was stripped them of their of their flesh, wood, you know, taught them as it's doing. So they asked for less protection from that. Also, on the other side is a loss as well. Humans are like this, they're impatient. When good happens, or bad happens, excuse me, they started lamenting, when good happens, they become miserly, like I'll just keep this to myself, or it's because of me that this happened in mousseline, but not so the ones who are praying, the worshipers. The This is what a man can do to the person, a man can make a human being the best of humanity, he can take away all the evil characteristics that a human can have. He has

00:47:52--> 00:48:38

the power to eradicate that it will make a person the one who worships steadfast in their prayer, the one who gives a due share to the one who is destitute. And the one who asked for help. The one who believes in the Day of Judgment is a description of the believers are the ones who are afraid and fearful of the punishment of their Lord. Because the punishment of the Lord is not something to be taken lightly. They are the ones who preserve their chastity. You know, of course, that whatever is permissible, that is something that they engage in. But those, you know, other than that, they don't have, you know, intimate relations with other, they only have intimate relations with their

00:48:38--> 00:48:39


00:48:40--> 00:49:27

bollettino may or may not be in raw ruin, those who are faithful to their trust and pleasures, those who stand by their testimony, those who are steadfast on their prayers, there are the ones who will be honored in the gardens of this, we ask a lot of makers of these people, I mean, that comparison of the disbeliever, who is in this case, the one who just has only the concerns of acquiring material gains, and only focus on you know, just enjoying all the pleasures of the world, that and that's a dangerous thing. I would say a lot of the world is like that today. So that is the mindset of the people today of just hoarding and enjoying and you know, amassing and, and

00:49:28--> 00:49:49

having a good time. Whereas the Quran says them humans are supposed to be like at a higher level. They're supposed to be at a higher level and what takes them at that higher level is the man and we asked her to make us of these people. Next is the Surah Surah Surah. No. is the next one up

00:49:53--> 00:50:00

is a surah in which a last part that I described no Harrison um, of course in our San Juan de la COVID II and under coma communicable

00:50:00--> 00:50:34

yamaga went live we sent Noah four times people saying warn your people for me grievious punishment. Now this is a very unique surah because here no Islam is describing, like in a door to Allah. He's describing what happened to his take on the matter is like he's speaking his from his point of view. la sala Okay, well what happened is that my he said, Oh people I'm a warner to you, and you're supposed to worship Allah and follow me that's the message of all the prophets, right?

00:50:36--> 00:51:20

If you do so he will forgive your sins, and will allow you to live until it's time for you to die. Because when it's time to go in traffic and change that it says, Oh my Lord, I call them night and day, but my door, my invitation only meet these people worse. It didn't make things better and pay things worse. And every time I've called them they will become more obstinate, more arrogant, further away from Islam, then before I call them, I would do everything I would do it openly, I would do it privately in public, I would tell them what the religion is or ask forgiveness for your for your Lord, He is most forgiving. If you ask forgiveness, he will forgive your sins, but also in

00:51:20--> 00:52:10

the world. He will give you blessings, abundant dream, kids and wealth and gardens and waterways, he will give you the world and the next turn to Him and ask for his forgiveness. But all people have but all luck. And then I said I said Oh, look, look, people look at what allies made for you how he's made the sky, the moon, the sun, the earth, this whole system of life. You know, he's made the earth spread out for you. So you can, you know, cultivate it and walk it and utilize it all these things. I give them all examples that I could. But what happened in normal Sony, they disobeyed me Allah and they didn't follow me. They followed the one who made things worse or the the chieftains

00:52:10--> 00:52:20

the leaders. And they said we will never leave our deities will never and the deities are mentioned here by name. You will never abandon them at all.

00:52:22--> 00:52:23


00:52:24--> 00:52:26

they misguided people.

00:52:27--> 00:53:11

For that, what does it have volume in Illa? Allah Allah. So now what Islam says, Oh Allah, they did this for so long, 950 years. So now we'll Don't let them to turn back. And that was the dawn of nihilism against these people. And he says members of the team because they were drowned and sent to hell for their misdeeds, and they found no one to help them against Allah subhanaw taala so this is actually a new highest alarms first person point of view, right of how he explained to a lot I did everything I could. Now Allah, I want you to destroy them, that other Allah will be Allah out the mineral caffeine in the Yarra, don't even leave a single one of these people on the earth, and that

00:53:11--> 00:53:26

there are a lot answered. But no Hassan did not just do this right away like the first he says he did it exhausted every single possibility for as long as you can imagine. And then he made this toward the end.

00:53:27--> 00:54:06

And that is the story of no Hadassah. Also, What's the next one? Is this the jinn. So it's like the Tao of the prophets. So it's like the Tao of Noah and adara the Prophet Mohammed Salaam faced all these difficulties, barely any followers. The prophets of Salaam had many followers and followers he didn't even know we're following him like the Jin hoo here la announced Amma Anna for Roman and Jin has been revealed to me that a band of jinn listen to the Quran, and they said, We have heard it wonderful recital that guides to the right path. So now we believe in it and we will not associate anyone with our Lord. And this is the story of the gym that we covered before. This is actually a

00:54:06--> 00:54:16

long passage that describes what these gin are talking These units are actually talking or explaining this. Oh, thank you. Does that go ahead?

00:54:18--> 00:54:22

Okay, I'll be away. These Jin are actually describing

00:54:23--> 00:54:56

how they are like, like what they heard what they knew before. Another man Atlanta cool. lentil in Sujin Allahu kariba. We didn't think humans in general lie about God. But then how the Quran like how they found people lying about Allah, and how people you know would make up stuff about Allah that's not true. And they would do things that inappropriate, like seeking refuge with Jin in the past. So all these things this sort of describes, but then of course, they

00:54:57--> 00:54:59

won Allah masa, Leonardo da Vinci

00:55:00--> 00:55:02

Right, it says that

00:55:05--> 00:55:07

we have heard

00:55:10--> 00:55:49

we have heard the error say right here. We have heard the quarter guidance and we believed in it so he who believes in his Lord has no fear of loss or injustice. So it's like the jinn are describing in first person what they experienced and how they found guidance in the Quran. It's a very beautiful surah also says one and massage that Allah He fell out of the room Allah he had the mosque or for God's worship, do not interrupt anybody else besides Allah in them. And then when the Prophet son stood up, I know Allah Omar Abdullah is God's servant here as the prophet SAW them. He stood up to pray to Him, gather your Khun Allah He Liberata they press close to him in great number numbers,

00:55:50--> 00:56:24

almost stifling him. What did they want to see? Because the person was praying and they're like, it's like squishing around him. Why? Because they wanted to see what are the profit someone make because they wanted to learn from the profits. And the profit made is beautiful. in Ruby, when I was Sheikhupura B, I was up here I had a I only call upon my Lord, and I don't associate anyone else with him. And this dog continues to the very end. It's a very beautiful surah that talks about unexpected support unexpected wins that the Robson will get. So don't lose hope as you invite others to.

00:56:26--> 00:56:36

To the right path. Again, this is one of the themes of the surah. Now invitation Dao to a lot. The next two students will speak about that, but in a very unique way. Alamosa mill.

00:56:38--> 00:57:12

And Alma Deus said they have the same beginning or, excuse me, very similar style. Yeah, you would say yeah, you have an Alma Dustin. And then you have Yeah, you have l Muslim. You see, it's like the same sentence structure. And l Muzammil is a nickname that Allah has given the Prophet Sam here. And along with that Phil is the nickname also that Allah has given the prophecy from here, both of this as the Prophet solo. But now very interesting that almost zamil 73 speaks about spirituality,

00:57:13--> 00:57:39

spirituality, before preaching, practicing before preaching, fixing your own house before you fix other people's houses, fixing yourself before you try to fix other people getting your relationship in a line order before trying to fix other people's relationships with Allah subhanaw taala spirituality and what level of spirituality is a preaching? comin Laila? illa calida stand up to pray for much of the night.

00:57:41--> 00:57:50

How much this local Halloween costume in whoa kalila maybe half the night or a little less? I was in LA he or a little bit more.

00:57:51--> 00:58:17

What are the little Khurana dattilo. recite the Quran slowly and distinctly. So hon Allah, that is how long the prophets I'm used to pray half, a little bit more than a half, a little bit less than the half. That is how much spirituality was needed for the profits or some to do his job. And that is the lesson for us because this is addressed to the Prophet Yeah, even resentment, right. He's wrapped up in his cloak.

00:58:19--> 00:58:20

It's a

00:58:21--> 00:59:04

it's that's the amount of spirituality that was required for him to do his job. Because it's not a nuclear holocaust. olan subpoena This is going to be a hard thing, a heavy message that you have to bear. So be ready, get ready for it by connecting yourself to your Lord by praying and praying at night. He has a lot to give us a thorough feel to do this. I mean, I mean, I don't know that there speaks about now. Preach thou in might. In fact, modesta is not just someone who's wrapped in his cloak, it's somebody who's scared and he's kind of like in a comfort zone. Allah says yeah, you will with death or you who is like in his comfort zone, home for under now get up and worn. Get out of

00:59:04--> 00:59:28

your comfort zone and worn What up duck and forget bear proclaim the glory of your Lord. But yeah, Becca football here, purify your garments, like purify your outer because your inner is purified by the worship of a lot that was described in the surah before but what justifies your leave all uncleanliness one atom non destructive, don't bestow a favor expecting Eros or expecting

00:59:30--> 01:00:00

in return something or return expecting something more favors or help should be provided just for the sake of providing. What do you Rob? Because when and for the sake of your Lord, be patient. It's a very beautiful thing, spirituality before preaching, and then how do you preach both of those things are together and both addressed directly to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam to tell him how to do it. And also to give us an idea of what where the bar was set for the Prophet Salim so we can

01:00:00--> 01:00:27

Try to like also get to that level also in this surah is a very beautiful description of the hair after a very jarring actual description gala will cover no by the moon will Laney In other words, and by the night when it departs not so much either as photo and by the dawn when it lightens in Vancouver. Surely it is one of the greatest things that the Euro lil Bashar is a warning to man, the mansha I mean, come on.

01:00:28--> 01:01:12

I like to every one of you wants to go forward or hang back one except, except you don't want to accept don't accept live with the consequences of your choices. Because every soul is held in pledge against its own needs. Every soul will have to pay for the consequences of their choices, except those wonder of the right hand of Highbury. I mean, you might remember from a couple of days ago, I was horrible. Yeah, I mean, we're the people of paradise. They're going to be in paradise. And this time they will be inquiring at the saloon they'll be asking an emoji mean about the sinners. masala coffee soccer what brought you the fire held a conversation between the people agenda and the

01:01:12--> 01:02:02

people? Well, what brought you to the firewall what what happened? How'd you How'd you end up here? All Olam Nakula mousseline, these will say, the people of Hellfire will say, we will not have those who prayed. While I'm not gonna I'm only miskeen. And we did not feed the poor, again, worshiping Allah serving the creation, right, serving the creation, worshiping the Creator, worshiping the creation, that is that that those two things are the, that's the foundation of the believers life. And when those two things are thrown away, that's the foundation of disbelief. And Cofer leaving, worshipping the creator and having no regard for the creation, for the people for the having no

01:02:02--> 01:02:34

empathy for the people according to hold Omaha, Ilene and we used to indulge in vain arguments along with those who indulge in them, like we waste our time, we would, you know, be distracted by the destruction of the world, by the pleasures of the world, be by the drugs of the world, we were just, you know, busy with that. And that was our life, no regard for a purpose, or regard no empathy for others. And then we didn't care about this resurrection business, we just thought this whole thing is our life. We'll just do whatever we want

01:02:35--> 01:03:15

to clean until that came to us. And then it was too late for the environment chef to chef you're in. So this is what the ISS or the sewer says that everybody has a choice to make, you are free to choose. That's what the Dow is the narrow is given the preaching is provided, you're free to choose whether the day every soul is bound by the choices that it's made. And you see how the Quran constantly reminds the thing that makes a person forget about the next life is the distractions, the pleasures, the consumption of the world, and it's entertainment, and it's and it's an endless, endless

01:03:17--> 01:03:55

distractions. Very, very dangerous, something we have to be very careful about, particularly now when there's distractions or even more, and they become makeup person even more heatless. So less protection from that Surah Al qiyamah is an ex Surah Al qiyamah speaks about the Day of Judgment, but I put the theme as Keep Calm and read the Quran Why would I say that? Because what's interesting here as you notice here after is discussed from number one to 15. And then I add 20 to the end. Okay, the here after the Day of Judgment, and I swear by the soul that self reproaching do people think that we cannot resurrect them and bring their bones together. In fact we can and we can bring

01:03:55--> 01:04:44

them to the very fingertips are very interesting because our fingertips are where our, you know, our, you know, fingerprints are, that's where we give our us what defines our IDs, your fingerprint, right? It's unique. So Allah a new salvia banana alone will make us like the indistinguishable. If a person has rotting away and they're dust, Allah will recreate them to the point where they're, it's indistinguishable to us, but Allah will recreate us so that it's completely distinguishable. completely unique. You know, the creature will read the bar back into existence again, a new salvia banana, to the point where they can be uniquely identifiable. So Pamela, this is the day of judgment

01:04:44--> 01:04:59

LTM Allah mentions about that many interesting things that will happen by that buddy Hall buzzer and the site is confounded, the moon is eclipsed. The sun and moon are brought together. You humans will say how can I escape? Today there is no escape.

01:05:00--> 01:05:51

On that day, only the place to go is to your Lord in the middle of this, you know, last month says that led to have been in Santa Clarita generally, do not move your tongues in the middle, or too fast in your attempt to learn this revelation in arlena maharana our responsibility is to see its collection and this recite to further Khurana who then when we have recited it, you follow its words attentively from a gnarly Nirvana, it will be our responsibility for making the meaning clear. And then it goes back to caliber type una Nigella. Farah, would you be on with another on some faces on that they will be radiant, it interesting. What is this tangent? this tangent is a very amazing

01:05:51--> 01:06:39

tangent. In the last part, Allah is giving us a glimpse of how the Prophet Salam was this is a beginning early revelation, the prophet Ceylon was struggling to keep up with not struggling excuse me, the problem was repeating the words as dibela. Assad was repeating or reading the Quran to him. So as Allah is explaining, the surah, which is, you know, sort of damage to him. He stops the main topic, which is lt ama, and then goes to the tangent, addressing how the prophet SAW Selim is learning and tells them, don't do this. Don't repeat the words before hearing them or don't repeat them as you're hearing them. Like to have it be lisanna Carlita, Angela, be, Don't be hasty. Don't

01:06:39--> 01:07:22

think you'll forget, in arlena Gemma Hua kurama, we will make sure that you won't forget it, we'll make sure that it is, you know, you have absorbed it further Karana hufa. Khurana just listen, and follow closely, when it's being read it recited to you. And then Allah will make sure that you won't forget any of it. This is a very beautiful tangent because it tells us that as someone who's taking like teaching someone, your responsibility is not just to deliver the content, but also to make sure that the learners are set up for success. And that's what a lot of others doing for them are the promises to them as a very beautiful little tangent, it's a little glimpse of how Allah is taking

01:07:22--> 01:07:48

care of the problem, you know, and supporting him so amazingly, as the professor needs support in every aspect, and that's for us a lesson that Allah is there to support us in all ways. He did that with his prophet, son. He does that with us. And he here provides us tangent in a very beautiful way to explain to the problem, this is the right way to do things.

01:07:49--> 01:08:31

Do that instead also provides a very beautiful scene or a very interesting scene on the Day of Judgment, the only way that you do in your mind another very beautiful faces are their radiant on that day, looking at their Lord, a lot of behind now, we must ask Allah to make all of those who will be looking at their Lord on the Day of Judgment, as well concludes with Allah asking us about insan this human do humans think that they will be left just by their to their own choices, and they're a two to have agency for themselves? Lm Yakuza Tommy money uma was he not once he dropped off ejaculated sperm, you know, something completely worthless, maybe even embarrassing.

01:08:32--> 01:09:14

Then he was something so insignificant, like a leech like clot, and Allah shaped him and fashioned him into new proportion, and then fashioning out of him the two sexes, you know, the same drop of sperm and that point, the clot, you don't know which gender is going to be until later, right? That's what the gender reveal happens later in the pregnancy. And how amazing how two genders that are different physically, physiologically, but the source of it is the same, and the creator of them is the same. Elisa Delica because it in Allah and you're in Malta, you don't think that the one who is able to do this is able to bring people back to life? You don't think that's possible? That's a

01:09:14--> 01:09:59

very beautiful rhetorical question that a lot asked at the very end of sort of karma, that the hereafter what 100% is real, the resurrection is 100% real. So the inside is a glimpse of Paradise, okay, it talks about human beings, how humans were, let me show you how much cooler there was a time where the human beings weren't even worthy of mentioning. They weren't even born. Okay? They weren't even in existence or conceived. So that humble origins to remind us to be humble and have humility. And Allah tells us that He created us and then he gave us a Sabine a day now Seville showed us the way whether we will be thankful or ungrateful. You know the choices. The choice is ours, but a lot

01:10:00--> 01:10:28

shown as the way the one who chooses to be ungrateful and reject, there is a devastating punishment waiting for them in the Hereafter, the one who has chosen guidance will drink from a righteous cup from and then they will drink from a from a spring that once they have drawn from it, they won't be thirsty again. And they are people who do all the good in this life, they keep their vows. They fear the day of, of,

01:10:30--> 01:11:14

of judgment, they feed those who need to be fed, despite their love. And despite their need for money, and food. They feed the miskeen the poor, the team, the orphan, the Associate of the captive miskeen is empathy for the poor who has very little or nothing. Your team is somebody who's easily exploitable, but yet they don't exploit them. They take care of them. A car is your enemy. Prisoner of War, you know, you shouldn't be like you know, you have animosity you were just fighting a battle. But no, this is a person who still takes care of the seal and shows you how amazing the believer is supposed to be. That they take care of all people, whether they are easily exploitable

01:11:14--> 01:11:40

or not whether hateable or not, no, they take care of them, they provide them and this do this in a minute I will commonly watch Hilah for the sake of God alone, we seek neither recompense nor takes from you. And then Allah gives the describes how that jedna is going to be for them. The agenda that they will get is the reclining on couches, not feeling the heat of the sun, not the bitter biting cold, it's beautiful weather that they will be feeling

01:11:41--> 01:11:57

shading branches of trees will come down clusters of fruit will be hanging low literally let go to who had that Lila it's easy. Not just that the there's a lot of good there. Everything is easy and luxurious and as as enjoyable as it can possibly be.

01:11:59--> 01:12:21

There is a vessels of silver Silver Goblets or pure crystal will be passed around them. You know the drink is amazing. But also the container is just as amazing and expression on luxury. kawari gleaming Silver Goblets which have been filled to the exact measure is the perfect amount. And they're given to drink.

01:12:22--> 01:13:09

A cup that's flavored with ginger, ginger, not the ginger of this world. You know, maybe you don't like ginger of the world. But this is a ginger of paradise. Zen jameela Anan from a flowing spring called Sol Sabine. So it's this is a special drink from a special place in paradise. Sal Seville is the name of that river. And it's the the mixture of it is with this xenmobile to give us the idea that this is going to be something as a very special drink, a drink of luxury and privilege. And everywhere you look you look you see great bliss, of the beautiful clothing, that there are, these people will be wearing a fine silk and Rich brockett adorned with bracelets. And their Lord will

01:13:09--> 01:13:52

give them a pure drink. And then he says this is your reward. All of that that was before was in third person. they they they and now he says this is your reward your endeavors for the college as if the scene has shifted from describing paradise to you reaching paradise and you're now talking about Allah, you're here and this is for you and your good deeds and your life's work has been accepted. So panela an amazing amazing you know, feeling we asked her to give us that feeling and also enter Paradise. Also the next passage talks about Koran, then in nationalism nonlegal kurata Zilla ie the Quran is your way to gender and that Surah Surah Al masala which I'll just mention very

01:13:52--> 01:14:33

briefly, it has this phrase that repeats very very frequently in it. But why Louis? Oh my the little Mackenzie mean, while we Oh my the little Mackenzie mean, whoa on that day to those who reject the truth, because the deniers are going to be there oh Prophet, you will invite you will walk you will talk about heaven and hell but the dyers will be will be there and they won't embrace you. So expect that and those who do so they will have nothing but regret on that day. We ask Allah, Allah to save us from the regret of the of the day of judgment and from the regret of making wrong decisions. We ask Allah for his mercy and His paradise, Mineola Miranda mean zamolo Hayden, everybody for sticking

01:14:33--> 01:14:51

around tomorrow, inshallah we'll be our Hotham, our last Jews. I hope to see you there inshallah, along with our special guests. Same time, same place as African Chronicle normal hamburger in Atlanta, stuff forgot to relax walakum wa Taala Rahmatullahi wa barakato