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Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the history and importance of the Darkselaer barrier or shield, including its use in praying and avoiding bad behavior. They stress the need to clarify who is in front of them during prayer and avoid distraction. Speakers also touch on the use of shavons and force in relation to praying and avoid bad behavior. They emphasize the importance of praying in a non-st Tottening way and being in a position to be laid down. Additionally, they discuss the use of cannabis in the present day and her desire to stop her goddamn prayer and distraction from her mother and sister's behavior.
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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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we'll get him my word for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim furbish rocklea slitherio A Sidley MD, Dr. melissani of Coco Li probenecid

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kita masala of Webb sutra tomaselli. So we were learning about the sutra. And I have to say I have never received as many questions as I did with regards to our previous class. Because the matter of the sutras seems to be new for many people, or it's an issue which is not spoken of that much. So there's a bit of confusion amongst us. So let's do a quick review of what we've studied so far. And that inshallah will continue and I assure you, your questions will be answered in Sharla. As we study every masala so sutra, what is a sutra? A sutra is a barrier, a shield that is placed between the muscly and the rest of the world. Okay? So basically, the sutra is an object or something that

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is placed before him. Why so that it can be as a screen so that he's not distracted? And others can pass easily from beyond the sutra? Is the throw wajib? Or is it Mr. hub? or it doesn't make a difference whether you have it or not. What's the ruling concerning the sutra? Yes, there is difference of opinion. Some scholars said that it is wider than others that that it is Mr. hub? And those who say that it is widely what's their evidence? What's their evidence? Yes, because the prophet SAW a lot of sun and most of the time he had a sutra in front of him. And there are many statements from which we learned that the prophet SAW a lot is that and advise the people that they

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should have a sutra in front of them. And there is another Hadith, in which we learn that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he once prayed in a desert, and there was no sutra in front of him. He prayed in a desert, an open place open area and there was no sutra in front of him. So because of this Hadith, this is an abode By the way, from this hadith scholars, the majority of them they say that the sutra is Sunnah. Okay? It is Sunnah. All right. And in some situations, it is mandatory on the person to have it. And in other situations, it's better. And in other situations, it really doesn't make much of a difference. So for instance, if you are praying in a very busy Masjid, in

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that place, it is necessary that you have a sutra before you. Because otherwise, you know, it will become difficult for the people in your house, where let's say there are children or their people, then in that situation, it's better to have a sore throat in front of you. And if you're alone at home, the doors are closed, nobody's there, then in that situation, it really doesn't make a difference. Like for example, the prophets, Allah loves them, he prayed in the desert, open place, those who were with him were praying behind him, and there wasn't any chance of anyone passing in front of him so he didn't have a sutra in front of him. Then we also learned that the sutra of the

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Imam is the sutra of those who are praying behind him meaning it suffices. Then we also learned about the distance that should be there between the muscly and the sutra, what is that distance from the place of the sajida to the sutra, there should be a distance that a sheep can easily pass by inshallah, we will learn more about this issue, the height of the sutra, what did we learn about that, that it should be about one form, because the prophets are the law is that him he prayed, facing the spear, a short sphere, different objects, but we also learned that if someone has something very, very small, and that will also serve as a sutra, if that is the only thing that he

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has, then we also learned that in Makkah, and elsewhere, the rulings of the sutra apply, then we also learned about taking a pillar as a sutra right? And from this, you can also take a wall as a threat because that is what the prophets are a lot of them do. Then we learned about praying between the pillars, praying between the fitters. Now, how is this related to the sutra? You see, the thing is that in the Hebrew Hall, you will see that in a certain Kitab, okay, certain above are grouped together. So for example, over here we're learning about the above which are about sutra, but it doesn't mean that every single Bab is directly related to sutra. This is, you can say an extension

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of the previous bap. In the previous bow we learned taking the pillar as a sutra. Now when it comes to the issue of taking the pillar as a sutra, Manohar is further explaining that it's not necessary to always face a pillar. You can also pray between the pillars if there is a need to do that. So this is like an extension of that. Okay, it's not directly related to so

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So, and this also proves to us that if you can pray between pillars, that means that there is no sutra directly in front of you.

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Okay? There is no sutra directly in front of you because it's possible that the wall is kind of far. So this proves that having a sutra in front of you is not mandatory, it's better, but it's not mandatory. Alright, so this is indirectly connected. So inshallah we'll begin from BB or seletti in a rahila. t while we're at we're szegedi. We're roughly Bob seletti it overhead it will vary with szegedi will also allow praying, meaning performing the Salah Illa two words while a person is facing of rahila A she camel will buried and the camel will shadow and a tree will Russia and a saddle rahila is a camel that is fit for writing that is suitable for writing and such that is big

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enough or strong enough that a saddle can be put on it. Because all camels are not like that some camels are small. So Raveena in particular is such a camel that is suitable for placing a saddle on in order to write it. So if a person has a lot, Hannah, can they pray towards that? rahila if a person has a buried just a camel, it's not a writing animal, just a camel, can they prefacing that shadow tree can they prefacing that saddle in that which is placed on top of a camel in order to sit on Can you prefacing that have this no Mohammed? Abu Bakr in a mocha dummy you had the Santa Margarita Milan and Obaidullah interfering and you have neuromotor an obeah sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam. I know who that indeed he can I use to you are reliable. He used to play sideways what rahila tahu his camel his writing animal Carolyn particular meaning he used to make it sit sideways his gamble he would make it sit sideways and then for you suddenly Elijah then he will pray to words it as if he was taking the camel as a sutra. Although I said a follow ater Did you ever think about it that either have better recap? When habit it got frightened? It got startled a recap the writing animal meaning what if the camel is too afraid or too startled? And it's refusing to sit down in that particular direction? Then what would the prophets of autism do? Or what if he was praying, and

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the camel got startled and got up and walked away? That happens because sometimes animals they get startled by some movement. And sometimes they become stubborn as well. You can't force them to do certain things. So what if a camel gets startled? And as a result refuses to sit in that position in that place? Then what would he do? Or he said can I get Hulu, he would take Heather rattler this ruffle meaning the saddle, he would take the saddle of the camel for your ideal route and he would set it up for you solely then he would pray in a feel it towards its end, meaning the end of it, the end of the saddle would be in front of him. I will call him a hero or he said it's back meaning the

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back of the saddle, he would take that as a sutra. What kind of naramata and even Omar Abdullah who I know the FR Lu, he would also do the same thing. So what do we see in this hadith there are many many lessons First of all, we see that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he would take the camel as his sutra and secondly, we see that if that camel would not be there if it would get startled, he would take the saddle as a sutra. So from this, the scholars derived the minimum height of the sutra from what the fact that the prophets of Allah sent him took the saddle as the sutra they said okay, the minimum height of the sutra width you know there is no minimum maximum width. When it comes to the

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height they said it should be the same as a saddle which saddle of a camel and that is how much because the prophets Allah Islam in a hadith and Muslim we learned that someone asked him about the height of the sutra and he said like the back of a saddle like the back of a saddle

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and you can google images of camel saddle here I have a picture for you. You can see this is an ancient style of a camel saddle. So basically this is placed over the camel and a person sits between so this is the front and this is the back okay. And the profit sort of artisan would pray facing the saddle the back of it. So this means that the height of the sutra should be at least this much. Okay. How much is that height that remember? They said that it should be some set one Villa and others said three there are there are is how much

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Like we discussed earlier for, which is two thirds of a qubit, a qubit is 44 centimeters, okay? So two thirds of it would be 30 centimeters. So your average ruler, okay, this is 30 centimeters if you think about it, this is approximately the length of your forearm almost, okay? Approximately. So 30 centimeters, this is what some scholars said that it has to be minimum, one there are or approximately 30 centimeters. Okay, that's what this is. But remember that if a person does not have that available in front of him, then something's something shorter than that is also permissible because the province that allows them also took a short spear, as a sutra, there is another Hadees

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with regards to this, in which we learn that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam also allowed taking. Basically, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam emphasized that a person should have his sutra between him and the people who are before him. And if a person does not find anything that he should draw a line. This Hadith has been regarded weak by some scholars, but others said that it is not weak it is hasn't. So this shows that the sutra just needs to be a barrier, a visible barrier, meaning just anything that people can see from afar, so that they know Okay, this person is praying, I should not walk between him and a sutra, I should walk around the sutra after the sutra. So even if you have,

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let's say, a bag in front of you, it may not be 30 centimeters, it may be shorter than that. But it's a visible to throw, right, it's a visible to throw. So that should suffice. Another lesson that we learned in this hadith is about the fact that if there's an animal sitting in front of someone, that animal can also be taken as a sutra, because the prophets of Allah Islam took his camel as a sutra. Now, you know, the first question that comes to your mind is, but how can there be an animal in front of you? Isn't that like worshiping an animal? No, because animal armello beneath the masala is not praying to that camel. He's praying to Allah, that camel, he places in front of him. Because

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there are many benefits to that. First of all, the person who's praying, he is concealed from the rest of the people. So there is a barrier, okay? He won't be distracted by who's coming who's going? What's happening. And secondly, it's also comforting for the animal. Because if an animal is just like that, in the middle of nowhere, and all of a sudden strangers come by, then they get startled, that the person who is praying the owner of that animal, even he will have peace of mind that Okay, my animal is right here. Okay, it's right here. So just like that, you have your bag, it's not that big, however, you place it in front of you. Double benefit, so throw, and peace of mind that my bag

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is here. If you put it behind you, you don't know where it's gonna end up if it's going to be there soon after you're done with your soda. So there is double benefit in that. So remember that this is not chick. Now the question is Which animal can be taken as a cetera, okay. And also, that we learned in our head, he said, once

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a lamb tried to pass by in front of the Prophet salallahu salam, when he was praying and he didn't allow, he moved forward until a man was forced to go from somewhere else. So that was a limb. And here is a camel. He didn't let that lamb go by, but here's a camel sitting in front of him. Why? Because there is a difference between something sitting in front of you, someone sitting in front of you and someone passing in front of you. Remember, this is a very important rule, which we will touch upon. Again afterwards, someone sitting in front of you and someone passing in front of you, if a camera is just sitting there, it can be taken as a sutra. However, if a lamp passes in front of

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you, that is not correct, you should not let that camel walk by, you should not let that lamb walk by. Now, some scholars also said that if the animal is barrhead, it is a clean animal, meaning you eat it, or its saliva is not nudges. And it is sitting in front of you. It can be taken as a sutra. What if it passes in front of you? We learned that the prophets of Allah was and would not allow it to pass by. But what if it passes all of a sudden? Does it break your Sunnah? No, it doesn't break your Salah unless it's a dog and inshallah we'll touch upon that afterwards. So for instance, if a person has a cat, and that cat walks by, in front of you when you're praying, does that break your

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solar? No, it doesn't. It doesn't break your solar, just like that. If there is some other animal that walks that passes in front of you, does that break your soul that it doesn't break your soul that however, it doesn't mean that you let them pass freely? You should stop them. You should stop them. Why? Because

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Like I mentioned to you in this at once the prophets of Allah Islam, he was facing a wall, okay, in Salah, and a lamb came and tried to pass in front of him and he kept pushing it back, he kept pushing it back until its belly was pushed up against the wall, and the lamp gave up and passed behind him. If you have to stop someone, there is going to be movement. So for example, you take a step forward, or you extend your hand out there is going to be movement. So what's the main lesson that we learned over here? The passing of an animal that doesn't break your prayer? However, you shouldn't let that happen. Why? Because as we will learn this is from shavon. It's sitting beyond

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the place of such though, that's okay. But if it's before that, that's not okay. You should move it to the side. And you will do that a couple of times and the cat will learn in Sharla that she's mentioning about her cat that from the time that it was a kitten she trained it that every time it tried to come in front of her she would stop it. And then now the cat doesn't come in front of her but as soon as she says her Salaam the cat comes to her. Bab osmolarity illusory praying towards a bed meaning is it okay to face the bed in Salah? Or is it necessary to have a sutra between yourself and the bed? No, you don't need to have a sutra over there what if somebody is lying down on the

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bed? Again you don't need to have a sutra okay, because there is a difference between someone sitting someone lying down and someone passing so it has studied had the smell of shea butter Paula had the surgery on Mon Sol and Ibrahim and in a sweat on our shutter. college she said our shadow Buddha said our idol to Muna Did you equate us? Did you make us equal to Bill kalbi with the dog will Hema and the donkey lacquered? Certainly a Tony I saw myself meaning I have seen this, that I would be more budget than I would be lying down on a city on the bed. Fire God Nabeel sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would come further west supple, so he would face

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the middle of a surgery of the bed for you, Sally, and he would pray. So now the end, not the firt not the head of the bed. No, he would be facing the middle of the bed and who's lying on the bed, I showed up

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for UCLA who I would dislike, and that was a neihu that I would be in front of him, meaning she didn't feel comfortable for Ansel Lu. So I would slip away mentally rigidly from the side of my feet as steadied meaning from that side of the bed. So basically, she would slip towards where her feet were on the bed. had that until Ensler, I would slip Mindy haffi from under my blanket, meaning she would very quietly move to words, the foot of the bed, and then she would get off the bed from under her bed cover. And she would go away that in order to fulfill her need, or because she didn't feel comfortable. But we see that the prophets are the laws that are new that you'd be lying down in the

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bed. And still he would come and pray facing the bed. We know that room was not that big. But still, he could have woken her up. He could have gone to the masjid. How far was the masjid there wasn't far at all, literally next door. But he still prayed over there. And that means that it is permissible.

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You don't have to have a sutra in front of you. Why? Because she was beyond the place of a sajida. And in other nations, we learned that sometimes her feet would be in the place of a scepter and then he would nudge her and she would fold her legs in. Okay. But again, she is lying down. She's not walking around. Okay, there's a difference between lying down and walking around. Now I should have looked over on her her question. What does it mean? That Do you equate us with dogs and donkeys? In a Hades we learn which isn't a Muslim. There were just a hadith of Abdullah being a summit that the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he said if any one of you stands up to pray, and then he has a cetera, if

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he has something the height of the back of a saddle in front of him, meaning he should do that. If he does not have something the height of the back of a saddle in front of him. Then his prayer is invalidated if a donkey or a woman or a black dog passes in front of him. So as a hobby, he asked that What is it with a black dog? I mean, what if it's a red dog or a Yellow Dog? So he said I asked the same question from the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam and he said the black dog is a shavon. I mentioned this whole Hadees to you because it's necessary to understand. So when the when I shuffled around her, she heard that people are saying that if a woman passes in front of someone,

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or a dog or a donkey, then their prayer is invalidated. She got very upset and she said you're making us equal to dogs and donkeys. Now

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This matter has been a cause of great enthusiasm among scholars. And there are clear evidences on both sides. And there are multiple ways of understanding this. First of all, given that the companions who said what they said they didn't say it out of their own accord, they said it because they heard the profits or losses, and I'm seeing this, I shall blow on her. She may not have heard the statement of the profits, let alone isn't she may not have known that the profits are a lot of them said this. And this is a reason why, perhaps, she said what she said, because if she found out of the profits of a lot of them said, Did you think she would say such a statement? No, she

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wouldn't. So we have to remember that a person may be unaware of something despite having a lot of knowledge. And just because they don't know about one issue or two issues doesn't mean that we disqualify them completely. No, they're human beings. They know about a lot, but there are certain things that they are completely unaware of, and that is perfectly fine. Secondly, some scholars have said that this was monsoon, what was abrogated the statement of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, that a woman, a dog, a donkey of the past, in front of someone that will nullify the prayer, this is one so this is abrogated, meaning this is what the prophets that a lot of them said at the

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beginning. However, later on, we see that his own action was what he was facing a woman in prayer. So this is abrogated, meaning it's okay. If one passes by in front of someone, a dog passes in front of them, a donkey passes in front of them, it will not abrogate their Salah. However, we can't just say something is abrogated until we have solid evidence for that. Then how do we understand this? I mentioned earlier, there's a difference between someone being in front of you and someone passing in front of you when they pass. Okay, remember that they are shavon. Why? Because shavon has prompted them to do this. Why, in order to distract them lucidly in order to distract the person who is

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praying. So as a result, their prayer is nullified. It is broken, but they're sitting there would not break the prayer. At Islam, Hewitt has mentioned that if a person prays facing someone who is opposite him sitting or lying down, that does not affect him. Rather, what invalidates the prayer is if it fast is in front of him from one side to another, okay, if it passes in front of him, and this is obviously if they passed between them and the sutra, or before the place of their such that if they passed, after that place, that's not a problem, or if they passed from behind the sutra, then that is not a problem at all. Now, one more thing that we can understand over here is that,

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remember, there are three things mentioned. Okay? donkey dog, and a woman. donkey? Is it an unclean animal? No. It's not unclean. What does it eat? The same food as camels eat? Right? And at the beginning, it was even allowed for consumption. Later on, it was made forbidden right at the Battle of labor. Remember that the Muslims they had prepared that meat and then the prophet SAW the laws and then told them and then they threw away that meat. So remember that donkeys not not just animal dog isn't just, of course dog is not just we learned about that earlier. Especially it's alive. It is not just it is unclean. So then, what's the resemblance? What's the similarity in the two? What

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is it? Remember, you know how these we learned? The prophets have a lot of them said, When you hear the shout of a rooster, then ask Allah for his bounty For indeed, it's on Angel. And when you hear the brain of a donkey, then seek refuge with Allah from the shade lawn For indeed it saw a shape on another Hadees when you hear the barking of dogs, and bring of donkeys in the night, then seek refuge with a lover indeed, they see what you do not see what did they see.

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So we see that shavon has a direct influence on who, donkey and dog. So this is why if a donkey is trying to run in front of you when you're praying or a dog, especially a black one, then remember that shade Vaughn has sent them. He has prompted them, he has incited them to this. Why? So that you are distracted from your prayer? donkey and dog. Okay, understandable. What about the woman? How do we understand this? I remember that. As for the woman, she's not evil in herself, but we know that she is a fitna for who for the men. Not because she's evil. It's just that shavon uses the woman to tempt the men, right in Hades we learn in the middle attack, duck by loopy salata. shavon what that

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boo fucile Leticia upon, that a woman approaches in the tempting form of a devil, and moves away in the tempting form of a devil. Meaning comes and goes and distracts the person from what they were doing. Just like

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shavon does. So sometimes, Shelton uses different creatures in order to distract people from what they're doing in order to lead them astray. And sometimes it's also a woman. The problem is not with the woman. The problem is who cheated on. The problem was weird that the man he forgot about his letter. And he's thinking about the feet of that woman, right or the fragrance of that woman, or wondering who she was and what she was wearing, or what she looked like. So he has been distracted from his prayer because of that woman. And as a result, a scholar said that his prayer is nullified. Also one more thing the scholar said that it doesn't mean that the prayer is broken, is nullified.

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Rather what it means is that the reward of the prayer has been diminished.

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This is what some scholars interpreted this as, however, the strongest opinion is that it is nullified. And some also said that the Salah you can say that the completeness of the prayer is affected. This is just like, if you're praying further, and you are constantly distracted by someone talking. So yes, it has affected the quality of your prayer. Okay, it has affected the completeness of your prayer, it has affected the reward of the prayer as a result. So just like that, if a woman passes in front of a man who's praying, and as a result, he's distracted, then the quality of his prayer, the reward of his prayer is affected. So they say that it's not nullified, rather the reward

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is affected. However, many scholars did disagree with that saying that no, it is broken, it is nullified. But from this Hadees basically, what do we learn?

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That our show below are? No, she is saying that she would be lying down on her bed and the prophets that a lot of them would come and pray facing her, facing her. And this shows to us, first of all, the fact that a wife may lie down in front of her husband, when he's praying, there's absolutely no harm in that as long as she's not in the place of such that. And if her feet have to be in the place of such a, that's okay when he's going in such that and he can nudge her and she can move her feet away.

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And this also shows the extreme respect that I should have on her head for the prophets a lot. Isn't that how she would slip away quietly?

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quietly. She's not getting up and walking away. No, she's slipping gradually, slowly, slowly towards your feet, and then she slips away. Why? Because she didn't want to distract the Prophet sallallahu Sallam from his Sunnah. So we have to think about it too. When others are praying, how much do we regard their prayer? Or do we continue in our conversations or our noise and whatever that we are doing? and completely disregarding the fact that the other person is trying to pray at that time?

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The Euro dollar muscley man ma rabina de euro do he should push away? Who knows? Sadly, the one who's praying who should he push away? Man, whoever, Marwa he passed, beignet they in front of it, meaning whoever that passes before him, what should the muscley do, he should stop him and if necessary, push him away. Meaning give them a message, a strong message that you should not walk in front of me when I'm praying. And notice that Mama, man means whoever. So this means whoever the past is in front of you, you should stop them, whether they are a human being, or an animal. Okay?

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Sometimes even a toy, like a toy car, if someone is if the child is driving it and coming in front of you, prevent it, stop it, stop it, you should not let anything come in front of you. And it doesn't matter if the person is an adult or a child, a man or a woman. It doesn't matter. You as a masala have to stop anyone who comes between you and your Lord, that You should not look at the child and you know, with your eyes, tell them to go away. No, because then they will expect communication from you through the eyes. You have to continue to look at the place of such the focus in your prayer and just use your hand to move them away or push them away. And sometimes that

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happens to children. They get confused at what's going on. I just the other day. I did that with my daughter because he's almost two years old. So I want to train her now that she should not come in front of me. So I held her hand and she got upset. She got really upset. But I remained firm. I held her hand. I made her stand next to me. I made her sit down. You know one thing after the other, just so that she will learn in Trello that now she should not walk in front of me when I'm praying. At the beginning. It's difficult. People will get offended actually, as we will learn in a heartbeat. Someone got so offended they went and complained to the governor. So it will happen and sometimes

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they're strangers, right we're passing in front of you and when you stop them they will get greedy

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be offended. But it doesn't matter. You still have to stop them. And notice the word beignet. He before him, what does it mean by that meaning right before him meaning between him and the sutra, or if the sutra is not there, then between him and the place of is such, okay? Because if it's after the place of such as that they're passing, it's not a problem. You can't stop someone who's far away anyway. And you don't have the right over the entire Earth. Okay, when you're praying Selena, and someone asked a question that if someone is praying on a chair, you know, they're sitting on a chair, and they're praying for where do they have to place there's a throw on the ground? Okay, same

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thing. Because some people what they do is it when they're praying sitting down, they have a table or something in front of them, and they do such that on that, remember that that is not correct. That is not correct. Because if you're not praying on the ground, you're praying on a bed or you're praying on a chair or something then you will pray with gestures Exactly. So, you will just gesture such that you don't have to put your head on a table or something in order to do such though Okay, you will just bend down in order to do such, so your sutra will be at the same place as other people place it

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you should not place a pillow or anything and then put your head on that no, you just have to gesture Okay, for the record, you will bend bend slightly and for such that you will bend even lower one of the and he pushed away who ignore O'Meara even or MOTOBLUR horn who fit the hood when he was sitting in the shower hood. And where was he Warfield Carver and inside the Carver. Even though I know imagine he's sitting in the shadow someone's trying to pass in front of him, he pushed him away. He is praying inside the cover someone tried to pass in front of him, he pushed them away, what color and even are more said in Aruba. If he refuses meaning the one who was passing in front

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of you if he refuses Illa except unto patera that you fight him, meaning that you use force against him, then go ahead for cartel who then go ahead and use force against him. otterloo doesn't mean raise a sword against them. No, it means use force against them. You don't want to just use your hand as a barrier. And then immediately the person gets a message. And sometimes they don't get a message. They keep coming. So you know, use a little bit of force against them. No, you can't come this way. If you must do that to stop them, then go ahead and do that.

00:32:28 --> 00:32:33

Now there's two things that we see here in the action of inventory. Well, first of all that he's inertia hood,

00:32:34 --> 00:33:08

towards the end of the prayer. Still, he did not allow someone to pass in front of him. So it doesn't matter which part of the prayer you're in at the beginning or the end. It doesn't matter at the beginning, the end the middle, it doesn't matter, you should not allow anyone to pass in front of you. Secondly, we see that inside the karma, he did not let anyone pass in front of him. So what about the surrounding areas of the garba must be there. If you're praying over there and someone tries to pass in front of you, should you let that happen? No, you should not let that happen. You should stop them.

00:33:09 --> 00:33:24

Have this noble murmur call at the center of the word is called a hadith Anna Yunus and her maiden name hilarion and Abu Saleh in another series is called appalling abuse of the love Are you Salim ha ha definite Adam? s are a hadith nurseryman mulero

00:33:25 --> 00:34:11

informado hilarion Allah either way, you are the head dishonorable sila in Assam Morneau panara a two of us are eternal podria he said i saw i will say the hood reefy Yami Jamal on the day of Friday, you suddenly he was praying in a in towards something yesterday that was concealing him in a nest from the people. So basically he had a sutra in front of him while he was praying for others. So he intended Shaban a young boy, men from Benny Aviemore is from the clan of a boomer If a boy from that clan from that tribe, he wanted, he does a bayonet he that he should pass he should cross and right in front of him. Okay, so not from behind the sutra. But before that, for different abuse

00:34:11 --> 00:34:53

or even for you So did he ate a Buddha who I knew he pushed him slightly were in his chest. So that boy is trying to pass that he kind of pushed him on his chest in order to stop him for another Cheb. So the young boy, he looked around, what just happened? And where am I supposed to go? Follow me. So he did not find myself in any way to pass myself means he didn't find any other place to pass by inla except beignet a day from before him. Because sometimes it happens that you are trapped in such a spot, that you just have to wait for the person to finish praying so that you can go because otherwise there is no way. So he looked around, he couldn't find any other way. So instead of

00:34:53 --> 00:34:59

waiting, what did he do for other so he repeated the edge that he should cross meaning from in front

00:35:00 --> 00:35:44

him for the pharaoh who abou sir Eden, abou sorry, he pushed him again. A shed them in a Lula stronger than the first mean now he was he was more forceful phenethylamine abhi sorry. So that boy he got really upset and nallah meaning he calls to reach a boo sorry. In other words that he said words against him, meaning he abused him. He insulted him basically. So he insulted me Sorry, five people do sometimes they get upset that How dare you push me Who do you think you are? They're praying and people start insulting. So finally I mean avisar even he insulted him and then somebody Allah Allah Marwan then he went to Marwan the governor, fashola LA and he complained to him malatya

00:35:44 --> 00:36:21

what he received in a bursary from Abu Saeed what the * the abuse or even harmful and he came after him so go ahead you're complaining? I'll come and clarify as to why he did that. Allah Marwan one on one meaning he came to Milan for color. So he said, minimum one asked Malika, what happened to you will live near a faker and to your nephew, meaning Why did you do that to your nephew? Was he reading his nephew Allahu Harlem but even if he wasn't, he was an Arab and there must have been some kind of relationship between them. And besides a young boy, so he said Monaco would it be a hacker? Yeah, bursaries Oh, sorry, Carla. He said Samir to nebia sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Maya cool, I

00:36:21 --> 00:37:10

heard the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saying that he Del Sol La arducam when one of you is praying in ashay in towards something yes through him in a nest that is concealing him from the people for about a hurdle than anyone intense he does have been a day he that he crosses before you meaning he wants to pass in front of you fully at the fair who then he should stop him he should prevent him for in other. So if he refuses for the RTL who he should use force against him. Why for in NEMA, who wish a lot because indeed it is shavonne It doesn't mean that that human being is shavon literally, but what it means is that he has done the action of shape one, fair Lu fellowship

00:37:10 --> 00:37:53

one, okay. Or that who has prompted him to do this Shelton has prompted him to do this. Because many times it happens that if a person uses his mind, and he just waits for a few moments, and he looks around, he will find some way or the other to go without passing in front of someone who's praying. But what happens? We say oh, there's no time I have to go right now I have to go quickly. Or you see that the person is sitting in the shadow? They're gonna say Salaam within a few minutes within a few seconds, probably. But what happens we pray go, it's okay. I see that in Makkah, everybody passes in front of her judge. So it's not a big deal. I can go who pushes people to do this shavon because

00:37:53 --> 00:38:02

this hastiness is from who shavon a large Allah, mina shavon. Right. So over there, you need to stop yourself,

00:38:03 --> 00:38:33

hold yourself back sobriety control yourself, hold yourself back and look around, where can I go from? Or how long would I have to wait? Or can I find something that I can put in front of this person as etc, and then walk? Alright. But this shows to us that if we ignore the person who is praying, if we don't take this matter seriously, then what are we doing? The action of shavon because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said for innama, who is

00:38:34 --> 00:39:21

the one who passes in front of the masala, who is he shavon we don't want to be shaped. So even if it takes you 10 minutes of wait time, you have to stand there Wait for the person to finish, do that. But don't be ashamed one. This is a very serious matter. But unfortunately, we don't pay much attention to it. And also we learned that the prophets of a lot of them did not let that lamb fast by in front of him. So this shows that this issue is not just restricted to adults, or those of sound mind and understanding those of majority but rather anyone anything, even children should be stopped, they should be trained, they should be trained. So we see that children, you know, at a

00:39:21 --> 00:39:59

certain age, they develop a sense of their surroundings, meaning they begin noticing things that they weren't noticing earlier, they become more conscious about themselves and about other people. So at that age, they should also be taught not to pass in front of the person who is praying. Now there is a question. What if you are praying for someone is trying to pass in front of you and you stop them and you use force against them and they push your arm even harder and they walk right in front of you. Then in that situation? What are you supposed to do? You did your part. So you're not sinful. The sin is on who the other person because you

00:40:00 --> 00:40:08

Stop them, but still they insisted to the sin is on them. And how much is that sin? How great is that sin

00:40:09 --> 00:40:54

Bab if mil Mary beignet available, Sally, the sin of allow the one who passes by in a day before and Mr. Lee, the one who's spraying meaning what is that sin? You know, what is that a person passes accidentally, without knowledge, and if everyone practice the sooner that if someone is fastened in front of you stop them, these accidents won't happen as much. So if someone passes by accidentally no one stopped them. That's a different situation. But if someone was stopped, but yet they deliberately passed, then what is that sin? Had this amount of delay human use of color or what are nomadic and abnormally Mola or more of Nairobi delay and boost redness or Eden and there's a

00:40:54 --> 00:41:44

definite Holiday Inn of Salah hood Zaid Muhammad sent him in Abuja hain to Abuja him Yes, I know who to ask him. Mother semirara what is it that he heard min Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam fee concerning a Mary beignet in Muslim Lee. What is the sin of the one who passes in front of the Muslims? For color? Abuja, Haim abou Haim. He said Cora Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam lo yarraman Melville Bay near the hill Masada Lee, if the person who was passing in front of the masala if he knew low yarlung if he only knew math, there is a he, what is the sin that he is earning mother Our Lady Locanda shorty he was a young FIFA that he

00:41:44 --> 00:41:49

would stand, he would stop Auto verina 40

00:41:50 --> 00:42:31

he would stop for how long 40 and if he stopped for 40 higher level it would be better for him min then and your mood verbania D that he should pass in front of him. Allah would not agree. I do not know a color or Marina Yeoman OSHA one oh senator, the narrator he said I don't know if a Buddha Haim said 40 days, 14 months or 40 years. But in the way of even bizarre, we learned that a marina hurry friend has mentioned 34 means Santa. So 40 years, if he knew about the sin that he would incur of passing in front of someone who is praying, then he would rather wait for 40 years.

00:42:33 --> 00:42:45

Just imagine 40 years is a lifetime. It could be a life sentence for someone. Just imagine standing there for 40 years, waiting for the person to finish. And then he would go.

00:42:47 --> 00:42:54

But at that time shavon makes waiting for 10 seconds. So heavy, waiting for two minutes. So heavy. At that time, we need to remember this Hardee's

00:42:56 --> 00:43:08

was mentioning about someone who passed in front of the person who was praying and they even stopped them. But they still went they refused to stop they went they went matey and it fell on them. And they suffered with the burn for about 15 days.

00:43:09 --> 00:43:51

This is just Indonesia. And it's only 15 days. This high. This is very serious. First of all, it's an authentic IDs incident. So he will hide there is no doubt about it. And then on top of that the warning is clear. But this matter is taken very, very lightly. So what's the big deal? And in certain cultures, we see that this is taken as a very big deal. And unfortunately, the people are made fun of or you've never been to MCI you don't know what's how these ruins how these they know their religion and you don't know their religion that much. You just follow culture. No, this is not culture. This is part of our Deen that when someone is praying, you do not pass in front of them.

00:43:52 --> 00:44:23

This is a major sin. So the responsibility is on both people, the person who's praying and the person who's trying to pass the person who's praying, he is supposed to stop the other because you don't want any other person to incur such great sin, just because you didn't stop them. Just because you didn't remind them. First of all, they are beyond the place of such. Okay, so it's okay, that distance is fine. And secondly, they're not passing, they're just going to come and lay down over there so that that's not an issue.

00:44:25 --> 00:44:59

You can go from behind them, but you cannot pass in front of them. That's okay. That's why you're not passing in front of them. Okay, because remember that before the Muslim leaves who is Lord, right, and so you're not supposed to go between a person and his Lord, okay? You don't break your prayer. If there is some space behind you, then you move back. Okay, you can move a little to the front to the side to the back, a step or two to have, you know a screen in front of you or to have a safe distance in front of you. That's fine. Like for example, you could be in a public place and

00:45:00 --> 00:45:18

Put a sutra in front of you. And there are people who are not Muslim, they have no idea. And they start walking right in front of you. And it's not just one person, it's going to be 2030 students. So in that case, what should you do move back a little bit in your childhood move back in your court move back, or if there's a pillar or something by your sight, that move towards that in your so now you can do that.

00:45:20 --> 00:46:07

Bob is still valid, virtually Sahiba. Who available if you sold it? Well, who are you, Sally? Is this valuable jewelry? A person a man facing facing group because it's the Cabal from Qibla? Right? So he's facing Sahiba? Who his companion, Elena who or someone other than his companion, feasts on it in his prayer? Well, who are you suddenly while he is praying? Meaning a person is facing his companion or someone else in his prayer while he's praying while he's performing the sada. So one is that you have an object in front of you as a sutra. And the other is that someone is sitting in front of you, let's say with their back towards you, or with their sight towards you. Can you have

00:46:07 --> 00:46:42

them as sutra? Or if they're sitting there? Is it permissible for them to sit there? Or should you ask them to move? Many times it happens that you go to the masjid, you joined the demand the congregation, you joined in late, you missed a rocker. Alright, and then what happens? Because you're standing in the back row, there are people sitting in front of you jamario has finished the sutra The man was not applicable for you anymore. And you don't have any software in front of you. The road that is right in front of you. There's people that are sitting over there, like right in front of the place of your such though, can they continue to sit there? Should they move

00:46:42 --> 00:47:20

immediately? They can sit there there's no harm? What if they're sitting sideways? Like for example, they were sitting and then they turn to the site to speak to someone? That's also fine. No problem. Okay, what's the evidence inshallah we will learn about that? And Sahaba who Allahu Sahaba who his friend, Laila who other than Him, other than Him, meaning someone who was not his friend, someone who didn't pray with him, or later who can also be understood as labeled insane. So for example, an animal like we learned earlier, that a camel the prophets of Allah centimetres camel in front of him when he was praying, well, can you have Earth men and earth man, although I knew he disliked what

00:47:20 --> 00:48:01

and you stuck, but over julu that a man is faced during the Salah, will you study while he's praying, meaning or sign up with our own who did not like to face another person? While he was praying, he did not like anyone in front of him when he was praying, even if it was the back of someone. And he did not like this for anyone else, either. So we see that some people have knowledge did not like this. Why? Because then the person who's sitting in front of you, they may be a distraction for you. That in your study, you start thinking, Oh, who are they? What are they doing? Who are they talking to? Where are they going? Because they're right in front of you. Even though

00:48:01 --> 00:48:40

there's a safe distance between you and then but still there in front of you. So this is why some scholars they disliked it. And when Buhari clarifies what in my head, they're either star lobby, but this is when he will be distracted by him. So for instance, you're at the masjid, you're praying, someone is sitting in the row that is in front of you. And let's say they're talking too much, and you are getting distracted or their hijab is such that you're getting distracted. so in this situation, it is dislike that a person is in front of you, what should you do then move to the left or to the right even during your sauna, you can do that. Or if there's something by your sight, you

00:48:40 --> 00:49:21

can place that in front of you as a sutra and take a step back so that you have enough space in order to do such. So remember how to clarify what in the Mahabharata either should have a lobby for a man and asked for either lemmya Chanel, when he does not get distracted for call as a new service than zaven savate he said Moberly to I don't care, meaning it doesn't matter in ulladulla because indeed a man like Thoreau salata, Roger, he does not break the prayer of another man. Meaning if a person is sitting, okay, then that will not invalidate the prayer of the muscly. What invalidates the prayer, someone passing, but if someone is sitting that does not break the prayer. So is this

00:49:21 --> 00:49:28

matter clear. So what if you are the person who's sitting and you look behind someone is praying right behind you?

00:49:29 --> 00:49:59

Do you have to move, you don't have to move, because I should have to learn he should be lying down the profit or loss and we'll come and pray. He will be facing the middle of the bed. So you're not required to move. It's one thing that you feel uncomfortable. So you move because of that, but remember that you're not required to move. You don't remain sitting over there in order to be a sutra for someone. Ideal is that you put them to the side. And if that's not possible that you put them in front of yourself

00:50:00 --> 00:50:20

But meaning position them sideways or their back towards you, because or that I should have been or should be lying down. And also scholars aside from the fact that she was lying down we assume that the wife of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would lie down on her right side facing the Qibla. So, that means her back was towards the prophets of Allah.

00:50:22 --> 00:51:04

So, it's okay if someone's back is towards you. Some scholars allowed that the other person can even face you, as long as there is a safe distance but others said that no, that is too much of a distraction. So they'd been savate he said, inevitable laughter Rousselet. orajel. The man does not invalidate the prayer of another man. What is he saying over here? What invalidates the prayer of a man if a dog passes by if a donkey passes by if a woman passes by, right but not other men, and besides they're not passing they are sitting. And from this we also learned that a woman may take a woman as authority. Obviously her back and a man may also take a woman as a sutra when she is

00:51:04 --> 00:51:10

sitting or lying down. But this will be in voluntary praise as inshallah we will learn

00:51:11 --> 00:51:52

how does not is Mary Lou Padilha doesn't leave the Muslim army and Muslim in yarny Ignace way hit and miss rockin and eyeshadow and no looky are in the hermit dr salata that it was mentioned in front of our children over and what is it that nullifies the prayer for follow? So this idea through her and Kalgoorlie, Mr. O'Mara, the dog, the donkey and the woman they break the prayer college she said ajar tunic 11 you have made us into dogs, la casa de la novia SOT Allahu alayhi wa sallam I saw the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he suddenly he was praying what in me and indeed I love Marina who have been people I was between him and between the Qibla what animal pleasure item and I was lying

00:51:52 --> 00:52:34

down on a city on the bed for the Kunal hija. So I would have some need, meaning let's say she had to drink some water or use the washroom for alcohol. So I would dislike and stock Bella who that I should face him for unsettlement salon so I would slip away, meaning quietly, when you are mushy and Ibrahima and sweaty and are a shutter narrow. So what do we see over here that I showed with our and how would be in front of the Prophet sallallahu Salah, and when she's lying down, we assume that her back was towards him, and the words for Accra who are stuck below who I would dislike that I should face him. So we see that even that is permissible. Yes, you may not be comfortable with that, but it

00:52:34 --> 00:52:38

is permissible, because it wasn't permissible, she would not have done that.

00:52:39 --> 00:53:20

But a fanatical fan named Salah behind someone who is asleep, had definitely said that in Colorado and Idaho, Colorado, Colorado, Sunny ibnr. Shadow Carla, she said cannabis for longer than he was and then you suddenly he would be praying with analog data tune and I would be sleeping more dirty little lying down or left washy on his bed for either or other and utility. Then when he would intend to perform his within a colony, he would wake me up for out of two. So I would also perform my winter. Because remember that the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and he would pray in the night, he would stand in clan for a very long time. And his record would also be very long. And also that when

00:53:20 --> 00:54:08

he would be praying the pmla he wouldn't wake his family up every day, every night. Why? Because it was mandatory on him but not on his family. However, at the time of with it, he would wake I shall blow and that would be in the case where she hadn't prayed her with so that she could also get up and pray that back at the farm. We're in conferma voluntary prayers behind a woman that the war is what? voluntary? So can a man pray voluntary prayers behind a woman? And behind a woman? What does that mean that she's leading? No. It means that she's sitting, let's say in your living room, your father, your husband, your brother, whoever, the men, they lead, one of the men he led others insula

00:54:09 --> 00:54:53

that say there's like three women and three men. And then what happens after the soda, everybody's praying there. So now, so your mother, she goes to the front of the hall, and she's bringing her son over there. And the son, he's wondering, there is no space over there. Can I pray at the back of the hall? Or do I have to wait for her to finish and then I can go to the front end pray they know, he can pray even though he is positioned behind her. When it comes to fold prayer. That will be in jamara. That is clear men in front, women at the back. But when it comes to voluntary prayers, then women can be in the front. And men can be at the back. Even if the woman is praying and the man is

00:54:53 --> 00:54:59

praying at the same time. Yes. And even if the woman is lying down or just sitting and the man goes to the back of the hall end of the hall and he prays

00:55:00 --> 00:55:16

There, yes, because many times it happens at such family gatherings that men will just wait or they won't pray or the women they will not go to the front and they will just stay at the back. No after the fault Salah people can scatter all over the room and the arrangement doesn't matter.

00:55:17 --> 00:55:58

How does an Arab the LA Hebrew use of Allah Akbar Ana Malik I've been nobly Mola Romana near obey the law he and Avi Salamat apne of the foreman on our Ishita zodion abuse of the law who are the US alum, and now call it that she said come to an AMA I used to sleep beignet. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, right in front of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam, what did you lay on the table at and my feet would be in his fibula for either surgery that then he would go down to do cetera. commas and he would nudge me back to the Julius I would fold my legs for either comma. Then when he would stand in prayer bus or Toma, I will extend my legs meaning I would straighten them.

00:55:58 --> 00:56:38

Pilot she said well were you to Yama, Eden and the houses at that time laserfiche kemosabe, there were no lamps in there. So because it was so dark. This is why he couldn't really see my feet. And I couldn't see when he would be coming down. So he would just nudge me and I would fold my legs and when he would go back in his pants and I would stretch them out again. And the reason why she would be lying down over there was because the place was small. If they didn't have lamps, if they couldn't have lamps, they couldn't afford oil. I mean, you can imagine the size of the rooms. And at the same time, the profits of the Law Center would not disturb her sleep just because of his ban,

00:56:38 --> 00:56:42

and nor was she forced to get up and pray at that time.

00:56:43 --> 00:57:23

And this also shows to us that inshallah you are allowed to move a little bit when it is necessary for your Salah. Okay, so for example, pick up something and put it as a sutra in front of you. You move a little bit to the right or to the left so that you can face a pillar, you know, so that it can be a sutra for you. That is permissible, that mancala lay of the Rosada to shade on those who said lactose or aftershave. Nothing invalidates the prayer. Meaning they said that even if someone passes in front of you, even that does not nullify the prayer. Because some scholars said that the Salah is invalidated it is broken by the action of the masala

00:57:25 --> 00:57:53

not some external factor. action of the mill suddenly like for example, he starts talking, alright or he breaks the prayer himself or he breaks his will do that is going to break his prayer, but an external factor that he doesn't have much control over that will not break the prayer. So for example, they said even if a dog runs in front of you while you're praying, it should not break your prayer. Why because you don't have control over the dog. It's not your fault. All right, that's what they said.

00:57:55 --> 00:58:31

And what's their evidence had this in our motive no hubsan Paula had definite color had retinal image color had done Ebrahim analysis sweat on our shadow columns are much wider than a Muslim and Muslim shadow. Look you are in the head it was mentioned near her my ex Arosa data what nullifies the prayer I'll call him a role model for call it so she said you're about to moon Abraham woody well, Caleb you have resembled us with donkeys and dogs will law II and by Allah lecanto a Coronavirus Allahu alayhi wa sallam he suddenly I saw the prophets of lawless and I'm praying, we're in there under studied and I was on the bed baina who have been in Qibla between him and the Qibla

00:58:32 --> 00:59:07

Mataji rotten lying down for Tabitha lil Hydra. So Hydra, neither of mine would come in, I would have to go to fulfill some need for alcohol and Lisa, so I disliked that I should set up for all the unobvious or the law or the sudden because that would annoy the profits on a lot of other meaning it would be a distraction for him because he was so focused in his prayer. You know, it's like someone is praying with so much focus, then you become very careful in the way that you move as well. So she was extra careful. So she disliked to sit in front of him for and sell luminaire individually so I would slip from next to his feet, meaning I would slip away from there. Let's read the next Heidi

00:59:07 --> 00:59:44

says what is how Paula and I are coordinate Avraham Paula had the thorny issue of vagueness. She has a new set alarm. mahana sana, he asked his uncle about the prayer your third question, what is it the nullifies it for Pollock so he said lay a clue has shaken nothing breaks the prayer. He said nothing breaks the prayer of botany or what the Buddha ate a nara asiata zodion abuso de la jolla selama ecology said the cod Canada sudo ln sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Yakumo he will be standing in pray for you suddenly when a lady will pray in the night will enable a moratorium button I'll be lying down bainer who will be no equivalent between him and the Fiddler are left early on the bed of

00:59:44 --> 01:00:00

his family meaning on the shared bed. So what do we see over here that there is if that happened this matter? Some scholars said that the three they do nullify the prayer and others said that no, they do not modify the prayer. The majority of the scholars they say that the passing of

01:00:00 --> 01:00:40

A black dog and a donkey will nullify the prepper the woman she will not notify the prey Why? Because of the staunch opposition of eyeshadow blue horn. And also they said that because given that I shall put our nice line down and then she gets up and she moves away. So there is still some movement over there. So because of that, they said that it will not identify the player unless the man is distracted. Unless he is distracted, if he's distracted, that is his fault, okay, because he should control himself. He should have some kind of self control, but he lacks that and as a result, he got really distracted, then that has nullified his prayer. So he should repeat the prayer.

01:00:41 --> 01:00:57

However, majority of the scholarship the passing of a woman will not nullify the prayer. But keeping all of this in mind. What do we understand for ourselves? What's the lesson that do not pass in front of someone who's praying ever for your own good and for their good?

01:00:58 --> 01:01:06

inshallah we'll conclude over here, some practical long will become the ignition of Allah Illa illa Anta Mustapha rucola to believe assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

Lesson 91 – Chapter 98-105 Hadith 505-515

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