Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 08 – L091A

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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una sala de Souza Hill Karim a mother for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem Odisha roughly 30 were silly angry.

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Letter melissani of kahuku the openness is

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lesson number 91 are off is number 54 to 72.

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indeed rub the comb your rub. Allahu is Allah

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and lady who Kanaka he created a summer worth the heavens, the skies, while others and the earth see in 36 a year mean days.

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Summer, then is there were heroes, he established.

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Honor upon, allows the throne.

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You see he covers he wraps, a Laila the night and the Hara the day. Yoku it seeks it has Caesar rapidly, swiftly

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worships, and the sun will come around and the moon when laduma and the stars will Sahara in one subservient, when subjected be angry by his command, Allah, unquestionably they were law who for him, I hope, the creation when and the commandment, the Baraka he was arrested, Allahu Allah for a boo are the mean of the world.

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You all call for Bakun Europe to govern as humbly beseechingly. Well and Hosea turn secretly

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in the who indeed he left not you Hey boo, he loves and Martha Dean those who transgress

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while there and do not see Do you all spread mistress fee in a way the earth, Barbara after his left he had it set in order or it's reformation is law he has its reformation

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where the EU and you all call him how often with fear will come on and hope in indeed rajmata mercy Allah He of Allah, God even close near main from a mercy need those who do utmost good

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or who were and he led the one who used to do the science or the or had the winds Bushra as good news. barinas between here they two hands rushman he of His mercy had that until either when unless it raised so heaven clouds, the oil and heavy ones. So Connor who we drove it liberating to land my youth in one dead for an zelner then we sent down the hill with it Alma the water for a hardener then we brought out B he with it men from Cali every smrs the fruits

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gallica thus likewise nuclear do we will bring out a remoter the dead ones La La comb so that you that garoun you all remember you all take heed

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while Bella do and the land of the pure the good Yahoo do it comes out number two who is vegetation Be it me with permission or be of its rub one lady and that which how booster it was bad. It was impure last year who would you it comes out in there except Nikita little

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their liquor likewise lucid refill we explain diversity is the versus the signs liko men for a people yes guru they give thanks.

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lockout certainly all of a sudden we sent new Han no la sala elar to only use people for color so he said yeah oh call me my people my nation will do you will worship Allah Allah. Man not local for you men from inner him any god radio other than him. In me indeed I a horrible I fear I may come upon you. Either punishment Yeoman of a day, or women most great

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honor he said ALMA, the Chiefs men from Omaha

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His people

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in the indeed we letter aka surely we see you fee in Berlin misguidance strange mu being one clear

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color he said yeah oh call me my people laser it is not be with me then and attune any misguidance any strange when our kidney but I pursued a messenger mane from Robbie Rob olana mean of the world's unbelievable Can I convey to you all rissalah deep messages or be of Myra are unsocial, unlicensed sincerely advise likened to you all who are Nemo and I know main from Allah He Allah Marwat landlord, Darla moon, you all know

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do well and are gypped do you all sound strange? You all wondered? undead j acoem. It came to you the cruel reminder main from or become Europe. Allah upon Raja Lin mn men come from you. Liam zero comb so that he warns you when he took the coup and so that you will adopt a coup. You are fear Allah, when Allah come and so that you to shamone you all be restored with mercy

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circuit the route then they belied him for MJ now he also he saved him when levena and those Umar who with him fee in enfoque the ship will araucana and we drowned and Medina those who get the Buddha VIP Ayah Tina with our verses in the home indeed they can do their work how many people are mean once blind

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enter and two words I didn't add a home their brother who the hood

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Allah He said yeah oh Connie my people will do you will worship Allah Allah man not local for you mean from Elaine any god who other than Him? fella do they're not that the goal you will fear Allah.

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Allah He said among the chiefs and levina those who go through the disbelieved men from army he his people inner indeed Waylon arrakis surely we see you fee in suffer hatin foolishness stupidity or inner And indeed We never will Nuka surely we think you mean from lkt being those who are liars

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color he said yeah call me oh my people laser it is not be with me suffer her any foolishness any stupidity when our kidney but I was soon a messenger men from Robbie Rob alameen of the world's

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obelisco can I convey to you resign it messages or be of Myra well anna and i look home for you now session a sincere advisor a mean one trustworthy

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do what and are just told you all wondered. And that Jericho it came to you the good reminder, men from Robbie comio rub Allah upon Allah Julian amen men come from you. Leon zero comes to that he warns you with guru and you all remember is when gyla comb He made you hold successors main from body after only people knew him have no relation.

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Well and they're the groom he increased you fee in the creation based upon in abundance for guru. So you all remember and that sings bounties Allahu Allah, La La Combe so that you to be who you are, are successful.

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Although they said, dinner you came to us Lena Buddha so that we worship Allah Allah was the who came alone

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and Nether we left. We leave never we leave math what Ghana he was europeu he worships the owner, our forefathers

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13 dinner so you come to us Bhima with what the sooner you threaten us or you promise us in if you were made from a saw deity those who are truthful

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Allah He said God in fact work on it happened on a come upon you. Men from rugby comb Europe, Richardson sales. Punishment were horrible and anger

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due to God loony you all dispute with me see concerning a smear in names some made to her you all named it until you all were calm and your forefathers mad not Nadella. He sent down a level of

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Love The * with it main from so far in in any authority or any evidence center will so you will wait in me indeed I mark home with you mean from a winter within those who wait

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for angina who so we saved him when levena and those who are who with him there are smitten with mercy Minar from us work Alterna and we got there bureau route and Medina of those who have the Buddha belied Be it now with our vs. Our signs warmer and not can do the work would mean believers

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that's the sort of the recitation of these verses

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law who lady

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to feel of Viva

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ciudad de via

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cell phone.

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Are you

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moving on.

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Me mean

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Welcome to

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Buddha law

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Gina Bhima

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Al-Araf 54-72 Translation 54-72

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