Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 25 – L256A

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Az-Zukhruf 1-25 Translation 1-25


AI: Summary © The transcript describes a group of characters discussing their actions and their beliefs. They mention various events and topics, including a woman named Jana who caused a dispute with a man named Dr. Boone, a woman named Liza who caused a fight with a man named Dr. Boone, and a woman named Sheila who caused a fight with a man named Dr. Boone. The group discusses their actions and beliefs, including their actions and beliefs related to a woman named Jana who caused a dispute with Dr. Boone.
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My mother who was earlier a lot of schooling and Kareem, birth for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim for be slightly sorry, were silly Emery Wilander Petr melissani of Coco Lee probenecid in our in Lesson number 266 solar Tzu is number one to 25 Translation

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Shamim hammy,

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wild kitabi by the book and movie in the clear in indeed we jalna who we have rendered it.

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Well, an urn out obion Arabic learn Lacan so that you all directly don't you all understand?

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What in the hood, and indeed it see in omy mother, l kita. of the book,

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lead Dana near us, that our Legion surely exalted. Hakeem on full of wisdom.

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Shall then nobody boo, we strike. I'm come away from you, as the clock the reminder, soften, turning away, avoiding on that condom, you are omen of people must refrain ones who are extravagant. Welcome, and how many of a sudden we have sent men from Nubian prophet fi in a world in the former ones the first ones warmer and not yet D him he comes to them men from Libyan any prophet Illa except Kanu they were behaved at him Yes Does he own the mock

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luckner so we destroyed a shed the stronger men home from them buffalo shun empower one mobile and at best method description our lien of the first ones

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one in ensure the if CELTA home, you ask them man who colloca he created a semi work the heavens while up and the earth layer Kowloon, surely they would definitely say Hala Kahuna, he created them. Allah Aziz they always Almighty and Arlene the old is all knowing

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and lady who geralyn he made Luckily for you, over the earth, madam Abed, a creative wodeyar Allah and he made Luckily for you see her in it civil and

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Lauren law calm so that you don't you will obtain guidance.

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One or the other one who Nasrallah he sent down, Mina summer from the sky map water, the other in in ADO measure.

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So, Angelina, then we revived, then we spread out, be with it. balderton a land Matan that gallica thus tougher June you all will be taken out.

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One lady and the one who Kanaka he created as well as the pair's cola her, all of it, what Jana and he made, luckily for you, men from the ships, while a neuron and the animals of livestock

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man that which Dr. Boone, you will embark

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Lita Whoo. So, you all mount firmly or latest Whoo. So, you all settled

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Allah upon Lu D its backs so much then that guru you all remember you will mention near Mehta blessing Bob become of your either when is the way to you will have settled

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are they upon it? What the Hulu and you all say Subhana glorified and that he is who Sahara he has subjected? Lennar for us Heather this warmer and not gonna we were Lahu for it mcaleenan ones who control

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we're in there and indeed we either towards or have been our of our Lord lamancha Levon surely want to return

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what Gerardo and they made Lahu for him, men from anybody he his servants does an abortion

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in indeed an insane the human being like a full on surely most ungrateful, movie known clear

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and or

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It the harder he took mimma from what? Yes local he creates banner daughters

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what else spherical and he chose for you Bill burnin with the sons.

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What either and when was Sheila he was given good news ahead to home one of them

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Bhima with that which Baba he struck live wash man for the Most Merciful Motherland example

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well it became word who is space

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most word than one black and wahoo and he Kelly human one who suppresses anguish

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a woman

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do work and men who unit show it is brought up

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see in an Shelia the jewelry wahoo and it see in Islam the dispute has not been clear.

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Or Dr. Lu and they made elmaleh aka the angels and Medina those who home they are bad servants of rushman have the most merciful, NF and females

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a shahidul have they witnessed Hulk or Hoon, their creation setup double soon it will be written Shahada to whom their testimony will use alone and they will be asked

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what kalu and they said, lo his chair he will

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have rushman the Most Merciful math not our burden at home, we worship them, math not the home for them be Delica with that, men from freedom in any knowledge, in not home day in there, except Yahoo soon they conjecture

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or data lies

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and or a diner whom we gave them keytab and a book men from comedy he before it.

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For whom so they behave with it. Muslim sukoon once holding firmly.

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but rather how do they said in indeed we were dinner we found about our forefathers, Allah upon omitting a religion.

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What in the And indeed We Allah upon sad him their footsteps moved on ones who are guided workers ellika and thus, man, not our center. We sent men from publica before you see in ariat in a city, main from Nigeria in any warning in the exact order he said moutoku her it's affluent ones

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in indeed we watch our dinner we found an our forefathers,

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Allah upon omitting a religion we're in the And indeed We Allah upon sad him their footsteps mahkota Dune ones who follow

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Allah He said what Willow even if did to come I came to you be there with more guided

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mingma from that which were Jetsam, you are found. Are they up on it? Have a comb your father's Alou, they said in there indeed we Bhima with that which or symptom you were sent by E with it gafi alone ones who disbelieve

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Fanta calmness, so we took revenge men home from them. funbook so look kafer How can it was Arqiva to end and look at the beam of the deniers

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Bernie worried

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