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An-Nisa 1-6 Translation

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu.

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Now whether we want to suddenly run out of suta Hill Kareem a maverick for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. Rubbish Sherif Ali Sadr you with silly emri Lola rock data melissani of Cali open as in our in

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Lesson number 54 suited to Nisa I am number one to six

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Yes, yeah are you nervous? Or the people it Taku your fear or become your Lord. Alavi Who? Hello Coco. He created you men from knifes in Seoul. We're headed in single one. Well and Hanukkah, he created men her from it Zoda her it spear it spouse

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will versa and he spread moon humor from them to regionalen men, Cassie run many wa and missae women,

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what the coup and you all fear Allah Allah, Allah de Who? The Sir aluna you all ask each other be through him by him? Well or him and the relationships

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in Indeed Allah, Allah Ghana he is ever I may come upon you all rocky The one who constantly watches what I do and you all give Elliot Emma do orphans and why their home their wealth, their properties. why they're and do not that abet deleeuw your exchange. Aloha visa the impure back to you with the pure

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one wanna and do not that guru you all eat you all consume and while at home their wealth ILA to unworldly comb your wealth

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in the Who? Indeed it Ghana, it was huben a sin Kabira Great. Well in and if halftone you all feared Allah that not to aceto you all will do justice fee in aliannah the orphans Frankie who then you all marry ma What? Or who? Tada seemed good luck come for you. Men from a Nisa the women Messner in tos was to Lhasa and in threes, one Obara and in fours.

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For in then if if don't you all feared, Allah that not baudeloo you all will be just for what Hayden then only one. Oh, or ma What? malakut it possessed a man look on your right hands.

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There Lika that at dinner is nearer and learn that not the EU you're inclined to injustice. What are two and you all give me sir? The women so Ducati hinder their bridal money, their bridal gifts, Midleton happily willingly for in then if preburner they pleased Lancome for you. I'm from Shay in anything men who from it. Knutsen oneself for kulu then you all eat it, honey and enjoyably delicious Lee Murray and nourishing Lee

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Walla and do not do you all give a super her the foolish ones and welcome your wealth and Letty which gyla he made? Allahu Allah locum for you? The airman as means of livelihood. What is your co host?

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And you will provide them free hair in it, walk through them, and you will close them waku and you will say, the home to them, oh, learn a word, my roofer when appropriate, one acceptable Waterloo and you all test, Elliot Irma the orphans had their until either when Bella who they reached and myka her the marriage the age of marriage for him, then if Ms. Don't you all perceived men home from them, Rushden maturity, sound judgment for deferral, then you will return in a him to them to whom their wealth or their and do not that guru her your eat it is so often extravagantly will be there on and hastily and that Yakubu they grew up woman and whoever Ghana he was Aronian rich failure

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stuff if so, he should abstain woman and whoever Canada he was for urine for failure. Then he should eat Bill Maher aloof with the recognized manner for either than when the far term you all returned la him to them and when a home their wealth for a shadow, then you all take witness, you all call witnesses. I lay him upon them. worker and he is sufficient. Billa he definitely Allah has Seba as account taker.

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Let's listen to the recitation of these verses.

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many, many

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woman can

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