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Az-Zukhruf 1-25 Tafsir 9-14

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What are inside Ulta? home? And if you were to ask them, if you were to ask the same machine, that mancala customer what he will? Who is it that has created the skies and the earth? Their response will be layer kulula surely they will definitely say, Hello Kahuna, he created them who created them. Ella z is the one who is mighty, Allah, Arlene, the one who is knowing. Because when they look at the creation of the skies and the earth, they know that it is someone who is very mighty, someone who is very knowledgeable Who has created,

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we see that the Michigan of Makkah, they acknowledge the fact that a loss of panel data was

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that he was the creator.

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But what was the problem?

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What was the problem with their belief that they did check. They believe that Allah alone was a creator, but when it came to worship, they would worship others along with Allah soprano.

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So they did believe in rubia, but that it took in Fallujah, right?

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And we see that today also, there are many people who believe in a creator.

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And they say that yes, that creator is a disease that he is our lien.

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But when it comes to giving him his right of worship, do they give it to him? No, they don't. There are people who perhaps don't even follow a particular religion. But they say that yes, there is a creator. There is some force behind all of this and that force, very mighty, very knowledgeable. However, they don't acknowledge him. They don't acknowledge almost they don't worship Him alone.

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And if you think about it, even within Muslims, there are people who say that, yes, Allah is a creator. They say that Allah is the Malik. But do they give importance to Allah? Do they give importance to his clan? Do they fear Him? Do they wish to please Him to the strive to please them? No, they don't. So we see that acknowledging rubia alone is not sufficient. The saying that yes, I know Allah is my lord is not enough. It has to be followed by action. It has to be followed by the right action. In alladhina, Carlo Robin, Allah, so must calm. And it's the common one of the meanings is that they fix themselves up, meaning they became obedient to Him, they did what they

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were supposed to do.

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Because many times we are content with the fact that yes, we are Muslim. Many Muslims, if you think about their content with the fact that yes, I'm a Muslim, but if you think about it, if Allah is your Creator, does he not have some rights? Does his book not have some rights? It does. So are you not concerned about that? And who is Allah Look at his favors upon you. And lady, Jelena Komal. Obama the the one who has made for you the earth Abed? a cradle?

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The one who has made the earth for you, for your sake, how is he made the earth? Matt, the word man is used for a swing of a baby, a crib, or a bed in which a baby is laid with swings and moves, but also very peacefully, isn't it? So?

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A swing of a baby? How does it rock back and forth? A rocker?

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How very peacefully, very smoothly, very gently.

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Even the highest speed is not too high. Right?

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So we see that Allah subhanaw taala has made the earth as a man

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that first of all, it's very comfortable for us to live in, just as the crib, the cradle of a baby is also very comfortable for

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secure, safe, comfortable. And at the same time, it's moving, but in a very peaceful manner.

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In through there yet I have 48 we learned while of the forschner, half an airman Mahi Dune and the earth we have spread it an accident is it prepare? man he do the one who makes them? So how excellent has a law prepared this bed for us?

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That it's perfect for us fulfills all of our needs comfortable, and at the same time, very peaceful.

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And if you think about the earth isn't moving?

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Is it moving? constantly, it's moving. Day in and day out. It's moving. It's going on its orbit going around the sun as well. And it's moving at a very high speed. About 100,000 kilometers an hour. Just imagine such a high speed. But do we feel the movement? We don't feel the movement even a little bit. rarely ever do we feel the convergence in the form of earthquakes. But besides that beyond

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We don't feel the movement of the earth. So just as the Mad cradle, moves, swings back and forth, but very gently, that a child does not feel afraid.

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He's at peace. Rather, it puts him to sleep. He's so comfortable.

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insolate laughing is 64 Wheeler Allahu la de jure either local, or dakara. It is Allah who has made for you the earth, a place of settlement, that it's a place which is stable, you don't feel the movement. And it's a place where you can settle? Because if it was constantly moving, and we felt that movement, would we be able to live on this earth? It would be impossible.

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And if you think about it, the earth itself, what is it full of what is inside the earth? What's at the core of the Earth?

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fiery matter lava, right? But still, we see that the earth that we walk on, is it hard? It's not hard.

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Do we feel the movements do we feel the eruptions rarely ever?

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So it's so hot inside, yet it is completely safe for people to live on. In total Baccarat 22, we learn and learn either on a local field Russia was summer beaner He has made for you the earth a bed. You don't feed it heart.

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You don't find fumes coming out of it. A loss of planetary shows it to us in some places where there are volcanoes, however, not throughout the earth, so that it is possible for us to live in this earth peacefully.

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And if you think about it, the word math it's used for a cradle. And a cradle is somewhere where a child spends a lot of time.

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And the word math is also used for the lack of the mother.

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Because either the child is in the cradle or child is in the mother's arms, isn't it? And when it's in the arms of the mother, it shows that this has an element of Tobia of taking care of protection, preservation, comfort. So the earth also how is it that it's a place that is secure for us? All of our needs are in it.

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And it's safe.

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It preserves us protects us.

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Everything that we need is in the intro to number 67 we learn alumna geranyl Alba, we heard well gee Bella Oh tada Have We not made the earth arrest in place and the mountains as begs that the mountains they make the earth more stable. What jalila confy has su bulan and he has made for you in the earth pathways, Sibel Flora love, Sabine. He has made for you in the earth pathways, why? local data Dune so that you can find guidance, find guidance to where find a way to air to your destinations, meaning he has made natural pathways throughout the earth that you can find your way from one place to the other.

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In total MBI 31 we learned

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earlier where sia and Demeter be him, what do we have feugiat and sibulan la Lumia a dude that we have placed within the earth firmly set mountains, less the earth should swift with them. And we have made their own meaning in the mountains passes, pathways as roads, Why? So that they may be guided.

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And if you see from between the mountains, there are natural pathways on the mountains, even their natural pathways, isn't it.

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So these natural pathways are Lost Planet Allah has made why learn local data don't do that you can find your way to your destinations, because the mountains What do they serve as landmarks and these mountains are such that it is possible for us to cross them, it is possible for us to travel through them.

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Imagine if mountains were just like solid walls, how difficult it would be. But the way I'm also proud Allah has made the mountains as possible for us to find ways in them and go across go from one place to the other. Now our local data Dune

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and our local data Dune has also been understood as that to find guidance you find way to do

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that all of these things Allah has placed for you, he has made the earth image and this earth is stable, comfortable for you. He has made for you so many natural pathways throughout the earth so that you can find your way. And this leads you to what the fact that you have some creator and that creator is who and Aziz and Arlene and that same creator deserves something from you as well.

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That when he has given you so much when he's free

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favors are so abundant on you, then he also has some help. And what is that help? What is that right? That he should be worshipped, that his column should be heard, it should be accepted, it should be listened to, that a person must read the book of Allah He must try to understand the book of Allah He must try to implement the book of Allah is.

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Think about it. Allah alone has bestowed these favors on you. Does he not deserve anything? Does he not have a right on you then? Of course he does.

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One levinas Amina summer eema and Bukhari and he who sends down rain from the sky in measured amounts in measured quantities. Allah is the one who has sent down the word Nasrallah, what meaning does it give gradually sector? So how does he send rain down?

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How big Qatari energy interview measure

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in a do quantity? What does it mean by this, that he sends down the rain gradually, in measured amounts? Not that when it rains, it rains excessively endlessly? No, the amount that falls from the sky is such that it brings benefit, and it does not harm young Pharaoh wilayah.

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Because imagine if there was so much rain,

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as a result of which every time our streets would be flooded, the crops would be destroyed, trees, flowers, plants, everything would be destroyed, then it would be harmful.

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But we see that the amount of rain even that Allah subhanaw taala sends down that is beneficial.

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Sometimes he shows to us by sending a lot of rain non stop rain, so that we become grateful for the good times, right? We value them.

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So the way Allah subhanaw taala sends down rain, it is before the rain. And it's also gradually if you think about it,

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like over the past month, you've been seeing that it rains a few days that it stops and rains one day and then it stops right. It's not that three four or five days constantly endlessly training and then for the next five, six weeks, no rain at all, no Nasrallah gradually center because why? So that the weather stays pleasant. There is enough water throughout the time. So one lady nazzer Amina sama, Eva and Bill Qatari according to what is sufficient for people what is necessary for people

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for unsheltered now v Bell data maker. And then we revived with this water with this rainwater burned at a major a dead land. And children noon chain or national

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National Ballet in new shoes, gives us three meanings First of all, to come to life, or to wake up

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secondly, to raise and thirdly to spread.

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resurrection, how would it be that when people will get up from their graves, they will rise they will come to life First of all, they will rise out to their graves. And then they will spread like what?

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Initially they will spread like what

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Gulf urashima Bluetooth, right? And then eventually there will be hash.

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And if you think about it, when people wake up in the morning, do they go through the same process that initially you wake up in your bed, then you rise out of your bed and then you spread the entire family who was in the house now spreads all over the city. One is in downtown The other is in the school, the other is at home. The third is in the marketplace, right? So people spread them.

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So for Angela, Angela over here gives a meaning of bringing to life a hyena

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that when the water comes to that land, it comes to life It has stirred up to life for until now v Bell the tomato, it was dead, no plants on it, no vegetation on it. Why? Because it hadn't rained for a long time, or because it was extremely cold. And when the spring rain comes, then what happens until now v Bell determines the land that was that it comes to life can only go to for June. And thus you will be taken out this way. taken out from where from your graves alive.

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That Allah subhanaw taala shows this to you that how he sends down rain, the land that was dead, no life, no vegetation, no crop on it. And now all of a sudden, it becomes so lively.

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Similarly, you will be dead and eventually you'll be brought out of your graves alive karateka to fortune. One lady and the one who has called us virgin Cola, who has created the species all of them as well as Florida.

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zoning and zoning has two meanings. First is pairs. And the second is types species.

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So Allah, He has created all of the pairs, everything that is in pairs, who has created it, Allah soprano God

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and different creatures, they have different species as well, isn't it? in plants, as well as in animals, as well as his birds, they're different different types, different species. So all of these different versions, different species Who has created them, a loss of plankton. So while the US Virgin Cola, and remember that when we understand the word as much as bears than in living things, what does it mean by pairs, male and female and in nonliving things,

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counterparts or do that complete a bear that match one another, that are opposites to one another.

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Or that are counterparts similar to one another? Like for example,

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look at your hands, even right hand left hand.

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It's a bear right? Bear events. Similarly, you have intangible things as well as intangible things. Everything is in pairs. Like for example, in intangible things, there is one and there's also

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other, right, there is shelf, and there's also clay, there is COVID there's also email, there is harshness, there's softness,

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there's gold, there's hot, intangible things like for example, night day,

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sickness, health. So, all of these bears these opposites, different counterparts, males and females, different species, who has created them, a loss of

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integrity, seen i a 36 silverhand and Lady Hanako as well giancola her mimma dung beetle Urdu woman and foresee him woman man I alone, that glorified Exalted is He Who has created all parents out there is a one of what the earth grows meaning vegetation, in plants, their parents, and from themselves in people. And from that, which they don't even know. There are barriers that exist, which we don't even know about. There are species that exist that we don't even know about. So all of this variety in the creation,

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Allah subhanaw taala has made this one lady holla call as virgin Cola, where jalila come and he has made for you made and full of the ships, while an army and the animals of livestock matter qaboun that were to embark, these are the favorites of a loved one, that he has created so much variety.

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And then he is also provided you means of transportation, means of transportation where on land and also on sea, and today also through air. So Meanwhile, full key well, an army of the grazing livestock which animals are used on the earth to travel

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different ones, horses, camels, mules, right? Metal kaboom, which you embark. So we see over here, the two types of transportation are mentioned over here.

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I'll fold and secondly, Elena. Now someone might say that we also traveled by air that's not mentioned over here. Are we travelled through cars, trains, subway, that's not mentioned over here. But we see instead of the natural I ate Allah subhanaw taala says, well, Halo will be loyal Hermione Taka boo hava Xena, welcome.

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Welcome Allah tala. It's not there today, but it will come later.

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So Allah subhanaw taala has provided us with various forms of transportation so that we can go from one place to the other on land on sea on air letus the war allows a hoodie, that you may settle yourselves up on their backs. The duster Whoo, I love Louie that you settle yourselves upon their backs. Does the wool from the root letters

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seen well? Yeah. is

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when the word is the word is followed by now what does it mean?

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To rise and settle, establish right to rise and settle and settle how firmly established oneself firmly such that one is balanced has become stable. And if you remember this ayah you will always remember the meaning of his Tawana

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that when you ever ride an animal like a horse, for example, what do you do?

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What do you do once you get onto the horse you settle yourself

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You become stable, you become balanced. And you have to become balanced because if you don't, you won't be able to ride the horse property. So the tester will allows a hoodie over here a loss of peloton dimensions the manner of boarding manner of mounting means of transportation. That how do you do that? How should you do it? That lead tester allows a hoodie, that you settle firmly, you become stable on the backs backs up who

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backs off? What to embark, whether it's an animal, or it's a car. So when you sit in the car, how should you sit?

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One leg in the other leg out that you're not sitting properly on the seat? How should you be sitting, balanced comfortably. And the test that we're allowed to do is that you become balanced, stable on its back. So when you sit, sit comfortably sit properly, don't sit in a way that you're barely on the seat, you're almost falling off, no. Sit properly, wear your seatbelt. Because only if you're sitting properly, can you wear your seatbelt right?

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Can you otherwise wear your seatbelt Yukon

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and then when you're sitting properly. So matters guru Nero Moto, because then you remember the blessing of your Lord. Remember that this is a blessing of a law on you what is the means of transportation that he has provided you whether it is a bike, or it is a bus, or it is a car, or it is an animal,

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or it is a plane or a train, that you should remember the nerima of your Lord, it is the way to LA he when you have become balanced on it. That what is a blessing that Allah has, first of all provided this to you, then he has given you the ability to ride it, the ability to use it so much as Kuru, near Matata, because it is the way to Milan he don't become proud.

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Don't become proud, because typically when people are, you know, getting on top of an animal, with your back straight and you sit in the car, with your back straight firmly when you settle, it can also bring pride in a person. But we see that at this time, what should a person do? He should remember the narrowness of his law.

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What the Hulu, and you should say, super Hannah lady Glorified is exalted Is he the one who suffer Alana Heather, the one who has objected for us this?

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Who has made this thing subservient for us suffer from the sleep? And what does this mean?

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to give something under someone's control. So the animal is under the control of a person when he's writing it, when he sits on it, when he embarks on it.

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Similarly, a car, when you sit in the car and the keys in your hand, and you're at the wheel, the car is subjected to you, it's in your control. So the sweet is to give something under someone's control, to bring it to their submission. And also the sweet is to subject something to a service, that it's forced to do something. It doesn't have a choice, say for example, the sun, the moon, they're subjected,

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they are forced to do whatever they're supposed to do. So sapan and ladies salena. Remember the favor of Allah and say, Exalted is the one Glorified is the one who has subjected this for us. This ride for us wondercon and we were not level mcleaney for it once who control meaning we could never control it. We could never bring it to submission, by our own ability and

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this is exclusively the favor of Allah we could never do it ourselves. The word mockery is a plural of mockery and locrian from the letters of our known Khurana What does Corona mean?

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To die, right and animal to die for example, a candle with another candle to link together and a cron is to combine to link together

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mcrent isn't firing. So more cleaning meaning we would never have been able to put these animals under the Yorks meaning we would never be able to control these animals.

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Or we would never be able to control this vehicle by ourselves.

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If you think about it, who is more powerful? A horse or a human being a horse who is taller, a camel or human being a camel. But isn't it amazing? That you in order to ride a camel or a horse you have that rope with which the camel is controlled

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The horse is controlled. This is McLaren, right? You have control that animal and you just instruct the camel to sit and exits. you instruct the camel to get up and it gets up. You instruct the camel to walk fast. It walks fast. you instruct the camel to slow down, it slows down you instruct the camera to turn right turn left, it listens to you.

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Isn't it amazing?

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Who made this animal subservient to us? Allah soprano. Why is it that we can control camels in this way, but we cannot control lions in this way. Why? cheetahs are very fast. They also run very fast. But Allah subhanaw taala has made them different. It's not easy to train these animals, cheetahs and even when people own them, they take care of them. Sometimes they attack but camels, horses, humble animals, so easy to control them so easy to tame them. So remember the blessing of Allah when you sit on these animals that a woman called Nana Houma, Carini, you yourself, were never able to control that animal. You yourself would never be able to do this. And if you think about it, when it

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comes to cars, even when it comes to other forms of transportation, even

00:26:21--> 00:26:24

if you think about it, controlling the engine,

00:26:25--> 00:26:47

or putting all those metal pieces together, and combining it with technology and everything, would we be able to do it ourselves if Allah did not facilitate it for us? If Allah did not allow it for us, it would be impossible. So America, Nana, homo Carini ourselves, we would never be able to do this because we are limited in our strength in our ability.

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We are weaker, what are called Navajo mccreaney. So we see in this ayah, that modes of transportation and conveyance, what are they? They are a huge favor of a loss.

00:27:00--> 00:27:04

It's a huge blessing that Allah has subjected these means of transportation for us.

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This is why when we mount these transportations, whether it's an animal or a car or whatever, what should we do? think we should remember the favor of Allah? Because think about it. If we did not have any means of transportation, would it be possible for us to go from one place to the other so easily? That we don't even have to think twice, we just go pick up the car keys and go outside and come back. And we've done whatever we wanted to. And imagine if you had to walk all the way every time Imagine if you had to walk all the way over here every year to school would you be able to do so you wouldn't be able to so many things we wouldn't be able to do just because of lack of

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transportation. So it's a huge blessing of Allah. And we must remember this blessing every time we use this blessing. This is why Subhana Allah de Sahar Elena her the woman called Nana homoclinic.

00:27:59--> 00:28:04

We were never able to control it ourselves. We were never able to do this with our own strength.

00:28:05--> 00:28:12

We're in an indeed we eat out of Bina to our Lord, lemon collarbone shorty, one, two will return.

00:28:13--> 00:28:22

Meaning eventually, we're returning to our Lord. Every journey that we take should remind us of our journey to Allah.

00:28:24--> 00:28:26

When we sit on a vehicle,

00:28:27--> 00:28:37

when we embark on a ride, along the panel data tells us over here that we should say Subhana Allah de Sahara, Nevada amaco Nana omachron, we're in a LL Bean element

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that just has when you sit in your car, eventually your car will come to a stop, isn't it, you're driving, you're going even if you're driving for an hour, you're driving for two hours, eventually, the car will come to a stop when upon reaching the destination. Likewise, this journey of life also will come to an end when when we reach the destination. It allowed me to sleep

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well at night in albina, lemon caribou, so every time we sit in a car, we sit in any kind of means of transportation. First of all, we should remember that it's a huge blessing of Allah. We could never do it ourselves. It's a huge blessing of Allah, so no pride, no arrogance, and secondly, it should remind us of our journey to almost

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the journey, do the

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that, just as that ride is temporary. Similarly, life is also life is also temporary. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said couldn't get dunia Kanaka every one of us to be

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that live in adonia as if you are a stranger or a faster buy.

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For this life is also a journey and eventually this journey is also going to

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On to and

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now in these is basically Allah subhanaw taala is teaching us as to how we should embark on a ride, and what we should do once we have embarked on the ride, once we are sitting on the ride, and what we should do while we are traveling this one, remember the favor of Allah. And also remember the end of the journey and from that take a lesson that this life is also eventually going to come to an end.

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We learned that I live in Riviera, he reported that in my presence and animal was brought to it even though

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why so that he could write that animal?

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And how did he write that animal that when he put his foot on the stirrup? In order to get on to the horse in order to get on to the animal? He said Bismillah

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Do you get it? When did you say Bismillah? When he put his foot on the stairs of the seminary, when you're sitting in the car when you're getting inside the car, as you're getting in? What should you say? Bismillah

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when you open the door and you put your foot in at that time, say Bismillah

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and then when he had settled himself on the back of the animal, he recited 100 Allah Subhana Allah de Sahara, another one icon Allahu wa cullinane we're in the era of Benin, lemon caribou. So he recited this. So what does it show to us? that once we have

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that in the car, for our seatbelt on, then we recite the DA and then we start driving? Okay?

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Typically what do we do?

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We're not even sitting properly. And sometimes people start driving, and as they're driving graduates to start putting their seatbelt on and then they start reading the door. But what do we see that when he said, he said properly, then he recited and then he said super Hannah can La ilaha illa Anta Cordova learn to nuptse from family, that you are far removed from imperfection I have wronged myself, so forgive me, and then he smiled.

00:32:14--> 00:33:02

I needed to learn when he smiled. So it was asked, Why have you smiled amido meaning? So he replied, I saw the Messenger of Allah sallallahu wasallam doing as I have done, I mean, he sat in the same way. And when he read this, he smiled. So I also asked him the reason for smiling when he smiled. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that your Lord Gloria says he is pleased when his slave seeks His forgiveness. When Allah when a person seeks forgiveness of Allah, and Allah is pleased, and he has firm faith that none except a luck and forgive since. So when Allah is pleased, the messenger sallallahu Sallam He smiled. So when he smiled, even I have reason to smile. And this is reported in

00:33:04--> 00:33:08

so on the means of transportation on land.

00:33:10--> 00:33:17

What are we supposed to say? The door that is mentioned over here. What about when we embark on a ship? What do we say?

00:33:18--> 00:33:21

Bismillahi Maria Omarosa

00:33:22--> 00:33:23

in Nairobi.

00:33:25--> 00:33:47

New Alice remember the story of new Harrison early we learned that in the name of Allah allegedly had its course and also Formosa, its Anchorage, in Nabila. fudo Rahim indeed minorities Forgiving and Merciful. So, the ship as it begins to move and when it will come to a stop this will be by the permission of Allah. So you mentioned that as you embark on a ship

00:33:50--> 00:33:51

Okay, we listen to the recitation of these if

00:33:54--> 00:33:55

this means your will.

00:34:06--> 00:34:07

Al Qaeda

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comunes v cross off

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wanna t?

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v z.

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Mama Mama

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at one more layer

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ledi Gianna Obama.

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de su bulan

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will lead

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to fraud you

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well levy hola

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meaninful q1,

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Taka boo boom latest

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coup motto become either Stairway to Mali Taku water polo

00:36:25--> 00:36:27

de sus for Alana.

00:36:31--> 00:36:34

Bodine me what

00:36:45--> 00:37:16

I was actually thinking in the beginning of this, when we started with sudo, Allah subhanaw taala says of an upgrade one with a class of 10 and quantum almost reformed, and for all the diaries, and all the teachers and all, you know, staff or even students, because we have to constantly tell each other as well, you know, just remind each other of certain things because we all forget. And so once you do it once, they're like, Okay, you know what, I've done it once. I think this is good enough. I mean, for me as well, same thing here, because I'm like, you know, I told this person already, it's okay. I'm not going to tell them again. But it's like, maybe they forgot. Or maybe they need another

00:37:16--> 00:37:49

reminder. And then you are hesitant, you're like, you know, what if she says something mean to me, or what if she doesn't like me anymore? What if this What if that, but we just see that Allah subhanaw taala. He also reminds us, you know, the prophets also they reminded their people again, and again, it wasn't just once. Why, because we're all human beings. We all need reminders, so we shouldn't hesitate to, you know, maybe tell the person something, which is right, again, and again, obviously with hikma, but it's very necessary. They might hate you now. But eventually they love you. Because if you look at your own self as well, it's quite possible. There was a time when

00:37:49--> 00:38:25

somebody told you to create and you were as if lit on fire, like why are you telling me Who are you to tell somebody telling you to study the Quran? And you think why? Who are you to tell me, but they kept telling you, they kept reminding you until eventually you love what you do, isn't it? So just because you didn't like it the first time the first few times, doesn't mean they should stop telling, you know, if they're telling you, it's for your own good. Right now, it doesn't make a difference later on, it will make a difference. Right now you don't appreciate. But later on, you will love them for their persistence.

00:38:26--> 00:38:46

Just like children when they're younger, they don't like that their parents are forcing them that in them. But later on when they're successful, who do they appreciate? Who are they very thankful to their parents. The thank you for being so strict. I never understood the wisdom behind why you were so strict in this way. But thank you for being so strict. Later you become appreciative.

00:38:48--> 00:39:03

He once mentioned that he's most grateful to his father who literally dragged him while he was in tears to the masjid enrolled him in the hex program. And later on when he completed his a BS like my father had done the best thing to me, even though at that time, I was very worried he was like 12 or 13. At that time.

00:39:05--> 00:39:09

It happens. And it may have happened with some of you that you were forced to come here.

00:39:10--> 00:39:22

But initially, you were very resentful that No, I don't want to be here. I don't want to learn about this stuff. I want to go back. But later on what happens Eventually, the hold on does have an effect on people.

00:39:23--> 00:39:28

And those of us who weren't forced, we wish that we had been forced to do something good when we were younger.

00:39:29--> 00:39:47

So again, the same point that was mentioned earlier that you have to keep reminding, you have to keep telling. Just because someone's not listening the first few times doesn't mean you stop. However you change your approach. You use different strategies, because if one thing has an effect and perhaps another one, and this is the way of a loss of habitat as well.

00:39:48--> 00:39:59

And it was mentioned earlier that just remember that even rocks eventually, they break and they have a lot of hair as well. He had a gentleman who doesn't have to change your approach change your eye

00:40:00--> 00:40:10

methodology. Give the person some space, but keep reminding them but don't stop because there is an inner child that will come keep making the art for other people as well.