Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 20 – L201F

Taimiyyah Zubair
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I am number 36

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further merger or who Mousavi is Tina urbinati. Then when mozarella salam came to them, with our clear signs, with our clear evidence is clear miracles do

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defend our own and his people. Because remembering the previous ayat we learned that musala salam, he was traveling, and he saw the fire in the mountain and he went over there and he was given Prophethood Allah subhanaw taala gave him Prophethood. And he also gave him miracles signs, and he was sent with them to defend our own. So masala Salaam got there when he came to fit our own with a clear signs. What was the reaction of it our own and his people? Are Lou they said marhaba Illa. Say hello and move Tara. This is nothing except magic that is fabricated. Most are all fair. Yeah. If there aren't means to invent something to fabricate something, something that's a complete lie. It

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has no reality to it, no basis to it. So they said that this is nothing except sir almost at all. There's nothing real about it. He claims to be a prophet. He claims to be a messenger. But there's nothing real about what he's saying. This is just magic that he is showing to us.

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And they said was the mariner and we have not heard behind other of this fee ABA in a welline in our fathers, the former ones meaning of the past?

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What do they mean by the statement that we have never heard of this in our fathers? Who are the ancient ones? What do they mean by this? Heather? Heather refers to the message that musar Islam brought, and what was that message?

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What was the main message of their hate? Remember, was Allison m told Pharaoh about Ebola I mean, that we are the messengers of the Lord of the worlds. So further on, asked Who is this Lord of the world? What is this Lord of the worlds? So the message of the hate that our own said about it? The people said about it that we have never heard about this. This is something very strange, something very new. This has never existed in our predecessors in our ancestors.

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We see that the people of Makkah also they reacted in a very similar way to the message that the prophets are allowed to send abroad. How do they react, we learn into the clot I number five, that ajar la le hatha illa Huwa Haider, in the head and a shaman or jab that has he made all of the gods into one God, that He says we're supposed to worship only one God, and we're supposed to leave the worship of all other gods. Indeed, this is a strange thing. This is a weird thing we've never heard of it.

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The fact is, that the religion of the hate, this is the original religion. This is a religion that has been there since day one. Because obviously, who is the Creator of the heavens and the earth, Allah soprano,

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who is the one who created Adam and Islam and sent him to this dunya Allah subhanaw taala. So the religion of the hate is the religion of the heavens and the earth. It is the original religion that has been there since day one.

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But what has happened over time, people have altered this religion. People have invented their own self made religions and ways and practices. And every time they have been reminded of the worship of Allah alone, they called it something new. They declared it as something that is strange, as something that they had never heard of.

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And we see that this happened at the time of Messiah. Listen, this happened before at the time of new Hezbollah. This happened in the time of every single Prophet, even at the time of the Prophet salallahu, salah

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and even today, many people say that the religion of monotheism, this is new compared to by theism. Because when you excavate the lands and when you you know, study history, what do you see a lot of, you know idols when people used to worship in the past, but you don't find any evidence of the worship of one God. But the fact is that when it comes to the worship of one God, people don't have any idols. So what will you excavate? And what will you discover and what will you find? The only evidence behind that is the Kaaba, which represents the religion of the Hades, which has been there since day one. So people also say the same thing today. They said this at the time of new Harrison,

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and they said this at the time of Iran, and they also set this at the time of mozzarella, salah

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and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he said that better al Islam, very urban Islam, it began as something that is strange

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When it first came about amongst people, in every era in every time, what was the reaction of people is something very strange, that is something new was to come, whether or even and very soon it will become very again, that people will consider Islam to be very strange. They will consider it to be very strange, something new, for too bad a little bit. So good news is for who? Little horribad for the strangers, those who are considered strange because of their religion.

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Well, Karla Moosa and mozzarella Sam said, Rob be my Lord, our Alamo he knows better be manager, a bill holderman are indeed as to who has come with the truth from him. Allah knows very well as to who has brought the truth from him. Meaning Allah knows whether I'm a liar. Or what I'm saying is the truth. You say that I'm a magician, you say that what I'm telling you is something most Ah, it's not most thorough. And if you don't believe me, Allah subhanaw taala knows who is truthful. And who is a liar.

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Woman Nicola, who are activated, and he knows best as to who occupied to death will be who deserves the outcome of the home The end result? arguably the What does the occupant mean? good outcome

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are papers used for good consequence. And our Atiba de the good consequence of the home which home the home of the hereafter.

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So in the home of the year after there are only two places, only two destinations, what are they? Either agenda or? No? So what would be arguably the the good outcome, Jenna, so Allah knows who is speaking the truth, and he knows who deserves good consequence in our livelihoods on the moon and the reality is that the wrongdoers they do not succeed.

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And what does that mean by volume over here, liars, that if I am a liar, then I will never be successful. So let's see who is successful. And like this, the battle between musala salon and your own it began and it lasted for many many years and eventually who was successful, most are listening because for their own and his armies What happened to them? They were drowned in the sea and musala s&m and the Bani Israel. They successfully cross the sea and they were saved.

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What called a feeder owner and fitter own said, Yeah, you have Malibu omala you're on set to his Jeeps, his nobles. What did you say to them? That morale him to local Manila? One lady, I do not know for you any god other than me? Meaning he said that the only God I know, is myself.

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Look at his pride and arrogance.

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Because musasa What was he telling people about? the oneness of Allah subhanaw taala the fact that only Allah deserves worship and fit our own. Obviously, he felt threatened. That if people begin to worship a lot than what about me,

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they're going to stop worshiping me. They're going to stop honoring me, respecting me obeying me. So he gathered up his people and he said to them, yeah, are you * ma, ma Lim Tula Coleman, Ella Henry, the only God I know, is myself.

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The only God you should be worshipping in my knowledge is myself. We learned elsewhere in the Quran as well into the nazirite i 23. To 25 that fit our own for Hashanah. Fernanda, he gathered all of his people and Fernanda and he declared, for Karla hon. como ella, and he said, I am your greatest Lord, I am your most exalted Lord, because he felt threatened. And this is what happens in many places as well, that we see that the people of Makkah also what is it that prevented them from accepting Islam? They felt that if they acknowledged the prophethood of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, nobody would respect them. They felt that if they began worshipping Allah alone, then what about all

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their idols? That they had so much business because of them? People respected them because they were the caretakers of the carbon caretakers of so many idols so fear also felt threatened and he said that Merlin to local mean Ella Hina Lady

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for Okay, so Kindle Okay, well off then we could What does it mean?

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Few. Remember, we'll go to the next one. Hey, john.

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And Okada. Up do. It means to set something on fire.

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To set something on fire. Do

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ignite something so for Okay, so Kindle leave for me. Yeah Herman who Oh Herman who is hammer he was mentioned earlier as well.

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The minister the right hand man office

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so he said to him and that oh my man, Kindle for me I love cleaning up on the clay meaning light a fire for obit light a fire yeah Herman I love cleaning up on the clay meaning light a fire and bake bricks of clay.

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Okay, light a fire on clay, what does it mean burn the clay Why would you do that?

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Why would you do that? That he would make bricks of clay and then you would burn them? You would expose them to the heat Why? So that they become extremely hard and solid. So for Olga Lia Herman are aleni and then all of these bricks that you have baked, what should you do with them? further I Li then make for me sort of a balance, a lofty balance, a huge tower. Why not only a folio Illa Illa hermosa so that I can be informed off the God of Moosa. Look at his Mercury, the word start from the root letter slot Or have we have read this word earlier as well? Sort of Hearn momodu I don't mean to insult the normal

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answer is used for a very huge tall castle balance that is very beautiful, carved, it's adorned, it's decorated, but it's also known for its size. So built for me a thought. And I will go up largely utterly, utterly Rupa lamb I thought are literally means to raise. So a faliro I will rise up and be informed of because if done or if Tonio also means to be informed of something, because when you go up to a high, then what happens? What happens, you're informed off everything that is around you that is below you. Whereas if you're standing on ground level and if you look around yourself, you will not be as informed. So there are only a La Ilaha Moosa were in Nila Alou, and

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surely I think of him in Al Qaeda been of the liars.

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What do we see over here, the extreme arrogance of

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that how he declared himself to be God. And when musala salaam told the people of the oneness of Allah subhanaw taala, he began mocking equicizer that I don't think such a god exists. The only God I know to exist is myself. So you should be worshiping me.

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And by the way, Musa says that there is a God up there. Okay, build for me a huge tower. I'll go up there, and I'll see if he's really there. I'll go up there and see if he really exists. This was in mockery and extreme denial of Masada.

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And also fit around wanted to change the topic. He wanted to lighten up the situation. You see whenever something serious has been spoken about, and if you don't like it, there are some people who don't like that serious things would be spoken about. So what do they do?

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They pass a joke, right? They crack a joke that everybody starts laughing, and they forget about what was being spoken up. And the whole situation is like,

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people forget about what the issue was. So this is exactly what Phil did as well into the prophet Isaiah 36 to 37. We learn what kind of in our own yahama new bumili serhan law only available as bad, as bad as semi wetty for apoyar Illa Illa he Moosa that fear also said that Oh Ha man construct for me a tower that I may reach the ways construct for me a tower so that I can reach up into the ways the pathways, the pathways into the heavens, so that I can look up to the God of Musa and I think that he is a liar

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was the Kabbalah. And he was extremely arrogant, he became arrogant to fit our own, who he himself was, you knew the who, and also his armies. He became very arrogant, and his armies also his people also they also became very proud, fill early in the land which land the land of Egypt, belated have without any right, which is why they oppress Bani Israel, which is why they refused the worship of Allah subhanaw taala which is why they said such derogatory statements as well, was unknown. And what was the reason behind that? That they thought unknown Elena and Leo Jeroen, they thought that they will never be returned to us. They will never come back to us.

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Let us their own they thought they will never be returned to us. They will never be taken to the hereafter. They will never be called to account for what they have said for what they have done.

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And this is the main reason

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This is the main reason what is

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lack of belief in the hereafter. This is the main reason behind every crime.

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Every crime, because of a person is certain whatever I'm doing, I'm going to be questioned about tomorrow. What do you think twice, of course. And whenever a person thinks that whatever I'm saying, any joke I pass anyone whom I mock at, I'll be answerable for it tomorrow, he will be very, very careful about his words.

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But we see that when a person does not have fear of the Hereafter, fear of accountability, then there is nothing that can stop him, then there's nothing that can prevent him from doing wrong.

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So what happened for a while now who would you knew the who, so we seized him and also his armies, both for their own and also his armies, both of them were seized, all of them were seized fun of us now home, so we just chucked them, we threw them, we flung them phillium me into the river, front of us now home numbers now from the root letters known back then, nevertheless, we read this word earlier as well. What does nobody mean to throw something, considering it to be very insignificant? Imagine for their own, how mighty he was. And imagine his armies, his troops, his people, how many there were, how strong they were, how well equipped they were. But what happened to all of them?

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Look at how Allah subhanaw taala describes her and that funnel but now home, Phil young, we just picked them up and threw them we flung them into the river, into the sea into the waters,

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despite their might, because they were nothing before Allah soprano.

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And this is a reality, that no matter how arrogant a person becomes, still, what is he before Allah, nothing. Nothing. No matter how highly a person thinks of himself that I am so great, and I'm this and I can do that. And this is why he goes on saying whatever he wants to he does whatever he feels like, no matter how arrogant a person is, ultimately, he is very small, in the sight of Allah.

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And a person who tries to be arrogant than Allah humiliates.

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Allah degrades him, which is why we see that on the Day of Judgment, people who are arrogant How will they be resurrected? in the form of ants?

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so tiny, so small, they consider themselves to be very great, but Allah will decrease them. He will humiliate them for 100 now who would you knew the whole funnel but now who phillium me funds Oh, so go ahead and look. Thank you for Ghana. Okay, but does it mean how was the end of the wrongdoers? I was the end of the wrongdoers What happened to them? Do they still exist? Does their civilization still thrive today? No. Are their cities populated today? Is your life over there today? No. Funds are gay for can rip bottles it me. Those who are wrongdoers, and what's a little over here,

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refusing to give the heck of a law, refusing to believe in the messenger becoming arrogant. What's your honor home, and we made them important leaders who fit our own, and his people fit our own and his junoon all of them Allah has made them emerge and leaders emerge florala

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such leaders that ye the una Illa. Now they will be calling to the fire.

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Meaning for their own and his junoon will lead the rest of the people to Hellfire on the Day of Judgment. Because if you look at your own he's a symbol of arrogance.

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He is the symbol of stubbornness. He's a symbol of tyranny. And all of these actions What do they lead a person to Hellfire? So he will lead others into Hellfire would your allow him to imitate the owner Elon now will yomo calamity and on the Day of Judgment, lay on saloon they will not be held at all.

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We learned to the truth as well. I am 98 to 99 that year como como who Yokoyama T for our other human now, he will proceed as people on the Day of Resurrection and he will lead them into the fire.

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He will lead them into the fire. So all those people who followed him, all those people who followed for their own at his time, or they followed for their own afterwards. How, in the way of arrogance, in the way of pride

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in the way of tyranny all such people will be led by who for whom.

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This is why we see that people who refuse to pray Salah Where will they be on the Day of Judgment with who with fear

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And Herman, would you knew the humor? Why? Because fear I would also refuse to submit to Allah, despite recognizing

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he refused to give the help of Allah. And similarly when a person knows he has to pray, but deliberately he does not pray, he refuses to give the heck of Allah, then there is no difference between him and fit.

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So all those people who follow the way of their own, whether at his time or after him, they will all be led by who by fit our own into the Hellfire and all such people were yom Okayama de la Yun sorrow, on the day of judgment, they will not be held at all, the punishment will never be removed from them

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or at their home. And we cause to overtake them at vara means to send someone after to cause someone to follow the other.

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You understand? It never is to follow oneself. Okay, it's a very etbr What does it mean to follow? But at Berra youth Bureau, is to make someone else follow.

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So at Vir now whom we made to follow them, meaning we sent after them after who fit our own and his Jude fee had he dunia in this life in this world. We sent after them learner, curse, humiliation, being distanced from the mercy of Allah in this dunya even they were followed by what by learner, which is why we see that one after the other punishments were sent upon them.

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At one time, it was locust at another point it was frogs and other time, all the water turning into blood, famine. So ativar announced he had he dunya learner, they weren't spared for their arrogance of this dunya even know they met the consequences of it in the dunya even

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that they were distanced far removed from the mercy of Allah. And this is what happens to the arrogant person to a person who oppresses others who refuse to give the right of Allah, that even in this dunya, Allah humiliates and he degrades him, he is distanced from the mercy of Allah. If you look at it, so many people of the past who were oppressors, unjust leaders, what happened to them? How did they die? How do they finish? How do they come to an end with humility and degradation? Well, he had he had dunya learner were yomo piano and on the Day of Judgment hoomin and mockable hain, they will be of those who are despised. Why? Because of their ugly appearance, no one will

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even want to look at

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mokou hain mahina is a plural of moku. And this is some rough rule of the hair.

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What does that mean? define something very disgusting. So moku is one who has made a bee meaning one who is in such a state that looking at them even disgusts a person.

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One who is in such a state that it's sight, even its vision even causes disgust. You can't even look at him. You can't even look at it. You can't bear to see it. This is how ugly and disgusting it is.

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Even our best of the learn who said that we're hain are those whose faces have been disfigured.

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Why? Because of the punishment, blackened, removed far from every goodness. So on the Day of Judgment, they will be those who are made ugly. They will have hideous appearance. And in this dunya they were so occupied with beautifying their appearance,

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isn't it so that we see that fit our own? And his daughters? What did they have? hairdressers? Right? Why? Because they were so concerned about their physical appearance about their physical beauty, that all the time they're being adorned

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all the time, they're being beautified. There's someone whose job is to constantly brush their hair, make their hair and that's it.

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And if you look at their remains, even today, there aren't even today What do you see a lot of servants dressing up Who? Those who are the coptics right? So there were so occupied with their physical appearance in the dunya. But on the Day of Judgment, unlockable hain that no one will even wish to look at them. They will be so disgusting in their appearance.

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And if you look at it, this is true even today. That if you look at the mummy, if you look at what remains of the mummies today that have been discovered in the remains in the remnants of these people, you can't even look straight at it, isn't it? You look at it and you cringe. It's so disgusting, that the face is all shriveled up and the teeth are

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Showing and the eyes that look so deep and haunted. It's so disgusting to even look at the face of the mummy.

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So this is just in the dunya. Imagine when yo Melky Amity hoomin and moku hain they will be of those who are despised, ugly looking with hideous appearance,

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what are called tenemos el Kitab. Remember edema lachenal, Corona oola. And we gave massages and under scripture, which scripture is this, that Allah when mimbar the after, man that lachenal, Karuna Allah after we destroy the previous generations? And what do the previous generations refer to the generations that came before Masada center. So the people of know how to center the people of the people of sammut. And all those generations that would destroy up until the time of Masada center and at the time of musala Islam who was destroyed for their own and his people. So after the destruction of all of these people, then Allah subhanaw taala gave him solace lambda tala, because

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remember that when musalla salaam crossed the sea, he took the Bani Israel and then he went to the mountains, then he received the dollar.

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So that was after the destruction of our own after the destruction of the previous nations as well.

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And this book, this scripture, this keytab Allah subhanaw taala says basalt Yoni ness, they contain visions, beside evidences, eye openers, enlightenment, for who, for the people, which people

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which people, the bunny is right because the Bani Israel were given the Scripture, they were the ones who were to live by it, they were the ones who were to observe it. And the word beside is a plural of both legal and what is both legal? Both Lila is the vision of the heart.

00:26:55 --> 00:27:06

One is the vision of the eyes, and the other is a vision of the heart. What you see what the eyes just see, but what you see with the heart, you understand?

00:27:08 --> 00:27:23

You understand? So beside what were the such evidences such proves that were like eye openers for the people that enlightened the hearts of people.

00:27:25 --> 00:27:30

Why is this mentioned over here? If you think about it so far, the buddy Israel they were enslaved.

00:27:31 --> 00:27:43

And what the slavery do to a person. It corrupts his mind. It doesn't let his mind function properly. It makes him selfish. It makes him only concerned about himself.

00:27:44 --> 00:27:51

And it is not like him think past present past today. That's all that the slave is concerned about.

00:27:52 --> 00:28:00

And the Bani Israel has suffered from this, which is why we see that when we started saddam, he tried to help the Israelis man, what did you do?

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out of selfishness, he declared as to who killed the man on the previous day. So we see that the selfishness it existed in the Bani Israel slavery had corrupted their minds, and they needed something to enlighten their heart and mind so that they could be concerned about others, so that they could be concerned about making their hero. So Allah subhanaw taala, he sent them beside, in the form of the Torah, so that they could distinguish between what is right and what is wrong. Because as slaves people even lose disability, because they just have to do whatever their masters tell them, whether it makes sense to them or not. Whether they think it's right or wrong, they have

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to do it anyway regardless. So as a slave, a person loses the ability to distinguish between right and wrong as well. So Allah subhanaw taala gave the Bani Israel beside, so that they could figure out what is right, what is wrong, what is appropriate, what is inappropriate. And it wasn't just beside, but what who then enter guidance. What are Hamilton no mercy, why there are Lumia to the Quran, so that they could remember, they could be admonished by it. So Allah subhanaw taala blessed the Bani Israel with a book of guidance with a book that brought them mercy with a book that changed their future completely, which is why they had leaders such as they had prophets such as Sulaiman or

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listener that would earn Islam in the future. So this was a huge blessing that Allah subhanaw taala bestowed on the Bani Israel.

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And on the other hand, what happened if it finished? If you go back to the beginning of the suta, what did we learn that we only had oppressed the people? Right? And he wanted to finish the Bani Israel. But Allah subhanaw taala had another plan for the bunnies.

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And what was that? Allah wish to make them leaders he wished

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establish them upon the earth when new makina home fell early. And Allah subhanaw taala executed his entire plan that the oppressors of any Israel they were finished and the Bani Israel. They were made the leaders now how they had the book, they had guidance. And as a result, they were established in the land. And they had great profits like salamander and s&m their wilderness.

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So this was a great blessing of a loss of panel data stored on the bunnies.

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We listened to the recitation and will continue.

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sell kita

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limited in their knowledge in their understanding, just coming out of slavery, not knowing what to do. They had forgotten their religion even and whatever little they knew they were still confused about it, which is why they asked Mozart Islam to make for them, you know, a god. And they started the worship of the calf. So you can imagine how limited their knowledge was. But look at the great blessing of Allah subhanaw taala upon Him that He bestowed upon them, not just a book, but beside something to open up their minds, something to open up their hearts, to enlighten them, so that they could start thinking and they could start distinguishing between what is right and what is wrong. So

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this is a huge blessing of Allah. And this is what led to their success in the future.

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And also we see that the arrogance of Iran it let him do asking her man to build a tower so that he could go up and see the God of Musa and even today there are people who are great scientists, people who have a lot of knowledge, but what do they say that we will not believe until we see. So only if we see God, then we will believe in him. And only if we have created such a lens through which we can see the metaphysical through which we can see. You know God and the angels and all of that then we will believe otherwise we will not believe if you look at it. Both have the same problem. pride, arrogance that our own said I will not believe

00:35:00 --> 00:35:15

Until I see, let me go up and see, he uses limited means, and he was mocking. So it doesn't matter how advanced the human being has become, if he has the same arrogance in him, then there's nothing different.

00:35:17 --> 00:35:21

Whether he came 1000s of years ago or he's coming in the 21st century,

00:35:22 --> 00:35:44

and we have to see who we are following and who we are leading, that for their own, his you know, they followed him blindly, without using their mind and look at their end, that what happened to them. They were followed by learner in this dunya. And they also will be mockable hain in the Hereafter, not just for their own, but also all those who followed him without using their mind.

00:35:45 --> 00:36:02

People who refuse to believe in religion refuse to believe in the existence of God. It's the same pride that they have. It's the same arrogance they have. It's the same lack of your pain and the year after that they have which makes them say such great and arrogant statements. So nothing different.

00:36:04 --> 00:36:39

We see the problem with a frown. What did he say that when we saw this and and brought the miracles, he said, this is something very strange, something new, we've never heard about it before. So it has to be false. And many times you see that even when it comes to the Quran and Sunnah, when it comes to the religion, we practice only those things which we have seen our parents, our family members doing, right? And if we learn something new, and even if there's some evidence behind that from the Quran, and Sunnah many times what is the reaction of people, they will not accept it saying this is something very strange, never heard of it. But the fact is that you should judge truth based on

00:36:39 --> 00:36:54

what, on evidence or on the fact that your parents have been doing it or not doing it. You have to judge it according to its evidence if there's evidence accepted, even if your forefathers never knew about it.

00:36:56 --> 00:37:13

And sometimes people go to the other extreme that they will not accept anything unless and until they understand its logic. And only if they understand this logic, then they will do it otherwise no, but we see that our religion is not about logic. What is it about submission to Allah, it's about belief. And a major part of belief is belief in the unseen

00:37:14 --> 00:37:18

so panicle long will be humbucker a shadow let either Atlanta

00:37:19 --> 00:37:21

when I said I'm really cool with the light

Al-Qasas 22-43 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 36-43

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