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Ash-Shura 36-53 Tafsir 44-53


AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the negative impact of actions taken by Allah on society, including the use of the God and the return of the dams. The segment emphasizes the importance of forgiveness and retribution, as well as the use of hesitation and hesitation to achieve good deeds. The transcript also touches on the loss of oneself in Hellfire, the loss of one's family, and the importance of staying in a place of comfort. The transcript also discusses the importance of affirmations and revelations in Islam, as well as the use of words like "has" and "has" to describe actions and events. The holy spirit is the fruit of the holy culture, and individuals can use it to inform their lives.
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Bismillahirrahmanirrahim lesson number 255 pseudo to Shura is number 44. To 53.

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One may have lilla who and he whom Allah sends a stray from Allah who may when he came in birdie. For him, there is no protector beyond him. Meaning besides Allah, that person has no protector whatsoever. Whoever has been sent astray by Allah because of his unbelief because of his wrongdoing. He doesn't have anybody to guide him beside to besides a loss of

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meaning when Allah has closed the doors of guidance for a person then no one can open those doors for him.

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What are of all Amina and you will see the wrongdoers lamella will either when they saw the punishment, yo Luna, they will say Hello, Mr. Demon Sabine, is there any way to return? Meaning returned to the dunya? Is there any way that we can find in order to return to the dunya?

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Mara from the root letters, the analog is to return something because of it being unacceptable. It's unacceptable to you return it and Mirage is muster and also love. So is there any return back to the world? Is there any place any way that we can go back to the worldly life? Why would they want to go back to the dunya in order to perform good deeds in order to make amends in order to make up for the wrongs that they had done earlier?

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In the previous is what do we learn two ways of forgiveness and retribution.

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When is a person in this situation that he either has to forgive or take retribution when he has been wronged.

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So those who wronged others, those who oppress others for them as we have learned earlier is or that one earlier a painful punishment. And over here we see that for the lot, I mean, when they will see the punishment, they will say, is there any way to go back to the Divya

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they will regret the room that they have done? They will regret the injustice that they have committed against Allah and also against people.

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We think that the volume is winning, but in fact the volume is losing because in the hereafter he will regret he will want to change his ways but he will not be able to

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insert an arm I have 27 we learned while otara is working for Ireland now. Fallujah, Layton and Radu Wanaka diva big rabina when akun I mean, I mean,

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they will wish to go back so that they can be believers they can make up for the wrongs that they had done. And we learned tyranny that Allah does not like those people who doesn't, because it's very easy to do when retaliating

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so remember that the consequences of loading they are evil in dunya and also in the hereafter.

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What are our home and you will see them your aluna la presented on it presented before what presented before the Hellfire, but on the Hellfire, how high sharena ones were humbled Minato out of disgrace. How sharena from harsher posture, physical submissiveness, physical humility, so they'll be fearful, they'll be humbled. Why out of disgrace, then, is humiliation. What a person suffers because of the control of others on him because of the pressure of others on him. He doesn't have any choice. He doesn't have any say he doesn't have any strength, any power. So harsh arena means

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humiliation. Because of that humiliation, there'll be fearful humbled. And this little What does it come from, from punishment on that day? Because what do we learn robina in the command to the narrow

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that whoever is admitted into the fire, that he has been humiliated so what are all whom your aluna you will see them being presented on the Hellfire, but on the Hellfire, how harsh Irina being very submissive out of what humiliation? Because what can you say then? What can they do? They cannot take revenge. Young Luna they will look min thorfinn hafi from a side glance thorfinn Coffee Tov is Glantz and coffee is that which is hidden, that which is concealed, that which is discreet.

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thorfinn hafi is understood as part of things

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Meaning they'll be looking with humbled, humiliated eyes.

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And you see when a person is humiliated when a person feels weak, you can see that weakness in their eyes even confidence. It's there in the eyes, weakness, even that is in the eyes. So they'll be looking at the punishment at the Hellfire, how, with eyes full of humiliation.

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That's how they'll be looking at the punishment.

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And thorfinn huffy has also been understood as that they'll be looking at the punishment. Steven Lee, meaning they're looking, but they're not looking. Then when a person looks at something with a side glance why he's afraid to face it. When there is something extremely scary,

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you don't want to see it. But you also want to know about it. Then what do you do? You look at it, you turn your eyes away, you secretly look at it, and you turn your eyes away, isn't it? That's what happens to a person like for example, the person gets his results. And he knows he didn't do too well. He doesn't want to open them up. And when he opens up the sheet, what does he do? He looks and he turns his eyes away. He looks and he turns his eyes away. It says though, he doesn't have the confidence to even look at it. He's that afraid? He's that embarrassed. He's that humiliated.

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So this is how they'll be looking at the punishment men thorfinn Javi secretly, why out of fear and disgrace, we'll call a Latina. amanu and the believers will say in aloha syrena indeed the losers who are they and Medina hospital and for those who have lost themselves, how will a person lose himself on the day of judgment in the hereafter? How?

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How will a person lose himself in the hereafter

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when he is thrown in Hellfire, because when a person is thrown in Hellfire, then he will not live you will not die, isn't it? So lay mood Viola here, he will not have any control, no rest, no peace, no comfort, neither mental nor physical. So casino and foster home, they have lost themselves by condemning their souls to abide in the Hellfire for eternity. casino and for someone. And when a person loses himself like this, and the year after he loses his life, he loses as well. He loses his possessions. He loses his body, his soul of his abilities, every good thing that he had before he's lost it. Whatever accomplishments he had in the dunya he's lost.

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Whatever wealth he amassed in this dunya he's lost it. Anything he had in the dunya it's gone. Because whatever he had in the dunya was what he hated.

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So now when a person is sent to Hellfire hospital and for someone and not just him for someone what led him and also their families, their loved ones, when yom Okayama on the day of judgment on the day of standing in the line Amina fear they have been working unquestionably indeed the wrongdoers they will be in an everlasting punishment abiding punishment, eternal punishment.

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McQueen was wondering factors, Bothwell mean karma

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so they will be in an everlasting punishment who

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those who have done so all those who have lost themselves, those who have lost their loved ones separate from their friends, from their families, from their wealth, from their achievements, everything they had everything they collected down the drain.

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This is the real loss.

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Losing the dounia that's not a real loss, what's the real loss, that of the losing, losing yourself losing your family

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and when a person loses in the hereafter it's the greatest loss because when I Canada homerun Olia and they will not be for them any allies, any allies, anyone to come and help them anyone to come and protect them into the closet I 18. We learn man is lonely meaning and hum even when I show fear and youth are for the wrong doors they will be no devoted friend and no intercessor

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no friend even to feel for them and no person to even intercede for them.

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No intercessor who is obeyed. So Americana the home min earlier they will have no earlier the answer una momento de la who can help them besides Allah, no one can help them. If Allah abandoned someone,

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then no person can help him. If Allah punishes someone, no one can rescue him.

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When I can, and a woman Oh liegt young sorona woman lunella woman you will allow her and whoever Allah sends a stray from Allah woman Sabine, then you will have No way. No way to the truth in the dunya no way to guidance in the dunya

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No way to success in the hereafter. They have no way severe over here for instance a beaten dunya and also civilian after what is the bill in dunya a way to guidance

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a person who has been allowed to go astray by Allah, no person can guide him then and a person whom Allah has abandoned in the hereafter in the sense that he will not take him to gentlemen the no person can guide him to gentlemen. This is why Allah says is the Djibouti ob can respond to your Lord. respond to your Lord how by worshiping Him by obeying Him mean calmly and yet the Oman before a day comes which de la mala della hoomin Allah, which will have no return, nor return for which there is no repelling from who mean a lot from Allah. It is such a day for which there is no repelling nor returning from Allah. Murat as you know means return. So what does it mean by the

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Islamorada lumen Allah meaning once Allah has begun that day,

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the ones Allah brings about that day,

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he will not cancel it.

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He will not revoke it. There is no avoiding on that day there is no running away on that day.

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That day will not be over until everything that has to be done is done. Neither will people be allowed to go nor will that day be canceled.

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In this dunya what happens when things are decided that on this particular day, this is going to happen. But sometimes even at the last moment, they canceled

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a person his attendance is mandatory somewhere something happens and he cannot come.

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Even the greatest thing even in this dunya it happens right? It's canceled last minute changes. Last minute a person cannot show up. But the hereafter It is such a day that there is no moment for it. That day once it has begun it will not finish

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in the sense that once it has begun a loss of penalty will not cancel whatever has to be done in that whatever He has promised he will do it there will be resurrection there will be hisab there will be punishment there will be reward in through tokuyama attempt it will return the acquittal insane uyama in a number four. On that day man will say where is the place of escape? Is there any escape? Allah says color lovers have no there is no refuge in Arabic Elma Eden and Masako, to your Lord that day is the place of permanence. Once that day begins, then there is eternity lamb or della whom Allah.

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No one can repel that no one can cancel out that day. monochrome images in you will have no manager no place of refuge. yoma isn't on that day. Manager from the earth letters, Lam Jean Hamza, legend and legend is to take refuge in a fort Mulder place of refuge, especially against an enemy. So you will have no manager on that day. No stronghold in which you can take refuge no place in which you can go and hide from Allah, woman or communicate and you will have no Nikita either. What is Nikki Nikki from the real veterans known Kapha and from this route we get several meanings off them is strangeness when something is strange when you don't recognize.

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Secondly, known Kapha also gives meaning of when something is unbearable disapproved when a person does not like it, so Amanda come in Nikita and you will have known Akita Nikki is understood as monkish

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meaning one who denies so you will have no denial of that day No one can deny that day. No one can deny their sins on that day. No one can deny punishment on that day. Because if a person denies a sense, they're witnesses aren't there. So, a person cannot deny on that day.

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Secondly, this is also understood as Malcolm and Nikki that you will have no place where you could be unknown. A person cannot be a stranger over there that nobody knows him. He cannot be identified.

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If there are hundreds of people in a place many times there are some people who are unidentified.

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It happens in Indonesia that a person is the most public place but still he is unknown, his identity is unknown. But we see that in the hereafter medical Mitnick if you have no nickeil on that day, no place where you could be unknown. You cannot be a stranger over there you cannot go and change your identity over there. Nikita is also understood as an asset, meaning one who helps how, how? By changing by altering what will descend on you. So Amanda come in Nikita and you will have known a kid who can help you who can change

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What has befallen you?

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So we see that in the hereafter on the Day of Judgment a person is all by himself all by himself and the only thing that will assist him is what his faith and his deeds. This is why Allah says is that he will respond. Because if you don't respond to a lot, you'll be in trouble on that day. In the previous set, we learned about certain actions a person has to do and certain actions he has to refrain from. This is what is the Java is PhD vena cava, Islam and also a karma salata one you have to leave the other you have to do this is what is to Java is that whatever Allah has asked us to do, whatever Allah has asked us to stay away from, we OBEY Him, so respond to him before this day comes.

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Because when this day comes, then you're all by yourself, nothing can help you. No one can help you for an hour or two. But if they turn away, meaning they don't listen, their disregard for they don't respond. They don't respond to a loss of panatela from our cellular colleague and then we have not sent you against them as a heavies

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meaning your profits on a lot of them have not been sent as a guardian over the people. Guardian in the sense that you force them to accept guidance Guardian in the sense that you keep track of their deeds, you call them to account you punish them for the wrongs that they're doing. No. Your duty is what in alayka lol ban on EU is only the responsibility to convey

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inserts of Bukhara 272 we learned laser Laika Hua Hua kinaba diminisher? into the large I have 44 in America, Bella Marlena, sir.

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Well, in the end, indeed we either a doctrinal insanity, no matter when we make the person, the human being tased from us a mercy.

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So first of all, what is made clear that your responsibility is only to convey

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and Allah He will hold people accountable. And people how are they generally that when Allah gives them a mercy from himself upon an incentive in naramata, such as well, good health? Why is it called Rama? Because it is not a person's hack. It's Alice's favor on him. It's a special mercy on him.

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And it also shows that he has received after some difficulty. So what is the reaction of the person fairly happy her he becomes very happy with it.

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He is delighted. He begins to exalt he becomes very happy with it. Why? Because of the comfort that has come to him. On the other hand, what into sleep boom, say atone, and when some evil reaches them, when they're afflicted by some harm, why Vemma or Dermott ad him because of what their hands of Santa's head

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when it comes to good, what is that? Rama of Allah, special Mercy of Allah, no person can say I deserve it. When it comes to some evil, why does a person get it because of his own sense, but what is the reaction of a person for nl in Santa Clara food. So indeed, the human being he becomes extremely ungrateful. When he receives a blessing. He becomes elated with joy, forgetting the loss of penalty becoming proud thinking it's because of me. When he received some difficulty, he becomes extremely ungrateful, ungrateful For what? For the blessings that he still has

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for food, why food for the blessings that he still has, or for the good that he enjoyed previously, he forgets the good times that he enjoyed, and he focuses on one on the trouble that has hit him.

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He forgets the good times that he enjoyed and he focuses on the trouble that has a terminal and he completely overlooks the other blessings that he still has.

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You see, everything that a person receives and does.

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It brings them joy, it brings them benefits and it also brings in some difficulties.

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If you get a rose with the rose are also thorns, the Grateful person, what does he focus on? The Rose the petals, the beauty, and the ungrateful person, what does he focus on the thorns?

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This is what is being mentioned over here, that at times of difficulty, he becomes so ungrateful that he forgets all the goodness that he enjoyed previously. He says, I have never experienced anything good.

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He is just stuck in the present state of difficulty. He forgets the blessings he's enjoyed previously. He was so happy, very happy. I was so excited. He forgets all that excitement.

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And when a person Forget all that excitement when he was on

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grateful in the first place, if he was truly grateful, then he would remain grateful and patient in times of difficulty as well.

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And this in gratitude is something so serious, it is something so common as well. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Oh women given charity,

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give in charity, for I have seen that you form the majority of the people have

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women, they form the majority of the people of hell.

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So, a woman asked, Why is that a messenger of Allah, and he said, because you complain too much.

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And you are ungrateful, dear husbands, you complain too much, and you're ungrateful to your husbands. If one of you were to be treated kindly for an entire lifetime, then that kindness was lacking for one day, she would say, I have never seen anything good for you.

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I have never seen anything good for me.

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Think about all the things that the husband gives to his wife.

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And just one day, he forgets one thing, he overlooks one thing, or he does something, and because of that she thinks or my relationship has been bad from the very first day. He's been like this from the very first day she forgets the flowers that he brought her if she forgets the smile that he gave her she forgets the good remarks that he gave her, she forgets everything. And she says I have never seen anything good for me. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam warned when this ingratitude is very, very serious.

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Listen to the recitation.

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walk on.

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if you think about it, turning away from Allah not responding to him not being obedient to Him. Is that in gratitude? Yes.

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Because who has given everything to the person in the first place? Allah subhanaw taala and turning away from him. This is in gratitude. This is why if you think about it, at the beginning of the year, what is mentioned turning away of people right

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and at the end of the day, what is mentioned in gratitude

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lilla human customer what you will have to Allah belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth, Yoko Masha, he creates whatever he wills yahudi manga show inasa he gives to whom He wills female children, where you have to show the court

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And he gives to whomever He wills male children.

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In this I have what is mentioned, the power of a loss of data, the fact that all matters, their decision lies with a loss

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and no one can challenge

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no one can resist him either. That to Allah belongs the dominion of the skies and the earth everything is in his control. This is why he has no compassion, he can create whatever he wills whatever he wants, and when it comes to giving children to people, yeah, he gives First of all, and he gifts he gifts to who Lamia shell whomever He wills in earth and female, meaning only female children.

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To some people, Allah subhanaw taala only gives daughters and to others, Allah gives sons only sense. So to sum Allah gives only daughters and no sons and two others are luggages only sons and daughters and what do people wish those who have only daughters they save only Addison, those who have only sons, they say, if only had a daughter, but we see that this is ultimately whose decision the decision of Allah subhanaw taala whatever he wills that happens and whatever he does not will that can ever happen.

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He decides what to give to who owe us a widow home the Quran and or he makes them both males and females. What does he mean by that? That to some he gives both male children as well as female children. Some have only daughters, others have only sons and other people. They have a mix of user with whom the clan and what enough males and females

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and the cron is a plural off the code. The code is also the Florida code and in earth is a plural of Windsor, female

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where I live and he makes me Ayesha, whoever he wills Arkema Baron. To some he doesn't give any at all. Some he gives only females other he gives only males. Others he gives both and to some he gives none.

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Where's your aluminum shadow or Pima who is our team. Our team is a man or a woman who is in Florida who cannot have children, man or woman.

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And our theme is from the word alchemy and alchemy is such dryness that doesn't accept any effect. That For example, this table, it is so dry that if I pour water on it, will it accept it? No. But if I pour water on the carpet, will it accept it? Yes, it will absorb it. If you pour it on the table, it's going to flow away. It's going to sit there until it dries up. But the table will not absorb it. This is what our column is. So our team primarily is used for a woman like for example, our commercial version is the womb that does not accept that does not absorb any sperm. So the woman is in fertile, she's unable to conceive she's unable to bear children, but the word arcane applies to

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both men as well as woman.

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So add your own Romanian show or crema in the hood. Arlene, indeed is knowing why is this mentioned over here?

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Why is this mentioned over here? That if he decides to give some children to a person, or if he decides to give no children to a person?

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Does he know about his servants? Of course, does he know why he's giving to someone not give him some of course there is a reason behind that. In who I lean on, he is knowing. So this is why we contend with his decision. And Cody, he is fully capable, whether you like his decision or not, he will execute as well. So your good is in what? submitting to his work, because he is all powerful in bringing about whatever he wants,

00:28:59--> 00:29:12

when I can only by sharing, but we see that still people are ungrateful, despite the fact that we know that our allies are Illuminati Still, we are ungrateful. If people have three children, they say I wish I had four.

00:29:13--> 00:29:37

A people have two girls who say I wish I had three. If people have more, they say I wish I had less. People are always complaining in Santa Kahoot. He's ungrateful. He's always complaining, forgetting about the blessings that he has focusing only on the negatives. And this is an example of that. But we see that Allah He is knowing and he's capable.

00:29:38--> 00:29:59

Omar can only by sharing, and it is not possible for a human being. At the beginning of the surah we learned about the truthfulness of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. Now again, the same theme is being repeated about what he about revelation. It was mentioned at the beginning of the sutra, that revelation has been sent to you just as it was sent to the messengers before you and now again, wherever

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has been mentioned that one that can only be shared and it is not possible for a human being for a person. And you call him a hula hoop that Allah would speak to him. How?

00:30:11--> 00:30:13

In a DIRECT address face to face,

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no person, this is something very clear. It is not possible for any person that Allah would speak to him face to face. Not possible. That How does Allah communicate with the servants in our hand, except by revelation?

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Where hand from the ruthlessness while higher that Allah reveals to him

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at some times, in a dream, and other times directly, like for example, Ibrahim is in some way he received in his dream that in the documentary, and he had Barack and when awake as well. When Musa Islam was told, when a las panatela was directly speaking to him, and he told him that we inspired your mother, we made this happen we made that happen. So allow him

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revelation, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam What did he receive? Revelation, oh, or mirror images from behind a veil. Another way through which Allah communicates with the servants directly is how

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directly that Allah is speaking to the messenger.

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But the messenger cannot see Allah. He can hear him, but he cannot see. It's from behind a veil, a veil that prevents Rukia that prevents vision. So for example, moosari sam, he was at Mount to remember, he could hear Allah soprano Tara waka llama la moussaka cleaver. But could he see a law? No, he could not musasa even requested to see a loved one was he able to he wasn't. Similarly when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam went up for marriage, a loss of panel data spoke to him, he was given the command of five prayers. But did the prophets are allowed as an MC almost pantalla? No. He said, How can I see him he is new. So O'Meara hijab off from behind a veil, oh, or usila Rasulullah or he

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sends a messenger who is this messenger referring to Angel messenger. So the first is where he inspiration that Allah puts in the heart. Secondly, meanwhile our direct conversation, but the messenger cannot see Allah. And thirdly, that the angel is sent to the messenger and the angel for you, he he does where he is and he by his permission, meaning by the permission of Allah, Masha, whatever he wants,

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which is how so many times who came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and he brought it to him. In the who are legion, Hakeem, indeed, he meaning Allah, He is early, most exalted, and he is also hacking. So this is also a sign of a loss of penalties might empower that, look at the way where he came upon the messengers. There's something amazing, amazing that Allah inspires something to the messenger in his heart, or that he speaks to him directly, or that he sends an angel messenger previous is even they show the mic the power of Allah subhanaw taala, that he can give whatever to whom He wills. and here also, he can do what he, however he wills, this also demonstrates to us the

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power of Allah, worker, their legal hanaa illegal who have been a marina and thus we have revealed to you and inspiration of our command. Thus, likewise meaning like how the Quran is being revealed to you, or in the manner that has been described in the previous ayah, the three ways of revelation in the same way, what he is done to do your Prophet sallallahu sallam.

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And we see that all these three ways were adopt the Prophet sallallahu Sallam received direct inspiration in his art, also in history.

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Allah spoke to him directly as well. And thirdly, also through the angel, so what are their eco hyena? ilica, Mohammed emelina and you see the word rule over here, what is life giving spirit? If there is room in the body, the body is alive, if there is no rule, the body is not alive, and what is referred to Revelation for an Why is it called rule

00:34:28--> 00:34:35

because if a person has Koran in his life, that his life is meaningful.

00:34:36--> 00:34:41

And if a person does not have this Quran, it says though he is living a deadline,

00:34:42--> 00:35:00

a meaningless life. This Quran is true. There is no life without Quran Ruhama emelina mallacoota de mal kita you had no idea what the book is. Mercado de de de de dariah de la jolla. You had no idea you

00:35:00--> 00:35:02

Did not know what the Kitab was what the Quran is

00:35:03--> 00:35:29

that the prophets are allowed to sort of know what the Quran was before revelation came to him. No, he had no idea what else he man nor even you did not even know what a man is. Before the revelation came to you, you had no idea about the Quran, you had no idea there's something known as a man a man has in its details, its pillars, you had no idea, Salah even you had no idea about it.

00:35:31--> 00:35:35

The requirements of a man what a man necessitates what a man demands, you have no idea

00:35:36--> 00:35:39

because if you think about the foundation of this religion is based on what

00:35:41--> 00:36:00

once a person has a man and then he has to do certain things you had no idea about what a man is even when I can draw now who but we have made it meaning this through this process that has been given to you. We have made it nude on olite net DB Manisha by which we guide whomsoever we will.

00:36:01--> 00:36:08

So the score on that has been given to you. It has been given to you as a light This is new.

00:36:09--> 00:36:14

Earlier it was called rule life. Now it is called new

00:36:15--> 00:36:19

rule with it you live by new UC.

00:36:20--> 00:36:25

Why is the Quran called New? because it enables you to see things in the right perspective.

00:36:27--> 00:36:36

it repels darkness, it repels anxiety, it repels depression, it repels sadness, it repels confusion.

00:36:37--> 00:36:47

it repels many darknesses This is why the Quran is new. And if you think about it is like necessary for people to live is it? It's very much necessary.

00:36:48--> 00:37:10

If it was always dark, with your body grow, your body would suffer. If it was always dark, you wouldn't be able to see, you wouldn't be able to read you wouldn't be able to perceive so many things. When there's light you can see so many things. You can see colors. You can see different textures. And when there's darkness, everything appears to be the same.

00:37:12--> 00:37:26

So this on it's not just life but it's even light for people. This is why in sort of the Messiah 174 Allah says yeah, are you Hannah's for the jacumba hanamura become, what Angela eleiko Medina.

00:37:27--> 00:37:33

In Surah Taha one eight Allah says for me no biLlahi barazzutti, we're newly lady and Zen.

00:37:35--> 00:38:15

To the Quran is rude. And it's also new. And this new nadie Rahim and Nasha we guide whomsoever we will, through this Quran. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam had no idea about keytab about him and Allah gave him this and look at how we change the world. similarity for us even we had no idea about what the Quran said what was commanded in the Quran. But once it has come into our lives, then our lives have meaning. Mandy, we human nature, luminary, Gardena, we're in Nicoletta de la salata, Mr. team, and indeed you guys do the straight back the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he called people to which way

00:38:16--> 00:38:24

the right way. So what often was the theme? How, why? Because he was calling people to the Quran with the Quran.

00:38:25--> 00:38:27

He was calling people to this room.

00:38:28--> 00:38:58

He was calling people to the slide. According to the slide, he was calling people. So we're in Nicoletta de la serata. Mr. Justice at the beginning of surah. T i seen Allah says he has seen will put an Hakeem in Mecca domina mursaleen, Allah Serato stopping so he was on the right path himself. And he also called people to the right path. And what is the right path in a syllable Mr. P. So alpha Latina, and I'm done, Dani laden will be writing him or the

00:39:00--> 00:39:21

intro to Missa I 113. We learn what ends at Allahu la kuttabul hikmah by lemma canal and the container. What kind of follow maharlika agreement what is mentioned over here that you had no idea what what the guitar was. So it's mentioned so often is that that Allah has revealed to you the book and wisdom and has taught you that which you did not know.

00:39:22--> 00:39:25

And ever is a favor of Allah upon you. Great.

00:39:26--> 00:39:38

What is a Serato masterpiece? It is sloppy lay Lady lahoma similarity when I fill up, it is the path of a lot to Whom belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth.

00:39:39--> 00:39:57

It is not an ordinary path. It is not an ordinary way. It is not an ordinary way of life. It's a very special way of life. It's a very important way of life, because it is the way that has been set by who the one who owns the heavens and the earth and everything within

00:39:58--> 00:39:59

that muster that

00:40:00--> 00:40:27

created that Lord, and it's such a way that will lead to his pleasure. Why is it called Serato? Allah, because it's the way that has been set by Allah. And it's the way that leads a person to the pleasure of Allah. And Allah, he does little more unquestionably to Allah do all matters return, for what purpose, for judgment for decision. So all affairs and deeds of his creatures,

00:40:28--> 00:40:33

they will be taken to a loss of panel data and he will make the final decision for them.

00:40:34--> 00:41:11

So, one is that a person adapts the way that Allah has specified. In any case, he is going back to Allah, if he goes back to him adopting the way that Allah specified their success. And if a person follows his desires, ignoring the way that Elias specified, then Is he still going to? Of course he is. So the wise one is who the one who submitted to his Lord, the one who adopts the way that he has prescribed The one who responds to his Lord, because that is the way that leads to eternal success and many benefits in the dunya and

00:41:14--> 00:41:15

just listen to the recitation.

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for the woman

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a room you All

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We'll see.

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