Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P02 021A Translation Al-Baqarah 153-162

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Sell them where they can what? Allah who

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will want to sell yada yada so they can Karim a my birth for Rosie bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim Furbish roughly Saudi UAE Sydney Emery wash Little Rock data melissani of coho coli for Benassi dinner in lesson number 21 Surah Al Baqarah is number 153 to 162

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Yeah Are you her or and levena those who

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am I know they believe

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is their you know you all seek help be a sub with the patients was salah and the prayer

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in indeed hola hola hola. Mara is with a Siberian those who endure with patients

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wanna and do not Taco Lu you will say Lehmann for whom? You gotta do he is killed fee in severely way Allah He of Allah um Why don't one step well rather are here on ones alive what I can but they're not that rune you all perceive

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well and Lerner below one knuckle surely we will definitely test you

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be che in with something men from El Hove the fear while jewelry and the hunger when a coastline and loss men from and where the wealth the properties were and enforce the lives with the Murat and the fruits while by sheer and give good news are forbidden to those who are patient those who endure with patients

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and Levina those who either when I saw that home it reached them mostly button i Miss Fortune, a disaster or Lou they said in indeed we live Allah for Allah wa inna and indeed we eat at towards him broad your own want to return

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hola Erica those are they him upon them Salah were two blessings or praise men from Robbie him their Lord what I have not done and mercy what will ICA and those whom the Alma Mater don't those who obtain guidance

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in indeed or suffer the mount suffer while more water and the mount Marwa men from SHA cymbals, Allah He of Allah ferment so whoever had he performed Hajj and beta of the house Oh or era tomorrow, he performed Umbra fella so not do not have anything I lay him upon him and that your whatever he does for behemoth of them to

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woman and whoever that Awara he did voluntarily Hi Iran any good for India then indeed Allah Allah Allah share Kiran one who appreciates our naman always all knowing

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in indeed and Medina those who yet to Munna they hide ma what. And then we sent down men from El begginer the clear proves while Hooda and the guidance men from body after man that by your now who we explained it explicitly, Lin Nursey for the people fill keytab in the book

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owner Iike those yellow I know whom he curses them. Allahu Allah, Ya Allah I know him and he curses them. Allah reknown those who curse

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in Allah except Allah Dena, those who don't

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herbal, they repented what else law who? And they reformed whereby, you know, and they explained explicitly for hola ICA so those are Tubal. I accept repentance, or I turn in mercy, or lay him upon them. What Anna and I have the word, the greatest acceptor of Revengeance a Rahim. The always all merciful

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in indeed, and Levina those who careful they disbelieved one or two and they died. Were home while they go fell on disbelievers hula Iike those are they him upon them, learner to curse Allah He of Allah. While Mala Ekati and the angels were nasty, and the people big marine all together Holly Deena Wanzhou abide eternally fee her in it la not you have furfural it will be lightened I'm home from them Allah either above the punishment whether and nor whom they younger own they will be given respite

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that listen to the recitation of these verses

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monastery saw that he was

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in hola mouse saw Didi wala

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Bella here

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this whole

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anyone up

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or does she saw the screen a lady either

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saw that

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Father Oh in

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your audio all eagerly

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will be more often

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will not watch me

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Thurman has generated

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a bowl of ivy Hema

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law Hashem kill 1981

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law who is

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eager to add more anecdote love and walking

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you got

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you got you one nurse. He

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called it in if he had

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