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Ghafir 23-55 Translation 23-55

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Neff Madhu and Dr. su li Kareem Mr. Townsend Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Frobisher, Rafi sorry for your silly Emery waffle aka de melissani Yahoo Kohli. probenecid nyla

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lesson number 248 verse 23 to 55 Surah mcminn

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worth and last but certainly our Salah we sent Musa Musa alayhis salam bi Tina with our science where

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and salon authority movie in one clear Illa to fade down around wa and man Harmon we're and our own our own ALU then they said Sir hidden magician has a great liar fella. Then when

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he came, will help with the truth. Jahan will have he brought the truth mean from mine Lena near us pilu they said to Lou, you already kill ebina sense Allah Dena, those who am I know they believed Mao who with him

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and his nephew, you all keep alive. You all keep alive nissa home their women were ama and not Cade plot Allah Catherine, those who disbelieve in Allah accept fee in Bala astraying.

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Well and Allah He said around around the Rooney you are leave me after I will kill Musa Musa alayhis salam

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and he should call robber, who is rub in me, indeed I have who I fear and that you bet deal he will change the neck, on your religion, your way of life.

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Or, and that youth here He will make to appear, he will make to prevail. fee in the earth alpha sad, the corruption the mischeif well and Allah He said Musa Musa alayhis salam in me indeed I was too I have sought refuge brb with my rub and rub beacon your min from Cali every Mata Kabir, one arrogant la not human, he believes beyond me in de la sub the reckoning the accountability. Well, and Allah He said rather than a man meaning a believer, men from family around have your own jack stone, he hides him I know who his faith, his belief.

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Do the afternoon you all kill Rosalyn. Amen. And that your hola he says or be my Arab Allahu Allah wa while but in fact, just a comb. He came to you built by Jeanette with the clear proofs, Jacksonville by Gina, he brought you all the clear proofs, men from rugby comb your up,

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work and in if yaku he is godly, been a liar. Finally he then upon him,

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Kathy boo his line.

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And if yaku he is saw the one who is truthful, you say bokun it will reach you but some lie which aim to come. He promises you all he threatens you all in Indeed Allah, Allah, La not God He guides man who who he must refund, one who transgresses one who exceeds limit has a big liar. Yeah, tell me all my people that come for you all. I'll milk the kingdom alone today. overhearing ones who dominate fee in an hour the earth farm and then who? JOHN Suna. He will help us min from the US punishment of law he have a law in if Jana

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came to us, Allah. He said Iran, Iran man, not only can I show you all Illa except man, what are our I see what and man not the coup I guide you all in LA except Sabine, we are Russia and the rectitude wa and Allah He said Allah Lee who? mana he believed me all my people in me indeed I a half who I fear Holly come upon you all Midler like john de Sousa the clans mitla like the condition don't people know of no. Salaam wa and

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wa and the mood of the mood. Well, and I levina those who mean from bother him after them well and man not Allahu Allah. Beauty do he wants a woman any wrong any injustice laelia bad for the servants. What and yeah, call me call my people in need, indeed I a half who I feel I lay come upon you all joma day at 10 at the mutual calling Yama on day two, well Luna you all will be turned away motivating as ones with Baxter and as once the treating man not Luckily for you all men from Allahu Allah Minh from us and anyone who protects any Savior.

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Well, and man whom you'll believe he lets go astray. Allahu Allah. Varma then not la who for him mean from had anyone who guides well and leopard. Certainly Jakob he came to you use of use of alayhis salam mean from before build big net with the clear proofs for Mazel Tov, then you all always remained, then you all remained fee in shakin doubt mimma from whatever

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Jaqen he came to you, be he with it. jacumba he he brought you all it had till either when halakhah he died. Alton, you all said land will never yamasa He will send Allahu Allah Minh from the IDP after him. Rasool and any messenger gallica. Likewise, you dilute he led to go astray Allahu Allah man who, who or he must refund, one who transgresses one who exceeds limits mahtab one who is in doubt

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allatheena those who do Jaya de Luna de dispute fi concerning

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science versus Allahu of Allah be right without spawn any authority.

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It came to them. Deborah, it was very big mountain in heat in the near Allahu Allah, wa and I in the near alladhina those who I know they believed gallica. Likewise, Jacobo, he seals Allahu Allah, Allah upon Kali, every heart with a kabillion one arrogant Jabarin

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a big tyrant wa and Allah He said around around jaha man Whoo hoo ha man you built Li for me. Second, I love the tower. Sarhan, I love the tower, la Li, perhaps I abbulu I reach as the means of access, as Bob means as somewhat disguise for failure, so that I look Illa to Illa God, Musa of Musa alayhis salam wa and in me indeed I also know who surely I think him, God the ban, Allah, wa and gallica likewise. Regina, it was adorned Lee Farah owner for Iran. So evil Amelie is deep work and further he was stopped and from a Sabine the way where and not gay.

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Plot fare around around Illa except fee in the ruin, destruction. Well and Allah He said a lady who, Amina he believed yeah call me all my people. If you all follow me as Deacon, I will guide you sabitha way or Rashad directly to the right guidance, Jaco me who my people in NEMA. Indeed not but how they he this al-hayat to the life and dunya the worldly mobtown a temporary benefit well and in indeed

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the hereafter here it that Allah para the stability man whoever Allah He did say he at an evil fella then not juja he is recompensed Illa except mid Lucha like have it well and man whoever harmala he did saw 11 righteous, good deed mean from the Quran a male or

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a female well, while

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he may know a believer for Allah aka then those who Luna they will enter agenda the paradise Jews Puna they will be provided FIFA in it be right without his or any account work. And yeah, for me, all my people, man what lead for me either Oh, can I call you ILA to an nyjah at the salvation well, while that the old nanny you all call me Illa to and now the fire that the whole nanny you all call me the act fura so that I denied so that I disbelieve Billa with Allah or in Allah wa and all Shrek I associate partners be he with him. Man. What laser it is not Lee for me the he with it in any knowledge. And Anna, I add Oh can I call you all Illa to Allah Aziz the always all mighty, I love

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the most forgiving, larger Rama, no doubt and nama indeed, that which the old nanny you all call me, he lay to him. Laser, it is not law who for him the albertan any corn fee in a dunya the World War and law nor fee in

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the hereafter. Well, and that indeed, Maradona, our return Allah to Allah He Allah wa and and that indeed, Al Masri FIM those who transgress those who exceed limits on the US have companions and now the five

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first settlers Guna then soon you all will remember Man, what a cool I say the gun to you own where and when do I entrust Emery my affair my matter Illa to Allahu Allah. Inna Indeed Allah, Allah, ma serum always all seeing the with the servants for Babu so he saved him Allahu Allah say he had evils man, what macaroon they plotted wa and Hakka it surrounded bl with people around around su evil even allow the the punishment and now the fire your aduna they are presented Elena upon it will do one at morning work and occasion at evening.

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And Yama, andI the omo it is established as the our eye the Cree Lu you all admit and people that are on their own. I said the most severe

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the punishment were and if when Jetta junuh they will be mutually disputing fee in an

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Now the fire for your kulu then he will say

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those who are weak ladina. To those who is that true? They assumed greatness in now, indeed we could now we were lucky for you all the behind followers. So our anthem you all moon once to avert

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and now from us not even abortion mean from and now the fire Allah He said I levina those who is duck baru, they were arrogant, they sought to be proud enough, indeed we couldn't, all of us, fee her in it. In Indeed Allah, Allah had, in fact hakama he judged bainer between la but the servants, well, and Allah He said Allah Vina, those who feed him and now the fire. Lee has nothing to do keepers jahannam of hell. We do you all call? Rob Bakun, your,

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your half fifth, he lightens on now from us, Yeoman, Eddie Minh from Elijah the punishment pilu they said our lamb did and not that could it be that the comb comes to you all rusu lucam your messengers built by Jeanette with the clear proofs orlu they said Bella, yes or no they said further Oh, then you all call wa and ma not

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calling l Catherine the disbelievers Illa accept fee in parallel as training in indeed we the announcer surely we will help surely we will make Victoria rusu Lana, our messengers and and Medina those who am I know they believed fi in El hayati, the life dunya the worldly world and yo ma on the Yakumo he will stand ash had the witnesses, gentlemen on the law, not Jen foul, it will profit it will benefit of Wiley Nina, those who do wrong those who are unjust, ma Vieira to whom their excuses were and left home for them. I learned to the curse well, and left home for them. So even at the home,

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and that certainly artena we gave Musa Musa alayhis Salam alhuda the guidance and our na we made to inherit many children, this Ravi israa Al Kitab. The book who then a guide and vichara a reminder, the early for possessor al Al Bab the intellect, fast bear. So you endure with patience in indeed rather promise and law he of Allah Hakan is true.

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And is the fear. You seek forgiveness. Leave them big for your sin. Wa and some new glorify Behanding with praise. Arabica, your rub big in the evening, WA and Alibaba the early morning

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una una.

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