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Ghafir 1-22 Tafsir 12-22

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The helical that or you are meaning the punishment that you find yourselves in is because the unknown because indeed he either do real law who was the who, when a law was mentioned a known either Doria when he was called out and remember the law is of different types, right? One is off Riba of worship meaning calling to Allah, you know, seeking his help, is to Lhasa is Tiana and another type of Darius is to claim to say something. So either dery Allahu wa The whole meaning when Allah was worshiped alone. Or when it was said that Allah is the only God, what was your reaction? you disbelieve you refuse to accept it, when you shut up? And if it was associated with him, meaning

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if she was done with him? To me, no, you all believed you all accepted it. You are accepted such idolatry philharmonie Law Center the judgment is exclusively for Allah, He will make the decision. And what decision has he made?

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What decision has he made, that those who do check they're in Hellfire and who is a lot of our Legion can be the most Hi, the one who is Most Great. And when a law makes a decision, he doesn't include anyone in his decision. Intellectual cap is 26 Well, I usually if he helped me had, he does not include anyone in his decision. So Allah has made this decision. So there's no way out of hellfire.

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who led you recall it? It is he who shows you His signs. you disbelieve in new associate partners with him. It is He Allah who shows you His Signs Why? So that you can believe he has put so many signs around you, below you above you. And again and again he shows them to you so that you can realize his power, you can realize that he is your Lord, and you turn to Him who led you reclaim it. And if you think about the Ayat of Allah, they are all around us. For example, instead of 37 Allah says woman is he laid when the hell was chumps will come up. Obviously, I utter the night, the day, the sun and the moon, big signs.

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And the people of the past day remains even there a big sign inserted, uncoupled is 35 one aka tarakan I mean, I attend the unit and they call me

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And We have certainly left of it assigned as clear evidence for people who use reason, a sign of what the ark the ship

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into the facility if 53 or less so Nuri him, it will fit Wolfie and fusi him have database and Allahu unknown how we will show them our signs in the horizons and also within themselves, outside of themselves and also within themselves in their own bodies,

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in their own lives, until it becomes clear to them that it is the truth.

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So Allah He shows us His signs, at different levels in different ways. tangible, intangible, obvious, and also those that are not that obvious, those that are at macro level and those that are at micro level, huge and minute.

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And all the signs were you know zero communism in his car, and he sends down from the sky for you provision. What does it mean by this he sends down provision for you from the sky

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rain. So basically it refers to the US bag or risk, the means of risk.

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Like for example, from the sky comes down rain,

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from the sky comes down sunlight, right now rain and sunlight. Together they produce, what vegetation that people eat, that animals eat. And those animals group benefits from the people.

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So what unit zero communism is for many descends down from the sky, as baboons is the means of risk.

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Secondly, this was also understood as the decree of this, that he makes a decree up there and he sends that decree down. So whatever it is, is meant for you, it reaches you.

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So even if there is a morsel of food, that is to go into your mouth, it will go into your mouth, it will not go in any other person's mouth.

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And sometimes it's amazing that food is poured for one person. It's sitting there not eating, for whatever reason, and somebody else ends up eating. It was never meant to be their risk.

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So when you come in a summer it is when I let go in the money and none remembers none reflects none takes a lesson except for who? The one who returns the one who returns to Allah soprano.

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The one who constantly returns to Allah. He's constantly

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constantly seeking His forgiveness, performing good deeds He is the one who will take a lesson from all of the signs around him.

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Further Aloha. So invoke Allah meclizine Allahu Deen being sincere to him in religion, whatever carry healthcare fuel, although the disbelievers dislike Allah alone is the one who shows you all of the signs, and he shows to you that he is the only one worthy of worship. So when you realize that then further Allaha Muslim clean and odd than worship Allah call upon him make the art to him, how making sincere

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what your worship. A Dean over here gives meaning of worship everybody. So when you worship Allah, how should you worship as Muslims sincerely free from any idolatry while okarito Cafiero even if the disbelievers dislike it, even if they don't like the fact that you worship Allah alone, still, what do you have to do? worship Allah alone,

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even if other people don't like it. And you see over here, it's mentioned that call upon Allah meclizine and a hoodie call upon your Lord devoting your worship purity to him free from any ship, do not call on anyone other than Him, invoke him alone. And we see that there are some there are some as God, in which we're not really asking for anything, but all that we're mentioning is the the heat of them. Like for example, La ilaha illAllah, hula, hula, surely Kala la Holman cola Hall handwara coalition, what is this mentioning that the hate of Allah? This is part of further la meclizine in a hoodie and even when the person is making their own, how should you make the law? How

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should you make sincerely and calling upon Him alone and mentioning history? La Ilaha. illa Anta super Hanukkah, in the continental Parliament mentioned that Oh, he mentioned that oh hate, because this is what Allah tells us further lava meclizine Allah who de make your worship sincerity for him.

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raffia de la gente he is exalted, above all degrees are Fira de la gente or he is high in his ranks. Who? Allah subhanaw taala

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what a hero is from the room fetters, Rafa.

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Rafa What does it mean? To raise to elevate and the word love fear what kind of a noun is it? Isn't cipher. And remember, it's some cipher sometimes it gives the meaning of foreign and other times it gives meaning of my rule and sometimes it gives me enough both and sometimes it gives me enough man.

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So let's hear over here is understood as First of all, Lafayette meaning one who exalts, Exalted,

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one who exalts. So he is one who exalts at the project the ranks. Well, the fear is also understood as metaphor, meaning one whose attributes are exalted, high, lofty, sublime. So first of all, the one who raises ranks of who

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have who have his righteous servants of his believing servants. So, for example, the people in paradise Allah will elevate their ranks because he is sort of fear diligent. Okay.

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Secondly, raw fear, meaning he is high, Exalted, in his garage, meaning his high, Exalted, sublime in his attributes. So all of his attributes, all of his names, how are they a lien they are great, they're majestic, far above any imperfection, far above any resemblance to any creation. raffia or Dada jet.

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There are she he is the Owner of the Throne, Lord of the Throne and the throne. That itself is so great. So imagine how great is the owner, you'll kill her. He casts the Root Mean Emory, he at his command, Allah mania shadowman. Everybody upon whomever He wills of his servants, you will have a rule has many meanings. The word rule is used in many ways in the Quran,

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is used for spirit, right? So it's also used for revelation.

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Like for example, we learn universal Mullah ekata ruhi memory, that he sends down the angels with the roof of his command roof over their means revelation inspiration, okay, so let them know number two. So root means revelation. Guru has also used for Quran

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is also used for gibreel nazara be here

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rueful I mean, sort of the Sharla I went 92 to 195. Ya know who the 10 00 Blimey miserable. I mean, I know kobika with akuna Minal Wednesday. So you can he casts the

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min Omri at his command on me a shadow man, everybody, what does it mean? That he sends debri? He sends revelation.

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And when does he send at his command? This inspiration this wire he, the angel comes down at his command, at the command of Allah subhanaw taala. And who does he send the revelation to me, you shot him and everybody, whoever he will have his servants. So for example, the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and what's the purpose of sending revelation of sending this angel Jubilee? Why? Or what's the purpose of sending this revelation to the messenger? Leandra yo metalla, so that he can warn of the day of meeting?

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This is the purpose warn people about what the day of meeting Allah, Who is so exalted, he is the Owner of the Throne. He doesn't need the worship of his people, but still out of his mercy. What does he do? He sends revelation upon whomever He wills of his servants, so that the people can be warned against the day, which day, the day of meeting the day of encounter at 10 o'clock, this is not

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the one with the thought. What does that mean? Divorce? Okay, this is dealt with attack.

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And the law. This is a monster from the root letters land off here. Lucky What does lucky I mean to me, and the law is actually de la ke.

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is actually the law P.

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And what's the wasn't? Can you guess?

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The law P

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is actually about the federal. But you see if you have a Yeah, at the end, how will you say Salah, coochie, COO, coo. That's difficult to pronounce right. So de la qui turns into de la ke Ancelotti, then the year is removed like as a case with many other words that end with a Yeah, you just simply remove the yet and you put across writing. So tala and de la ke, but the federal What does it show?

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mutual action, right? There's more than one person. So the law key is mutual liquor, when people encounter one another, to come face to face with one another. So yo metalla is the day of meeting that they have encountered the Day of Gathering the day of coming together, the day of HTML. So on that day, the day of judgment, who will meet Who?

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What meetings will take place.

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First of all, there's the meeting with Allah.

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Then, if you think about it, on that day, the soul will meet the body.

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For some, after 1000s of years, millions of years.

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Finally, eventually the soul will meet the body it will be reunited with the body. Then similarly, it's called the omotola. Because on that day, people will also meet one another. Different types of people will meet will meet others.

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Like for example, rollin will meet Muslim, the one who was unjust, he will meet who the one who meet oppressed,

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those who are oppressed, they will meet to those who oppress them.

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People who had been separated for a very long time, they will meet one another in dystonia, sometimes what happens? A person from your family, they're lost. You don't know where they are, if they're dead, they're alive. They're in this country, they're another country, they're safe. Where are they what's going on with them, you have no idea you've lost them. And many times the family members they will search for them for years and years, but eventually they give up hope.

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So when will they meet them? When will they find them on the Day of Judgment. Similarly, people will also meet their prophets, their messengers, the messengers will meet their nations.

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Like for example, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he will meet who the people of this oma not just as a habit, but also those who came after him, how the data held at the health closer, when he will have the water people will be coming to drink and he will be giving them himself so they will meet. So it's a meeting with the prophets as well. Similarly, believers will meet one another, people have one oma will meet the people of another oma.

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So that is so and so. And that is so and so. You don't want to laugh. It's the day of meetings, The Day of Gathering

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similarity in dystonia.

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happens a criminal, he has done something wrong and he is escaped, nowhere to be found. But sometimes people are so persistent that they don't stop and they find the criminal after even 20 years, 30 years yesterday on the news, I was reading someone in the 1960s 1970s he was imprisoned somewhere in the US and he broke through the prison. And he ended up on a plane and he hijacked the plane and landed up in Algeria. And then he was found somewhere in Europe after so many years and in 1970, he escaped. Now, they found him they caught him. So, many times it happens that people they escape, and they are not caught in the dunya. But they will be caught in the hereafter. Yama, tala,

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because it's the day of meeting,

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there are no missing persons then every person will be found every person will be identified. Yama, tala. Similarly it's called Yama, tala. Because it's the day when the semi wet will encounter the out.

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The semi wet will encounter the those who are in the heavens in the skies, like the angels, they will meet to the people, the people will meet to the angels they will see them. Similarly the music he will encounter, who the one whom he worshiped,

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whether it was a dead saint, or it was you know, a person from the past, whoever he will meet the one whom you worship, and each person, what will he encounter, he will encounter the record of his deeds.

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He will meet justice, he will meet his end, he will meet his recompense whether good or evil. So Li Yun de la yom at Allah.

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Allah has sent revelation so that people can be warned against the Day of Gathering the day of encounter, the day of meeting the day when they will meet Allah, the day when they will meet their end the day when they will meet their prophet. Think about it. When you meet someone. Don't you want to be in a good state?

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Don't you want to be in a good state? Of course you do in the best state. Now just imagine a loss of panel data has sent this revelations that people can be warned why one so that they can prepare for that day of encounter?

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That's the day when we meet the Messenger of Allah. That's the day when we meet Allah. Think about it. How do we want to be in what state in a state when we are observers of the Sunnah? Are those who neglect the Sunnah.

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In a state when we have been following the commands of Allah or we have been neglecting them, in a state when we have been turning to Allah or turning away from him, in what state do we want to meet Allah? In what state do we want to meet our record of deeds? Allah has sent this warning so that we can prepare for that day for Yama, tala.

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Because it's not a small day, it's not an ordinary day. yoma homebodies una the day they will come forth very soon. Bella is a ruse to come to view to emerge. All people will exit from their graves and all people will be visible. No one will be able to hike.

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It's the day of encounter no person will be able to hide your home very soon. And very soon also because people will come and accompany alone by themselves without any clothes on their bodies. The men uncircumcised northshield covering them no issue protecting them. The oma homebodies hoon. A person cannot hide. He cannot hide anything either. layer for I don't know him in home shape.

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Nothing concerning them will be concealed from Allah layer for Allah nothing will be hidden from Allah main home concerning them shaken anything at all.

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If you think about it, nothing is hidden from Allah anyway.

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But on that day, everything will be even more exposed and a person will not be able to hide anything at all. So earlier on I have five Allah tells us in the La La affair la you shake on for only one episode. Allah nothing is hidden from him neither in the earth nor in the sky. layer as it were on him his photo that led into some IoT will fill up so the server is that not absent from him is an atom's wait within the heavens or within the earth. What a US lumens elica wanna awkward? Nothing smaller or greater than that?

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So to have 18, Yama, internal Luna, lotta famine coffea the day you will be exhibited for judgment, not hidden among you is anything concealed.

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Lay off and allow him in whom shade people will not be able to hide anything from Allah. And it will be asked limonene will call you Allah will question to Whom belongs the kingdom

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The Kingdom the authority, the sovereignty today.

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To whom does it belong to? The responses, Linda

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to Allah, the One, the one who is supreme, the one who overpowers Allah had alcohol. His is the absolute sovereignty on that day because he is the Maliki unity.

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He will have complete authority on that day, and he will have the right to make decisions Lehman and Merkel young lilla hahahahaha. From the Hadees we learned that Allah will ask Anil Malik, energy Bell and then with Taco Bell aina monocle nlg Bell Boone Anan Mota kabiru that I am the Malik I am the king. I am the Jabbar the compeller I am the makabe Anan moluccas of where are the kings of the earth, where the jabaal of the earth and where the Moto capital where the arrogant once limonene will kill young lilla Hilda

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aluma, this day to Judah colon of sin, every soul will be recompensed with what VENA cassava for what it had earned, for what it had acquired, every person will be given the recompense for the deeds that it acquired level milliohm and there is no injustice on this day. In the law city or Indeed Allah is swift in taking vehicle.

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There is no injustice on that day, no reduction of reward and no increase in punishment for someone who does not deserve nobody in the last city or herself and Allah He is swift in taking the account. We might think that oh 1000s and 1000s millions billions of people, how would the logic the account of all of those he can very easily and once he will begin he will conclude very quickly because Allah is sitting here he is swift

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and from Hades we learn that it will take only the span of half a day.

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Just half a day within half of a day. Allah subhanaw taala will conclude the judgment of all people because he's swift in

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to the

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blue Bina

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coffee on

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Leo moto Jessa

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and warn them of the approaching day. The Day of Judgment is also known as Yeoman as if a from the root letters Hamza zafer. As means called to be near to come close to approach and as if a is in foreign is one that is very near one that is very close.

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For which little time is left.

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Definitely coming. It's on its way and it's approaching well under homeo mal as if it warned them against the impending day. Warn them against the day that is approaching. It will kulu Buddha that

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when the heart will be up to the throats and hanergy florala Hendra throat

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Why will the hearts be up to the throat near the throat? Because this is what happens to a person when he's in a state of extreme fear.

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He feels as though his heart is going to come out. He's choking with anguish. It literally reaches up to the 100 Kelvin Nina, ones that are choking with grief. Kelly mean Florida Kelvin and who is calling one who is suppressing his grief. One who is suppressing his fear, his anxiety in his heart. He's not showing it. He's trying not to show it. But there's only a point until which a person can keep it inside. Eventually what happens?

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eventually what happens? It comes on the face. It comes out in the words so Kelly mean, ones that are choking, choking With what? With suppressed anxiety, suppressed fear, suppressed grief, murlidhar, aluminium and ham even for the wrong doors. There is no intimate friend, when I show here in Utah, nor any intercessor who is to be obeyed. This shows the helplessness of people. The day is approaching. There is no avoiding it. There is no turning away from it. There is no running away from it. You cannot stop time. You cannot delay the coming of the Day of Judgment. No, it's coming. It's imminent. It's definitely on its way. And that is very serious. That because of its horrors,

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out of fear, people's hearts will be reaching up to their thoughts.

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And Kelly mean, they'll be trying to suppress their fear, anxiety, their grief inside their hearts and for the wrongdoers. There are no helpers know how many homies a friend who is extremely close to you. And ham is to make something hot. Honey was also used for boiling hot water. So honey is an intimate friend, a close friend, who boiled in his love and concern for his friend when he sees him in difficulty.

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When he sees his friend in difficulty, what happens he boils up in his love in his concern in his way. And he has to do something for him. But what do we learn? manually mean him and her mean for a person who was done when no one will feel anything free?

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No one will feel bad for him. No one will feel sad for him man is really mean him and her mean, you will have no sympathizer.

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No one who loves him. No one who is concerned about him. When I shaffir in a notion of fear even no intercessor even who has to be obeyed.

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What does it mean by this? Well, I share fear and you know shaffir who is to be obeyed in respect of his intercession? That first of all, no one will intercede for him.

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And if anyone does intercede for the wrongdoer, even will that intercession be accepted? No, well, I shaffir in Utah, no shaffir who is to be obeyed, who's Jafar is to be accepted, because for sure fire to be accepted, there are two conditions one of them is that the person Allah should have approved that shutdown may be done for him. But for him, no one will be allowed to do shiphrah and if Shiva is done, it will not be accepted.

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Yana Maha in a unique he knows that which deceives the eyes what not to do and what the breasts conceal.

00:28:56--> 00:28:59

Allah, He knows fully about his people

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inside out the treachery of the eyes, and also what the hearts conceal. So when he is fully aware of his servants, his judgment concerning them is just

00:29:11--> 00:29:27

do things are mentioned over here that he knows the hot inner of the hyena is from their own practice Hall well known piano and piano is deceit, treachery to deceive someone. And hyena is understood as it's a must have

00:29:28--> 00:29:41

given the meaning of piano just like the word or Arqiva for ala carte in a both are Muslim. They don't give the meaning of Farrell meaning one who is doing the action, but they give the meaning of Muslim.

00:29:42--> 00:29:53

So hyena is what treachery, betrayal, deceit. He knows the deceit, the deception of the eyes, the treachery of the eyes.

00:29:54--> 00:29:58

What is the deceit of the eyes? What is it

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Looking at something which a person should not be looking at? And how can a person look at something that he should not be looking at through piano only? That he's showing to the other that Oh, no, I'm not looking at anything. I'm just looking at my hands. But in reality, what are they looking at somebody else's test paper.

00:30:17--> 00:30:49

They're not supposed to be looking at somebody else's email. They're pretending that they're just looking beyond the computer beyond the screen, but they're looking at the computer screen, reading off their emails. This is piano, treachery. treachery of the eyes even which is so subtle, which other people don't even realize. people sitting next to you don't even figure out that you read the text message on their phone. People in the same Hall people in the same room perhaps cannot figure out that you were cheating in the test. You are cheating on the assignment.

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But who knows? Allah knows your aloha Aryan and Fianna is to look at something that you should not be looking at the end of the eyes is one, that a person looks at something he has to glance at something that he should not be looking at. Something hold on for him to look at something prohibited for him to look at. So for example, a lustful gaze or a non Muslim

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people don't know.

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They have no idea but Allah knows. Yeah, Allah Maha.

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The teacher might think that this is the assignment that you did yourself. But Allah knows that treachery of eyes was used to copy up somebody else's answers onto yours right on my nose. So your animal hyenas, Aryan and hyena is also understood as is some foreign meaning one that does Fianna

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and what is that? Which deceives the eyes how are you? That which deceives the eyes? This is the second glance.

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Because it deceives the eyes in the sense that you look at something, you realize, Oh, I'm not supposed to look at it, you turn away. But if a person looks again, if a person looks again, that this is what something that is deceiving the eyes, right? The eyes are deceived.

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That it's okay doesn't matter. So the second glance is what how in Italian because remember that the first glance is forgiven. If a person by mistake looks at something that is wrong, by mistake, it's forgiven. But when a person looks another time that is not forgiven. Yeah, Allah Maha are unique. Even if nobody finds out, Allah knows what to do, and what the hearts conceal what the breasts conceal.

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Because the eyes, they're like the window to the heart. Right? What you see goes into your heart, nobody found out you saw something. You saw something you've captured in your heart. Right? You knew the answer, you got to know about the answer, but Allah knows what metaphysical dude.

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So a person should be worried he should be concerned about what he looks at, and what he stores in his heart as well. Because Allah knows, and he will hold accountable This is why we should make that throughout that along with me when and where I'm at even at yet, when he sent me look at it. Why even a piano and protect my eyes from piano because the treachery of the eyes is so subtle, so tempting, so tempting, because nobody will find out. But Allah knows about it, why not? Do it? Well, luckily, we'll have an ally judges with the truth. Why? Because he is our lead. He knows even the treachery of the eyes, the betrayal of the eyes, his knowledge is so complete, it is so perfect. So

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therefore his decision, it is with the truth meaning it is just one Latina, their own M and duni. And those who invoke other than Him, those who they call upon besides Allah layer, Kaduna, vishay, the idols the false gods, when people worship, what do they decide? How do they judge by nothing? Because they have no knowledge. Allah who is on knowing his decision, just an idol, false god, knowledge, limited, or knowledge? Zero. So they don't have a they do not decree by any means at all. They don't decree anything. And even if they do make a decree, even if they do pass a judgement, does it have any worth? Does it have any effect No. in the law, who SME robustly Indeed Allah He is

00:34:30--> 00:34:54

severe and he is mostly therefore a person should be fearful of Allah because Allah is hearing him. Allah is watching him. I want me to fill out Have they not traveled through the land for yonder okay for Kanaka to Latina can woman cobbly him and observed how is the end of those who were before the have the not travelled through the earth and seeing the end of those people who came before

00:34:55--> 00:34:58

the people of the past when they around when they did

00:34:59--> 00:34:59

whatever type

00:35:00--> 00:35:04

of treachery. They're committed that Allah not punish them? Of course he did.

00:35:05--> 00:35:46

So have you not seen the end of the people of the past? And if you compare yourself to people of the past Ghana, who ushered them in home quwata, the people of the past were stronger than them more intense than them in Cuba in might. The people have the password much stronger. How? in their physical mind where they're not stronger, where they're not stronger, they were so much more powerful. Because only if they were extremely powerful, extremely strong, then could they build things like pyramids? Great, lofty structures? Only then could they carve out houses in Rocky Mountains? That's not easy.

00:35:47--> 00:36:25

carving a rock is so difficult carving a whole house in a mountain. It's extremely difficult. So can I shed them in Hong quwata? They were mightier than them? What I thought I'd fill out and also in their traces in the earth, meaning they were more intense, more shady than the present people at South Florida, I thought, what does it mean? the remnant, the trace the mark the effect, the result? that stays while a person has gone to the people of the past, they're gone. But they're us out, they remain till today, isn't it?

00:36:26--> 00:36:32

Like for example, their monuments, their buildings, their houses, there are

00:36:33--> 00:36:54

so many things they made, and the other is still there today. But we see that the homeowner will be doing it will be him but Allah sees them because of their sins. When Canada home in a law him and work and they had not besides a law against Allah, any one who could save them, anyone who could guard them, anyone who could protect them.

00:36:56--> 00:36:57

So in this is a severe warning.

00:36:59--> 00:37:07

That when people commit injustice, when people commit crimes, then the punishment of Allah is inevitable.

00:37:08--> 00:37:11

And the punishment of Allah does not spare them.

00:37:12--> 00:37:18

No matter how strong they are, no matter how mighty they are, they could be extremely strong, but still,

00:37:19--> 00:37:22

when the punishment of a law comes, people are nothing.

00:37:23--> 00:37:44

They could be unknown, that was because they can attest to him was sort of humbled by their messengers used to come to them with clear evidences, but what was their reaction? Fuck a photo, but they disbelieved. So as a result for the home Allah, Allah sees them. In a way you should either cop indeed he is powerful and Severe in punishment.

00:37:46--> 00:37:55

Allah is powerful, he is all able to bring about the punishment and when he brings about the punishment, he is should either a call to a person should be fearful of him.

00:37:56--> 00:38:01

Even if no person finds out about the wrongs that we have done, Allah knows.

00:38:02--> 00:38:03

Nobody finds out.

00:38:05--> 00:38:20

People forget, but Allah still knows he can bring about retribution, Indonesia and definitely there is yom with Allah, when a person will meet his and when a person will meet recompense, the recompense that he deserves

00:39:12--> 00:39:13

to fill out

00:39:17--> 00:39:18

to levena can

00:39:21--> 00:39:22


00:39:27--> 00:39:28


00:39:53--> 00:39:54

Are we

00:39:55--> 00:39:56


00:40:00--> 00:40:37

Hi, Natalie, are you and one is that a person is deceiving his own eyes with a second glance, or he's trying to deceive others with his glance, but the other is that you are trying to deceive the other person's eyes that you're showing something else, but you're doing something else. A person thinks you are busy studying, reading, doing your homework, but in reality chatting is going on. A person thinks you're talking to your brother, in fact, you're talking to somebody else. A person thinks they've dropped them at school and they're going to school but in reality, they go elsewhere. So you're deceiving somebody else's eyes, a lot knows even about that. And you see again and again

00:40:37--> 00:41:07

in this order, we learn about the punishment right in the hookah, we should either recall, and at the beginning also should either a cop was mentioned. Yes, Allah is Forgiving, he accepts repentance, but at the same time, his punishment is also very severe. So a person should remain between hope and fear, hopeful of the mercy of Allah. seeking His forgiveness. A person realizes he's done something wrong, turning to him immediately, and at the same time fearing the punishment as well.

00:41:09--> 00:41:16

It's a practical locomobi harmonica. I showed you a la ilaha illa Anta, a stockbroker when wanted to be like a salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.