Fahm Al-Quran – 30C Al Buruj Al Fajr

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Juz’ 30: An-Naba’ – An-Nas

Al-Buruj – Al-Fajr

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Rahim In the Name of Allah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful was summer either till boo rouge by the sky containing great stars and by the promised day and by the witness and what is witnessed that cursed were the companions of the trench. Which trench containing the fire fall off you Who are these people when they were sitting near it near these trenches filled with fire, and they do what they were doing against the believers were witnesses, meaning these trenches filled with fire. They were throwing believers into them. The entire society was behind this crime. This was a genocide. We learned that some people they believed in restart his salon. This is an incident

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that happened after he started listening before Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So the people who believed in restart his sentiment, his teachings, the king of that time forced them to renounce their religion and threaten them that if you do not do so, then here are these trenches that are filled with fuel. If you do not renounce your religion, then you will be thrown into these trenches, you will be burned alive, you'll be thrown into fire. And that is what he did. When people refuse to give up their faith. They were thrown into the fire in how these we learned that it is unfortunate that a woman with a baby was also given the choice, give up your faith, or you're going to be thrown

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into the fire. So she was hesitant over there, and her child spoke her baby spoke telling her mother, do not give up your faith, choose fire over the faith. And that's what she did. And this happens all the time, unless as they resented them not except because they believed in Allah, the Exalted in mind, the Praiseworthy, today also there are many people who are persecuted simply because what they believe in Allah, they choose Islam as the religion, perhaps they're not thrown into ditches or fire but fire is bombarded on them, it is thrown on them. And the prophets of the laws and and prepared us for this, he said a time will come when holding on to email will be like

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holding a burning Ember, like a burning coal piece of coal. Just imagine if there is a piece of coal on your hand, it will burn as long as you have it on your hand, just like that a time will come when as long as you're Muslim, as long as you believe in Allah, you will be persecuted and you'll be tortured. So what are you going to do to avoid that persecution? Give up your Islam? No, you're not going to give it up. Those who are intelligent, save their email at every cost. They don't sell their faith for a few times in this world. Why? Because they know that Allah is the one to whom belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth. And Allah over all things is witness. Indeed,

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those who have tortured the believing men and believing women, and then have not repented, will have the punishment of hell. And they will have the punishment of the burning fire because they burnt others, they persecuted others, so for them as burning and persecution as well unless they repent. Indeed, those who have believed and done righteous deeds, they will have gardens beneath which rivers flow that is the great attainment. Indeed, the vengeance of your Lord is severe. Indeed, it is he who originates creation and repeats

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And he is the Forgiving the affectionate, honorable Owner of the Throne effector of what he intends The one who can do anything he pleases. Here, a beautiful name of Allah is mentioned. Allah dude, the one who loves the loving one, he loves his servants. He is the owner of the great tone, the skies and the earth belong to Him. Everything is his, and yet he loves his servants, those who worship Him, those who happily and rarely obey Him, those who prefer him over others, those who sacrifice for his sake, Allah loves them. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, When Allah loves a servant, he calls gibreel. And he tells him, I love the servant of mine, so you also love

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him. So Jubilee loves him, and mentioned him amongst the carriers of the throne. And they also love him and the dwellers of the seven sky, hear of him, so they to love him than the dwellers of the next guy. And the next one, they all hear of him, and they also begin to love him until he is known in the sky of the world, and he is loved over there. And love for Him then falls it descends in the earth too. So the dwellers of the earth love him, too. You see, when a person obeys Allah, in ease and a difficulty, when he controls his knifes, and prefers Allah over himself, then Allah will also love him.

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When a person will surrender himself to Allah, when we will make ourselves for Allah, when we will dedicate our lives for Allah, when we give ourselves to Allah, then he will also love us. So this should be our or Allah love me too.

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Oh Allah love me. Hell attacca diesel jeenode has the reach to the stories of the soldiers. Those are fit our own and samode but they who disbelieve are in persistent denial, while Allah encompasses them from behind meaning denying the Quran does not make any difference at all. But this is an honor Koran inscribed in a preserved tablets Bismillahirrahmanirrahim pseudo Tarik was evil

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and masa cabe by the sky and the night calmer meaning the one that comes in the night and what can make you know, what is the night comer? It is the piercing star, there is no soul, but that it has over it a protector. So that man observe from what he was created just observe your body what all is inside it?

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Have you ever studied human anatomy, biology? What happens when you take a course like that you think maybe I should drop out? There is too many things to remember too many complicated words to memorize too many things that we cannot even understand. This is our body and what is it that we have come to know of our bodies hardly anything. Unless is fairly young girl in Sonoma mahalik. You want to be amazed. Just look at your own body, clinical Mima in the field. He was created from a fluid that was ejected emerging from between the backbone and the ribs. Indeed Allah to return him to life is able the day when secrets will be put on trial, then man will have no power or any helper

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by the sky which returns rain and by the earth which cracks open. Indeed the Quran is a decisive statement. And it is not amusement. Indeed they are planning a plan but I am planning a plan. So allow time for the disbelievers. Leave them a while meeting today in this world, all those who are planning to defeat and lower and debase their religion of Allah. Allah knows exactly what they're doing, what their plots are, and soon their plots are going to turn against them. pseudo Arla, this is Miller you.

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Surah Allah

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Until the last year. These are two students that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam recited very frequently together. In both read prayers, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would recite these two sutras even in gmrs Allah, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would recite these two solos. So we should also memorize them and read them in our prayers. Even our best although aren't who said that when the prophet SAW the loss and recited the first I said because not because Allah, he would say Subhana Allah bl.

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So we should also do the same sebaceous model because our Allah all you listens, exalt the name of your Lord, the Most High and Lady Hanukkah Sawa. The one who created and proportioned. He created everything. Everyone in a very balanced fashion. One lady, her daughter, Heather, and the one who destined and then guided and the one who brings out the pasture and then makes a black stubble. We will make you recite, oh Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and you will not forget except what Allah should will. Because Allah can do whatever he wants for He is Allah. Indeed, he knows what is declared and what is hidden. When we assume Cordelia tsra and we will ease you toward ease, because

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this Deen is all ease. You see, life is not easy. When we think about ease of Deen, we think oh, prayer should be so easy for me. Fasting should be so easy for me. I shouldn't feel hungry and thirsty. When I go for pm it should be so easy for me. And since I don't find it easy, it hurts my back. It hurts my legs. I think I'm gonna skip tonight. This is what we think is should be. The thing is that the pain is easy in the sense that it is doable. It is practical. It is possible. Yes, there will be challenges. There will be hardships along the way. But remember that life is not free of hardship. Even when you're eating? Don't you have to go through the hardship of chewing your

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food? Don't you have to do that? When you want to dress up? Don't you have to go through the hardship of getting your clothes ready and then getting yourself ready? Don't you have to do that? You do because this is life. This is dunya it is gender where a person won't even have to put his gold and silver on. Now it will be put on the people agenda. It is gender where a person will just wish to have something to drink and the poor investor will just appear in his hand. This is Jenna. Right now. Where are we in this world? And what are we preparing for? For agenda? That is our goal. So remember, when we acetylcholine Yusra? Yes When a person follows the dean, when a person learns

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the dean, then he asked there's some difficulty, but ultimately there will be ease. Ultimately there will be ease because this Dean relieves us of the greatest difficulty. And what is that greatest difficulty of the era for the kid in authority, the server mind if the reminder should benefit because everyone does not benefit from the reminder. Everyone doesn't. Allah says in the heart of the clock, if the reminder should benefit, say as the Colonel miasha. So who will benefit? He who fears a lot will be reminded he will accept. So what is the sign of fearing Allah?

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What is the sign that a person truly fears Allah? Look at this I say that Kuru Moksha Moksha The one who fears What will he do? Say that he will take a lesson he will change himself. He will accept the advice, the reminder, but the wretched one will avoid it. He who will enter and burn in the greatest fire, neither dying, daring nor living. Other f la Hammond does aka he has certainly succeeded who purifies himself. You see every person makes mistakes. But Allah has also opened ways for purification. And it's only our Deen that really shows us these ways that a person when he adopts this new way of life, he repents from his sins, whatever mistakes and sins were committed in the

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past, he abandons them, and then he decides that he's going to obey Allah. This is what does occur. Allah says he's successful with a Cosmo OBE for salah and he mentioned the name of his Lord and he prays also, again the remembering Allah and then he prays also establishes the prayer. What kind of prayer consistent, proper regular, this is the path to success, who is successful these if they show to us or the athlete? Firstly, mentors aka skier secondly, whether charisma rugby he does this

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He remembers the name of his Lord. And thirdly, for son law, he also praised Allah. Is it very difficult to do these things? Is it very difficult? Where's the difficulty? It's in the heart, the knifes once a person controls that, then success is not difficult. Both Cyrano de dunia but why is it that a person doesn't do these things? What prevents us from the what prevents us from Allah? Allah says you prefer the worldly life? While

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while the Hereafter is better and more enduring? How many days will you have fun here? How many days will you mess around? For? How many days will you amuse yourself and pleasure yourself? How many times will you cross a loss limits, eventually the Angel of Death is going to come we have to go well as zero to hero abaco where we run where we we hide when the Angel of Death comes before us when

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this life is only for a few days short lived. And because of this life, we should not compromise our Acura in LFSR. Lola Sophie Ibrahima Moosa. Indeed this is in the former scriptures, the scriptures of Ibrahim and Musa

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Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem surah to LA Shia hella Taka ha de Silva Shia, would you eat in kashira Amina to Armiliato NASA does learn on how to storm in Iranian Nia has the reach to the report of the overwhelming the event which will be overwhelming. Which calamity is this? Which disaster is this that will take over the entire creation. It's the day of judgment, some faces that they will be humbled, working hard and exhausted, meaning they will appear to be of those people who have been working really, really hard, and they will come exhausted. But where will they end up they will enter to burn in an intensely hot fire coming on the Day of Judgment tired and exhausted, but being

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thrown in hellfire. This is why somebody wants to call a Christian monk who was working so hard, so hard to worship to practices monasticism. And this Muslim when he saw him he wept, he cried, said, look at this man working so hard, so hard. But where's he gonna end up if he continues like this? Just think about it every day Alhamdulillah we're fasting and Alhamdulillah we're praying in the night. And I haven't done a lot. We're trying really hard. We're trying really hard. What do we want that at the end? This effort pays off. We don't want to be of those people who go on the Day of Judgment exhausted, but their efforts are worthless. So here we need to check ourselves that Where

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are my efforts leading me to? What are my efforts leading me to? Will they be acceptable to Allah subhanaw taala? Are they approved by Allah? Are these actions that Allah likes?

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Or is it that I am just exhausting myself over this world, and I'm wasting this precious time that Allah has given me. They will be given drink from a boiling spring. For them they will be no food, except from a poisonous thorny plant, which neither nourishes nor avails against hunger, but other faces that day will show pleasure. They will show pleasure nerima Lisa, hi, Rob Leah. With their efforts, they're satisfied. Meaning they will have to come on the Day of Judgment with a whole lot of work with a whole lot of effort. But they will be satisfied and happy with the efforts that they made in their lives. Why? Because those efforts will be accepted by a law. Here we need to see that

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really, what deed is it that I am performing with this hope that Allah will like it? That on the Day of Judgment, I can say I'm happy with what I accomplished. I am happy with what I strove for. Which Salah is that which rubberband? Is that going to be

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with what's otherwise not going to be? Which recitation of Quran is that going to be visiting the sacred helping and serving people sacrificing and striving for the deen of Allah bearing any hardship for the sake of Allah? Which effort? Is that going to be about which we're going to say? Yes, I'm happy with this. Lisa haldia feagin nuttin Alia in an elevated garden, let the smart roofie Hallelujah, wherein they will hear no unsuitable speech. You see

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We, especially as women, we spend so much of our time and so much of our energies pleasing others, bringing happiness to other people even as girls unmade growth more is expected from them. I mean, this is just how it is more is expected from them. So we need to think that we try so hard to please our parents, our husbands, our children, our in laws, whoever it may be, we try so hard. What am I doing to please my Lord?

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What am I doing? Just for him?

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Yes, I can say Allah, I did this for you. And only you not for anybody else. And I worked super hard. I did my best because I wanted you to be happy with me. Please sorry Harada such people will be in an elevated garden where you will hear no annoying sound fee her I don't jharia within it is a flowing spring within it are couches raised high and cops put in place and cushions lined up and carpet spread around. Then do they not look at the camels how they are created. And at the sky, how it is raised and at the mountains how they are set up and at the earth how it is spread out. Look at the ground that you walk upon that you sit on let your feeder on for the kid in Tomodachi so remind

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you are only a reminder you are not over them a controller. However, he who turns away and disbelieves then our level of punishing with the greatest punishment in Elena iava home indeed to us is their return some in Alena hisa home, then indeed upon us is their account, Allah who will call us to account along Maha sybrina his server you see zero

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sutra to refresh Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

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while I was shuffling one What? One lady either, yes, by the dawn. And by the 10 nights These are 10 nights, the first 10 days and nights of the hedger and by the even number and the odd because each night is either odd or even an anomaly. Especially we pay attention to that one lady either yes. And by the night when it passes, because eventually, every single night passes. All these things are signs. Allah says what I had to learn more late. The night is assigned for them the passing of each night. What does it show with each passing night so many things change so many things happen? With the change of every date, some nights they're spent in the worship of Allah and other nights are

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spent in love LA. But each night as it travels as it goes either? Yes, it is a warning for us. A reminder of death, that just as each night passes, each life will also pass away. Each life will also pass away, my life will end your life will end healthy Malika Kasama lady hedge is there not in all that and oath sufficient for one of perception?

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And until okay for father of Boca biard Have you not considered how your Lord dealt with odd with Iran who had left two pillars the likes of whom had never been created in the land? And what's the mood who carved out the rocks in the valley and within our own owner of the stakes, all of whom are oppressed within the lens

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and increase there in the corruption meaning all of them were extremely arrogant. So your Lord poured upon them a scours of punishment he unleashed on them poured on them. So far the width of punishment in Rebecca Bellman Ford. Indeed, your Lord is an observation he's watching. He's watching us that when our time will end, and when we will return to Him for a meal in San Jose Ilana batalla hula boo, Rama, who wanna Amma who, for Allah be a common and as for men, when his Lord tests him, tries him and thus is generous to him and favors him. He says, My Lord has honored me. I'm so fortunate. But when he tries him and restricts His provision, he says, My Lord has humiliated me. He

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gets so upset with Allah, He says, Allah insulted me, he humiliated me by taking away my money, my power. Allah says, Allah, by Allah to criminality, no, but you do not honor the orphan, you do not treat him with respect. You want to be treated with respect, yet you do not have respect for the weak and you do not encourage one another to feed the poor. Over here we are being taught to Hakuna river the rights of the servants of Allah, Who are those people that we need to

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Look out for that we need to take care of your team orphans and then over here miskeen, what's coluna terasaki llama and you consume inheritance devouring it altogether, meaning you take the share of others also, and turn today. This is a huge problem in our own families. In our own families, you don't need to go far to see this crime. It's happening every single Muslim population, you will see this inheritance is not distributed correctly. And this is a sin. This is injustice. This has a severe consequence. What to hip, bone and mela have been jamaa and you love wealth with immense love. You are terribly, terribly in love with money. This is why so many sins are committed

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love For what? For money, it's a huge trial and a source of destruction for men also, because it is due to this money, the man becomes so stingy and it's because of this money that we commit so many sins also, we become selfish, we wanted anyway halaal around doesn't matter because of it in order to get it we hurt other people's feelings can either do cattle or do the conductor know when the earth has been leveled, pounded and crushed, founded and crushed and Where will your property go? Where will your money go? What will you try to save then? And your Lord has come and the angels rank upon rank and brought within view that day is hell? How will the Brock's so that people can see hell

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and hell will be brought by 4,900,000,000 angels. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said hell will be brought on the Day of Judgment with 70,000 brittles and 70,000 angels dragging each brittle that day, the oma eating after the insaan that day, man will remember but what good to him will be the remembrance meeting after seeing the punishment. What's the point? What's the use? Everyone who's willing to accept at gunpoint.

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So what's the point of accepting at that time? intelligent one is He who understands now he takes a lesson now, you have to yell at them to the hayati. He will say Oh, I wish I had sent ahead some good for my life. Because that is what real life is. For you may even learn you as the brother who had so on that day, none will punish as severely as his punishment and none will bind as severely as his binding of the evil tours. Yeah, a year to have enough soul martoma in on the other hand, to the righteous it will be sad Oh reassured soul. Ill Jerry a lot of Dickie all the model the return to your Lord, well pleased and pleasing to Him. You are happy with Allah, Allah is happy with you. For

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Holi theory buddy, enter among my righteous servants with holy generosity, and enter My Paradise. Here, the death of a content soul is described that how smoothly the soul departs and how nicely it is welcomed on the other side. Why? Because this is the day that the soul had been preparing for. This is the day that the soul this person had been waiting for, that this person was worried about all life long, about that moment of death.

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The Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, when the time of unbelievers departure from this world draws near, then angels descend to him from the sky, whose faces are as bright as if they were the sun. They bring with them the shroud of gender, and its fragrance also, they sit at the distance of his visions extent, then the Angel of Death comes and sits by his head and says, All satisfied so Oh happy person, come to Allah forgiveness and pleasure. It's time Let's go. So his soul exits the body, like a water drop drips out of a vessel, and the Angel of Death receives it, but in less than the blink of an eye. The other angels take the soul and cover him in the shroud and apply fragrance

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on him which they have brought and such fragrance emanates from his body like a whiff of musk fragrance smelled on Earth. They take his soul and ascend up to the heavens, but this is all for the soul that is

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multiply in the one who has intimate Nan Toma, Nina, the one who is pleased with Allah as Rob probably to be less

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rowdy to draw the to and when dealing with any problems in life, finding

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tenement in what? In the decree of Allah. Because Allah be decree law he taught me in little kulu This is why do not leave unless the in any state