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Juz’ 28: Al-Mujadilah – At-Tahrim


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is what you wanna feel.

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Minami la Vina

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Casa de Maria.

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surah toll Juma Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem you serve behold Illa Hema fsms what you wanna feel of Al Malik? loco Deuce, Allah zS al Hakim, whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth is exalting Allah, it is glorifying Allah. So what are you going to do? What are you going to do if everything if the table in front of you is glorifying Allah, you do not understand how but it is. Then what are you going to do? These sutras they all begin with u sub bihu, or sub Baja, unless the spear is mentioned and this group of sutras is known as most of behat.

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That everything in the heavens and the earth is exalting Allah mentioning his perfection because he is the Sovereign, the pure, the Exalted in Might the wise. So why should everything not exalt and praise Him? It is he who has sent among the unlettered people, a messenger from themselves, reciting to them his verses, and purifying them and teaching them the book and wisdom, although they were before in clear error. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sent for this purpose, which purpose to teach the book. And this work should continue after the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as well. Meaning Allah did not just send the Quran to people if you want, read it, if you

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want, leave it. No, he sent the Quran and he sent a messenger to teach people the Quran to ensure that they learn it, they recite it, they understand it, they hear it, this is prophetic work. This was the work of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So after him, this work must continue this work we must give importance to and we must make it a priority. Because without the book of Allah, what are people in what does this is a we're in can Omen Kabbalah field, Allah, Allah mubin. If the book of Allah is missing from the lives of people, then they would be in clear error. If they are not reciting the book. If they're not listening to the book, if they're not learning the book, if

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they're not learning hikma, if they're not being taught the book, then they would be in error, or a hurry, and to others meaning the prophets of Allah was not just sent to the people of his time, but to others of them, who have not yet joined them later generations of the Muslims, and he is the Exalted in Might the wise, that is the bounty of Allah, which he gives to whom He wills and Allah is the possessor of great bounty, meaning Koran in a person's life. What is that? It's a huge favor of Allah upon the servant,

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that his life is filled with the book of Allah, that in his life, he is attached to the

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Koran. The example of those who were entrusted with the law, and then did not take it on is like that of a donkey, who carries volumes of books. The people of the book, who were given the Torah, they were given the Scripture, they learnt it once, but they did not implement. Now, this book, what is it? It's a burden on them. Just as a donkey is carrying a burden of books, what does the donkey know what he's carrying? What does he know? Does he benefit from the books that he is carrying? Never, not at all. Maximum, what he can get is that because of the work that he's doing the work of transportation, you'll get some food maybe. But he's never going to be treated by respect, because

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after all, it is a donkey. Likewise, a person who has been given the Book of Allah, but he doesn't give respect to the book of Allah, then such a person will never receive respect, either. He will never ever receive respect either. Neither Indonesia, nor in Africa.

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So the person who has been given the book, but he's just carrying it as a book as a burden of book, it's not transforming him. It's not coming in his life, it's not changing the state of his heart, it's not transforming his actions, then this effort is useless. Remember, knowledge is for implementation, it is not for storage. It is not for storage, it is not something that needs to be stored in our email that needs to be stored in our hard drives, that needs to be stored in our houses, in our bookshelves, in books, on paper, no, or even in our brains. It is not something that just needs to be stored. Knowledge is for online. It is for action. And for action, then Kira is

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necessary munakata is necessary. Because remember, that it does not benefit a person whom Allah has given knowledge that he wastes himself. How is it that a person would waste himself that he has a book, but he doesn't use it? He has information, but he doesn't use it, he doesn't benefit from it. This is just like a person has been given money. But what does he do with that money? He just keeps it in his wallet. And then what happens? Eventually he loses the wallet and gone is the money. The money is in the bank. He never ever uses it gone useless. What uses that money, it's just a burden. What uses the goal that's just sitting in a bank, or that's just sitting in a locker, or just in a

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jewelry box? If a person doesn't wear it, you understand? something of value will only be valuable when it is used, and how is it used? And when a person is using it, then really he's taking benefit from it. If he's not using it, he is wasting it. And by wasting it he's not wasting anything but himself. Now how is it that a person can implement his knowledge because we are human beings and we forget the money tsunami was placed in the garden? And Allah told him very clearly, this is a tree the fruit of this tree is forbidden. But what happened that Adam really said I'm not forget, he forgot, even though Allah told him Allah told him, Adam forgot, even though there were so many

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halaal options, but Adam or they sent him forgot why because she thought it was after him. And Shannon is after every single one of us. Remember, once you know shaitan is more and more after you. This is why when you read Come on, what do you have to do? Rosa Villa him in a shape Pinilla Jean. So what is it that a person needs to do to ensure that this knowledge doesn't just become a burden? That we don't just become like donkeys carrying certificates, carrying books that are filled with notes. We don't want to be like people who have a lot of knowledge, but that knowledge is useless to them. Because this is the worst example Allah says bit sametha little Coleman Latina Canada will be

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a Attila. What a terrible example. This is wretched as example of the people who deny the signs of Allah. So we don't want to be of them. What should we do then? There are several things that we have to do. First of all, Muladhara revision, revision so a person does not forget. Meaning when a person learns a lesson learns a few if, then don't just put the book away. Know, review it, review what you have read, look at what you have read, review what you have written.

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Why? Because if you put it away, you'll forget it. You won't remember it and if you want to remember how we're going to implement it, how are we going to bring it into your life? And if it's not for the purpose of bringing into our lives, then it's a useless effort. Really it is. The Quran should be studied with the intention of reforming oneself, improving oneself. So the first thing is revision. Secondly, modaco that

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Person mentions it also he talks about it also with who, meaning, of course with oneself, but also with others. Because when you will share what you have, you will spread, you will spread the seeds of knowledge, you will spread the seeds of plan that you have. So what will happen? What you have little girl, and as it will grow, it will strengthen you, and you will strengthen others also, think about it. When you share something that you have learned with the people at home.

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Then, do they remind you? Of course they do. Children? Do they remind you? Yes, they do. If you remember the for the first juice, I'd asked you to write the I will kulula NASA has now on a piece of paper and put it somewhere so that you can remember to do that. I did it myself also. And I put it up on my fridge. And so many times it happens that when the children are fighting with each other, they point to it. And when they're pointing to it, then mom has to lower her voice and mom has to be careful about what she's saying. Right. And that has to do the same thing also, because each person is helping the other.

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But think about it, if we'll go to the NASA hosana is written nicely in my notes. And the notes are also very beautiful color coded font is beautiful. Everything is nice. What uses that? Isn't it then just a burden? Isn't it just a burden that it's a burden. It makes you feel so heavy, it makes you feel so heavy, heavy in your heart when you're not implementing what you're learning. So remember, it is not for storage, it is for implementation. And also another thing that a person needs to do in order to remember what he has learned is to act upon it because once you act upon it, then what happens? You have lived it once you have lived it, it's in your memory. Once it's in your memory

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inshallah you won't forget it will lovullo a little coma warning me. Allah does not guide the wrongdoing, people, those who do learn what is this room over here, learn against the book of Allah against keytab law. The Book of Allah is meant to be read and studied and understood and implemented. And those who don't give the half of the book, then such people are learning and Allah will not guide them, no matter how much information they're carrying on their backs. say, Oh, you who are Jews, if you claim that you are allies of Allah, excluding the other people, meaning Paradise is only for you then wish for death if you should be truthful. And just like that many

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Muslims think that doesn't matter what we do Paradise is for us. We don't need to read the Quran. We don't need to really look at our actions, Paradise is guaranteed for us. Well, then why don't you ask for death? Why are you so greedy for life? Allah says, but they will not wish for it ever, because of what their hands have put forth. When a person is doing something wrong. He knows even if he doesn't say even if he doesn't verbally acknowledge and Allah is Knowing of the wrongdoers saying, indeed the death from which you flee indeed, it will meet you, then you will be returned to the Knower of the unseen and the witnessed. And he will inform you about what you used to do. You

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see death as a reality, something that nobody can escape. And we don't like to remember that. Why? So that we can continue having fun, because thinking about death, imagining death, picturing that it is something that kills pleasures, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us to do that, that remember death, which is the destroyer of pleasures, but the fact is that just ignoring death, not thinking about it is not going to change reality. Death is coming, Allah says it is going to meet you. And the thing is that the greater issue the bigger issue is that death doesn't mean termination of existence, it means the beginning of eternal life. So how is it that a person can neglect death?

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It is something so serious, so serious, because after we die, eternity begins after we die, that is when we will be repaid recompense for what we have been doing. So how can a person neglect that? Remember that every day because the Angel of Death knows you and he's coming for you for each and every one of us, or you have believed when the other one is called for the prayer on the day of Juma meaning on Friday, then proceed to the remembrance of Allah and leave trade. This is specifically for men, because on men do more is why it is mandatory, that when you hear the other than then what is it that you have to do? Stop, drop and go to the mustard?

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Stop what you're doing, leave what you're doing, drop what's in your hand, everything, leave it whether there, stop it immediately. And go to the masjid that is better for you. If you only knew

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proceed to the remembrance of Allah. And what is the remembrance of Allah is it just the to to Dakar of Juma the remembrance of Allah This includes the hotel

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Before the solid out, because many times it happens that people go for jumar late deliberately, so they don't have to listen to the hotbar Allah says go on time that is better for you If you only knew. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Whoever takes a bath on Friday, and baits completely meaning properly, and goes early, and walks and does not write to the mask because and you see 100 love for parking issues at Masjid Alhamdulillah. Because people are forced to park far from the masjid. Right, and then walk to the masjid. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said he walks to the masjid does not right, and sits close to the Imam and listens to him and does not engage in idle

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talk. Then for every step he takes, he will have the reward of one years fasting and praying at night. Can you imagine? Is it easy to fast and pray at night these days? Is it easy? Can you imagine where the whole year a person is doing this? But this is for who?

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The one who takes a bath goes to the masjid early. All right. Even if he asked to take many steps he walks and he sits close to the email. Why close to the email? Why not at the back?

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You know why? Right? Because he's determined to listen until the end, he's forgotten the world and everything he's left behind. And he listens to the email does not engage in idle talk. Meaning doesn't say anything to the people that are around him completely focused on the hopper. Look at the reward that's mentioned over here. And when a person when a man deliberately leave Juma for three hours in a row, then hypocrisy is stamped on his heart. This is something very serious, where there's a huge reward. There's also a huge loss in not giving attention to jumong. And you are remember it's a data loss punctata chose for us. Allah chose Friday for us. The Prophet sallallahu

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Sallam said, the days were shown to me. And among them, Friday was shown to me meaning in some tangible form, it looked like a white mirror in the middle of which is a black spot. So I asked what is that it was said the our meeting the Day of Judgment is also going to occur when on Friday. And those who give importance to Friday, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said on the Day of Judgment, Allah will bring the days of the week in certain forms, meaning in some tangible form, because deeds will also take physical form on the day of darkness right. So even the days of the week will come in a certain form and he will bring the day of Friday in a beautifully radiant and shining form. And

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the people of Friday the people of Joomla the people who celebrate Friday meaning who give importance to Friday, and what is it that we need to give importance to on Friday so that they'll do more. They will surround it like a bride is surrounded when taken to her groom. Just picture that scene in your head right in a wedding. That how you know like the girl's family is coming along with her right and generally with the girl there those flowers those bridesmaids right so you just imagine how a woman is honored you know with the whole escort and like that people will surround jumaane it will enlighten the way for them it will be a source of news for them because remember on

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the day of judgment on the Seraph they will be darkness below his fire and above his darkness and the bridge is thinner than a hair sharper than a sword and very slippery. And on its sides are hooks and this is real. This is real. Every person has to cross the bridge. So imagine they will have light the light of day tomorrow. They will walk in it's light their colors like white snow and their fragrance like musk as if they were in mountains of Cafu men and genuine look at them, not turning away out of amazement. People will be just staring at the people of Juma not even looking away out of amazement until they will enter gender. They will be like this until they enter gender

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any unknown know tomorrow the people have do more. Right? So if we want we can also be amongst them. Right? But generally what happens for women because we have a choice. We take advantage of that choice. And when it's difficult for us to go for do more we don't go right. But men they don't really have a choice do they have to leave their work, they have to use their lunch break and then go for Juma and this is a hadith authentic hadith from associate to Sahara.

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And when the prayer has been concluded, disperse within the land and seek from the bounty of Allah and remember Allah often that you may succeed. So how is success achieved salah and after Salas taking the fuddle of Allah with excellence and abundance. But when they saw a transaction or a diversion or Prophet sallallahu sallam, they rush to it and they left

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Standing, say what is with Allah is better than diversion and then a transaction and Allah is the best of providers. Over here the indication is to the time when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was once given quota of Jumeirah. And this harbor were listening to the hotpot and at that same time a caravan arrived in Medina and a caravan arriving in Medina, what does it mean? They're bringing in goods for sale. So the sooner you go, the better stuff you'll get. All right. And when they came this caravan when it arrived in Medina, it also made a lot of noise in order to attract people so that people would come and shop. So it became very difficult for the Sahaba. So what happened one by

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one, they started leaving, they thought, Oh, it's just the hope all right, I mean, the Salah has not really begun, let me go and book something. Let me go and buy things quickly. And remember that Sahaba were living in poverty, shortage of food, shortage of food supplies. So one by one, they kept going until only 12 people remained in the masjid and seven women 12 men and seven women, barely 2021 people, they stayed. And the rest of the people, they all left. They were human beings after all. Okay, so how about we're human beings? Don't we do this? No, we do this. I mean, think about it. If there was something like this outside,

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then what would we do?

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Or would we do? We would probably do the same thing. Right? If this was not Ramadan, and there was food fest going on, what would we do? And if it wasn't far, what would we do? Probably the same thing. Leave class, it's okay. Just one day, isn't it? So the Sahaba they did something similar. They said it's okay. Just one day, just just a few minutes, we're gonna go spend, we'll be back no big deal. But Allah revealed his ayah that What are you doing?

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What are you leaving? For what?

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What are you leaving, you are leaving the vicar of Allah for the spatty dunya. What Allah has to offer, the other the reward that Allah has to offer, there anything that you gain is far better than the things that you can buy.

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Also, even if it may be at a time when you fear that there will not be enough left for you later on, still rely upon Allah and remain in the worship of Allah. You see, there's some things that you can postpone temporarily.

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Like, for example, you do your will do you're going to press a lot. But what happens your phone rings? Well, that time you can take your phone call No problem, right, unless there's only a few minutes left for that solder. And then of course, you're not going to take that phone call. But the slot if the time just entered, you can always postpone it a few minutes in order to take your phone call. However, once you have started your prayer, then can you attend to your phone? You cannot. Right? So then what do you say at that time? When you're praying and the phone is ringing? You get worried who's calling me. But then you tell yourself? It's okay. I can call them back. Hi. And then

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you wonder what if it's a private caller? And what if they don't leave a message? Then what do you say, you know, what if the phone call isn't my Christmas, if it's in my face? If it's written for me, for sure, I will get to speak to that person, isn't it? And if it's not written for me, I will never get to speak with that person. So likewise, when a person goes in the way of Allah, whether he is learning or worshiping, because you see hope, but they were listening to the prophets of the laws that I'm teaching that he was teaching them. The HIPAA was that one class that he would take, he would not regularly everyday lecture the Sahaba he would teach them in different ways do more HIPAA

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was that one that he would give every week. This was their class time. And remember, everybody would come from far off places also. This was a time of Darlene. class was in effect, and in that they left so Allah did not like that. Allah did not like that. What does this teach us? That once a commitment is made, work has begun, then don't leave it for little, little things.

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Don't leave it for little, little things. Because when our work will lack commitment, then the work cannot be done with your son. And who is it that Allah loves people who do