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Yusuf 88-111 Word Analysis and Tafsir 101-101


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The success of Robbie in Egypt was due to his knowledge and ability to achieve success, as well as his ability to achieve success through his experiences. The Saudi Arabia's influence on the way it works is also discussed, along with the importance of learning from the past and avoiding wasting one's reward. The speaker emphasizes the need to be humble and respecting one's parents, and stresses the importance of finding one's own mistake and not complaining to people. The need to submit one's own plans and not give up is emphasized.

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Now when we had this great success, that he was at such a high position in Egypt, and at the same time his father had been brought, his mother was there. His brothers were there, and everything was fine. His life was happy. Everything was okay. What does he pray for?

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What does he say? He says Robbie, oh my lord, called the attorney. In fact, you have given me

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You have given me mean and monkey of sovereignty,

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meaning the sovereignty that I have today in Egypt, your gave it to me. I could never have gained it myself. I was in Kanaan, a village all the way in a sham. And here, Finance Minister of Egypt, I could never have become that you gave me this position. You gave me this authority. You gave me this blessing. It's your son.

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Look at the humility of use of our listener, that he attributes his success to who? Allah subhanaw taala not to his patients, not to his good luck, not to his open mindedness, not to his ability and his skill.

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No, he says, Allah, you have given me this kingdom

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where I learn Tony and you have taught me mentor wheedle a Hadees of the interpretation of statements of events of dreams. And remember the meaning of our hobbies. It's not just dreams, it's events. It's knowledge. It's to have farsightedness inside, you gave me this knowledge.

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So we see that he mentioned both were live losses, as well as religious lessons over here, that Oh Allah, you are the one who gave these blessings to me. And you are the one who has made me successful.

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Why does he mention the knowledge of that we don't have these in particular, because it was this ability. It was this knowledge that made him successful.

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It was because of this knowledge that he was able to come out of the prison when he interpreted the dreams of the two inmates and and finally the dream of King that is what became a means of his success.

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But again, he attributes this to who? Allah subhana wa tada

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Falcon smls, you will have you are the Originator of the heavens and the earth. Or we can also understand factory law somehow it will act as Yes, it will, or Originator of the heavens and the earth. Anita Lee, you are my guardian fit donia in this world, you are my protector.

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You're the one who wants the best for me.

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You will have been my protector throughout all those years. When I had been left when I had been thrown into the well, when I had been removed away from my father, when I was alone in Egypt, when I was living like a slave when I was sent to the prison, who was my family, you know,

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until we leave the dunya. Well, you are my Wali in this dunya and also in the hereafter

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telephony Muslim man raised me as a Muslim.

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Look at his wish. Look at his door, that when you make me die, make me die as a Muslim as one who submits to you, one who submitted your decree, one who submits to your will to your commands.

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Because sometimes it is easier to remember Allah in hardship. But it's difficult to remember Allah in ease

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and use of restaurant was now living in ease in comfort. His family was there, he had become very wealthy, he had a very high position.

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So what is his worry his Eman

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the funny Muslim man give me death in a state that I am a Muslim

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will Heckle me and you join me with who bizarrely hain with the righteous.

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Give me the company of the righteous because a company of the righteous is the most valuable treasure.

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The most valuable blessing

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us over s&m had gone through everything. He had seen everything

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you can say been there done that he had gone through everything. But what was it that was really valuable before him the company of the righteous

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because he was very young. When he was taken out of that company.

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And he missed it. He wished for it. He longed for it.

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He was greedy for it. He was thirsty for it. And finally

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When he meets his father, he knows that very little time has left.

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His father had become old, he knew that he had also become an adult. How long would you live in this world? So what's his wish that when you give me that, give me the company of the righteous in the hereafter? The company of my forefathers, the company of the Saudi hain

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and how can

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we see the use of medicine he was given so much at this point that none of us could attain?

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a high position, a happy family, great success, a lot of knowledge, a lot of experience Prophethood but look at his humility, and look at the way how he acknowledges the favor of Allah.

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Whatever he had the beauty, authority, family, freedom, happiness, none of us have that.

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But at this time when he has everything, what is he looking at

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his arsenal? And who does he find great? himself? No, he finds a lot great.

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I do not rely upon my knowledge. I do not rely upon my sovereignty. I rely upon you.

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Remember, there are very, very few people who have both authority and knowledge use of Islam had bought but he recognizes the greatness of Allah, the majesty of Allah and the one who field allows greatness. He does not think of himself as great. And that is real servitude. That is real humidity. He is so humble. He has the prestige. He has the authority but he knows it's not forever.

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And his biggest desire is to die on Islam.

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He does not say I'm so smart. I've survived through so many difficulties. My Eman has been saved. So up until death, my Eman will be saved. No, he relies upon Allah. His biggest wish is to die as a Muslim.

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And he turns to a love for that, that Oh Allah you make me die as a Muslim.

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I shall we learn her. She said that while dying the Messenger of Allah sallallahu wasallam. He was also raising his finger. And he said three times Allahumma philosophical Arla

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that Oh Allah, I want the uppermost, the highest company in heaven.

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That is what I want the company that is uppermost, that is higher most of the fuchal Arla, the highest one,

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meaning the company of the righteous ones, according to an opinion.

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So we see the humanity of use of a hustler, the focus of use of Renaissance

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it has not become proud, he does not become vengeful, he does not take revenge at all, he only increases in his humidity.

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And this is a story of a person who is successful.

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This is a story of who a person who is successful.

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If you look at the story, generally you think of a person who's gone through this whole many hardships, a person who's lived such a miserable life, such a sad life, but he doesn't look at his life like that. He doesn't feel pity for himself. He remembers the blessings and he acknowledges the blessings of Allah.

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And he hopes and he prays to Allah that you have given me this much also make me die as a Muslim, give me the company of the righteous in the hereafter.

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Allah subhanaw taala says there Lika that is mean Amba la it is of the news of the unseen meaning the story of use of radio set out it is at the news of the unseen no Haley Eliza, we reveal it to you to who to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam

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consolidating him and you are not with them. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam you are not with them with who with the brothers of use of penicillin, in edgemont, who among whom, or whom em karoon when they had gathered up when they had made a decision about their matter, and while they were plotting,

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in other words, this story is from the unseen.

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And you did not know about it.

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There was no way that you could have learned about the story, unless upon without it is telling you about the story.

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And remember, that this sooner was revealed in the year off, and her son and husband the year of grief.

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And in that year, the profits or the loss of them suffered from two big losses.

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Very big losses. What were they the loss of his wife, as well as the loss of his uncle.

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Who were the greatest supporters of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam

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So this law was revealed, this story was narrated to the profits out of Lotus and and why, in effect bw for,

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so that we can strengthen your heart with it.

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So that the profits are the loudest, Adam also has confidence that ultimately, the one who is patient, and the one who fears Allah is the one who is successful.

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A lot will not waste his reward. Allah will grant him success.

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And in the story of use of restaurant were many lessons for the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and many lessons for us as well.

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We listen to the rest.

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don't need

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a pony.

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So what lessons have you learned?

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What lesson Have you learned from today's lesson in particular,

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that when you're going through a problem, it may seem as if there's no end of the tunnel. But hold on, be steadfast and wait for the end.

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Because Allah will not waste the reward of the one who is patient.

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Do not hold grudges, forgive and forget.

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And also, we learned that the more difficult and challenging the problem may seem, the more hope you should have.

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And all the children of Adam, they are hotter when they make mistakes.

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And the brothers of use of nslm they're also who have the children of Adam, even they made mistakes. But the best of those who make mistakes are who, those who repent, those who change their ways. And we see that the brothers of use of artists and they change their ways they repented. And then that is a lesson for us that sometimes we feel that we have been very unjust towards other people

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that we have been unjust, we have deprived people of their rights. Sometimes we feel that only we are the ones who are suffering. But on the other side of the spectrum, we are the ones who are harming other people. So what's the way out, realize your mistake, admit your mistake, seek forgiveness, repent and move on.

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Another very important lesson that we learned is that in times of difficulty, turn towards Allah, not complaining to people. Because if we complain to people, what's going to happen, people are going to become sick of us.

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They get bored of us. They don't want to listen to us. But if we turn to Allah, then at least in that there is reward.

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There is revita it's worship.

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And also, we learned that over here user friendly Salaam says that until we leave it dunya You are my Wali in the dunya. And when a person has a CFA that Allah is taking care of me, then no matter what difficulty he is in, he is contempt.

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He's okay because he knows that Allah is there he is my one he is taking care of my affairs.

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being humble with all your achievements, that no matter what you have achieved, no matter what Allah has given you, staying humble.

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Having taqwa and patience are the way to success.

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He is respecting his parents, he's valuing them, he's giving them so much respect what they deserve. And this is something that we all need to do as well. Because after the hack of a Lowe's How comes parents will bill why they need external always after the heat what is mentioned worshipping Allah alone, then what is mentioned or sent towards parents.

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Yes, instead of Judas we learned that this call is Shiva only Murphy's salute. And this story is a big shift.

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Another very important lesson that we learned is that if a person strives for the aha, that becomes his ultimate goal, then alone will rectify his the need for him alone will rectify his problems for him. He will take care of his affairs.

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Don't fear people, because if Allah is going to protect you, people can never harm you. If Allah wants something for you, people can never take it away from you

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unless a penalty

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I had a plan for use of Wellness Center. He wanted to give him that we don't know how this, he wanted to give him high position, authority. And the brothers, they wanted something completely different for him. The wife of disease, she sent him to jail. They could not take away from use of medicine and what Allah wanted to give him

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to don't fear people.

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And out of the fear of people don't disobey Allah because if you disobey Allah, then what do you have left.

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And also, we learned that sometimes Allah subhanaw taala takes something away from us so that we are more grateful for it, that the brothers of use of Ernestina, they did not value their brother at all. They did not value him one bit even, but he was taken away from them. And they were made to go through so much. And eventually, they saw the value of use of reason.

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So sometimes blessings are taken away from us, because of our ingratitude. And then we are made to see them and realize their worth. And again, it's a blessing if we're able to acknowledge that at that time.

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Exactly. But sometimes we have a whole plan for our lives.

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That I'm going to get married at this point. I'm gonna have these many children that want to go here, but I'm gonna do this and this and this. But sometimes Allah has a different plan for us completely different. So if things don't go as, according to your plan, what should you do get frustrated? No, no, that Allah has a plan for me, and he is carrying out that plan. My job is to submit.

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When you make a plan, then remember that it's possible that Allah has a different plan and that allows plan is going to happen. Like when your Cobra is around, he told the sons how to enter the city. He realized that a law could have another plan.

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Exactly that they are homeless and he didn't give up hope he didn't despair. So even when we're going through some difficulty, we cannot despair. We cannot give up. Hope.