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Ghafir 1-22 Tafsir 4-6


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The discussion of the dispute between Islam leaders and the media focuses on the use of the "tied to" concept of submission, false accusations, and the use of people's minds in media. The speakers argue that disputing statements is not allowed in the eyes of Islam, and that people are considered stupid and lazy. They also discuss the use of language in relation to travel and the potential consequences of false accusations, including negative behavior. The segment ends with a reference to a recitation and a statement about the actions of the people of the past.

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Major the Luffy Aya Tila he no one disputes concerning the signs of Allah concerning the Ayat of Allah inla except alladhina cafaro those people who disbelieve no one disputes concerning the Ayat of Allah, except those people who have disbelieved, you gently know is from Japan and to Dallas to argue, debate, fight with one another dispute. And, in general, what's happening, that both the parties, they're trying to prove themselves as true, and they're trying to refute each other. So who is it that does geniale concerning the IRS of Allah, trying to refute them, trying to disprove them, trying to find faults in them?

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refusing to believe in them? objecting at the Ayat of Allah Who does that? And Medina for those people who display now what are the Ayat of Allah? I have a lot over here. First two is Kony chattery. It includes the Quran, it includes the Sunnah. Like, for example, with regards to AI at Chenery, what could be the disputes that people are what are the doodads that people come up with? Can you think of something?

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Like for instance, some people try to find scientific faults in the Quran, according to their knowledge.

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So for example, with regards to Konya, saying the dough How do they prove the existence of God? They don't. And in fact, it proves Mother Nature and it proves, you know, that there's no God. This is what they said you don't see it.

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That this is Arab culture.

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They will say that Quran Islamic promotes violence, terrorism, and they will pick out verses or parts of verses from the Quran and only highlight them, got them out of context, misrepresent them misquote them, and say look, you say Islamic religion of peace, I was religion of peace. This is what it promotes terrorism, violence.

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The saying that, oh, they're metaphorical. They don't really have meaning, or they mean something else, or that there's contradiction in the Quran. So, who does this? Who sign is it when a person is doing doodad concerning the Ayat of Allah

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This is the sign of who alladhina cafaro is only such people who do do that in the ayatollah Fela Luca Taka Lu Han filby la salette not they're turning about in the cities delude you falaya Haruka Roca wine la hora deception so it should not deceive you What should not deceive you the con Lupo home they're going about their fluctuation Phil will add in the cities will add is a Florida ballot.

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And what does it mean by the condo?

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That they're constantly going about freely traveling from one city to another, one country to another, going north, south, east west all over the world for the purpose of trade for the purpose of digital for the purpose of vacations, or for any other purpose as a freely go around. Don't get deceived by this, that what they're doing is right.

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Now, do that in the eye of Allah. What is this ayah show to us that it is COVID

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dal in the Ayat of Allah is

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a believers attitude towards the Ayat of Allah is a submission. It is of acceptance

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into the earlier one is seven we learned what was the hoonah figure elmia coluna m and V coalminer in the rabina that we believe in it all of it is from who our Lord, whether I understand or not, I still believe in it. The problem is not with the eyes of Allah but the problem is with what my understanding. So a believers attitude towards the Ayat of Allah is not an argumentation. It is not an objection, it is not of arguing and debating, trying to refute them trying to disprove them, but rather his attitude is of submission and acceptance.

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In total Azerbaijan 36 we learn what Matt Kennedy mean in one minute in either cabo la hora, Zulu Amman, any akula will hear Ottoman Emery the believer does not have a choice. When Allah His Messenger have given a command the believer does not have a choice. What is his only way of acceptance of submission. And those people who do not accept the Ayat of Allah but rather do g dal, they are clearly in error.

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We don't insert the bacala I 176 a las pantallas says we're in Ludhiana Stella fullfill keytab. Official cochem very, indeed those people who differ over the book, meaning they don't believe in it. They are innocent.

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stream disagreement, meaning they've gone far away in in their disagreement in their in their misguidance.

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If you think about it, what is the reason behind you then, in the ayatollah,

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why would a person do that? Why would a person find faults in the ayatollah? Why would he have objections against them? Why would he try to misquote them?

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Love of dunya law of desires, when a person does not want to accept it, when a person does not want to accept the Quran,

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when a person wants to say that, why do we have to give importance to the clock?

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Even as Muslims? Why do we have to accept everything that's mentioned in the Quran?

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We're living in present day and age. And why is the Quran such an authority this is what they want. So when a person does not want to accept the command of Allah, when he does not want to follow it, this is when he will dispute concerning the item. This is when he will find faults in the ayatollah so that he shows that the if they're not worth following, so they do this in order to disprove the hawk in order to prove the hawk as false.

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In total, calfire 56 we learned why manual pseudo Mussolini lm ova shereena woman z, where you are the Latina cafaro beerbelly liyu, the halo behind

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that we send not the messengers except as Bringers of good news and also has Warner's and those who disbelieve what do they do? They dispute by using falsehood to attempt to invalidate the truth by

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the truth that the messengers have brought the truth that is in the Quran? What do the disbelievers do they dispute with it in order to invalidate it, in order to prove it as wrong in order to show it as something not worth following.

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So the reason behind objection is what the reason behind disputing is not wanting to follow.

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And the purpose the objective is to prove as wrong. And remember that do that in the eyes of Allah it is prohibited. We are not allowed to do that in the eyes of Allah, unless it is to prove the Ayat of Allah to as true.

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Like for example, there is a catheter, someone who displays who's committing coffee, and they are arguing concerning the ayatollah proving them as false showing contradiction in them. If they're doing it, aren't you supposed to defend the book of Allah? Of course you do. Aren't you supposed to defend the shadow of Allah the law that Allah has given the son of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, his statements, his commands? Of course, you have to, especially if you know, so only this kind of detail is permissible, when you're doing it in defense of the deen.

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You understand?

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geniale for the purpose of proving the Huck as false is wrong, but geniale for the purpose of proving hoc as how that is permissible.

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We learned, for example, that once even had he came across a Jewish man who was in a very terrible, miserable state. And even had he was well dressed. He was in a very good state to this Jewish mindset to your prophet has said that a dunia sigil would mean which unnatural cafe.

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That dounia is the prison of a believer, and it is a Jenna garden paradise for the disbeliever. But look at your state and look at my state, I am in a miserable state. And look at you, you're perfectly fine. So what was he trying to do? do that in the eyes of Allah?

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Trying to show that the statement of the prophets are along a certain narrative below was false. It was incorrect.

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So even harder? He said, Yes, it is true.

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Because the state that you're in right now, it is still done, compared to the state that you could be in in the hereafter.

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Yes, you're very miserable right now. But this is nothing compared to the misery of the hereafter. So that man immediately he declared Shahada, he became Muslim.

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So even has led to that when a person is arguing with you, you are supposed to refute them, but why do you refute them in order to prove the truth? That's true.

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But we see that sometimes people who are apparently very intelligent, very knowledgeable, very intellectual, greatly successful in terms of this dunya They are the ones who are arguing about the ayatollah, raising objections against the deen of Allah. People who have studied so much, they have great degrees, a lot of research and what do they say? Like for example, one of the sisters mentioned in class earlier that one of our professors was saying that if I were to create this thing, I would make a difference.

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That the way Allah has created that is not

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And if I were to do it, I would do it differently, raising objections even at the Hulk of Allah. Isn't it amazing people who are so intellectual, but still they will do that in the eyes of Allah. This is why Allah says fella, you don't get to see it.

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Because a person who does do that in the eyes of Allah, that's not a sign of his intelligence. Rather, it is a sign of his foolishness.

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It's a sign of his lack of knowledge. It's a sign of his being superficial, because instead of the Hajj, Ayah three, Allah says, woman and nassima ujet eaten filet belaid, here At min, where Toby rucola shadowclan in Murray, that are the people is He Who disputes about Allah without any knowledge, and he follows every rebellious devil.

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So a person who objects at the Ayat of Allah, that's a sign of this foolishness. Like for example, he picks up one verse, and he picks up another verse, And he says, See contradiction? It's not contradiction, he has not done the Fokker he has not done the boron the ayah. Because if he had reflected, he would not have found any contradiction, isn't it so? So when a person does do that, it's a sign of his lack of knowledge. And on the other hand, when a person understands he accepts the Ayat of Allah that shows that he is

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intelligent, isn't it? So many times Allah mentions in the Quran, when I add the Kuru, in,

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no one will understand except for who, those who have intellects.

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Those who use their mind those who use their reason.

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So, when a person accepts, when a person submits, that is a sign of intelligence, and when a person objects, that is a sign of his foolishness.

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But we see that there are many people who do dial in the ayatollah, but still, they're very prosperous, they're very successful, everything is perfectly fine for them in this dunya they don't face any difficulties. Like for example, we see that the mystic enough aka they would also show contradictions in the Quran. Like for example, they would say that the Quran Allah says that you the machine, and also those who worship will be the fuel of hellfire. However, the Christians who do their worship,

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reciting sir, so are you trying to say that even he will be now find out. This is what the machine said. And they had a good laugh at it. A good laugh, we learned insulted him about it. So this is like contradiction to dial in the Ayat of Allah, showing them as fall to the machine of Makkah. They used to do this a lot. When the I asked about the Columbo reveal, they said to their servants, that brings a comb to us. And the word that they used, it meant butter, and dates. So they're marked at the ayat of a line this way. But we see that despite their disbelief, despite their mockery, despite their dad, they used to travel around all Arabia,

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in Arabia, outside of Arabia, for the purpose of trade, and when can a person travel? When can you travel? When he has money? Isn't it when you can afford the journey? And when you can also afford the back home, things are still being managed. So this is why Allah says filaria Luca takala boomf invalid don't get deceived by their traveling about in the lands in the cities

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into the earlier Mr. Ayah 196 to 197 we learned laowa Nakata scalability Naka fulfill the lead. Why? Because it's mataranka Li. It's a temporary enjoyment. Someone might welcome Johanna COVID sent me her then they find out about his Hellfire, and what a terrible resting place it is.

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And the mushrikeen of Makkah, they used to travel to Yemen, they traveled to a sham, but Allah subhana wa Tada, what does he say? Don't get impressed by them. Don't get deceived by them. Yes, they have a lot of wealth. But remember, this wealth is not going to avail them before Allah. Because their ultimate end is what destruction ruin in this dunya and also the hereafter and what happened to all of their wealth that they had amassed, finished

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one battle brothers and their leaders gone. So don't get deceived by

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what does this show to us? What does this teach us that if a person is doing something wrong, don't get impressed by him?

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See wrong as wrong. And even if he's very successful, in other areas still don't get impressed by

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he may be very eloquent. He may have a lot of friends. He may be very wealthy. He may have gone to the best of universities. He may be teaching at the best of universities, but still you can't get impressed by them. They may have a lot of freedom. They appear on television here. They appear on radio there. They have a book here now

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Don't get impressed. Because a person who does detail in the eyes of Allah, his ultimate end is ruined. So don't get impressed because if you get impressed by them, then you will think that what they're doing is right. And you will end up listening to them, you will end up following them.

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Get the word Kabbalah home komono the people of New denied before them. Right now it's the people of Makkah at the time of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. After them again many nations, but before them, the people of New, such an ancient nation, even they denied who did they deny their messenger.

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Now, by doing that, in the ayatollah, and not just the people of New but well Zaboo member, the him and the various groups after them. One Nation after the other, all of them denied their messengers. They did do that in the Ayat of Allah, like the people of the people of the moon, the people of loot and insolent one of them embody him. Well how much and it firmly intended hammered from newsletters, hammy meme ham, and ham is to have a worried, you know, to be worried in one's heart to be concerned. What are you concerned about? Important things are unimportant things. Important things, right? So hum is to worry. It is also when something is important to you. And then it's also used

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for firmly intending to do something.

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planning to do something while I called him matvey Mahamaya. So Mohammed Coloma in every single nation, it had firmly resolved to do what bureau suli him with their messenger in order to leave Hulu so that they sees him yet Hulu harder to see someone to take something and he is used for a prisoner

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who is an athlete, a prisoner. So Leah Hulu, that they sees their messenger What does it mean over here so that they could imprison their messenger?

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Why imprison him?

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Why imprison him so that he cannot spread the hook

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and a prisoner once he's in prison eventually what happens? Either he's freed or he is executed.

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So yeah, who do who has also been understood so that they kill him?

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So uh, hum. Coloma Tim berners. Lee him Lee Who?

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The people before they denied their messengers. They also did Udal concerning the Ayat of Allah. And they went to such an extent that they planned to kill their messengers. Did it happen? Of course it did, because Allah subhanaw taala is saying this, that they plan to kill their messengers. Like for example, new honey center. So the Sherif I 116. His people set in kalu, la ellenton de la takuna nominal merge. You mean they threatened him, that if you do not desist or no, you will be surely of those who are stoned to death musar La Silla for their own threatened him. Instead of the Shura, I 29. The corner in it the hasta la de la Jelena come in and Miss junie if you dare take another god

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besides me, I'm going to make use of those who are imprisoned.

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Ibrahim right Islam he was threatened by his father, so that Maria Maya 46 Allah Allah even Anton earlier Dr. Ibrahim Lambton Tahira Ultraman. Nick, why don't

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you dare to turn away from my idols from my gods. If you don't stop, I'm going to stone you.

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I'm going to Stoney, I'm going to kill you. So the prophets of Allah, they were threatened to be killed. And the people they didn't just threaten them, but they literally planned out as to how they were going to kill their messenger. Like for example, the people of Ibrahim are listening. What do they do?

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What plan did they make? they lit up a huge fire. And they literally through Abraham racism in that fire, but they weren't successful.

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So Mohammed Coloma, timbira Sula, who, Leah Who? Sure Abraham, even him, the people plan to kill him. The prophets are allowed his enemy the people plan to kill him. Yes. Did they try to execute their plan even yesterday? in Makkah, what happened? That they decided that a person from every important tribe they would collectively attack the profits that alone is and and why.

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So they cannot take revenge. They would have to agree to take blood money in Medina, the bundle anelli What did they do? Did they plan to kill the Prophet sallallahu Sallam? Yes they did. They went up and they were going to throw a huge rock on

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him in order to kill him. So Mohammed Coloma Rasulullah, Himalaya Hulu, Hulu bill battling, and they disputed with falsehood.

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They disputed concerning the Ayat of Allah using what? falsehood false arguments?

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And what are the false arguments there? Is there false propaganda against the messenger, meaning they had no evidence. They had no logical proof, some logical point when they were opposing their messenger.

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When they were opposing the truth, whatever they said was what? valid it didn't make any sense.

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Like, for example, the people of New Zealand, they argued a lot with him. And every time they had something to say, new Harley, Sam had a response, because the one who is on the hook, he's confident, right, so what did they say to him? Instead of Dude, I have 32 we learned Kalia know how to judge delta, delta delta, they blamed him that you've argued with us and you've argued a lot stop all this arguing. Don't argue. Right. So what jazz no bill Berkeley they argued using falsehood. This is what they did liyu the halo behind why did they use falsehood so that they could invalidate by it the truth you the halo the board

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Academy and would have been

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it held is to refute an argument it also means to defeat someone mood help is one who is the one who has been defeated the one who has been overcome numerous artists Anna facade hammer Academy that would have been

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so leader he will be he'll help they try to use falter in order to refute the truth. But what happened what is successful? No. For hostile one so I sees them. Okay for cannery cop. So how was My retribution? Meaning it was terrible. It was justified when a law punish the people for their wrongdoing. It was justified because Allah is shady that occurred.

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So we see that doing Judah concerning the Ayat of Allah is not something ordinary is not something small. The people of the present and the people of the past from ancient communities, even their digital in the Ayat of Allah, but Allah spared no one.

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He did not spare anyone in total hedge Ira 44 What could he do Moosa for unrelated Katharina Thoma Hearthstone vacay for Canada keep even Moosa was denied, so I prolonged enjoyment for the disbelievers, then I seize them, and how terrible was my reproach?

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So in this ayah basically, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is being reassured that the messengers before they were opposed, the ayat that Allah revealed before, they were objected to people argued with them, people try to refute them. If this is happening today, it's not anything new. But look at how Allah destroy the people of the past for their wrongdoing. Ultimately, the one on Hulk is successful.

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And in this is also great reassurance for us. That when we are calling people to Allah, when we're trying to tell people about the Quran, and immediately they start arguing with us immediately they start misquoting the ayat, what should we do? Trust on Allah. never feel that you have been defeated.

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Rather feel confident because Allah is on your side. And look at how Allah dealt with the people of the past.

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Welcome to alika have got Kalamata Rebecca, Allah Latina cafaro and thus has the word of your Lord come into effect upon those who disbelieved and what is the word that unknown us have now that indeed their companions of the Fire there and Indonesia was destruction, and they're ending the Hereafter is that they are the inmates of hellfire.

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Because Allah subhanaw taala said Institute I 119 what I met Karima Torabi Kala amla an agenda mominul Jenna to NASA edge Marine, those who deserve to go to hellfire. They'll be sent there and Hellfire will be filled with it. So karateka Hakuna Matata Bukhara alladhina cafaro anonymous however now, this is the case of who the disbelievers

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that the disbelievers. They are arrogant towards the Ayat of Allah, they do deal with the Ayat of Allah. They oppose the believers they oppose the messengers and their ultimate end is ruined.

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On the other hand, a lot of panel data shows us the way of the believers

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will listen to the recitation first. And then we'll continue

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law fearing

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to be shady or being

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jail, he

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cut up on Nobu.

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work as

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a metronome