Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 24 – L247D

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The angels are carriers of the throne and are praised by their weight, pride, knowledge, and mercy. They offer forgiveness for those who believe in Allah and receive punishment for those who do not. The importance of praying for those who want forgiveness and fulfilling promises is emphasized. The need for individuals to show mercy towards their loved ones and family members is also emphasized. The negative impact of actions on one's health and personal relationships is also discussed.
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Sounds a bit lame in the shadow your legitimacy. Rahim

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Allah Dina yummy Luna larochelle woman hola Who? those angels who carry the throne and those around it what do they do you serve be hoonah be handier be him. They exalt Allah with prayers of their Lord, where you may know NaVi and they also believe in him. We are still feel una de La Nina Amano and they seek forgiveness for those who have believed.

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And Medina, those who meaning those angels who which angels

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yeah meluna option who carry the throne, which throne, the throne of Allah soprano

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and the throne of Allah is the greatest creation of Allah. It is the most Akbar, the greatest of all creation, it is the most out of them. And it's the most, the most vast of all of the creation of Allah.

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And no one knows of its details except for Allah Subhana Allah because Allah has not informed as much about the details of the ash. But all we know is that Allah Ash is Arlene, it is great. And it is also very less here.

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So Allah Dena, yummy Luna Alisha, the angels who carry the throne, meaning the carriers of the throne,

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and they are known as Hamlet allow

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the carriers off the throne.

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How many are they? It is said that there are four and on the Day of Judgment, they will be eight.

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Therefore and on the Day of Judgment, they will be eight of them is fluffy.

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Intro to halka is 17 Allah subhanaw taala says, We are Miller autoshop Be careful Komiyama Eden damania.

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And there will bear the throne of your Lord above them that day. Meaning on the Day of Judgment, how many, eight meaning eight angels.

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And if you think about it, the carriers of the throne. These angels are the closest to Allah, they carry his throne, and Allah is the word.

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And definitely they must be the best of all angels. Because carrying the throne is the most honorable duty. It's the most noble task. So they must be the best of angels. So alladhina Yami Luna lauscha, they carry the throne of Allah, and not just the carriers of the throne, but also woman holder who and those around it meaning and the angels who are around that are

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at the end of sort of the Zoomer we learn what he could have seen him and how they are at the conclusion of judgment, all of the angels will come around the throne. But even before that there are angels who are around the throne. So two types of angels I mentioned over here, the carriers and also those who are around the throne.

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What do they do? The angels closest to Allah. You said be hoonah Be humble be him. They glorify with praise of their Lord. They do this be of Allah, continuously proclaiming His praise, continuously proclaiming His perfection, declaring his perfection

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that he is above any deficiency.

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He is above any resemblance to the creation. You sat behind or behind the lobby him

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well, you may know that he and they also believe in him.

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They believe in Who? Allah. They're also believers in Allah. They affirm the truth of his oneness, and they humbly submit themselves before him.

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They carry the throne. They're around the throne. they glorify Allah, they praise Allah, they believe in Allah. So if the people don't believe there's a need for them to believe in him. No.

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Just imagine how mighty these angels are. That they are carriers of the throne.

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And they have submitted before Allah, they believe in Him, and they're continuously praising him

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into the facility i a 38. We learn for in a stackable, Fela cleaner in a beaker. You serve the homeowner who be lazy when they're hungry, or homeless or moon.

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If they're arrogant meaning of the people are arrogant. Then those angels who are near your Lord, they exalt Him by night and by day, and they do not become weary. They don't get bored. They don't get tired when you know NaVi, and they also were stuck in larina, Amano and they also say

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seek forgiveness for who? For those who have believed.

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Meaning they seek forgiveness for the people who have believed in Allah.

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Because he man is such a virtuous deed. It's such an excellent deed, that when a person accepts email, imagine the angels who are closest to Omar. They seek forgiveness for the believer.

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They seek forgiveness for the believer. Where's the Luna de la Vina Amano? And what do they say? How do they make the How do they seek forgiveness for them from Allah, that robina or our Lord was syreeta couldn't lashay illa mutton were ilma was Sarita, you have embraced was Sarita while scenery will, Sir, sir, to be vast. And when something is vast, when something is spacious, it can contain a lot in it, it can accommodate a lot in it. So what's their eta you have enclosed, you have accommodated, con lashay in every single thing, you have contained it you have accommodated it, in what Ramadan in mercy and also our element and knowledge, meaning your mercy and your knowledge

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encompasses everything.

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Your mercy, and your knowledge encompasses everything, nothing is out of the bounds of the knowledge of Allah. And nothing is away from the mercy of Allah.

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How knowledge understandable, everything, Allah knows about it. But how is Allah encompass everything in his mercy in different ways, that if you see, it is because of the mercy of Allah that there are people who disbelieve But still, they eat still, they travel still, they have so much Well, still, they can do so many things, isn't it so?

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If it wasn't for the mercy of Allah, then what would happen? We would sin and we will be held accountable immediately, instantly.

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If you look, even at least he has respect. He is allowed to do whatever he wants until the day of judgment.

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So we're certain colas a limit, and we're in law, that you have encompassed everything in your mercy, and everything in your knowledge. Your mercy encompasses their sins, and your knowledge encompasses all their deeds, words and actions. Fulfill so forgive little Idina taboo for those people who repent.

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Just imagine the angels make dua to Allah, that you know about the sins of your people. And you have encompassed everything in your mercy. So those who repent to you here Allah forgive them fulfill in Latina, taboo, whatever Sevilla and also those people who follow your way, who follow your way, follow your instructions, who are obedient to you. Also forgive them, working him and save them from other jehane from the punishment of Hellfire, because the punishment of Hellfire in other berkana

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it is permanent, it is terrible.

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We learned earlier into Zuma that Allah subhanaw taala invites all people to seek forgiveness. He tells everyone let tokonoma Tila

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and then there's also warning that if you don't seek forgiveness, you don't know your life is very short. You might not get time to live. And eventually this dunya this life is going to come to an end there is a fear as well.

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So when a person seeks forgiveness when a person turns to Allah, when he realizes Allah is laughing at them, while cognito should either call the toll and he turns to Allah, look at these angels, they pray for that person. That Oh Allah, forgive him, or Allah, accept his repentance, fulfill alladhina, taboo, whatever is available to him or divulged him and save them from the punishment of hellfire.

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But just imagine how great these angels are.

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How great that if they're out of Allah is the greatest creation, the most vast of them. And there are four or eight angels who are carrying that throne. Imagine how huge they are. Just imagine,

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imagine how powerful these angels are.

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And imagine what a noble task has been given to them.

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The best task to perform has been given to these angels to carry the throne of Allah and they are the angels who are around the throne of Allah.

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The Hamlet and they're so huge in their size even that just to go from their ear, look to the shoulder, it will take 500 years.

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Just imagine how mighty these angels are and how powerful they are an optimist is Salafi and what is what you're going to do blow the trumpet.

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Once and the entire creation will die. blow the trumpet once and the entire creation will rise up alive.

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Just imagine, and they're so close to Allah

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can use of the throne woman hola who and what are they doing praying for those who believe?

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Why would they pray for those who believe?

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Why would the prayers for those who seek forgiveness? Why would they do that?

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Do they get any benefit?

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Do they think about it? Like for example, if a person prays for his parents, yeah, a lot, please make life easy for them. Yeah, good luck, these Grantham wealth, does he get any benefit? Of course, parents are happy, he will be happy parents are well, he will have wealth. But if the angels are praying for the believers, what benefit do they get from the believers? Nothing?

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What does it show them? the sincerity of their draw? And the love they have for those who have email and they have email? So they love who those who have email? Well, you know, NaVi, their email is mentioned over here. So because they have email, they love all those who have email, even if they don't get any benefit from them.

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And this also shows to us how great of a quality email is that when a person has email and when a person follows away of Allah, then what happens the creation of Allah, it becomes sincere and loyal to him.

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The creation of Allah also loves him. Like we learned about the person who's on his way, learning knowledge, spreading knowledge, and what happens, the fish in the sea, and the ants in their holes, what do they do, they pray for him.

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But we see over here that the mighty angels, the carriers of the throat, even they pray for the believers. Eman is such a noble deed

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following the way of Allah, such a noble deed.

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And this also shows to us that the relationship that is founded on a man is a very strong relationship, that even if you don't get any benefit from the other, you love him because he has,

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you will be sincere to him, because he has a man and that is sufficient. You want the best for him, because he has a man.

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And we see that the Prophet sallallahu sallam, even he was told to seek forgiveness for the believers,

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instead of Muhammad and 19, we learned was still fairly them bigger, when in Mena, when we seek forgiveness for your sin and also the sins of the believing men and believing women, both men and women are mentioned over there, both of them.

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And we see that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he said that when a believer prays for his brother in his absence, the angel says amin and may you have something similar to it.

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So the angels they make the offer who for the believers, even though they don't get any benefit from them.

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So it's sincerity. It's well wishing.

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And from this we learned that we should also have well wishing for who other believers

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and partner well wishing is that we should also make the offer for other believers, whether we get any benefit from them, or we don't get any benefit from them.

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Or a burner, or our Lord, what are the hidden home and admit them into where Jenna into gardens.

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They pray not just for their dunya

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but also for them

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when they're alive, forgive them in the hereafter save them from the punishment of Hellfire and admit them into were gardens which gardens of eternity gardens of eternity unless you are the home which you have promised them one on solid hum in other Indian and also admit who in general, whoever was righteous from among their forefathers was watching him and their spouses whether reality him and their children in nikka anttila xizor hacking, indeed it is only you you are these the mighty and Hakeem the wise.

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So we see here that the angels don't just pray for the believers. But they also may draw for

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their loved ones, the families of the believers. And this is the height of well wishing

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you see one is that you desire good for your friend, you want something good for them.

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But greater well wishing is that you want good for their family as well, their children, their siblings, their spouse.

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So we see that the angels they're so sincere so well wishing for the believers. They love them because of their EMA that they made to offer the believers and the ultimate to offer their family members.

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So we should also do the same.

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That when we make them

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Don't just pray for yourself, but also pray for who other believers, and also pray for their families, their children, their parents, their spouses, their friends, their relatives meet to offer them as well.

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Because this is something that we can learn from the angels, what benefit do angels get nothing. But just because we have a man just because people have human, they make law for them. So we should also have the same love for our believing brothers and sisters.

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And you see over here, they say that admit them into gender and also admit their families into agenda. But which family members those who are righteous?

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Because a person may be in a very good place, but if he is far away from his family,

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then can he be happy? No. But in general, obviously, a person will not have any fear any regret, Allah will replace him with another family, Allah will give him something much better in return. However, when you have your family members with you, that perfects your happiness, that increases your happiness. Just the other day somebody was mentioning to me, that her son, he came to pick her up and she sat in the car and she started crying. He said, Why are you crying?

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Why are you crying?

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And she's like, I just, I just thought that what if even one of my children, even one of my children is not on guidance? What will I do? And this this thought is making me cry, I cannot keep it within myself. And when she was telling me, she started crying again. This the thought that one of my children, even one is not on guidance is away from guidance. This heart Even hurts me so much.

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So when a person is with his family members, they perfect his happiness because distance, you know, when you are distant, then you miss them.

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So the angels pray for them that admit them into Jonathan also admit their fathers, their spouses, their children into gender.

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But what's the condition that they are also solid, they're also righteous, because only when a person has done something good himself, then he can deserve something in the hereafter.

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We learned through Torah 21 one Medina Avenue. What about whom the Ria to whom we even in Allah? How can I be him as a realtor home? Mama Latina home in Amara human shake, calamari, MB ma cassava Rahim. And those who believed and whose descendants followed them in faith, those people who believe in their children, follow them in even we will join them with their descendants. And we will not deprive them of anything of their deeds.

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So families will be united in general.

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How out of Allah's favor,

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that if one is at one level and the other is at another level, Allah out of his favor out of his generosity, what will he do? He will unite them, bring them into one level and it doesn't mean that the deeds of one have to be compromised. No, people will go only higher. No one's gonna come lower. This is a favor of Allah. Every person for what he earned is retained in sort of that I 23. We learn janitor Arden in here the whole Luna her woman Sala Hammond, he was wedging him with the reality him when Mila Equatoria Haruna and a young man kaliba Gardens are perpetual residents, they will enter them with whoever were righteous among their fathers, their spouses and their children, and the

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angels will enter upon them from every gate.

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And there's also the law that we should make that will be heavily hookman while he was slightly unhappy beside me.

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And the other weird sort of icon that of the other one, which law

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Robin I have learner as well as you know, with reality Nakata, Aryan Roger and Alan mattina Mmm, that made them righteous, because only the righteous now, then only can we be together in the hereafter because Salah is a condition.

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Now, the fact that the angels are making the law for the believers and also their family members, what does it show to us that first of all, we should also make the offer believers and we should also make the law in general terms.

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Not just you know, saying that Oh Allah gives such and such to only this person.

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But give such and such to all of us sisters here. All of the believing women. You understand? Because when you make the right for everyone, then what happens? Allah subhanaw taala he is so merciful he can give to everyone. Right? So when you're asking a lot for a lot he can give a lot. You're asking a lot will bring you more good deeds. Remember Ibrahim Renison when he met Dre. What did he say that

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he had

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When other eminent domain aka Marathi men have an amine humbler he will do but after he said a condition, what did Allah say? called a woman cafaro oma Tierra who canina even those who disbelieve I'll give him in this dunya a little bit for in the Hereafter, some of tabula rasa, and remember the story of the veteran who came to the masjid and he made there are only for himself and the Prophet sallallahu sallam. What was it? Oh,

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that's something so vast you have limited it. Right? So Allah mercy robina was Sarah Cola, she met and we're in a loss, mercy encompasses everything.

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He is the tone, he has a lot, possessor of great abundance, he can give so much we just need to ask. That's it. We just need to ask. So the angels they pray for believers and also for their families. What else do they say?

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What he will say, and protect them from evil consequences. The angels the ultimate da for the believers that Oh Allah, protect them save the believers, the angels they make the offer the believers that save the believers from

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an essay as in dunya means committing evil since in the hereafter. So you act means

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the consequences of those sins.

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But in dunya also say artists consequences of sins as well. So what he will say add, protect them from committing sins and protect them from the consequences of their sins as well if they have committed and

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working humans say

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woman Ducky say it and who ever you save found the evils yoma in on that day, whoever you saved from evil consequences on the day of judgment

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that in fact you have been merciful. You have showed mercy to him with alika and that is meaning being saved from punishment who will phos it or leave it is the great success because the one who is saved from punishment and admitted into Jenna only a successful isn't it so so woman de casa de oma in enfocado la him that that person you have been merciful on whether he co founded a lien from NZ her and now what audiophile agenda for caregivers.

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So on one side, they're making the right to Allah to admit them into paradise. And on the other side, they're making the right to left to save them from evil since that take them to punishment, or evil consequences, punishment Hellfire

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because that is success. So they pray for complete successfully believers.

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The angels they're doing all of this, they make all this work because they love those who love Allah. They love those who have a man so he man should bring unity.

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The only reason why you should love another person, you should be good to them, you should smile at them, you should overlook their faults simply because they're believers. Simply they believe in Allah. And that's enough. Even if you don't get any benefit in return. Just the fact that they believe in Allah means that you should love them. And what did the Prophet sallallahu said? I'm saying that you cannot enter gender until you love one another. loving one another is essential. It's important. It's a condition. We listen to recitation of

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Alina Muna longshoreman

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una behandelt

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more as

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indeed those people who have disbelieved

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they will be addressed. Unit owner, this is module they will be called. They will be addressed when on the Day of Judgment, as they are in hellfire.

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As they are showing anger against themselves against each other, because in Hellfire people will have a lot of regret. And they will say, loco Nana smart owner, COO, if only we had heard, if we had paid attention if we had understood, we would not have been here today. They will also argue with one another. So those who disbelieve when they're in Hellfire suffering the punishment showing anger against themselves against one another, they'll be called out that lama khatola he, surely the hatred of Allah, the anger of Allah is a caboodle is far greater mimaki calm and full circle, then your hatred for yourselves. mocked is from the roof letters, meme, cough.

00:25:48 --> 00:25:52

And mocked is a shuttle boat. It's extreme hatred.

00:25:54 --> 00:26:00

And it's basically extreme dislike for a person on seeing them doing something wrong.

00:26:02 --> 00:26:26

there when you see them doing something wrong, you get upset and you develop extreme dislike for them. You hate them for what they do, or you hate that moment, or you hate them for the action that they're doing at that moment. So la Makoto, la he, the anger of Allah, the hatred of Allah, for you, is greater than your anger, your hatred for yourselves.

00:26:27 --> 00:26:37

mimaki calm and full circle, that you hate yourself now, you're so angry with yourself now. Because you are in difficulty. You are in punishment.

00:26:38 --> 00:26:46

Isn't it so that when people end up in some trouble, and they realize that it's their fault, they get very angry with themselves, isn't it?

00:26:47 --> 00:27:20

They start cursing themselves. They start breaking their own things, they start harming themselves. They start, you know, showing anger. So when a person realizes it's his fault, he becomes angry with himself. And he has a lot of regret. Why did I do this? What was I thinking? So in the Hellfire people will be told, Allah is more angry with you right now, more than the anger that you have for yourselves. Allah is more angry with you. You hate yourself for what you did Allah to even more for what you did

00:27:21 --> 00:27:36

knock the light accordingly mechanical and physical. And this is Indonesia and also an Acura that an Acura. Allah hates you more for the wrongs that you have been doing more than you hate yourself. And Indonesia. Also, Allah hated you more for the wrongs that you were doing.

00:27:37 --> 00:27:52

Is to the owner either Imani when you were called to Eman, fadak phone. You were invited to have a man but you disbelieved. Now you hate yourself for making that decision. Allah hate you even more.

00:27:53 --> 00:27:57

What do we learn from this, that when a person refuses the truth,

00:27:58 --> 00:28:06

when a person turns away from believing, when a person turns away from him and then Allah is extremely upset with him.

00:28:08 --> 00:28:13

Later on in the hereafter person will be angry with himself but again, the anger of Allah will be much more.

00:28:15 --> 00:28:21

And a person will have nothing but regrets in the hereafter. He cannot do anything to change a situation.

00:28:22 --> 00:28:34

Although they will say robina Oh our Lord, I'm not gonna you caused us today. I'm not gonna from the roof address. Meanwhile, what semester of

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00:28:39 --> 00:28:42

Muslim of me, this is fairly

00:28:44 --> 00:28:50

easy. You figured out it was from Bobby fraud? That's all you need to email. Okay.

00:28:52 --> 00:29:17

It's from email to an email. If I What does it mean? What meaning does it convey off without directly doing the action on someone else? So a matter is to cause deaths to put to death. So a matter you gave that you cause to die who not us? So I'm not gonna, you gave that to us. It's nothing twice two times when

00:29:18 --> 00:29:25

first state of that was before dunia. And the second was after life Indonesia

00:29:27 --> 00:29:39

where he ate and has nothing and you made us live twice. You gave life to us two times as well. How? First time Indonesia and second time after resurrection.

00:29:40 --> 00:29:59

In total Dhaka 28 k phatak for una bella he will control and watton for our hair come some you need to come some you're here comes to lives and do that. So I'm a tennis net, a new tennis nothing further off, nobody will be there. So we confess our sins we admit our sense we acknowledge it.

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sense for her in a rudimentary Is there any way out for her so is there in a hurry to exit mean Seville anyway? Is there any way to get out of Hellfire to return to dunya and to become obedient to you? Oh Allah. While they say this that you gave us death twice and you gave us life twice, meaning you gave us a chance in the dunya but we did not benefit from it. We were caught what we were doing wrong. Now. Is there any way out? For * in a hurry to intervene?

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You caused us to live twice you caused us to die twice. Can you give us life one more time? Can you send us back to jr one more time so that we can do good so that we can become obedient to you?

00:30:44 --> 00:30:45

What's the response?

00:30:46 --> 00:30:52

Is there any way out of Hellfire? No. For * erodium in Serbia, there is no way out of alpha

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into the search the ayah 12 one oh Tara imagery Mona Nikki. So Rosie marinara beam robina upasana. wasa Marina fougere Anna not mozzarella, inner mukhi known. Now we believe with conviction we have seen we have heard, we believe in all of this. Now, please return us. But there's no returning incidental and I have 20 710 Tara it will be for Ireland now. For kalu Yala gonna not do well Anika D will be it. rabina when akuna Minal Meaning, if you could see when they're made to stand before the fire, and they will say all wood that we could be returned to life on Earth, if only we could be returned. And we would not deny the science of our Lord, and we would be among the believers.

00:31:42 --> 00:31:49

in sorrow to me, no, I 172 108 or banner, Regina minha for in erdenet for in Nevada.

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They will say Oh our Lord, take us out of hellfire. And if we were to return to evil, then definitely we're wrongdoers. But the fact is that only a person who is allotted will enter hellfire.

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So they will say if we do wrong one more time then we are learning along with Karla Sophia wala to collymore

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remain the spice they're in and do not even speak to me.

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For her Ilaha rudiments. avi there is no way out.

Ghafir 1-22 Tafsir 7-11

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