Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P06 068A Translation Al-Maidah 1-5

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a variety of unrelated and disjointed statements and phrases, making it difficult to summarize. It also touches on the history of Islam and its implementation in America, Europe, and America, as well as the use of symbolism and the concept of "medicals." In a combing incident, a woman is forced to wear a mask due to a "helpful" flu, and a woman is being chased by a man. In a woman being chased by a man and a woman being chased by a man, the transcript ends with a woman being chased by a man and a woman being chased by a man.
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So I'm really cool with Allah here. We're about to go.

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Live on a Sunday a lot of Sula Hill Kareem and my bar for a little bit less human a shape longer regime. Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim, Frobisher, Ashley Saudi, we're Siddeley Emery Washington lockset and Melissa Sani Coco Lee probenecid in our Ilma

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lesson number 68 pseudotumor EDA is number one to five

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yeah are you Where are you and Lavina those who are new they believed Oh for you all fulfill Bill record with the back with the agreements or shall let it was made lawful law come for you buy Hema to quadruped animals, four legged animals

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an arm of the grazing livestock Illa except ma that which you Claire it is recited or it will be recited or lay come upon you via other than Moshe Lee once who make lawful us lady the hunting the game what anthem while you have Roman are in Iran are in pilgrimage at are

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in indeed. Hola. Hola. Hola. Yes, como he judges? He decides ma whatever you redo he wants

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Yeah, Are you her? Or you and Medina THOSE WHO? Manu they believe?

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Less? Do not Toshi Lu, you all make lawful SHA Euro symbols. Allah He of Allah. Wala, and nor a shahada the month and Haram the Sacred wala and Nora l headier the offering wala and Nora Alcala is the girl and did one

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wala and Nora Mina one heading one's going

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and beta to the house and how long the secret yep the homeowner they seek for blood bounty Grace men from property him they rob what a blonar and pleasure

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what either and when Helen Don't you all put off the Haram you all were halal. phosphor do then you all may hunt

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water and should not yet remain Nico is definitely insight you should know and mighty Coleman of a people and that so do come they stopped you on from Al masjid, the Mosque, the Masjid

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Al haram, the sacred and that started do you all transgress?

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What are our new and you all cooperate mutually you all help one another. Either upon and busy. The righteousness the piety

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what taqwa

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and Allah consciousness and the decoy

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Wallah and do not Darwin who you all cooperate mutually, you all help one another, either upon an estimate the sin will earn one and the transgression what the cool and you all fear Allah Allah

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in that indeed Allahu Allah Shadi do is most severe under record in the retribution

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hood Rima it was made unlawful or they come upon you l Mater to the dead were demo and the blood were national and flesh LCMC of the swine warmer and that which he left it was called

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do it for other than Allah He Allah be with it while mon honey Koto and the one strangled to death well mo coda to and the one injured the one killed by a violent blow

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while Motorola dia two and the one fallen down from a height when Napoli had to and the one but it with horns warmer and what

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Achernar it ate a Subaru. The wild beasts

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in there except ma what? The katoen You all slaughtered

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the katoen you all slaughtered it doesn't mean purified that's ziketan

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the datum you have floated

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warmer and what do we have? It was sacrificed. It was slaughtered. honor upon a no so the altars

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were on and that the stock symbol you all seek to divide Bill Aslan with the arrows.

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Then he calls that are you our fiscal is a sin

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and the OMA this day today, yet he says he despaired and Medina those who can follow their disbelief disbelieved men from the Ricoh your religion for that so do not the show home you all fear them while shoni and you all fear Me

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and the OMA this day today, a commando I have perfected Lacan for you being a comb your religion we're at month two and I have completed or they come upon you near muddy my blessing. What are we do and I approved the Quran for you al Islam the Islam, Bina as religion

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for a month so whoever absorber he was forced. He was compelled fee in Mahatma Sultan, extreme hunger virus other than with a journey Finn one who inclines Li is men to sin.

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For Inessa Indeed, Allah Allah for foreign always or forgiving regime one always all merciful

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yes or no naka, they ask you, Mother, what is that?

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OSHA law, it was made lawful law home for them.

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Say she left it was made lawful, local for you or for you but the good things, the pure things warmer and what I learned to you all taught men from a jewelry the hunting animals

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or jewelry, the hunting animals, mocha Levine ones who train

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mocha Levine ones who train or simply trainers.

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To only Munna Hoonah you will teach them mimma from what I never come, he taught you Allahu Allah.

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So Kulu so you will eat mimma from what am Sokhna they held on to they got or they come upon you.

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What guru and you all mentioned is Smith name Allah He of Allah, are they he upon it? What the goo and you all fear Allah Allah in that indeed Allah Allah Surya or most Swift, Allah who serve in the reckoning Aloma this day today

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it was made lawful law calm for you. AKA Yuba, the good things the pure things

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what ammo and food and Medina of those who who do they were given al Kitab the Book Helen is awful the comb for you? What are Macomb and your food? Helen is lawful law home for them. While most on Earth and the chaste women

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men from a lot meaner the believing women

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while more Sun earth and the chase women men from a Medina those who will do they were given al Kitab the Book men from a biblical before you either when data more or less, you all give them or Jura Hoonah their bridal money.

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Worsley mean, as one's being chased by Euro not Musa figurine one's being fornicators wala and North Motorcity the ones taking of them secret friends,

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woman and whoever you work for he disbelieves Bill Eman with the belief for God then in fact, have you thought it was wasted? Ahmed who his deeds were Hua and he see in an earthly Rasta hereafter men from Aloha serene, those who are losers.

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Let's fix the recitation.

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In a shape on one gene Bismil

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board or heading

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Hema to

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your machine is so easy to hold on in

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your lead Yeah

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Are you ready

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learn to lose your law he wants to show how

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mean and bacon how

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milk won't be more everyone will either Helen to Nicole spazio

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command numerous GTIN how long

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double well

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what Allah Allah Hashem for orb how do we match

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them what

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are the two one we had won

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several in gay don't wanna get a several 80k to do behind and also be desktop on see movie as

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very booty sports Elio Aliona is

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the talk show homework shown

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to Lego Moodle is

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better Berman you're both walking enough massaging

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me in a lava walking yes

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you can levy

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levy in a

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law firm pulumi

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Go smell law here they work double law her in a law her study on his

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way up

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the halo logo more

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almost Sana Zunino Mina Timo sauna and to Mina Larry you know to look at

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one of the most solid Domina lady in

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any country

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saying mostly you know, you're on TV, you know, TV

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for me, man eat up all the heavy alarm and who won't be able to pause it

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