Taimiyyah Zubair – Bukhari 033 Knowledge Hadith 104

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of disclosing information and respecting human life is emphasized in Makpaid. The holy grail of Islam is also emphasized, as it is necessary for people to show their authenticity and not highlight their beliefs. The holy grail is crucial for avoiding embarrassment and creating a sense of community in the workplace. The speaker emphasizes the need for evidence presentation and the importance of being spoken with respect and humility.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Kareem and my birth for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem rubbished rightly so de were Sidley Emery Weiner abeta melissani of kuqali probenecid dinner

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bad leoben lil Masha? Allah Eva Kala who ignore best in an interview sallallahu alayhi wa sallam liuba lil Lee, should you believe? he conveys Li Bella he must convey, he should convey? What should he convey? The knowledge,

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who should conveyed a share hit the one who is present, the one who sees the one who is a witness, he should convey that knowledge to who alive, the one who is absent. So, the one who is present should convey their aim to who the one who is not there, the one who is absent, Connor who he said it who said it, ignore our best and ignore basketball below and who he said it meaning he narrated this on behalf of who meaning who statement did he narrate an interview sallallahu alayhi wa sallam meaning this is a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that even Arbus narrated. So remember how to use this hadith as what the part of this Hadees as the chapter heading?

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What do we learn from this chapter heading? that the person who is present at the time and place where certain things are being taught? Then what should he do? He should convey to those people who are not present. So in other words, somebody who has attended a class should convey to who the one who was absent the one who was not there. Why, so that nobody misses out. Everybody does not have the opportunity to come and sit in a class. Why? Because people have different responsibilities. And many times those responsibilities are time bound. So everybody does not have the opportunity to come and sit in a proper classroom and learn in that environment, but doesn't mean that they should not

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be informed at all. No, it is the duty of those who are attending the class, to convey their lm to who those who did not attend. So all of us who are present in any class, it is our responsibility that whatever we learn, we must convey it to those people who were not able to come. And this means that we cannot look down on those people who are not able to come because there should be no pride. There should be no pride, no arrogance, this is the father of Allah. This is a great favor of Allah up on someone that he has been given the opportunity to learn in a proper modulus. And if somebody was not given that favor, then we must not look down on them. Rather we must also benefit them from

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whatever we have learnt. So let's look at the Hardys had the center of the law, his new use of the head destiny lays call ahead, Destiny, sir Eden, an obituary in a new color, that indeed he said, who said a bush a bush ray is a companion of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. He said to who? Leon Livni sir Eden do I'm even sir eat who is even sorry, he was the governor of Medina. And this was at the time when yazeed was the halifa are you familiar with who he is? It was his who is the son of what are we are the Longhorn. So when he is it was a halifa.

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Even Sir, he was the governor of Medina. And at the time when you see it was a halifa many people from the Muslim Ummah they revolted against yazeed. Why? Because of the things that he had committed against the companions of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, especially his grandsons has an interesting. So what happened was that our beloved sons obeyed. Are you familiar with the weapons of it? He was the son of who? The son of a smile on her end debate. So he was a very righteous man and many people had revolted against his the meeting, they were not willing to accept him as the halifa. So they gave their baotou who Abdullah ivans obeyed. So our Bolivians have been became like a

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Khalifa and yazeed was also the halifa. Now what happened was that Sullivan's VEDA he went to Makkah, and all the people of Makkah, they pledged allegiance to him, they declared him as the halifa. Now, you can imagine, this was like a revolt rebellion against the halifa of that time. So elevens Bay was with his people in Makkah, and jazzy had his governor of Medina, I'm sorry, he sent forces against elevens a bit in order to break his power in order to force him to accept the halifa have who have easy to understand what's happening. So I'm going to read Whoa, while he was younger, so he was sending Albert Russa those who are being sent meaning the armies

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dhamaka to Makkah, so I'm sorry it was sending his armies to Makkah to fight against our Bolivians debate and his people. So, a butcher, a the Companion of the Prophet sallallahu said when he saw this happening, the troops are being sent to Makkah to fight in the harem. He stood up over there, and he said to me, that it then Li it, then you permit leave for me a you have a need, or a need or leader, you allow me to say something, you allow me that Oh, how did that I narrate to you, Colin, a statement? Please allow me to narrate something to you. And this statement is whose of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam which statement, comma V he stood with it and abuse Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam,

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the Prophet sallallahu Sallam meaning the statement that he uttered when he was standing, when? What does alert mean?

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Well, tanto, nevsun, Malka de la liga, then, tomorrow. So what is the next day? So the prophets are allowed to sit him stood and he delivered the speech when he heard the next day, the next day of what minio malfatti The day of conquest. So the next day after the day of conquest, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he said this statement, please allow me or me or leader that I narrate the statement to you. I tell you what the prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Samir to it heard him who heard him ozuna Yeah, my two ears. My two ears heard that statement meaning I heard that statement with my own ears. Wha wha hoo. And it retained it. What retained it will be my heart. Meaning the

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words that the prophet SAW a lot of synonyms uttered at that time. My heart memorize those words, meaning I remember them. I know them very well. What Episode Two Arina Yeah, Episode Two. And it saw him what saw him I am my two eyes. Meaning I witnessed him I saw him saying these words. So in other words, I didn't just hear but I also saw and I didn't hear and see and forget, but rather I memorized so I remember till today hain at the time that a llama be he when he spoke with those words, in other words, when he uttered those words, so what did he say? hemming the law, he praised a law was not our lady and he glorified him. So in other words, when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam

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stood up and he gave the hotma he began with the praise and the glory of Allah subhanaw taala similar color then he said in Nana kata indeed maka, how Roma hair, he made it how long meaning he made it sanctified, who Allahu Allah. Allah has made maca. How long? What is haram over there? Fighting, killing, cutting the plants. So all of this Allah subhanaw taala has forbidden while I'm not your head limb harness, the people have not made it hard on but rather who has made it hard on Allah. Allah has declared Makkah as a sanctuary people did not declared as a sanctuary for Allah Hello. So it is not permissible for who Lymbery in for a person. You may know BelAir. He will

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Yeoman. Who believes in Allah and the Last Day and that yes, Faker. He sheds Bihar, Bihar at it meaning in Makkah determine any blood. So it is not permissible for a person who believes in Allah and the Last Day that he should cause bloodshed in Makkah. In other words that he should kill someone in Makkah. Walla and not Europe whether it be caught Bihar attic meaning atmaca shadow rotten any tree so in MCE no tree should be cut for him. So if I hadn't anyone that aha, he allows that Aha. So from Rosa, what does it mean, to permit something to allow something. So if someone allows Lupita Lee, because of the kita lamb over here is of Darlene because of the fighting of

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he had in it. In other words, if somebody allows fighting in Makkah, and they take the evidence of fighting in Makkah, from where, from the fact that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he fought in Makkah at the date of conquest. So if he could do so, then we can also do so.

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So if somebody takes the lead from there, for kulu, then you should say that in Allah Indeed Allah by the Elina lira Sudha he, in fact he permitted for his messenger. Allah allowed his messenger to fight on that day at that time, when I'm in the locker room, and he has not allowed you allow me that

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For who for His Messenger, but he has not made that exemption for you when the law come. So in other words, it is not permissible for anyone to fight in Mecca. What innama originally and indeed he only allowed for me fear in it, meaning fighting in it for how long? Not forever for certain, Minda for an hour of the day, meaning for just a part of the day. In other words, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was not given absolute permission, complete permission to fight there in whenever however he wanted. No, it was only for some part of the day. And it was very necessary to do that. And after that permission, some more than that, it returned home to her. It's sacredness. It's hilma. Aloma

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today, go home, but he had like it's from a bill

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yesterday. So in other words, just as the day before Makkah, was sacred fighting was not permissible after the day of the conquest The next day, that Homer has returned. So in other words, the prophets, little Dalton was only allowed to fight in there for how long for just some part of the day before that, and after that, it is not allowed for anyone to fight there in some other trauma to her Aloma, the whole Mati habit, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam also said at that time, while you believe and he should convey, who should convey a share hit the one who is present to allow those who are absent. So those who are present over here who have heard these words, who have realized the

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sanctity, the sacredness of this place, must convey this message to those who are not here. So who should I shall deliver and who he narrated this entire Hadees? Why, why did you narrate this entire Hadith to stop urban street from sending his forces were to Makkah, because he was telling him that that place is sacred, no matter what happens, we're not allowed to fight in there for keela so it was said, Leah beshara. Han to Abu Surely, it was said to him makalah what he said amarone What are mircette? So in other words, a Bushra was given the answer that Allah gave to him. And what was the answer? What was the response that armo gave to obey? Allah, he said, an earlier moment. I am more

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knowing than you. I know better than you. Yeah, but surely,

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I know better than you. Lay your ego. It does not give refuge who does not give refuge. Makkah does not give refuge to who are Aslan to a disobedient person. If a person has committed disobedience, and he runs into the heroine in order to secure his life, then such a person will not be given refuge from Mecca, meaning he's not safe in Makkah. In other words, if we find him if we catch him, we will hold him accountable and we will punish him. Well and nordfeldt one, one who runs

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who runs Why does he run them in because of them? Meaning, maka does not even give refuge to a person who has flees to Makkah why, because of a murder that he committed. So this person committed a murder, and he runs to Makkah to be safe over there, you understand? So I'm going to concern he said, if a murderer goes there, we are going to kill him when a foul run, and nor someone who has run there who has fled over there. Why Bihar Putin because of a harbor because of his piano, or by his piano or theft. So a person was committed to piano a person was committed theft, if he goes to Makkah, we're gonna catch him and we're gonna punish him, we are going to chop off his hand. So this

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was the Piazza who I'm sorry, then obviously, it was wrong. It was not correct. But he meant he was implying that Abdullah evens obeyed and his people what have they done? They have revolted against the Khalifa. They have committed Leanna they're criminals. And even if they have taken refuge in Morocco, we're not going to spare them over there. We are going to fight them, we are going to go and fight them over there. And this was obviously a wrong PS that he made. The Saudis is a very important Hadees. And there are many, many lessons that we learned let's go one by one. First of all, we learned this Hardee's that it is from the chapter heading that Mr. McCarty derives from the

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evidence that Mr. Bahari derives from this idea that it is obligatory on the person who is present on the showerhead, to convey to, to convey to the who does the showerhead refer to over here Shahid primarily refers to the person who has witnessed the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So in other words, the Sahaba. So, a person who was present he saw the prophet SAW a lot of them doing something saying something, then he must convey what he learned to who to the one who is the one who is absent and who's absent. Those people who either came later because they weren't even born at the time when the Prophet sort of autism said or did what he did, or because it was somewhere else. So

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the Sahaba

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It was mandatory on them to convey whatever they learned of the religion to who, to those who did not know, to those who were not present. And this is why we see that a Buddha who are who he narrated so many Hadees why, because he did not wish to conceal any knowledge, he realized that what he saw what he witnessed, it was an application on him, to convey it to pass it on to those who are not present. And likewise, we see that a person who is on a limb of something, he must convey what he knows to, to the one who is J Hill. So the knowledgeable one is obligated to convey what he knows to who, to the one who is ignorant. Because when Allah makes a person carry or ill, when Allah makes

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a person carry knowledge, then in fact, he has taken from that person, a Messiah, a covenant, a promise, that he must convey it as well. Any person who learns about something, whom Allah has given some funnel and this funnel is available, then it is as though Allah has taken me sack from him a covenant from him that he must convey what he has learned. We learned in the Quran, wave Allahu mitsouko, Latina, otoki tava Latina hulin, as well as Dr. Mona who, the People of the Book a lot took a covenant from them, that you must clarify the book to the people and you will not conceal it, you will not hide it. And never belittle yourself never think that I only know one Hadees I'm not an

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island, I'm not a scholar. No, even if a person knows one Hadees one important thing, then what is his obligation that he must convey it to those people who do not know.

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And it doesn't mean that you have to convey it in the same way that for example, if you heard a lecture, you deliver the lecture as it was no, you can summarize what you learned. You can just convey one major one important thing, you know, like they say that this is the Reader's Digest version, meaning it's the shortest form, it's the brief version. So this is what we can do as well. But we must realize that whatever we have learned, it is an obligation that we must pass it on. We have to convey it we cannot conceal knowledge, because if a person conceals knowledge, then he is committing a huge crime. Then we also learned this Hardee's that Abuja a, he addressed he spoke to

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he advised the amines who was the Amir amor, even sorry.

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However, notice the way he addressed Ahmed, even sorry, how did he address him? He said his belly, and he helped me allow me, I need your permission before speaking, you allow me to narrate a Hadees to you? What do we see over here, then when he addressed him, he addressed him with a lot of respect. We think that if there is a person who is wrong, if there is a person whom we disagree with, or if there's a person who is going against the religion in whatever way than if we speak to him, we have to speak to him. We know in a very powerful with that we insult him and he feels bad about himself. We have to make him feel guilty. We have to humiliate him, we have to insult him,

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even though he may be greater than us in worldly terms. Isn't that what we think that Cole hawks speaking the truth, before who before unjust leader and oppressive leader, we think that this is the greatest good deed. But the fact is that speaking against someone meaning speaking to someone, to correct them doesn't have to be in a harsh way. It must be done with respect, especially if a person is advising someone who has a worldly status. Why?

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Because if you speak to them in a harsh manner, if you speak to them as you would speak to a child, or if you speak to them as you would speak to an ordinary person, then what will happen it will lead them to rejecting the truth, not accepting it, even though they may understand they will not accept it. What is preventing them their pride, their ego, why do they have that pride because of the position that they have. So if somebody is greater than you, whether it is in status or in age, in whatever way, even when they are doing something wrong, how should we speak to them with a lot of respect. I'm not even sorry, he was a facet. He was sending troops against a companion of the

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Prophet sallallahu Sallam in Makkah.

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Imagine he was committing great Fisk openly. And Alicia was a companion. He could have said a lot of things to him. But he spoke to him with a lot of respect. Because people who have leadership, many times it comes with a lot of baggage and what is their baggage that people have? You know, they think highly of themselves. They take pride in whatever position they have. So it will make it difficult for them to accept the truth. And remember that whenever you speak nicely, gently, humbly before a person of high status, you're not doing it to that you you know Humble yourself to them. No, you were speaking in that manner.

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So that they humble to the truth. Because we think why should we accept their superiority when they're sinful? No, you're not accepting their, you know, you're not becoming small in front of them, you're not, you know, lowering yourself in front of them. The fact is that you, by the way you speak, you're making it possible for them to humble themselves to the truth. Many times it happens that when people find their parents doing something against their religion, or their elders in whatever way, they think there has to be no respect over there, no respect must be there. And we see this in the way of the Companion of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, then we alternate in the 30s,

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that whenever a person says something, something important, when he's trying to prove something, then he must present the evidence as well. He must give the lead as well, we see that a bullshitter is not just saying outright, don't send your forces. No. He said, allow me to narrate it Hadees to you, the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he gave the evidence. And many times it happens that when you present the evidence, the other is more likely to accept, because then they know that what you're saying is not coming from you, but it is coming from the Quran and Sunnah. And many times, if you limit what you say, to the evidence, okay, and not say extra things, then it will be

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much easier for the person to accept, then we also have this Hadees that a person should mention what may be a cause of acceptance of his statement. Meaning, if you're saying something, and you know that if you mentioned something else, it will enable the other person to accept what you're saying. It proves the authenticity of what you're saying. Then mentioned that, for example, a butchery over here, he said, both my ears hurt. I saw with my both eyes, I memorized in my heart. Why is he saying this? He's not showing off over here, that he knows a lot. No, he is saying this to make, I'm even sorry, realize that he is very sure of what he's narrating.

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And when he said in this way, when a person says in this way, I remember I saw I heard I have memorized, then it makes it possible for the other person to accept it as well, because it shows that what a person is narrating is authentic. He didn't just hear he doesn't just roughly remember, no. Then we also learned this are these that hearing and seeing something at the same time. In other words, when a person hears someone, and he also sees them is different from just hearing them.

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A bullshitter. He didn't just say I heard with my both ears. No, he said I heard I remember. And I saw

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why. When you only hear something, how is your concentration level? Just imagine you're listening to an audio lecture? How's your concentration level? Not that strong. But if for example, you're sitting in a classroom, you can see the speaker you can hear, then how much is your concentration level? Much stronger? Isn't it something that you hear in your car, as you're driving, what happens? You forget, or you get distracted, and all of a sudden you start paying attention to what you're listening to. And you're like, what's the connection between what I heard previously and what he's saying now, many times, you can't concentrate as well. But when you are seeing and when you're

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hearing at the same time, then you remember, and you understand much better, it has a much greater impact on you. And this is why we see that I wish, he said that I heard with my own ears, and I saw with my own eyes, and I remember in my heart, you may have experienced it yourself as well. That if you're sitting in the class, it's much different from listening to recording later on. or listening online, there is a huge difference. When you're sitting in the front of the class, it's different from sitting at the back of the class where a person is cut off from the class, he cannot participate, he cannot even hear the comments, isn't it, he can't even see the board. Clearly,

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there's a huge difference. So, unless and until a person has a genuine reason, a genuine reason, he should not lose the opportunity of sitting, hearing and seeing what he has to see what he has to the class that he has to attend. Because if a person just listens just hears, then what he has gained is much less compared to what he could have gained while sitting in the class while participating in the class actively. Then we also learn this Hadees that it was the way of the prophets that allowed them to begin to hook how with him with the praise of Allah subhana wa Tada.

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And likewise, we should also do the same that whenever a hook by an address is being given then a person must begin with the praise of a last panel.

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And we also know in this Hardee's that, that the theme of Makkah, the theme the sacredness of Makkah, this has been decided by who by who, Allah subhanaw taala not by

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The people in other words the name and tech lead

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of something of someplace. This is entirely in the hands of in the hands of Allah. Allah says in the Quran willette akula matassa por el Tina tucan AlkaViva halala Mahara Dongguan asserting yourself with your tongues that this is Hillel and this is Ron This is permissible This is not permissible. No, with after Allah. You can't go on saying by yourself this is the decision of Allah. Allah says in the Quran Coleman have Rama Xena tala meaning Allah has not so you cannot forbid. So hold on, hold on this is in the hands of Allah subhana wa Tada. And why did the Prophet sallallaahu Islam say this, that this team has been set by Allah not by the people? Because if Allah has said that to him,

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then he can also do it. Certainly, if Allah has forbidden something that he can also permit it. And if people have forbidden something, can they permitted? Yes, they can.

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If people can forbid something, can they allow it as well?

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Can they? Yes. If there's a rule that you have set, can you change it? Yes, you can. Because you set it you can also remove it. Sometimes you allow something for your children and other times you don't. Why? Because you have the authority. So if the people were the ones who made Makkah haram place then what will happen they can also make it Hello. But Allah did not give this right to the people. Allah has kept this right with himself. So when Allah has done it to him then only He can do it's the he'll whenever he wants. Then we alternate this hadith that it is not permissible for a person to kill anyone in Makkah, is not permissible for a person to kill anyone in Makkah, a

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believer or a disbeliever. What did we learn in this video? What are the words? What are the prophets what a lot of them say that lead falaya Hello Nima in umino. Bella who will Yeoman? And yes, we can be here, Devon. It is not permissible for a person who believes in Allah and the Last Day that he causes bloodshed in Makkah.

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It is not permissible for anybody for and why it has been said the one who believes in Allah and the Last Day.

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Why is this been said because this is a sign of the completion of Eman. In other words, if a person goes on doing bloodshed in Makkah, then that means that his Eman is deficient. There is a problem with his a man.

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So it is of the requirements of EMA that a person must have respect for human life in Makkah. And that is why out of respect for Makkah. So neither a believer nor a disbeliever No one is allowed to be killed in Makkah, neither an innocent person nor a guilty person a criminal person nobody can be killed

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and the statement is general and yes they can be had dumb and dumb on any blood any person any human being you're not allowed to kill him in Makkah.

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So what Americans are eat said that if a person is asleep, or if a person has killed someone, if a person has committed Leanna then we will kill him. Is this correct? It's not correct, because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam made a general statement and yes, we can be done. inshallah we will continue the rest of it in our next class. Because Chronicle long will be handy condition to Allah Allah Allah enter the stuff

Lesson 33 – Chapter 36 Hadith 104

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