Stories From The Past #23 Abu Bakr Al Sideeq and the Old Woman

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The transcript describes a culture where people are competing to win and win. The culture includes a man named Bu Bu Bu who is a close friend of the Prophet and a woman named Abubaker who helps her in her work. The culture also includes a woman named Viola Han who complains about her lack of support and a woman named Abubaker who helps her in her work.

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no doubt amongst the greatest people who have walked this earth after the prophets is the great man and the great companion Abu Bakr, Siddiq Ravi Allahu and Abu Bakr

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was indeed, a man who was notable for his racing and competing to do good and really being at the forefront. Subhanallah he was the winner in all aspects. And that's why he was the close friend of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he was the one was the first to enter Islam. And obviously he was the first man to enter Islam. He was amongst the people who helped the prophesy Salam supported him in all ways and that's why the prophets I send them in his final words he said in them in many Nursia Allah few Sabeti Abu Bakr the one who can really show his favor to me, in terms of his companionship is Abu Bakr.

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He helps me in his wealth and his companionship, and he said, local Tomodachi then hollyland Lotta to Ababa Corinne Hi Lila Lakin. Sahiba Kumar Lido right man, if I were to have taken a close, unique companion, friend, a beloved then I would have done so Abubaker would have been my ideal. However, your companion meaning himself the process of them is the highlight of our human he is the close friend of a Rockman Allah subhanho wa Taala

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of the notable stories of Abu Bakr Violante is after he passed away after the processing and passed away.

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He became the Khalifa as the Muslims gave him the allegiance to become the Khalifa.

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And then he got on with the job.

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Amara of the Allah and Anhu was a close aide to Abu Bakr, he noticed that Abu Bakr after Salah twill Fajr, he was leaving,

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leaving his you know, the, if you like urban area and going into the suburbs of Medina.

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And he was doing this regularly. And so this sort of raised there and kind of suspicion with Omar was was happening whereas Abu Bakr going, what's he doing? Does he have another family? Do you have another, you know, what business is up to? So he decided to follow Abu Bakr to see what he's up to.

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And it might seem that okay, he is is he's trying to, you know, look for information, things like that. But on the other hand, as well, being a righteous man was probably more like to looking out for Abu Bakr and making sure there's nothing that is going wrong in which he can help him. So he found Abubaker going to the outskirts of Medina, and entering into the house houses of

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Well, one of the houses in the outskirts. He was staying there for a few hours, and then he was leaving. So after he left, obviously then we find out what's happening. So he went and knocked on the door. And an old woman, a blind old woman opened the door. And he said who is who is the, you know, excuse me? I'm just asking who is this man who has is coming to your house every day. And the woman said, you know, I don't even know his name. This is just a man who comes he helps us with the house. He cleans the house he tidies up. As you can see I'm a blind woman, and I have these young children who are in my care. He needs the dough for us so we can make the bread he takes the goat

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and he milks it as well to allow

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obviously the milk is you know, a source of of drink and that was paler. That was actually what the task of the men was to milk.

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The animal not the women but anyway, so he was doing all those things and then he was leaving and we don't even know who he is. You know she's a dissolvable head and he's helping us out you know for these. And so on hearing this, our Omar Ravi Allah Han says his famous words, which are stuck in history said look at the Abdel hula I mean bedika Abubaker indeed you have tired

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the hula for those who are going to come the successes we're going to come after you. Abu Bakar meaning that you have put such a high standard as leader in the community. This is the top man the leader in the Islamic

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nation Islamic state which has

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been established by the Prophet sallallaahu Salam, and you are going by yourself to serve these person, this woman to help her and to do her housework for her what a standard you have placed. And subhanAllah this, this was the kind of, you know, this was the kind of competition they had, they didn't see being in a position of authority or something that makes them arrogant. They you know, they don't do the housework, they don't help out these us going and helping a woman who needed his help.

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There is a similar narration in a different way, when, in the time of our model, Viola Han, and that is when when, uh, when one woman came and complained to a model of the Alliance about

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you know, the lack of help, and support said, you know, nobody has come and helped us nobody has provided for us, we are here. So Omar said, you know, excuse me, madam but I don't know about you, you know, if you if you don't tell us about your situation we don't know about on this. She said Subhan Allah I never thought that the leader of a community doesn't know about his people.

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And that was a shock to on that as well. Are they alive? Because if you are a leader, you should know about the people in your in your community, you shouldn't be asking about them. And maybe if you're not doing yourself, then at least the people who work for you should be able to bring your statistics you know, we have these people are poor, these people are needy these before, and that should be addressed by the leader. Compare that to the many people who have come after Abu Bakr after Omar, who were had so many shortcomings, their only concern was filling their own stomachs, their own pockets, they didn't care about the people. They would just rather collect taxes from

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them. They don't care if they starve or die of starvation or thirst as long as they just looked after themselves and Subhanallah it really shows the important meaning which the prophesy said and I've said see you do poem Kadima home the master of people is the one who is at their service. I hope that's been useful. Samurai Granato