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Sad 1-26 Tafsir 24-26

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England Nabina Muhammad Ali had except for those people who believe in do righteous deeds.

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What does it mean by those, that those who have Eman and those who do or mozzarella? They do not do believe against one another?

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What can you know my home? And how few are they polyoma? how few home? They are, we have over here believe what is occurring refer to

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those who believe in the righteous deeds who don't oppress one another. And we also have cathedra over here who are the thief

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cathedra those who oppress one another.

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So, over here we see that the one who has a man and the one who does righteous deeds, he will not commit burglary against others. Why? Because his Eman and his Amazon will stop him.

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His he man and good deeds will prevent him

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from committing injustice against others.

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Because good deeds, what do they lead to?

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more good deeds? Isn't it? And sins? What do they lead to more since

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when a person does something good once he enjoys it, he likes it he wants to do more. So Allah gives him to do more and more good.

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When a person does something wrong once then what happens? That hesitation it goes away. He's not hesitant anymore. So he will do it another time and then he will do it another time. You understand? So good deeds, they prevent a person from wronging. Others. Eman also prevents a person from wronging others. So what kalila my home? And how few are the

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world's one Nadeau will do and the other incident he was certain and never forgotten now who that indeed we had tested? How?

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How did older this number does it we had tested him

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that it was an unusual situation. Right? And through the judgment that he was making he was being tested.

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So how was he being tested that you see, first of all that wilderness anon he was appointed as a judge?

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Right? He was appointed a judge between the affairs of people

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and his duty, his responsibility had to do with the public.

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Isn't it when it had to do with the public? Should he not have been available to the public?

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Should he not have been available to the public? Of course he should have been.

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Now imagine a poor man who was only one sheep, he is being treated so unjustly, that those who have so much wealth are demanding you give this one sheep to us. The other instead of being a judge, he should have been available to people, isn't it so? So he realized, you know, my mistake has been pointed out to me

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and Africa now.

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So his being secluded. His being away from the people was incorrect on his part. And when these people walked in on him, he realized he should not have done that. He should have been available to the people.

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Like remember micromodal Dylon, who when he was a halifa, how afraid was he? How conscious was he? That during the day, and during the night, what was he doing? Taking rounds, making sure everything is in order. He was afraid that if a dog dies out of thirst, in his Caliphate, he will be held responsible. So just imagine. So the other listener, yes, he had divided his time, but it was incorrect on his part to completely seclude himself to be inaccessible to people for an entire day. Because even an entire day, many things can happen. Many injustices can take place.

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And you see when he said the statement that many foreigners commit injustice against one another.

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If you think about it, him and his people were they're not in a partnership.

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They were in a partnership, he had a responsibility. And the people had a right.

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Right, the people had a right that the king, the judge should be available to them. So when he was not available, this would be in a way incorrect on his part. So the Lutheranism immediately realized and then other than now, this was

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his mistake was being pointed out to him.

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Secondly, it is also said that we'll wander that would never fit in now, this fit now what was it, that he heard the story of one party and not the other and he was hasty in passing the judgment.

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So he passed the judgment. And then he realized I should have heard the other side.

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He was quick and passing the judgment and then he realized I should have heard the other side at least. So he realized this was a test the way people walked in on me the way

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I was startled. The way this was an unusual situation. And the way I passed my judgment, this was a test. And many times it happens with you that, for example, you make a promise with yourself, I'm not going to do this again, I'm not going to save this, I'm not going to argue with this person, I'm going to be grateful. I'm not going to complain. But what happens? You put in situations where you have to prove yourself. Just the other day somebody was saying that I keep praying to Allah for patients. And I keep falling in situations where I have to be patient, or my patience is tested. Because this is true. So we'll run another we'll do another factor now that we tested him and what

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happens and we realize, Oh, this was a test.

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Isn't it? A lowest testing my patience, a lowest testing my gratitude, so that Lutheranism also he immediately realized that he was being tested. And when he realized for stuff for a bow, he sought forgiveness from his Lord. Will homeroom Oh Karen. And he fell down in recore. Whenever and he turned in repentance. He turned to Allah immediately.

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You see over here, there will there is a does not become stubborn. He does not offer any excuses. He does not become angry with the people. He doesn't say this is not fair.

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He doesn't begin to offer justifications. No. He immediately realized his mistake. And he began seeking forgiveness from Allah. And he fell down in frustration in record, humbling himself before Allah was an Abba and he turned in repentance to Allah.

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This is how a true servant of Allah should be

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done test comm mistakes happen. But a mistake does not remain a mistake if you've learned something from it. If you have improved because of it.

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You understand? Because sometimes what happens, we do something wrong and we just stay in that guilt.

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I'm so impatient.

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I don't know when I'm going to learn. I've read so much Hold on. But still, when it comes to my patients, zero. I'm so ungrateful. I complained so much, and what happens we stay in that state in that negative state. But what do we see from here? That when you realize your mistake, turn to Allah seek forgiveness.

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You understand? The wonder of Islam immediately when he realized his mistake. He is the father he turned to a lot yeah, Allah forgive me. Well, hello, Karen want a nap. And when a person turns to a line this way, then he has truly learned from his mistake.

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He has benefited from that fitna. From that test? He has drawn closer to Allah soprano.

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So it doesn't remain a mistake anymore.

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For her phone Allah who Delica so we forgive him for that, for what? For the mistake that he made. What error did he make? Whether it was his being inaccessible to people, or it was his hasty judgment? Whatever it was a loss of penalty, Allah forgive him for that. And Allah says, What in Allah who are in Ghana, and indeed for him near us Lazuli? Surely a position of near nets zilpha from the roof letters A lanpher.

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And what does it mean? zilpha. Near NUS. It's basically nearest in position to be close in position, a higher rank. So we're in mela, who are in the analysis alpha. He will have near us soon for a position close to Allah, warehouse, Noma Arab and a beautiful place of return. What does it mean by this hostname, a beautiful place of return excellent place of return in the hereafter meaning paradise. So a lot of panels are to forgive him his air,

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he removed the effect of that mistake. And on top of that, Allah also rewarded him with two great things Oba and host number.

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This is the benefit of turning to Allah. When a person realizes mistake.

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And when a person becomes stubborn, he begins to offer excuses. He begins to offer justifications than what happens he has not benefited from the test at all.

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He has not benefited at all.

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Just look at how though there is an end game even closer to Allah. His rank increased even higher after this test. You understand? Many times tests come either we fall because of them.

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Or we go higher because if

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we listen to the recitation and then I'll tell you about the lessons

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Rufus me in

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the hall.

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Do you want to push people

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this room?

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Jessica? big

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War One.

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What do we learn from this incident? First of all, coming into someone's private room, or private area from a place other than the door causes fear. So person should avoid that.

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Now, how could this be relevant to us when you go to somebody's house? What's the proper way? knocking on the door? Not that you begin knocking on the windows? Not that if you see an open window, you try to go through and from there. This is not something that is right. Why? Because if you do that, it will cause fear. Similarly, what's the proper way of entering into somebody's house going from the front door, not that you go into their backyard and come from the door that goes into the living room? Even if you know they're about their house. But this is not appropriate. Why? Because it causes fear. Secondly, we learn from the story that passing judgment between people is a

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more superior act of worship, then a private act of worship.

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There will there is a time he was busy in a private act of worship.

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Whereas passing judgment between people was something that he should have been doing at that time. Right? So passing judgment between people what is a show is a more superior act of worship compared to a private act of worship. Because when you pass judgment between people, it benefits more people. But when you're engaged in a private act of worship, and who does it benefit?

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Only you

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For example, some people might say to you, why are you spending so much time, you know, doing your lesson and doing your assignments, you don't pray at night, you should be doing that. I know so and so they don't go to all these classes, but they read so much Koran, and they read so many books, and they read so much of God and so many doors and look at you. And you might feel like this as well, sometimes, that I'm not able to do as much

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as another person who is not going to a school studying the dean, perhaps helping in learning the dean teaching the dean. But remember that when you will just read code on yourself, it will only benefit you.

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You understand, but when you will study it, when you will learn about its meanings. And when you will help other people learn the Quran, then is it only going to benefit you know, it's going to benefit more people. So we have to see what is a more superior act of worship, what is more beneficial. What the other wrestler was doing was something very good. However, Allah subhanaw taala made him realize what his responsibility was, what was better, what was more severe.

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We also learned from this the profits they experienced what normal people experience what

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fear. Also, we see that if someone becomes afraid of you, when there is no need to be afraid, then should you tell them not to have here.

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Don't keep them in that fear unnecessarily.

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Because sometimes what happens you're talking to someone and they look nervous. So when they look nervous, tell them to calm down especially when there's nothing to be

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fraid of the disputants when they came to the author of the sermon, he was afraid, they said to him let off.

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Because when you will tell the other person, don't be afraid, then he can come down, he can listen to what you have to say. He can speak clearly. he can get his point across easily. So when someone is afraid of you unnecessarily, then you should relax them first. Okay.

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I'll tell you learn from this, that

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most partners, what do they do? They oppress one another, but not all of them.

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Not all of them, but most of them do. And what is it that prevents people from oppressing one another man and I will tell you, what does that show to us? That the stronger the image of a person, the more almost silent he will perform, the more distant he will be from Bali isn't it?

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Because when a person has strong us that he has more fear of Allah,

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isn't it when he will do more? I'm sorry he will dislike buddy.

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So the more Eman The more I mozzarella, the more distant a person will be from oppression. So if you find yourself wronging other people such as yelling at them,

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such as not giving them their help, then what should you do?

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What should you do? Increase in your Amazon

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increase in your good deeds, because good deeds and Eman they become a shield between you and wrongdoing. And when a person has weak fit, when a person has weak or masala then what will happen he will end up wronging other people very easily.

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Also we learn from the statement bocadillo maham that very few people have both of these traits in them. Which traits Eman and Arnold Sonia

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alladhina amanu were Amina Sally had waka Lido mom and very few are they? Because many people have Eman but what do they lack?

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And there are many people who are doing very good deeds, being charitable, being honest, being trustworthy, but what do they lack?

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Also, we learn from the story that a judge should not pass judgment except after hearing both sides of the story.

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And we also learn from this that a person who has been appointed to manage the affairs of people, it is not permissible for him to stay away from his duty.

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It is not permissible for him, do hide from people when he is supposed to be available.

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When a person has a public duty to perform, when he has a responsibility that deals with the public, then he should be there because if he's not there, then what will happen?

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What will happen then

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nothing will happen.

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Also, we see that the prophets of Allah even they were tested and tried

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that well another will do another no brainers and he was tested. So no matter how righteous a person is, no matter how good he is, he will be tested. And why does it like test his servants so that they can come closer to him.

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And remember that when a test comes, it's quite possible that you make a big mistake over there.

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But a mistake would not have made a mistake if you have learned something from it. If you have drawn closer to Allah, if you have realized something, if you have learned a lesson, it will not remain a mistake.

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Yeah, that will do. Oh, that would enlarge your Allerca. Indeed we have made you honeypot and fill out the successor upon there. Now we'll also primatology address the wilderness I'm telling him that we have appointed you as a halifa on the earth. This is your role. This is your responsibility. And what does it mean by Holly found the earth? Who is a halifa? When we say Abubakar, who was a halifa Omar Abdullah, who was a halifa What does it mean? A leader, right? And someone who is responsible to convey the deen someone who is responsible to manage the affairs of people to implement the law of Allah. This is what qualifies,

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qualifies as someone who is responsible to implement the law of Allah.

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So in Niger, NACA, halifa, and Philip, you are a halifa. You're supposed to deliver the message of Allah to his people. And you're supposed to implement the law of Allah. And how will you do that? By passing judgment between people. So when you judge between people, first of all be available, and secondly, when you judge between people become vain and nasty, we'll help them

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judge between people by the truth. What does it mean by truth

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are the Justice fairness. So when you judge judge fairly well at the very Hauer and do not follow the desire?

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What desire

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such as anger.

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Because what happened though there is an app, he became angry at that time, when he heard one part of the story, he became angry, and all of a sudden, he passed judgment in favor of the poor man without even listening to the other side. He was quick, he was hasty. This was what in a way of following the desire.

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This is why it is said that a judge should not pass a judgement, if he's hungry.

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If he's tired, if he's sleeping, why, because if he's hungry, then there is however, he wants to eat. He's impatient. If he's tired, he wants to rest. He doesn't want to listen, he wants to get over it quickly, isn't it? So his however, will prevent him from making a fair judgement from passing a fair judgement.

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So a lot of urine however, do not follow the desire.

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Why? Because if you follow the desire for Ulema currents, or vilella, then it will mislead you from the way of Allah. And in the levena, la luna and Seville Allah Indeed, those people who go astray from the way of Allah llamada de Lune, for them is a severe punishment. Why be man a su Yeoman herself, because they forgot the day of

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the day when everyone will be brought to account.

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When a person remembers, that he will be brought to account, then what happens? What happens and he becomes careful

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Isn't he becomes careful about what he does, he becomes more careful about the religion of Allah. And when a person forgets about the death of herself, that he doesn't care about the religion of Allah.

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So if you look at the I in the Medina, eluna, and civitella, those who go astray from the wave a lot for them is severe punishment. Why? Because they forgot the day of Hassan.

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So going astray from the way of Allah is directly linked with what, forgetting the date of herself.

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going astray from the way of Allah from the religion of Allah is directly linked with forgetting the day of herself.

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Now, what do we see over here? What do we learn from this ayah?

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First of all, we learned from the side but the obligation of judging between people how,

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with fairness, justly,

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and a leader should be very careful when he judges between people, he should decide in truth and he should not let his desires come in the way.

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In the answer to my data, I have 49 Allah subhanaw taala says well, convener whom we met under the law while at the rear of our home, and judge between them by what Allah has revealed and do not follow their desires. Don't follow your desires don't follow the desires of other people.

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In certain Nyssa i 105, in Zelda la calcaterra will help Lita Kuma Bane and nasty Rima Alcala, indeed we have revealed to you the book in truth so that you may judge between the people by that which Allah has shown you, not that you judge between people according to your desires, but according to what Allah has revealed in through through my age. Yeah, you alladhina amanu Kournikova minute, 11 Latisha, I will paste. Well, I agree manakamana and COVID, either a letter or D, Lu, era delu, who Acropolis

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that all you have believed be persistently standing firm for Allah, witnesses and justice. And do not let the hatred of a people prevent you from being just so just because you dislike someone doesn't mean you become unjust. You understand?

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So disliking someone This is what however,

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don't let that come in the middle.

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Rather be just because that is closer to the Aqua.

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Intro to my either I have 42 We're in hackintosh combiner humble fest and if you judge judge between them with justice, the profits are anonymous. And if you judge between people, how should you judge with justice? Why because in a lie your hibel oxyclean Indeed Allah He loves those who act justly. So we see that a person should not follow his own desires nor the desires of those between whom he is judging.

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And sometimes it could be just pure bias against other people. They just don't like the other person.

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And sometimes people develop bias against the poor or against the rich against someone with authority against someone who is of a particular race against someone who speaks a particular language. Someone who

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Consider a particular culture. Right? They say that just because they're this, this is why it's their fault. But this is not right. This is unfair. You should always look at the situation and then judge according to them, not that you become biased. Also, we learned that passing judgment between people.

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This is an obligation.

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Because the other is that I miss told,

00:25:26--> 00:25:40

judge between people how, according to truth, meaning fairly, but we have to see that passing judgment between people, is it something that is an obligation on every individual? Or is it an obligation on certain individuals?

00:25:42--> 00:25:54

On certain individuals, right? However, we see that the older SLM it was for the iron for him, isn't it? And because it was for the iron for him, this is why he wants to be available to people all the time.

00:25:56--> 00:25:58

When is it further in on someone?

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When is passing judgment for the eye on someone?

00:26:03--> 00:26:23

When there's nobody else who is worthy? Who is capable? To Understand? So when he's the only one who is capable? Then what does it mean? It's an obligation on him. And when it's an obligation on him, that he should not stay away from his duty.

00:26:24--> 00:26:30

Which takes us to the next lesson, which is that when a person is given a responsibility,

00:26:32--> 00:26:41

then he should accept it, he should not turn away from it, though that Islam was a halifa, he was to remain on duty all the time.

00:26:42--> 00:27:11

You understand? And Allah subhanaw taala reminded him back home judge, this is an obligation on you. So when a person is given a responsibility, he should not turn away from it. Because if he turns away from it, he says, No, no, I cannot do it. I'm busy. And the other says, I'm also busy there this is I have a wedding to go to this is I have my children here that says I have a big family. The other says I am expecting the other says I am tired, then who will do the work?

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Who will do the work? Then this situation will happen right? The people don't know who to go to what to do. And they will end up doing wrong things like these do disputants What did they have to do? They had to cross over the wall in order to reach out and escena.

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So in our case where a loss of habitat has given us knowledge of the deen, it is our responsibility that we remain available to the people. Because if we don't help them, if we don't teach the Quran, if we don't help people learn the Quran, then what will happen? ignorance will spread

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isn't it and who is to blame us We are the ones who will be at fault.

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So, we learn from this ayah that it is not correct for a person that when he is given a responsibility you should leave it he should turn away from it. He should be missing. No, he should be there he should be ready. He should take responsibility and he should accept it wholeheartedly. If he finds it difficult he should ask Allah for help and Allah will help him.

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Ultimate learn from the side that following the desires is a means of straying from the way of Allah. When a person follows his desires, ultimately what will happen

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he will end up far away from the religion of Allah.

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He will listen to the recitation of the same

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Chateau La Ilaha. illa Anta De Luca