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Al-Ahzab 9-27 Tafsir 18-19

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eligibility Miss shivling rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim

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lesson number 219. So to recap, we'll begin from number 18

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are the year 11 law whom are within I mean, come, Allah already knows about the hinders among you, those who hinder others, while Elena Lee when him and those who say to their brothers, hello, my Elena, come to us join us. What are you doin Albert, sir illa kalila. And they do not go to battle, except for a few.

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As you know that this is there about the Battle of Honda. And in particular, these verses are talking about the behavior of the hypocrites throughout this battle throughout the siege that was laid on Medina by the machine. And we're the believers, they were strong, they were courageous, they were putting a lot of effort, they were sacrificing in the way of Allah subhanaw taala. On the other hand, there was a group of those people who were cowards themselves, and they were also discouraging others from going forward. They were also discouraging others from sacrificing in the way of a loss of parameters.

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So how does a loss of data describe them? Alma within the Manasa T, how does he describe them, and more are within that Allah, He already knows, he knows about to those who hinder others more our work is a singular of the word more within. And it's from the roof that resign well cough, aka your ruku which is to put a barrier between two things. You may have heard of the term

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that when a family disowns a particular person, right, for example, they don't like what their son has done. Like for instance, the he has married outside of the family. So what do they do? That said, we disown you, you have no relationship with us? You don't know us, we don't know you nothing whatsoever. So a barrier has been put between him and the rest of the family. So our aka your uncle from this is what do put a barrier between two things, and more our work. This isn't fair. So who is more or

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more our work is one who hinders other people, one who stops other people from doing what they should be doing, from achieving their goals, from working towards their goal from working towards their purpose. When you're doing something, there are some people who cooperate with you

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that they encourage you. And if you're falling behind, what do they do? They give you a push. But on the other hand, there are those who become a barrier between you and your work, they hinder you. They stop you they don't let you do what you're supposed to do. And how do they do it? sometimes very actively, that no, you're not going to do this.

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And sometimes they discourage you by their words. So this is why I got the animal lovers or with Tina, those who stop the believers who hinder them from supporting the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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Now how did they hinder the Muslims from supporting the Prophet subtle notice, in the previous if what did we learn? That they would say yeah,

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or people of yathrib. Let's go back instead of saying, Oh believers, what did they say? Or people of yesterday have to completely exclude the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and the mohar dream. So by saying these words, what were they doing, they were hindering the Muslims, stopping them, discouraging them from supporting the Prophet sallallahu sallam, from going out with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam for the purpose of battle. And they were also doing this by spreading facade by spreading fear. So Allah says, Allah, Allah whom are within them and come, Allah knows about those people who hinder others. And we have to see that when other people are working for the sake of a

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last panel data, what role are we playing? Are we of those people who support them? Like we learned that Allah subhanaw taala loves those believers who are strong, and Medina, Kaduna. feasibilities, effect unknown banana muscles as if they are a very strong wall, that our function as believers is what that we should be a source of strength and support for one another.

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This is our purpose. This is our role that if one is falling behind, we encourage them we boost them with our words with words of encouragement, with help with cooperation.

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But the hypocrite or the person who has weakened his faith, what does he do? He discourages others. He says, No, no, don't go out. This is too difficult. How is it possible for you? Impossible. You have too many things to do. You're exhausted. You're tired. This

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is not mandatory and you don't do it.

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And the other way is, you can do it try. We're doing it, you can do it too. So the more our team allows a parent Dallas's, he knows very well about them. They're not hidden from Allah,

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those who don't do anything themselves, and they also discourage others from doing their work.

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And sometimes what happens, that we're doing our work, and a friend calls, and you tell them, I have a testimony of the study. But but but please listen to me, please talk to me. You're doing your work. You're doing your assignment. And there comes a friend sits next to you, perhaps she's also doing the course. And she's talking and talking and talking, saying, Let's go here. Let's go there. This is also a way of stopping other people from doing their work. You understand? So a believer does not do anything like this. Which is why we see that even within spouses between a husband and a wife, when they want to spend time with one another, but it's time for the man to go to the masjid.

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What should the wife do? You're out all day and know you're going again.

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Then she would be playing the role of who are our work? This does not suit a believing woman. What should she do? encouraging.

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And this means that she has to sacrifice and he has to sacrifice, isn't it so? So you want to talk to her friend, you're itching to speak to her? Tell her all that you've been going through all that you've been thinking, but you realize that it's a month of Ramadan, both of us should be reading our doras reciting the Quran. So we should not become more our work for other people. But the llama la whom are within them income. Welcome, Elena. And those who say plural of

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those who say Leah quani him to their brothers, for their brothers, the people of Medina, the people of Medina meaning the unsolved they have been described as a whiny him their brothers. Now what kind of a Hoover did they have? who were living in the same place? Okay, belonging to the same country, same land. So well thought illegally when he him. They were saying to their brothers. Now brothers over here we can understand as the rest of the believers who lived in Medina, and we can also understand the brothers as the people who were like them, who have a dean and that would refer to other hypocrites. So they were saying to one another, what did they say? Hello, Ma, Elena come to

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us. Hello Mama. Gives a meaning of it is the singular word. But it can also apply to plural. So hello, Mama, get up. Come on. Hello, Ma, Elena, come to us. Meaning leave the messenger. And come join us. Let's go back. Let's go back to the city. Because we learned earlier that someone African What did they do? They went to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam making false excuses seeking permission to go back home. And I'd stand at the trenches guarding the city.

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And what would happen when people would come and ask the prophets or medicine for permission would be granted? Many times he would. Which is why we learned that at the Battle of the book at the expiration of the book later on the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was told that he should not have given permission. But the profit sort of RSM generally what would you do? He would grant permission to people. So these people, they went back, and they're telling those who are like them we can fit? Or their brothers meaning the believers, what were they telling them? Hello, my Elena Come and join us? Leave the messenger. Leave these Mahajan. Come let's go back home.

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What happens sometimes, that a person who is a coward himself a person who is a failure himself, what does he want? that other people should also be like him?

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Why? So that he does not look bad?

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So that he does not look back? So they left themselves? And what do they want that other people should also join them other people should also leave and join them.

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There's a story that I read as a little child about this Fox and went to the jungle, it got caught in something and it still got cut off. So everybody started making fun of the fox. You don't have a tail, your tail got cut off. And now she's going around convincing everybody Oh, I don't have a tail and it's so convenient doesn't bother me. Why don't you get your tail cut off as well. So because that fox looked bad, what did you do? Try to convince other people to do the same thing to get their tails cut off as well. Now the one thing that did the same thing, they didn't go for themselves. And what did they want that the rest of the believers should also leave and join them?

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Allah subhanaw taala says Well, I do not But sir, and they do not come to battle. And that's might and over here to first to battle they do not come to battle in la colina, except a little meaning they win.

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15 themselves, they do not come to battle except a little. What does it mean by this accepted?

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Meaning their participation in battle in general is very, very little. That the time that they were there, what did they do? Hardly anything.

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The believers were busy digging the trenches, the profits on a lot of stuff along with them digging the trenches, getting the dirt from the trenches, all the way up. And then when I 15, the time that they were there, what did they do? Hardly anything. And then very soon, they asked for permission, and they went back home, and they were encouraging other people to do the same as well. When are you doing well in their career? Now, the question is, that why would the hypocrites go for battle? Even did the Prophet salallahu enforced that? He never forced people? Why did they go Then, in the first place,

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so that they can get the benefits that if the believers are victorious, they can also get to share in war booty, why else

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for the purpose of showing off, so that they don't look bad, just to mark their attendance, just to tell other people that see, I came, I was there, I am also a good person.

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The thing is that if a person just wants to assure others of His righteousness of his piety, then his actions will be like this, that he will do only a little bit just to get by, just to get by. Why? Because his goal is to assure other people, I am also a good person.

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I, for example, some people when they study, when they work for a particular test or assignment, why do they do it just to pass just to get by? But there are others who don't want to just get by? What do they do? They want to do excellent, which is why they study, they don't just study right before the test so that if there are any words that are important, they can quickly see them know this study, because they want to know every word of the Quran. And there is a difference in their performance, complete difference. So we see that on everything, what would they do, they would just come to as if mark their attendance, do not look bad, do not be condemned by others, just to appear

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as good people as the rest of the Muslims to blend in. And as soon as they would come, they will do a little bit. And then they would present excuses in order to go there. And when they would go back themselves, what would they do, they would also encourage others to leave the profits on alongside them and come back to stop sacrificing in the way of a loss.

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That just imagine, it was such a difficult time. Such a difficult situation. It's called there's less food, the enemy has surrounded the city. And on top of that, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam himself is also putting in so much effort. And here are people presenting excuses and telling other people leave, leave, let's go back home.

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How bad is this? What a bad behaviors this, our role in such situations would be of what? encouraging one another?

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That this is something so important, we cannot leave that if one person is falling behind, we encourage them. Now this was the Battle of trench, the Battle of hunt duck. Now, today, what situation are we in? That we are surrounded by ignorance? If you look at Muslim families, Muslim households, if you look at those people who are apparently religious, if you ask them about one verse of the Quran, even perhaps they would not know the meaning of it. The reason behind it, if you ask them about what sources they read in their solar minimum, only a few the meaning they have no idea if you think about it, the Muslims in their families as a community, what are they suffering

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from? ignorance ignorance about what the deen and what is our obligation of Allah subhanaw taala has brought us over here that we must put in our maximum effort. Do not just get by, but to have a strong understanding of the religion. Because if we don't have it, when Allah subhanaw taala gave us the opportunity, then how can we spread this light? How can we spread this knowledge? So just as the Battle of conduct was a desperate situation that every single individual was needed, considered today as a desperate situation as well, that every single person is needed?

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Think about it. So many children, so many children, they never find a Quran teacher. Why? Because there aren't currently Jews available. So many children. I'm sure you have come across many parents who are struggling. Do you know anybody who can teach my children? I remember I came across this convert lady. She had become a Muslim several years ago, and she was desperate. Can anyone teach me how to pray?

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I just follow the people when I go to the masjid. I don't know.

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How to recite the prayer. Can anyone Teach me She said, I'll pay, I'll pick and drop. I just want somebody to come and teach me how to pray Salah.

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She couldn't find anybody, anybody. And then 100, I told her where to go. But I was just thinking that there's so many people who are desperate. And when it comes to teaching people, we have a list of reasons as to why we cannot do it. And on the other side, if we want to do it, what's the problem that we face? We don't know. We are not confident ourselves. Now, what's the solution? remain in this situation? I don't know. Therefore, I cannot teach. I don't know. Therefore, I cannot help you. Should we stay like this? Is this a solution? No, what's the solution? What is it, that we must keep learning?

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that whatever opportunity allows, Allah gives us we keep learning, keep learning, keep mastering our skills, keep revising the knowledge that we have, keep practicing, so that we can spread this knowledge. They don't children don't know, adults don't know, men don't know women don't know, girls don't know, boys don't know. And if they know a little bit, even that is not enough. They need to know more. And we see that learning knowledge is what it's an obligation upon every Muslim man and every Muslim woman. So just as that the Battle of Hancock was a critical situation, today also is a critical situation. Therefore, all of you, who have been given the opportunity by Allah subhanaw

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taala, to come and study the Quran, what should be your behavior towards and what should be your attitude towards it, not just to get by, but to become excellent at it.

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So that after this course, once you study, you can actually help someone, you can actually teach someone, even if it's one person you can help. It's a big deal. Because when the masses are ignorant and you've educated one person, even you've helped him understand, then that also is a big achievement.

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I should have done I come in disposed toward you. This is the attitude of all of them when I feel that they are a *head and Aleykum. I should have is the plural of Shahe. And it's from the earth letters she has

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who is Shaheed for

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one who is suffering from? Sure, sure, he is one who is suffering from Sure. Now, what is your stinginess? What else greed. Basically, sugar includes two things, first of all, his and what is that? extreme greed? And secondly, and what does that mean? stinginess. So, so he person is Jim Warren, and manure and Jim Warren, meaning when it's time to take, what does he do? takes everything.

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When it's time to receive he wants everything he wants it all. And manure and what does it mean by that? Then when it's time to give? He withholds he doesn't bark from anything, not even one. So who is your Hey, Jim Warren, manure on one who is extremely greedy, extremely selfish, isn't? That's a person who is described as selfish, who, who doesn't give anything, and he takes everything. He's only concerned about his benefit, he doesn't care about others. So I share Hatton eleiko, these men African, their Usher, Hatton, la come, who does you refer to the believers, meaning when it comes to taking something from you,

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when it comes to receiving some benefit from you, they take it very greedily. How?

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How is it that they take very aggressively think about it? When it comes to Jaguar booty? What would they do? And I'm not commerical Are we not with you? We have a share as well, we did this we did that. Give. So when it comes to taking from the believers, they take very greedily selfishly. But when it comes to giving something when it comes to sacrificing, what do they do? they're unwilling. They don't want to give anything. What does it show that they have absolutely no affection for the believers? No mercy for the believers as she had an article.

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Imagine that a family member of yours is like that, that they keep demanding, and they don't give anything. You know, there are many women who say that I work myself. I go make money myself. My husband also works. He doesn't give me a penny. And he expects that I should do the groceries myself and cook food at home and providing and if one day, I don't have anything, then I get yelled at. What is it? What does she feel? He doesn't care for me? He doesn't like me. He doesn't have any affection for me. Think about it. If somebody is like this towards you. How do you find them? What kind of feelings do you have for them? You don't care for them. So we see that the moon at 15

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Their attitude towards the believers was of Sure. They had no affection for them,

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for either Jehovah. And when the fear comes, what does it mean by fear? When the fear comes, that when there's announcement for bathroom,

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because that would bring fear. Now imagine the Muslims that were in Medina, all of a sudden these people came to Medina, telling the Muslims that the machine of Makkah, and various tribes of Arabia, they're coming in order to attack you. This news, what would it bring news of extreme fear, and at the same time, battle, and sacrifice and hard work. So fight either Jehovah, when the announcement for battle is made. At home, you see them who don't have 15, young Luna ilica, they are looking towards you. And who does you refer to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam? They're looking towards you? Do you know whom, while their eyes? They're revolving? The doodle data, you do that? Well, what does

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that literally mean to revolve to go around, so their eyes are revolving, they're moving in circles going around, meaning they're not looking straight at you. They don't make eye contact with you. Who would do this?

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in any situation? You tell somebody, okay, this is something that we have to do. And they start looking away from you. They don't make eye contact with you.

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Like, for example, sometimes I ask a question in class, and looking towards you, and what do you do?

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You don't make eye contact with me. What does that show?

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You don't want to answer the question you're trying to avoid. So then when everything what would they do at a time when the profits or losses and it would make the announcement for war? When it came time to sacrifice they would not make eye contact with him to avoid?

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And Allah subhanaw taala? Says Kennedy, like the one who you'll share is a human and mode like a person who is overcome by death.

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What does it mean by this? You'll show you'll show lane, Shinya Alicia, Elisha, which is to cover, what does that mean?

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to cover it? So you'll share our lane mode when a person is covered by death, meaning he's covered by bangs of death by the soccer auto mode. And when a person is in second rot, when a person is at the verge of dying, can he keep his eyes still focused? He cannot, because of the extreme pain, and his body is sweating. He's suffering from a lot of pain. He's thirsty. He's in a lot of agony. What happens? He keeps looking here and there, keeps evolving his eyes. Similarly, these people when the battle is announced, it's as though they have been told you're going to die. They don't make eye contact. They avoid you so much. Like a person was overcome by death.

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For either they have been hopeful, but when the fear it departs when the panic subsides when security is restored, and the circumstances have gone back to normal. What does it mean? The battle is over.

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When the battle is over, when the spoils have been secured.

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Then what happens? What's the behavior of the hypocrites? Do they avoid you? They don't avoid you. They come towards you soloqueue can be seen as in Hey, Dad, they lash you with sharp dunks selaku come salako from the roof mattress seen lamb cough

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seen lamb puff and silica silicone babe will buckle is to boil eggs or some vegetables in water.

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You may have heard babe must Luke has anyone heard they must look boiled egg can teach your children bailed must look

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so subtle is what to hurt someone through one's column because when something is boiling, then what happens is sometimes the water drops they come out and when they hit you when they touch your skin it's like as if somebody has literally lashed you because they're extremely hot. So selaku calm they lash you this might you the Mona 15 BLC nothing with tongs eltima plural of Listen, and listen as you know applies to tongue as well as words language, and such tongues that are hidden in such words that are extremely sharp. Hey that is a clone of Hadid and what is Hadid mean? iron and Hadid is also used for that which is sharp for bustled Okayama Hadid so your eyes today are extremely sharp

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your eyesight your vision today is very sharp. Basically from had and what is had the edge of something the limit or something

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The edge of something and the edge of a knife, for instance, how is it? It's extremely sharp? Has it ever touched you?

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As it? What does it leave on your skin

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or at least a scrape. So the sharper the edge, the deeper the cut. So Allah subhanaw taala says over here selaku can be LC Nathan, hey dad, when the battle is over, when you have gained spoils, then they come to you with extremely severe, rude, harsh words. And they're smiting you lashing you why, so that they can get some benefit from you.

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In their greed for the riches in their greed for the world for the spoils of war, they would come to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam to the Muslims, and they would insult them with their words, speak very harshly with them in an extremely uncivilized fashion, in an extremely rude and conceited way, and what would they do? Make the Muslims feel bad, so that the Muslims would give them a part of the war booty? Like, you know, a bully.

00:26:07--> 00:26:18

He doesn't have a share in the little kids lunch, but what does he do? He comes and he threatens him or beat you. I'll do this. I'll do that until the little kid says okay, no, take it and go with Please leave me.

00:26:19--> 00:27:02

So similarly, this is what the 15 would do. They would come to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam Muslims and they would lash them with extremely harsh dunks extremely harsh words and demand booty from them. Allah Subhana Allah says she had an island high indisposed upon Grameen they're extremely selfish, extremely greedy. When it comes to wealth. I'll hide over here first too well, because we know they have been highly Lucha de la resort to us for wealth. So they're extremely greedy for wealth. This is why they come to you like this. Allah says Allah economy no such people they have not believed for Allah who are mother whom so Allah has wasted their deeds. Why has he wasted them?

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Because they haven't truly believed? Think about it. Who is a true believer? Someone who uses abusive words, know someone who was selfish. What do we learn who is a believer? Who is a Muslim?

00:27:18--> 00:27:32

Man, Sally. Well, Muslim Muna melissani. Why is he isn't it? And what's the sign of a believer that he likes for his brother? what he likes for himself? And what's a sign of the believer that he respects the profits on lawyers?

00:27:33--> 00:27:47

He respects him. He never prefers himself over the profits or losses. And what is his attitude towards the rest of the believers little hammer Robaina home, they're loving affectionate towards one another. They're not rude.

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So such people like me know, they haven't truly believed therefore, but Allahu Allah, Allah has wasted their deeds because of their rudeness. Because of this characteristic of theirs, all of their deeds have been wasted, what kind of Delica and Alaya sila and that for Allah is very, very easy. What? wasting the deeds of such people, not awarding them any reward. This is something very simple for Allah. It's not difficult for him. What do we see in this ayah? That the monastic at the time of difficulty,

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at the time of difficulty at the time when some sacrifice is demanded from him? At the time when he is required to put in some effort to do something? What is his behavior? He doesn't want to do it. He stays back, he stays away. He doesn't offer his services. He doesn't come forward. But rather what does he do? He keeps avoiding.

00:28:49--> 00:28:59

He keeps avoiding. Why? Because he knows that this work requires a lot of effort and a hypocrite. What does he want? Just his own personal benefit and enjoyment?

00:29:01--> 00:29:07

He doesn't care about the greater good. What Is he concerned about his own personal good only?

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He doesn't think that if I stay behind from this, everyone's going to get affected. What does he think if I stay behind from this, I'll be safe.

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a hypocrite is Ooh, selfish. He's not concerned about the rest of the believers. He's only concerned about himself, which is why when the time comes to do something, he begins to avoid making any eye contact even. he avoids the people. he avoids that place he stays away. And if he happens to be in front of them, it's as though he's overcome by death. It has no such bad news has been given to him that he's going to die. Work means that you understand sacrifice means that calorie you'll share our lazy middle mode. So what do we see a hypocrite is

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a lazy person. Someone who does not want to do anything for the sake of a loss panda

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Another thing that is mentioned over here about the hypocrites is what? That when the circumstances are normal, when the Muslims are victorious, what does enough IQ want? What does he want

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to share in the head? He wants booty as well. He wants to take the advantage as well. When it comes to doing the work, he doesn't do it. But when it comes to reaping the benefits, what does he want? He wants some for himself as well. When it comes to giving credit to people for their work, he wants it as well. What did we learn earlier? Well, you're a Buddha, and you have to do the millennia. They love to be praised for what they don't even do. They don't do anything. And afterwards, what do they want? Praise, acknowledgement. They want that they should be given credit they want that they should be given some kind of compensation. And how do they get out of people through their harsh words,

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by being extremely abusive, and offensive in their language in their words, and we see that of the signs of hypocrisy is that a person lashes the believers with his tongue, as though one would be chopping something with his knife. This is how abusive he is towards the believers. He insults them. You know, sometimes the words of other people that says Oh, they've literally cut you. Literally, they've got you.

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A person who is a true believer, an honest believer, what does he have in his heart for other believers? affection, love, mercy, he will never ever use such words that will hurt others that will cut their hearts. No, he is careful, cautious.

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So it is of the signs of a bankruptcy that a person lashes the rest of the believers with his tongue with his harsh words, we see that the Sahaba they different amongst themselves, typically what happens at times of differences. This is when we become very rude towards one another, is it we insult one another? We don't care about the other person's integrity, their honor, nothing. We just go on saying whatever we want to just do satisfy ourselves, we see that that's how about even they had differences. But do we find them lashing one another with words?

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No. And if ever, they said something that was inappropriate, what would they do? They would apologize.

00:32:26--> 00:32:55

Like once a walk around, he said something to be rattled around. And he did not like it. So he went and complained to the Prophet sallallahu. So what happened? He apologized. So the Sahaba they would refrain from using harsh words because it will wear him out will be known and if ever by mistake has said something what would they do apologize to one another. But we see that the monastic What does he do? He's extremely harsh, extremely abusive. Why? Because he just wants to get benefit for himself.

00:32:56--> 00:33:39

He just wants benefit for himself. And he comes down on other people to get benefit out of them. And because of this loss of panel data says that their deeds they have been wasted which deeds What did they do after all very little, isn't it? When I tune in, but c'est la cadena, whatever efforts they did put in them and if you clean all of them, they're wasted. What kind of Attica La Jolla sila and that is something very, very easy for a loss apprentice. So we see that on the outward, the method appears to be very confident, very bold, very courageous, that he thinks that strength is that you can say whatever you want. But actually on the inside, how are they hollow, extremely weak, with no

00:33:39--> 00:34:16

courage. And what is the last say with regards to that, that he or subunits has ever lemmya taboo. They think that they have not yet withdrawn who then when I feel pain, why do they think like this because of their fear of the Ursa. They're so afraid of the exam, that even though the exam have left, all of the groups have left What do they think they haven't yet left? On the outward they appear to be so strong, that they're insulting the believers insulting the Prophet sallallahu sallam, but on the inside, hello. extremely weak, no confidence, no courage.