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Al-Baqarah 253-260 Word-Analysis 253-254

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arable land him in ashay Vanya rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim, just number three word analysis verse number 253, of surah, Al Baqarah.

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Delta that of rasuluh the messages. These are the messengers or those messengers.

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Delta is a shadow, a noun that is used to point towards things, just as we have read the words that bigger Buddha had had he, and tilka is the feminine of vedika. Like we read at the beginning of certain Bekaa Valley can keekaboo, silica is feminine, off vertical.

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And remember that vaniqa and delkor, there used to point towards something that is far because it's an insurer is of two types, to point towards something that is near. And secondly, to point towards something that is far corrib and buried. Like in English we have here, and we have there, we have this, and we have that. So similarly, in Arabic, we have Heather, and then Nika.

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And whenever it's a shadow burried, there isn't a shadow, which is used to point towards something that is far, like over here tilka. When it is used, it is used for one of the three reasons you can see,

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first of all, literally that thing is for physically, that thing is fine. That's one of the reasons.

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Secondly, it is also to show the highest status of something, why don't use this, even if that thing be closed? Why use that, to show the highest status, that that thing has that you're pointing towards?

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And thirdly, other times it is also used to show the very low status that one has something that is so far, something that is so low, that so far away.

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So what are the three reasons? Literally it is far, secondly, to show the highest status, and thirdly, to show the low status. All right. So over here tilka far is being used, who is pointing to words of wisdom, the messengers, why is far being used to show their highest status, to show their high status. And a whistle? Is the plural of pursued? pursued means messenger.

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Now you may wonder, why is the feminine being used?

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Why is the feminine form being used messengers where men, messengers, women, how come? We're using the feminine gender to point towards them? There is a rule in the Arabic language, that plural nouns There are two types of plural nouns. First of all, we have sound plural. Sound plural is like, for example, we have movement, what's the plural of that?

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movement known or what we need? Similarly, we have Muslim, what's the plural of that? Was the rune or muslimeen.

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So sound plurals are just those doors in which what you do is that you add the wow noon or the yellow at the end of the singular word.

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Simply, what do you do you remove the well known or the unknown?

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The singular form remains the same. What do you have to make the plural just add the world? Like in English for plurals? What do we do just add an s that makes it a plural form.

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But there are other kinds of plurals as well. And they're called john Lucas of the broken plural.

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In which what happens is that the original singular word does not remain the same. Okay? If you look at the word or soon, singular, what's the plural of the word Rasool? Is it? Rasulullah? No. Is it also Lena? No, it's not. What does the word becoming to Russell?

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The actual word is wha seen well,

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and in the plural, do you see the wall anymore? No, you don't. So, the actual singular word what happens to it, it breaks down it does not remain the same. So for such nouns, such broken plurals if you have to refer to them, you will use the feminine gender.

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This is the rule in the Arabic language to refer to the broken plural. What gender Are you going to use? You are going to use the feminine gender.

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So Russell is a broken plural. It's a broken plural.

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So what noun Are you going to use? What gender is going to be feminine

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So, instead of vaniqa, what do you have tilka till curfew? So those are the messengers. So you understand why the cries being used because we're referring to a broken employee. So 10 kawasan those are the messengers. These are the messengers. Which messengers, how come we're beginning the ayah with this, in the previous ayah? What was mentioned? Were in Mecca, let me know lucidly that indeed you are of the messengers. Then Allah says, These messengers, those messengers of highest status, what about them fat burner, we have preferred, we have favored

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for burner, fat burner from the root fell, but learn for what does follow mean extra to give someone that which is extra,

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basically follow his and if son, a favor that is done to someone.

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And obviously a favor is more than what the other person actually deserves. So he doesn't necessarily deserve this, but you give it as a favor to them.

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Can you give it as a favor to them, you give them something extra as a favor.

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So footballer you felt the need to feel is to prefer one over the other.

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To give one a favor, that you do not give to the other,

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to give one preference over the other, some extra thing that you do not give to the other.

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So Allah says, These are the messengers. What about them? For Burma, we have preferred Barbara whom some of them meaning some of the messengers we have preferred them either upon Barbie others. Some messengers were preferred over other messengers how that some were given some special traits that we're not given to the other messengers. The examples are given over here unless has been home from them. Meaning from the messengers among the messengers. There are some who man who can lemma he spoke, Allahu Allah.

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Some Allah spoke to directly and all the messengers Allah did not speak to directly. So when Allah spoke to someone directly what happens? This is the fleet This is preference that they have over the other messengers. Though it can lemma is from calf last name, the claim which means to speak. And the word color is generally used for brief speech speech that is not too long. It's short.

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Which is why the kalama Kadima is used for what? The Karima Shahada it's a very short statement, just two sentences very short liner in a

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very short

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Secondly, the word qalam is also used for speech that may be one sided, not for dialogue, not for conversation, but for one sided speech.

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So from among the messengers there are some whom Gollum Allahu Allah spoke to like for example, Adam alayhis salaam Musa Mohammed salatu salam, Allah spoke to them directly what and refer he raised Baba whom some of them meaning some of the messengers, a lot of raise them a lot elevated them elevated them in what Bella Jatin in degrees in ranks.

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The Rajat is the plural of the Raja, the singular form of the Raja is the Raja Raja is from the root then for ge.

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And the Roger is used for a rank a status position. There are many projects in everything there are many ranks there are many positions.

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So, what are the hondajet a lot raise some of them in degrees which degrees, the degrees of dounia and the hereafter, some of them will be above others, some messengers will be above other messengers in their degrees.

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What are thinner, and we gave, we gave to who? Or Isa recently someone who is Italia salon. He is Ignis son Maria of muddy and he is the son of muddy and not the son of Allah.

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You will notice that almost every time when he said Islam is referred to in the Quran Edna Maria comes with him Why? To emphasize that he is the son of a human being of Maria. He only had a mother not a father and he is not the son of Allah.

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So at Dana, Risa Maria, we gave Isa In Memoriam What did we give him albena the clear proofs lbu net is the plural of big data.

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And big data as you know is used for a clear sign a clear proof.

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So, we gave recently some clear proofs, what are these clear proofs? The clear proofs refers to two things.

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First of all, it refers to in G it refers to the book that he was given in G.

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And secondly, the clear proofs also refers to the miracles that he said he said I was given

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the miracle faith for example, curing the blind bringing the death to life making a bird and blowing into it by the permission of Allah.

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So such clear proofs they were what they were miracles Allah said we gave recently salon the clear proofs Moreover, what end a year dinner who we aided him, we supported him supported who a year dinner, who who refers to these are listening.

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And Ayurveda is from the root Hamza. Yeah, the A eight means to be strong. And a Yoda is to help someone in order to give strength to them.

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help someone so that you can make them strong.

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So, uh, yeah dinner who we helped him, we aided him we strengthened recyling salon, how biru he withdrew which kudos the pure

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blue is from the root raw, well, how

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to help others. We have discussed this earlier. Just a quick recap.

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And the word Lu is used in the Quran for gibreel or a Sunnah.

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And secondly, the word Lu is also used for working in the Quran. It is also used for revelation.

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And thirdly, it is also used for so.

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So that's his aluna Carnival, they asked you about the soul, about the spirit.

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So, a year the Navajo bureau helped produce encoders for that scene. And chorus means that which is pure, of that scene gives the meaning of to be far. So one who is far from bed,

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one who is pure, and who is far from bed. Why is gibreel called rueful goddess? Why is he called the goddess? Because first of all, he is pure. he obeys Allah subhanaw taala does not disobey Him. So this is why he's called the pure spirit. He's a pure being a pure one, one who does not sin. Secondly, he is also called rowhill goddess, because he brought that through which purification was done or through which purification is done because others to be far to be far from that. And remember the meaning of duck bees when I said before the Chanukah one opa de sola, to purify as well. The thesis also to purify. So do you plan is called ruhakana because he brought that through

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which people could purify themselves. gibreel brought the Quran to Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and through the Quran we purify ourselves.

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So a year the Navajo bureau helpers we supported reciting Salaam through gibreel How did we support him God was always there to accompany him and assist him wherever needed. He gave him strength. One Oh and if Shah Allahu Allah with if Allah willed man not a patella he fought. A patella is from the root for the lamp. How come there to the obviously the extra ties adding some more meaning, isn't it so? So that Allah button means to kill that Allah is to fight with each other? To combat one another?

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What is it

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to fight with each other to combat one another? And it's also used for to plan and try to kill someone.

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Not just randomly go and kill someone not just randomly go and murder somewhat but if that is to make a whole plan to kill someone and then kill them.

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By their plan planned murders are planned killings What do people do make a whole plan which have the person like this kill him like this and this and that. So it's a whole plan that a person makes in order to kill someone This is what it means to intend and plan to kill someone.

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So while OSHA Allahu Allah willed makuta Thailand data he did not fight he did not kill who alladhina those people who made from bothering him after them after who after the messenger

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After the messengers, how come the people fought one another, how come the people killed one another and this killing is a result of their differences,

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etc over here gives meaning of they would not have had such severe differences they would go on killing one another.

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Okay. So how can people had such differences after the messengers, that they went to the extent of killing each other men from body after that, when it came to them, it came to who then refers to the people, after the messengers, what came to them albena to the clear troops, they had the clear proofs, they had the revelation, they saw the miracles, how come after the messengers, people opposed each other so much that they killed? Allah says, When I can, but it will be different, instead of full flute However, if the length, if the length is to be at variance, do not agree with each other, to disagree.

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So but if tele foo, they differed, they disagreed. They did not agree with each other.

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And as a result of their disagreement, what happened?

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For men home so from them, from who, from the people, after the messengers, there were some who man who he believed, among the people, there were some who believed believed in what believed in the teachings of the prophets, meaning, they adhered firmly to the faith.

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woman whom and from them, man who Guevara is believed there was a love some people believed they remain believers. Other people, they disbelieved. Allah says hello and if shout Allahu Allah will man not etc do they fought with each other? Had no will they would not have gone to the extent of killing each other. Well, I can no but Allah Allah, Yes, he does. Well, whatever you do, he wants Allah does what He wants you to do from the root but Ah, well then in order in order to intend Allah does whatever he wants

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next time

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Yeah, as you heard, oh, and Latina amanu those who have believed or you believe that is what and feel cool. You all spend and Philco from the route noon fair cough never what is never used for a tunnel a hole that has two ends to it two entrances two or more. So, in focus, what are the wealth that a person has gathered the wealth that a person has amassed? What should he do, he should make a whole minute so that the wealth does not just stay there rather it goes it is spent. Okay. So unphysical you all spend make a hole in your savings, make a hole in your money make a hole in your wealth.

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In other words, there should be a way so that you can spend part of it you see through a hole everything does not go through just a tiny hole, everything does not go. So there should be a hole some way through it, some of your wealth can go can go where, where it is better needed, because you will store it, you will keep it but it's quite possible that that same wealth is needed elsewhere, it's much needed. So make a hole that it can get there.

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So un*able you all spend spend what mimma from that which meaning not all of it Don't make such a big goal that everything goes away. But some of it may move from that which rather cannot come we provided you we have given you and obviously spending over here does not mean spend spend spend on yourself but rather it means spending. We have Allah subhanaw taala in charity in Santa

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Rosa Kanako from Roseanne pavlis Christmas what provision and this is not just money. It's not just cash rather diverse to anything that has been given by our last panel data to asleep.

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This is what anything that Allah gives to asleep whether it is money, or it is time or it is talent, anything like that knowledge food, so mementos are gonna come from whatever that we have provided you give of it.

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Men from meaning give it men probably from before and that yet the it comes before it comes what comes Yeoman a day, which is this the Day of Resurrection or also the day of death.

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Spend your wealth before the state comes to you

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What are the characteristics of this day? First of all, learn not based on any trading fee in it, there is no trading in this day during this day you cannot do any trade you cannot do any exchange by your own this from the root bag Yeah.

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And bear is exchange of goods to buy and sell to trade.

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Now, we have done another word as well for buying and selling is still is also to buy and sell. So, what's the difference between the two

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basically, both the words HDR and buy a used for buying and selling for exchanging of goods give something in exchange for another, but the difference is that some say Shira or HDR is generally used for buying only when you want to talk about buying when you want to talk about preferring one thing over the other, then what word will you use is still

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is still is what is today is generally used for buying, not selling but buying and Bayer is generally used for setting

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this is one difference that linguists have given

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another difference has been given that they say that bei refers to taking the item taking the commodity and then giving the payment. So what is it, you take the thing first, and then you give the payment This is what Bay is like for example, you go to the grocery store, you take your groceries first and then you make the payment later on. And each drawer refers to first you give the payment and then you take the thing it's the opposite he realized you gave the payment first and then you take what you have bought.

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So it depends on how you pay when you pay.

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However they say there's a very slight difference and both can be used interchangeably.

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So Allah says on this day led by your own fee, there is no trading in this day no commerce, no one can go give something in order to free himself you cannot buy forgiveness that day. You cannot buy nothing there is no barrier even if you give the Earth's bill of gold to get forgiveness no you cannot buy forgiveness levy on Fiji

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water and nor whole Latin any friendship. No friendship is there meaning no friendship is going to be of any use is going to be of any benefit. Hola is from the root haul them then it is said that the word hola is from Helen and Helen is used for gap between things. You may have heard of the term, we have to do Hillel of the fingers. Or men have to do Hillel have the beard, when they do will do what is a lie that you pass the fingers through each other so that if in the gaps between the fingers, there's any part that is left dry, it becomes wet. But hamdulillah now we have you know faucets and water access that water literally falls on you. So there is less chances of anything

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remaining dry. But if you're taking water out from a juggler container, and you're the only one helping yourself that it's quite possible that some area between the fingers remains dry, especially between the tools. So we're taught to do filler that the gap between the fingers go through them to make sure nothing remains dry.

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Similarly for men, when they're washing their face, it's quite possible that the skin that is behind their beard in their chin that remains dry. So they're told to do filler with wet fingers go through their beard so that it becomes wet from inside as well.

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So Hillel is what the gap between things

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or the place of entering into something.

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Can you see the gap between fingers is a place of entering the other fingers into that gap.

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And the word color from the same ruhollah you can do is to pierce to slit to make a hole through something.

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So Hola. To summarize what is hula? hula is friendship that enters into the heart and settles there. It takes a deep position in the heart it settles in the heart.

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Friendship enters the heart It makes all through the heart and it stays in the heart It does not leave deeply rooted friendship, firm friendship, deep friendship.

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And it said that hola is more than muhabba it is more than love.

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Because it's not just love, but it is friendship.

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This airport he says to His Beloved, that caught the whole length

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must look avahi meaning that you have entered in me like the spirit in a body,

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but the whole lt uses the same word that you have entered into me Your love has entered into me just as the soul has entered in the body when the soul and body are separated from the body survive anymore, it cannot. So similarly Your love has entered into me the Hello lt and has settled deeply within me that now it cannot be separated from me.

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And he says will be so male Hello kalida and this is why a friend is called a friend her deal is called Helene because the Helene his friendship is deeply settled in your heart.

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So when Allah says when a whole Latin and there is no hola imagine your closest best friend.

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Imagine you're such a friend we don't have very deep friendship. And it was level nobody else's. This is what Holly is.

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Allah subhanaw taala called Ibrahim Hassan his Helene. What the hell Allahu Ibrahim aka Lila

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and only Allah subhanaw taala can be one study. We cannot have human beings as our study.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam he said about aboubaker that low control Mata hidden Amati hollyland if I were to take from my oma

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let the horse to clean I would have taken a boubakeur as my buddy but because Allah subhanaw taala only can be Helene. That is what the proper etiquette is that only we should have Allah at that level in our hearts. This is why Abubakar will only be My Habib and not my family. Okay and it is also said that the word hola is from Harlem Whoa, from Colombia, which means to be empty. We're either Hello when they're alone.

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So this is why Helene or hola is special love special friendship at the level of which no one else is only that friend is at that level, no one else is at that level.

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So such exclusive love such exclusive deep friendship should only be for who should only be for Allah subhanaw taala when Latina armano a shot do have Bonilla

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so Allah says what a hula and nor any hula, any deep friendship, deepest friendship that you have with someone at the level of which no one else is even such a person cannot help you that day.

00:27:43--> 00:28:00

Whether and nor should our tune, any intercession shuffle from the routine for a chef what the chef mean, even either part of a beer and to foreign so called because one joins the other, to intercede for him to bleed for him to request for him.

00:28:01--> 00:28:08

So Nigel Faraj is going to be of use either on that day. This is why spend and do something for yourselves

00:28:09--> 00:28:28

while caffee Luna and those who disbelieve those who deny meaning those who disbelieve in Allah subhanaw taala. And as a result of which do not do what Allah has imposed on people whom they are a volley moon, those who are unjust, how it is running, because they're not respecting a last panel, Dallas Commons.

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zoning is what to play something where it does not belong. And Kufa is disrespect towards Allah. Allah telling you to believe in Him Allah is telling you to do certain things and you don't care about it. You don't do it. So this is when you're placing Allah commands where they should not be.

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So while Cafiero una homos only mode, meaning such people will be in trouble on that day.

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That's listen to the recitation of

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was the owner

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for many

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he want to

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move on