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Sad 1-26 Tafsir 21-24


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The segment discusses the history of Islam and how it has been used to overcome obstacles, including the use of a goddamn thing called the cell wall and the praying tower. The segment also touches on the unusual circumstances leading to a group of men the same day, including the use of negative words and the dispute between disputants and brother. The conversation also touches on the importance of collaboration and sharing responsibility and responsibilities in relationships, and the negative impact of bullying on society.

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Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim that's number 213. I sort of thought we'll begin from a number 21.

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Well, hell attack and ever all hos me is the somewhat old man. And has there come to you the news of the adversaries when they climbed over the wall of his prayer chamber. In these ads we were learning about that would really center and before that, we were learning about the opposition that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam had to face from from the markets. And Allah subhanaw taala told him, that is where Allah My akula only patient over what the people say and instead who should you remember, that would earn a Salaam because there is a lot to learn from his life, especially from the fact that he used to repeatedly turn to Allah. And when a person repeatedly turns to Allah, in

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whatever situation he is in, then what happens, it is a means of comfort for his heart. So how is the Prophet sallallahu Sallam being consoled over here? That instead of worrying about what the people say, think about the wilderness and how he used to return to Allah repeatedly. In a web he was a word, he was ruthless be he used to repeatedly glorify Allah, soprano, dada, and along with him, the birds and the mountains, even they would glorify with him. And then Allah subhanaw taala also mentions about the specific gifts that restaurant was given.

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And what was that that first of all his milk, his kingdom, it was made very strong and firm. And also that though there isn't I was given hikma and also that he was given fossil paper discernment in speech, or when it came to decision making, he was an excellent decision maker. And the following story illustrates how a person may have great blessings, but he is tested through them.

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And how a person may be very good at something. But perfect is only a last parameter.

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that there were there is an M, he was given for some HIPAA when it came to decision making use an excellent decision maker. However, who is the most perfect judge? Only Allah? And that is illustrated by the following story that will help attack another housemate. And remember that whenever a person has been given something, he is tested with regards to it, isn't it so? So that wilderness around he was going for socata? And Illa tested him through that?

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Well, hell attack and has it come to you? Who does you refer to? Primarily the prophets of Allah sentiment after him, every person to whom this may be relevant to the listener?

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And the purpose of beginning the story in this way, hell attacker, has it come to you? Why is it so in order to provoke curiosity, that when somebody says to you, have you heard about this, did you know about that? What happens immediately you become curious. And you become alert. You become conscious, you begin to wonder, do I know Do I not know if I don't? Why don't I know? And what is this? So a person becomes alert and he becomes curious. So why hell attacker never alhazmi the news of the disputants and Hudson from the new Tetris Hall slot meme. And hosam is basically used for opponents, two people or two groups who are opposing one another and they have taken their case to

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the court. So you can say opponents in a lawsuit.

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What happens in a lawsuit, one person is accusing the other and the other is defending himself. So Hussam involves two parties. Okay, one who is accusing the other and the other who is being accused, he is defending himself.

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So wholesome is such a dispute in which people are basically fighting for their rights,

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isn't it? They're fighting for their rights. And the word custom, it can apply to an individual.

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It can apply to two people. And it can also apply to more than two

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over here, I'll call them the two adversaries are not just two individuals, but rather they are do groups. How do we know there are two groups because Allah subhanaw taala says is the sole word Whoo, when they climbed over, if it was only two people than what would have been said

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and it would be their destiny would be there right? But in set the sound world the server was plural. And the Savile Row from the newsletter seen wild or SUV what the tsunami a wall. Okay, so is a wall and the cell wall is to climb over a wall.

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What's the proper way of entering into a room or entering into a building, entering into a place to go through the door? But if a person finds the door locked, and he's desperate to go in that, what will he do? He will climb over the wall. So is the cell wall may have and we have the prayer chamber, the place the masjid of the elderly center where he used to worship Allah.

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I mentioned to you earlier that the elderly Salaam he had divided up his time, isn't it? So? Sometimes he had dedicated exclusively for the purpose of a Baba.

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And where would you do this? either in his mirror, why in the mirror, because then there would be no distractions. Nobody could disturb him.

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And remember that from here, it is clear that perhaps that may have was closed, it was locked when he was inside, he would lock the door so that no one could interrupt.

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Because over here, what do we see that the two adversaries when they came in to the wilderness, they had to come over the wall, not from the door? Why not? Because the door was locked. Okay.

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And these two adversaries, they had some dispute, and they wanted to bring it to that would earn SLM so that he could solve it for them. But when they came to that with their listener, they could not find him. He was not available at that time. Rather, he had locked himself up in the room in order to worship Allah soprano.

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So what did they do? They climbed over the wall in order to reach him, in order to get to him in order to present their problem before him so that he could solve the problem for them.

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Now, you may wonder this is not right. How can you climb over somebody's wall and go to their private space and interrupt them in this way? This is not right. Of course, it's incorrect. However, many times people who are in need, they are blinded by the need, isn't it? So they're blinded by their need, and they do not see as to what they're doing is right? Or they're wrong, isn't it? And later on, they realize what they were doing was wrong. Now, though, there is some he was busy in his worship, and he did not expect anyone. Naturally he was startled when he saw these two groups of people coming in with their problem. And remember that in these situations, your ability to decide

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and take right action naturally becomes weak, isn't it? So when you are startled when you are confronted with something that you never expected? Can you think straight? Can you make the proper decisions at that time? No. So it was an unusual circumstance. And this unusual circumstance was created because a lot wish to test that would

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that what does he do? How does he react? What kind of judgment does he make? Is he St. Is he patient? Is he quick? Or does he think, what does he do? Because this is how tests come in.

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And these are real tests. When you have been told from before, this is the material that you will be tested on at this time on this day. That's not a real test. Remember that a real test is that which is unexpected, that you did not expect. It comes all of a sudden, like for example, all of a sudden somebody asks you, so you're studying the Quran, can you tell me the meaning of this word? That is the real test. Now at that time, you cannot say let me go check my juice. No, if you really know it, it's going to come out, isn't it? So that's the real test. So the other reason, he was tested in this way as well.

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So what happened is the one who highlighted the Buddha when they entered upon the wood and SLM and how did they enter all of a sudden by surprise, over the wall, they came not through the door, they didn't even bother knocking on the door. They just jumped over the wall and they came in. And he was praying in the mirror. So what happened fuzzier? I mean, who he was frightened from them. He was terrified for zero fat, they ain't fuzzy. And what does that mean? To be scared? Do be alarmed to be panic stricken. So why was he afraid of them? Because first of all, they were a jamara. It was a group of them. Because I mentioned to you hustle is not just to individuals, it's plural. So it has

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to be three or more. Okay? Now imagine you're sitting in a private room. The doors are locked. Nobody's coming in. And all of a sudden, a group of people you find them before you. Would you be terrified. Would you be scared? Of course. Now many times it happens. You're sitting in your room, you're doing your homework, you're doing your assignment, the doors closed, somebody walks in, you didn't hear the door or

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And all of a sudden you see them right before you once you get alarmed. Of course you do. So for fuzzy our main home, and on top of that he was alone. And it was a group of them. And a group of people coming up on a person who is alone. Generally, people don't come with good intention. Right? When they come like this, they don't come with a good intention.

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So he was afraid for fuzzy our main home. So what happened when they saw him afraid? Or do they said latter half, don't be afraid. They comforted him. They said, Don't fear we have not come in order to harm you in order to kill you in order to do anything wrong to you. Let the huff we are only hos Manny do disputants. We are do disputants meaning two groups of people who have some problem with one another we have an issue. And what is the issue that Barbara Luna, I love Berlin, some of us have committed outrage against others. Bella from the room fetters that line. Yeah, buddy. And what does it mean, to commit injustice? Because literally the word buddy is to desire.

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Okay. And then it's also to cross the limits and maintenance what happens in order to fulfill a person's desires, he crosses the limits. So bahal berguna and above, some of us have committed injustice against others, some of us have infringed upon the rights of others.

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Now, some scholars have said that these horsemen, there were two groups of people, okay.

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Some have said that no, there were only two individuals and tell us that these two individuals were actually two angels.

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Okay, there were actually two angels who had come in the form of two men at the command of a las panatela to indirectly teach that would nslm something.

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And this is based on an Israeli tradition.

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And remember that with regards to Israeli traditions, what has been said that do not affirm them, and do not reject them. However, when they contradict one another sooner than our we do? affirm them? No way, then we have to reject them, isn't it? So when they clearly contradict the Quran and Sunnah. So what is this Israeli tradition, you'll find it in many places, and maybe you've heard about it as well. According to this tradition, it is said that the older Islam had 99 wives, and he wished to complete the number with one more so that he could have 100 wives. And according to this Israeli tradition, because you will find this in some books, it is said that he saw a particular

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woman and he liked her, and he wished to marry her, but she was already married. So what he did was that he sent her husband for jihad, so that he would die. And when he died, then he took his wife in marriage. So a lot of private data sent these two angels to indicted each other what you have done is wrong. However, if you think about it, this story does not make sense. Why? Because this story, is saying that a prophet of Allah fell in love. And this is something that does not behoove a righteous, ordinary man, how can it be fake a prophet of Allah? Think about it. And how is it possible that a prophet of Allah would use trickery and deceit in order to do something? Just

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imagine that, according to the story, he sent that man for Jihad so that he could die? Would a prophet of Allah do that? It's unimaginable. And besides, why would a lot of panels are sent to angels to indirectly teach a lesson? If a prophet of Allah ever made a mistake? Allah subhanaw taala corrected him directly through revelation, isn't it? So? For example, the Prophet sallallahu sallam, when he pardon the when I 15, when he allowed them to stay behind from the Battle of the book, that Allah subhanaw taala not reprimanding? Of course, he said Lima as internal. Did he send angels to indirectly teach him a lesson? No. Similarly, when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam made honey haram on

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himself, what happened? Allah revealed directly, isn't it so? And the fact is that in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala has mentioned the stories in the clearest of ways.

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Whatever detail is necessary, he has given it very clearly. Why, so that we can understand the story because understanding the story is the first step to taking the lesson.

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And if Such was the case, that these two individuals will really angels a lot

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panel data would have said that.

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And if Such was the case of the sheep were mentioning the following if they were actually referring to women, it was the Pentagon would have mentioned that.

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So, the fact is that this story, if you analyze it, it does not make much sense. And it is only those people who have the guts to accuse a loss of data of wrong things. Those people only can say such wrong things about the prophets of Allah.

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This Think about it. If other people can say about Allah subhanaw taala, you do love him of Lula that allows hands are tied, or in a lot of opinion, that only such people can say, negative things about the Prophet of Allah is an utter because a person who has respect for Allah, He will have respect for the Prophet of Allah.

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But the hood, we know that they said extremely wrong things about Allah soprano data. So they can also say extremely wrong things about his profits. So what happened over here that these two adversaries they came in, and they said, Baba, Baba Luna, Alibaba, that some of us have transgressed against others,

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combined, and I will help so judge between us how will help with the truth.

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So they were seeking judgment from him.

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They came in order to seek judgment from him. But they said something that was inappropriate over here. And they said something that was almost disrespectful,

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that if the safe one was said to one of us, we would be extremely annoyed.

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What did they say? combiner will help judge between us with truth, meaning fairly.

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Think about it. When you go to someone seeking their decision seeking their judgment, don't you already trust them? Don't you already trust them? that they're going to give the best decision, this is why you're going to them.

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And if you don't trust them, you're not going to ask them.

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So when these people said to the Buddha, listen, I'm vain, and I will help. This almost came as a shock. Because who are they saying this to the Prophet of Allah. They're saying this to the king, and he was not an ordinary King. They're saying this to their Judge facom vain and I've been helped, whenever to stop and do not be unjust. They say this, in both ways, be fair, and don't be unfair, led to sleep. The straight from the ruthless gene for shut up and shuffled is to go to an extreme.

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It is to go to an extreme, and especially to go to an extreme in doing something wrong. Like, for example, like, Is it something wrong?

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Is something wrong? Of course it is. Now what is that a person is lying. And on top of that, He's exaggerating in that lie. He's making up old story. And he's telling one lie after the other. This is what Shabbat you understand this is committing excess in wrongdoing? So imagine they say, Well, actually, they don't say don't be unfair, but they use such a severe word well,

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and they say what Dena, Eliza is up, and guidance to the right path to the straight path, meaning guidance do the most correct way of solving this problem. Tell us what to do. She was the best way. Now remember that there was

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a prophet of Allah. And on top of that, he was also a very righteous man. He was a king, a very honest man. And I imagine that these disputants they're saying to him judge with truth, and do not be unjust.

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Somebody says that to you. How would you react?

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How would you react? Like, be quiet? If you don't want my judgment go away? You're accusing me of being unjust. We would say, hold your tongue.

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Stop right there. How dare you say this? You know who you're talking to? But there will there isn't? He just listens. He's just listening over here. What does it show his dominance? Isn't it?

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He doesn't say to them. First of all, you come here without permission.

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Secondly, You're disturbing me. Thirdly, you're accusing me of injustice. And you're being disrespectful. In the way you have approached me in the way you have addressed me, so leave, I'm not going to make any judgment for you. Rather, I'm going to put you behind bars. No, he doesn't do anything like that. What does it show the tolerance, the patience that he had?

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How can a person develop this tolerance, how that no matter what people say to him,

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he's able to listen to them.

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And he's able to

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Still do what he's supposed to do.

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When can a person do this? When can a person develop this kind of tolerance when he performs or

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when he performs worship, you know that you see the profits on a lot of sudden what was he told his spirit Allah Maya Kowloon VP patient over what these people say and look at

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that the older they sort of look at how the people approached him what they're saying to him, but he does not react negatively at all. You understand, he does not react negatively at all. He's able to listen to them, he's able to stay calm, and then make a judgment concerning them as well.

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The other listener was a devout worshipper. And when a person worships Allah, consistently, regularly, then what happens? It gives him the ability to remain firm.

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Because think about when you're praying for art, there's so many distractions, there's so many distractions, your mind is going everywhere, when you are reciting the Quran. So many times you may think, Okay, let me start with this ayah. Let me start with this page. Let me start with disorder.

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But when you continue, what does that build in you strength, inner strength, patience, resilience. So the other reason I was able to listen to these people, he was able to swallow the bitter sip. Why? Because of his tolerance? And how did he have that? Because of the worship of a Muslim?

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Now, the disputants they say that in the header of the meaning one of them, he said about the other, that in the header of it, this is my brother.

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Okay, my brother, in what way? My brother, indeed,

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that we do have a dispute within us, we do have a problem. However, he's still my brother.

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Is there something to learn from this?

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What do we learn from this?

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That no matter what dispute, no matter what argument no matter what difference a person may have with another,

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the bond of brotherhood, the bond of sisterhood, or the bond of caraga, it should not be severed,

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you understand? Because remember, who is of different types, right? One is a fitness and the others who have it been

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over here it may refer to who are fitness people who are fitting, but regardless, in either case, whatever the situation, it doesn't mean you got off from one another.

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So he says in the header, he indeed this is my brother. So it shows that the dispute had not led to any enmity between them.

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They had a dispute, but they weren't enemies to each other. And this is how it should be. We may have differences, but we cannot become enemies to each other.

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So he says in the header of him

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and this brother of mine Lahu for him, meaning he has this your own what is their own and argentum 99 sheep nerja is female sheep. It's the feminine of a button. button is used for masculine and nerja is used for feminine. Have we read the word button before? Remember,

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you know, but listening I mean, maurices name, right.

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So button blogs, I live with the homies on top and knew that and the feminine of that is larger.

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So he says this brother of mine has 99 female sheep.

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Female when it comes to animals are the superior. Yes, why?

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because only then you can have more. Okay? And because of them, you can have milk. Okay. So this one what this Leonardo Walia and for me, meaning I have not gotten wahida only one sheep. Now saying no Jetta would be sufficient.

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If he said, Well, you know jetan I have no idea. It would be understood that he has only one sheep. But when he says nurjahan wahida What does that emphasizing that he had only one sheep? What does it show that these disputants were actually poor people

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having only one sheet or having only 99 this is not a lot of wealth. Okay, so it shows that they were poor people

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were Leonardo da Haider

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for color. So he said who said the owner of 99 sheep, meaning this brother of mine, he said at Phil Neha. you entrust it to me

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at film from there.

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Better skaffa Lanka fella, and the fella has to look after someone to be responsible for their food to be responsible for their finances, so on and so forth.

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So occasionally he said to me, give me had it, what does he refer to? The Nigerian wahida? The one sheep. So give this one sheep to me, make it a part of my flock, I will become its owner, and I will take care of it. He said this to me, and why doesn't he feel his dog? And he overpowered me in speech. Iser, what does it mean? To be strong, right, and to be strong over the other Xeni, it means to prevail over him to defeat him. So he defeated me, he overcame me filippov in speech, meaning in the argument.

00:25:52--> 00:25:55

So first of all, he said to me, give me this one sheep of yours.

00:25:56--> 00:26:04

And then he continued to argue with me until he defeated me in arguments. So what happened? I gave up.

00:26:05--> 00:26:07

So I had to give up my one sheep to him.

00:26:08--> 00:26:15

Now, in the side, there is no reference as to whether the other party confirmed or objective, do what the first party said.

00:26:16--> 00:26:48

The first party said that the other group has 99 sheep, and we have only one. And he has said that you give this one sheep over to us as well. And he's taken. Okay. Now, in a court, when one person accuses the other, what happens? The other has a right to object isn't until the other has the right to say that no, this is not true. This is not how it is. The reality is something else. But this is not mentioned over here.

00:26:49--> 00:26:55

You see, it's not mentioned over here, whether the other party accepted or rejected, they confirmed or they objected.

00:26:56--> 00:27:21

Secondly, if the other party is silent, then the first party has to present some kind of evidence for what they're saying, isn't it? So? Imagine if a person is accusing the other of something? Should he not have some evidence? Should you not bring some evidence in the form of witnesses in the form of any kind of evidence, you should have some kind of evidence, but again, the evidence is not mentioned over here.

00:27:22--> 00:27:23

So two things are missing.

00:27:24--> 00:27:34

What is missing? First of all, the response of the accused party, and secondly, the evidence of the one who was accusing.

00:27:36--> 00:27:45

And this is not mentioned over here, what does it show that it did not happen? Because if it had happened, then Allah subhanaw taala would have mentioned, because this is something necessary to know,

00:27:47--> 00:27:55

though the listener, he heard one side of the story, and what happened, he immediately passed the judgment.

00:27:56--> 00:28:10

Technically, what should happen? What should the judge do? He should listen to both sides of the story. Or he should ask for evidence, or he should ask the other party. What do you have to say with regards to this?

00:28:11--> 00:28:31

You understand? The other person didn't do anything like that. And he immediately passed a judgment. Why did he pass a judgement? Because when you hear such a story, that this one guy has 99 sheep and the other poor man has only one sheep. And this rich man is saying, Give me one sheep of yours. Once you become angry.

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Once you become angry, of course, you'd become angry. So it's quite possible that our wilderness alone became angry at that point. And he immediately passed the judgment in favor of the poor man.

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You understand? So what was the response of that with Arizona? Allah He said, la casa de la la maka, he has certainly wronged you. He has committed injustice against you. Who this brother of yours, this rich man, the owner of 99 sheep, he has committed injustice against you how be so early in our jotika by asking of your sheep

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by demanding your sheep he has committed injustice against you be to Eleonora jotika Ilana Raji he to his sheep near odd uses the plural of nerja so singular is an origin the Florida's Neeraj.

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So he passes judgment. And then he said we're in a coffee run, and indeed many millions

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of associates and hola fi is a plural of Hollywood from the reflectors hot lamp for college. That is Highlander how healthy is to mix to mingle to mix one thing into another.

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And Holly is a partner. Hola, PA, partners. Okay.

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What kind of partners? People who share with regards to something like for example, their work their business? Okay? This share in some matters, their partners in some matters, and they're independent in other matters.

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So for example, do businesses under one roof in the same building? Does it happen? It happens. So what happens in there are two businesses they're running independently however they share the premises, they share the building, you understand?

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Similarly alhuda can also refer to two people who share in some responsibility who share in ownership of a property. Like for example, two brothers, they own a house, they own a company. This is what Holika

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Okay, so the other esalaam said, What in the Filomena hola thought and many of those who share meaning many associates, many partners? What happens to them? labelee. But

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surely, some of them oppress others.

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Many times when people are together, when they share in something, whether it's their work, their profession, their job, ownership, or relationship, anything that they have a share, and what happens, they end up committing injustice against each other.

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And isn't this true? Like, for example, even if there are two siblings living in the same house, or sharing a room, what happens one commits and justice against the other how that one never cleans. And the other is always cleaning whenever makes her bed. And the other is always making both events. Right? One never dusts and the other is always dusting.

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One brings message into the room and the other is clearing up the mess. Is this fair?

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It's not fair at all. Now, two people, they share the room, but they're unjust to one another. Similarly, many times partners like business partners, are they unfair to each other? Are they how

00:32:14--> 00:32:24

one gets paid more than the other? One takes more profit than the other. Okay. Similarly, he hides the profit, he doesn't tell him the whole story.

00:32:25--> 00:32:28

He claims what he does not have right over.

00:32:29--> 00:33:02

Very true that when it comes to the parking lot, for example, people are supposed to share the parking lot, right, which means that each person should stay within his parking spot. But what happens sometimes people don't park properly. And as a result, others are affected, isn't it that if you don't park in the parking spot which you park on the side of the road, then you're blocking so many parking spots. And people might want to, you know, Park in the spot, but just because you're parked in front of it, they cannot get in. So you're blocking traffic. Right? How else

00:33:03--> 00:33:22

that, for example, when it comes to washrooms, right. people share the washrooms in public places or sometimes on the house even now, what is the responsibility of each person, when you sharing it with other people, you do your duty, you do your part, you leave the washroom clean, you leave it dry, you don't leave it wet and dirty.

00:33:23--> 00:33:27

But when a person will leave it messy, he's committing injustice against the other

00:33:29--> 00:33:31

group projects, what happens in them.

00:33:32--> 00:33:46

Sometimes some students have to do more than the others. Why? Because some are nowhere to be seen. They don't show up, they don't do their part. And the entire work falls on just a few individuals. This is bullying against your holiday.

00:33:47--> 00:34:36

This is bullying against your partner. Similarly, sometimes a husband and wife they are sharing a relationship. They're sharing a house, right? They're sharing a family. But when one will not give the right to the other this is what injustice. So though there is an M says over here, that we're in Nicosia, la mina Hola, por labelee ba boom Allah verb. And the thing is that many people, many people, they commit injustice in this relationship. And when they commit injustice in this relationship, then what happens the help of Allah is not there anymore. There's a reasonable doubt in which we learned that a loss of data says I am the third of the two Congress, the two partners

00:34:37--> 00:34:46

and two people are working together. When they share something, then I am the third of the two as long as one of them does not cheat the other

00:34:47--> 00:34:50

when he cheats the other than I leave.

00:34:51--> 00:34:54

So two people when they're working together

00:34:56--> 00:34:59

and as long as both are sincere and honest

00:35:00--> 00:35:03

to each other than Allah's help is with them.

00:35:04--> 00:35:30

Because of being human being many times we make errors, right? But as long as you're sincere, you don't want to harm the other, you're not deceiving the other, you're not cheating, the other Allah's help will be there. But the moment you GTR, the moment you deceive the other, the moment you don't give to the other what he deserves, you lie to him, then what happens? Allah does not help such people anymore.

00:35:32--> 00:35:35

Allah does not help such people anymore. So never leave the room.

00:35:37--> 00:36:12

Now, if you think about it, when it comes to us over here, at this institute, we share as well like for example, our groups, right? You share something with your group in charges, you share something with your teachers, right? So you have certain responsibilities, and others have certain responsibilities, isn't it? So? Now, what are we supposed to do? That we're supposed to fulfill our responsibilities and not neglect them? Because if we neglect them, if we cheat, if we lie, then Allah's help will not be there anymore. Remember,

00:36:14--> 00:36:15

Allah help will not be there anymore.

00:36:16--> 00:36:42

If we teach one another, deceive one another by saying yes, I know the assignment was due however, I forgot it and you know, you haven't done it. But you say I forgot it. Or you deliberately delay deliberately don't do it. You have the time but you don't do it. This is what cheating the other way, deceiving the other. So when a person deceives the other then what happens? Everyone suffers because the help of Allah is not there anymore. Labeling him Oliver