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This episode is about expressing patience in difficult times and remembering Allah SWT and Quran. A Quranic conversation between one of the greatest companions, Muadh Ibn Jabal RA and his son AbdurRahman when both of them were struck by a plague on their death bed.

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Santa Monica Monica and celebrity council dear brothers and sisters Welcome back to people of color, where every night I share with you a story about how one of our pious predecessors interacted with an ayah from the Koran. So, today's story requires a little bit of historical context. When you read in the life of a woman of hospital the a lot of time, in fact, a defining moment, not only for him, but for many of the Sahaba was a year that's known as animal nada, the year of ashes. And this was 18 years after his law when the almost struck by what's known as the timeless plague. This was a plague how long that claimed the lives of many different companions of the Prophet slicin above or

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below the line, who being the most famous of them bumalik and ashari, not Abu Musab al Malik and Acharya a long time and who shall hubiera the longtime animal and one of the most famous companions and most important companions is more either than gentlemen, about a lot of time and

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a lot of time who was only 33 years old. Now just to give you a little bit of context as to how insane that is. More I've is considered one of the greatest mysteries of the companions, he is one of the most days of the companions, he is one of kuttabul ye one of the people that was chosen to write the revelation He is the man that the Prophet slicin um said to him, oh my god, I love you one of the famous ahaadeeth that we have is the Prophet spice. I'm telling my little the allot of time, that I love you and giving him a final advice. So my little the law I entered into Islam, very young as a teenager, in fact, became a Mufti amongst the companions, and is only 33 years old at the time

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of this plague. We're actually almost on top of the law and almost passed away as well. And more of the law of Thailand is in Palestine at this time, he's in Philistine and the plague strikes him and more out of all the longtime, who fell extremely ill. And he says to the companions, he says in the huruma, turabi, komazawa, john, well, there are two NaVi console Allahu alayhi wa sallam. What Pablo saw the Hainan public on that this is the mercy of your lords of Hannah Montana. This is the draft of your prophet sly Salah. And this is the way that righteous people were seized in the past as well. What did he mean by that? The Prophet slicin mentioned one of the ways that a person dies as a

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martyr as a Shaheed is when they die in a plague. So he said a Llama Llama Aarthi allmodern and longsleeve ofa Rahman Javier Rama, he said, Oh Allah, give the family of love the biggest share of this mercy of yours so panela meaning let us struggle the most so that we can have the greatest share of the reward. So my little the longtime I know when he makes that his son after a man falls extremely ill. Now I'm gonna hang on, you know, there's a very famous Hadith where he tells his son to pray as if it's your last prayer. This is a conversation between more out and man it's his, his son and someone who's very beloved to him in a very righteous young man. So man falls extremely ill

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In fact, even more ill than wild and one other the low tide and who says, Yeah, I'm the man cave Hunter. Oh, man, how are you? And so Hannah law has written response. You talk about people of color, and he responds with the ayah from Surah Baqarah verse 147. He says, I'll help women love beaker filata corn and the mineral monitoring the truth is from your Lord. So don't find yourself amongst those who doubt Allah subhanho wa Taala meaning I don't even want to say anything. But all I can tell you is that I am certain that Allah subhana wa tada has a wisdom in this and I'm pleased with the decree of Allah subhana wa Tada. So he responds with an eye of Quran more either the amount

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of time and who responds to his son, what Anna in sha Allah, sachi dooney, and shout love middle slobbing, which is a verse and this is a saw fat verse 102 when it's married it his Salaam said to his father, that you will find me in sha Allah from amongst those who are patient, someone responds to his son, by saying you will find me in sha Allah amongst those who are patients Pamela, you know, you talk about people of color and the last conversation between a father and a son and it's an eye of color and from both of them How amazing is that? How beautiful is that? What kind of values did my little the a lot of time to instill in his children. So after they have this conversation after a

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man passes away, so he passes away immediately after this conversation, my little the a lot of time who prayed Jenna's on his son The next morning, and then more from the sadness coupled with the sickness that he already felt, started to become even more ill and more as would go into long periods of unconsciousness and then he'd opened his eyes and he was barely breathing and then he'd go into long periods of unconsciousness once again, and he even made a deal out he said, Rob, if not Nihon Pathak and the translation of that would mean Oh Allah strangle me the way that you would strangle meaning. Oh, a lot. Go ahead and finish me off. firmware is the ticker in Nikola Tesla and

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Colby. You have book. He said, I swear by your glory. Oh Allah, you know that my heart loves you. How amazing is that? He's saying

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To a loss of hundreds on a you know how much my heart loves you and my other the A lot of times as he's going in and out of consciousness he has this final paragraph, this fight these final words that he says as that starts to approach him he says model hadn't been multimodal habit that you don't have even jonatha he said, you know, welcome to death Welcome to death, a beloved visitor who came at a time that was most needed. And he says, Allah in the Quran to a half look at the annual Yeoman of Judah said, Oh Allah, you know that I used to fear you. But today I just longed for you. Pamela has no feet on like a beautiful ending, says you know that I used to fear you but today I

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just longed for you. He says Allah in Nikita Alamo and the lamb akun dunya wa Taala. Because if he had the jungle and how one or the other cell as john, he says, Oh Allah, you know, that I never wanted to stay in this world in order to, you know, to build waterways or to or to plant trees, meaning you know, that I never wanted to be in this world to establish myself in this dunya you know, I never wanted to build houses and have, you know, a great portion of this world. He says when I can leave Lama Alhaji one more Kava that is there, it was a hammer dilemma. He would love to be in the helicopter. He said, but you know that the only thing I loved about this world were the long

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nights and prayer and the long hours during the day and fasting when you feel thirsty, the long hours of feeling fast, the long hours of feeling thirsty when we're when I'm fasting and the traffic towards going to the right or not. When they were doing their circles of remembrance when they were when they were teaching the people he said that's all I wanted in this world and that's all that I love this world. And he said in Mecca tap animal in your head book you know that I love you Oh Allah. And those were the last words of my little the longtime handle the one who was told by the prophets I saw them that you know that I love you and my little the allot of time who is saying or

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like you know that I love you, dear brothers and sisters are so many lessons that we can take from this and Pamela, one of them again that these people were such people of color and that even at the most difficult moment of their lives, they both reflected on the Koran wife and his son, who was a very young man, at that point more of themselves was only 33 years old. Secondly, you know more about the Allahu taala and who expressing that patience with a loss of habitat and that pleasure with his decree. When a love really puts you in those difficult moments. That's when I lost planet Allah wants to see whether or not the poor man comes to your heart and comes to your tongue. You

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know, it's very easy for us to recite it in times of ease, but in those difficult moments do we remember last time do we remember those words that we've been reading until the weekend reading our entire lives? We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us people of color and to grant us that beautiful ending and to gather us with more either the Aloha, his son and the one who loves more. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam and generated for those that I mean, just Aquila Hayden for joining us tonight inshallah. Tada. I'll see you for another episode tomorrow with Santa Monica.