Taimiyyah Zubair – Fahm Al-Quran – 13A Yusuf 53 65

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of acknowledging one's evil tendencies and not giving up is emphasized, as it is crucial for achieving good deeds. The use of language in relation to one's behavior is discussed, including the use of "by the" in English to signal that someone is not the same as theirs, and the importance of showing one's weaknesses to others and oneself. The use of language is also discussed as a factor in protecting loved ones and achieving gains, as it is not just a means to achieve.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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My mother who want to slowly or a lot of Sudha Karim Amma Bharath ferodo Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. Rubbish Rocky's Audrey Wen Sidley Emery, Washington melissani of koko de Soto

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No sleep.

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Women Uber una FC. Enough Salah Amar autumn bisou illa Rahim Allah be in Nairobi LA for over him, he said, and I do not equate myself, I do not declare myself to be perfectly innocent. No after all, I am also a human being and I have a soul inside. And indeed the soul is a persistent enjoyer of evil, meaning the soul continuously always it doesn't stop telling people to send and this is the struggle that each and every human being lives with. Use of RSM if he's saying in enough Salah a monotone bizu then what is the reality of all of us that our soul? Would it not tell us to do wrong to do evil? Of course it does. This is why we see that it is so important that we recognize the evil

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promptings of our own knifes and we seek refuge with Allah from the evil of our enough's. Aloma in the arrows to becoming shallow enough see from the evil of my soul. Because many times we know what the right thing is what the wrong thing is. But what happens, the knifes makes wrong, attractive and easy. And the knifes make good difficult. Like for example, these days, we know what the reward is of praying Korea of praying in the night. But what happens despite knowing do we become lazy? We think oh, perhaps I should not go to Taiwan the first day. Let me skip today. And I'll go the next day. And if we're not able to go at all, then what does the nap say to us? You're so tired. You've

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been fasting all day. You deserve to sleep. You deserve to take some rest. But what do we learn if a person manages to recite even 10 if in the night in kiama Lane, then he will get the reward of a Pinto Pinto a heaped up treasure and contol of reward is better than the dunya the world and whatever is in it Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam said that so in the nerve center amount of this why is it that we know all of these virtues? If we're tested and all of these virtues, we would pass the test very easily. But when it comes to action, we fall Why? Because the nafs tells us to disobey Allah in enough Salah American bisou illa mera hemara be except those upon which my lord has mercy,

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meaning none is safe from the evil of the soul, except the one whom Allah protects, except the one whom Allah protects. It is very, very easy to slip. And it is very, very easy to keep slipping and slipping and slipping. Because remember, one sin does not remain one sin, it leads to another sin. If a person misses one prayer, then it doesn't mean that he will miss only one that will mean that more will be missed. If a person leaves a good opportunity, and act of obedience to Allah subhanaw taala remember it's not going to stop there. It's definitely

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going to take a person to the next thing, the next thing, leaving another good deed, another good deed, another good deed? I mean, think about it, good deeds are all connected, right? Aren't they connected? Like for example, if you make sure that you recite for an individual prayer, because in the Quran alpha God can assure that macheda and if you do recite Quran in fudger prayer, then what will happen by the time that you end your prayer, you're fully awake. Can you then sit and do some current as we have? Can you Yes, then inshallah you can be of those people who are remembering Allah glorifying Allah at the time when the sun rises, and those who do not remember Allah at the time

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when the day comes in, then Who are they? I mentioned to you earlier Hadees those are the worst creation of Allah. Because there is nothing from the creation of Allah except that it glorifies Allah when the day is coming in, except for who the worst of Allah's creation. So you see, each good deed leads to another and each sin leads to another one slip will take to another. So over here use of Allah saddam says that only he is protected home, the one whom Allah shows mercy to only he is safe from the evil of the soul, who Allah protects. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the best of believers in Islam is the one from who stung and hence other Muslims are safe. Have you

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heard of this hadith? Yeah. Okay, but the Hadith continues. And the best jihad is of the one who strives against himself for the sake of Allah against himself, because it's very easy to fight against others. The most difficult battle is the battle against oneself, that when you have to convince yourself to do what is right, when you have to convince yourself to observe patients, when you have to convince yourself to hold on and not give up, you have to convince yourself to stop your hand from that which is wrong. This is the most difficult battle. And this is why the prophets on a lot of them said that the best jihad is of the one who strives against himself for the sake of

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Allah, and the best of the immigrants. The best of the mohajir rune is the one who strives against his knifes and desire for the sake of Allah. Because that is also a kind of hated law. Because being with the knifes and desire, agreeing with it, that's a different lifestyle, but then fighting against it battling it, it's like moving away from your comforts, that is a form of hatred, moving away from what you're so used to, from what you find pleasing, from what you find enjoyable, moving away from that, that is a form of hedging. And the best hitter is the one who struggled against his naps and his desire for the sake of Allah. And this is an authentic hadith reported in Cincinnati,

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Ohio. So he has the prophets of Allah Islam also said, the strong one is not the one who wins in a fight, that when there's a fight, he wins over there. No, the strong one is He who wins against himself, Allah nafsa who the one who overpowers himself, and this really requires strength. Because what happens at the time when you have to wake up for so who don't you have to overpower yourself? Yes, you have to really fight against yourself. Your eyes don't want to open but you have to fight to open them. You don't want to leave the comfort of your bed but you have to fight in order to get out of bed. The strong one is the one who love and if so who so he even had done so use of it as Sam

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said in enough Salah Amala Tom Bissell a llama Rahim Allah be in Nabila Fudan Rahim. Indeed my lord is Forgiving and Merciful. You see that woman over here is confessing her sin, her mistake. So use of our listener, look at his words. They're giving so much hope that yes, a mistake was made. And yes, no one is perfect. Each person has their own challenges. You have your challenges, I have my own struggles. But what we can take comfort in is the fact that my lord is Forgiving and Merciful. What do we see over here the sincerity of use of a sinner. And we see this in all of the prophets of Allah, how they wished well for everybody, even those who hurt them, those who oppose them, those

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who fought against them, those who put them in prison, use of RSM as though giving the option to that woman that you should seek forgiveness from Allah for whatever has happened. And this is amazing. Even Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when his opponents came to him accepting Islam, what did he do? He accepted their Islam. He encouraged them that yes, their forgiveness will be accepted. I'm going to be the author of the Allahu anhu. He was the one who went to the cinema, to speak to the Natasha to get the Muslims back to Makkah imagine

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He was a politician. He went to Makkah to get the Muslims back. He waged war against the Muslims. And what happened eventually when he came to accept Islam, he said to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, I want to give the banner to you. And the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he extended his hand out and I'm open and as he pulled his hand away, people didn't hand away the prophets of Allah and said, What happened? He said, What about my sins that I've committed before? Will I be forgiven for them? If I'm forgiven, then I'm accepting Islam. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, the one who accepts Islam, his sins are converted into good deeds. Can you imagine? I mean, these are people who didn't

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just hurt the cause of Islam. These were people who personally hurt, little sort of luck sallallahu alayhi wa sallam personally hurt him.

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With respect to his mission with respect to his family with respect to his own life, they personally hurt him. But look at the open heartedness of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam that if a person comes seeking forgiveness, accepting Islam, then accepted in Nairobi as a photo Rahim. We try to reserve a loss forgiveness for ourselves only. We try to restrain Allah's mercy for ourselves only. But Allah is Forgiving and Merciful to all those who come to him seeking His forgiveness and wanting His mercy. And the king said, Bring him to me. It's as though the king is now getting impatient. Bring him to me already. Now his innocence is declared, as the list will enough, see, I will appoint him

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exclusively for myself, the king is saying now Yusef is going to be for me. He's going to work for me. And when he spoke to him, he said, Indeed, you are today established in position and trusted fella kalama, who, it's amazing, the more the king gets to no use of a center, the more he is impressed by him. Why? Because the more he gets to know us of our listeners, the more he recognizes his qualities. He appreciates him even more and more. So he says that you are now from this day onwards, you have an established position near us and you are going to be trusted. It says though the king is saying that you've told us the interpretation and you've also advised us as to what we

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should do. Now what do you want? What do you think you can do? Yusuf Ali Salaam says it earlier Allah Hosea in elope when you serve is that I'm sort of the king trusted him fully. And he also realized the crisis that the country was going to face in the near future use of RSM offered his services, he said, appoint me over the store houses of the land. Indeed, I will be annoying Guardian in Neha feelin Arlene, meaning I know how to work in this situation in this time, and I will also do it properly. You won't have any regrets if you appoint me to manage this crisis that is going to come up in the near future. So what happened, the king agreed and use of a salon. Now he is free.

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Allah says wicked alikum a canal usofa fill out yet ababwa Omen Jorge through Yeshua, and thus we established use of in the land, to settle there in wherever he will. This was the same man the Prophet of Allah who was once imprisoned. Before that he was living as a slave, then in the prison, and now so much freedom that he could settle in the land wherever he wanted. No slave will be mattina, Manisha we touch with our mercy, whom we will wanna know they are adorable morosini, and we do not allow to be lost the reward of those who do good. There is reward for such people, even in this world, even in this life. And what do we see here? that yes, there is a certain time until

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which there is hardship. And the hardship only seems to be growing and intensifying the difficulties only increase? And then what happens? Throughout this time Allah is testing his servant, how patient is my servant? How grateful is my servant? And how much exam does he do? And if a slave passes this test, then what happens? A lot opens the doors of His mercy for him. Look at how use of artists and him now he is free. And he's not just free as an ordinary man. No, he's got a very high position with the king. He is appointed as you can say the finance minister were over Egypt. And this crisis that was going to come up this drought, the shortage of food supplies, all of this use of our lesson

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and was appointed to manage it's such a huge responsibility. But with that, such a huge honor also, such a huge position in that society also, but it didn't come in one day. It came after a lot of hardship, a lot of training when I drew a lot

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played, and the reward of the Hereafter is better little Edina. armano for those who believe what can we act upon and they fear Allah, the reward in the Hereafter is far greater. This is how Allah's plan works out that apparently what is happening with us seems very difficult and painful. But in reality through that Allah will bring much goodness if we are patient. So May Allah enable us to really see the truth the reality as it is? A lot of them original haka, how come because many times it happens, that something good is happening in our lives, but we view it as something that's very harmful, and we become impatient. Our o'clock with the people around us gets really bad. Why?

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Because we don't see reality. As it is. We are very short sighted, we're very short sighted. And as a result, we become impatient. So only when a person can see things in the big picture. And how is it that you can see things in the big picture, knowing that Allah is your Lord, You are not your Lord. Allah is your Lord. He manages your affairs, he is the one who decrees everything in your life, not you. You only try you only work, you only struggle, and who is it that's planning? Allah is planning, so leave your affairs to him and trust him? And what does it mean by trusting him? Not that a person sits and does nothing, know that in whatever position a person is put in, he makes the

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most of his situation, we see that as a slave use of our time is not seen as a bad natured boy, or as a disobedient boy rebellious, no, we see that he must have had good luck, good manners, obedience, he must have showed. This is why his master loved him so much. Likewise, in the prison, we don't see him depressed, frustrated, angry fighting. No, we see him helping other people, because the one who wants to help other people, he can help them were even in the prison, the one who wants to be productive, he will be productive, even in Ramadan, even with an empty stomach, even with a few hours of sleep. Who the one who really wants to be productive. And who is he the one who is

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patient, the one who is grateful.

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What, what do you serve? Now another turn of events, what happens? The brothers of use of or the salon came? Why seeking food. Why? Because there was food in Egypt use of our restaurant had planned it all, he had preserved the food. So elsewhere in the region, people were suffering from a shortage of food supplies, there was severe drought. And so people traveled far and wide in search of food. And this news must have spread that there is food in Egypt. And there is a finance minister or whoever that leader over there. He's very generous. So what happened, the brothers of use of a Sunnah also came seeking food, and they entered upon him, and he recognized them. But he was to them

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unknown, he recognized his brothers immediately. And they had no idea that the man whom they were dealing with was indeed their brother use of whom they had thrown in the well.

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And when he had furnished them with their supplies, he said, Bring me a brother of yours from your father. And who is this the full brother of use of our excellent Binyamin? He said, Do you not see that I give full measure, and that I am the best of accommodators. He's not showing off over here praising himself. Rather, he's trying to build trust here. Because you see, for another person to trust you, they must know what you're capable of what your qualities are, what you're good at. Like, for example, when you're applying for a job somewhere, you have to tell them what you've done, what you're capable of. Otherwise, why would they hire you? How can they So likewise, use of our lesson

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and when he's telling them over here that I give you full measure, I am the best of accommodators he's trying to build trust because he wants to make sure that his brothers return. And then he says, and if you do not bring him to me, no measure will there be hereafter for you from me, meaning then you're not getting any more food supplies after today, nor will you approach me meeting don't even bother coming here because you're not going to get any food. So if you want food in the future, make sure you bring your brother with you. Because you said our lesson was only giving food per head per family. So these brothers when they came, they must have bought food for beniamino also, but

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Binyamin was not with them. So use of our SLM said that look if you want food for your brother next time and also for yourself, then you better bring him next time. Because otherwise how can I trust you you could be saying that you have a lot of family back home, but how do I know? You understand? So this is why use of our salon he took advantage of this and he wanted to make sure that his brother would come. They said we will attempt to dissuade his father from keeping him. Notice how

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They don't have much respect for their father. Their father was not just a prophet. Now he was also an old man. But look at how they say, we will attempt to dissuade his father from keeping him as if he was not their brother, as if their father was not their father. And indeed, we will do it will call it if at any heat and use of set to his servants, but their merchandise into their saddlebags. So they might recognize it when they have gone back to their people. And perhaps they will again return. Now what does use of SLM do? He says, put the money that they gave us back in their bags, he returns the money to them. And this is as a gift to them as a surprise. So that when they go home,

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and they open up their bags, and they see Oh, their money has been returned, it is more of an incentive for them to come.

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What does it show that user I said, I'm really really wanted them to return. Why? Because they hadn't recognized him. And he was not hasty in revealing his identity to them either. Why? Because if he did that, they would feel shy and embarrassed. And perhaps they would never come back again. And they would never tell their father. This is Southern use of RSM was waiting for the right time, in order to reveal his identity to his brothers. This is what happens with us, we get so excited that we become very hasty. We want to do things very quickly, we find out some good news. And instantly we share with the whole world. We're eating some dessert and instantly we put it on

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Facebook on Twitter, so the whole world will know. We can't even wait. We're so hasty. So use of our listener, you can see the hidden in him that how they shouldn't how tolerant he is, and how forbearing he is that he's taking time. Why? Because he's waiting for the right moment. For them, Roger in a V him. So when they return to their father, they said, Oh, our Father, further measure has been denied to us. So send with us, our brother, you see, now they say our brother before they said his son, now they say our brother, because the people whose hearts are insincere, then their language also changes depending on who they are in front of their language also changes in front of

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one person, they appear to be very respectful. But when they're amongst themselves, they're very disrespectful. This is what this is a form of NIF ALK, that a person is not the same. He changes wherever he is. Why is it that our language changes sometimes, depending on who we are in front of our tone changes our words, they change our body language that also changes. If we truly have love for other people and well wishing for them, then we don't need to speak one way in front of them. And another way behind them. We don't need to do that. And a believer is one whose heart is clean for other people. So we see over here, this change in their behavior. And they said oh, our Father

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sent our brother with us so that we will be given measure and indeed we will be his guardians. What in Allah hula half alone, we will guard him this at this about use of our lesson. I'm also their father says, should I entrust you with him except under coercion? As I entrusted you with his brother before? You forced me? You bullied me into sending you stuff with you once before and what did you do with use? Have? You said that you were going to protect him? Could you protect him? No, you couldn't. And now you're forcing me to send Binyamin also. And when I send you while trusting you because you say to me that you will protect him, how can you protect him? For law who hired on

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Haffield law? A law is the best guardian. Don't say that you will protect him. Don't give me all of these authorities. The fact is that Allah is the one who protects well, who are Hamill Rahimi and He is the Most Merciful of those who show mercy. Can you imagine these words are coming from whom? From the man from the Father who has lost his beloved Son, and from the Father who cannot trust his 11 other sons? And what is he saying? Well, who are hammer Rahimi ally is the Most Merciful of those who show mercy. Generally what happens when we are inflicted with some hardship? The first thing that we begin to doubt is Allah's mercy. The first thing that we doubt is a loss help. That what

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happened over here? We never saw such diseases before. What happened over here? How come my life has been changed like this? What sin did I commit? Why is Allah doing this to me? And look at what Dr. Cooper they said I was saying for law who hired on half Ilan will who are humbled rahimian, He is the Most Merciful of those who show mercy. And this teaches us that anytime we sense fear for our belongings for our loved ones, then leave them in a loss protection. You know, this is something

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natural things that we love, we want to protect them. people that we love, we want that they should be safe children, husband, whoever, because there's so many dangers. I mean, you get out of the house and there's so many dangers. So many, even within the house, there could be so many dangers, even when your child is with you, in your own hands, that child could suffer, isn't it? So, I mean, sometimes a mother makes a mistake and that she gives to her child food that the child is allergic to, she gives it by accident. So our children, our possessions, our loved ones are not necessarily safe when they are with us under our eyes, when are they safe, when Allah is protecting them, when

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Allah is preserving them. So always remember, a loss protection is the best protection. So anything that you feel afraid for, leave it in a loss protection, because sometimes you can't even do much to protect what you love or those you love. They're in a different country, or your child is in the school, you don't know what your child is listening to who he's sitting with what he's learning about. You can't even if you try to go into a classroom, you've won't be allowed, isn't it? You're not allowed over there. you're told to sit outside you're told to wait outside the school. So whenever these anxieties these fears come in for law who higher on Hatfield law

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when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would see someone off, right when someone will be traveling and he would see them off again, he would make the offer them leaving them in a loss protection. So there Allaha that I leave you in a loss protection. The one who and Lady latterly whether arrow or still there Allaha Dena Kumar, Amana taco. Whoa, whoa ottima I'm Anaconda traveler, and the one who's staying. They both exchange these there are so the profits or losses whenever he was separating from someone one is going and he's staying or he is going and they're staying. So he would leave his family, his loved ones in a loss protection.

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And when they open their baggage, so basically this conversation didn't lead anywhere the father did not allow. So when they opened up their baggage, they found their merchandise returned to them. They said oh Our Father, what more could we desire? This is our merchandise returned to us and we will obtain supplies for our family and protect our brother and obtain an increase of a camel's load. That is an easy measurement.

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