Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 12 – L118D

Taimiyyah Zubair
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So knew her Listen, I was told to do something now for himself and what was that?

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That was not helpful

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and construct the ship, build the ship is not from the newsletters saw noon? Sun is no, it is to make something, but in particular it is to manufacture.

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What does it mean to manufacture something,

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it has to do something with skill. So, ordinary folk manufacture, meaning construct, build the ship,

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we will teach you, you have to build a ship, and the word unfold is used for a ship. Remember, this is not a boat, it's not a canoe, what is it? It's a ship.

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So, build the ship be our uni now with our observation. Well, we're Hina and our revolution, or Yun is the plural of rain, and what does it mean?

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And where he is revelation? What does it mean by this, that build the ship with our observation and our instruction, meaning build the ship under our observation and supervision, or even gives the meaning of observation and supervision that we're watching you. We're making sure that you're building it properly, that you're doing it right.

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Just imagine you're doing something for the very first time.

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And you have never seen anyone do it before.

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And you haven't given the instructions. And you're doing it. Don't you want somebody to watch you to make sure you're doing it right, especially if it's a huge project, just to guide you through just to make sure that you're following every step properly, you're not missing anything,

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in what you're doing is correct. So that at the end, it's not that the whole effort has gone waste. Just imagine you're cooking something for the very first time

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you entered into the kitchen for the first time. Are you just going to open a recipe book and follow the instructions know you're going to have someone guide you? What does it mean by finely chopping something, what does it mean by you know, doing this or doing that these terms that are used in cooking, many people are unaware.

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So even if you have the recipe book in front of you, you will not be able to follow the instructions unless and until somebody is watching you.

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So the meaning our observation, our supervision, we're going to watch you we're going to make sure you're doing it right.

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Well, what Hina and our instruction, meaning we're going to teach you, we're going to instruct you as to how you are supposed to build the ship.

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We're going to give you guidance as to how you're supposed to build a ship.

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And be our unit has also been understood as our protection that we're watching you meaning we're protecting you build the ship, under our protection, our observation, supervision as well as protection, or Hina. Our instruction and guidance and teaching, follow these instructions,

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what to how to be and do not address me. Finley Nevada move in those people who have done zone two Hartley Binney is from the Tetris Hall floor, but from the word hip hop, any other word from the same room?

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Whatever. What does that mean?

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A speech and address, Friday sermon, any other word from the same room?

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Hopefully, who is the one who gives a lot of

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hip hop is also from the same route? And remember, Futaba Tunica. What was that marriage proposal,

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because it begins with one side, addressing the other anyway, hip hop is basically an address in which one person is addressing the rest of the beat.

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One person is addressing the other.

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It's not a both sided conversation. The other say, one person is talking and the others or the other is listening. And the listener, he just responds occasionally, if he finds there to be a need, which is why for example, in the gym or whatever, if the speaker asks a question, it's always supposed to be a rhetorical question. People are not supposed to respond to that question. You're not allowed to. Okay. Why? Because it's supposed to be a one sided address. It's not a conversation. It's not a discussion. It's not an interactive session.

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This is what it is. So lead to hopefully beneath do not address me. Vin leadin. A lot more concerning those people who have done little

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meaning do not address me. Do not make do are to me of

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All those people who have done

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that don't ask me Don't request me that I should say of them that I should not punish them that I should delay the punishment. Don't make any such door to me. While you're making the ship, or from any point onwards, you're not allowed to do that anymore.

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Why? Because in the home of lacunae, it has been decided that these people are now going to be drowned.

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Morricone songwriters, they rock off, which means to drown. So they're definitely going to be drowned. Therefore do not pray to me about do not pray that I should forgive them that I should delay the punishment, the punishment is not going to be averted or delayed their chances overnight.

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With regards to the construction of the ship, it is said that no one had ever constructed a ship before this point, abort even there was no concept of traveling overwater, there was no concept up until now. And the people had never seen a ship before either. So obviously, when the ship was unknown, it was also unknown as to how to build a ship. So how did the start a loss of pilots are taught knew how to sell and how to construct the ship.

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And from there onwards, people began building their own ships and boats and the various versions they came about and people use them in various ages various times for different purposes. But how did it begin from New listener? That's how it started. That's where it started.

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Just like the other listener, he was taught how to use iron. Right? Well, Elena LaHood Hadid, so Iron Age a low RPM, however, it was at his time that he was able to use it. Similarly nuvolexa was the one who built the ship for the first time. So Allah subhanaw taala instructed him as to how to do it is mentioned in tuxedo poverty, that Allah subhanaw taala commanded know how to swim to make the ship from Indian or code.

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He commanded him to make the ship from what Indian awkward, and then he commanded him to make its length 80 cubits and its width 50 cubits.

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Allah then commanded him to code its interior and exterior with dollar.

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So he was told to coat the interior and the exterior with tar. And to make it with a slanted bowl to park the water as it sails. And its height was 30 cubits into the sky. And it had three levels.

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And each level was 10 cubits.

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The lowest level was for the animals, all types of animals, both tame and wild. According to others, it was only the wild animals that were in the lowest level. And the second level was for the human beings. And the highest level was for the birds. Why? So the birds can also fly. And the human beings can always go up and down.

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And its door was in the center of it, and it had a cover on top of it that covered the entire ship. Why? Because it was supposed to go through a storm. It wasn't like an open boat. It was a ship with various levels. And it also had covers.

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And remember that all of these opinions, all of these descriptions of the ship. They're based on his right up traditions. So we're not to reject them. We're not to confirm them as 100% true. We can take them as they are, but it doesn't mean we have to believe in them as they are or we say that no, no, this is false. We just take them as they are and we observed silence with regard to their correctness or their faults in it falseness.

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So no hana Sam, he was commanded to build a ship.

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And if you look at it, the ship did not descend from the sky.

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The angels were not told to go meet the ship who was told to make the ship new Hardison.

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And it wasn't that, okay, he was just given the instructions, he was told to tell the believers as to how to construct the ship. He is told to construct the ship.

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We see that the prophets are Monosodium he himself had to go to battle, wasn't it? It wasn't just that he would watch. He would participate. He would journey you will travel remember the Battle of the book The Expedition, how long and difficult it was. So what do we see that when a person is working for the dean, then he has to put in some effort.

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He cannot just sit back and expect that everything will be done for him. Just because he is going out in the way of Allah? No, it means you have to do something as well. You have to make your ship.

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You have to do something. You cannot expect everything to be done for you. Yes, Allah will aid you. He will guide you. He will teach you but you also have to move

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while snarled folder and he was building the ship. Where else neural phulka new hire center we began constructing the ship

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Then what happened? Well couldn't oma and each time, meaning every time Malala he, he passed by him, he went by him who Mullah the Chiefs men call me obviously,

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every time the leaders from amongst his people, the elite for amongst his people, a group of them, they passed by him, what would they do certainly remain who they would market him, they would make fun of him.

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So he rose from the outsiders scene hora. So Korea, which is to ridicule to mock someone. And it's basically to make fun of someone, how, by mentioning their faults,

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by mentioning their faults, or the wrong that they're doing, or the deficiencies that they have,

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the mistakes that they have made.

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And every person, every single person has some kind of deficiency isn't no human being is perfect. And it's possible that you see something as a deficiency in the other. Whereas in reality, it's not really a deficiency, you see something as a fault in the other as an array of in the other. But in reality, it's not an array.

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For example, some people might find others their features as not that beautiful, and they might market them.

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At the same time, it's possible that their spouse or their family or their relatives, they find them to be very beautiful.

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Every person has his own opinion.

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So just because you don't like something just because you find a fault in someone does not mean you have to make fun of them. It's not appropriate. It's not correct. It is not right to do that at all.

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So these people, every time they passed by him, they would laugh at him, they would make fun of him. And what's there is that they mentioned what's the fault that they mentioned. That look, he's become a carpenter now. Before he said he was a messenger. Now look at him, he's become a carpenter. He's working with wood.

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It is also said that they market him. Why because when they pass by him, they would ask him, what are you doing. And he would say to them that I am making a boat, a ship. And this is going to sail on water.

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So they laugh at that, that he's making something that's going to sail on water. Because remember, ships, boats were unknown to the people before. They were completely unknown to them. They had no idea that a ship or boat could actually float on water. So when he said to them that I'm making something like that, they began laughing at him. What are you crazy? What are you doing? And you may have heard, you may have read about different inventors of the past that how when they made something when they discovered something, or when they invented something, the people they would market them a lot.

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They would consider them as nerds and people who don't have any social skills. And they're just busy experimenting one thing after the other.

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So when you heard Sam told him, we're making a book, and it's going to float on water, they laughed at that.

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Similarly, the marketing Why?

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Because he was building a ship, but there was no water.

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There was no sign of water.

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So they said you making a ship and on what water is going to float with us. Which water where is it? So somebody who mean who? They began laughing at him. So they began mocking at him?

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Or that he said, No, hello, Sam said that in the Saruman. If you mark at us, for in Nana's Herman comm, then indeed we mark at you to come out as Harun just as you mock.

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What does it mean? That if somebody walks up to you, you have the license to mock back at them? If somebody is making fun of you, saying bad things to you, then you also have the right to do the same to them? No, what this means is that if you're mocking at us today, tomorrow, we'll see who deserves to be laughed at.

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Is it us? Or is it you?

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Let's see how and when the tables will turn. Today you're laughing at us. Tomorrow, you will see that you are the ones that really deserve to be laughed at.

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Because we have equipped ourselves for the storm that is coming and you have done nothing, then we'll see who really deserves to be laughed at.

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Similarly, this has been understood as that in this whole room in if you market us today. Then tomorrow, meaning on the Day of Judgment, we will laugh at you. You're laughing at us today. Tomorrow on the Day of Judgment we will laugh at you.

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Then this has been understood in another way as well. That if you laugh at us, then for in NASCAR omenka meaning we

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seek the help of Allah against You're mocking us. And this is moussaka remember, where words are used which are exactly the same but they give a different meaning. They give a different implication

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like for example we learned about them when I 15 that they mark yesterday

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in the manner no Mr. z Oh, what does Allah say that Allah who yesterday there will be a lot marks at them

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and it's also understood that Allah will punish them for their mockery. Allow us to do also means that Allah will punish them for their mockery. So similarly when they say for in Nana's home income what they mean is that we seek the help of a lot against You're mocking at us

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go ahead laugh, market us make fun of us. We have the help of Allah

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for in Nana's Holloman Come come at us calm.

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And if you notice over here, that at the beginning of the ayah What do we learn that way? a snare on phulka he knew penicillin. One person was building the ship wakulla Mara la he upon him sofiero Minh who they laughed at him at who knew hyosung?

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And what response does he give that interest? Haru min Nan, for in LA, he responds how in the plural. Why?

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Because it wasn't just him alone who was building the ship. Definitely the people who had believed in him. They were his companions. And they were assisting him in this work. So they were also building the ship along with him. But you see that the people as they passed by, they would not mock at the believers, who were there mocking the messenger?

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But what's the response? If you mock at us? Because if the messenger is being mocked at then what does it mean? That you as his follower, as believer are also being mocked. If somebody talks badly about your messenger, that is an insult not just to your messenger, but also to you.

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If they were mocking at the messenger, what does it mean? They were also mocking at those people who believed in him, those people who followed him if they were insulting him, this was also an insult to them. So we can ever say okay, these people are talking about about the profits out of Manzanar, they're making fun of him. I have nothing to do with that. Know, if they're mocking it or messenger. In reality, they're making fun of you.

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If they're laughing at him, if they're denying him, if they're opposing him. If they're spreading hate about him, then what are they doing in reality, they're spreading Hate About You, against you.

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So you have to take it personally.

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For in NASCAR men can come at us Hello.

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We learned that in certain moto Fifi. And we're 30 to 36 that the disbelievers in this dunya what do they do? They mark at the believers, not all of them, but many of them, they make fun of them.

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But on the Day of Judgment, what's going to happen the tables are going to turn completely.

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We learned that in the Medina Ramu can Amina Latina, Amano yaku indeed those people who committed crimes, they used to laugh at those people who believe they used to laugh at them. They used to make fun of them what their model will be him yet a llama zoo. And when they passed by them, they would exchange glances. They would wink they would exchange glances. What is incredible in a him in caribou, fokin. And for example, they they're passing by and all of a sudden they see a woman in her hijab. And all of a sudden they would exchange classes. Did you see glances that? Did you see her veil?

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So this is how the marketer passing by.

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And when they returned to their people, they would return jesting, having fun laughing. And when they saw them, they would say indeed, these are truly lost these people meaning Muslims, they're truly lost. They've gone astray.

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But Allah subhanaw taala says, but they had not been sent over them as guardians who sent them as guardians over them to pass judgments concerning them. So today meaning on the Day of Judgment, those people who believed are laughing at the disbelievers for neoma, Latina armano minako fatty raccoon, Allah Allah aka loon on adorned couches observing health so we welcome fellow McCann we have I don't have the disbelievers not been rewarded this day for what they used to do. Meaning if they're being laughed at today, this is exactly what they deserve. Because they laughed at the believers and today they will be laughed at

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And this teaches us about a very important lesson.

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That if we laugh at someone, if we make fun of someone,

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then remember that we do will be made fun of we too will be laughed at.

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So it does not befit a believer that he makes fun of other people. He mocks at them, he laughs at them.

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You learned in that story that you just heard in that input on session at the end, that how that man used to

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make fun of other people laugh at other people imitate other people. This is called Sofia mocking and other people laughing over them and how he treated a blind man and what happened.

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The same came back to him. His son who was born was blind.

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It's not possible that a person laughs at other people and he does not get laughed at. So be very careful when you laugh at someone very careful. Because the same is going to come back to you the same thing

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for Silva talamona. So soon you will know may TRW z that on whom will come the punishment that is going to humiliate him. You will also find out that who is going to get the punishment that is going to humiliate that person while you're Hindu or alaihe. And it will descend upon him or that team a lasting punishment. Yeah, hello isn't newsletters her lab lab? handler Hello literally means to untie a knot. What does it mean to untie a knot to unbind and from this, it is used for descending when something descends

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for the same root as the word hello, hello heroin is permissible because what is heroin and not has been tied over it you cannot touch it. You cannot open it. But what is helpful is the nod has been opened up you can have access to it you're allowed to use it you're allowed to eat it you're allowed to benefit from it but what is how long it's made inaccessible you cannot use it. So for self authority Muna my tea here I level up soon you will find out that on whom the punishment is going to come that is going to humiliate him in this world.

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We are Hillary here a double morpheme and on who the lasting punishment is going to descend upon.

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Notice a word is audible movie lasting Nokia's newsletters, Goswami never ending. And this is a kind of punishment that befell the people of North Madison, that first of all the punishment humiliated them. They were drowned. They were punished, humiliated, finished in this world. But that punishment did not end with their deaths. Rather it continued.

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Like for example, we learned through to number 25 that

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they were drowned for audyssey Luna and then immediately they were admitted into Hellfire

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Rico for other phenomena. Immediately they were admitted into fire fellow Mia Judah whom in June in a and sorrow, and they found not for themselves besides Allah, any helper, you may wonder that the Hellfire is for the hereafter. It's after the Day of Judgment. But remember, we learned that in the birds of even in the cupboard, even whatever that grave is, whether it is in the earth or it is in the water, or it is in the belly of an animal, whatever that grave is, wherever the person is, when he dies, that is his bosom.

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And depending on how he has been in the dunya it could be a source of goodness for him or it could be a source of punishment.

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Remember that when a person who has been righteous in his grave what happens? A window is opened up to paradise. And a person who has done evil a window is opened up to the hellfire. So we're handling here our double morphine. This punishment is never ending now.

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We listen to the recitation of these

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we're all here.

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omega bhumika

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is Bhima

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was married for Gabby, Nina. Nina want to have a baby

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moon me

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