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So hello cinema back and then VNM Hamid wala Le he also have a drain on my back.

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We are recovering the DUA from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam Hadith and they've been Irma Radi Allahu Anhu reported in a Timothy and his husband insha Allah where he said that the prophets of salaam it was very little that the process and would not leave a gathering except that he would say how old are you kidding Matt except he would say these few words and it's the DUA that we know of connote in some would even say that it is Confederate and modulus that when you get up from the mage this you would say this and it is as we've heard, we're just going to cover a part of it. You know the DUA Aloha maximum then I'm in Hashem attic Mehta who will be he been an hour been amount

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sciatic women thought a ticket to buy live wannabe genetic women Alia kini metal when Elena Messiah dunya

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in that is the it's a long dua mashallah we're going to cover it piece by piece inshallah. So what we took Thursday was the first portion Allahumma XM Lenna min Cu*ic Oh, Allah apportion for us, such a fear of you. And we've talked about Crusher, and the difference between Russia and hope. Hope can be in fear. But Hashem is a fear that's accompanied with magnificence, the in the intense magnificence of God in your heart making meaning that you're making Allah Subhana Allah magnificent and great and mighty. And there's a state of awe that is present in your hearts, when you think of him. Just as when you see a form of creation, the Grand Canyon or something that is magnificent and

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grand, you know that Allah subhanaw taala is its creator. So what about Allah subhana wa Donna, that's what we mean by Tallinn in great so when we when we bow We Say Subhan Allah SubhanAllah aerobill

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Alvine right, Glory to Allah, Lord V greats but great is a is not a good enough for translation for this word Alvine. It is something that is grand dois, something that is magnificent, something that leaves you in awe when you think or any of your senses, encounter it, in

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any of your senses encountered or that of just pondering over it.

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So that was the first portion. The second portion is where the province of cinema say, women thought it meant to by live will not be genetic.

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And from the obedience of you, that allows us to reach your heaven. So the first portion, we said, Oh Allah, a portion for us type of fear and mindfulness of fear making you great. That comes as a barrier between

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mentally bending, obeying a mouse that serves as a barrier between evil and good or simply committing sinful practices, then we say, and from the obedience of you, that allows us to reach agenda. What's interesting here, this, some scholars mentioned, that the Russia, the mindfulness of Allah that leads you to fear of him as a result of that mindfulness, or that fear of Allah will cause you to do actions of obedience. And that obedience is that which can assist in you getting into Jannah. But there's a very important caveat that we need to make here because it can be misunderstood, that we think that it is a risk, a risk relationship of reciprocity,

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to where if it's a law, you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours. And if you do, if I do something for you, that means you will do something for me. And that's a fine line because the Muslim needs to understand that when they do a good deed we should never say I deserve this from Allah.

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Sometimes we have that in our subconscious mind. I made this a lot today. I deserve what

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reward I deserve molfino Allah to forgive me for my sins. I was sincere in this prayer, I felt it I deserve, but we have to understand that the last one to Allah Vu Fogg, Lin alim, when Allah is Lu Father, Father means that which is extra, or that which is supplementary, which has an expression of showing that Allah subhanaw taala gives you much more than you quote unquote, ish

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deserve more than you deserve, just as someone was to give you something, you did an extra for them, you did them a favor, and they gave you much more than you anticipated. Imagine if that relationship every time you did something for that person, they give you much more than you anticipated. That is the nature of the relationship of Allah with his creation.

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As I mentioned before, and we think about it, if you just ponder over it, if we think about the sins that we remember our level of negligence that we remember, we have forgotten many more sense than those that we remember.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala pardons us for that he is a fool. And he forgives us in cover ups covers up those bad deeds that we perform he is looking for. And sometimes we don't even ask for forgiveness. And He pardons us in different ways. Maybe because of a salaam of a good deed you don't for someone, the you know the rewards that you receive, walking to the masjid, it takes you one evil deed and brings forth one good deed so many opportunities for us to be better, but it is built and founded and couched in a relationship of virtue being that Allah gives you much more because he wants good for you. So the BA the obedience to allow Matt to believe whenever he jannettek lets you

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know that the relationship of thought and when we do something for Allah, it is not that Allah needs it. Rather it is that we need it in our subservience to him will make us better servants to him. Our subservience to him will make us better servants to him. And that is what can insha Allah after the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala interest and to Jana many of us know the Hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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were the companions were mentioning the prophets of Allah Allah wa salam and then they said that your action you were the prophets of Salaam, why would you pray in the middle of the night? Oh, God knew forgiven for your sins, Metallica domata are for your prep past and previous and future sins. The Prophet SAW songs that fly Hakuna adventure Koran shall not be thankful slave. And then another Hadith the Prophet SAW Selim responds by saying, with the process of setting none of you will enter Jannah by your actions.

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Your actions alone do not enter you into agenda and that's what I mean there's not a relationship of reciprocity. I give one, Allah gives me one, I give 10 Allah gives me 10 Because he's little Follin Alvine he is the one that's full of virtue, when you do one, Allah gives you 700 And many more than that, as a Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, so when the Prophet SAW Selim said that none of you intergender with your actions, and they said, What unto God, also Allah is it not even your messenger of Allah, He said, when an inlet and yet Allah Madani Allahu Rahmatullahi, except that if Allah subhanaw taala envelopes me And covers me with his mercy, make no mistake, when you think of

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the name of ramen, we think of mercy on this earth. But you also, we also want to remember to the best of our ability, that it is that mercy that will admit us entered into Jannah. It is not ultimately, or let's say, let's say ultimately, our actions that will get us into gender. And this serves as a means to, to encourage the Muslim to be uncertain

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about what Allah subhanaw taala will give him uncertain about what the last month Allah will take from him or her.

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And that increases them in their worship and pleading and crying and begging and asking and feeling ashamed in front of Allah subhanho wa taala. And that's the status of the out of the servants of Allah subhanho wa Taala where they're constantly turning to him, not knowing the outcome.

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That's what we call uncertainty, tolerance, not knowing the outcome, but you still turn to him because you know him, you know, his capabilities, you know, what he's able to doing, you know, his greatness, you know, his his Alma, his magnificence, and that is why you worship Him. That is why you worship Him because you love him dearly. So that's when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in light and get to Lombardini Allahu Buratti, except that he envelopes me And covers me with his mercy, remembering the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala and his greatness and now He pardons us in sha Allah can serve as an incentive amongst many other incentives to do actions of Claire and BA

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because that actions of those actions of BA will be in sha Allah in sha Allah, that which will increase this in our remembrance of him and after the Mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala can admit us into gender inshallah. So, as a dua says, as I mentioned, Allahumma Axim Lynam and Cu*ic Mata who will be bein in Albania, Mount sia tick, or Allah apportion for us, some of your fear fear of you that which serves as a barrier between us in between our bad deeds woman thought it can lead to balloon adhesion and attack and the obedience of you that which is allows us to reach your insha Allah your gentleness May Allah make us of those that are patient in the actions of obedience in the

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holy you that again, may Allah subhana wa Tada forgive us of our shortcomings. Malossi pine with Allah and luckily it is the almighty the Almighty, the one that has full strength, May He protect our brothers and sisters and with his strength, allow the is the is the is the mighty and honor to be present within the hearts of the Muslims that are there and presence in the hearts of the Muslims all around the world to increase in sales and DUA and hope and Crusher and mindfulness in fear of Him, that which is befitting for them to raise their hands up more and to pray to Him more yet a bit. Alameen wa sallahu wa salam

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They're going to be in a Muhammad water Eddie he was a beach man