Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P25 251C Tafsir Al-Shura 10-14

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of accepting and embracing people's views in order to achieve peace and harmony. They stress the need for a legal framework to allow people to make their own opinions and a healthy relationship with oneself and others. The importance of worshiping Allah alone and following rules and regulations for avoiding confusion and misogyny is emphasized. The speakers also touch on the idea of culture and its implications for one's behavior, including the use of the term culture in relation to personal and political beliefs.
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One and whatever, if the left arm you all differed fee in it, Min che in of anything, meaning any matter concerning which you differ amongst yourselves, Ma, whatever it may be, whatever matter that is the love to call lamb fell from the word if the laugh, Hulk is behind and if the laugh is to go against each other meaning to differ with each other. And we see that when people differ with each other typically what happens? They show their back to each other. Right? It's amazing how a person could be in a very public place even but if he differs with someone doesn't support them, then what will he do? He will sit with his back toward him the whole time. It's interesting, all right, even

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if it's going on live TV, it will happen. Because this is the reality of FTF. I don't know if you heard but the Mayor of London, the Muslim guy who got selected somebody from the opposition, they literally in his speech, they sat the whole time with their back toward him. And imagine this is going live on TV. But this is what happens, you know, differences, they lead to such a version that people cannot even face each other. And may Allah protect us from such animosity and such hatred, that we don't even have this much tolerance to look at somebody just because we don't agree with them, or just because we don't like them just because of our differences with them. So Allah

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subhanaw taala says that we're not the left on V min che in anything, any matter that you differ in, then what should be done? What is the solution? For hook Mo, who then it's judgment in Allah towards Allah, meaning take the judgment from who, from Allah. Take the final decision from who from Allah Valley como la hora, be that or you people is Allah, my Rob, meaning tell people that Allah is my Rob, and I lay hit our Cal to upon him, I have trusted what you really need. And to him I return to him, I return for what? For the answers for solutions, for he is my love. And on him I have relied. Now, why is it that people differ with each other? Why isn't it that all people agree with each

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other? Why are there differences amongst people? Simple reason, because people are using their minds. And everyone thinks differently, we have been given free will. It's a gift from Allah subhanho wa taala. And when people use that, then of course, they're not going to agree with each other on every single matter differences are natural, they are healthy, and they're almost necessary. But there are some matters, which if they're left to people to decide, then they will never ever agree upon those matters. And when there will be no agreement upon them, this will lead to chaos, this will lead to a lot of problems. So then, what should be done for hokhmah? Who in

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Allah? So for example, what is evil? What is good? If these matters are left to people to decide, right? You decide what is good, you decide what is evil? Are people ever going to come to an agreement? No, what's going to happen is that some people, they will strive to campaign for a particular matter that this is good. So everybody should accept it. So yes, everybody will accept it eventually, after a lot of you know, discussions and whatnot, and then eventually what will happen, there will be another wave, you know, of people saying that no, this is not good. This is evil. And so we'll see this throughout history that something was considered good. And then it was considered

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bad and then it was considered good. God knows what's going to happen in 50 to 100 years. All right. So then what should be done? What is good, what is evil? What is right what is wrong? Should these matters be left to people to decide if that is the case and people will never decide? So for her QEMU in Allah, the ruling is to be referred to Allah. We have to see what Allah subhanaw taala has said concerning these matters. Are they right or wrong? Are they good or bad? So far? In Allah, its ruling is taken to Allah meaning referred to Allah the judgment is taken from Allah, were in this world also. Why? Because he is the Lord, the owner, the Creator. So ask the Creator, right? Ask the

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legislator, ask the one who is Aleem and then for whom it Allah also in the Hereafter, where Allah will give the final decree so for hook mu it Allah.

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So what is the solution then when it comes to differences, accept Allah's hokum, surrender yourself before Allah's decree and when people will do that, this will lead to peace.

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harmony and unity, because why should one person's opinion be chosen over? Another's? Is it people are people, one person based on his research and analysis and understanding, he gives his opinion concerning a particular matter. Many years later, another researcher will come another reformer will come, they will give their own opinions, right? And then when you're studying these sciences, then you have to memorize the names of all of these researchers. And honestly, it bothers me so much, that why do I have to know a human beings name, his date of death, and then his opinion on what a particular matter is, right? And then if you don't learn these things, you can't pass your exams,

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right, you can't develop those thoughts. So, these are human beings and you differ with them. And we see that even within that group of scientists, those scientists will differ with each other. So why should we have to accept a human beings understanding or opinion? Why should one humans word be given preference over another's? This is not fair. For HK mobile in a law school, the creator, the one who is all knowing Allah Eileen for her mo in Allah Valley como la hora be that all you people is Allah, my Lord, who, who is my Lord, the Creator, Allah and so, that cost us 88 Also, we learn the whole hook more what Eli he told your own, To Him belongs the hookah, the command and to Him you

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all shall return and then notice how it is said or lay heat our call to on him I trust on him I have relied for he is the judge I trust his decision, I trust that He will provide a solution what he lay he only and to him I return meaning any matter over which there are differences, I returned to who to Allah for he has all the answers. And then we see that in general also, whenever people have differences amongst themselves and this is natural, within husband and wife, parents and children, siblings, right. Any person that you deal with, you will have differences with them. So, what is it that we need to refer to? To come to some form of agreement to have peace and harmony? We have to

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return to the law of Allah intro to Nyssa I have 59 We learn for Internet Zartan fee che in photo do who in Allah he will Rasul that if you dispute amongst yourselves concerning a particular matter then refer that matter to Allah and the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam five little summer worth you will have the creator of the skies and the earth during to Allah. Why? Because he is the creator, the Originator of the heavens and the earth gyla Calm he has made for you men and fusi come from amongst yourselves as why Jen mates plural of the word Zote meaning male and female Allah subhanaw taala has created within people. So gyla lacO men and fusi come from yourself and what does

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that mean? That what was created from Adam. Alright, so John Allah comin unfussy come as we learned in Surah Nisa wahala caminha Zoda that he created from it, it's made Wamena Inami and also among the grazing livestock as well John makes meaning within animals also. Allah subhanaw taala has created mates meaning he has created them in pairs male and female. Why to create rivalry? No, yet draw Oh comfy. The purpose is that yes, there are Oh calm, he multiplies you fi in it as in through it. Thereby through what through the fact that you are created in pairs. So you have the Oh comfy here yesterday Oh, from the root letters, then ra Hamza there. And that is to basically sow a seed. So it

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may grow, it may increase. If you have a seed with you. You keep it in a jar. It's just going to stay one seed. It's going to dry out but it's just going to stay one. But if you plant it if you sow it what's gonna happen? Is it going to increase is it going to grow? Is it going to produce more? Yes. So you had one but when you planted it, as a result, your seed has multiplied right? So yes, the outcome fee he He multiplies you thereby meaning by creating you as males and females. Allah increases your numbers. Lay second Methley he shade

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Laser, it is not chemically he likes similar to him shake on anything like oh, like Allah, there is nothing at all that is similar to Allah. Allah is Allah ahead ahead, the unique one. And when it comes to people when it comes to the creation, then how are they in pairs?

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And the thing is that people are in pairs or the creation is in pairs. Why? Because it is incomplete,

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isn't it, it is dependent on each other. But Allah subhanaw taala he is one why because he's independent of everyone. So lazy second myth, Li che waha Samir olbas lead and he meaning ALLAH is a Samir the hearing Albacete, the seeing meaning he is possessing his attributes with perfection and uniqueness. What is this is showing us our imperfection and the perfection of Allah subhanho wa Taala our imperfection, the fact that we are incomplete, we are in need of each other. So think about how much more we are in need of Allah.

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If we are so dependent on the creation, then imagine our dependency on the Creator. So again, this is being mentioned to remind us of how we need to turn to Allah for whom we need to turn to Allah subhanaw taala for different matters that we differ in

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Lahore To Him belongs McCauley, keys plural of the word Meclabs, as we learned in through the Zoomer is 63 also Lahoma kalido similarity well up. So to Him belong the keys of a similarity well out of the skies and the earth. And what does that mean? That he owns the treasures, as well as a power. So no door opens door of provision of opportunity for anybody except that ALLAH has opened it, and no door closes off provision of some opportunity except that ALLAH has closed it. Because all power rests with who Allah and all resources also are whose they belong to Allah. So Allah whom Akali do summer worth he will help. Yep, super risk. He extends the provision, LEA may Usher for whomsoever

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He wills way up to do and he restricts meaning he restricts that provision. Also, it's up to him at sometimes he gives them a lot of provision, and to others, at certain times he gives them limited provision. This is whose decision, Allah's decision, and it is not at random because it know who will be cliche in our lives. Indeed, He is of everything, all knowing he knows the needs of his servants. And he knows what to give to who, at what time. And when that is the case, that with provision, his decisions are so perfect, then what do you think about other matters? What do you think about other matters which he has legislated? Will they also not be perfect? Of course there

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will be? No, it's amazing how, you know, the provision of every creature is linked with so many factors. And everything comes together so that that creature gets its risk. Isn't it amazing that how the provision of the birds is linked with the fish in the ocean, right. And that is also linked with the bears in the forests. Everything is so interconnected, it's amazing. I'm sure you're familiar with this, that salmon when they do migrate right on this great journey of their migration going against the water. And that is where the bird was off laying their eggs. In this whole journey. So many other creatures feed off of these fish. It's amazing how even bears will hunt for

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them. And when bears will eat them, they won't eat the whole fish, a lot of it will be just left in the forest that will eventually decay and become food for so many other things. And the forests that grow in that area are so dense, and so nutrient rich plants. Everything is so connected and who is providing for every creature hola while Mom and Dad button fill early Illa at Allah He does Guha. It's amazing. So the point over here is if you connected with the previous verses, that when Allah is so perfect in providing physical sustenance to the creation, that every creature get its risk, the provision that it needs at the right time at the right place.

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is in the right form in the right amount? If this is the case with provision, what do you think? Is the case with the law that Allah has decreed? Will it not be perfect? So accept it, and surrender yourself to the law of Allah. Because it no be cliche in our limb, then sha Allah come, he has ordained for you, Shara from the root letters, Cian law Iein

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Shah, literally is to walk on a clear path leading to a destination, a clear path that leads to a destination like for example, a water source. So for instance, it is said Shala it the web in Alma, that the animals, they went to the water, but they didn't just find their way to the water just like that. No, there's a particular path on which they're taken so that they can get to the water source. Okay, from the same root as the word shadier,

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shadier what does it mean?

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A street or a road? Alright. So SHA,

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what does it mean SHA as in he has prescribed, he has prescribed the route to the destination. Okay. He has set the way

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he has legislated the way the route to the destination? What's the destination Jana? How do you get there, you have to follow a particular path. Right? You have to follow a particular path, you have to take the journey. Right. And that journey, which road you should go on which exit you should take what speed you should be driving on, you understand what I'm talking about. So for example, if you want to get to, let's say in your group, you decide that as a class, we should go to a trail Okay, for hiking. So for example, we go to Halton, all right, now you get the exact address. All right, you type it in Google Maps, and then it'll tell you that this route will take you 30 minutes, and

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you have to take this highway, take that exit and then go on this road and then go on that road. Alright, so the GPS, what is it doing? It is shut off for you the route all the way to the destination, you understand? And that route? It has its rules, doesn't it? What are the rules that you have to observe the speed limit, you have to take right or left, etcetera, etcetera. There are rules of the journey that you have to observe. So, shut off when we hear the word shut on we think of shut er, and that is true. It is shut er, but shut er is not just shut off. Okay? It's a very meaningful word. It's a very meaningful word. We shouldn't be scared of this term. Okay? It's a very

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meaningful word. What is it? It is the path, the way of life, the rules, the do's and don'ts that Allah has ordained so that we can get to the right destination. Because it's very simple. It's not rocket science. If you don't follow the rules, you're not going to get to your destination,

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isn't it? If it is set that you could make it within 30 minutes, but then you're not following the rules. The speed limit is like 80 And you're driving on 150 and you get pulled over. While don't blame the map. Okay, it's your fault. You didn't follow the rules. It says take right and you went left don't blame blame yourself. So we have to follow the rules of the journey. So shut all our CO meaning he has set the way for you. He has prescribed the law for you. And remember that it is a clear path. So sha Allah means over here that beginner he has clarified the path for you he has left nothing unclear or ambiguous. So shut on accom he has ordained for you mean a Dini off religion?

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Dean has multiple meanings in the Arabic language in the Quran. Also the word Deen has been used in various ways. And over here we understand Deen as worship

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and worship is religion. Right? And when it comes to the worship that Allah has prescribed than what is that way of worship, though hate that we must worship only Allah. So sha Allah Khan Mina Deen, he has ordained for you off religion, meaning worship. Meaning though hate that though hate that he has prescribed for you. Is the same as my that which was sabe he he ordered

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and was saw from vasilia. Right he enjoined well Surya is what to give an important instruction with a lot of emphasis, as if making something mandatory on someone. So, Mao was Sahbihi that which he enjoined upon who know hung up on new Alayhis Salam, one lady, and that which Oh Hanaa ileka, we have revealed to you meaning or Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Wilma and that which was slain or be Ibrahim, it is the same as that which we enjoined upon who Ibrahim on his Salam, WA Musa, where ISA and on Prophet Musa as well as Prophet, Isa, Allah He was Sena what is being said over here, the same message of the heat has been given to you a prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the

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same was given to Ibrahim on his sunnah. The same was given to Musa and Irisa Ali he was salam. That the deen the way of worship has been the same from day one. It has been the same from day one. So the Dean which the prophets on a lot of said abroad is not something new. It's not an innovation. It's a continuation of the previous religion that was sent by Allah because in Medina in the law when Islam the religion is the same it is Islam it is surrendering to Allah. It is about worshiping Allah alone. We learned in Surah Colombia I have 25 that will not I will sell them in public America soon in Illa nuheat la and the hula ilaha illa Anna Farah Boonie, that we did not send before you

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any messenger except that we revealed to him that there is no God worthy of worship, except ALLAH, therefore worship Allah. So the deen is the same from the beginning.

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That so what is it that Allah legislated upon the prophets of Allah is Allah in the Quran of Annabella Hemara Sinha and prophets Musa ISA and every other prophet um, that Aki mu all of you establish a Dena the deen meaning the correct religion, adhere to it, establish it and perform it well.

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And what is the religion the deen though hate so as a team would deem to establish the religion meaning worship Allah alone, Wallah and do not that for Rocco, you all become divided, fie there in meaning when it comes to worshipping Allah subhanaw taala do not differ concerning this matter. All of you should worship Allah alone. And when you will worship others besides Allah, then this will lead to division. So let the tougher rock movie do not differ in it, meaning refrain from schicke okay, because though Hate leads to unity and shit leads to this unity as we have been seeing in the Surah over and over again about taking others as Olia besides Allah. Alright, so do not make others

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your Olia because then you will be misguided in Surah Al Anon Iowan 53 We learned well under had asleep awfully Musa Kima and that this is my path, the one that is straight, and what is that path? The path of the heat of worshipping Allah alone flutterby rule therefore, follow it well as to be reasonable and do not follow other paths. Why? Because then further for rock or become answer Bailey, it will lead you away from the correct path, then you will not stay together rather you will become divided in total and am I a 159? Also Allah says in the medina for Rocco Dena home, what can you share in the those people who divided up their religion and became groups meaning instead of

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staying together, what happened? They became divided into multiple groups and what is the reason behind that?

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What is the reason behind that they deviated from the heat in total movement and I have 53 Also we learned Fatah Katara amerihome Boehner home zooboo Ra, they divided their matter amongst themselves into pieces and what is this matter the matter of religion. So, let at the federal cofee do not differ concerning it. Meaning remain firm upon to hate. Capoeira is great, great as it's very difficult and heavy and burdensome intolerable. I'll Mushrikeen a

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upon those who associate partners with Allah, what is very big and heavy and difficult upon them, man that which the room la he you call them to words and what is it that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam In fact, every prophet called people to, though hate. So the mushy keen, they find it very heavy, they find it very difficult. They do not like to hate at all. Why? Because it means they must leave their idols.

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They must leave all of their Olia and they must worship who, only Allah. So this is something very difficult for them. And so they don't like what you say. They don't like you. They don't even want to hear it. So much so that they say that the smart holy how the Quran will Rofi don't even listen to the Quran. In fact, when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is reciting the Quran, make noise. Make noise. This is how heavy though hate is for them. They don't even want to hear it. Allah says Allah Who yet to be. Allah chooses yet stubby from the word each diva Jean Bowell. And each diva is to choose to select and basically it's dibba it means to select someone and make mocha Rob McCullough

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doesn't close. Draw them near.

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So Allah Who yet the be la He, Allah chooses Allah selects la he, meaning for himself, may Usher whoever He wills. What does it mean by this HTML that Allah chooses whomsoever He wills that Allah guides to to heat? whomsoever He wills? And when a person is guided to hate, then who is it that he draws? closer to? Who? Allah? Because what does the hate mean? La ilaha illa Allah, you're putting across on everything, negating everything, except to Allah. So when a person will say, La Ilaha, Illa Allah, then this is ultimately going to draw him closer to Allah. So Allah Who yet the bat Lahey mania Shah, and whoever is guided to toe hate, then this is Allah's huge favor upon that

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servant, as we learned earlier that we're lacking Udall Hello, my Yasha Oh rahmatullahi wa de la He and He guides to himself. Who is it that Allah guides may you and Eboo the one who turns meaning the one who turns to Allah, the One who wants to be guided, than Allah guides that person also. So what do we learn in this ayah? It's a long ayah. But it's a clear verse, And the message is very evident. And what is that message that the Dean was always the same? What is that Dean, the dean of the hate, that was sent through every single prophet, and people were warned, that do not become divided amongst yourselves how to shift because if you will do that, then you are no longer upon the correct

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religion. And when that is the case, no matter what religion you bring, it will not be accepted the only religion that will be accepted by Allah is ofto hate. And then we see over here also in this ayah, that every single Prophet when he brought the heat, all right, what does that mean? There are key that the belief was the same. The belief that was preached by every prophet was the same as we learned in Hadith that the Prophet sallallahu sallam said national martial Ambia Allah do alerting the Nuna were hit the Nuna were hit, you should write these words with yourself.

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In your notes, the Nuna were hit in Hadith the Prophet sallallahu sallam said that we prophets are like brothers, our religion is the same. And what is that religion? Of the hate? Okay, now remember, there is the Arpita there is the belief All right, and then there is the law. Yes.

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That no martial Ambia we, the group of prophets are hola do I Latin? Okay, are like brothers from different mothers? Okay, this is an example doesn't mean literally, okay, this is an example

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that just as you know, there could be siblings, but how that they share the same father but different mothers, okay. So, this is an example hola do alerton Meaning there is even though we differ, there is still some sameness between all of us. All right. And what is that sameness? What is it that we share? The Nuna wellheads. Our religion is the same is one. Okay. So we see that there's there

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Either there's the beliefs and then there is the manhood or you could say the methodology. All right, the do's and the don'ts, the laws, the halal and haram. Okay, the fourth and the wajib and all of that. The technicalities. So we see that when it comes to the beliefs that were always the same, there was no change in them.

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Okay, believing in Allah believing in the hereafter believing in the prophets in the books, angels, in fate, all of that, right. So, every prophet practice and belief,

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okay, but when it comes to the law, when it comes to the practical aspect of the do's and the don'ts, then yes, they were different.

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Okay, so there were some things that were forbidden for example, at the time off, are you sorry,

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but they were made permissible at the time of the profits on the law, where do

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you understand so the law may have changed but the faith the beliefs they were never changed and that makes a lot of sense if you think about it, because what we believe in is what it's it's how and how it doesn't change over time. All right. So anyway,

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this is something that's evident in the eye and then the next part of the eye what does it teach us that the reason why the machete can oppose the profits of a lot I said I'm so heavily is because they they didn't like the hate

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coupled Arlen machinima that the room LA and then Allahu yet the be la Nemanja sha Allah chooses whomsoever He wills and Wei de la he, my unique in the Quran, we learn about Ibrahim or his sunnah that Shakira only an early he each DEVAR who Allah chose him, Allah selected him about Ahmed Mohamed Salah Salem also ALLAH says who watch the Balcombe he has chosen you. So he chooses whomsoever He wills and He guides the one who wants that guidance, recitation

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$1 Stone fee

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all the law of Biale can to really

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fall close to you one

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jahaan Allah

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fusi come as Joe I mean and Nami as je la Okun fi lady second Miss Lee she

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was semi all

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level Nepali do Sana wa T one

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Yebin support is Polly me.

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Way up on the

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Malaysia in Ali, sha Allah Mina De Lima was slobbing who

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was playing

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email at all he email

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Dean our

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goofy Gabor all

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along we eject Abby EULA using

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Walmart for waffle eau

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de magia

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Walla Walla,

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mica in

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a journey

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we're in

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bounding him Luffy Shatkin memori

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