Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 23 – L238B

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of emphasis in Arabic language is discussed, with emphasis on showing pride and bringing doubt to someone's opinion. The incident in the context of Islam is also highlighted, including the Bani Israel's actions and his motto of the holy bus. The speakers discuss the importance of knowing the work of America's spirituality and the influence it has on people. The discussion also touches on the negative impact of "medicals on society" and the struggles of former women in their roles as mothers. The speakers emphasize the importance of listening to their mother and not letting fear control their actions.
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Lesson number 238, Soto to sofort, number 123. To 148. What in the Ilia set? And indeed, yes, let me learn more Celine. Surely he was from the messengers, he was also among the messengers

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in indeed, and in his for the purpose of emphasis. If you think about it, many times, a lot of emphasis is used in the Quran in different ways.

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Sometimes as hostile Pete sometimes is custom. There's a lot of emphasis used in the Quran. When does a person need to emphasize what he's saying?

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When he wants to show the importance of what he's about to say,

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when people don't necessarily believe in you, when they don't necessarily accept what you're saying, when they doubt what you're saying that is when you need to emphasize your statement. And if you think about it, a loss of handle data, he is the most truthful. So he doesn't need to emphasize his statements. He doesn't need to emphasize what he's saying. But why is it that there's so much emphasis in the Quran, because this is a very common style in the Arabic language. You may have noticed that the way Arabs, they swear out other people don't the way they say one llahi others don't. So it's a style of the Arabic language. So keeping that style, Allah subhanaw taala

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emphasizes a lot in the Quran.

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And as you mentioned earlier, the purpose behind emphasis is to show the importance, the magnitude of what is to be mentioned, because then you emphasize and the other person becomes alert, why do you want him to be alert, because what you're about to mention is important, they should take it seriously.

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And also, it's quite possible that the Mohatta meaning the one who is being addressed, he is in doubt about what you're saying he doesn't really believe you. He's unsure.

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So when you emphasize then what happens that doubt is removed.

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And generally, Tokyo is for the purpose of its meet nanoka do develop the satisfaction of the heart contentment of the heart of the listener,

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that as you're listening to this, have no doubt as you're listening to this, have no doubt at all.

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What in the ilias and indeed India's lemon and more serene he was off the messengers. He also has an M is mentioned twice only in the Quran. Once over here, and once inserted an arm number 85 where last parenthesis was a carry Yeah, we're here where Isa was India's could learn with a slightly hain all were from the righteous. And over here, how does Allah subhanaw taala describe it he has already said that he was of the messengers. And he was a messenger to who do the bunny Israelite you. In the previous if moose and Harun were mentioned they were messengers do Bani Israel and Ileana sorry, Sarah was also a messenger sent to the B'nai Israel and it is said that he was a nephew of heroin or

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an incident

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It is said that he was the nephew of an owner incident and there's no evidence behind this from the Quran or from the sun.

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There is no delete for this.

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And if you think about it, what is more important for us to know about it? Yes. And isn't his relationship with other prophets or his work? It says work it says message

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because right after new hires and I'm Ibrahim Renison, I was mentioned in this era, and what are the last panels are to say about him what in them in sheer it Hina is, indeed from his group was Ibrahim meaning he had the same mission, he did the same work. So for us, it is more important to know the work the mission of India's and insulin more than his Misbah to other righteous people.

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But we do know that he was a messenger sent to the B'nai Israel, to the city of Berlin back there, ie lamb, the calf, and he came around ninth century BC, before resigning after musar Listen up and before he started center, it is that that when the very Israel were saved, they entered Jerusalem much after musala center during the time of the wilderness and they reached the heights of prosperity. And then during the titles in a manner in Islam, the Bani Israel were extremely successful. They had material strength, they had spiritual strength. They were religious leaders, and in worldly terms also they were very successful. But after survey man artists around the kingdom

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of the Bani Israel, it began

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to decline, there was moral corruption. There was also spiritual corruption. People were losing their religious values, moral values, to the extent that the king of the Bani Israel at a particular time he married a Muslim woman. And this mochica woman she was from present day Lebanon. Lebanon is not quite far from the area of Jerusalem. So she wasn't mochica she was a princess, and he married her. And when she came into the kingdom of Bani Israel, what did she do? She influenced her people.

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And she was a shaker. And her people used to worship an idol known as burn, there ain't lamb.

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And when she came, she brought the idol and the idol worship along with her. And the bunny is like you being impressed by her and her polytheistic rituals. They also began following her and idolatry became common in Bani Israel. Just imagine a people who are the descendants of who the prophets of Allah are people who had that a lot of people who had scripture, a little keytab they began idol worship, they began worshipping an idol that is known as birth.

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And it is said that this idol barn was a male, it was considered to be a male God, and he was made out of gold. And Allah subhanaw taala sent it as an incentive as a messenger to the Bani Israel in order to warn them against the worship of this item. But what happened, people weren't ready to accept it as it is the case with every messenger Some people believe others disbelieve the majority opposes. And the same was the case with ABS

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is all an economy he when he said to his people, who were his people, the money is right you notice a lot of panel data says over here is Allah What does it mean by his

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own code is mentioned this. Remember this? So the fact that it is being mentioned over here, it shows us the importance of this incident?

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Because the profits on a lot of them is being told to remember dimension it and why is it so because there's a great lesson in this incident. So it's commonly called me when he said to his people aletheia cone, will you not fear Allah? Will you not have any fear a lot of the cone that the cone is general. In the Quran, it hasn't been said a lotta takuna la that the code has been kept general. And why did he say a lotta taco is it that he is requesting them you should fear Allah? No, he is encouraging them elata tahune Will you not have fear? Meaning, you should have fear?

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And you should have fear of what are Who? This has been kept general. Because when it's kept general then it means fear Allah. What duckula it means fear the Hellfire What? Enough. And it also means fear the Day of Judgment What the Who Yeoman to Gerona Fie it Allah. So it's called an economy aleteia takuan? Will you not have fear? Do you not have any fear of Allah? Do not have any fear of the Day of Judgment of the hellfire. Think about your actions. What are you doing? You're worshipping an idol. You're disobeying a law you're clearly doing a major wrong. Because what is a major sin? Isn't it so and it's the worst of the major sins? So a lot of takuan do not have fear.

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After their own a Berlin Do you call upon barle? What are the rune Arsenal call up and leave the best of creators? What are you doing? No cut yourself at the ruin of Berlin that the owner from the newsletters that I in Well, there are and there are literally means to call upon someone. And Dora is also used for

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Reba worship because a drug dealer

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it's the essence of worship, it is worship.

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And and so with love it is 60 Allah subhanaw taala says we'll call it up vocoder Rooney as

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your Lord says will the Rooney call upon me, I will respond to you in Aladdin is stuck Girona on Reba t say the hula Johanna muda those who are too arrogant to worship me they will be entered into Hellfire debased and humiliated. If you notice that I it hasn't been said I'm Dora II

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what has been said on Reba T. Whereas at the beginning of the year, what has been said ooda Rooney not or bodoni right. So at one point or the only has been said and at the other point or that it has been said, what does it show that there are n

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Whether they are the same, so after the Runa, Berlin Do you call upon birth?

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Now, this word that the owner over here gives us two meanings in the context. First of all, it's quite possible that these people they only made due to this idle bar, meaning they didn't perform rituals before, in the sense that they didn't do record or subdued or offer sacrifice. But what did they do? They just made

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like is the case with many Muslims today, unfortunately, that they will make the art to who,

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when they will go to the graves, even when they will go to the grave with the profits on a monitor. They will literally make Dora from the Prophet Solomon isn't his daughter, or other righteous people. Similarly, the Bani Israel they did the same thing, they only made the art to this idol bar. And secondly, we can understand is that the owner, this is general, they literally worshiped this idle bar. What are the owner and you leave a central hall again, the best of the creator's meaning instead of worshiping Allah alone, what are you doing? Your worshiping barn? And you see what the owner What does it mean to leave to abandon?

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So it's quite possible that all of their worship and their Dora was directed to her to the idle barn. And they had completely forgotten to call upon Allah.

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And this is very true, that when a person turns to other than Allah, he forgets.

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He forgets Allah,

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which is why the mushrikeen when would they remember Allah, when they would be on a ship in the middle of the sea, and they'd be surrounded by a storm, and they would know that that's it, we're going to be finished, they would call upon their idols, because that's the first thing that would come to their mind. And then eventually, they would forget all their idols, and then they would remember.

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So this is a fact that when a person turns to other than 11, he forgets a lot. And only when he is an extremely difficult situation, then he remembers, it's so difficult for him to remember a law.

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So what are the Runa? Arsenal colleagues when you leave the best of those who create? You don't turn to him, you don't worship him? You don't pray to him? And if you notice, it hasn't been said, What's the rule of law? Or what I do not have been? I mean, what has been said, you leave the best of the creator's, why is this, like I mentioned over here, the best of the creators, because the idol barn Who made it?

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The people themselves, and we learned earlier Ibrahim realism said to his people, aloha laco, one that's our Malou, Allah has created you and also that which you make that which you do. So after highlighting, this barrel, is an idol that has been made by people. You have made it to yourselves.

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And Allah, He is the heart of everything of everyone. How could you ever ever turn to borrow? And forget Allah? How could you ever do that? When allies Arsenal? collopy. So barn is not creator? What is it? It's nothing. It's an idea of something that is made made by who allows creation made by people. So he does not deserve worship at all. This idol does not deserve worship whatsoever. What's the rune Arsenal fidelity.

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And this is a fact that Allah He is the best of creators. Because, again, it shows that there are many who create many who make, isn't it. So if you think about it, people, they make buildings, they make sculptures, they make technology, they make so many things. But if you compare what people make, do what Allah has made, what is best,

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that which Allah has made, because whatever people make, what happens to it after some time,

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it gets outdated, or it has some deficiency in it, which is why a newer version has to come out. Somebody was telling me that a friend of theirs is now working for a big phone company. And they're given phones to try for several months before they are manufactured for the rest of the people. So the workers, they're given the phone to try so that if there any glitches, anything that's wrong, anything that they think needs to be improved, they can give their feedback.

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And only then will that phone be released for the rest of the people. But still, what happens after that? A new version comes out.

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Because people still find glitches in it. There's still problems in it. But the Hulk of Allah, how is it it's the best? It's the best. What are the rules? no hierarchy. So Allah He is the best of the creators, and you leave him

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You turn to borrow, borrow something that you have made yourself, what law what have become and Allah is your Lord. What law has become a law is your Lord, He is your Creator, one of the equal a welline and the Lord of your father's which fathers that are well in the ancient ones, the first ones, meaning those who came a long time before you. Allah has created you. Allah created the people before you embark what has it created? Nothing, it cannot even make itself

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such as the Whoo hoo. But what was the reaction of the people they rejected him they denied him. They didn't believe in Him

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for in the home language balloon, so indeed they will be brought for punishment for in the home number Sharon McFarland Florida Bar and it was more for one who is presented one who is brought face to face. So they will be brought face to face with What punishment and Hellfire they will be presented on the day of judgment in front of Allah for herself and also for the punishment and hellfire.

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Insert trc 930 to learn what in Colombo, Jamia Allah Dana, Mashable, and indeed all of them will yet be brought present before us. All people are going to be presented for what for his app

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and those who are guilty

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when they come, they will come also for punishment insolence. Miriam is 68 we learn a lot of bigger and asuran new home wash a cleaner some new home hola Johanna. Do you see Yeah. So by your Lord, we will surely gather them and the devils then we will bring them to be present around help upon their needs. So much bone Where? for punishment and Hellfire

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in Nevada law helmet law scene, except the chosen servants of Allah. What does it mean by this? in their Evangelion? marvelously, this is understood in two ways. First of all, that Allah is connected with comfortable that all people rejected EDS and insulin, except for who?

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The Chosen servants of Alon who are the chosen servants of Allah, those who believed in him,

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you understand? So, the majority of the people they rejected him, except for the Muslim clean servants of Allah. They did not reject Him, they accepted his message. Secondly, in the results understood as connected with more

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so for no more thought on they will be presented for punishment. So the people will be presented for punishment except for who the chosen servants have a look. They will not be presented for punishment. They will be saved because of their dough heat. They will be saved because of their Eman.

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What are aachener LA City and we left for him among later generations. What did we leave for him?

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Good praise good mentioned sent out we'll have some bear praise.

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Although he is gone, it's been many, many years, many centuries. Imagine he came in ninth century BC. How many years has it been? How many centuries as had been? Many, but still he is remembered in good terms. When we mentioned his name, what do we say alayhis. Salam?

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What are lockner, la fille? afeni and Allah has preserved his good mentioned even in the Quran. So what's the lesson in this for us, that a person who has a man, a person who does is a person who has sincerity for a loss of primal data, who remained steadfast for the sake of Allah, then he is rewarded in this dunya even

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he is rewarded in this dunya even though just imagine, even if a person lived for only 100 years, but he is remembered for 1000s of years after he has passed away. Isn't it's a great reward. It's a great reward. Many people are remembered, but they're not necessarily remembered in good terms. fit our own is remembered but is he remembered in good terms, not at all. Nimrod is remembered, but he's remembered in good terms, not at all. The people have no had SNM we don't know their names, but they're remember they're mentioned not in good terms. So it's a huge blessing of Allah, that a person is remembered in good terms even after he has died. What is that is

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there is a thought, every time he is remembered in a positive way. It's written in his record in his favor. It's going to increase in his reward increase in his dialogue. Because when people talk about him in good terms, then it becomes an argument in his favor, you understand? So it's a means of increase in his diraja. Like for example, remember how he made it so long ago

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and he lived an average life in the sense that the length wasn't

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bridge one, it wasn't that he lived for 150 years or 200 years. But even though he is gone, he is remembered in good terms with a rock now and he will ask me so when a person does if sand when a person has Islam when a person has email a lot chooses him because three qualities you notice there have been mentioned repeatedly Eman your son and also of being a Muslim. So when a person is like that, that Allah preserves his name he preserves his good mentioned

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Salaam when Allah le se piece of an alias gene in cadaveric energies in worsening in the dust. We reward the doers of good.

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If you notice over here, what is mentioned over here of videos oryza How is he mentioned in the air scene?

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Now what does he mean by this alien scene? Someone southern India scene this is just another pronunciation of the name alias.

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And remember that many words in the Arabic language or not just in Arabic language, but other languages as well. They have multiple pronunciations, like for example to see mean, sometimes it is called for singing and other times it's called booth. Cena. So similarly, le s and aliasing.

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Another color of aliasing, is an aliasing.

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And yessing where you are seen is the abbreviation of eds. An earlier scene What does it refer to the family of EDS? And what does it mean by his family?

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his immediate family? No, it's those people who believed in him, just as for new Highland Center, a lot of parents are saved him and his.

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So similarly, salam, ala idiocy, PSP upon alias, RNA center, or secondly, him and also those people who believed in him, those people who followed him, those who followed in his footsteps, and the entire group of them has been mentioned with the name of Helios Edison,

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with him being the predominant salmonella in DRC.

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In cadaveric energies in mersin Indeed, We thus reward the doers of good that just as we rewarded him, although the people rejected Him, they refuse to accept what he said. But what happened? He is praised still today.

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How is it that a lot of awards were seen that even though the efforts of the myrcene are not acknowledged, and people oppose them, their name is preserved even after they are gone?

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In Liga legends in mercy

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what is the result of Merson? Although he is gone? He's remembered in good terms. People remember him, they don't forget him. In who indeed he maneri bernadina of our servants and what meaning the believers he was of our believing servants, he had a man

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and he did accent and he was a marvelous

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he will listen to the recitation and will continue

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what he

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said Amina

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if you

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spoke to his people, what did you say to them?

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What did you say to them?

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Allah Dr. Cohn? Will you not have fear of Allah? Notice the gentleness in the way that he speaks to them. He's not harsh.

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Because imagine if we see other Muslims, indulging in something as clear as shaped like this, that they're worshipping an idol, and idol, not a dead person, not a saint, not a prophet, not a righteous person.

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But what are they worshipping? And idle? Just think about it, how would we react to it?

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Think about it. If you were in a position like that, how would you react to it? Would you be harsh? Would you say bizarre? Or would you say shake and get out of here, this is out generally people react, because we become extremely harsh. But remember that when we become extremely harsh, then the other person does not want to listen at all. Because many times people are doing these wrong things simply because they don't know. You know that simply because they don't know.

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This on this trip of ours in Medina, you know that in my pseudonym, we a lot of Muslims, when they go there, they do many, many wrong things, I'm sure you have witnessed it yourself as well, that when they go to Toronto, when they go to the prophets grave, especially the women as you're going, first of all, they run, it's literally it's like a stampede. And it's so embarrassing that you don't want to be there, even because the entire scene is so disrespectful. And when the women they go to the grave with reflux on a lot of sediment of a bucket of the gardener model, they learn the wrong things that they do literally doing such that in that direction, standing over there making the law

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and a lot of wrong things are happening. And generally when you go there, you get a lot of anger and you don't know what to do. And you see like getting all the women to be quiet and be respectful and to sit down and do the right thing and go. And one thing that we noticed was that there's a lady over there who works at the machines and we and she is from Pakistan, she speaks will do because a lot of Pakistani women when they go there, they do a lot of wrong things. And the way she talks to the women so gently like sister Come here, you know, I'll tell you what to do. Don't do this, this is wrong. I'll show you what to do. And literally the women are coming with wearing amulets, you

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know on their wrists, and also on their necks. And many times those amulets have a lot of wrong things in them. So she tells them that Why are you wearing this, and they will tell her that you know, I'm wearing this because somebody did black magic on us, and there's rain and so on and so forth. And she tells the whole forget about this, don't worry this, I'll give you this thumbs and look this thumbs up there Shiva in this, then she will give them to drink. And literally, the women will agree that those amulets because literally they agree that those emeralds because she got so many of them in a day. And she manages to do that how

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in her gentle manner, the way that she talks to them. And if you think about it, over there, when you go you get full of anger, especially when we learn this has been our decision This is that we get extremely emotional, very radical, and look at the way that she talks to them. And the way she convinces them that they agree that those amulets and all of those things be taken away from them. And they will go home with their Zamzam and their dates. And we will keep drinking that thumbs up and believe that in that is the cure. So, look at Ilya Salah Sam, how he approaches them,

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when you don't have fear of Allah, so gentle in his manner. So this is something that we need to learn as well. Because remember many times people who are doing such things, they're doing it on the basis of pure ignorance, they don't know any better. They don't know. And when you tell them, they will listen, provided that you approach them correctly ensure.

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And you see when a person works with this much effort with their son, and continuously with a lot of effort and even when a person is gone. He's remembered, isn't it? He's missed. He's remembered in good terms. He is praised.

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Every person wants to be remembered. What is the way that you make yourself sincere for Allah and you don't stop you don't give up. No matter what situation in life you're in.

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We're in a Lutheran and indeed Lutheran a Salah laminal, mousseline was among the messengers, he was surely from among the messengers, Allah subhanaw taala also sent him as a messenger to,

00:29:03 --> 00:29:14

to the people of Sodom and Gomorrah, if not Jaina, who? What? Allah who edge marine mentioned when we saved him and his family are together.

00:29:15 --> 00:29:26

What happened exactly, between him and his people is not mentioned. But what is mentioned that Allah saved him and his family all together. And who does his family refer to

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those people who believed in him, those who followed him and from his family, who was not saved in law, except our Jews and an old woman fell hobbit in in those who remained behind meaning she was not saved and who does it refer to his wife or Jesus from their own letters I in jeans day and AIDS is to be weak, to be unable to do something. And it's primarily is to remain behind while others have gone ahead. So because of your inability

00:30:00 --> 00:30:12

Because of your weakness, you stay behind and others, they keep moving forward. And arduous is used for an old person. Why? Because in old age, a person is unable to do many, many things.

00:30:13 --> 00:30:19

He's unable to do many things. So enlarge us and fill her beauty imagine she was an old woman,

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an old woman, but still because of Of course, because of a piano, because of her treachery, her betrayal. Do not just the Prophet of Allah but also her husband. Look what happened to her that she remained for lobbying, lobbying as a Florida hobbit Elaine Bella, and Oba is used for dust. And typically when a group of people are going through the desert, they're walking together, they're running on horses and camels, and behind them will remain a dust cloud. So Huawei is one who stays behind after his companions have gone ahead. So she remained behind in the punishment, while Luther SNM and his daughters, those who believed in Him, they left

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some other monal hurryin. Then we destroyed the others. How the gibreel or the salami, lifted the town and slammed it back to the ground. The magnet the magnet at me that mean is utter destruction. They were turned upside down, and then they were showered with a rain of stones. So madam Mona according

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what in nickel? And indeed you let her move Runa la him? Surely you pass by them most vain? In the morning. We're in the cone. Who does you refer to the people of Makkah

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that you let them know Runa de Marana from the roof that was mean rah rah maroof What does it mean to pass by? To go by to walk past? So you walk by or lay him upon them? Who does that refer to?

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The people of Lutheranism. What does it mean by that?

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Their ruins their remains. Not literally by them, but by their

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the remains of their dwellings, you pass by them in your travels in your journeys. When must be hailed as ones entering in mourning must be painful or love must be mostly the Arabs who travel early morning and at nighttime. Why? Because in the heat of the desert, it would be impossible to travel. So early morning and during the nighttime they will travel. So in their travels, they will also pass by the ruins of the previous people, among them, where the people are Lutheranism. So Allah subhanaw taala says we're in nicoleta morona la you must be been

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in the morning you pass by the ruins of a lady and also by night of an attack alone when you're not an understand meaning when you not use your reason and take a lesson from them. That those people they disobeyed their messenger. They rejected their messenger and look at what happened to them.

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They could not survive. So what do you think about yourself that when you reject your messenger when you disobey your messenger, you think you'll survive FLR therapy No Do you not understand when you not take a lesson from this?

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Can we listen to the recitation

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on lemina remotes

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feel army

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As-Saffat 123-182 Tafsir 123-138

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